It’s often tough to review basic website builders like Why is that the case? Because there are so many options to choose from, and you’re basically sacrificing flexibility and scalability for the simplest of website building interfaces.

That’s a great thing for beginners, but you instantly lose customization options since you’re confined to the features provided.

For example, a self-hosted solution like WordPress gives you thousands of plugins, so creating an advanced e-commerce store or a forum is no problem at all. However, developing something like this with a basic website builder is nearly impossible.

That said, does have some nice features built into the system. The e-commerce functionality is there, but it’s a little watered down compared to other solutions. However, many users like the ability to manage social media accounts right from the dashboard. Email marketing comes along with some packages as well.

Therefore, is most likely for absolute beginners who don’t want to mess with any sort of hosting, coding, or plugins. It’s all included in one bundle, making it rather simple and intuitive, yet limited for expansion.

How Did Get Its Start?

Unfortunately, no “About Us” information is shared on the website. Some digging can be done to reveal a little about the history, but it’s rather strange that the company hasn’t decided to share anything on the site. Yes, it’s a legitimate company, but most reputable, customer service-oriented brands are eager to talk about the company’s history, along with what the company culture is like.

That said, started in 2014 as a competitor to companies like Weebly and Wix. As you may have assumed, the offerings are rather similar to those competitors. The company is based out of England, and it’s owned primarily by the Endurance International Group, which is a huge conglomerate in the world of website building and hosting. For example, the Endurance International Group owns companies like HostGator and Bluehost.
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What’s interesting is that owns several other site building brands. They all seem to have the same offerings and pricing, so it would appear that they’re simply trying to cast a wide net to get more customers.

What Do You Get With

The main tool from is just that — a site builder. It’s a drag-and-drop interface for creating your website within a few minutes. also offers thousands of templates to get the ball rolling. Therefore, if you’re making a lawyer’s website you can find one that matches that industry. Or you might want to choose from many of the e-commerce templates.

Starting a blog is no problem, and the SEO is much easier with this type of setup. When signing up for an account you get included hosting and a free domain name. Some of the other services and tools covered below require additional payments, but the basic features are offered throughout all plans. review

What Features Are Offered?

As of right now, offers five pricing plans, one of which is completely free. The free option allows for up to five pages and access to the website builder and templates. That’s a pretty good deal for those who are only trying to make a small business website. Unfortunately, you must deal with advertisements in the free version, but that’s the price you pay for not having to spend any money.

If you upgrade to a premium plan the pricing is extremely reasonable. You have to pay a monthly fee, but the company seems to keep all of the plans on the low side.

When you opt for a premium plan you get the following features:

  • No ads: all of the ads are removed once you start paying for a premium plan. The ads help run the site builder without forcing you to pay. However, most companies don’t want random ads popping up. Therefore, the premium plans are ideal.
  • Free, secure hosting: this way, you don’t have to go out and find your own hosting company. This is perfect for both beginners and advanced users, since it cuts out a step and the reliability improves without you having to do anything.
  • Access to thousands of impressive templates: the templates are optimized for mobile use, and you can find options for all sorts of industries.

Along with free hosting, you don’t have to pay for a domain name with a premium plan. The domain name engine is located on the website, so you can get all of your website requirements in one spot. You’ll have to search for a domain name that’s available, but most of the time you would have to pay for your own domain if you were to go with a self-hosted solution.

As stated, the pricing plans are rather reasonable. However, they each have their own features, with the more advanced tools being provided with the higher priced options. review

We’ll cover the main features and mention whether or not the features are included in every single plan or just a few of them. Here’s the list of features to expect:

  • A solid website builder for making your online presence and constructing things like blog posts, home pages, and sliders.
  • Thousands of website templates that plug right into the website builder.
  • No website ads with any of the premium plans.
  • Free email accounts with some of the plans. This improves your professionalism when communicating with customers, and you’re able to connect the email to any email client of your choice.
  • SEO tools in some of the plans, boosting your search rankings without having to know much about search engine optimization.
  • Priority support with some of the plans. This pushes you to the front of the line so that you don’t have to wait too long to speak with a customer support rep.
  • An e-commerce store for one of the plans, helping you setup products and promotions that reside inside your regular website. The payment processing is handled through, and you’re able to quickly sell products on a secure website.

Similar to website hosting companies, states its pricing on a monthly basis. However, you’re required to prepay for at least a year. This is how it keeps its prices low, but it’s important to keep that in the back of your mind so that you’re not blindsided.

In addition, the website quotes several promotional prices, so you’re most likely going to see the pricing go up after that first year. They’re still reasonable, but you won’t have the promotional rates forever.

Furthermore, keep in mind that canceling an account requires you to pay for the domain name. gives you a free domain with all premium plans. Therefore, the company expects you to pay for the domain if you don’t want to use the services anymore.

Finally, there’s no free trial through This is mainly due to the fact that the website builder company has a free plan. Therefore, you can test out the basic tools and upgrade whenever you’re ready.

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The coolest part about signing up for is that it doesn’t ask for credit card information until you get started building your website. It sends you to the template area where you can select a template and start editing it. The only time you’ll have to submit your payment information is when you want to publish the site online. Therefore, you could technically select the highest priced plan and build a full e-commerce site. It’s kind of like a free trial, giving you access to all of the great tools in You card isn’t charged until you publish your site.

Additional Feature Highlights

Upon landing on the dashboard you’ll notice a wide range of tools to get started with your website.

For example, an analytics section provides the ability to connect your Google Analytics account, just like you would with, say, a WordPress website. The majority of pricing plans don’t have this functionality, but you can upgrade if you’re not on the right plan. The analytics let you check out your daily site visitors, along with your return on investment for advertising. Overall, the stats are rather basic, but they’re nice for getting a quick glance into what’s going on with your website.

The true power comes from the Google Analytics integration, which only requires you to setup a free Google Analytics account. Then you can paste in your ID in the dashboard.

The SEO tools require an upgrade as well, but once logged into the right plan you receive all sorts of interesting tools for improving your SEO. For example, you can boost your rankings on search engines and increase traffic to your website. This is done with help from items like XML sitemaps, a keyword density tracker, a privacy policy, and Google tools. The SEO page is laid out in a simple manner, with quick buttons and explanations for each of the features. Therefore, a beginner can jump right in there and not feel intimidated by search engine optimization.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some of the pricing packages get free advertising credits. This is primarily done through search engines like Google and Bing, leading potentially to more traffic to your site.

Social Media Management and Email Marketing

Two services aren’t mentioned on the initial pricing page. The first involves social media marketing and management. You must pay an additional yearly fee for this, but it brings your social media management into one dashboard, making it much easier than jumping to Facebook or Twitter every single time.

The primary functionality provides a social media inbox for seeing all messages and comments on social pages. You can also automate publishing straight from the dashboard.

Some of the other social media management features include:

  • A full schedule for planning out your social media posts ahead of time. This not only saves time, but it ensures that you’re on top of your social media game.
  • Direct access to social insights, giving you a look into how your ads and regular posts are performing.
  • A wonderful marketplace for expanding what you can do with your social accounts.

This is called the Social Booster app on the backend. All you have to do is click on the Add Social Booster button, then it asks for your payment information to proceed. review
After you sign up for, this is the editing pane you’ll see. The first step is to simply choose a design template.

The other extra service lets you send out email marketing campaigns from the convenience of your interface. Therefore, you can skip services like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor, since those require you to have a completely different dashboard. Not only that, but you can grab things like blog posts or product pages and link them directly to your emails.

The email marketing module is offered through Constant Contact, so you do get all of the wonderful features from a reputable email marketing service. This includes beautiful templates, powerful automation, and signup forms.

The email marketing service requires you to pay an additional monthly fee, so you’ll have to click on the Upgrade Now button to add it to your plan.

The email marketing configuration resides on the backend, and it has an area to customize your newsletter template. Choose from hundreds of event and industry-specific templates, then utilize the drag and drop editor to brand it for your company and generate your own content. Adding a list of email addresses is done by importing a Gmail, Outlook, or Excel contact list.

One of the best parts is that you can schedule an email campaign, then connect it to your social media accounts for instant sharing. Therefore, your Facebook followers see what type of content you’re sending out and they may sign up for the email list after that.

Once your email sends, the Constant Contact system delivers in-depth analytics for tracking how many people open your emails. It also shows stats for clickthroughs, deliveries, bounces, forwards, and more.

Therefore, you have the option to bring your social media, email marketing, and website building into one place. Small business owners enjoy this combination of tools, since you are not forced to have several bookmarks in your browser or multiple tabs open. Customer Support

Priority support is given for some of the higher priced plans, so you might be able to get better support for a little extra money.

A support module is located in the dashboard. Therefore, you can click on that and see some of the resources the company has available or send the support team a message about a specific feature.

The support center has a field to punch in a question or feature. It delivers the results with links to various articles that might help out. A few FAQs offer support for some of the more commonly asked questions.

The company has links for both billing and technical support. There are phone numbers to call depending on where you’re located. For example, you could call the US support line or opt for UK or Australia. The company doesn’t have any support lines for any other countries, so if you’re located elsewhere you might be out of luck.

It seems like the live chat is primarily for sales, but you could try it out for a technical support question. doesn’t have a ticketing system, but the contact form places you in a queue. The support team generally responds within 24 hours, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long. However, for immediate support we recommend calling the support phone line or trying to research for a solution in the knowledgebase.

What Makes Truly Special?

The main reason stands out is because it brings together email marketing, website building, and social media management. Not all website builders offer this, and a self-hosted solution like WordPress would require some sort of plugin to get close to this functionality.

The pricing is reasonable as well. Hosting comes with the website builder, and you don’t have to pay for a domain. Although a domain isn’t all that expensive, it’s nice to have everything in one place. Hosting, on the other hand, is somewhat complex for some people, and you have to pay higher monthly fees. Therefore, the combination of both in comes as a pleasant surprise.

Another reason to consider is because of the ease of use. The selection of templates is impressive, and you can activate the template within seconds. There’s no requirement to punch in your credit card information right away, and the drag and drop editor makes site building easy for even the most beginner users. and Your Site definitely falls into the category of beginner website builders, akin to Wix and Weebly. Those competitors have more features and slightly better pricing options. However, has some great advantages if you’re thinking about getting a site up and running within seconds. For instance, if you want to try before you buy, or if you want some built-in social media and email marketing options, this is a good choice. However, if you require more features, need more involved customer support, or want to setup an online store, this is probably not going to make your top-three list.

Hopefully, you now have everything you need to decide if is worth it for your website. Best of luck!

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