When first deciding to build a website, you typically have two choices. You can hire someone to create your site: a freelancer or a web design or marketing company. That can be expensive, lead to cost overruns and delayed launch, and you can end up with a design that wasn’t what you were hoping for.

Or you can use a DIY site builder which merges the hosting, domain, and site management all into one complete and easy-to-use solution.

What is One.com?

This is what makes One.com such an interesting option. It is indeed a web hosting company, however, there are two types of hosting plans for customers:

  1. A plan that includes the WordPress content management system
  2. A plan that includes the site builder tool.

Because of the way One.com’s plans are set up, this makes the site builder an attractive option for new users who want to test the waters of building a website, but who have hopes to seamlessly grow into a large site someday (which will need to be powered by something like WordPress).

So, let’s see what exactly you can do with One.com and whether or not it’s worth signing up for, even with the promise of scalability in the future.

One.com Site Builder

One.com is a little different than your average site builder tool since it’s a web hosting company before anything else. So, its pricing packages are set up as hosting plans, with domain names for sale and additional tools that may make your hosting experience more efficient.

one.com review
One.com’s website.

The main thing to remember is that you have to make a choice between the Website Builder or WordPress when signing up.

You also have the option to sign up for the Webshop tool, which is the e-commerce site builder add-on from One.com. It’ll cost you a little extra every month, so there’s no reason to add that on if you’re not planning to sell services or products on your site.

Take note that the signup for the site builder “plan” on One.com may confuse some customers as it’s advertised on the Hosting page as well as the Website Builder page. Both are exactly the same. If you get the Website Builder, it automatically comes with hosting from One.com.

Visit One.com

One.com Website builder screenshot
This is the interface you’ll work with when using the site builder.

One.com Website Builder Features

The One.com website builder has a beautiful range of features for constructing your site with no coding. Some of the things that stand out include:

  • Ease of Use
  • Modern Templates
  • Content Creation Tools
  • Blogging Functionality
  • SEO Tools
  • Image Support
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Control Panel Functionality

Ease of Use

One.com’s site builder interface requires zero knowledge of coding.

Modern Templates

In addition to offering responsive (mobile-compatible) and modernly designed templates, One.com also understands that niche industries have niche needs for their sites. That’s why its templates cover a wide range of options, including e-commerce sites, bookstores, blogs, and car care websites.

If you decide you don’t want to use a starter template from One.com, that’s fine too. There is an option to create your own and you can use them on as many websites as you want.

one.com review
One.com has an array of responsive and modern templates.

There’s also a nice template switching feature. Rather than lock users into any one template, you can switch your site design as much as you want without having to worry about losing the content you’ve created up to that point.

Content Creation Tools

The whole point of using a site builder tool over something like a content management system is to simplify the content creation process. If your goal is to create content quickly, then this Website Builder has the tools you’ll need, including:

  • Free Google Fonts for configuring your text the right way and matching it to your brand
  • A WYSIWYG editor that provides most of the formatting buttons you need to write your content
  • Blogging functionality
  • Search engine optimization tools.

Image Support

Media support is far more important than the average webmaster assumes. We’ve tried so many website builders that look great, only to find out that uploading imagery slows down the site drastically or videos can’t be embedded from YouTube. Regardless of the problem, it’s nice to see that One.com supports media from most reputable sources.

one.com review
One.com’s drag-and-drop interface for building your website.

Since the One.com website builder has drag-and-drop elements, it’s fairly simple to drop an image into your website or to create full slideshows. Both pictures and videos can end up on your slider, too.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click network, where your ads are delivered to relevant and targeted online users who might be looking for products, services, or brands related to yours. With One.com, you actually don’t have to pay extra to unlock the Google AdWords coupon, since all hosting plans come with it.

See One.com’s site builder details

Obviously, Google wants you to keep paying for ads after this coupon is all used up. So, we suggest that you take advantage of this feature while you have it and give it a test run. If it brings in business, then it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth paying for to continue the service.

Domain Names

In many cases, site builders require customers on cheaper plans to place their websites on a subdomain of the site builder. Those options are fine for hobbyist bloggers or for people wanting to build out a private website for friends and family, but most companies won’t be satisfied with placing their site on a subdomain.

One.com provides free domains for all site builder plans. These domains are bound to make your website look more professional as they’re 100% custom and come with matching email addresses too.

Social Media Support and Integrations

The One.com website builder makes it easy for your visitors to share your content on their social media profiles. You can easily add social buttons, and with just one click, your visitors can share things they find interesting with their friends and family.
One.com also boasts the ability of its tool to link to Facebook, but we are not clear if this is anything more than just populating a link on your business’ Facebook profile.

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are a key way of proving that your site (and by extension, your business) is legitimate. One.com offers all its customers a free SSL certificate.

Control Panel

Users of One.com’s website builder can access their product via their browser or through the One.com control panel (to which they have full access). The One.com’s control panel, which you will also use to manage all aspects of the included website hosting, is a custom build whose functionality mirrors that of cPanel or Plesk Control Panels.

What Type of Customer or Technical Support is Available?

One.com is a relatively large company so that always brings up the question of whether or not it is prepared to handle the capacity of a customer base as sizable as the one they have. But don’t fret.

one.com review
Customizing your One.com website is easy.

Here are the options for support:

  1. One.com has comprehensive guides, all of which are organized by topic
  2. FAQ sections are also available on their website
  3. There is full ticketed email support
  4. Emails and phone numbers are provided for a variety of teams
  5. Live chat is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  6. One.com has a full social presence, with an account on Facebook
  7. Staff can also be reached on Twitter
  8. Meanwhile, the company also has a presence on YouTube
  9. You can also go to the blog and check out the system status whenever you want.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

One.com offers its first-time website builder customers a 15-day period to take advantage of the money-back guarantee.

One.com Website Builder vs. GoDaddy Website Builder

The One.com website builder and the GoDaddy website builder are some of the best known website builders available right now. Here is a table comparing the features between the two:

One.com Website Builder GoDaddy Website Builder
Pages Package Dependent Up to Unlimited
Responsive Designs Yes Yes
Templates Included Included
SSL Certificate Included Included

Why Should You Use One.com’s Site Builder?

Like with any site builder, One.com won’t be right for everyone. But it does stand a good ways above the competition in several key areas, making it a worthy contender for your consideration.

See One.com site builder templates

Here are some of the main benefits:

  • It simplifies the process of securing hosting, a domain, and a website builder all in one place
  • You’re tight on funds
  • Your knowledge of coding is minimal and would prefer to work with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • You can’t afford to work with a designer or developer and want modernly designed website templates to use as the base of your site’s design
  • You’d like to have the flexibility to switch to a content management (like WordPress) in the future, but don’t want to start all over again with another web hosting company.

Now, if you don’t feel as though One.com’s Website Builder fits the bill and want something more robust like WordPress to build and manage your site, be sure to check out One.com’s web hosting and WordPress options.

What are Some Good Alternatives to One.com’s Website Builder?

One.com is not the only website builder offering around, though it is a solid option with which you cannot go wrong. However, that does not mean you should not take a look at its competitors before committing to an option for your business’ website!


Squarespace is a very popular, very solid site builder known for its beautifully-designed themes and easy to use editor and control panel area. If you want dedicated e-commerce functionality, Squarespace offers two plans supporting this. It’s also fully customizable. The more advanced plan supports abandoned cart recovery. The downside to Squarespace is that it is on the more expensive side.

Wix and Weebly

These two are also great site builders that can be used for business-related purposes. These companies do offer free websites, so if you want to get started for free and upgrade later, you can do so.


This offering is the website builder offered by one of the leading web hosts, GoDaddy. This is the option that we think is most like One.com’s, but you also get the free trial option offered by Wix and Weebly.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Have more questions? We’ve got answers!

Are the One.com Website Builder Templates Mobile-Responsive?

Yes, the One.com website builder comes complete with a wide range of mobile-responsive templates for you to use on your website. The use of these templates means that your website will display correctly on mobile devices such as mobile phones or handheld tablets.

Does the One.com Website Builder support SSL certificates?

Yes, in fact, One.com even provides all users with a free SSL certificate to display on your website. This allows customers or viewers to your website to know that it is safe and that your website is legitimate to use.

Does the One.com Website Builder integrate with social media services such as Facebook?

Yes, the One.com website builder integrates well with social media tools such as Facebook. It allows you to add buttons to your website or store which will allow users to directly share content from your website on to their social media profiles.