The Mozello site builder is developed and maintained by a small, Latvian software company. Their focus is on individual users and small groups looking to build great websites but who don’t have extensive design experience or in-depth technical knowledge.

Their goal is to give you a strong alternative to hiring a web design firm so that you can avoid the lengthy, arduous and costly development process that often ensues.

The Mozello homepage claims that you can build a free website in only five minutes. As a small business owner, we are sure that you appreciate any opportunity to save time and money!

How to Build Your Site With Mozello

To get started with the site builder, all you have to do is:

  1. Sign up by providing your email address, password, and a description of your site’s purpose
  2. Name your site
  3. Choose a design template.
  4. At this point, you’ll be ready to customize your template to reflect your brand
  5. Using the navigation bar located on the left-hand side of the screen to add content
  6. Change the copy displayed to your business copy
  7. Upload and share your files (such as images, video or audio clips, or documents)
  8. Edit your template’s style (change your font style and size, update your site’s color scheme, and so on).
  9. Publish your site

If you’re not satisfied with the layout of your template, you can change it without changing the theme you’ve chosen.

Launch a Website Fast with Pre-Built Main Pages

All new sites come pre-built with the following pages:

  • Home
  • News
  • Products
  • Services
  • About Us
  • Contact

You can remove any of these pages or add sub-pages as necessary.

You can also add new pages — when doing so, Mozello asks you what type of page you’re creating to see if any of their templates would be helpful.

Current templates include a normal page with text, front page or special page, picture gallery, blog or news, web form, catalog or store, and link to other pages.

You can view the changes that you’ve made to your site as they appear to your visitors at any time by selecting the Preview option.

mozello review
Above: one of Mozello’s pre-built site templates.

Make Your Site Live by Clicking a Button

When you’re ready to publish your site, all you need to do is click Publish.

Your site is available right away at (where yourSiteName is the value Mozello automatically generated based on the site name you provided when registering).

You can also share site updates (like new blog posts) with your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ followers using the provided icons on the pop-up window.

mozello review

Browse Mozello’s templates

What Kind of Features Does Mozello Offer?

In addition to being intuitive and easy to use, the Mozello site builder comes with the following features as well:

  • Mobile-friendly: You can easily use your tablet or smartphone to create new pages or update existing ones.
  • Blog: Add a blog to your site so that you can easily create and display new posts.
  • Responsive templates: Easily create sites that work on all types of devices so that none of your users end up with a poor experience. The templates themselves were created with mobile users in mind. So you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects of making your site responsive.
  • Multi-language support: Create multilingual sites. Your users can select the site version they want to see based on the language with which they’re most familiar. You’ll create the appropriate pages in the languages you want to support. Then using the site builder, you’ll group the pages by language. Your users can then toggle between the languages using the language abbreviation link located on the top right corner of your site. The site builder doesn’t include auto-translate features, but managing the multiple sites you’ll build to support multiple languages is easy with Mozello.
  • Marketing and SEO features: Gain new visitors and spread the word about your site and business with ease. From the beginning, Mozello helps ensure that your site reaches the biggest audience possible. The welcome email you receive after signing up includes instructions on getting started with your SEO journey. This includes making sure that your site gets indexed and shows up in Google’s results pages.


Mozello doesn’t offer any email services, but if you’ve signed up for a plan with Inbox Bizmail, Zoho Mail, Outlook, or Gmail, you can easily integrate your email account with the custom domain you purchased from Mozello. To do so, contact the Mozello support team, who will complete the integration for you.

Those who are using email services and domains not purchased from Mozello may reach out to the support team for advice, but there are no guarantees that they will be able to help you.

Custom Domains

If you sign up for a paid package (either the Premium or Premium Plus packages), you get a free domain name with your site. Because Mozello isn’t a domain registrar, they will purchase your domain from a reseller and take care of all registration-related steps on your behalf. (All domain-related contracts are between you and the domain registrar, not between Mozello and the domain registrar.)

If you have a domain name that you would like to use with your Mozello site, you can only do so by purchasing a subscription; you cannot use custom domains with websites built using the Free plan.

Get a Custom Design

If you want a custom template for your Mozello site, you can get one using either of these methods:

  • If you already have a template or a custom design, you can provide it to Mozello, who will convert it to a template that is compatible with the Mozello site editor.
  • If you do not already have a template or custom design, you can commission a new design from scratch by the Mozello team. They will also turn the design into a template that you can use and edit in the site builder.

Be aware that fees for both options are exclusive of the fees you pay for general use of the site builder.

Selling Online is Easy with Mozello

As a small business owner, you can easily expand your reach with an online store. Mozello makes it easy for you to do so if this is a route in which you are interested.

In addition to all of the features that come with the basic free plan, you can opt for an e-commerce plan that gives you the additional tools you need to set up an online store.

15 Minutes to an Online Store

With an additional fifteen minutes (Mozello says that you can set up a website in five minutes, an online store in 20 minutes), you can have a digital storefront that operates around the clock.

All of the e-commerce sites hosted by Mozello are (by default) responsive, so rest assured knowing that your online store looks good no matter what size device the shopper is using.

New to E-Commerce? Mozello is Easier than WordPress

If you are new to the world of e-commerce, we think that Mozello is easier to use than WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla.

Mozello, as an e-commerce platform, offers you everything you need out of the box, no coding or super special configuration required.

The financial investment for getting started with an online store is minimal. It costs nothing to build your store, and Mozello charges no commissions on the sales you make (other e-commerce site builders will collect something around 2-4% of each sale that you make). If you want hosting and your custom domain name, that will run you just a couple of Euros per month.

Video above: Get an overview of what it’s like to create a Mozello website. This video is a demo from Mozello.

The Main E-Commerce Features

Mozello’s e-commerce features include:

  • The ability to accept online payments
  • Customizable shipping/delivery options from which your buyers can choose
  • A product catalog
  • A secure shopping cart and checkout process
  • Responsive online platform for customers shopping on mobile
  • Mozello takes no commission off your sales, unlike many e-commerce platforms
  • Powerful marketing and SEO features so that your online store gets discovered by people using search engines
  • If you are catering to an international clientele, Mozello’s e-commerce option, like its basic website, works in multiple languages
  • As with the basic site builder, setting up an online store doesn’t require any technical knowledge

Payment Processing

While Mozello isn’t authorized to accept payments on your behalf, they recommend that you use the following companies: Braintree, PayPal, PaySera, Stripe, Swipe. If you’re using any of these processors, the Mozello customer support team will help you set up the integration required.

Alternatively, you can accept local bank transfers, or you can use a custom API processing service. You can build it yourself, or you can have it built by Mozello for an additional fee.

mozello review
Example of a business site template from Mozello.

Make Better Decisions with Data and Analytics

Monitoring your Mozello website and gathering data on your visitors, their browsing habits, and so on can easily be done by Google Analytics.
Mozello offers easy integration with Google Analytics — all you have to do is provide your Google tracking ID number, and your Mozello site data will start to be ingested and sorted by Google.

Tools for Developers

While Mozello spends most of the space on the site touting their site builder, you can easily build custom websites with Mozello as your CMS.

To do this, you’ll need to have a working knowledge of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. You’ll edit the templates with CSS and add custom features with JavaScript (or jQuery, which is automatically included on every page served by Mozello).

If you’re using server-side apps, you’ll need to host them on your web server since Mozello is a closed system. To include your apps in your Mozello website, you can do so using either HTML or JavaScript.

Site Availability, Uptime, and Downtime

Rather than offering standard web service availability like many other site builders who host custom sites, Mozello offers high availability.

Standard ability means that most, if not all, of the websites for a given host, are in a single location. In the event of a technical issue, all sites served from that location may see downtime.

High availability means that your site is stored simultaneously on multiple servers at multiple datacenters.

If the primary server or the primary data server suffers an issue and becomes unavailable, Mozello will automatically switch to serving your site from a backup datacenter. Except for the brief instance when the switchover occurs, your site won’t be unavailable for long.

High availability is automatically included for all domains purchased from Mozello. If you purchased your domain elsewhere, you’d have to make some minor configuration changes to ensure that you’re taking advantage of this feature.

Mozello does not make any specific guarantees regarding uptime. In fact, the company’s terms of service explicitly state that they don’t guarantee that “the service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free… [or that] any errors in the Service will be corrected.”

Pricing and Billing

Mozello offers three different plans from which you can choose. There’s the free plan that you get automatically upon signing up, as well as two paid plans.

What’s the Difference Between the Free vs Paid Plan

The Free plan offers you 0.5 GB of storage, access to a large number of site designs, an online store displaying no more than ten items, PayPal support, and basic hosting services. Your site can be reached via a Mozello subdomain, and Mozello will place a small link to their homepage on your site.

Be aware that Mozello has one of the strictest inactivity policies that we’ve seen. If you don’t make updates to your site or your site doesn’t receive any legitimate visitors within 30 days, Mozello will delete your site and close your account.

What You Get with the Premium and Premium Plus Plan

The Premium plan, however, gets you a free domain name, 50 GB of storage, and an online store that supports 30 items and accepts payments via PayPal. Your site will be completely ad-free, and no mention of Mozello appears on your pages.

The next step up is the Premium Plus plan, which gets you a free domain name, unlimited storage, and an unlimited product catalog.

If you’re accepting customer payments, you can integrate with Braintree, PayPal, PaySera, Stripe, or Swipe, use your own payments API, or accept local wire transfers. Your site is wholly ad-free, and no mention of Mozello appears on your pages.


If you’re in the EU and you don’t have the appropriate VAT number, VAT will be added to the prices displayed. Mozello accepts credit cards and PayPal for subscription services. If you’re in the EU, you may also pay via wire transfer.

Easy Cancellation, No Refunds

Mozello does not offer any refunds under any circumstances. Plans are billed on a monthly basis, however, so you can simply cancel before you are billed for any additional months of service.

If you’re using a free plan, you can easily switch to a paid plan by contacting Mozello’s customer service team or by clicking on the upgrade option in the site builder. However, if you’re on a paid plan, you cannot downgrade to a free plan.

If necessary, you can easily cancel your subscription at any time using the site editor’s settings area. All future payments will be canceled, but you won’t receive a refund for any fees that you’ve already paid.

Make Money with Mozello Partnerships

Mozello offers several types of partnerships if you’re an individual or company who wants to do business with Mozello. They’re also open to speaking with investors who share the company’s vision for its future.

Affiliate Program: Earn 30% Commissions from Referrals

Mozello’s affiliate program rewards you for referring new customers. In the beginning, you get 30% of each sale. As you refer more and more users, you can earn bonuses on top of the 30% commission. If the user signs up but doesn’t make a purchase, you’ll earn $0.05.

The 120-day tracking cookie that Mozello provides for your use means that visitors who click through on your links don’t have to sign up or make an immediate purchase for you to benefit.

White Label the Mozello CMS for Your Web Design Business, or for Reselling

Web developers and web development agencies can use Mozello as a CMS for your basic web development projects. For small projects, Mozello is easier to set up and use than market leaders like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.

You can also offer the Mozello Site Builder directly to your customers at a price set by you and (optionally) under your name.

If you’re a hosting company or a domain registrar looking to offer your users’ site building functionality, Mozello provides integrations that could meet your needs. Whether you want to partner with Mozello and send your customers to Mozello for their site building needs or you want to integrate Mozello’s functionality onto your site under your branding, you can do so.

Help and Technical Support

If you need help, you can consult their Support page, which lists some of the most frequently asked questions. If an answer to your question doesn’t appear on the Support page, you can email the support team for additional assistance.

Support on Social Media

Mozello does maintain an active presence on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, so if you choose to contact them using social media, your messages will be seen promptly.

Informative Articles on Mozello Blog

The Mozello blog, which contains informative posts of marketing, site building, and other web development-related topics, is relatively active, though the intermittent nature of posts indicates that it’s not a major priority for the Mozello team.

Explore Mozello

Conclusion: Is Mozello Right for You?

Mozello is a simple, easy to use, intuitive site builder that allows you to get up and running with a site in just a few minutes.

No Design — or Techie — Skills Needed

The registration process is super simple. And you can customize their many design templates. Everything you need is found in the site builder toolbar so that you can create a professional-looking site even with no design experience or technical skills.

Developer-Friendly CMS

If you are well-versed in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, you can easily use Mozello as a CMS and build highly-customized sites. You can also integrate custom apps that you’ve built on your Mozello site.

Affordable Quality

For those on a strict budget, the host’s free plan is certainly a good option and one worthy of your consideration. Mozello’s premium-level upgrades are reasonably priced and get you additional features you might find useful. Keep in mind that Mozello is quite rigid in its downgrade and refund policies.

Support for Multi-Language Sites

One of the features that make Mozello stand out is its support for multi-language sites.

Give it a Try

You have nothing to lose by giving Mozello a try. Their free plan offers you the same site builder offered to those on the premium plans, so you can explore it for as long as you want.

This gives you adequate time to make certain that Mozello is the plan you want for your site.

Mozello Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few commonly asked questions about Mozello with answers.

How do I contact Mozello support?

Mozello’s website has a support page with all the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for here, you can email the support team. They also post helpful articles on their blog. You can also reach out to Mozello help on social media.

How does Mozello compare to Wix?

You may be wondering how Mozello stacks up against Wix. Mozello allows you to customize designs by changing colors. All designs are responsive. Wix offers hundreds of templates to choose from, so if you’re looking for a wide range to choose from, Wix might be the better option. Both offer a range of packages, starting with a free plan. If you’re undecided you can experiment with each platform before making a financial commitment.

What kind of templates does Mozello come with?

You can find examples of the different types of sites you can create using Mozello templates. Once you make your selection, you can add your content and change details like colors. You also have the option of paying for templates if the free options don’t meet your needs.