The Best Webinar Software of 2021

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Our webinar software reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 30+ webinar software companies from across the web. These reviews and our webinar software guide help small businesses and startups find the best webinar software for their business.

The Best Webinar Software Companies of 2021

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How We Chose the Best Webinar Software

As we head toward the second decade of the 21st century, there has seldom been a time when webinar software is more important. With millions of employees forced to work from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not business as usual.

Face-to-face meetings are a thing of the past — for the moment anyway. You and your employees need a way to communicate about important daily operational items. You also need a secure way to communicate with clients so that you can tell them about the projects you’re working on or to convince them to buy your products.

Many of these small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) were already using webinar software prepandemic because of the savings offered to companies that don’t have a big travel budget. Now, they may be taking a new look at what’s available because of the need to communicate remotely with staff as well.

Each of the 20 firms we’ve listed below offers software that will allow you to make secure video connections to one person or 10,000. We’ve looked at all the important criteria that you’ll need to know when you’re selecting which company to choose.

Collaboration Tools

Interactivity is one of the most important elements for any kind of webinar software to provide. Features, such as Q&A, screen sharing, live chat, and polls/voting, allow hosts to interact with their audience.


Whether you’re hosting a webinar product presentation or meeting with clients, you want your branding on the webinar software you’re using. Being able to customize the user interface with their own logo and color scheme allows the user to improve brand recognition.

Reporting Capabilities

After a webinar meeting, it’s important to know how many people attended and if the presentation was effective. Good webinar software will provide detailed reports on attendance, desktop vs. mobile usage, and other information to help the user understand their audience and the performance of their webinars.

The 20 Best Webinar Software Applications of 2021

Adobe Connect

Adobe Software is a well-known name for anyone using a computer for business. Adobe Connect was originally a member of the Adobe Acrobat family, although its name has varied since its creation. It includes the following applications: Adobe Connect Webinar, Adobe Connect Meeting, and Adobe Connect Learning (used for training sessions).

Adobe Connect 11 allows the user to customize an unlimited number of meeting rooms, create a breakout session within a meeting, record the meeting, and share screens, to name a few capabilities.

This is a popular software for educators who need to deliver online learning. However, it does not, offer its own dial-in service, so you need to use its voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) option or a third-party provider. It does offer a 30-day free trial.

Connect Innovation gave Adobe Connect its Best of E-Learning Award for 2019. The EdTech Awards ranked it number one for Best Collaborative Solution for Digital Learning in 2020.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Adobe Connect Meetings: Starting at $50/month

Adobe Connect Webinars: Starting at $130/month

Adobe Connect Learning: Starting at $370/month
Free 30-day Trial>Deployment: Mac installed, Windows installed, web-based, cloud, software-as-a-service (SaaS), iPhone/iPad, and Android
>Support options: Call, live chat, self-help resources, and community support
>Custom branding: Yes
>More features at Adobe Connect

Pros & Cons of Adobe Connect Webinar Software
Adobe Connect is a great tool to use for online educators. Corporations will also find it useful for remote training of staff. It has superb screen-sharing tools. One flaw is that it has too many options and can be difficult to learn.

>Popular tool for online education>No dial-in service of its own
>Corporations can use it for training staff remotely
>Solid screen-sharing options

What Customers Are Saying
Clients praise Adobe Connect as a great learning tool, saying, “I use it to attend Adobe Day video conferences and online classes. It has been a good learning tool. Allows good viewing and interaction with the teacher. It has good chat tools to interact, and the setup was pretty simple too.”


BigMarker offers a robust spate of tools that allow you to hold online meetings, remote training, and webinars. The size of audience is not a drawback and, if needed, you can monetize the sessions, which is always a good option if you want to offer training for new products or other features.

Created in 2010, its basic plan allows for one host and up to 100 attendees. Its White Label plan can host up to 10,000, but you’ll need to contact BigMarker to work out details related to pricing.

BigMarker also allows integration with more than 500 applications and business systems like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Mailchimp. You can also record sessions and monetize those as well. This software also allows you to design a custom URL for each webinar training session. Webinar attendees do not need to download any software to their computers.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Starter: $99/month

Elite: $189/month

Premier: $399/month

White Label: Custom quote
Free 7-day trial>Deployment: Web-based, cloud, SaaS, iPhone/iPad, and Android
>Support options: Email and self-help resources
>Custom branding: Yes
>More features at BigMarker

Pros & Cons of BigMarker Webinar Software
BigMarker is a reasonably priced option that provides many features for small businesses that host regular small webinars. Users praise the BigMarker team for being responsive to feedback.

>Reasonably priced option for small businesses>No free version available
>Very responsive to feedback

What Customers Are Saying
Users praise BigMarker as a great webinar tool for marketers, saying, “No installation required. Lots of marketing features (was made for marketers). Amazing customer service. Easy landing pages and instant emails reminders. Lots of customizations. The video stream is crisp & smooth.”

BlueJeans Events

Formally known as Primetime, BlueJeans Events is webinar software that has three components: moderator, presenter, and attendee. Each function has its own set of options that allow users to interact with each other.

Moderators control the event and can mute and unmute attendees’ mics so they cannot be heard until they “raise their hands.” The moderator also ensures that each presenter is technically ready by helping them test their technology. The presenter is the person who is leading the webinar. They will give the presentation, show slides, or video and answer questions. Once a hand has been acknowledged, attendees may ask questions of or make comments to the presenter.

BlueJeans Events provides excellent audio and video quality. Recorded meetings are available for viewing almost immediately as the webinar is concluded. You do need to download BlueJeans Events software to use it.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
BlueJeans Standard: $12.49/host/month (up to 50 participants)

BlueJeans Pro: $17.49/host/month (up to 75 participants)

BlueJeans Enterprise: Custom quote (up to 100 participants)
Free 7-day trial>Deployment: Mac installed, Windows installed, web-based, cloud, SaaS, iPhone/iPad, and Android
>Support options: Call, email support, ticket, live chat, and self-help resources
>Custom branding: Yes
>More features at BlueJeans Events

Pros & Cons of BlueJeans Events Webinar Software
A reasonably priced option for small businesses to conduct virtual staff meetings, it has a mobile option and works well at low bandwidth, which can be a problem for other webinar software.

>Reasonably priced>No free version available
>Works on mobile phones
>Works well on low bandwidth

What Customers Are Saying
Clients like BlueJeans Events for helping with remote work, saying, “In March, when we went into lockdown, this really helped our network a lot. There were some issues in the beginning, but it eventually smoothed out. I highly recommend this software for all businesses that are forced to work virtually.”


ClickMeeting, which spun off GetResponse in 2016, offers a robust selection of options for businesses that want to hold small or large webinars. Unlike many other webinar services, it does not charge based on the number of hosts but the number of attendees.

This program includes audience engagement and integration with data analytics tools and cloud storage program platforms. It allows you to create a poll or survey instantly during a meeting. After the meeting is concluded, it will contact attendees immediately for their thoughts on how the presentation was received.

When someone is invited to a ClickMeeting webinar, they only need to click on a URL sent to them via email. The software works on all operating systems and devices. This makes it easier for those invited to attend an event.

In 2019 ClickMeeting received a Gold Stevie Award for the Best Online Collaboration Solution.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Live: $30/month

Automated: $45/month

Enterprise: Custom quote
Free 30-day trial>Deployment: Web-based, cloud, SaaS, iPhone/iPad, and Android
>Support options: Email, support ticket, and self-help resources
>Custom branding: Yes
>More features at ClickMeeting

Pros & Cons of ClickMeeting Webinar Software
ClickMeeting is easy to use and attractive to people who don’t want to download software to join a webinar. It also charges based on the number of attendees. It allows you to create polls and surveys on the fly. It does not offer phone support when there is a problem ― only email and self-help resources.

>Easy to use>No phone support
>Create polls and surveys instantly
>Charges are based on the number of attendees

What Customers Are Saying
Clients love how easy it is to use ClickMeeting webinar software, saying, “This all in one tool is perfect. You can easily share your desktop, invite many people, create webinars, create simple meetings, interact on the same document, and also easily share presentations.”


This cloud-based webinar tool is a full-featured videoconferencing service. It offers on-demand video hosting and live-streaming assistance. It also offers its white label package for all users at a reasonable price. Dacast is user-friendly, taking only a few minutes to set up a webinar, which is ideal for novice digital marketers.

It’s also a good tool for marketers because it provides real-time analytics. It does not place restrictions on the number of attendees. Dacast allows you to livestream to social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. There is no limit on the number of Dacast channels you can create, but if you’re going to create more than 20, you need to contact the Dacast support team.

It won the 2019 Streaming Media’s Readers’ Choice Award for Best Small/Medium Business Video Platform and was runner-up for Best Educational Video Platform.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Starter: $39/month
Event: $63/month
Scale: $188/month
Custom: Custom quote
Free 30-day trial>Deployment: Web-based, cloud, SaaS, iPhone/iPad, and Android
>Support options: Call, email, support ticket, live chat, 24/7 premium support, self-help resources, and community support
>Custom branding: Yes
>More features at Dacast

Pros & Cons of Dacast Webinar Software
The Dacast streaming tool is easy to use and provides clear, solid video. Dacast support is extremely responsive and is available in a variety of ways, 24/7. if you go over your allotted bandwidth limit, you will be charged 15 cents per gigabyte, per month.

>A particularly good platform for novice marketers>Extra charge for exceeding bandwidth limit
>Support is good and always available

What Customers Are Saying
Customers liked how easy it was to contact Dacast’s support team, saying, “We use it extensively to stream weekly tutorials as well as live feed conferences and events. Overall, our experience has been positive, and you can talk to a real person quickly if you get stuck or something is not working.”


Unlike many videoconferencing tools, Demio offers both automated and live webinars and provides an option to create a hybrid mix of live and prerecorded material. Participants to a Demio webinar have the option of signing up once and remaining registered if the webinar is one of a series. Users may also send private chat messages to the coordinators or public messages that can be seen by everyone.

Demio is also offering a 50% discount on pricing for nonprofits or educational companies that have been forced to conduct their operations virtually because of the pandemic.

A Demio webinar does not require you to download software to either host or join an event. If you select the Demio starter plan, you can host a webinar for 50 attendees for up to three hours. All its plans offer unlimited storage and unlimited sessions.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Starter: $49/month (up to 50 attendees)

Growth: $99/month (up to 150 attendees)

Business: $234/month (up to 500 attendees)
Free 14-day trial>Deployment: Web-based, cloud, SaaS, iPhone/iPad, and Android
>Support options: Email and self-help resources
>Custom branding: Yes
>More features at Demio

Pros & Cons of Demio Webinar Software
Demio’s mix of live and prerecorded material is a valuable option for marketers. The discount for nonprofits and educational companies is a real bonus. Demio will only accommodate up to 500 attendees, so you can’t use it for extra-large webinars. There is no phone support.

>Hybrid of wives and prerecorded material available>Will only allow up to 500 attendees
>Discount for nonprofits and educational companies>No phone support
>No software download needed

What Customers Are Saying
Clients like the visual appeal of Demio. One says, “Demio is easy to set up. The display is very clean and visually appealing. One feature that’s fantastic is the ability to replay a webinar and even to automate a replay. Another helpful feature is public and private chat for answering questions during the session.”


EasyWebinar received five out of five stars on several webinar review sites for ease of use. Its lowest-priced package allows you to connect with 100 attendees. However, you can have as many webinars happening as you want and have 100 attendees in each one.

EasyWebinar also allows you to stream to social media tools like YouTube and Facebook while hosting a webinar on EasyWebinar. It’s also a popular tool for authors and consultants interested in telling people about their books or services.

EasyWebinar allows you to have up to four presenters during a videoconference, and you can turn any attendee into a presenter with a single click of your mouse. It also works seamlessly with PayPal when you need to charge for a webinar or a prerecorded session. Every attendee is added automatically to your Mailchimp list.

Ignite Visibility picked EasyWebinar as one of the top 15 webinar platforms.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Standard: $78/month
Pro: $129/month
Enterprise: $499/month
Free 14-day trial>Deployment: Web-based, cloud, and SaaS
>Support options: Call, email, self-help resources, community support, and customer support portal
>Custom branding: Yes
>More features at EasyWebinar

Pros & Cons of EasyWebinar Webinar Software
Simple to use, EasyWebinar allows you to stream a conference to Facebook or YouTube simultaneously. Registration for attendees is also simple. It is not, however, an all-in-one solution. For example, you’ll need to integrate third-party apps, which can add extra cost and time.

>Simple to use>Not an all-in-one solution
>Simultaneously stream a videoconference to social media
>Easy registration for attendees

What Customers Are Saying
Clients praised EasyWebinar for offering so many features, saying, “For the money EasyWebinar is incredible. It’s loaded with features for both live and automated webinars. I don’t know of another system that allows you to do so much while only using one platform. The customer support and coaching are really top-notch.”


EverWebinar takes an interesting approach. It focuses on what is termed “evergreen” material. Its main offering is prerecorded webinars, ideal for content that can be reused when shown to new audiences. There are three models available when you’re working in EverWebinar: a live webinar, a hybrid version that has prerecorded video with live chat, and a fully automated video of prerecorded material.

Although you can create polls and surveys instantaneously for the live version, you can tweak those features for the rebroadcast edition. This makes EverWebinar an ideal tool for teachers and educators who must prerecord their classes or tutorials.

EverWebinar’s scheduling system allows you to decide when the prerecorded material will be shown, so if you have a webinar or session that is of interest to someone overseas, you can schedule it for broadcast at an appropriate time in their time zone.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Installment Plan: 3x$199/year

Annual Plan: $499/year

Biennial Plan: $799/2 years
14-day trial for $1>Deployment: Web-based, cloud, and SaaS
>Support options: Call, 24/7 premium support, self-help resources, and community support
>Custom branding: No
>More features at EverWebinar

Pros & Cons of EverWebinar Webinar Software
Individuals and companies that use EverWebinar praise it for how easily it converts live webinars into on-demand webinars that can be monetized. They also praise it for its robust technical support. EverWebinar, however, lacks custom branding for clients.

>Easily creates evergreen webinars>No custom branding
>Robust technical support

What Customers Are Saying
Users appreciate the ease of changing live webinars into evergreens. One reviewer says, “Once I have tested a webinar live and know it’s converting, I can just press a button in WebinarJam (their partner tool) and send it over to EverWebinar.”


GetResponse is an email platform that also has a webinar function. Its basic $15-a-month plan does not offer webinars; you’ll need to sign up for its Plus plan for $49 a month. The Plus plan lets you host webinars for100 attendees. Many people prefer to use ClickMeeting, which spun off GetResponse as a primarily webinar platform in 2016.

GetResponse, however, does offer excellent integrated email functions and a webinar platform if you choose to use the software. You can record your webinars and share them with whoever you like. The program also offers interactive whiteboards and live chat.

It may not have all the features you want to find in a platform that is designed primarily for webinars, but if you’re looking for a marketing solution that includes email, webinars, GetResponse may be exactly what you need.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Basic: $15/month
Plus: $49/month
Professional: $165/month
Max: Custom quote
Free 30-day trial>Deployment: Web-based, cloud, and SaaS
>Support options: Call, email, support ticket, live chat, and self-help resources
>Custom branding: Yes
>More features at GetResponse

Pros & Cons of GetResponse Webinar Software
GetResponse offers an excellent integration of email functions and videoconferencing tools. You can record webinars and share them with other potential customers later. It also has robust analytical tools.

>Excellent integration of email and videoconferencing>No free version available
>Robust analytical tools

What Customers Are Saying
Clients like how GetResponse helps them improve their sales campaigns, saying,” I am really grateful for the development that GetResponse has had throughout my company because we have managed to improve our sales process and establish better advertising campaigns for any of our products and services.“


GoToWebinar is the opposite of a program like GetResponse. Its main function is videoconferencing. Founded in 2003, it’s been called the grandfather of web conferencing software. It’s a popular program but lacks some of the automated and scheduling features of its competitors. It’s still a good web marketing tool for corporations or even small businesses that are primarily interested in hosting live events. It’s the sister product of GoToMeeting but for larger audiences.

It’s easy to install and use, and PC Magazine said its videoconferencing software keeps it relevant in today’s market. It offers a seven-day free trial, and you don’t need to use a credit card to sign up. When you download the GoToWebinar software, it includes the GoToMeeting software automatically, which is a nice added feature.

You need to download an app to use GoToWebinar, which can be a nuisance, but this does provide added stability and better conductivity.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Lite: $59/organizer/month (up to 100 participants)

Standard: $129/organizer/month (up to 250 participants)

Pro: $249/organizer/month (up to 500 participants)

Enterprise: $499/organizer/month (up to 3,000 participants)
Free 7-day trial>Deployment: Mac installed, Windows installed, web-based, cloud, SaaS, iPhone/iPad, and Android
>Support options: Call, support ticket, self-help resources, and community support
>Custom branding: Yes
>More features at GoToWebinar

Pros & Cons of GoToWebinar Webinar Software
You can add up to six panelists and six organizers. GoToWebinar has an email program, but it is used to remind registered attendees. However, there is no public chat.

>Easy to use and set up>No public chat
>You can have up to six organizers and six presenters>No free version

What Customers Are Saying
Clients like the platform’s flexibility, saying, “GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting are our go-to video conferencing solutions. All our internal and external (i.e. customers, partners, etc.) meetings and trainings are hosted on these platforms. It is very intuitive and has been easy for first-time users.”


Livestorm, based in Europe, is a very accessible webinar platform. Because it’s web-based, you can use any device that has an internet connection. You can use any browser to access Livestorm and not have to worry about any restrictions on how many people are attending your webinar.

With Livestorm, you can run a live event to use for marketing or presentations or on-demand and automated webinars. These are ideal for creating training material you need to present onboarding instructions for new employees. It’s also a great platform for online courses that your company may be running to teach clients how to use your products.

Livestorm also has a robust email function that you can use to send clients promotional material and check to see how many of your emails have been opened by the intended audience.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Basic: Free (up to 10 attendees)

Premium: Starting at $109/month (from 100 to 1,000 attendees)

Enterprise: Custom quote
Free trial>Deployment: Web-based, cloud, and SaaS
>Support options: Email, live chat, and self-help resources
>Custom branding: Yes
>More features at Livestorm

Pros & Cons of Livestorm Webinar Software
Livestorm is offering free use of Livestorm Meet during the pandemic and a 20% reduction in costs for its webinar services. The Basic plan is free but only lasts 20 minutes with a limit of 10 attendees. The Premium plan is $109.

>Free use of Livestorm Meet during pandemic>Basic is free but lasts only 20 minutes with 10 attendees
>20% reduction in webinar costs>Plans can be expensive for some small companies

What Customers Are Saying
Clients like that you don’t have to download any software. One mentions, “This is key for our clients who attend our events. With other software platforms, downloads are often necessary for it to function, and many of our clients do not have these admin rights on their PCs.”


LiveWebinar is a cloud-based platform that offers all the tools you want to find in a good webinar conferencing platform: screen sharing, the ability to create polls and surveys on the fly, live chat, and analytics reports. It also offers a whiteboard function that online educators or presenters can use to draw ideas or examples to illustrate a point.

Since it’s cloud-based, there’s no need to download any software, and you can share your webinar on various social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo.

It’s also very reasonably priced, with its Pro plan starting at around $15 a month for up to 100 attendees. There’s also a free version that you can use for up to five people. It allows screen sharing and the ability to create polls, surveys, and tests and allows up to two hours of recording time. The free version does not allow you to share on social media platforms.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Free (up to 5 attendees)

Pro: $14.99/month (up to 100 attendees)

Business: $119/month (up to 500 attendees)

Custom (up to 1,000 attendees): Custom quote
Free Version available>Deployment: Mac installed, Windows installed, web-based, cloud, SaaS, iPhone/iPad, and Android
>Support options: Email, support ticket, and self-help resources
>Custom branding: Yes
>More features at LiveWebinar

Pros & Cons of LiveWebinar Webinar Software
LiveWebinar is reasonably priced, and not requiring a software download or installation allows access on any browser. Though the free version is limited to five people, it still offers functions like screen sharing and the ability to do polls.

>Reasonably priced>No phone support available
>No software download
>Robust free version

What Customers Are Saying
Clients praise the ability to run webinars under their own domains, saying, “What I like the most is that you can run meetings under your own domain — I really like this feature because it positively affects on build credibility. There is a possibility to integrate this app with others like Facebook or Slack.”


MyOwnConference is a web-based platform, so it requires no software download or installation, meaning it is accessible on desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Its user interface is easy to use, which is a plus if you’re dealing with clients who only attend webinars rarely.

MyOwnConference offers a robust free version that allows up to 20 attendees, is available in higdefinition video, and offers 500MB of storage. Sessions are limited to 20 minutes, but it’s ideal for small firms that have never used webinar software before and want to “kick the tires” before they pay for a more professional version.

MyOwnConference can be used for as few as three people and as many as 10,000.

Unlike many of its competitors, MyOwnConference offers a frequently asked questions (FAQs) section for its users that will help if they’re having problems with the software.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Free (up to 20 attendees)

Starts at $36/month (21 to 60 attendees)
Free Version available>Deployment: Web-based, cloud, SaaS, iPhone/iPad, and Android
>Support options: Call, email, support ticket, live chat, and self-help resources
>Custom branding: Yes
>More features at MyOwnConference

Pros & Cons of MyOwnConference Webinar Software
Its free version is a great way for companies to test out a webinar. MyOwnConference is highly scalable and is great for corporations that need to hold exceptionally large webinars. It can be a bit pricey for 1,000 attendees or more.

>Free version great for companies that want to try out webinar software>Can be a bit pricey at the higher attendee range
>Highly scalable

What Customers Are Saying
MyOwnConference helps clients make the jump from in-person to digital, with one user saying, “It helped us kick-start our webinar initiatives. We switched from in-person conferences to this digital method. From all the other alternatives we found on the internet, they were the only ones who delivered at a reasonable price point.”


On24 is a videoconferencing platform oriented toward helping companies with digital marketing. It offers live, prerecorded ― which it describes as “simulive” or prerecorded material that is presented as if it were a live presentation ― and on-demand webinars.

ON24 is ideal for highly interactive webinars when organizers or moderators are asking attendees for lots of feedback, such as voting in polls or taking part in surveys. ON24 is a web-based platform so that attendees don’t need to download software and can access it on any internet-enabled device.

It’s also very customizable, allowing hosts to brand a webinar, change template colors, and use more than 30 widgets to increase the interactivity of attendees.

ON24 has also won plaudits for its technical support. Most calls are answered within 2 minutes, which includes its online chat and support ticket functions. ON24 also offers live training for clients who wish to learn more about how to use its platform.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quoteFree 30-day trial>Deployment: Web-based, cloud, and SaaS
>Support options: Call, email, support ticket, 24/7 premium support, remote assistance, and self-help resources
>Custom branding: Yes
>More features at ON24

Pros & Cons of ON24 Webinar Software
ON24 is highly customizable. There is no download or installation of software needed for attendees to join webinars. It has extremely good customer support. The lack of pricing information is a big drawback, however. Many people want to see pricing upfront rather than call an ON24 sales rep to get more information.

>Very customizable>Lack of upfront pricing information
>No software download needed
>Extremely good customer support

What Customers Are Saying
Clients praise how ON24 enables them to deliver training to their remote employees. One customer says, “We provide continuing education credits for HVAC [heating, ventilation, and air conditioning] contractors throughout the [United States]. We use ON24 to deliver that content and manage the credits. It is mainly used in our education department.”


One thing that immediately strikes you about Proficonfi is its pricing structure. It offers a robust free version that allows you to host five attendees for up to 24 hours. Even its Premium package, at only $25 a month, allows you to host up to 250 attendees and has plenty of features. You will need to buy the Premium plan if you want to be able to record your videos, however.

Proficonfi does not require you to download or install any software, so attendees merely click on a link, and they’re in a webinar.

This is not a software platform for someone who needs to host thousands of people at once. But it is extremely usable and affordable for small businesses that want to improve their digital marketing with a large but not overwhelming group of attendees.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Free (up to 5 participants)
Pro: $12/month (up to 100 participants)
Premium: $25/month (up to 250 participants)
Free version available>Deployment: Web-based, cloud, SaaS, iPhone/ iPad and Android
>Support options: Email, support ticket, live chat, and self-help resources
>Custom branding: No
>More features at Proficonfi

Pros & Cons of Proficonfi Webinar Software
This is a good videoconferencing platform for small businesses. Even the free plan is very robust and loaded with features. Since its web-based, there’s no need to download or install software. The limited number of attendees it supports, however, makes it a questionable choice for larger companies.

>Great choice for small businesses>Not suitable for large companies that need to invite hundreds of attendees
>No software download

What Customers Are Saying
Clients praise Proficonfi for being a great videoconferencing tool, saying, “I am a software developer and, due to my work, I have to do video conferencing daily with my clients and project team working worldwide. Proficonfi is really one of the best video conferencing app I have used so far.”

RingCentral Meetings

RingCentral is perhaps best known for its VoIP. It created the RingCentral Meetings app in 2017 and offers it as an add-on to its regular telephony services. So, you’ll need to create a RingCentral Account to be able to use the Meetings app.

RingCentral offers a generous free plan. You can host up to 100 participants for a total of 40 minutes. It’s not a webinar as such, but a meeting. You can do many things that are possible in a webinar, but not all. Moderators or hosts can invite people on the fly, annotate content, and record the meeting. You can separate attendees into smaller groups for breakout sessions. If you want to add more participants and features, the Essentials and Advanced plans are reasonably priced

You can also subscribe to an additional webinar add-on that will allow you to connect to over 10,000 attendees.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Free: $0/user/month (up to 100 participants)

Essentials: $14.99/user/month (up to 100 participants)

Advanced: $19.99/user/month (up to 100 participants)
Free version available>Deployment: Web-based, cloud, SaaS, iPhone/iPad, and Android
>Support options: Call support ticket, live chat, self-help resources, community support, and support through social media
>Custom branding: Yes
>More features at RingCentral Meetings

Pros & Cons of RingCentral Meetings Webinar Software
It’s an easy-to-use video tool for meetings. The platform is web-based, so attendees don’t need to download any software. It offers a generous free version. Determining the pricing for other versions is extremely confusing.

>Easy to use>Determining pricing is extremely confusing
>No software to download
>Generous free version

What Customers Are Saying
Clients like how easy RingCentral Meetings is to use, with one saying, “I’ve used many virtual meeting systems before, but this one is by far superior to them all. I highly recommend RingCentral if you need an intuitive, easy-to-use, and reliable video conferencing software system.”


WebEx is a Cisco product, so it’s well-made and dependable. If you’re looking for a video component to go along with the dial-in meeting service you may already have, WebEx is a good option. That said, WebEx is probably a better tool for team meetings than it is for larger webinars.

WebEx also offers a free plan with one host and as many as 100 participants for 50 minutes. You also have access to features like screen sharing, chat, polling, and the raise-hand function when you want to attract a host’s attention. You can also select a virtual background.

If you want to increase the number of hosts from one to a total of nine, then you need to select the Starter plan, which also brings access to added features like meeting transcripts. WebEx allows you to hold the meeting for up to 100,000 attendees, but you need to contact WebEx about this Enterprise solution.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Free: $0/month/1 host

Starter: $14.95/host/month (up to 9 hosts)

Plus: $19.95/host/month (up to 50 hosts)

Business: $29.95/host/month (up to 100 hosts)

Enterprise Plan: Custom quote
Free version available>Deployment: Mac installed, Windows installed, web-based, cloud, SaaS, iPhone/iPad, and Android
>Support options: Call, support ticket, live chat, community support, and Duty Manager
>Custom branding: No
>More features at WebEx

Pros & Cons of WebEx Webinar Software
An extremely good software platform for holding virtual meetings, WebEx offers a generous free version. It can scale up to very large audiences. It’s not ideal for hosting webinars. virtual private networks (VPNs) have log-in difficulties.

>Ideal for hosting virtual team meetings>Free version is only available for one host
>Can scale up to large audiences

What Customers Are Saying
WebEx clients enjoy how easy it is to schedule a team meeting, saying, “I love using WebEx Meetings for a simple reason: it is very easy to schedule a meeting and invite people. Both sound and video quality are awesome.”


WebinarJam is a great platform for people who have limited knowledge about how to create or set up a webinar. It has some unique functions. You can program it to create pop-ups for attendees who might want to purchase your product or subscribe to your service. It also offers high-definition video, the option of having multiple presenters rather than just one, and user-friendly dashboards.

The WebinarJam platform allows the insertion of prerecorded video, records each webinar and sends it to all attendees automatically, and offers live chat and the ability to customize webinar templates. It also is available in more than 20 languages.

WebinarJam also integrates with Zapier, which is an online integration tool that allows over a thousand apps to connect to each other. WebinarJam says this allows you to set up more than a million options for your webinar.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Basic: $499/year (up to 500 attendees)

Professional: $699/year (up to 2,000 attendees)

Enterprise: $999/year (up to 5,000 attendees)
14-day trial for $1>Deployment: Web-based, cloud, and SaaS
>Support options: Call, self-help resources, and community support
>Custom branding: Yes
>More features at WebinarJam

Pros & Cons of WebinarJam Webinar Software
It’s a great tool for marketers because it allows you to sell to your attendees during webinars. You can set up a webinar in about a minute and stream the webinar to Facebook or YouTube. The basic plan is a bit more expensive than its competitors, and the professional plan is not aimed at beginners.

>Superb tool for marketers>Plans are bit expensive
>Quick set up>No free plan available
>Stream to social media

What Customers Are Saying
Clients like to use WebinarJam to promote new programs and services. One says, “We use WebinarJam for informational webinars. When we are looking to promote a new program or service, we can quickly set up a webinar, with an easy-to-use dashboard, to promote our programs.”

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting works in two ways: as a meeting space or webinar tool. The meeting software is designed for speaking with clients or team members. The webinar software is designed to market products, ideas, or services.

Each has its own pricing plan. The basic webinar plan is for 25 attendees and offers screen sharing, the use of polls and surveys, and “raise your hand” to get the attention of the organizer. It also offers in-depth analysis and reports as well as recordings of webinars with cloud storage.

The free webinar version of the Zoho platform allows participants to share their screens or applications. Unruly participants can be removed or muted, and you can create polls and surveys.

Zoho Meeting may not offer the bells and whistles of other platforms, but not every small business needs all the bells and whistles.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Webinar - 25: $19/host/month (up to 25 attendees)

Webinar - 50: $29/host/month (up to 50 attendees)

Webinar - 100: $39/host/month (up to 100 attendees)

Webinar - 250: $79/host/month (up to 250 attendees)
Free 14-day trial>Deployment: Web-based, cloud, and SaaS
>Support options: Call, email, support ticket, 24/7 premium support, self-help resources, and support through social media
>Custom branding: Yes
>More features at Zoho Meeting

Pros & Cons of Zoho Meeting Webinar Software
Zoho Meeting is a solid tool for marketers who want to conduct webinars but don’t need all the bells and whistles or the costs of other programs. The program is browser-based, so you don’t need to download any software. Information gathered from attendees is not customizable, so lead generation is difficult.

>Good tool for marketers who want to do simple webinars>Lead generation is difficult
>No software download

What Customers Are Saying
Clients use Zoho Meeting for a variety of purposes. One customer says, “We use Zoho Meeting for demonstrations, coaching sessions, and engaging corporate teams. In working with Zoho Meeting we have conducted leadership training to up to 100 corporate clients globally with ease at the same time.”


Zoom is to webinar platforms what Kleenex is to tissues — its name has become generic. People talk about going to a Zoom meeting when they may not even be using Zoom software. One reason Zoom has become so widespread is that it offers a robust free version where you can hold meetings up to 40 minutes long for up to 100 attendees. It also provides unlimited one-on-one meetings.

Zoom offers four options: Zoom Meetings, Zoom Phones, Zoom Video Webinar, and Zoom Rooms. All of those options have different pricing plans, so your best option is to visit the Zoom site and see which one provides the functions that best suit your business.

When your software suddenly becomes the go-to platform, people notice problems. But Zoom has won accolades from users for quickly and dealing with flaws candidly.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Basic: Free (up to 100 participants)

Pro: $14.99/month/license (up to 100 participants)

Business: $19.99/month/license (up to 300 participants)

Enterprise: $19.99/month/license (up to 500 participants)
Free version available>Deployment: SaaS, Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone/iPad, and Android
>Support options: Call, live chat, 24/7, premium support, self-help resources, and customer support portal
>Custom branding: Yes
>More features at Zoom

Pros & Cons of Zoom Webinar Software
Zoom is a reasonably priced option. It is quite easy to use for meetings, which is why it is currently so popular. It has an extremely generous free version. You do need a fast internet connection, however, to get the full benefits of the program.

>Easy to use>Fast, stable internet connection needed
>Reasonably priced
>Generous free version

What Customers Are Saying
Clients regard Zoom as a valuable tool. “I can connect to conduct meetings in an excellent and clear way, without any interruption,” one says. “It works very well for me and the team, allowing us to keep in touch at all times and even more so when we are in quarantine time.”

What Is Webinar Software?

Webinar software allows you to give presentations, hold workshops and lectures or conduct staff or business meetings over the web using videoconferencing software. Two of the most important things about webinar software are the interactive elements and the ability for the webinar’s host or attendees to present, receive, and share information in real-time.

Webinar software allows people to collaborate over large distances simultaneously. You could be based in Boston, for instance, and hold a meeting with associates in Berlin, Hong Kong, and Rio de Janeiro. The software allows the presenter to share documents and desktop applications and offer polls. The key element is the interactivity of the webinar software. Good webinar software also allows you to record the meeting and publish it to social media or the web later.

Some features to look for in webinar software include:

  • Support for multiple attendees and presenters
  • Screen sharing
  • A chat function so people can communicate with the presenter or with each other one-on-one
  • The ability to show prerecorded video
  • The ability to control who should and shouldn’t be attending the meeting
  • The use of polls, live Q&A tools and forms to give feedback

Benefits of Webinar Software

Many small businesses are looking more closely at webinar software in the era of COVID-19, but the reality is there are many benefits that recommend using a webinar. It can help you do the following:

  • Show people your newest product: When you’re a SMB, you can’t expect people to flock to your brick-and-mortar location to see the unveiling of your newest product. Webinar software allows you to invite clients from all across the country or even the world. You can have your key people in attendance to answer any questions potential clients may have about your product.
  • Engage your target audience: Webinars go beyond traditional marketing techniques where you present your ideas to a broad audience. Instead, webinars allow you to target specific audiences. If you have an array of products, you can target the audience most interested in each product.
  • Save time and money: As we noted above, using webinars saves time and money. It saves money because you don’t have to travel to see remote clients unless it’s necessary. You save time because instead of being in a plane somewhere over North America, you’re in your office working until it’s time for the webinar.

Must-have Features of Webinar Software

SMBs can choose from a vast array of companies that offer webinar software. Regardless of which company you choose, you should make sure it offers these features:

  • Customization: Each webinar should be customizable as a webinar is not a one-size-fits-all presentation.
  • Screen sharing: The presenter should be able to share their screen with everyone in attendance.
  • Document upload: The presenter should be able to upload documents and handouts to fellow participants that they can then download.
  • Live polls: They help obtain immediate feedback from webinar participants.
  • Survey capabilities: A survey function should be offered that allows you to obtain instant feedback from participants either during or after the webinar.
  • Easy-to-use interface: The software should be easy to use. Attendees should not have to download anything on their end. You should only need to send them a link that they can click on to access the meeting.
  • Email integration: Seamless email integration should be included. Once someone registers for your webinar, they should receive regular email updates to remind them when it’s happening and how they log in.
  • Analytic tools: They allow you to see how many people registered for the webinar, how many came, how long they stayed, and how many clicked on offers.

The Cost of Webinar Software

How much you should pay for webinar software depends on several factors, such as what you want to use it for, the number of attendees, how often you plan to hold webinars, and how long they will last.

If you want to use webinar software for daily staff meetings for, say, up to 50 people, you can pay either by the meeting or by the month, anywhere from $12 per use to $50 a month. Several of the firms mentioned above offer a “lite” plan or a free version designed to work with a small staff.

If you’re planning to invite large groups of people, anywhere from 100 to 100,000 attendees, you’ll pay more. For this kind of enterprise-level webinar, you’re looking at a price range of around $500 to $4,000 a month.

Don’t forget you can also hold paid webinars to mitigate the cost of webinar software by offering live training sessions or online courses. It’s a great way for your clients to save time and money.

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