Canadian Web Hosting provides both small business and enterprise-class hosting solutions, along with a number of related digital products, for those who either want or need Canada-based websites and servers.


Located in Vancouver, Canadian Web Hosting (CWH) was founded in 1998. It’s a privately held company, whose current CEO, Tony Chu, oversees several dozen employees and $5 million in revenue annually.

Canadian Web Hosting also has locations in Toronto and Ontario and uses data centers in several locations across Canada.

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Canadian Web Hosting home page

An Emphasis on Privacy and Regulatory Compliance

One area of emphasis for Canadian Web Hosting is its privacy-law compliance tools. CWH is one of a handful of SSAE 16 certified providers in Canada, and it’s focused to a large extent on serving the needs of business clients who need to ensure compliance with Canadian privacy laws, which are quite different from those in the United States.

Candian Web Hosting also offers related digital services, including domain registration (although that’s only for new hosting plan customers). For an additional fee, you can also secure privacy protection for domain registrations.

Canadian Web Hosting’s Hosting Plans

Canadian Web Hosting offers shared, dedicated, VPS, and cloud-based hosting services on servers that offer both Linux and Windows platforms at a range of price points and features.

Many of the hosting plans permit multiple domains and websites, as well, supported by significant levels of (if not unlimited) disk space. Furthermore, CWH servers support all the usual languages and databases, including Perl, Python, PHP, ASP .NET 4.0, and SQL.

Shared Hosting

One of the most common types of hosting for new website owners is shared hosting, where your site shares space on a server with other websites. CWH offers a number of tiered shared plans with your choice of Windows or Linux operating systems.

The company’s shared hosting plans include unlimited storage and email. While these plans are by definition more limited than dedicated or VPS-based plans, they’re usually more than adequate for micro- and small-business websites.

Dedicated Hosting

Canadian Web Hosting offers dedicated hosting plans for those businesses and enterprises with serious hosting needs that just can’t be met by out-of-the-box, tailored-for-the-average-user shared hosting plans.

If you need plenty of elbow room and more freedom to configure your server your way, to support your site’s needs, then dedicated hosting is usually worth the additional required investment.

You can choose from between managed and unmanaged server plans; the former will get you impressive support from CWH’s technical experts. That support includes hardware replacements, server management, and app installations.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

CWH also offers virtual private server (VPS) hosting plans in two levels: standard and “high performance” VPS plans. The latter will get you anywhere from 6 to 9 TB of bandwidth, 160 to 640 GB of storage, and plenty of memory to support your site’s needs.

All the VPS plans use SSDs, which are more reliable and more energy efficient than HDD. All of their virtual private servers offer full root access, the option of Windows or Linux OS, fully redundant servers, and optional control panels.

All VPS plans also offer automatic failover for maximum uptime.

In addition, Canadian Web Hosting’s VPS plans give users unlimited bandwidth, options for operating system and control panel, and even more control. More importantly, you’ll get redundant security protections and systems put in place to balance server load and eliminate failure rates.

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Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a popular option for businesses who need the ability to scale quickly, high uptime, and more control. Cloud hosting differs from traditional hosting in that your files are stored on multiple servers in multiple locations.

If something happens to the hardware at one location, your files can quickly be replaced with files from another location. (This is often called “self-healing.”)

Canadian Web Hosting offers three could hosting plans starting at $5 a month for a shared cloud and going up to several hundred dollars for enterprise-level hosting.

All cloud hosting plans offer self-managed resources, the ability to scale quickly, redundant backups for fast self-healing, fast speeds, and high levels of security.

Managed WordPress Hosting

If your site plans include a WordPress-based architecture, you’ll want to explore Managed WordPress hosting. Canadian Web Hosting offers three levels of plans, which will get you access to plenty of storage — from 10 GB to 100 GB — in addition to automatic daily backups and free migration from an existing WordPress site to your new CWH hosting plan.

You can host anywhere between 1 and 10 WordPress sites per account, depending on the level of Managed WordPress plan you select.

Securing Your Site with Automatic Core and Plugin Updates

Each plan level also comes with automatic updates to keep your site secure. This is crucial for your site’s ongoing health and stability, since out-of-date plugins, themes, and core files can present a significant security vulnerability for WordPress sites.

Hosted Email Accounts

Depending on which plan you select, you can also expect to get access to hosted email accounts at the top two plan levels (either 2 or 5, depending on the plan selected).

Comparison Table of Canadian Web Hosting Plans

CPU Resources Shared Allocated based on plan 100% of CPU
RAM Shared Reserved and scalable 100% of RAM
MySQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited Local MySQL
Root/SSH Acess Based on plan selected
Dedicated IP Address Based on plan selected Customizable Fixed based on HDD size
Disk storage Based on plan selected Customizable Fixed based on HDD size
Backups 10 GB Available Available
Monthly traffic Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Port Speed Shared 10 / 100 Mbps 10 / 100 Mbps
Operating System CentOS or Cloud Linux Linux or Windows Linux or Windows
Server Management
Control Panel cPanel or Plesk cPanel or Plesk cPanel or Plesk
Add-on Domains Allocated based on plan Allocated based on plan Unlimited
Subdomains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Parked Domains
Mail Filtering
Spam Filtering ASSP Barracuda/SpamAssassin Barracuda/SpamAssassin
Email Addresses
Mail Forwarding
Windows or Linux
Perl Support
One Click Auto Installer
SSL Secure Server
Enhanced Security
Daily Access Statistics
FTP Accounts
Anonymous FTP
Website Builder
Web-based Apps (eg. WordPress)
MySQL/MS SQL Support
24/7 Technical Support
100% Network Uptime Guarantee
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Ticketing System
Forums and FAQs
Tier 3 Support Engineers
Managed Support Available

Eco-Friendly Web Hosting

Canadian Web Host also offers “Green Hosting,” and is a Green Certified Business. For business owners concerned with their environmental impact, this is a welcome feature.

Choose from 3 Green Plans

They offer three green hosting packages, including cloud servers, shared cloud hosting, and dedicated servers. All the plans come with similar features as their standard plans, but do cost a bit more.

What is Green Hosting?

What, exactly, does green hosting mean? For Canadian Web Hosting, it means using 100% renewable resources to power their datacenters, using green technologies to reduce waste and improve efficiency, and using the newest technology like low-voltage Xeon processors and new HVAC and cooling systems.

The company has two green datacenters, in Vancouver and Toronto. Both are monitored 24/7/365 and have back up power systems, state of the art climate control, and clean fire suppression systems.

Canadian Web Hosting vs. GreenGeeks

The most common competitor in the green hosting space is GreenGeeks web hosting, but Canadian Web Hosting does offer a few added benefits.  Green Geeks is your best bet if you need hosting for Zen Cart of Presta Shop, want support for Java, or have a large number of European users.

However, though Canadian Web Host is lesser-known, they are a fantastic host. Choose Canadian Web Hosting if you need a Candian host for regulatory compliance, cloud hosting,  support for Postgre SQL, or are looking for the most affordable green host.

Reseller Hosting

If you are a web designer and want to host clients’ sites or want to start your own web hosting service, the reseller option is just what you need. They offer three completely white-labeled reseller hosting plans (which means your clients will never see the Candian Web Hosting brand).

All reseller plans come with unlimited add-on domains and subdomains, unlimited email, unlimited MySQL databases, private name servers, and access to cPanel. You can also add on billing software and a domain reseller account for an additional fee.

What Control Panels are Available?

If you choose Linux-based servers, you’ll also have access to the popular cPanel interface for your administrative site menus and tools. If you choose a Windows-based plan, you’ll use Plesk.

From a user experience perspective, there’s probably not a lot of difference between the two, although the look and feel can vary. If you’re familiar with one, you’ll probably be able to find your way around the other fairly easily.

canadian web hosting review
Canadian Web Hosting website

Need a Website? Try the Sitebuilder Tools and Templates

Canadian Web Hosting’s shared Linux customers can take advantage of a partnership the company enjoys with Weebly.

The company offers four tiered plans with increasing levels of hosting features, including things like:

  • Ad-free display
  • Site-wide password restriction
  • Membership options
  • Advanced analytics

Build Your Site With Weebly

And, of course, you’ll get access to the Weebly drag-and-drop builder tool. No coding knowledge is required.

Weebly is a user-friendly method of creating an attractive website with a minimum of time, effort, and money invested. There are several hundred pre-built designs for you to choose from.

Weebly also offers photo gallery functionality, which could form the basis of a great visual portfolio, as well as forms and templates you can customize.

Additionally, the company offers one-click installations of a number of popular content management systems (CMS) and other platforms including WordPress and more.

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E-commerce Tools

While Canadian Web Hosting doesn’t seem to offer any e-commerce-specific plans, it does offer the functional equivalent through some of its hosting features.

You can use the Softaculous one-click tool to easily install and configure some of the most popular platforms for e-commerce sites — e.g., OpenCart and Magento, to name a few.

E-commerce Site Builder

Also, Weebly is e-commerce enabled. With a Weebly-powered site and Canadian Web Hosting, you can add e-commerce tools for selling your products and processing payments through your site.

Weebly also helps you take advantage of the increasing number of mobile users by offering you templates that are fully responsive (mobile-friendly).

SSL Certificate

Moreover, you can also install your SSL certificate easily from a number of providers through hosting administrative tools. You can use the company’s add-on services to help ensure your site is PCI compliant in the collection and storage of customer and payment information.

Canadian web hosting review ecommerce features
Canadian Web Hosting specializes in providing compliant and certified hosting.

Additional Services

CWH offers a range of interesting services outside of the standard hosting packages.

These include:

  • Dedicated firewalls
  • Managed support plans
  • Anti-spam services
  • Back up and data protection
  • CDN (content delivery network) – with more than 100 PoPs (points-of-presence) in 34 countries for faster site loading
  • Load balancing
  • An iPhone and Android app that enables you to build virtual machines and manage your hosting from your smartphone

You can get pretty much anything you need to get online, have a fast loading site, and stay secure.

Performance and Security

Canadian Web Hosting offers a large number of value-added services to help protect your site and data from a variety of risks. From dedicated firewalls to malware scans and more, CWH clearly takes security and server performance seriously.

Security Technology and Options

Canadian Web Hosting offers 5 significant security programs.

They are:

  1. Managed Security Plans
  2. Managed Application Firewall
  3. Firewalls and VPN
  4. Enhanced Threat Detection
  5. Malware Scanning
  6. Real-Time Disaster Recovery

What About Backups?

Many of the company’s plans offer free backups of varying degrees of frequency. For example, Managed WordPress plans offer automatic daily backups, while other plans don’t include backups automatically.

If your selected plan doesn’t offer automatic backups as part of the included benefits, you can request them as an add-on service, as well as additional services such as offsite backup, for additional fees.

And, of course, you can always (and should, as a matter of best site management practices) make your own backups.

What Type of Customer Service and Technical Support is Available?

CWH users can access technical support from the company’s professional staff by email. Alternatively, the company’s support team can be reached by support tickets or by telephone. All support methods are available 24/7.

Online Resources

They also offer an in-depth FAQ section for basic answers. For more in-depth questions, you can head over to the Knowledge Base. Their online help desk is also very helpful for pointing you towards resources to answer your questions.

What About Site Migration?

The company will also transfer your site from your current servers to its machines for you, assuming you’ve signed up for a year’s worth of service under either the Linux or Windows versions of one of its shared hosting plans.

There’s no “full transfer” guarantee, and there’s also an applicable 2 GB limit for the files moved in the transfer. Still, it’s a nice thing to be able to scratch off your list and not have to worry about.

Is There an Uptime Guarantee?

CWH is committed to high uptimes, offering between 99.95% and 99.99% uptime guarantee, depending upon which hosting package and type of hosting you choose.

They also offer scaling refunds based on how long your site is down, up to 30% of your monthly bill. The table only goes down to 92%, so if your site is down more than that (which hopefully it won’t be!), there is no indication you will get a full refund for a specific month.

Datacenters in Toronto and Vancouver

CWH has four datacenters, two of which are used for green hosting, located in Toronto and Vancouver. All datacenters are monitored for security 24/4/365, with engineers and staff on call in the event of an emergency.

Security includes key-card access and DVR security cameras. All four centers offer climate control, back up power systems, and fire suppression systems.

Content Delivery Network Spanning 34 Countries

Canadian Web Hosting’s CDN (content delivery network) adds over 100 additional datacenter nodes in 34 countries. Your website gets served from the node geographically closest to the website visitors, resulting in optimal site loading speeds.

Billing and Cancellation

Canadian Web Hosting offers some flexibility when it comes to billing. You can pay with any major credit card, PayPal, wire transfer, or check. The company generally bills monthly, but there are no contractually required minimum terms, so you can cancel at any time.

Moreover, the company offers an incredibly robust 60-day money-back guarantee for new account holders in any of its shared hosting plans. That guarantee period is reduced to thirty days for cloud-based plan subscribers.

Is Canadian Web Hosting Right for You?

For any site owner who, for whatever reason, needs or wants the site to be hosted within the geographical borders of Canada, Canadian Web Hosting is a solid choice.

Visit Canadian Web Hosting

Offering a variety of hosting products with a number of different plans and price points to suit clients of most sizes and budgets, Canadian Web Hosting is a dependable provider that’s worth your serious consideration.

That’s especially true for any company that needs to ensure compliance with Canadian privacy laws or security standards.

FAQ on Canadian Web Hosting

Below are a few common questions about Canadian Web Hosting.

Does Canadian Web Hosting have an affiliate program?

Yes, Canadian Web Hosting has an affiliate program so that you can earn a commission when you refer customers to the web host. There are three tiers of commission based on whether you refer 1 – 5, individuals, 6 – 10, or more than 11. The related commissions for those tiers are $60, $75, $100.

How many topics does Canadian Web Hosting offer tutorials on?

There are hundreds of tutorials on almost 50 topics. These topics include Zen Cart, PuTTY, PayPal, Outlook, Virtuozzo, Plesk, cPanel, iPhone, and iPad. Canadian Web Hosting also offers a separate knowledgebase and FAQ series.

What sort of email spam and antivirus protection does Canadian Web Hosting offer?

Canadian Web Hosting provides Barracuda Spam and Virus Firewall, which is a “customized dedicated server that contains specialized software for complete protection of your email box.” This software is updated hourly with the most recent spam and virus definitions. Features include:

  1. User-specified rules
  2. Spam fingerprint check
  3. Image analysis
  4. Intention analysis
  5. Bayesian analysis
  6. Rule-based scoring
  7. Denial of service and security protection
  8. IP reputation analysis
  9. Automated rate control
  10. Virus scanning
  11. Sender authentication
  12. Recipient Authentication
  13. User-based filtering
  14. Individual spam filtering
  15. Digest emails
  16. Personal allow and block lists
  17. End-user quarantine
  18. Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes integration

Still unsure? Check out our sister site, You’ll find more information in addition to an FAQ that should answer any lingering questions.