How We Chose the Best Web Design Companies in Washington, DC

Web design is one of the key investments that a small business can make to improve their online presence and attract the right customers. But with so many different web design companies in the Washington, DC area to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one is the right fit for your business. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve put together our list of the best web design companies around Washington, DC based on three criteria — their service lines, their size, and their industry focus.

Multiple Service Lines

Every client’s web design needs are different, so the best web design companies offer a range of services, such as website development, digital strategy, and social media marketing. We’ve focused on firms that provide multiple service lines, allowing you to adapt your web design strategy over time and stick with the same company as your digital marketing needs change.

Size of Company

It’s important to choose a company that’s the right size for your business. Some companies work closely with small businesses to offer more personalized services, while larger companies may offer more competitive rates but a less customized experience. We’ve included companies of all sizes on our list so you can find one that matches your preferences.

Industry Focus

Finally, we’ve included web design companies with a wide range of industry specialties, including healthcare, e-commerce, and business. While many web design companies can accommodate clients regardless of their industry, finding one that specializes in your market may be a good idea since you can count on them to know the best practices for your industry.

The 15 Best Web Design Companies in Washington, DC


7315 Wisconsin Ave, Suite 400W
Bethesda, MD 20814

agencyQ is a digital agency that specializes in services that include technology implementation (web design and development), customer research, content strategy, and real-time personalization. They work with clients to advance their data and artificial intelligence capabilities to optimize their personalization strategy on site.

With a team of data scientists on hand, agencyQ claims to turn data into insights and consider themselves personalization specialists. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., they serve a global portfolio of commercial, government, healthcare, and association and nonprofit organizations. They also provide social, mobile, and interactive media as well.

PriceService LinesDetails
$150 - $199/hourWeb Development,
Digital Strategy, Web
>Number of employees: 10 - 49
>Notable clients: Space Telescope Science Institute, National Cherry Blossom Festival, Department of Energy, Ulmer & Berne, NIH
>Industries served: Health Care & Medical, Non-profit, Government
>More info at agencyQ

Alliance Interactive

1775 I Street NW Suite 1150
Washington, DC 20006

Alliance Interactive is a digital agency that offers services in website design, digital marketing, website maintenance, and optimization. Since 2004, their website design and development services have helped organizations across all industries, including non-profit, B2B, IT, government, legal, medical & health, real estate, and more.

Whether you’re looking to build a brand-new website or improve your existing one, every project with Alliance Interactive begins with research and strategy. After that, they create a website using tools like WordPress, Drupal, HubSpot CMS Websites, and Microsoft Development. Alliance’s custom websites also use specific calls to action to convert visitors into customers.

PriceService LinesDetails
$100 - $149/hourWeb Development, Web Design, Advertising>Number of employees: 10 - 49
>Notable clients: Sodexo, Pact, Department of Defense, Solar Training Network, Women's College Coalition
>Industries served: Business services, Education, Financial services
>More info at Alliance Interactive

Ask the Egghead, Inc.

415 L Street NW Suite 843
Washington, DC 20001

Ask the Egghead, Inc. is a full-service WordPress web design and development agency. They build WordPress websites for businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations around the world. They also provide services in branding, SEO, content strategy, and business consulting.

Ask the Egghead, Inc. mostly serves small businesses in the business and e-commerce industries, but they’ve also done some work in the government, medical, non-profit, and automotive industries as well. Their strategy is a holistic approach to digital marketing, which is about connecting marketing strategy, creative content, and inbound marketing together.

Ask the Egghead, Inc. is a Wyoming Corporation with offices in Boston and Washington, DC.

PriceService LinesDetails
$100 - $149/hourWeb Design, Marketing Strategy, Digital Strategy>Number of employees: 2 - 9
>Notable clients: NAC, Urban Brokers, Simple Technology, August Precision, May Residential
>Industries served: Business services,
eCommerce, Health Care & Medical
>More info at Ask the Egghead, Inc.

Auxilium Technology

9710 Traville Gateway Drive Suite 124
Rockville, MD 20850

Auxilium Technology is a full-service digital marketing agency that does everything from digital branding to web development and internet marketing. They’re a certified Google partner that specializes in search ads, display ads, mobile ads, and Google Analytics. From planning to design to development and launch, their website creation process typically takes 15 – 17 weeks.

What sets Auxilium apart is that they are a woman-owned small business and employee-owned company located in Maryland. They provide engineering training, consulting, research, and service to executives, managers, developers, test professionals, and quality engineers worldwide.

PriceService LinesDetails
$100 - $149/hourMarket Research, Digital Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Web Design>Number of employees: 10 - 49
>Industries served: Consumer products & services, Business services, Health Care & Medical
>More info at Auxilium Technology

Borenstein Group, Inc.

8230 Leesburg Pike, STE 520
Vienna, VA 22182

The Borenstein Group is a Washington, DC digital marketing and branding agency for B2B and B2G integrated marketing communications. They develop brand strategy, brand design, and brand content for emerging and market-leading IT, professional services, federal contractors, business services, as well as public sector markets.

Founded in 1995 by former journalist and technology marketing strategist Mr. Gal S. Borenstein, Borenstein Group has served small businesses to enterprises, such as organizations like Amentum, Boeing Intelligence & Analytics, Precise Software, Pragmatics, Cooper Construction, and more.

Their web design services include information architecture, SEO, CMS implementation, marketing analytics, hosting, and management.

PriceService LinesDetails
$150 - $199/hourBranding, Web Design, Digital Strategy>Number of employees: 10 - 49
>Notable clients: Amentum, Quadrint, InQuisient, AMRestore, Outreach Program, Tech Trend, Valiant
>Industries served: Information technology, Business services, Telecommunications
>More info at Borenstein Group, Inc.

Cartisien Interactive

1775 Tysons Blvd
Tysons, VA 22102

Cartisien Interactive considers itself a product design studio that helps companies design simple, beautiful, intuitive user-centered dashboards and SaaS applications. Their core services include user interface (UI) and visual design, front-end engineering and platform integration, custom CMS development, WordPress and Drupal development, Hubspot integration, and more.

Their client list includes Reddit, Disney, Paramount Pictures, Nintendo, Riot Games, Microsoft, Saatchi & Saatchi, Macy’s, and eBay. As an example, Cartisien worked with the Reddit team to create a branded marketing site for the new Official Reddit iOS & Android Apps. Using front-end web development technologies, they were able to produce an improved customer experience for their client.

PriceService LinesDetails
Custom QuoteWeb Design, Web Development, Product Design>Number of employees: 2 - 9
>Notable clients: eBay, Riot Games, Roots, Microsoft, Medal Inc.
>Industries served: Design
>More info at Cartisien Interactive

Cogo Interactive

3901 Centerview Dr. Suite H
Chantilly, VA 20151

COGO Interactive specializes in internet marketing, web development, social media marketing, and SEO for small businesses and solo professionals (realtors, business coaches, authors, interior designers, speakers, consultants). They also specialize in internet marketing for the real estate industry (small residential builders, custom home builders, home remodelers).

They support clients in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC, and around the country. For web design and development, they specialize in content management systems and
platforms such as Hubspot, WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. COGO’s internet services also include email campaigns, info product development, blog development, and results tracking.

PriceService LinesDetails
$100 - $149/hourDigital Strategy, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Web Design>Number of employees: 10 - 49
>Notable clients: Libby King & Associates, Horizon Entertainment, FA Design & Build, Capitol Office Furniture
>Industries served: Wealth Management, Healthcare/Medical Practices, Technology, Residential Construction
>More info at Cogo Interactive


8000 Westpark Dr. Suite #120
McLean, VA 22102

Chris Kirksey, a former US Army Linguist and Signals Intelligence Lead, founded Direction Inc. in 2016. Their services include SEO, local SEO and reputation management, web design, and WordPress hosting. With their web design services, you get a website that loads in under two seconds, a responsive platform for all devices, analytics, conversion optimization, and 24/7 support.

Their portfolio includes web design for law firms, construction, health and medical, real estate, product services, and more. Built on Amazon’s AWS Lightsail, Direction claims that their private WordPress servers enhance your site’s ability to perform on the web, which is why 99% of their clients choose to stay on their servers during their SEO campaigns.

PriceService LinesDetails
$150 - $199/hourSEO, Web Design>Number of employees: 2 - 9
>Notable clients: DARO Apartments, The Vintage, Silver Tax, Swank Law Offices, Sayari
>Industries served: Business services, Legal, eCommerce
>More info at Direction


8000 Westpark Dr. Suite #120
McLean, VA 22102

Imagine (formerly ImagineDesign) is a digital marketing agency where you can get branding, SEO, social media marketing, online advertising, and web design services, but they also work with every part of your business to make your overall positioning stronger.

They work with nonprofits, local governments, and mid-sized B2B companies; however, they also offer special support for tourism and hospitality organizations. Imagine’s clients are typically in North America, although they have made exceptions for some European businesses.

Their minimum cost of engagement is $25,000 and can consist of branding projects, integrated campaigns, or long-term marketing management.

PriceService LinesDetails
$150 - $199/hourWeb Design, Branding, Digital Strategy>Number of employees: 2 - 9
>Notable clients: DARO Apartments, The Vintage, Silver Tax, Swank Law Offices, Sayari
>Industries served: Business services, Legal, eCommerce
>More info at Imagine

Interactive Strategies

1133 Connecticut Ave, NW Suite 600
Washington, DC 20036

Interactive Strategies is a boutique digital agency with a focus on strategy, design, content, usability, technology, and marketing. Their web design process ensures that every template works on every screen, from desktop to mobile. They can also adjust content and navigation to prioritize elements that mobile users may value more.

Interactive’s markets include associations, non-profits, healthcare, B2B, publishing, and B2C. They’ve worked with organizations like Somos (a telecommunications leader) to overhaul their website, the Certified Financial Planning (CFP) Board to create an intuitive website, and The Wilderness Society which was nominated for a Webby.

PriceService LinesDetails
$150 - $199/hourWeb Development, Digital Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Web Design>Number of employees: 50 - 249
>Notable clients: American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Certified Financial Planners Board, Wilson Center, Lupus Foundation of America
>Industries served: Non-profit, Health Care & Medical, Consumer products & services
>More info at Interactive Strategies


1600 Spring Hill Road, Suite 300
Vienna, Virginia 22182

As a provider of mobile, web, and cloud applications to large enterprises, federal agencies, startups, and nonprofits, Mobomo combines technology with human-centered design and strategy to create digital experiences. With organizations like Nasa, they’ve built large-scale web and CMS with the enterprise-grade deployment of Drupal or WordPress, which is built to scale in the cloud. They can also migrate millions of pages and multimedia assets from any existing platform with their automation tools and information architecture.

From Augmented Reality to the Internet of Things to Machine Learning, Mobomo delivers solutions using customer service applications with artificially intelligent user interfaces based on Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing in the cloud.

Their emerging tech also includes AI-powered Insights-as-a-Service, allowing predictive analysis and visualizations.

PriceService LinesDetails
$100 - $149/hourWeb Development, UX/UI Design, Custom Software Development>Number of employees: 50 - 249
>Notable clients: Voice of America, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, GSA, LECET, MAXIMUS, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
>Industries served: Government, Health Care & Medical, Consumer products & services
>More info at Mobomo

NJI Media

101 1/2 S. Union Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

NJI Media is a digital and creative services agency that specializes in design, web development, multimedia production, and online communications strategy. They provide their services to high profile political, corporate, and non-profit organizations across the country. From initial strategy development to implementation, they provide solutions to digital communications challenges.

NJI is an “all-in global agency” with offices in Alexandria, VA, and London, England, and works across different teams and time zones to deliver for their clients. For web design and development, they use open-source CMS customization & implementation, custom web & interactive feature development, as well as custom database development.

PriceService LinesDetails
$150 - $199/hourWeb Development, Branding, Web Design>Number of employees: 10 - 49
>Industries served: Business services,
Consumer products & services, Government
>More info at NJI Media

Plethora Design

21721 Filigree Court, Suite 2075
Ashburn, Virginia 20147

Plethora Design, established in 2003, is a web design and development consultancy. From their office in Ashburn, Virginia they serve customers throughout Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, Maryland, and globally.

Having built over 250 sites for all sorts of customers, they are user experience specialists that offer a range of services from web design and custom programming to graphic design, content management solutions (Drupal and some Joomla/WordPress), e-commerce, SEO, and support & maintenance.

Plethora Design’s client list includes non-profits and community organizations, professional services & IT companies, schools and education, manufacturers and distributors, healthcare consultants, architects and engineers, and those in arts and entertainment.

PriceService LinesDetails
$100 - $149/hourWeb Development, Web Design, SEO>Number of employees: 2 - 9
>Notable clients: Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, HP, NASA, USAID, Alliance for Financial Inclusion, World Bank
>More info at Plethora Design

Social Driver

Social Driver
1030 15th Street NW Suite 1050W
Washington, DC 20005

Social Driver is an agency that provides strategies, ideas, creative, and technology to connect with people through websites, social media, branding, marketing, advocacy, and more. With team members in Washington, Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, MO, and Bellingham, WA, they work with clients across the country to deliver communications strategies.

Social Driver has worked with organizations like Honda, the American Heart Association, Cigna, Target, and Goodwill by using a team structure that consists of a strategy department, project management & customer service department, and a creative department.

Social Driver launches websites and social media plans that can be managed by the client’s staff, but they also have full-service capabilities to manage campaigns.

PriceService LinesDetails
$150 - $199/hourWeb Design, Social Media Marketing, Digital Strategy>Number of employees: 10 - 49
>Notable clients: American Academy of Family Physicians, American Nurses Association, The Education Trust, Eli
>Industries served: Non-profit, Health Care & Medical, Business services
>More info at Social Driver

Xtreme Websites

10400 Connecticut Ave #513
Kensington, MD 20895

Based in Kensington, Maryland, Xtreme Websites is a web design and online marketing agency that specialize in system automation and online marketing campaigns. They consider themselves an all-in-one web design and marketing solution with services that include planning & consulting, design & development, improvement & maintenance, reputation management, and online marketing.

Over the years, they’ve revamped the web design and online marketing of many companies in different industries and sizes, which includes real estate, education, B2B, B2C, financial, construction, entertainment, non-profit, and more.

For an “affordable turnkey website,” Xtreme can deliver a custom-designed site with SEO and advanced analytics in 1 to 3 weeks. That includes a domain and content created for your site.

PriceService LinesDetails
$100 - $149/hourWeb Design, Digital Strategy, SEO>Number of employees: 2 - 9
>Notable clients: Chicago Fire & Cop Shop, Classic Custom Uniforms, Fun Lifestyle Vacations, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
>Industries served: Real estate, education, B2B, B2C, financial, construction, and more
>More info at Xtreme Websites

Questions to Ask Web Design Companies

With so many web design companies in Washington, DC each offering similar features, it’s important to ask the right questions during your initial discovery call or demo. To help you make the right inquiries, we put together a downloadable list of questions to ask your prospective web design companies.

Download the questions to ask web design companies