The Best Web Conferencing Software of 2021

Our web conferencing software reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 90+ web conferencing software companies from across the web. These reviews and our web conferencing software guide help small businesses and startups find the best web conferencing software for their business.

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How We Chose the Best Web Conferencing Software

Web conferencing software has become increasingly popular in recent years as the world becomes more of a global home than a village. There are many web conferencing software companies touting multiple features and services, but not every vendor out there can deliver value.

In our comprehensive guide, we evaluated web conferencing software based on what’s most important to ensure we only recommended the best web conferencing software currently available on the market. Here are the core features we evaluated.

Online Meetings

Excellent web conferencing software should enable businesses to facilitate meetings effortlessly besides offering all the benefits of in-person meetings. The basic features the software should possess include audio conferencing, scheduling  meetings, presentation and file sharing. It should allow you to initiate impromptu meetings and let you join the meeting hassle-free.

Superb web conferencing software should have collaboration tools such as whiteboard functionality, audience polling, live chat, Q&A, and screen sharing.

Some of the software we’ll look at allows you to record the meeting or save and download later. When purchasing your ideal web conferencing software, it’s essential to evaluate it and ensure it has all the meeting functionality features you want.

Mobile Access

Our priority was on software that functions across multiple devices and offers mobile access. This means your participants can attend the meeting from any device, including smartphones and tablets. Some of the web conferencing software you’ll encounter in this guide allows you to join the meeting from a mobile-friendly web link. Multi-device web conferencing software enables users to dial-into meetings from their mobile phones, desktop computers or tablets.

Audio and Video Quality

Anyone who’s ever been in a blurry or glitchy online meeting can tell you the quality of the video and audio matters. But you should also factor in the software’s bandwidth usage. In addition to the quality of your webcam and microphone, the software should include tools that better the overall quality of the audio or video such as auto-mute, noise cancellation and setting adjustments if you have low bandwidth.

The 15 Best Web Conferencing Software of 2021

CompanyPriceDemo/Free TrialMore
3CX$0 -$394 per yearDemo/Free trialVisit 3CX
8×8 VoIP Phone Service$12-$45 per monthFree TrialVisit 8×8 VoIP Phone Service
Arkadin AnywhereCustom quoteFree TrialVisit Arkadin Anywhere
BlueJeans$9.99-$13.99 per monthFree TrialVisit BlueJeans
Cisco WebEx$13.50 per monthFree TrialVisit Cisco WebEx
ClickMeeting$25-$40 per monthFree TrialVisit ClickMeeting
Dead Simple Screen Sharing$0-$9.00 per monthDemoVisit Dead Simple Screen Sharing
Eyeson$0-$9.00 per month

Free TrialVisit Eyeson
ezTalks$10-50/ monthDemo/Free TrialVisit ezTalks
join.Me$10-$30 per monthDemo/Free TrialVisit join.Me
Lifesize$0 -$14.96 per monthDemo/Free TrialVisit Lifesize
RingCentral Meetings$19.99-$14.99/ per monthDemo/Free TrialVisit RingCentral Meetings
StarLeaf$17.99 per monthDemo/Free TrialVisit StarLeaf
Vidyo$18.99-$19.99 per monthFree TrialVisit Vidyo
Zoom$14.99-$19.99 per monthDemo/Free TrialVisit Zoom


3CX Logo
3CX is a robust web conferencing software that helps businesses handle their day-to-day communications needs, reduce Telco costs and conduct meetings online seamlessly. It helps improve collaboration, increase mobility, and boost productivity and the customer experience. The software is easy to install in the cloud and is compatible with Linux and Windows. This communication and IP phone system offers features such as faxing, texting, delivering voicemails via email, and hosting online meetings and webinars. 3CX has earned recognition from customers, tech insiders and industry-leading publications.

With this web conferencing solution, your employees can make interoffice phone calls at no cost and customers can contact them at reduced costs. The PBX phone system does away with billing and licensing on a per extension basis, thus helping businesses minimize their communication expenses. 3CX comes with a VoIP client designed for Android and iOS to allow users to transfer calls from smartphones and view other workers from different locations.

PriceDemo/Free TrialFeatures
$0-$394 per yearDemo/Free Trial>Seamless integration
>VoIP client designed for Android and iOS
>IP phone system
>Mobile app
>More features at 3CX

Pros & Cons of 3CX Web Conferencing Software
3CX features an extension known as Click to Call that allows users to add common browsers like Firefox and Chrome to their CRM system. This enables them to automatically detect phone numbers on webpages, the existing CRM system or emails and make calls within the system. The software also comes with an excellent auto-provision feature that functions with plug-and-play phones. This means that each phone doesn’t need an extension assigned to it. However, it lacks the option to add more participants during a meeting.

>Excellent call quality
>Easy to use
>Simple to configure
>Can’t participants during a meeting

What Customers Are Saying
3CX is a market leader in enhancing communication for businesses. Clients have thrilling sentiments to share about this brand. One user says “I’ve been looking for a web conferencing solution that features high quality audio and video and seamless integration. I found my solution on 3CX.”

8X8 VoIP Phone Service

8×8 VoIP Phone Service is a web conferencing software that provides free and unlimited video meetings in addition to simple browser extensions and calendar plugins. With the paid version, you’re able to enjoy closed captions and meeting transcriptions.

This platform allows you to initiate live streaming besides the meeting recording feature. You can also utilize the in-meeting function. Its interface is completely browser-based, and it powers the platform. The service is an open-source video conferencing software.

As a free web conferencing software, 8×8 Video Meetings boasts an array of features. Its calendar app integration is one of its striking features. 8×8 comes with custom browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome in addition to plugins for Office 365 and Google Calendar. You can use all these tools to speedily schedule meetings and invite participants.

PriceDemo/Free TrialFeatures
$12-$45 per monthFree Trial>Custom browser extensions
>Screen-sharing and chat options
>24/7 support via live chat, phone and email
>End-to-end encryption and randomized participants names
>More features at 8x8 VoIP Phone Service

Pros and Cons of 8×8 VoIP Phone Service Web Conferencing Software
When in the meetings, you can share your screen, chat with other members or raise your hand as a sign that you want to speak or you have questions. Even if you aren’t using the paid version, you can record your meeting or create a livestream. The main complaint users have about 8×8 is inadequate information about the platform’s security.

>Powerful free plan
>Comprehensive features
>Excellent customer support
>Security documentation is lacking

What Customers Are Saying
8×8 has been popular with many businesses due to its incredible features. One user said “I never thought I could get web conferencing software that offers all the essential features on the free version. Thanks to 8×8 video meetings we are able to hold our business meetings effectively without paying a dime.”

Arkadin Anywhere

Arkadin is an NTT communications company offering solutions to the virtual workplace. The company is strategically placed to offer leadership in this sector. Its collaboration technologies and cloud-based unified communications allow connection anywhere, anytime. It also enables the effective engagement of a virtual workforce.

Arkadin is one of the few web conferencing service providers that operate on a global scale. It also meets Microsoft’s functioning and requirements as a completely integrated platform for voice and meetings. Via its Total Connect, businesses can tap on the power of UC to enhance productivity in an all-in-one cloud-based solution.

Arkadin Anywhere is an affordable and wholly integrated audio and web solution for business. The platform allows easy sharing of documents, computer screen and applications in real time to make working with remote participants effortless. This software also increases the productivity of web and phone conferencing via its simple but professional tools. It presents businesses with audio and visual ways of bringing ideas and employees together. It’s ideal for both small and large businesses.

PriceDemo/Free TrialFeatures
Custom quoteFree Trial>Integrated audio and video
>UC enabled
>Cloud-based unified communication
>Real-time monitoring
>More features at Arkadin Anywhere

Pros & Cons of Arkadin Anywhere Web Conferencing Software
This web conferencing software comes with anywhere, anytime high-quality video and audio call functionality. It also makes it possible to record your call or meeting and refer back to this information in the future. However, with pricing an unknown factor, it’s difficult to decide if they’re the right choice for your business.

>Easy to use
>Records meetings
>High-quality video
>Pricing isn’t listed online

What Customers Are Saying
Its availability anywhere, anytime and on any device is one of the main features that draws clients to this platform. One of them says “I find Arkadin easy to use, my clients also like most of its features, I have no complaints about this web conferencing software, and it’s just what I’ve been looking for.”


BlueJeans started in 2009, and is based in California. The company offers inter-operable cloud-based video conferencing solutions. One of the prominent features of BlueJeans is the ability to track and manage videoconferencing activity via its command center. Its interactive dashboard lets you manage your meeting data metrics, graphs and charts.

It integrates with multiple platforms, including Avaya Scopia, Cisco Jabber, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Lync. The software also allows you to adjust user permissions as needed. Although the company doesn’t offer a free tier, you can access a 30-day free trial.

With the basic tier, you have access to free phone audio in more than 40 countries. You can choose a monthly or yearly subscription for the software. It also supports Dolby voice, which is a big plus if you care more about video quality over other features in your web conferencing software.

Although BlueJeans has fewer features than most of its competitors, this aspect goes unnoticed because of the superior quality of the system. Plus, it comes with a 30-day free trial to allow you to gauge if the software meets your needs before buying into it.

PriceDemo/Free TrialFeatures
$9.99-$13.99 per monthFree Trial>Secure video conferencing platform
>Easy to use universal software available on the cloud
>Multi-party video meetings
>Universal interoperability
>More features at BlueJeans

Pros & Cons of BlueJeans Web Conferencing Software
BlueJeans offers superior content sharing for its users. This means you can provide excellent presentations without affecting the streaming quality. The software also includes stream recording that prevents your call from freezing or slowing down.

>No cap on meeting lengths
>Quality analytics and feedback
>Dolby Voice and HD video
>Enterprise plan requires a custom quote

What Customers Are Saying
BlueJeans is popular with many customers, especially those looking for easy-to-use web conferencing software. One client says, “Bluejeans is easy to set up and use, it doesn’t have cumbersome IU,” and another remarks, “The program includes all the features I was looking for, including screen sharing, scheduling, dial-in, easy to install set up and mouse control.”

Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx is an extremely flexible web conferencing solution ideal for organizations of all sizes. No matter the size of your business, you can use this platform to host business meetings through the web using voice or video. The platform also provides data and related integrations.

This web conferencing software enables you to hold several meetings simultaneously in real time. The platform is suitable for educational sessions and product launches because it permits you to promote active brainstorming courtesy of its superior broadcast sound quality. Cisco WebEx comes with different productivity tools perfect for small, medium and large organizations.

The company offers several plans, but if you’re a small business or start-up, the free version will meet your expectations. It lets you hold HD video meetings with a maximum of 100 participants. It also comes with essential features, such as private chat rooms and screen sharing.

After signing up for an account with this platform, you’ll be assigned a customized URL that can be used to schedule video conferences, manage your meetings or access your previous recordings.

When hosting a video meeting, you can choose to use the website or the WebEx Meeting app. Some people argue that the desktop apps offer a better and smoother experience. Mobile apps for the platform also exist.

PriceDemo/Free TrialFeatures
$0-$13.50 per monthFree Trial>WebEx meeting mobile app
>Integration with popular productivity tools
>Multilayer security
>HD video conferencing
>More features at Cisco WebEx

Pros and Cons of Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing Software
The platform’s security is via AES 256-bit encryption and TLS 1.2 and is backed by Cisco networking, making its protection superior. Cisco WebEx provides conference calls, support, screen sharing and storage, besides an unlimited number of meetings irrespective of the plan you choose. Its integrations include Google Drive, Outlook, Office 365, Gmail, Github and Salesforce. The platform’s breakout rooms and automated grading system assist in conducting effective learning and teaching sessions.

>Comes with 1GB cloud storage
>Free plan
>Great for classroom education
>No support for the free plan

What Customers Are Saying
This is what one user had to say about Cisco WebEx: “I didn’t know I could get web conferencing software that allows you to get the background information about your participants besides Cisco WebEx offers a high level security features. Besides, I was able to hold two meetings simultaneously. This software doesn’t disappoint; Kudos to the great support team!”


ClickMeeting Logo
ClickMeeting is a powerful web conferencing software for hosting your business meetings. In a bid to be on par with competitors, this platform has adopted a different approach regarding its pricing.

ClickMeeting is one of the most affordable web conferencing solutions. As the price goes up, you can expect to access additional features. This platform is ideal for small businesses and start-ups looking to gain clients. The available features enable you to customize the waiting room experience for your clients with ease and allows you to automate, schedule, run and track your webinar activities.

PriceDemo/Free TrialFeatures
$25-$40 per monthFree Trial>Ease of automation
>Intuitive interface
>A complete set of professional webinar features
>Scale as you go payment
>More features at ClickMeetings

Pros and Cons of ClickMeetings Web Conferencing Software
The user interface is pretty intuitive, making it easy to navigate for those who have had prior experience using multiple tools. Unfortunately, if you’re just starting with technology, you may face some challenges. The ClickMeeting platform shines in its ease of automation. You only need a few clicks in a dedicated tab, and you’re able to automate your event publishing and follow-up actions.

>Very user-friendly
>Ideal for live/ follow-up webinar task automation
>Free trial
>Limited storage options

What Customers Are Saying
The most talked-about features ClickMeetings offers are scale as you go payment, intuitive interface, free trial and automation. These are the remarks of one of their clients, “I’m able to automate, record and track my webinar meetings courtesy of ClickMeetings, congrats for the excellent job.”

Dead Simple Screen Sharing

Dead Simple Screen Sharing was formed in 2013 in India. It’s SaaS platform provides a unique and simple solution for audio conferencing, screen sharing, customer support, sales webinars, web meetings, and team collaboration for professionals of all industries, including healthcare and education.

The platform runs smoothly on all operating systems, browsers and mobile platforms, offering you the flexibility you require to share ideas even when you’re out of the office. The product’s pricing starts at $9 per month. There’s also a free version.

PriceDemo/Free TrialFeatures
$0-$9.00 per monthNo free trial or demo>Optimized for mobile devices
>No software installation
>HD audio conferencing
>Webinar/online meeting scheduler
>More features at Dead Simple Screen Sharing

Pros & Cons of Dead Simple Screen Sharing Web Conferencing Software
With this platform, you don’t have to install any software or app in your system. Also, you can use the free version if you want to test drive the system before committing to a paid service. The open version can be accessed from GitHub for those who want to integrate it with these systems and customize it to meet their business needs.

>Ideal for high-quality audio conferencing
>Free & open source versions available
>Lacks a free trial option

What Customers Are Saying
Many clients testify of a gratifying experience with Dead Simple Screen Sharing. One customer notes, “I was able to integrate the software with GitHub, I’m glad of the unique experience and features that this web conferencing solution brings to my business.”


Eyeson is a cloud-based video collaboration solution based on patented single stream technology, allowing unlimited scalability. It provides high-quality team video calls on a constant bandwidth technology that doesn’t rely on the number of users. This software is compatible with most collaboration products, including Jira, Slack, Trello, Zendesk, YouTube, Freshdesk and Facebook. It also has APIs for custom integration. Plus, iOS and Android apps are available for the platform.

Eyeson was awarded the “Cool Vendor” accolade by Gartner for its leadership role in video conferencing solutions. Its plug-in compatibility has given it an edge over its peers. The collaborative suite and cloud-based video conferencing platform can be accessed via a web browser and needs no download or installation. Alternatively, you can install a plugin for your plan and invite users and members to your team. Both options feature excellent video and audio quality.

PriceDemo/Free TrialFeatures
$0-$9.00 per monthFree Trial>Integration with collaboration tools
>Cloud-based solution
>Patented single stream technology
>More features at Eyeson

Pros & Cons of Eyeson Web conferencing Software
This web conferencing software allows you to invite new users and members to the platform. There’s also no need to download or install any software or app. Plus, it makes use of the latest cloud and RTC technologies to improve user experience.

>User-friendly and reliable
>Allows screen sharing and recording
>Lacks a built-in group scheduling tool

What Customers Are Saying
Customers have much to say about the benefits of this web conferencing software. One user remarks, “At first I was attracted by Eyeson recording and screen sharing functionality that I needed for my quality management system but then explored it and got to enjoy all its functionalities in-depth.”


ezTalks is a hybrid business VoIP platform that offers organizations in various sectors functionalities for web conferencing, video conferencing, screen sharing, and scheduling meetings among other services. This platform also provides instant messaging, audio conferencing, remote control applications, sharing of documents and a whiteboard for annotating images and presentation during meetings.

After registering for ezTalks, you can host a one-on-one meeting and a maximum of 100 participants in the case of group meetings. You also access 100% uptime for your meetings and tools that enable you to switch to dial-in mode. In this case, you’re free from dropped calls due to internet or power outage.

Another excellent feature of ezTalks is auto-generated meeting transcripts that you can keep for future reference or share with attendees.

PriceDemo/Free TrialFeatures
$10-$50 per monthDemo/Free Trial>High quality HD video & audio
>Screen sharing
>Quick access
>More features at ezTalks

Pros and Cons of ezTalks Web Conferencing Software
ezTalks also offers mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices for remote usage. These services are available via a monthly subscription and include support through email and phone. Users should note that some key features in the free plan are limited.

>Cost & time efficient
>Great for webinar marketing
>Desktop and application sharing
>Limited features and time in the free plan

What Customers Are Saying
Many customers speak well about ezTalks. One says. “I’m happy the video quality is HD. I also like their screen sharing and whiteboard functionalities.” Another client says, “The platform has a whiteboard besides you can share the screen. It’s an easy to use software and helpful support ready to assist you on any issue you may encounter.”

join.Me Logo is a reliable web conferencing tool that enables several individuals to connect simultaneously. The platform comes with standard features such as screen-sharing, call recording, text chat, and other customizable features.

With this conferencing tool, you can make unlimited audio calls from any device. Currently, the software is available for global conferencing with phone numbers for more than 40 countries. It provides video bubbles, optional toll-free numbers, local conference numbers in the United States and other 50+ countries, and audio controls for meetings hosts like Roll Call, Individual Mute and Active Speaker.

PriceDemo/Free TrialFeatures
$10-$30 per monthDemo/Free Trial>Customizable background
>Supports seven different languages
> Schedule for setting meetings in advance
>Integration with third-party apps
>More features at

Pros & Cons of Web Conferencing Software scores highly in the usability segment because of its prompt and intuitive setup. Also, the free trial lets you create an account and start a meeting immediately. Its integrations include Trello, HubSpot, Google Calendar, DocSend, HipChat, G Suite, Yesware, Outlook and many more via their developer API or Zapier. The software also comes with some downsides. though. The “video bubbles” can be a challenge for those aiming for larger images. Also, video calls do experience lag at times.

>Responsive and reliable support
>Low resource overhead
>Lacks toll-free conferencing

What Customers Are Saying
Integration with third-party apps, high-quality audio and video, unlimited audio calls and availability of support in seven languages are what customers praise for. One user had this to say about this software, “I like fast and intuitive set up, our online meetings are hassle-free. Their support team is also quite helpful.”


Lifesize Logo
Lifesize is a web conferencing solutions company that began in 2003. It has its main offices in Texas and Germany. The company offers HD video conferencing endpoints, cloud-based video collaboration and touchscreen conference room phones. It’s one of the high-end web conferencing solutions available to international businesses.

The average cost of this service is about $11 for each user per month. This translates to about $12,999 for 100 users. Lifesize’s prices are higher than other video conferencing solutions, but it’s a worthwhile investment considering it comes with its own hardware. In each Lifesize plan, the user receives several devices, eliminating the need to rely on their integrated camera systems. This web conferencing software also supports 4K video conferencing.

Lifesize offers three pricing tiers. The Lifesize Go is a free version that enables you to make unlimited video calls with a maximum of 8 participants, no app downloads and no restrictions on meeting length.

The standard version is ideal for small groups and costs $16.95 for each host per month. The Lifesize Plus is designed for small and medium-sized businesses, requires a minimum of 15 participants and costs $14.95 for each host per month. Some of its notable features include phone and email support, Microsoft Integrations, one-hour cloud recording per user, and real-time meeting insights. The Lifesize Enterprise option supports streaming for a maximum of 1,000 viewers. Its popular features include premium support, unlimited U.S. audio calling, unlimited video recording and branding and customization.

PriceDemo/Free TrialFeatures
$0 -$16.95 per monthDemo/Free Trial>Instant video call from your phone or browser
>Integrates room meeting systems and cloud service
>Microsoft integrations
>Phone and email support
>More features at Lifesize

Pros & Cons of Lifesize Web Conferencing Software
Lifesize supports 4K video and generally provides high-quality video display. Its wide range of pricing plans also means clients can choose what fits their budget. However, it lacks collaborative capabilities like Microsoft Teams.

>Supports 4K video
>High-quality video display
>Hardware devices are included
>A client must install it

What Customers Are Saying
Many large businesses testify that Lifetime offers incomparable web conferencing solutions compared to other service providers in the industry. One customer says, “Lifesize is a great web conferencing tool for both small and large businesses; if I was given a choice between Zoom and Lifesize I’d choose the latter.”

RingCentral Meetings

RingCentral offers a seamlessly integrated video, message and phone experience that is open, swift and trusted. This platform is developed for groups of all sizes, and both small and large companies can benefit from this web conferencing software. RingCentral video provides video conferencing and HD voice in addition to an uptime guarantee of 99.9%, which is the industry’s best.

The company offers several plans, with each featuring a full range of features. Some of its popular features include screen sharing, chat, video call scheduling, and recording and annotation. With this software, you don’t have to download anything — it works automatically with all devices through the app or browser.

RingCentral video comes with enterprise-grade security and integrates with G Suite, Slack and Microsoft 365. This feature means you can schedule and start calls directly from those third-party platforms. Additionally, you can integrate your calendar with the platform and visualize your daily schedule.

PriceDemo/Free TrialFeatures
$14.99-$19.99 per monthDemo/Free Trial>HD video and audio
>In-room chat
>Personal meeting IDs
>Cloud hosted system
>More features at RingCentral meetings

Pros & Cons of RingCentral Meetings Web Conferencing Software
RingCentral’s analytics dashboard lets administrators oversee the usage of the service and spot performance problems, including the exact location, network, endpoint and ISP. This in-depth analysis is missing in most web conferencing software which makes RingCentral attractive to organizations that value performance. However, the service can take up to 24 hours to generate reports.

>Lots of 3rd-party integrations
>Generous free plan
>Strong reporting features
>Takes 24 hours to generate reports

What Customers Are Saying
Clients are impressed by the software’s cloud-based solutions. One user says, “RingCentral Meetings is being used by our entire organization starting from sales to marketing to success to support. It provides us with a very portable cloud-based solution to hold meetings within teams and also with our customers.”


StarLeaf Logo
StarLeaf is a British company that provides messaging applications for groups and video calls. The company offers various video endpoint solutions for meeting rooms, desktops and mobile applications. StarLeaf Cloud service offers extra features such as spam call blocking and protection, firewall traversal and integration with popularly used video conferencing hardware such as Cisco and Polycom devices.

Managing and maintaining a video conference system comes with several challenges. StarLeaf has managed to overcome this problem via its cloud-based solution that requires little to no oversight. And the software is available in several versions depending on the device you’re using.

StarLeaf software helps businesses facilitate collaboration among various teams via online streaming, one-to-one calling and messaging. It’s ideal for education, legal, healthcare, financial services and manufacturing sectors. Plus, it enables managers to communicate with external stakeholders and remote teams using interoperability tools.

PriceDemo/Free TrialFeatures
$0-$17.99 per monthDemo/Free Trial>Video conferencing
>Real-time messaging
>Skype for Business integration
>High-quality admin control
>More features at StarLeaf

Pros & Cons of StarLeaf Web conferencing Software
The platform features message broadcasting and bi-directional screen sharing. Hosts can stream data among multiple screens. They can also record sessions and share them with those who were not able to attend the meeting. This web conferencing software comes with a messaging app that allows teams to receive updates, discuss projects, send questions to the group and individual chats and move message conversations to video calls. However, because they’re based in the U.K., there may be a lag time getting a speedy response from customer support.

>Allows integration with professional AV equipment
>Enhances the productivity of your employees
>Ideal for quick meetings and video calls
>May have delays in support team response

What Customers Are Saying
Customers praise StarLeaf for real-time messaging, integration with Skype for business and being easy to set up. One user summarizes it by saying, “I love StarLeaf for its ease in integrating with Skype for business, the software also enables me to screen data across several screens.”


Vidyo Logo
Vidyo is a video conferencing platform that features multiple screen sharing, swift cloud deployment and group video conferencing. One of the striking unique features in this software is native rate matching that permits automatic adjustment of the frame rates based on the computer power and internet connection of both the caller and receiver. This avoids freezing while maintaining high video quality.

Also, this video conferencing software is very intuitive, making it easy to use for beginners. The dynamic quality of the design is another plus for this conferencing service. It adjusts on-the-fly as people join and leave the service.

The Vidyo plans cost $18.99 to $19.99 per month. If you want to subscribe to the healthcare edition, you have to contact the company directly for a quote.

PriceDemo/Free TrialFeatures
$18.99-$19.99 per monthFree Trial>Multiple screen sharing
>Group video conferencing
>Prompt cloud deployment
>More features at Vidyo

Pros & Cons of Vidyo Web Conferencing Software
Vidyo has an excellent and responsive support team, and the ability to file and screen share and use the mobile app is a plus. On the downside, its price is high, and the software needs to have extra tools for troubleshooting.

>Easy to use
>Responsive support team
>High-quality video quality due to superior encoding
>One of the more expensive options

What Customers Are Saying
Customers have many positive things to say about Vidyo. One user says, “I’ve been looking for easy to use web conferencing software with a great support team, really Vidyo didn’t disappoint. I’m also in love with their easy to user-friendly interface”.

Zoom logo
Zoom brings together simple online meetings, cloud video conferencing and group messaging into a single easy-to-use platform. It’s one of the most popular webs conferencing software for businesses and other groups of people. The platform provides high-quality screen-sharing, video and audio experience in Mac, Windows, Blackberry, iOS, Zoom Rooms, Android and H.323/SIP room systems.

Zoom provides several plans for businesses. The basic option is free and is limited to one meeting lasting up to 40 minutes. The free version lacks extra tools for team administration though.

The paid versions provide extra features that are needed by different types of businesses. They include a higher number of meeting participants, admin capabilities and storage.

Zoom meetings are easy to set up, plus the software providers several scalable features that enhance user experience. These features enable it to offer HD audio and video and support a maximum of 1,000 participants and about 49 videos in one screen.

PriceDemo/Free TrialFeatures
$14.99 to $19.99/ per monthDemo/Free Trial>Unlimited cloud storage
>Virtual background feature to hide distractions and clutter
>Automatic generation of cloud recording transcripts
>Zoom scheduler extension
>More features at Zoom

Pros & Cons of Zoom Web Conferencing Software
With this web conferencing solution, you can download your recordings or save them in the cloud. The platform also has a team chat feature that makes it easy to share files, search history and a 10-year archive. In the past, security was an issue with Zoom, but the company has resolved these issues.

>Free tier
>User-friendly interface
>High-quality video and audio
>Privacy and security was a past issue
>Free version caps meeting times to 40 minutes

What Customers Are Saying
Zoom is the mother of all web conferencing solutions. Customers heap accolades on the software for many of its features that make hosting web meetings enjoyable. Here is what one of them said: “Zooms HD audio and video quality is next to none. I also like its user-friendly interface and its interactive polling & whiteboard features.”

What Is Web Conferencing Software?

Web conferencing software allows users to hold live meetings, training and presentations via the internet on IP/TCP connections. Users can connect to the conference using their phone or computer. Web conferencing allows real-time point-to-point communication and multitask communication from one sender to several receivers in separate locations.

Web conferencing software has enabled companies to communicate face to face with customers and carry out remote training sessions and demos without incurring travel costs.

Benefits of Web Conferencing Software

Web conferencing software comes with several benefits for those who subscribe to these services. Below are the main ones.

Easy Scheduling

Nearly all video conferencing software allows you to schedule meetings, meaning your team will always get information on upcoming meetings in time. These apps will also help you in organizing the meeting, including setting up the meeting’s agenda.

Maximized Attendance

Web conferencing software helps businesses maximize attendance. Since each employee can access a smartphone, laptop or computer, nobody will have an excuse of failing to attend the meeting no matter their location. This software also allows the recording of meetings, and you can share the recordings with those who are unable to join the meeting.

Improved Communication

Video conferencing ensures that a person’s tone doesn’t get lost in translation like it can via chat or email. This significantly helps improve communication and the fast resolution of problems in your business.

Increased Job Satisfaction

Video conferencing tools make working from home or remotely possible for your employees who can join their meetings without having to be physically present. This creates better work-life balance, which leads to improved job satisfaction and employee retention.

Must-Have Features for Web Conferencing Software

When scouting for ideal web conferencing software, it’s crucial to look for one that meets your needs. Take time to compare various brands and go for the best you can afford. Here are some of the must-have features of web conferencing software.

Multi-Device Support

People want video conferencing platforms they can access from their desktops, laptops, smartphones or tablets. Most companies have invested in sophisticated mobile apps to make access to information effortless. Some of this software sends messages to the participants a few minutes before the start of the meeting. Although some mobile apps only allow audio and video feed, some advanced versions enable text chat and users to participate in poll questions.


Ideally, your web conferencing software should allow hassle-free streaming and recording of the meetings. With the click of a button, you should be able to capture every minute of the meeting.

Screen Sharing

Users need to see everything on the presenters’ screen. This is most important for products tutorials and software demos. Screen sharing features allow you to accomplish this task. However, this feature should be easy to turn on and off to protect sensitive information.

Presentation Support

Presenters should be able to share video clips and slideshows in a polished format. This is critical for visuals, such as graphs and charts. Your web conferencing tool should support various formats to avoid compatibility problems.

HD Video/Audio

Many web conferencing apps provide local dial-in numbers for international presentations and meetings, which is key to minimizing your expenses. In addition, HD users can share both verbal and non-verbal cues.

The Cost of Web Conferencing Software

Most web conferencing software will require a monthly subscription fee that ranges from $9 to $45. However, some conferencing services charge new users a set-up fee for installing the web conferencing tool. The fee covers usage costs for a specified period; and in most cases, it is one year. The user has to renew their license once the period lapses to gain access to the platform.

Some web conferencing software vendors will charge for each time usage. The price charged will depend on the length of the meeting and the number of participants. Most web conferencing software offers a free trial period, typically 30 days, to test out its features before making payment.