The Best Warehouse Management Software of 2021

Our warehouse management software reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 225+ warehouse management software companies from across the web. These reviews and our warehouse management software guide help small businesses and startups find the best warehouse management software for their business.

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How We Chose the Best Warehouse Management Software

The best warehouse management software (WMS) varies largely on your business needs. Every warehouse serves different clients and operates differently. To help you narrow down your choices, we evaluated WMS on the most important key features.

Outbound & Inbound Processes

A good WMS should support and optimize warehouse management; in particular, its outbound and inbound processes, including shipping, receiving, and restocking inventory tracking among others.

Evaluation & Planning

WMS also helps business owners monitor warehouse operations, including inventory management and labor management.

Warehouse & Storage

WMS helps boost productivity by helping report and forecast needs as well as integrating with other third-party integrations.

Best 15 Warehouse Management Software Companies of 2021

CompanyPriceFree Trial More details
3PL warehouse managerPricing starts at less than $500 per monthNoVisit 3PL warehouse manager
Aptean Catalyst WMSCustom quoteNoVisit Aptean Catalyst WMS
ASCTrac WMS$29,500 one-time costNoVisit ASCTrac WMS
Cin7Custom quoteNoVisit Cin7
Dematic iQCustom quoteNoVisit Dematic iQ
Fishbowl Inventory$4,395 one-time costYesVisit Fishbowl Inventory
HighJump WMSCustom quoteNoVisit HighJump WMS
Infor Supply Chain ManagementCustom quoteNoVisit Infor Supply Chain Management
Magaya Supply ChainCustom quoteNoVisit Magaya Supply Chain
Manhattan WMSCustom quoteNoVisit Manhattan WMS
NetSuite$999 per month for a base license with access costs of $99 per user, per monthYesVisit NetSuite
SAP Warehouse ManagementCustom quoteYesVisit SAP Warehouse Management
SkuVaultSTARTUP: $199/month
GROWTH: $299/month
PRO: $449/month
ENTERPRISE: $899/month
NoVisit SkuVault
TradeGecko Warehouse Management SoftwareFounder: $39/month
Lite: $99/month
Small Business: $249/month
YesVisit TradeGecko Warehouse Management Software
Zoho InventoryFree
Basic: $39
Standard: $79 Professional: $199
YesVisit Zoho Inventory

3PL Warehouse Manager

3PL Warehouse Manager is a warehouse management software run on the cloud. Its focus is handling third-party logistics to manage several customers, billing, and processing schedules at once. It provides real-time data and integrates well with other warehouse management technologies such as barcode scanning, EDI, and e-commerce shopping carts. The scalability of this software will aid your company in managing stock levels, business streamlining, and customer satisfaction.

The user interface is intuitive, and its user modules make adding or removing customers and products a breeze. The system, through process automation, guarantees up-to-date information and an increase in company profits. Its integration with Quickbooks enables the synchronization of warehouse items, orders, inventory, and receipts as well as data sharing with the sales team, supply chain, and the back office.

Price Free TrialFeatures
Custom QuoteNo>Seamless integration
>Centralized management
>Allows for seamless expansion
>More features at 3PL warehouse manager

Pros & Cons of 3PL Warehouse Management Software

>Favors expansion
>Seamless integration
>Central management
>Training required

What Customers Are Saying
“Working with 3PL Warehouse Manager has been nothing but the best. However their customer support agents take longer than expected to respond to client claims.”

Aptean Catalyst WMS

Aptean Catalyst WMS is designed to bridge the gap between a business’s unique processes and stand-alone operations. The system runs on modules that readily integrate into your existing applications and its scalable software is based on an event-driven, rule-based workflow pattern.

The software serves key areas such as warehouse management, dynamic route planning, transport management, dock planning, yard management, labor management, and slotting. Businesses on this platform have increased utilization of warehouse space and throughput as well as improved order fulfillments and inventory turnaround.

Price Free TrialFeatures
Custom quoteNo>Inventory and workload management
>Advanced crossdock planning
>Labor and transport management
>More features at Aptean Catalyst WMS

Pros & Cons of Aptean Catalyst WMS Warehouse Management Software

>Easy to learn and implement
>Flexible with integration tools
>System supports other section of the business
>Data export could be improved

What Customers are saying
“Catalyst is a good software for data collection and its ability to create personalized programs for every individual. However, its reporting facility shows inability to export data via API for more analysis.”


ASCTrac WMS is a flexible warehouse management software that can handle real-time data on a wireless network, allows for multiple deployments, and picking processes. ASC prides itself on being the first to develop a three-tiered intelligent technology for its wireless applications. The idea prompted the automation of warehouses using robots to pick and sort, giving you a 100% order delivery.

Through ASCTrac WMS, warehouse automation supports different zones of large pharmaceutical companies, Level 5 complexity systems, and the provision of a complete management platform tool.

The system can solve complex supply chain problems as well small and medium-sized businesses. The software is a fully integrated end-to-end supply chain software with a comprehensive ERP that also has the ability to connect to your existing ERP.

Price Free TrialFeatures
$2,9500 one-time costNo>Returns management
>RFID / Barcoding
>Shipping management
>More features at ASCTrac WMS

Pros & Cons of ASCTrac WMS Warehouse Management Software

>Flexible system
>Third-party integration support
>Product tracing
>Not compatible with Apple iOS systems

What Customers Are Saying
“The ASCTrac WMS is a very good inventory management system that really meets your needs!”


cin7 logo
Cin7 is cloud-based warehouse management software that handles warehouse and retail management, e-commerce, point of sale, inventory management, and reporting. The system combines the functions of inventory management, third-party logistics (3PL), point of sale, electronic data interchange (EDI) into one solution. If you are running a retailing business, you can use Cin7 to track inventory levels running across different warehouses. Such features help in avoiding overstocking and stockouts.

Managers and owners can calculate the exact cost and sales price of the products using existing rules. Using the point of sale, sales teams can track stock in real-time while processing cash sales. Its point of sale features allow promotional campaigns and customer loyalty programs with both gift cards and discounts.

Price Free TrialFeatures
Custom quoteNo>Alerts and notifications
>Manufacturing inventory management
>More features at Cin7

Pros & Cons of Cin7 Warehouse Management Software

>Designed for the retail industry
>Advanced integration at no extra cost
>System supports other section of the business
>No shortcuts to enter recurring information

What Customers Are Saying
“Cin7 is a robust software for B2B sales, POS, and for inventory management.” Another client notes, “Cin7 is an excellent choice for enterprises dealing with many product options.”

Dematic iQ

Dematic iQ is warehouse management software that combines two separate applications — one manages operations, and the other controls the warehouse. The system is based on an efficiency principle that ensures customer satisfaction to inspire loyalty for repeat business.

The software has a host of tools that help in process optimization helping your staff complete tasks faster. It uses algorithms to help inform business decisions for optimization and customer satisfaction. For example, it informs you if you have assets that are depreciating.

Price Free TrialFeatures
Custom quoteNo>Inventory optimization and management
>Data visualization
>Process and machine performance alerts
>More features at Dematic iQ

Pros & Cons of Dematic iQ Warehouse Management Software

>Short processing cycles
>Carries out the task to completion
>Scalable warehouse system
>Steeper learning curve

What Customers Are Saying
“Dematic iQ is a full suite of tools that offers businesses the opportunity to streamline their warehouse operations saving both time and money.”

Fishbowl Inventory

Fishbowl Inventory is a leading software provider for businesses looking for inventory and business management solutions that integrates well with Quickbooks accounting software. Its diverse features include advanced tracking, multiple currencies, and unlimited bills as well as others that help businesses with persistent problems handling multiple locations.

The software provides an unlimited number of clients and vendor profiles, plus units of measure and pricing rules. It has built-in tools that support integrations such as Shopping Cart, making it a convenient feature for online clients.

The software also offers a free trial, so customers can try out the software before signing up.

Price Free TrialFeatures
$4,395 one-time costYes>Integrates with Facebook
>Sales and purchasing
>Time and labor management
>More features at Fishbowl Inventory

Pros & Cons of Fishbowl Inventory Warehouse Management Software

>Free trial available
>Creation of sales and purchases orders
>Scalable warehouse system
>No on-premise installation

What Customers Are Saying
“The Fishbowl Inventory warehouse program is a perfect inventory management system that does what it says. However, it requires users to undergo training to use it effectively.”

HighJump WMS

HighJump WMS is a process-based system that is adaptable, and can be tailored to suit your unique business processes. Many industries, such as those in the retail business, third-party logistics, beverage companies, manufacturing, and food processing, use the application with success.

Integration of the HighJump software comes built-in with capabilities of an ERP system, handling of equipment, materials and complementary applications like the HighJump Supply Chain Suite that has features such as event management, yard, slotting, and labor solutions.

Use the intuitive HTML5 user interface on HighJump to access the application via any web browser. The user interface is available on-site or in the cloud.

Price Free TrialFeatures
Custom quoteNo>Multiple client operations
>ERP integrations
>Order picking functions
>More features at HighJump WMS

Pros & Cons of HighJump WMS Warehouse Management Software

>Product customization to market needs
>Accessible through browsers and on devices
>No reporting functionality

What Customers Are Saying
“Intuitive and easy to learn, use, and customize leading to unique applications tailored for my business. It is indeed a supply chain advantage.”

Infor Supply Chain Management

Infor Supply Chain Management is a supply chain management application rich in advanced features such as inventory control, RFID, workflow management, yard management, assembling products, slotting, and task management. It’s a great choice for businesses running a complex and challenging warehouse operation. The software is geared towards optimizing resource use, improving efficiency, and reducing the cost of labor and supply chain expenses.

By implementing its software, businesses can speed up the receiving and automation warehouse processes. It can automate storage procedures, enable cross-docking, movement of items inbound and outbound docks, accepts orders from a workstation, and select materials for your orders in the planning phase.

Price Free TrialFeatures
Custom QuoteNo>Centralized shipment tracking
>Supports early payment before and after exporting
>Provides warehouse specific functions through various features
>More features at Infor Supply Chain Management

Pros & Cons of Infor Supply Chain Warehouse Management Software

>Industry-specific functions
>Receive import and exports without further applications
>Assists in purchasing processes
>No document management

What Customers Are Saying
“The software is fairly easy to use and is full of comprehensive features. You can view all warehouse locations and products for tracking and creating strategies for managing the supply chain.”

Magaya Supply Chain

Magaya Supply Chain is an excellent choice for freight forwarders, third-party logistics and warehouse operators, courier services, as well as importers, exporters, and custom brokers. The system enables end-to-end logistics operations to work on a single platform, ranging from creating a freight quote to handling all procedures necessary for customs documentation.

This cloud-based software has an open API enabling easy integration with third-party solutions. The Magaya Supply Chain interface is easy to use and adopt and the company offers industry-leading customer service.

Price Free TrialFeatures
Custom quoteNo>Import / Export management
>Order fulfillment
>Shipping and transport management
>More features at Magaya Supply Chain

Pros & Cons of Magaya Supply Chain Warehouse Management Software

>Easy to use
>Good customer service
>Open multiple chains simultaneously
>Repetitive field entries

What Customers Are Saying
“Everything is in one place and its features fit perfectly with supply chain operations.” Another happy client says, “It is easy to learn and use and the technical support team are ready to help.”

Manhattan WMS

Manhattan WMS is a mobile-friendly, flexible application that uses AI, proprietary algorithms, and machine learning to help businesses operate an effective warehouse management system. The application streamlines your orders to accelerate fulfillment and throughput on a single platform.

Its user interface is responsive and the technology can be deployed in both the cloud and on premise. Manhattan WMS accelerates the flow of goods and the sharing of information through its various functions. The program oversees shipping and receiving to increase the speed of processing backorders to increase customer satisfaction and financial improvement for the business.

Price Free TrialFeatures
Custom quoteNo>Integration with material handling equipment
>Appointment scheduling
>Dock door management
>More features at Manhattan WMS

Pros & Cons of Manhattan WMS Warehouse Management Software

>Automatic information capture
>Robust security options
>Advanced warehouse management features
>Cannot customize putaway rules

What Customers Are Saying
“Manhattan WMS is really an excellent software that offers so much flexibility and shows a truly robust warehouse management software.”


The NetSuite warehouse management system is a great way to manage distribution channels using radio frequency (RF) devices. Businesses can customize tasks using custom-defined strategies alongside features like wave management, cycle counts, cartonization, integration with shipping systems, and real-time inventory updates. Employees use the system to receive items into the warehouse and develop putaway strategies systematically using RF or handheld mobile devices to locate the best storage space. NetSuite enables you to pick, pack, and ship using modules designed to handle kits and packing. All product returns get an authorization receipt.

NetSuite has real-time data and order management features that increases the work rate. The system can be added into your wireless network and integrates with third-party plugins.

Price Free TrialFeatures
$999 per month for a base license with access costs of $99 per user, per monthYes>Mobile RF barcode scanning
>Putaway strategy definitions
>Return authorization receipts
>More features at NetSuite

Pros & Cons of NetSuite Warehouse Management Software

>Real-time data and order management
>Can use a wireless network
>Has third-party plugins
>Cost may be prohibitive for some small businesses

What Customers Are Saying
“NetSuite gets the job done. We use it in our financial department for hooking up journal entries and reviewing financial statements.”

SAP Warehouse Management

SAP Warehouse Management is a flexible and modern warehouse application developed to simplify the complex work of warehouse logistics. SAP warehouse management integrates different facets of supply chain management, including distribution and processing, to deliver visibility and control.

The software improves transparency and process functionality with features like cross-docking, inventory tracking, multi-channel fulfillment, and real-time reporting. The system has modules that handle critical warehouse management functions like kitting, labor management, stock management, dynamic cycle counting, yard management, and production supply.

Price Free TrialFeatures
Custom quoteYes>Fine-tune outbound processing
>Manage serial numbers, batches, and catch weights
>Exception handling
>More features at SAP Warehouse Management

Pros & Cons of SAP Warehouse Management Software

>Streamline warehouse operations
>Movement and storage of goods improves
>Innovative shipping cockpit
>Some administrative functions may prolong delivery of receipts

What Customers Are Saying
“It makes it possible to perform end-to-end warehouse management. It meets existing warehousing rules and enables old warehouses to upgrade digitally and physically.”


SkuVault is an inventory management software that runs in the cloud and is ideal for small and medium-sized operations that focus on e-commerce. The application features include hype-rpicking, multi-warehouse visibility, real-time data, synchronization, quantity buffers, and barcoding. SkuVault integrates with other solutions and marketplaces such as ShipWorks, Amazon, ShipStation, Walmart, eBay, Quickbooks, Bigcommerce, Shopify, and Magento.

The software has a quality-control system that will help your business maintain good orders with the right fulfillment and flags when an error occurred. The software allows you to run it on mobile applications such as Android and iOS. With innovative tools such as cycle counting, serialization, paperless picking process, and reporting will help improve your warehouse operations and reduce human errors.

SkuVault has a customer service team including an onboarding specialist available five days a week, plus other helpful resources include the community forum and support FAQs.

Price Free TrialFeatures
$199/month for STARTUP
$299/month for GROWTH
$449/month for PRO
$899/month for ENTERPRISE
No>Real-time synchronization
>Returns management
>More features at SkuVault

Pros & Cons of SkuVault Warehouse Management Software

>Many integration capabilities
>Makes handling routine tasks easy
>Tracks inventory history
>Non-adjustable user interface

What Customers Are Saying
“We needed a way to catalog and add local location codes to our products. We also move inventory within the warehouse, making the SkuVault an ideal solution for barcoding and updating the supply chain with current information.”

TradeGecko Warehouse Management Software

TradeGecko is a powerful cloud-based order and inventory management system for today’s online business. TradeGecko provides detailed reports, gives customer insights, and the forecasts you need to predict the performance of your business. The mobile app gives a quick review of your business data enabling you to create and manage inventory, monitor orders, and maintain contact with customers and suppliers. The application is capable of giving every business a platform to continue selling online, giving a catalog with different prices for each customer.

The application combines sales channels, locations, currencies, and manufacturing. This will enable you to handle customer orders and products in one place. Using the software to manage your e-commerce marketplaces, you can also integrate with QuickBooks Online, ShipStation, and Xero. TradeGecko will let you create purchase orders, conduct routine stocktaking, note expiry dates, track packets, batches, and backorders. Communicate with your customers directly by emailing invoices, quotes, and credit card links.

Price Free TrialFeatures
$39/month for Founder
$99/month for Lite
$249 month for Small Business
Yes>Alerts and notifications
>Manufacturing inventory management
>Reporting and analytics
>More features at TradeGecko Warehouse Management Software

Pros & Cons of TradeGecko Warehouse Management Software

>Handles invoicing
>Handles customer payments
>Uses some EDI vendors
>Not able to calculate commissions

What Customers Are Saying
“Works well for a small publishing company with remote warehouses where you can manage inventory across the different locations and warehouses. TradeGecko allows management of inventories by country through a centralized system.”

Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory offers a cloud-based solution for a business running a small or mid-sized warehouse. The system offers modules on inventory management, reporting and analysis, lot traceability, and vendor-based inventory. You can use the app on mobile devices both Android and iOS. Zoho Inventory integrates several e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. Other integrations with Zoho products include the Zoho Finance Suite, bookkeeping, and Zoho’s Accounting solution.

The solution supports the creation of purchase orders, drop shipping, and backorders. Every item in the inventory is traceable using the batch tracker and serial numbers. It allows employees to track shipments and delivery as well as features that enable invoicing.

Price Free TrialFeatures
$0 for Free
$39 for Basic
$79 for Standard
$199 for Professional
Yes>Inventory optimization
>Multi-Channel management
>Retail inventory management
>More features at Zoho Inventory

Pros & Cons of Zoho Inventory Warehouse Management Software

>Offer functionality for a warehouse handling perishable products
>Easy to learn and use
> Controls procurement and distribution
>Some customers report integration issues

What Customers Are Saying
“Zoho Inventory is a lovely warehouse management software that runs well on the e-commerce platforms.”

What is Warehouse Management Software?

A Warehouse Management Software (WMS) is an application small business enterprises use to manage and coordinate inventory and all processes through its distribution channel. The software uses pre-built tools and features to enable managers to come up with an optimal workflow, labor control, coordinate yards or docks, stock control, report analysis, and generation of bills.

Warehouse Management Software can be either an integrated distribution software or a system that handles your supply chain. What matters is that your warehouse manager and employees can track inventory inside the warehouse, including logging your stock, receiving, putting away stock, shipping products, picking, packing, and filing reports on the stock status.

Benefits of Warehouse Management Software

One of the primary reasons for investing in a Warehouse Management Software is to ensure your warehouse operates at its maximum efficiency. As you look out for an appropriate WMS, use the following as guidelines.

  • Accuracy of order fulfillment
  • Picking and shipping
  • Quick delivery time
  • Labor management
  • Order visibility
  • Optimize your storage space

What to Look for in Warehouse Management Software

If you are looking for a software to manage your warehouse efficiently, consider the following when comparison shopping:

  • Internet Capability. A good WMS should offer connectivity across all your warehouses. Make sure it’s compatible with multiple browsers or mobile devices for convenience. Employees should have immediate access to any critical data on new orders, reports, and distribution activities, etc.
  • Real-time Reporting. It is now an increasing demand for a reputable WMS to offer access to its real-time activities that help inform business analytics and inventory status.
  • Product Packaging. Use a modern third-party logistics company to handle the packaging for your end customers, saving you time and space for storage. Using a third-party is ideal if you serve many customers who order different goods or quantities.
  • Stock Rotation. A robust WMS should support different stock rotation approaches such as FIFO, LIFO, date of expiry, manufacturer date, lot number, receipt date, etc. The system should also be able to track products using serial numbers.
  • History of Transactions. The inventory system should log in all activities related to a product, whether inbound, outbound, warehouse movements or transfers, to give an accurate audit of a particular inventory’s activities.

The Cost of Warehouse Management Software

The cost of a warehouse management software differs based on several factors: deployment approach (on-site or cloud), number of employees, technical support, and any extra service the vendor offers.

The basic cost of a WMS is complex, bearing in mind that it may turn out to be expensive compared to the regular inventory management options. The pricing usually starts as a subscription paying per user per month. Though, some software charges a one-time fee.

Other tools, such as radiofrequency, also affect the overall cost and scanning devices that help maintain fidelity in the inventory system. Most of these additional costs brought about by external hardware, and integration tools give different price tags.