The Best VoIP Phone Services of 2021

Dale Cudmore
Last Updated on December 31, 2020
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Our VoIP phone service reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 180+ VoIP phone service companies from across the web. These reviews and our VoIP phone service guide help small businesses and startups find the best VoIP phone service for their business.

The Best VoIP Phone Service Companies of 2021

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How We Chose the Best VoIP Services

Many companies offer VoIP services, which enable users to make and receive telephone calls and text messages over the internet. These services give firms the flexibility needed to manage remote workers and handle calls without hiring additional clerical staff. With so many services offering multiple features and benefits, it can be difficult to choose the right VoIP service for your business. We evaluated VoIP companies based on what’s most important.

Multiple VoIP Types

We paid close attention to the VoIP types available to users. Several VoIP protocols exist, including SIP trunks, integrated access, hosted IP PBX, and managed IP PBX. Each type of VoIP has advantages and disadvantages for business users. For example, integrated access VoIP makes it possible to integrate VoIP software with traditional telephone systems, enhancing functionality while also allowing a firm to keep its existing phone number. It’s important to choose a VoIP service that uses the right protocol for your needs.

Basic Phone Features

VoIP services are supposed to make it easier to manage calls and perform other business tasks. That’s why it’s important to assess each VoIP service based on its phone features. A good VoIP service typically offers call recording, call forwarding, and interactive voice response, all of which can improve efficiency and free up employees to handle other tasks.

Scalability Options

For new firms, it’s important to choose a scalable VoIP service, which means the service is capable of growing with the business. The best VoIP services make it possible to add business texting, video conferencing, contact management and voicemail transcription as a business expands, increasing productivity without forcing the firm to switch to a provider with more features.

The 19 Best VoIP Services of 2021

CompanyPriceFree Trial/DemoMore
3CX$0 Standard $1.08/month Pro $1.31/month EnterpriseYesVisit 3CX
8x8$12/monthYesVisit 8x8
Aircall$30/month Essentials $50/month ProYesVisit Aircall
AT&T Collaborate$17.48/monthYesVisit AT&T Collaborate
AvayaEssentials: Starts at $19.99/user/month
Standard: Starts at $24.99/user/month
Premium: Starts at $34.99/user/month
Ultimate: Starts at $49.99/user/month
YesVisit Avaya
CallHippoBronze: $16/user/month
Silver: $20/user/month
Platinum: $30/user/month
YesVisit CallHippo
CloudTalk$15/month Standard $20/month Essential $35/month ExpertYesVisit CloudTalk
Dialpad$15/month Standard $25/month ProYesVisit Dialpad
Freshcaller$15/monthYesVisit Freshcaller
Intermedia Unite$28.99/month Unite $38.99/month Unite ProYesVisit Intermedia Unite
Loop Communications$17/monthYesVisit Loop Communications
Ooma Office$19.95/monthYesVisit Ooma Office$12.99/month Base $19.99/month Plus $29.99/month UnlimitedYesVisit
RingCentralStarts at $29.99YesVisit RingCentral
Talkdesk$65/monthYesVisit Talkdesk
VerizonStarts at $35/monthYesVisit Verizon
VirtualPBXStarts at $11.99 per monthYesVisit VirtualPBX
Vonage Business CommunicationsStarts at $19.99/monthYesVisit Vonage Business Communications
Zoom Phone$0 Basic $14.99 Pro $19.99 Business $19.99 EnterpriseNoVisit Zoom Phone


3CX Logo
For budget-conscious business owners, 3CX offers three low-cost VoIP plans: the free Standard plan, a Pro plan that costs $1.08 per month, and an Enterprise plan that costs $1.31 per month. The VoIP software can be integrated with other services to improve customer service or make it easier for a business to manage its marketing activities. 3CX also offers 24/7 support for users who experience technical issues or have questions about their service.

Although 3CX offers some of the lowest-cost plans on the market, users still have access to several basic phone features. Access controls/permissions make it possible to control who uses the service to make and receive calls, and the call recording feature lets businesses record calls for training or management purposes. 3CX also offers contact management and SIP trunking, which replaces traditional phone lines by sending information over a data network.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
$0 Standard
$1.08/month Pro
$1.31/month Enterprise
Yes>Access controls/permissions
>Interactive voice response
>Call recording
>More features at 3CX

Pros & Cons of 3CX VoIP Service

>3CX offers a free plan.
>Customers report that 3CX is easy to use due to its well-designed user interface and simple installation process.
>It's easy to integrate 3CX with third-party software applications.
>Some customers report problems with dropped calls.
>3CX doesn't offer call routing.
>It may be necessary to restart the app to resolve technical issues.

What Customers Are Saying
Customers love that it takes as little as 20 minutes to set up the 3CX VoIP service and start making calls. Users also appreciate that 3CX gives them the ability to create multiple user profiles. According to one interviewer, this feature is especially helpful when “working in multiple work environments.”


8x8 Logo
The 8×8 VoIP service costs $12 per month and gives users access to several basic phone features. Call routing makes it possible to direct calls to the appropriate person using an automated system rather than a live attendant. The 8×8 service also gives users access to a consistent user interface by providing unified communications. Access controls/permissions allow account owners to customize their systems to grant or limit access to specific VoIP features.

For firms with large call centers, 8×8 offers call recording, which can be used to record incoming and outgoing calls and review the recordings at any point in the future. Managers use this feature to train their employees or provide performance-related feedback. The 8×8 service also includes contact management, which ensures that users know who is on the line before they begin speaking. This feature saves time and helps users appear more organized to their customers.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
$12/monthYes>Call routing
>Unified communications
>Access controls/permissions
>More features at 8x8

Pros & Cons of 8×8 VoIP Service

>Users report good call quality when using this service, especially when using a wired connection.
>8x8 offers a feature-rich service at a competitive price.
>It's possible to use 8x8 on a mobile device.
>8x8 offers limited technical support.
>Voicemail transcription isn't available with this service.
>Users report some trouble with dropped calls, especially when using a wireless connection.

What Customers Are Saying
Customers appreciate that 8×8 offers a variety of features for one low monthly price, making it a cost-effective solution for small and mid-size firms. The 8×8 VoIP service is also easy to integrate with third-party applications, such as Salesforce, prompting one reviewer to write that it has “some of the most extensive integration options” available.


Aircall Logo
Aircall offers its Essentials package for $30 per month and its Pro package for $50 per month. Both plans have several basic phone features, including call recording and contact management. The interactive voice response feature allows users to interact with the system using their voices or telephone keypads, ensuring that calls are routed to the right place. Aircall also offers 24/7 support for users in need of technical assistance.

To enhance security, Aircall uses current encryption methods to prevent unauthorized users from accessing messages. The service also includes video conferencing, which uses VoIP to let users see and hear each other during sales calls, training meetings, and other presentations. Additional features available with Aircall include SIP trunking, unified communications, calling routing, and access controls/permissions. The Essentials plan includes unlimited incoming calls and a variety of collaboration features; the Pro plan also includes live call monitoring, Salesforce integration and other advanced features.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
$30/month Essentials
$50/month Pro
Yes>24/7 support
>Contact management
>Call recording
>More features at Aircall

Pros & Cons of Aircall VoIP Service

>Customers report excellent call quality.
>Aircall makes it easy for start-ups to create a business presence.
>The app is simple to set up, even for users with limited technical expertise.
>Aircall is expensive compared to other services with similar features.
>The company offers limited technical support.
>Some users report that the app freezes frequently.

What Customers Are Saying
Customers report that Aircall offers excellent call quality at a price that’s much lower than what traditional phone companies charge for the same features. Aircall also receives high marks for its easy integration with other applications. One user writes that it’s easy to use the VoIP app with HubSpot and other third-party services.

AT&T Collaborate

AT_T-Collaborate Logo
AT&T Collaborate offers a variety of features to help employees collaborate. Call routing and contact management make it possible for employees to work anywhere with an internet connection, from a client’s office to the back of a taxi. This VoIP service is cloud-based, eliminating the need to buy expensive hardware or spend time installing software updates. AT&T Collaborate also combines telephone services with conferencing, messaging and faxing to streamline business operations.

Users have access to a variety of basic phone features, including unified communications, interactive voice response, SIP trunking and encryption to enhance security and improve efficiency. AT&T Collaborate is no longer available to new users, but the company continues to provide support for existing accounts. The Collaborate VoIP service has been replaced by AT&T [email protected], which offers similar features at prices ranging from $25.40 to $36.25 per user per month. AT&T offers discounts to users who agree to multi-year service terms.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
$17.48/monthYes>Call routing
>Access controls/permissions
>Interactive voice response
>More features at AT&T Collaborate

Pros & Cons of AT&T Collaborate VoIP Service

>AT&T Collaborate offers a variety of features at a low monthly price.
>The app makes it easy for employees to collaborate.
>Users report excellent call quality.
>The system is complex, so firms without internal IT departments may need to hire outside consultants to set it up and do any troubleshooting.
>AT&T Collaborate times out quickly when it's not in use.
>Users must pay an activation fee when adding new devices.

What Customers Are Saying
Users report that AT&T Collaborate offers excellent call quality and makes it easier to collaborate over long distances. AT&T Collaborate also receives high marks for its customer service. One user reports, “The customer service department is outstanding and has assisted me with every concern I may have had with my account.”

Avaya Cloud Office

Avaya Logo

Avaya offers a variety of feature-rich, cloud-based phone system packages. Their prices start at $19.99 per month for the Essentials plan, which includes unlimited calls within the United States/Canada, unlimited business SMS, team messaging, document sharing, and voicemail transcription.

But if you have more than 20 users, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the more premium plans. Choosing one of these plans would also provide you with extra features such as unlimited internet fax, unlimited audio conferencing, hot desking, and much more.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
Essentials: Starts at $19.99/user/month
Standard: Starts at $24.99/user/month
Premium: Starts at $34.99/user/month
Ultimate: Starts at $49.99/user/month
Yes>Voicemail transcription
>Hot desking
>24/7 support
>More features at Avaya

Pros & Cons of Avaya Cloud Office VoIP Service

>Users report a high level of reliability with Avaya.
>It's easy to integrate Avaya with CRM software.
>Avaya increases efficiency by answering calls while agents do other tasks.
>It takes some time to learn how to use Avaya properly.
>The user interface is somewhat outdated.
>Not all features have labels, making it difficult to understand all the functions available.

What Customers Are Saying
Users are enthusiastic about Avaya due to its excellent call quality, especially in call centers and other noisy environments. One user remarks, “It is very efficient at call centers since you can hear clearly without any interruptions or any static on the line.” Avaya is also easy to integrate with third-party applications.


CallHippo Logo
CallHippo offers three VoIP plans ranging from $16 per user per month to $30 per user per month. Custom pricing is also available for enterprise clients in need of custom integrations or advanced reports. The Bronze plan comes with one free telephone number, call forwarding, voicemail, SMS, and access to team functions. Silver has everything in the Bronze plan, along with unlimited incoming calls, call queuing, call reminders, and holiday routing. In addition to everything in the Silver plan, the Platinum plan includes three-way calling, call transfer, app blocking, custom caller ID and the ability to forward calls to multiple devices.

CallHippo offers a variety of basic phone features, including call recording, contact management and voicemail transcription. The company’s support team is available 24/7 in case a user needs technical assistance or has a question about a feature.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
Bronze: $16/user/month
Silver: $20/user/month
Platinum: $30/user/month
Yes>Call recording
>24/7 support
>Contact management
>More features at CallHippo

Pros & Cons of CallHippo VoIP Service

>The low price makes it easier for small firms to compete with larger competitors.
>CallHippo works on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.
>The company does regular updates to improve performance.
>Some users report that the app's documentation is lacking.
>To create a voicemail message, the user must use a separate app.
>Customer service can be a little slow to respond.

What Customers Are Saying
CallHippo has a good reputation for call quality and ease of use, prompting one reviewer to write, “The product is very easy to use — only took a few minutes to set everything up, and I continue to find helpful features.” Customers also report that CallHippo can be integrated with HubSpot and other CRM tools.


CloudTalk Logo
CloudTalk offers VoIP phone services for $15 to $35 per month depending on the plan selected. The Standard plan includes unlimited incoming calls, a click-to-call feature, use of a mobile app and unlimited call queuing, among other features. Upgrading to the Essential plan gives users access to everything in the Standard plan, a real-time client dashboard, advanced analytics, smart queuing, text messaging and skill-based routing. The Expert plan adds on a power dialer, integration with the Salesforce CRM, call monitoring, speech to text and a dedicated account manager.

CloudTalk was designed to help businesses manage a large volume of calls, so it has several basic phone features, including call routing, access controls/permissions, call recording and interactive voice response. This service uses integrated access VoIP, so it can be integrated with a legacy telephone system, if desired. CloudTalk also uses encryption to protect users against unauthorized access to company resources.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
$15/month Standard
$20/month Essential
$35/month Expert
Yes>Access controls/permissions
>Interactive voice response
>Contact management
>More features at CloudTalk

Pros & Cons of CloudTalk Service

>CloudTalk has a responsive support team.
>The company has its own infrastructure, which results in improved call quality.
>Users report a high level of satisfaction with call quality.
>There's a bit of a learning curve when using CloudTalk for the first time.
>Some users report long wait times for technical support.
>Calls aren't always routed to the correct person.

What Customers Are Saying
Customers love that CloudTalk offers an affordable way to save time and increase efficiency. CloudTalk also receives good reviews for its customer service. One user states, “I was very impressed with the customer support we received from CloudTalk. From our first contact to the porting of our number..[it] went fast and smooth.”


Dialpad Logo
Dialpad offers two plans designed for small and medium businesses: the Standard plan ($15 per month) and the Pro plan ($25 per month). For enterprise users with at least 100 users, the company creates custom service plans that include service level agreements and 24/7 support. The Standard plan features unlimited calling and unlimited SMS messages, voicemail transcription, custom voicemail greetings, and call controls. Upgrading to the Pro plan gives users access to Salesforce integration, local number support in more than 50 countries and off-hours routing.

The company offers several types of support depending on the plan selected. All customers have access to the Dialpad knowledge base, community forum, multilingual web support and multilingual chat support. Chat support is available five days per week for Standard users and seven days per week for Pro and enterprise users. Dialpad offers a variety of basic phone features, including call routing, call recording and interactive voice response.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
$15/month Standard
$25/month Pro
Yes>24/7 support
>Call routing
>Unified communications
>More features at Dialpad

Pros & Cons of Dialpad VoIP Service

>Customers report that it's easy to receive text messages.
>Dialpad has an intuitive interface.
>It's possible to move calls from one device to another.
>It's difficult to integrate Dialpad with third-party applications.
>Some users report difficulty using the app on older mobile devices.
>The mobile app doesn't have the same design as the desktop app, which can be confusing.

What Customers Are Saying
Customers love that Dialpad is easy to set up for the first time. One reviewer writes, “Deployment cannot get any more simple. Set up the user in the web interface, put in 4-digit activation code on phone. Done.” Dialpad also has a good reputation for making regular upgrades to improve the service.


Freshcaller Logo
Freshcaller offers a variety of features to help businesses create global communications systems and use them to manage calls efficiently. For customers who want to keep their existing phone numbers, Freshcaller makes it possible to port a number to the service, eliminating the need to print new business cards or alert customers to a change in contact information. Freshcaller also gives users the option of buying local or international telephone numbers.

In terms of call handling, Freshcaller offers many basic phone features, including call recording, contact management, interactive voice response and unified communications. The service makes it possible to route calls to voicemail, set up custom voicemail greetings, have multiple users share one telephone number and provide self-service options to their customers. Users can also set up split schedules or create special routing rules for holidays, making it easy to customize the system based on each firm’s work schedule.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
$15/monthYes>Access controls/permissions
>Call recording
>Contact management
>More features at Freshcaller

Pros & Cons of Freshcaller VoIP Service

>The user interface has a modern look, making it easy to use.
>Freshcaller performs on par with services that cost more.
>The app allows users to connect their phones to their ticketing systems.
>Freshcaller doesn't integrate well with many third-party applications.
>Users report occasional bugs in the user interface.
>Freshcaller doesn't offer phone numbers in all countries.

What Customers Are Saying
Customers love that Freshcaller works well in a call center or help desk environment. The app makes it easier to manage calls, and it streamlines each user’s workflow. One user explains, “It’s easy to set up holidays and employees’ schedules,” which makes it easier to create a support schedule for customers.

Intermedia Unite

Intermedia-Unite Logo
Intermedia Unite offers a unified communications platform that costs between $28.99 and $38.99 per month. The Unite plan offers unlimited texting in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada, 2GB of storage per user, video conferencing with up to 200 attendees and four web attendees and integration with Outlook, Slack, Microsoft Teams and other popular tools. The more expensive Unite Pro plan includes everything in the basic plan, but customers get 100GB of storage per user, video conferencing with up to 30 web attendees and integration with Oracle NetSuite, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Both plans offer several basic phone services, including call routing, access controls/permissions, call recording, contacting management and business texting. Each account also includes call analytics, an automated attendant, Active Directory integration and spam caller protection. Intermedia Unite also has several add-ons available, such as faxing, toll-free numbers, additional telephone numbers and toll-free numbers.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
$28.99/month Unite
$38.99/month Unite Pro
Yes>Call routing
>Unified communications
>Call recording
>More features at Intermedia Unite

Pros & Cons of Intermedia Unite VoIP Service

>Intermedia Unite has excellent customer support.
>Users report that call quality is consistent.
>Intermedia Unite has an easy-to-use administrative interface.
>Intermedia Unite is sometimes difficult to integrate with identity management systems.
>It can be difficult to program the app when setting it up for the first time.
>A few users report that their contacts have disappeared from the app.

What Customers Are Saying
Users praise Intermedia Unite for the excellent support provided to new and established users. One interviewer enthuses, “The tech here at Intermedia Unite is the best that I have worked with, and that means I can get a lot of work accomplished.” Intermedia Unite also receives praise for its excellent call quality.

Loop Communications

loop-communications Logo
Loop Communications offers VoIP services for $17 per month with no long-term contracts. One of the main features of this service is location flexibility, which allows users to direct dial other locations or set up the system to route calls to more than one location. Loop Communications also allows users to create custom routing plans to ensure calls reach the right place in as little time as possible.

Another key feature of Loop’s VoIP service is unlimited local and long-distance calling, which makes it easier to manage a firm’s telecommunications costs. Users have access to 24/7 support and several basic phone features, including call routing and call recording. All Loop Communications accounts have an automated attendant, call blocking, call forwarding, call monitoring, external call transfers, a do-not-disturb feature and other business-class features to allow businesses to do a better job managing calls without spending more time on the phone.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
$17/monthYes>24/7 support
>Call routing
>Call recording
>More features at Loop Communications

Pros & Cons of Loop Communications VoIP Service

>It's easy to get in touch with the support team at Loop Communications.
>The VoIP service is easy to use.
>Loop Communications has a helpful onboarding program for new customers.
>The caller ID doesn't always work as intended.
>Users report that the service's portal has limited functionality.
>Customers occasionally hear static when making calls with the Loop Communications service.

What Customers Are Saying
Customers rave about the high level of customer support provided by Loop Communications. One reviewer writes, “The customer service personnel were incredible and so polite. They answered our questions and helped us every step of the way.” Loop Communications also responds quickly any time a user has technical issues.

Ooma Office

ooma-office Logo
Ooma Office offers VoIP phone service with a virtual receptionist starting at $19.95 per month. The base plan includes access to a mobile application, the ability to play hold music for callers, extension dialing, call transfers and one conference bridge per user. Users also have access to some must-have phone features, including contact management, unified communications and the ability to use access controls/permissions to control who has access to Ooma Office.

The company also offers Ooma Office Pro, an upgraded plan with additional features beyond what’s included in the standard package. Ooma Office Pro users have access to everything in the basic plan, but they also get call recording, a desktop app, voicemail transcription, enhanced call blocking and higher usage limits for audio conference rooms, call park and extension monitoring for $24.95 per month. Ooma Office provides 24/7 support and offers call routing and SIP trunking for added convenience.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
$19.95/monthYes>Access controls/permissions
>Unified communications
>Contact management
>More features at Ooma Office

Pros & Cons of Ooma Office VoIP Service

>Ooma Office makes regular updates, adding new features and improving existing ones.
>The company has a service team based in the United States.
>It's easy to customize Ooma Office.
>The apps don't sync as often as users would like.
>Some users report an unstable connection when using Ooma Office over Wi-Fi.
>Ooma Office charges extra for some of its advanced features.

What Customers Are Saying
Customers love that Ooma Office offers many features at a competitive monthly price. One user reports that the service offers “TONS of features for something priced so low.” Ooma Office also has a good reputation for helping small businesses compete with larger firms without the expense of hiring additional staff.

phone logo offers cloud-based voice, text, conferencing, video and fax services to businesses. The Base plan costs $12.99 per month and includes 300 minutes, one local or toll-free number, up to 2,000 text messages and more than 40 standard features. Upgrading to the Plus plan, which costs $19.99 per month, gives users 500 monthly minutes, up to 3,000 text messages, one local or toll-free number, voicemail transcription and premium hold music. The Unlimited Plan costs $29.99 per month and offers unlimited monthly minutes, unlimited text messages, one local or toll-free number, voicemail transcription, premium hold music and one base video meeting host. offers discounts for customers who agree to annual building.

Every account comes with a variety of standard features, including accounting management, an automated attendant, call routing, a dial-by-name directory, call screening and blocking, hold music and unlimited extensions. also offers call recording, interactive voice response, interactive voice response and unified communications.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
$12.99/month Base
$19.99/month Plus
$29.99/month Pro
Yes>24/7 support
>Interactive voice response
>Call recording
>More features at

Pros & Cons of VoIP Service

>The VoIP service works well on mobile devices.
> offers competitive pricing for a full suite of features.
>The service is highly customizable based on a user's needs.
> doesn't have an extension for Google Chrome.
>Call forwarding is free, but there's a fee to add a device to the service.
>The user interface isn't as intuitive as some users would like.

What Customers Are Saying
Customers appreciate that gives them a high level of flexibility. One reviewer reports, “It’s very easy to switch back and forth from sending calls directly to my desk to forwarding them to my cell phone when I’m working from home.” The service also receives excellent reviews for ease of use.


RingCentral Logo
RingCentral offers four levels of VoIP service starting at $29.99 per user per month. The Essentials plan includes phone and messaging services for up to 20 users. Features include team messaging, document sharing, unlimited SMS and unlimited calls within the United States and Canada. The Standard plan adds video to the Essentials plan at a cost of $34.99 per month. It also includes unlimited audio conferencing, unlimited internet faxing and service for an unlimited number of users.

RingCentral’s Premium plan costs $44.99 per month and includes everything in the Pro plan, along with automatic call recording, hot desking, advanced call handling, video meetings with as many as 200 participants, integration with popular CRM tools and real-time analytics. For $59.99 per user per month, users can upgrade to the Ultimate plan, which adds unlimited storage, device status alerts and device status reports. All RingCentral accounts come with basic phone features, such as call recording, call routing and contact management.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
Starts at $29.99 per user per month
Yes>Call routing
>Call recording
>Contact management
>More features at RingCentral

Pros & Cons of RingCentral VoIP Service

>RingCentral provides regular updates to introduce new or improved features.
>Customers appreciate that they can use RingCentral for online faxing.
>RingCentral is easy to set up.
>It can be difficult to get the service up and running.
>Users report that it takes a long time to receive a response from the support team.
>Some users have trouble using the mobile application.

What Customers Are Saying
Customers love that RingCentral eliminates the need for employees to share their personal telephone numbers. One user explains, “No longer did employees need to give out their personal mobile phone numbers…they were able to use their RingCentral line that went to the very same device,” improving work/life balance.


Talkdesk Logo
Talkdesk offers VoIP phone services designed to help businesses increase efficiency without hurting their relationships with customers. For $65 per month, users receive access to a variety of features that aim to help administrative professionals and sales staff do a better job managing calls. Talkdesk offers interactive voice response, making it possible for customers to indicate the level and type of support they need before speaking to a live agent. Businesses can customize their Talkdesk systems to route calls based on agent skills and other criteria, reducing customer wait times and increasing employee efficiency.

Talkdesk also enables businesses to design their call flows based on employee schedules, holiday hours and other factors. The system is capable of checking holiday hours or language requirements and then routing the call to the appropriate agent or voicemail account. Customers also receive access to several basic phone features, including unified communications, access controls/permissions, call routing, call recording and contact management.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
$65/monthYes>Access controls/permissions
>24/7 support
>Unified communications
>More features at Talkdesk

Pros & Cons of Talkdesk VoIP Service

>Talkdesk has a dashboard to manage calls.
>The company has a highly responsive support team.
>It's easy to use Talkdesk anywhere there's an internet connection.
>Call quality is best when working with a wired connection.
>It's not possible to see the cost of individual calls.

What Customers Are Saying
Customers appreciate that Talkdesk can be integrated with popular CRM solutions, such as Outreach, HubSpot and Salesforce. Talkdesk also receives excellent reviews for offering so many features in one service. One user calls Talkdesk a “full-featured” VoIP solution that includes browser calling, contact management and helpful analytics.


verizon Logo
Verizon offers a digital VoIP service starting at $35 per month, giving businesses access to access controls/permissions, interactive voice response, contact management, and other must-have VoIP features. The $35 plan includes up to five lines, unlimited nationwide calling, and more than 40 standard VoIP features. For larger businesses, Verizon offers custom packages starting at $25 per line per month. These prices don’t include taxes and fees, and Verizon also requires a two-year contract and auto-renewal agreement.

All Verizon VoIP plans include dozens of features designed to make it easier to manage calls. Three-way calling makes it possible to add another person to a call, even when the call comes from an outside line, and group paging enables users to send the same message to large groups of people. The click-to-dial feature allows users to scroll through their call histories and click on a telephone number to dial it, eliminating the need to use a telephone keypad.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
Starts at $35/monthYes>Access controls/permissions
>Contact management
>Interactive voice response
>More features at Verizon

Pros & Cons of Verizon VoIP Service

>This service makes use of Verizon's extensive infrastructure, improving reliability and call quality.
>Verizon's VoIP service costs less than traditional telephone service.
>The service includes unlimited nationwide calling.
>There's a learning curve when setting up the service and using it for the first time.
>Users can't contact Verizon techs directly.
>Some users report that the web portal is difficult to use.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers love that Verizon offers a VoIP service at a lower cost than its traditional enterprise telephone services. The feature-rich service has options for firms of every size, from smartphone calling and mobile sync to a virtual attendant and individual user dashboards. Customers report that these services make it less expensive to run a business.


VirtualPBX Logo
VirtualPBX allows users to create their own PBX systems starting at $11.99 per month depending on the plan selected. Plans with unlimited users range from $11.99 to $34.99 per month and include anywhere from 300 to 1,000 minutes. These plans offer free call forwarding and the ability to enable VoIP phones for $4.99 each.

For businesses who prefer unlimited minutes over unlimited users, VirtualPBX offers three plans ranging from $19.99 to $29.99 per month. The Essentials plan offers unlimited local minutes, 100 toll-free minutes and unlimited VoIP minutes for calls made between system users. This plan includes five local or toll-free numbers and costs $19.99 per month. The Advanced plan offers many of the same features, but it includes 1,000 toll-free minutes and up to 10 local or toll-free numbers for $24.95 per month. Users who need additional minutes should consider the Enterprise plan, which costs $29.99 per month and includes up to 2,500 toll-free minutes, 15 local or toll-free numbers and integration with popular CRM solutions.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
Starts at $11.99 per month
Yes>24/7 support
>Call recording
>Access controls/permissions
>More features at VirtualPBX

Pros & Cons of VirtualPBX VoIP Service

>Customers report that VirtualPBX provides excellent service.
>VirtualPBX provides many valuable features without high overhead costs.
>The "follow me" feature makes it easy to receive business calls from almost anywhere.
>It can be challenging to set it up for the first time.
>The call recording feature occasionally doesn't work as intended.
>Some users experience glitches when porting over from a different service.

What Customers Are Saying
Customers love that VirtualPBX works as advertised, with one user stating it’s “a straightforward product that does what it says it will.” VirtualPBX also receives high praise for its customer service team, which users describe as responsive and “incredibly professional.” One reviewer even called the support team “true front line phone warriors.”

Vonage Business Communications

Vonage-Business-Cloud Logo

Vonage Business Communications (VBC) offers a unified communications solution that securely ties together calling, messaging, and video across all devices. Thanks to their programmable communications, premium calling features, and integration with business productivity applications, such as Vonage Contact Center, business enterprises can optimize their communication experiences for employees and customers wherever they are.

VBC enables teams and customers to stay connected from virtually anywhere on desktop and mobile apps or IP supported devices while seamlessly integrating with an ecosystem of business applications such as Salesforce, GSuite, Zoho, Clio, Connectwise, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft Dynamics.

VBC’s international expansion enables companies to easily expand operations, offices, and connect employees beyond borders to establish a local presence in international markets and effectively communicate and collaborate with customers worldwide.

VBC is priced by Unlimited extensions, Unlimited Mobile Extensions and Metered Extensions, and ranges from $19.99 to $39.99 per month in North America. VBC International pricing is also available in British pounds, Euros and Australian dollars.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
Starts at $19.99/monthYes>24/7 support
>Interactive voice response
>Call recording
>More features at Vonage Business Communications

Pros & Cons of Vonage Business Communications VoIP Service

>VBC securely unifies calling, messaging and video all from one application on desktop and mobile.

>Information from Vonage is sometimes delayed, causing users to miss calls.

>Integrates seamlessly with Vonage Contact Center (VCC) to enable enterprises to optimize communication experiences for employees and customers. >Some users report hearing static during their calls.
>Integrates with industry leading CRM vendors (ie. Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zoho and others).>It's not possible to create a separate call schedule for each user.

What Customers Are Saying
Customers rave about how well Vonage Business Communications works for remote business management. The built-in features, such as call routing and call recording, make it easier to compete without increasing a firm’s overhead costs. One reviewer also states that “Vonage is way more reliable for your communication needs” than similar services.

Zoom Phone

Zoom-Phone Logo
Zoom Phone offers several VoIP packages, giving customers access to call routing, call recording and other essential features. Despite the $0 price tag, Zoom’s free plan has several features that make it ideal for collaboration. For example, users can host calls with up to 100 participants and have unlimited one-on-one meetings. The Pro plan is designed for small teams, so it includes all basic features, a meeting duration limit of 24 hours and additional reporting and user management capabilities for $14.99 per month.

Zoom’s Business plan is designed for small and medium businesses. For $19.99 per host per month, users have access to all features in the Pro plan, dedicated telephone support, an admin dashboard and a limit of 300 participants for group meetings. The Enterprise plan also costs $19.99 per host per month; the main difference between Business and Enterprise is that the Business plan has a minimum of 10 hosts while the Enterprise plan has a minimum of 100.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
$0 Basic
$14.99 Pro
$19.99 Business
$19.99 Enterprise
Yes>Call routing
>Call recording
>Unified communications
>More features at Zoom Phone

Pros & Cons of Zoom Phone VoIP Service

>Zoom Phone has an intuitive user interface.
>It's easy to integrate Zoom Phone with other tools.
>Users report that Zoom Phone doesn't lag like some VoIP services.
>There's a learning curve when setting up a meeting for the first time.
>The service doesn't offer access controls/permissions.
>Zoom Phone's mobile app is somewhat limited compared to the web-based app.

What Customers Are Saying
Customers love that Zoom Phone makes it easy to set up meetings and deliver webinars to large audiences. The service offers extra protection by requiring participants to enter a password, helping businesses prevent unauthorized access to proprietary information. Customers also appreciate that Zoom Phone offers call routing and other helpful features.

What Are VoIP Phone Services?

VoIP phone services use voice over internet protocols to enable communication to take place over the internet. Integrated access VoIP operates like a traditional telephone line, allowing businesses to integrate their existing telecommunications systems with VoIP software. The Session Initial Protocol (SIP) transmits information across a data network, making it possible for firms to eliminate their traditional telephone systems. SIP systems are based on a pay-as-you-go model, which reduces costs by having firms pay only for the minutes they use and not for unneeded services.

Hosted IP PBX services give businesses the best of both worlds: a unified communications solution without the overhead of expensive telephone equipment. The VoIP vendor is responsible for all hardware and software upgrades and maintenance, which can help businesses reduce their communication costs. Hosted IP PBX services also make it easier for small firms to compete with larger companies, as they typically offer auto attendants, hold music and other features that make a company appear much larger than it really is. Managed IP PBX services are similar to hosted services, but the phone hardware is located at the business site; however, the VoIP provider installs and manages the equipment.

Benefits of VoIP Phone Services

VoIP phone services have a variety of benefits for small businesses, including the following:

  • Slash costs. VoIP phone services reduce payroll costs by eliminating the need for small businesses to hire multiple employees to answer the telephone, take messages, and route calls to the appropriate person. Depending on the type of VoIP protocol a service uses, VoIP phone services may also reduce overhead costs by eliminating the need to maintain telecommunications hardware and software.
  • Enhance flexibility. With traditional phone systems, employees generally have to be at their desks to make and receive telephone calls. Even systems with the call-forwarding feature aren’t as flexible as many firms need them to be. With a VoIP service, communication takes place over the internet, allowing employees to make and receive calls or text messages from anywhere with a stable internet connection. This is especially helpful for firms with remote workers or employees who do a lot of traveling.
  • Improve conference calls. Traditional phone systems don’t always make it easy to set up conference calls with many participants. VoIP services use data networks rather than dedicated phone lines, making it easier, more convenient and less expensive for participants to join each call.

Must-Have Features for VoIP Phone Services

VoIP companies offer a variety of features and service plans, but VoIP type, phone features, and scalability options are the most important for business owners to consider. Each type of VoIP has pros and cons, but what works best for one business may not be suitable for another. For example, an established business that’s been using the same telephone number for decades should consider an integrated access service to take advantage of VoIP technology without having to give up a phone number that clients have been using for years.

A good VoIP service should also offer a variety of telephone features to make it easier to manage calls. Some of these basic features include call recording, contacting management, call routing, and interactive voice response. The best VoIP phone services even offer video conferencing and voicemail transcription, giving businesses added flexibility. Finally, a VoIP service should provide a variety of scalability options, which make it possible for the service to grow with the firm. The best VoIP services make regular updates, giving users access to additional services that can help them grow their businesses. Scalable services also improve existing features, making them easier to use regardless of how big a business gets.

The Cost of VoIP Phone Services

The cost of using a VoIP phone service varies widely based on factors such as the number of users in the system, the service plan selected and the addition of extra features. For small firms that need to prioritize budget over advanced functionality, several companies offer VoIP services for less than $5 per month. Free plans are also available, but it’s important to understand the limitations of these free plans. The service may be limited to just a few users, or it may have hidden fees for doing anything other than forwarding calls to a mobile device.

Many providers offer mid-priced plans starting at anywhere from $12 to $20 per month. These plans typically have additional features, such as interactive voice response and unified communications. Mid-priced plans also tend to have fewer hidden fees, which may make them more budget-friendly than low-cost plans that have extra fees for advanced features. The most expensive plans have a base price ranging from $35 to $65 per month. These services may offer advanced features, such as international calling, making them ideal for large firms that want to take advantage of VoIP technology without sacrificing call quality and reliability.

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