If you’ve spent any time around web developers, you’ll have seen the phrase “lorem ipsum” at least once. And all graphic and web designers are familiar with its use. Visiting an in-progress or example website will undoubtedly yield long passages of the familiar Latin phrase.

Many people will simply copy the Latin passage and hit Ctrl-V until their test site is filled, but there are certainly better, faster ways that will produce a new website without blocks of repetitive text.

A Brief History of Lorem Ipsum

Marcus Tullius Cicero by Bertel Thorvaldsen, in Thorvaldsens Museum, Copenhagen

Lorem ipsum became a bit scrambled over time, but the version we use today comes from a work known as de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum, written by Cicero in 45 BC. The work concerns ethics; the section that lorem ipsum comes from is a warning against self-indulgence.

Sometime in the 1500s, a typesetter decided to scramble the passage of de Finibus in order to test fonts without being distracted by the words themselves. Thus lorem ipsum was born, and its usage has survived hundreds of years later into the modern era.

What’s Lorem Ipsum For?

Today, there are two main uses for lorem ipsum in web design:

  1. Putting a set of words on the page that easily blend into its composition. It can be rather distracting from the layout to have one word or one sentence repeated over and over. It’s much better to have a set of words that resemble English but don’t divert your client’s attention by being readable.
  2. Allowing designers to be sure that the text looks correct and formats well. It’s very important that paragraphs that stray out of their boxes or don’t wrap correctly are quickly caught. On a well-designed website, even improperly formatted blocks of text should stay neatly within their lines.

Of course, it’s much easier to design a website when you can quickly and easily get a large chunk of example text. The oft-used passage of lorem ipsum, though easy enough to copy and paste, can make your page look a bit generic. This is where the Business Jargon Ipsum Generator comes in.

There are many ipsum generators across the internet, all suited for different tastes and needs, though a majority simply create random Latin phrases. This one specifically is meant for business websites, but it’s versatile enough to suit a wide variety of topics.

If you just want to add a little bit of flavor that traditional lorem ipsum can’t provide, our business-oriented generator might be of use to you.


How Does It Work?

This generator simply takes a variety of exaggerated corporate slang words and phrases and randomizes them. The mishmash of words created can be amusing, but it makes a great set of dummy text for business-oriented websites.

These buzzwords make it clear to everyone just what sort of site you’re creating, but they’re also easy to glance over and aren’t very distracting.

You can make up to 50 paragraphs — far more than you’ll ever need, unless you plan on hosting the screenplays of all three The Lord of the Rings movies. You may choose to use either jargon or Latin and jargon, just to mix things up. There’s a wide variety of words and phrases in its repertoire, so no two paragraphs will look exactly the same.

So what makes this generator better? It’s very flexible. Though it has a clear target audience, anyone can make use of it. And along with its utility, it’s unique; and still, its database of words is generic enough to not get in the way of your website’s appearance.

Niche lorem ipsum generators are still evolving, though more and more are cropping up to suit all sorts of designers’ interests. But incorporating business lingo with Latin isn’t exactly a mainstay yet, so this offers a fresh outlook on your traditional, featureless Latin generator.

Here’s a quick feature summary:

  • Corporate slang, buzzwords, and phrases
  • Can be combined with Latin words and phrases for extra variety
  • Quick, simple, and easy to use
  • Up to 50 paragraphs can be generated at once
  • One-click generation.

Spice Up Your Website

Lorem ipsum itself can be boring and make your site look just like every other that came before it. For creators of WordPress themes and designers looking to sell their websites, that can be crippling.

But a generator such as this one can add a little more life to the layout. Even if you’re not designing a site or theme to sell, an interesting set of text can still liven up the page quite a bit until you’re finished with the design.

Plus, compared to other generators — a majority of which either generate the same Latin phrases or are just too silly to use in a formal or even semi-formal environment — this one is silly without being unprofessional.

Our Business Jargon Ipsum Generator is very useful and extremely versatile. From fresh entrepreneurs to long-running corporate entities; designers of business websites and theme developers, anyone can make use of this generator–if they have a sense of humor, at least!