Welcome to our collection of tools for SMB webmasters:

SMB Webmaster Tool descriptions

What’s My IP Address?
Use this tool to identify your IP address. Learn why and how you, as a small business owner or webmaster, should use IP address numbers to screen out internal traffic from your website. (Internal traffic includes traffic from staff, freelancers, and vendors.) Learn how to use our tool to begin this step-by-step process. Learn how IP addresses are used in marketing automation that can produce remarkable results for your business. We hope that reading that information will be a first step for you to expand the possibilities for your small business.

WHOIS & Domain Lookup Tool
Use this tool to find out if a domain name you’re considering is available. Learn what “WHOIS” stands for and what you, as a small business owner, need to know about it. Browse our list of top factors that make for a good domain name choice. Find out why some domains are more valuable than others and why you might not want to dump your old domain name.

HTML5 Cheat Sheet
It’s easy to forget HTML5 tags, especially if you aren’t using them on a regular basis. Keep our interactive cheat sheet handy to speed up web tasks like email template design and page formatting.

Strong password generator
Keep our password generator handy for all of your account needs. It can be used to help support or create a password and access policy for your small business.

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