Social Networking Software and Hosting

Social Networking Software and Hosting

Social networking is the way friends, family, and coworkers stay connected to each other on the Internet.

Are you a company trying to build a community around your products and services?

Or a media fanatic interested in creating a hub for other fans like you to be themselves?

Social networking is the online thread that can tie you together with others just like you.

Compare the top social networking applications reviewed on our website below and don’t forget to review our top-rated hosting plans for social networks before choosing your next provider.

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Social Networking Software Options

Social Networking Software Options

So you need to stay connected with others that share your interests and want to create an online destination as your central meeting place.

Creating a social networking website may be the perfect solution for you.


BuddyPress is a WordPress plugin created from a series of other WordPress plugins.

It brings the features and functions of a social network to what is likely the most used content management system on the web.

Why BuddyPress?

If you want to add social networking to your WordPress website, or you want to build a social network on the WordPress framework – BuddyPress is for you.

Get user profiles, activity streams, user groups, and more on the WordPress platform and take your site to another level.

BuddyPress is great if you are already familiar with WordPress and want to run a website with social networking features.

Best Uses of BuddyPress

BuddyPress is best deployed if you are interested in running a social network for your company or institution.

Alternatively an Intranet or internal communication platform, a niche social network, or a platform for launching some new products.

The biggest reason to avoid using BuddyPress is if you are not fond of WordPress as a primary content management platform.

Because of the widespread use of WordPress, it is often the target of malicious attacks.

There are always security measures that you can take to keep your WordPress (and therefore BuddyPress) platform safe, but there are extra costs involved in all of that added protection.


Dolphin User Interface
Dolphin’s demo user interface.

Dolphin is an open source content management platform for building social networks that currently powers over 300,000 websites.

In its current stable state, Dolphin Pro includes over 30 modules, 2000 features, 1000s of extensions. Furthermore features include:

  • Mobile apps
  • Video chat
  • Voice recording
  • Forums
  • Groups
  • Messenger
  • File sharing

Dolphin is probably the most feature-rich content management system available. It can be used for specifically for building a social network.

Types of Social Networks to Build With Dolphin

No matter what type of network you want to build, there is likely to be a module in Dolphin to support it.

Want to feature classified ads? There’s a module for that.

Articles or blogging? Module for that.

Calendars? Check.

Even things you forgot you loved about social networks you used to use a lot (custom backgrounds and fonts on your profile page, anyone?) are available in Dolphin.

Is Dolphin Simple to Use?

Dolphin is not the easiest content management system for social networking to install and update.

In some cases, it may require attribution – which can be a turn off for social networks looking to establish their own identity.

By comparison, other social networking platforms like Elgg and SiteGround.


Elgg does give you a wide variety of tools necessary to build an interactive online community, complete with file management and user account administration.

Using a variety of application programming interfaces (APIs), plug-ins, and extensions, you can build a site with robust user profiles.

Further features include full communication capabilities (including instant messaging, posting to profiles, and internationalization), and integration with multimedia applications, games, and forums.

Elgg also supports themes and other customizations through its APIs.

Custom Features of Elgg

Beyond the standard features include avatars, dashboards, friends, groups, profiles, and widgets for all users.

Elgg also supports blogging, bookmarking, custom pages and message boards, as well as detailed activity tracking.

Back-end support for all of these features is supplied by multiple databases connect, all managed from the administration system.

While Dolphin is often considered to be an ‘easy’ solution to install and update, Elgg includes many of the same features and is 100% open source.

By comparison, Dolphin users who do not utilize Dolphin Pro often have to include attribution which can prevent businesses that want to white label their social network from being able to do so.


Oxwall User Interface
Oxwall’s demo user interface.

Oxwall is a social networking software that can scale to fit the needs of someone looking to create a network for various needs.

Here are 5 examples of common uses:

  1. Friends and family
  2. Website for fans
  3. A community project for a cause
  4. Collaboration tool for co-workers
  5. A creative group of like-minded entrepreneurs

Like many of the software listed above, it is also open source – so it’s free to use and very customizable.

Behind the Curtains of Oxwall

Oxwall is a very flexible platform built using PHP and MySQL. Within its platform, you can setup:

  • Multimedia sharing
  • Blogging
  • Forums
  • Wikis
  • Groups for your users

In addition, friends can connect with each other, there are multiple language options, and commenting functionality is available for nearly all the platform types.


With Oxwall, website admins can manage users and content, moderate comments, and customize privacy settings.

Web designers can change the look of the site with a wide variety of themes and a site builder tool for true customization.

For webmasters looking to market their social network and monetize it, Oxwall also comes loaded with advertising management, built-in SEO, and detailed analytics.

Hosting Your Own Social Network – Tips

Uptime and the ability to scale up should be on your list of most important qualities to look for when shopping for a web host. 

Cheap shared hosting might be OK to start, but you will soon run out of resources and need to invest in VPS services.

Review our top-rated hosting plans for social networks before choosing your next provider.

Social Network Growth

What Is the Best Way to Handle Social Networking Growth?

While some social networking services do not grow quickly if at all, others are meant to scale at a fast rate.

For example, it is not uncommon for a service to grow from several hundred to several thousand users in a short period of time.

If this happens, you must know that your social networking software, as well as your hosting company, is able to handle the additional load.

Before installing any social networking software, before choosing a hosting company, think about what you are hoping to accomplish in the future in terms of growth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Social Networking

What is the primary reason for implementing social networking software?

Regardless of the software, this gives a group of people, such as coworkers or friends, the ability to stay connected with each other.

Social networking services continue to grow in popularity, leading to their implementation in a variety of settings.

What are the steps associated with comparing social networking software?

Comparing and selecting the right social networking software is a detailed process, as there are many applications to consider.

The first step is making a list of each option, along with the features provided. From there, you can compare features, hosting requirements, and reviews.

Even though most applications share some features, each one is unique in terms of what it offers.

What are the most important features of social networking software?

There is no easy answer to this question, as everybody is interested in something different. Even so, some of the most coveted features include: user profiles, user groups, activity streams, messaging capabilities, and message boards.

What are some of the most popular social networking applications?

There are many to consider, but the following are among the most popular: BuddyPress, Dolphin, Oxwall, and Elgg.

What type of hosting is required to install and efficiently run social networking software?

Not every hosting plan gives the administrator the ability to install social networking software. Most applications have strict server requirements.

Anybody who wants to install social networking software should learn more about the requirements of each application, while also cross checking this with their hosting company.

Do any hosting companies provide one click social networking software installation?

Yes. This is not the case with every provider, but some allow users to install particular software with a single click. For those who lack technical knowledge, this hosting feature is a must.

Are there any ways to customize social networking software?

Almost every application can be customized in some way. The changes that are made depend largely on the needs of the site, the knowledge of the administrator, and what the application is capable of achieving.

Is support available for social networking software?

Yes. There are typically two places to turn for support.

First, you can contact your hosting company for information and advice related to installation.

If you have questions regarding the use of the application, such as how to make a particular customization, you will want to consult directly with the software maker.

Is a high level of technical experience required to manage social networking software?

No. In the past, this may not have been the case. But with today’s technology, you don’t need advanced knowledge to install and manage this type of application.

If you choose the right software, you can manage every aspect from a dashboard or control panel, ensuring that you provide users with the intended experience.

Is security a concern with social networking software?

In today’s world, safety and security is a concern for every software company and user.

It’s particularly true with social networking applications, as people are sharing a variety of information with the service as well as others. Every program has security features in place to protect against trouble.

What types of things can users do on a social networking website?

This depends on the makeup of the site, but as the name implies, this gives a particular group of people the ability to connect and communicate via the internet.

Some social networking services are public, while others are private, such as those for employees of a certain company.

Is it possible to change from one social networking software to another?

This depends on many factors, such as the size of your user base and the two applications. However, it is possible in most cases. In addition to learning more about your current provider, choose another software.

There is a chance you will need to make changes along the way, for compatibility sake, so make sure you are prepared. Some hosting companies will assist with the migration process, if you are moving from another host, easing the stress associated with the transition.


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