The 15 Best SEO Firms in Houston

CompanyPriceService LinesMore
Adhere Creative$150-$199/hourSEO, Video Production, PPC, Web DesignVisit Adhere Creative
All Day Web$50-$99/hourWeb Design, PPC, SEOVisit All Day Web
Authority Solutions ®$100-$149/hourSEO, PPC, Web DesignVisit Authority Solutions
Blue Sky Marketing$100-$149/hourSEO, Advertising, Branding, Digital StrategyVisit Blue Sky Marketing
Convergent1$150-$199/hourSEO, Branding, Web Design, Video ProductionVisit Convergent1
DigiKai MarketingCustom QuoteSEO, Web Development, Email MarketingVisit DigiKai Marketing
EWR Digital$150-$199/hourMarketing Strategy, SEO, Digital StrategyVisit EWR Digital
Fair Marketing Inc$100-$149/hourSocial Media Marketing, Email Marketing, SEOVisit Fair Marketing Inc
Lewis SEO HoustonCustom QuoteSEO, Social Media Marketing, PRVisit Lewis SEO Houston
MARION$150-$199/hourSocial Media Marketing, SEO, PPCVisit MARION
Regex SEO$100-$149/hourSEO, Business Consulting, E-Commerce DevelopmentVisit Regex SEO
TECHsan Media LLC$25-$49/hourSEO, Marketing Strategy, Web DesignVisit TECHsan Media LLC
TopSpot Internet Marketing$100-$149/hourPPC, SEO, Digital StrategyVisit TopSpot Internet Marketing
Versa Creative$100-$149/hourSEO, Social Media Marketing, PPCVisit Versa Creative
Web Developers FirmCustom QuoteSEO, Web Design, Web DevelopmentVisit Web Developers Firm

Adhere Creative

4900 Woodway Dr. #1050
Houston, TX 77056

Adhere Creative works with companies in a variety of industries, including home services, oil and gas, healthcare, construction, industrial, and more. Based in Houston, they focus on web design, lead generation, and video production. On Adhere’s website, they offer a resource center with e-books, helpful tools, infographics, and webinars that are designed to help businesses grow.

Since 2009, Adhere Creative has created hundreds of marketing campaigns. If you are interested to see what they’ve done, you can explore Adhere’s past work through case studies and videos. Among others, they have worked with Bluewater Defense, Dynamic Dental, Afflink, and Solaris Oilfield.

PriceService LinesDetails
$150-$199/hourSEO, Video Production, PPC, Web Design, Content & Social Media Marketing>Number of employees: 10-49
>Notable clients: Brothers Service Company, Afflink, Maviro, TWG Construction
>Industries served: Energy & natural resources, Manufacturing, Healthcare & medical
>More info at Adhere Creative

All Day Web

6306 Skyview Dr.
Houston, TX 77041

All Day Web provides full-service digital marketing and web design. Specifically, they claim to excel in web design and development along with SEO, local search, PPC, graphic design, and social media marketing.

With 23 years of SEO experience, All Day Web gets 99% of its clients to the first page of Google and guarantees a no contract, cancel anytime policy. They also offer a free SEO Audit Report where you can receive a free website analysis. All Day Web’s SEO pricing plan starts at $300 per month for their Bronze package and goes up to $1,200 per month for their Platinum plan.

PriceService LinesDetails
$50-$99/hourWeb Design, PPC, SEO>Number of employees: 2-9
>Notable clients: Texpedited Courier and Logistics, CNC, A1 Martinez Movers, Miller
>Industries served: Healthcare & medical, Consumer services
>More info at All Day Web

Authority Solutions ®

8300 FM 1960 Rd W. #450-4554
Houston, TX 77070

Authority Solutions offers internet marketing services that include SEO, web design, PPC, content marketing, social media management, and reporting and analytics. In addition to Houston, they provide digital marketing solutions nationwide to 29 cities.

Authority Solutions specializes in offering their services to the legal, medical, real estate, and e-commerce industries. After an initial meeting, they schedule a free discovery session and waive the fee for preliminary research.

From online branding to Google rankings, real estate SEO, and all things digital, Authority Solutions provides a complete range of solutions. If you’d like to hear what their customers have to say, check out their testimonial page that features videos of business owners talking about their experiences with Authority Solutions.

PriceService LinesDetails
$100-$149/hourSEO, PPC, Web Design>Number of employees: 10 - 49
>Notable clients: Robotic Surgeon, Divorce Lawyers, Drug Treatment Center, Custom/Luxury Pool Builder
>Industries served: Healthcare & medical, Legal, Business services
>More info at Authority Solutions

Blue Sky Marketing

Blue Sky Marketing
Houston, TX 77023

Blue Sky Marketing services include marketing strategy, brand planning, social media strategy, website design and development, SEO, PPC / SEM, email marketing, marketing automation, creative design, and video production. They are a 100% remote team of award-winning marketing consultants, Google Premier Partners, and a HubSpot GOLD Digital Agency.

Their Chief Marketing Strategist and Founder, Michelle LeBlanc, has over 25 years of experience in both B2B and B2C marketing. Some of Blue Sky’s clients include Johnson Development Corp, Newmark Homes, and Danner’s Inc.

Blue Sky’s plans start at $3,800 per month (for 120 days) which includes discovery, strategy, and implementation. If you’d like to know what they can do for your business, watch their client testimonial videos on their website.


PriceService LinesDetails
$100-$149/hourSEO, SEM, Advertising, Branding, Digital Strategy>Number of employees: 10 - 49
>Notable clients: Johnson Development Corp., Danner's Security, The Signorelli Company
>Industries served: Real estate, Healthcare & medical, Consumer products & services
>More info at Blue Sky Marketing


20333 State Highway 249, Suite 450
Houston, TX 77070

Crafting solutions in the Houston area since 2001, Convergent1 serves small to global-sized business organizations to provide communication and website design strategies. Their services include a marketing consulting and services overview, marketing action plan, brand messaging, video production, website design, and digital marketing services, which include SEO.

From general marketing and advertising to videos and innovative web designs, Convergent1’s full-service marketing firm has a portfolio that spans nearly 20 years. They’ve worked with companies such as APG, ROC Carbon Company, and First Financial Group of America. By visiting their website, they offer a free audit of your company’s website.

PriceService LinesDetails
$150-$199/hourSEO, Branding, Web Design, Video Production
>Number of employees: 2-9
>Notable clients: NOV, Tuboscope, Hughes, FMC Technologies, TRUBalance Water
>More info at Convergent1

DigiKai Marketing

16755 W.Lake Houston PKWY

DigiKai Marketing is a healthcare digital marketing agency that serves weightloss clinics, chiropractors, wellness professionals, and gyms. Their services include advertising, SEO, website design, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, and reporting.

SEO is DigiKai’s specialty. They help websites rank at the top of search engines so that medical practices get found. They start with optimizing your website. Everything from your content, images, site title, and technical SEO elements such as site speed, sitemap, and javascript are overhauled to ensure optimal results. Through these practices, they’ve helped companies like Vitality Fit 360 get to the number one spot on Google.

PriceService LinesDetails
Custom QuoteSEO, Web Development, Email Marketing
>Number of employees: 1-5
>Industries served: Healthcare & medical
>More info at DigiKai Marketing

EWR Digital

5999 West 34th Street, #106
Houston, TX 77092

EWR Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Houston, Texas that has over 20 years of experience. They offer end-to-end digital solutions, strategy, and fulfillment for enterprises, as well as local brands.

EWR’s main focus is to help CMOs, brand managers, small business owners, and digital agencies grow through the use of SEO and digital marketing. They also provide web design and development, corporate videography, branding, and paid media services.

They also have offices in 14 other locations nationwide, so you can expect a response during most hours of the day. Additionally, EWR offers marketing strategy workshops to help you gain insights into the knowledge process that your customer undergoes.

PriceService LinesDetails
$150-$199/hourMarketing Strategy, SEO, Digital Strategy
>Number of employees: 10 - 49
>Notable clients: Estia Constructions and Design, BitWallet, ROSI
>Industries served: Construction, Healthcare, Legal, Nonprofits, B2B
>More info at EWR Digital

Fair Marketing Inc

26310 Oak Ridge Dr. G4 Spring
Houston, TX 77380

Fair Marketing, Inc. is a digital marketing company with 10 employees serving a wide spectrum of local, national, and worldwide clients. Based in Houston, they’re now opening new branches in Austin and Denver. Their services include SEO, social media, PPC, remarketing, and marketing automation.

Fair Marketing claims to have a proprietary marketing formula that is 100% unique and has been developed in-house over many years of trial and error. They’ve used this methodology to help companies like Bayou City Lumber, Wade Architecture, Mercedes-Benz of The Woodlands, and Stewart Technology Associates. They also provide customers with a personalized dashboard that delivers up-to-the-minute performance updates.

PriceService LinesDetails
$100-$149/hourSEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Conversion Optimization
>Number of employees: 10-49
>Notable clients: Wade Architecture, Bayou City Lumber, Torq/Lite, Mercedes-Benz of the Woodlands
>Industries served: E-commerce, Hospitality
>More info at Fair Marketing Inc

Lewis SEO Houston

6201 Bonhomme Rd. Suite 424N
Houston, TX 77036

Lewis SEO Houston is a local SEO company that offers SEO services to businesses in the greater Houston metro area to make your website increase its organic search score. Their SEO niches include medical, home services, dental, B2B, attorneys, surgeons, weightloss, and e-commerce.

Lewis SEO has a team of SEO professionals with over a decade of experience each in all aspects of SEO, including medical SEO, dental SEO, local SEO, business SEO, corporate SEO, e-commerce SEO, social media marketing, SEM, and more.

Lewis SEO’s pricing starts at $1,000 per month for Local SEO and goes up to $1,500 per month for local SEO and social media. Inquiries are required for further services.

PriceService LinesDetails
Custom QuoteSEO, Social Media Marketing, PR
>Number of employees: 2-9
>Industries served: Healthcare and medical, Business services, Consumer products & services
>More info at Lewis SEO Houston


7026 Old Katy Rd. Ste 249
Houston, TX 77024

MARION is a full-service marketing and design agency. They partner with clients to either supplement their in-house marketing department or serve as their full outsourced marketing department. Their areas of expertise include branding and graphic design, digital marketing, and traditional marketing.

MARION SEO offers technical SEO and code implementation with the right content so that your pages will appear higher in the search results. They’ve helped companies like Elite Learning, Kaneka Aerospace, York Construction, and others with their team of 13 people across the Houston and Austin areas.

PriceService LinesDetails
$150-$199/hourSocial Media Marketing, SEO, PPC
>Number of employees: 10-49
>Notable clients: Beetnik Foods, Oxiteno, Bobby, Ford, Kubota
>Industries served: Financial services, Healthcare, Energy & natural resources
>More info at MARION

Regex SEO

4801 Woodway Dr. Suite 275E
Houston, TX 77056

At Regex SEO, their strategy is to study your business, background, and industry, and then craft a custom marketing plan that makes sense for your specific situation. Regex’s digital marketing services include SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and PCC. They claim to have an SEO service that’s custom developed to help you build relevant and sustainable traffic across every available marketing channel.

Regex has a marketing team of 14 employees that have worked with a diverse client base that includes ADHD Wellness Center, In Spirit Collections, and The Oaks Plastic Surgery. They also have locations in Austin and Dallas, which means they know the Texas market well.

PriceService LinesDetails
$100-$149/hourSEO, Business Consulting, E-commerce Development
>Number of employees: 10-49
>Notable clients: Portella, Eltec Corp., ADHD Wellness Center, BCP Vet Pharm
>Industries served: Healthcare, Financial, Legal
>More info at Regex SEO

TECHsan Media LLC

745 International Blvd
Houston, TX 77024

TECHsan Media is an Online Marketing Company owned by two brothers in Austin, with an office in Houston, that specializes in website design and local SEO. TECHsan’s strong suit is local SEO because, as their owners put it, “that is due to the amount of detail and research we put into each client for a true custom approach.”

They also handle custom web design by making content updates, adding new engaging content, as well as developing powerful graphics to post across social media pages. Their goal is to get you ranking, build your brand, and increase the conversion on your site.

PriceService LinesDetails
$25-$49/hourSEO, Marketing Strategy, Web Design
>Number of employees: 2-9
>Notable clients: Austex Dumpsters LLC, Austin Windowerks, Medical Arts Clinic L&T, General Contractors and Restoration
>Industries served: Business services, Healthcare, Real estate
>More info at TECHsan Media LLC

TopSpot Internet Marketing

515 Post Oak Blvd Ste 300
Houston, TX 77027

Over the past 16 years, TopSpot has grown to become one of the largest independent search marketing agencies in Houston. Their marketing services include SEO, PPC, analytics, design and development, email marketing, and industrial marketing. Among the industries that they specialize in are manufacturing, supply and distribution, B2C, and service providers.

TopSpot also has Houston-based SEO specialists that work directly with their conversion optimization team on content strategy, local SEO, social media marketing, and SEO for e-commerce.

Additionally, they created their own The B-SMART® Method to provide marketers and business owners a structure on how to target their specific audience.

PriceService LinesDetails
$100-$149/hourPPC, SEO, Digital Strategy
>Number of employees: 50 - 249
>Notable clients: Industrial Tube and Steel Corp., Altius Technical Services, Bayou City Bolt & Supply, Babbitt International
>Industries served: Manufacturing, Energy & natural resources, Business services, E-commerce
>More info at TopSpot Internet Marketing

Versa Creative

5444 Westheimer Rd., Suite 200
Houston, TX 77056

Versa Creative is a Houston-based marketing and advertising agency. Versa stands for versatility, and they mean it. Their employees come from many different backgrounds: engineers, teachers, artists, storytellers, chefs, movie buffs, musicians, and, of course, advertising.

They focus on industries around Houston that include oil and gas, medical, retail, and more. They also do just about everything, from strategy, creative, digital, web, public relations to traditional advertising. Also located in Dallas, Versa has worked throughout Texas with companies like Corky’s BBQ, Harris County Department of Education, and Perry Homes.

PriceService LinesDetails
$100-$149/hourSEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC
>Number of employees: 50-249
>Notable clients: Massage Heights, ZT Corporate, National Signs, Kung Fu Tea, Discount Power, Atlus
>Industries served: Real estate, Dining, Education, Healthcare
>More info at Versa Creative

Web Developers Firm

3300 Chimney Rock Suite 207
Houston, TX 77056, US

Houston Web Developers Firm specializes in web design and development, SEO, and web hosting for whichever kind of website your business needs. As a small company, they don’t focus on any other areas of marketing, which means you get a team that is strictly dedicated to building you a website designed with SEO content.

While they are small, Web Developers Firm has extended experience in the furniture, cleaning service, online store, car wash, hazard cleaning, restaurant, and other industries. Simply enter the service you desire for an automated quote in minutes.

PriceService LinesDetails
Custom QuoteWeb Design, Web Development, SEO
>Number of employees: 1-5
>Notable clients: Brio Hand Carwash, Mr. Bees Furniture, The Mover
>Industries served: Restaurant, E-commerce, Consumer services
>More info at Web Developers Firm

How We Chose the Best SEO Firms in Houston

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the key investments that a small business can make to improve their online presence and attract the right customers. But with so many different SEO firms in the Houston area to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is the right fit for your business. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve put together our list of the best SEO firms in Houston based on three criteria — their service lines, their size, and their industry focus.

Multiple Service Lines

Every client’s SEO needs are different, so the best SEO firms offer a range of services, such as website design, link building, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. We’ve focused on firms that provide multiple service lines, allowing you to adapt your SEO strategy over time and stick with the same firm as your digital marketing needs change.

Size of Firm

It’s important to choose a firm that’s the right size for your business. Some firms work closely with small businesses to offer more personalized services, while larger firms may offer more competitive rates but a less customized experience. We’ve included firms of all sizes on our list so you can find one that matches your preferences.

Industry Focus

Finally, we’ve included SEO firms with a wide range of industry specialties, including healthcare, education, and business. While many SEO firms can accommodate clients regardless of their industry, finding one that specializes in your market may be a good idea since you can count on them to know the best SEO practices for your industry.

Questions to Ask SEO Firms

With so many SEO firms in the Houston area each offering similar features, it’s important to ask the right questions during your initial discovery call or demo. To help you make the right inquiries, we put together a downloadable list of questions to ask your prospective SEO firms.

Download the questions to ask SEO firms