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Bottom line: SellerEngine offers everything that an Amazon seller will need in terms of account and product management. However, the only criterion for determining if it’s worth availing of their tools and services for your business is the return on investment. Will you be able to make back what you spent?

Investment in the tools is easier to justify. The Profit Bandit is almost a simple choice at $9.99 a month. Even if you don’t sell on Amazon, you can use it to find sellable products and be competitive in the general market.

SellerEngine Plus also provides a lot of value for most Amazon FBA sellers as an inventory and FBA management tool and the price tag is reasonable.

Sellery is also a possible winner if you sell many products on Amazon that would take too much time to reprice manually. Since you pay a percentage of your gross sales ― barring the $50 minimum ― the assumption is if you don’t make money, you don’t have to pay (too much). Of course, if you only sell one or a few items, the $50 might not be worth it.

Who should choose SellerEngine? SellerEngine is ideal for large e-commerce stores with a big inventory. SellerEngine services might not be worth it for most small businesses, especially those just starting as Amazon sellers. Unless you sell big-ticket items, you’re unlikely to make back even the $750 for Account Monitoring.

What we like about SellerEngine

  • High ROI: Some SellerEngine services may be worth it to a small business if the circumstances prove them to be a good ROI.
  • Helpful Tools: SellerEngine provides helpful tools for small e-commerce and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) businesses with an excellent return on investment (ROI).
  • Profit Bandit: Profit Bandit can be particularly useful for product research and retail arbitrage for a small business, on and off Amazon. The information provided by Profit Bandit includes live sales ranking, prices, Buy Box owners, and profit calculations. E-commerce businesses can significantly benefit from using Profit Bandit for selling on and off the Amazon platform.

What fell flat

  • Expensive: The account services are too costly for a small business or new Amazon seller and generally not worth the expense.
  • Bigger benefits elsewhere: Small businesses may derive as much or more benefit by building an e-commerce store on a platform, such as Shopify, instead of selling exclusively on Amazon.

SellerEngine’s Editorial Review

Whatever you plan for your online business, you need to do product research on Amazon, given that you’re competing with millions of third-party sellers. Like most other e-commerce businesses, you need to access and analyze Amazon data to ensure you can move the product you choose to sell and make money from it. With that aim in mind SellerEngine offers a range of tools that can help you gain an edge over the competition. In particular, Profit Bandit is one of the best investments you could make for your e-commerce business for online arbitrage.

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Plans & Pricing

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  • Profit Bandit ($9.99 per month)
  • Sellery (starts at $50 per month)
  • BuyBoxBuddy (starts at $50 per month)
  • SellerEngine Plus ($49.95 per month)


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  • Profit Bandit
  • Sellery
  • Price and Buy Box optimizer
  • FBA shipment management
  • Business coaching
  • Ungating
  • International expansion


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  • Account monitoring
  • Listing reinstatement
  • Account rescue
  • Full compliance with marketplaces


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  • Contact form
  • Email

Plans and Pricing

Profit Bandit $9.99 per month

  • Good for: Users who want to build their e-commerce business through arbitrage.

Sellery starts at $50 per month

  • Good for: Manages strategies to undercut competition.

BuyBoxBuddy starts at $50 per month

  • Good for: E-commerce stores that want intelligent pre-set repricing strategies.

SellerEngine Plus $49.95 per month

  • Good for: Midsize and large businesses that have a large inventory.


Profit Bandit

A mobile Amazon scouting app, you can use Profit Bandit for retail arbitrage and product research. Sellers can check if they can buy products easily from Walmart or other local stores and sell them on Amazon at a profit. A Profit Bandit subscription costs $9.99, and the tool is also included in the SellerEngine Plus subscription.

How Does Profit Bandit Work?

If you plan to set up your e-commerce store on the retail arbitrage model, you still need a good e-commerce platform to do it. Shift4Shop, for instance, offers a wide range of features and integrates with Amazon, so you can sell products on your e-commerce platform and Amazon if you choose.

The concept of retail arbitrage is simple, but there may be unexpected hurdles if you sell on Amazon. For one, Amazon restricts the selling of certain products. If you sell something from the Restricted Products list inadvertently, you could find yourself in trouble. For another, deciding on which product to sell requires looking at multiple factors, including current sales ranking, shipping costs, and profit and loss (P&L) calculation.

Profit Bandit addresses many of these concerns. As a mobile tool, it’s included in the paid plan for SellerEngine, or you can use it as a standalone app for $9.99 a month.

What’s on the Screen?

The way Profit Bandit works is simple. You can begin as soon as you download the app on your Android or iOS mobile device and sign up for the service. Listed below are the features you see after scanning a product and what these factors are used for.

  • #1. Scan
  • #2. Search bar
  • #3. Special Search
  • #4. Real-time sales rank
  • #5.Sell It
  • #6.Buy Cost/Sell Price
  • #7.Profit/Loss
  • #8.Browse on Amazon
  • #9.Scanning History
  • #10. Bluetooth scanner instructions
  • #11.Item condition
  • #12.Restriction alerts
  • #13. Competition information

The only work you need to do is provide Profit Bandit with the product identification information. Using the Scan button (#1), you get back all the information you need in a few seconds, faster if you use the Bluetooth scanner (#10). For products with no bar code or crossed bar codes, you can use the search bar to manually input the ISBN, bar code, ASIN, or keywords and select the product from the list.

What Do These Features Signify?

Aside from the List Price and Sales Rank (#4), Profit Bandit has a Special Search (#3) feature that lets you look up information about the product being researched. This information is collated from other Amazon sellers with the same product, other platforms, such as eBay, or related tools like camelcamelcamel.

Click on the title and category header and choose a special function to go to the site or tool you want.

You can use the Sell It (#5) button to reach your Amazon Seller Central account and directly list the product currently loaded on your Profit Bandit App. This feature lets you list the product directly from the app. You can also use it to add the product to the Buy List.

Perhaps the most critical function of Profit Bandit is the Buy Cost/Sell Price (#6) that calculates your likely profit based on the buy cost or sell price you put in. It produces your Profit/Loss (#7) for the product. The Profit/Loss calculation uses Amazon’s application programming interface (API) to include factors such as all Amazon fees, cost of goods, shipping rates, weight, and anything else that might cut into your bottom line.

Another important Profit Bandit feature specific to Amazon sellers is the Restriction Alerts (#12). You know at once if the product you scanned is on the Restricted Products list. You need to have an Amazon seller account to use this function.

Finally, Profit Bandit lets you see all the sellers on Amazon who have a listing for the same product and whether it’s classified as Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA), New, Used, or Collect. You see their prices at a glance, and you can then decide if you can match them or offer a lower price. The list may include a listing with an asterisk (*), identifying it as a seller who has the Buy Box. Any highlighted listings in brown are products sold by Amazon itself.

How Does Profit Bandit Benefit Your E-Commerce Business?

  • Arbitrage: You can find the best products to sell from other retailers and wholesalers easily without tedious research.
  • Estimations: Profit Bandit automatically pulls the information and calculates your potential profit to help you decide whether something is a good deal or not.
  • All-in-one solution:  It combines the functions of product searches and price tracking so that you have everything you need to set up a retail arbitrage business.


Ironically, SellerEngine is known more for Sellery than SellerEngine Plus because it’s the all-important repricer that works in real-time. Once it’s customized, the web-based tool can do the following tasks automatically:

  • Monitor competitor prices
  • Reprice products faster than Amazon
  • Manages strategies such as undercutting competitors, using sales velocity to adjust private label product prices, adjusting prices for FBA items depending on age to avoid storage fees, and more

An impressive tool with many features, sellers can access it by paying 1% of their gross monthly sales―a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $2,000.


BuyBoxBuddy determines the optimal price on your products to get you the greatest profit — it is designed to win and maintain the Buy Box for you with its phased algorithm.

It is easy to use and your inventory is imported in under 15 minutes.

In additional to its pre-set repricing strategy for your products, it also gives you detailed analytics of your Amazon inventory and actionable Smart Lists so that you can achieve your goals.

SellerEngine Plus

A desktop Windows application for inventory management, you can use it for order management, product listing, FBA shipment and listings management, and product research — all these on a single dashboard. SellerEngine Plus helps sellers stay competitive by comparing sales rank, selling prices, and more for products from your distributors. The subscription is $49.95 a month.

You might want to check out other inventory management software to compare them with SellerEngine Plus. ShipBob, for instance, is a free order fulfillment software with built-in inventory management that integrates with Amazon. You pay per fulfillment and see the price right on the website.

Business Coaching

SellerEngine depends on its years of experience dealing with Amazon to offer Business Coaching to new and clueless Amazon sellers. The service primarily deals with assessing a case to identify needs and issues, answering questions, assisting with solving problems and advising on best practices.

One scenario is when you’re a new seller and need guidance. Business Coaching can be helpful for new sellers, and since it’s an on-demand service, you only pay for what you use. If you’re not a new seller, but always getting in trouble with Amazon, Business Coaching might be just what you need.

The Business Coaching service will cost you $200 per half hour or $400 an hour.

That said, you might find that spending the $400 an hour for Business Coaching on Amazon training courses instead is better. The courses aren’t cheap by any means, but they’re comprehensive. You can also visit Amazon communities to get answers to your questions from active and experienced sellers.


Selling restricted items and brands is one of the reasons for suspension on Amazon. While you can request a lifting of category or brand restrictions Amazon may deny it. The Ungating service, which includes reviewing invoices and certificates, assessing unsuccessful requests, pointing out issues, and drafting a new request will come in handy but set you back $450 per brand or category.

International Expansion

Expanding to other Amazon marketplaces might seem like an easy decision, but the logistics may be complex. Signing up for the International Expansion service can help with the set up.

International Expansion takes care of the following:

  • Setting up an Amazon account in the new marketplace
  • Providing a list of Amazon fees
  • Explaining local taxes and registration requirements
  • Helping add value-added tax (VAT) into the pricing
  • Providing sample calculations of product costs
  • Helping get permission to sell in restricted categories
  • Setting up an international bank account through Payoneer
  • Providing unlimited email support

The service costs $450 per marketplace but, as of this writing, SellerEngine has suspended it due to high demand.


Account Monitoring

Akin to suspension insurance for Amazon sellers, subscribers to Account Monitoring with SellerEngine benefit from the following:

  • Daily checks on the account health
  • Resolution of Amazon notifications
  • Reinstatement of closed listings
  • Addressing account suspensions
  • Monitoring of performance parameters
  • Advice on process improvements for better scores
  • Managing negative feedback

The “premium” for the Account Monitoring service will set you back by $750 a month.

Listing Reinstatement

Amazon can be finicky when it comes to customer service, so closed or suspended listings are common. The Listing Reinstatement service takes over the reactivation process for you and SellerEngine claims a 97% success rate.

The process and inclusions are similar to the Account Rescue service. The price for this service is $750 per notification.

SellerEngine services might be worth it’s when you have inventory. If you have a huge quantity of one product in the FBA inventory with a suspended listing, you might be able to justify the $750 for the Listing Reinstatement if the costs of removing them are higher.

Account Rescue

Account Rescue is an as-needed service for reinstating a suspended Amazon account.

Sellers availing of the service can expect the following inclusions:

  • Account activity review
  • Discovery of cause for suspension
  • Creation of reinstatement appeal letters (as many as necessary)
  • Creation of plan of action
  • Temporary customer support management to improve metrics
  • Coaching on best practices

The Account Rescue standard service is $2,500. Addressing a 24-hour response time suspension drops the price to $2,000.


If you can’t find what you are looking for in SellerEngine’s vast resources, you can easily reach them via email or contact form to get an answer to your query.

Compare SellerEngine Alternatives

Ecommerce Platform

Pricing + Basic Plan Features

Price Based on Product

  • Profit Bandit
  • Sellery
  • Price and Buy Box optimizer
  • FBA shipment management
  • Business coaching
  • Ungating
  • International expansion

Consider SellerEngine if: You’re a small e-commerce store trying to stay competitive.


  • Analyze sales and trends over time
  • Amazon seller account health dashboard
  • Manage your inventory
  • Sales and shipping notifications
  • Process returns and issue refunds

Consider Amazon Seller App for: an easy to use free tool for e-commerce and Amazon sellers on the go.

$9.95 per month

  • PDA sourcing
  • TurboLister
  • AST online book arbitrage

Consider Scoutly if: You need to scan and check prices on Amazon without network or mobile signal.

What to Do Next?

While Amazon Prime sellers have some advantages, they must still compete with other Prime sellers. To remain competitive, they must continuously adjust their prices, based on competitor prices. Sellers can choose to do repricing manually, which is tedious and time-consuming, or use repricing tools like SellerEngine.

Overall, SellerEngine tools appear to hold their own when it comes to helping sellers stay competitive, especially small businesses. However, SellerEngine services focusing on monitoring account health and reinstating suspended accounts or listings might not be worth it for small businesses.

As you can see, much of your success as an Amazon seller depends on your strict conformity with the rules and whims of the platform. However, you can avoid a lot of these problems by simply not selling exclusively on Amazon.

As a small online retailer, you have as much chance of turning a profit through another e-commerce platform provided you choose the right one. For instance, Shopify has 29% of the market share in the U.S. and more than 1.7 million sellers, making it a significant competitor to Amazon.

Shopify isn’t an online marketplace like Amazon, so setting up your online business on the e-commerce platform gives you more freedom and less stress. And while you might be able to sell more on Amazon, you cannot discount the fact that the costs involved are higher.

Overall, SellerEngine provides handy tools and services for Amazon sellers. However, while the costs of the tools are “value for money” for your small business, its services aren’t.

Overall, SellerEngine provides handy tools and services for Amazon sellers. However, while the costs of the tools are “value for money” for your small business, its services aren’t.

How I Rated Seller Engine

I test e-commerce providers based on the following factors:

  • Value: What do you get for each plan — and does it hit that sweet spot of cost ratio to features?
  • Ease of use: Is it simple to use the platform with intuitive tools, familiar interfaces, and supportive tutorials or tours?
  • Features: Does the platform offer tools that support your business, including marketing integrations, plug-ins, reporting, and management? How effective are the features?
  • Security: Which measures does the platform take to protect your business? Does it offer Payment card industry (PCI) compliance and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates?
  • Support and improvements: How well does the platform help when you need it? And will it continue to grow with your needs?

Learn more about our review methodology.

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