The Best Reputation Management Software of 2021

Our reputation management software reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 80+ reputation management software companies from across the web. These reviews and our reputation management software guide help small businesses and startups find the best reputation management software for their business.

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The Best Reputation Management Software Companies of 2021

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How We Chose the Best Reputation Management Software

There are numerous reputation management software providers out there touting many features and functions, but do they really deliver? We set out to find the best vendors on the market according to features such as, review monitoring and response tools, mobile access, and reporting capabilities.

Review Monitoring & Response Tool

Reputation management software must have easy-to-use features that make it easy to monitor and respond to customer reviews in real time. We evaluated software based on its ability to offer these features on a variety of channels, including social media, business listings, review sites, and company websites.

Mobile App Access

Customer reviews don’t wait for scheduled business hours. It’s important that reputation management software has a mobile app that employees can use to respond to urgent reviews, even when they’re out of the office.

Reporting and Analytics

We also looked for reputation management software with robust reporting capabilities that track customer reviews and ratings across online and social platforms.

The 11 Best Reputation Management Software of 2021

CompanyPriceDemo/Free TrialMore
BirdeyeCustom quoteFree TrialVisit Birdeye
ChatmeterCustom quoteFree Brand AuditVisit Chatmeter
CheckkitFrom $99 per monthFree TrialVisit Checkkit
Critical MentionCustom quoteRequest a DemoVisit Critical Mention
DJUBO StarSightFrom $25 per monthFree TrialVisit DJUBO StarSight
Mentionlytics$39-$299Free TrialVisit Mentionlytics
PodiumCustom quoteFree Version AvailableVisit Podium
Reputation.comCustom quoteRequest a DemoVisit
Reviews.ioCustom quoteFree TrialVisit
Sprout Social$99 to $249 per monthFree TrialVisit Sprout Social
Swell CXFrom $199 per monthRequest a DemoVisit Swell CX


Birdeye is a reputation management software used by businesses across various sectors to manage their brands. It allows users to monitor online reviews and manage them across several web locations via one dashboard. Its natural language processing (NLP) feature permits keyword analysis in social media posts, reviews and survey responses.

Its ticketing feature assists users in monitoring and managing interactions on social media sites and offers alerts on negative feedback or comments. The software automatically notifies support of such feedback and assigns tickets for employees to resolve customer issues.

Its features include:

  • Offering overview reports of online performance generated from customer reviews
  • Web-chat and social media management
  • Issue and review management
  • Customer support via live chat, online help center and phone

Birdeye charges a monthly fee of $299 for its standard listing and review plan and $399 per month for its professional plan. These prices are for a single location. In addition, you can access a free trial of the product before committing.

PriceDemo/Free TrialFeatures
Custom QuoteFree Trial>Mobile app
>Sentiment analysis tool
>Review monitoring
>More features at Birdeye

Pros & Cons of Birdeye Reputation Management Software
Birdeye is easy to use and gathers reviews from various channels for quick and effective responses. The software prevents the publishing of negative reviews and addresses customer concerns privately and not publicly. On the downside, pricing isn’t listed online, making it hard to benchmark against its competitors.

>Easy to use
>Prevents publishing of negative reviews
>Private response to customer concerns
>Pricing isn’t listed online

What Customers Are Saying
Many customers have positive sentiments about Birdeye. One says, “The overall experience with Birdeye is excellent. I would recommend it for others if you want flexibility with your brand promotion and review collection from your customers.”


Chatmeter is a localized brand management app. The software helps monitor conversations about a brand on social media platforms and testimonials posted on review sites. This allows users to know the clients’ thoughts about the brand so they can immediately take action, if necessary.

This reputation management software is designed to help businesses top local listings. They can also appeal to more customers through increased visibility and broader reach. The software is ideal for any brand looking to enhance its online reputation via customer reviews and improving its client experience.

Chatmeter’s main features include:

  • Monitoring local competition via metrics and using these details to formulate better marketing strategies
  • Competitor benchmarking and sentimental analysis
  • Custom emails and text messages
  • Local SEO ranking management

Chatmeter doesn’t have a free version. Pricing is provided when you request a custom quote.

PriceDemo/Free TrialFeatures
Custom quoteFree brand audit>Mobile app
>Sentiment analysis tool
>Social media monitoring
>More features at Chatmeter

Pros & Cons of Chatmeter Reputation Management Software
Chatmeter helps manage your local SEO, which increases your visibility in search engines, including Yelp and Yellow Pages. With this reputation management solution, you can access information about your reviews from a single dashboard. You also get real-time notifications of new reviews. However, pricing isn’t listed online, making it difficult to benchmark against its competitors.

>Local SEO management
>Single, comprehensive dashboard
>Real-time notifications
>Pricing isn’t listed online

What Customers Are Saying
Chatmeter customers heap lots of praise on this solution and say it has helped them learn their client’s views about their services. One remarks, “I love the pulse feature with Chatmeter. It allows me to track what our customers are talking about in their reviews. For example, I found our customers are primarily talking about our overall customer service, not our product, policies, etc. That information was invaluable to discover! In addition, I love the webinars and blog posts!”


This cloud-based reputation management software is aimed at service-based businesses, such as dentists, brokers and chiropractors. The software helps users save the identification and contact details of their visitors and capture leads.

Checkkit is a messaging and review software that businesses use to monitor and manage online reviews and ratings, as well as answer customer queries in real time. The solution provides users with negative feedback management and a built-in dashboard that helps them track information from a single dashboard. It also offers mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.

Its major features include:

  • A live-chat widget on the user’s website to offer responses to client queries
  • Campaign and response management
  • Review monitoring and sentimental analysis

Checkkit offers a monthly subscription starting at $99 and provides support via email and phone. A free trial for the product is also available.

PriceDemo/Free TrialFeatures
Starts at $99 per monthFree trial>Mobile app
>Sentiment analysis tool
>Social media monitoring
>More features at Checkkit

Pros & Cons of Checkkit Reputation Management Software
One of the benefits of Checkkit is that you can start a conversation on your website and continue it on your mobile app. You can also contact clients through text, and save a template for frequently sent messages. The support team is also very responsive and helpful to customers.

>Mobile app available
>Responsive support team
>Can save text message templates
>No customer review generation outreach

What Customers Are Saying
Here’s what one user says about Checkkit, “Clients can chat with me from my website and continue the conversation right on their cell phone messaging app. I can reach clients via text and save templates for frequently used messages.”

Critical Mention

Critical Mention is a cloud-based reputation management solution that allows users to locate and share radio- and TV-related metadata and historical archives. This solution integrates with various media monitoring platforms. It’s a comprehensive tool for PR professionals to search, share and analyze real-time information from social media.

With this platform, users can search radio, TV, social media and online news in real time. The search results can be easily analyzed and converted into actionable data that can be shared via the comprehensive platform. It provides solutions for international TV and radio, cable networks, Nielsen markets, trade publications, online newspapers, blog pages and magazines. The main features of Critical Mention include:

  • Mobile-friendly data reporting
  • Several tools for ad hoc search visualization
  • Broadcast monitoring, social media monitoring and online news tracking
  • Analysis and reports via custom templates, charts, graphs and visualized coverage on word clouds and density maps

The pricing model for Critical Mention is subscription-based, and you can get further details by contacting the company directly. The vendor doesn’t offer a free trial of the software.

PriceDemo/Free TrialFeatures
Custom quoteRequest a demo>Sentiment analysis tool
>Social media monitoring
>Review monitoring
>More features at Critical Mention

Pros & Cons of Critical Mention Reputation Management Software
Critical Mention software brings together coverage from various media platforms in a few minutes. Reports can be customized to fit your specific needs, and you can also use the platform to track TV coverage. But, its social media analytics need improvement, and the software would be of more help if it also pulled social media coverage.

>Integrates different media coverage
>Pulls customizable reports
>Can show the value of trade media
>No free trial
>Pricing isn’t listed online

What Customers Are Saying
Many positive things have been said about Critical Mention. One user says, “This software pulls all of my media coverage in minutes. It shows the value of my coverage, reach/audience, and links to all of the clips. It even pulls video clips from live TV.”

DJUBO StarSight

DJUBO is a reputation management software specially designed for hospitality businesses. This tool provides competitor analysis, review generation and monitoring. It also includes sentiment analysis, which lets management learn about positive and negative reviews.

Additionally, users can analyze customer feedback by sorting the reviews via natural language and machine learning filters. The solution offers a graphical representation of general market trends to help management compare their business with competitors. This feature lets back-end employees analyze customer feedback and address negative reviews. Some of DJUBO’s features include:

  • Displays of hotel ratings and reviews gathered from third-party websites
  • Integrated property management system
  • Marketing automation
  • Employee management
  • CRM, retail and POS

DJUBO offers a free trial, and pricing starts at $25 per month.

PriceDemo/Free TrialFeatures
From $25 per monthFree Trial>Mobile app
>Sentiment analysis tool
>Social media monitoring
>More features at DJUBO

Pros & Cons of DJUBO Reputation Management Software
DjJUBO is a great channel manager and includes features needed by hotels, restaurants, homestays and resorts. The platform’s design makes it easy for new staff to learn and understand. It’s mobile-friendly, so users can access it from anywhere.

>Excellent channel manager
>Easy to learn and understand
>Geared toward the hotel and hospitality industry

What Customers Are Saying
DJUBO clients have lots of good things to say about the solution. One states, “As I said, I’ve been using Djubo for the last two or more years, and we are a revenue management and marketing base co. Djubo is with us from day one for all our properties, what we are developing in all destinations, and professional software.”


Mentionlytics is a suite of potent, easy-to-use social media and web monitoring tools. It offers customer insights by locating mentions across various social and web sources through user-defined keywords, for instance, a product, company name, topic or competitor.

Small businesses, start-ups, medium-sized companies and individuals can use this tool to monitor and enhance their brand image. Its key features include:

  • Social media integration
  • Monitoring and share of voice
  • Reports, engagement analytics and infographics
  • Email alerts for a clear view of what’s happening on online platforms
  • Main keywords and top mentioners

Mentionlytics offers a free trial for its software. The pricing structure includes four standard plans, each with unique features, ranging from $39- $299 per month.

PriceDemo/Free TrialFeatures
$39-$299 per monthFree Trial>Mobile app
>Sentiment analysis tool
>Social media monitoring
>More features at Mentionlytics

Pros & Cons of Mentionlytics Reputation Management Software
With this reputation management software, all the information you need is in a single dashboard, so you don’t have to open several tabs. The user interface is easy to navigate, the software is very interactive and the support staff is quite helpful. However, the Mentionlytics mobile app offers fewer features than the desktop app.

>User-friendly and easy to navigate
>Information is available on one dashboard
>Support staff are helpful
>Mobile app has limited features

What Customers Are Saying
Lots of positive remarks have been made by Mentionlytics clients. One comments, “It was a pleasant experience, and I also would like to point out that the two of the customer representatives are extremely helpful.”


Podium is an interactive platform that makes use of text messaging to help businesses manage and enhance customer relationships, as well as build an online reputation. This solution brings together online reviews and customer interactions in one dashboard.

Users can send and receive text messages, online invitations and comment on online reviews in real time via the dashboard. Also, the platform offers reports that show daily metrics, as well as competitive benchmarking and sentiment analysis.

The core features of Podium include:

  • Negative feedback management
  • Predictive and sentiment analysis
  • Multichannel data collection
  • On-demand communications

Podium pricing depends on the number of locations, and the company doesn’t offer a demo or free trial. You can request a custom quote based on your needs.

PriceDemo/Free TrialFeatures
Custom quoteFree version available>Mobile app
>Sentiment analysis tool
>Social media monitoring
>More features at Podium

Pros & Cons of Podium Reputation Software Management
Podium provides more power to customer care staff, such as issuing refunds, processing payments, maintaining PCI compliance and handling various payment methods. The platform allows customers and the business to communicate via text messages. Also, it lets the user allocate conversations to employees to store communications. However, the solution lacks local/business listing management.

>Two-way texting
>Extra power to customer care team
>Permits storing of communication
>No local/business listing management

What Customers Are Saying
Most clients are happy about what Podium offers and its ease of use. One says “Podium is used at my company to get reviews from our customers. It is so easy to use and has made a huge difference in our online presence.” is a SaaS platform that assists large businesses in gathering, responding to and managing customer feedback across various channels. The platform allows users to gain a 360-degree view of their brand’s online reputation and enhance customer experience via business listings, review management, social media accounts and surveys.

Managers can audit and apply for location listings on various online maps, search pages and directories, ensuring data accuracy on these platforms. Administrators can also develop role-based dashboards to unify ticketing and deliver resolution procedures across all channels. The main features of are:

  • Engagement analytics
  • Real-time analysis
  • Third-party integration
  • Competitive benchmarking and sentiment analysis
  • Social engagement and natural language processing pricing starts at $99, but the company doesn’t offer a free trial or demo for the product.

PriceDemo/Free TrialFeatures
Custom quoteRequest a demo>Mobile app
>Sentiment analysis tool
>Social media monitoring
>More features at

Pros & Cons of Reputation Management Software
The platform uses communication and response templates known as macros that aid in replying to reviews and responding to customer issues. It integrates with more than 1,000 SaaS services and brands directly. The software is easy to use and works as designed. However, the pricing structure is unclear.

>Easy to use
>Communication templates available
>Integrates directly with many SaaS brands and services
>Unclear pricing

What Customers Are Saying
Clients have a lot to say about One notes, “ has done a great job of working with us and our reputation online. They’ve stayed on top of responding to reviews and posting on Social Media.” is a popular tool used for collecting reviews and providing marketing solutions to eCommerce businesses. It helps in building online reputation and promoting loyalty among consumers. It can also aid in linking your business model to market demands by providing honest customer feedback.

The online reputation management software helps businesses collect, manage and publish reviews automatically across the web. It also makes the review process effortless for your clients by offering a simple, mobile-friendly and unobtrusive way for customers to leave feedback as they exit the platform. Some of its benefits include:

  • Full-time online reputation management
  • Contract-free price plans
  • Social proof feature
  • Video tool for powerful content and user-generated content
  • Seamless integration with leading eCommerce, social and CRM programs offers free trials to its customers, but the pricing structure depends on individual needs. For more details, you can contact the company for a custom quote.

PriceDemo/Free TrialFeatures
Customer quoteFree trial>Mobile app
>Social media monitoring
>Review monitoring
>More features at

Pros & Cons of Reputation Management Software
The support team and onboarding are attentive and proactive about solving customer complaints and issues. The solution’s interface is simple and easy to use and Google seller ratings appear quickly. However, pricing isn’t clear on their website.

>Responsive and proactive support team
>The interface is easy to use and simple
>Prompt Google seller ratings
>Pricing isn’t listed online

What Customers Are Saying
Customers consider to be one of the best reputation management software offerings on the market. One said, “Great company, no problems at all did exactly what they said they would do.”

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a reputation management software ideal for any type of business. It helps users manage their marketing strategies and customer interactions. It also assists in building relationships with customers by offering prompt responses to their queries and complaints.

Sprout Social comes with many features vital in optimizing social marketing strategies and is the ideal tool for social media management. The software mainly focuses on four aspects of social media effectiveness: measurement, monitoring, growth and engagement. Some of its notable features include:

  • Social media analytics and social customer service
  • Smart inbox to manage communications centrally
  • Automated publishing
  • Conversation tracking
  • Social media publishing

Sprout Social provides services on a monthly subscription basis, and the pricing ranges from $99 to $249, depending on the package. Users have access to a 30-day free trial before subscribing to a paid version.

PriceDemo/Free TrialFeatures
$99 to $249 per monthFree Trial>Mobile app
>Sentiment analysis tool
>Social media monitoring
>More features at Sprout Social

Pros & Cons of Sprout Social Reputation Management Software
Sprout Social allows the user to respond to all customer queries on one interface. The analytics help in monitoring KPI performance and adding objectivity to your social media strategies. Most clients find this tool costly compared to competitors, and it comes with a single-stream inbox as opposed to other offerings with multiple stream inboxes.

>Analytics to monitor KPI performance
>Easy to create, schedule and post content
>A single interface
>Costly tool
>Lacks multiple stream inbox

What Customers Are Saying
Clients across the board speak highly of Sprout Social. One notes, “Sprout Social is a great tool to use for social media management and social listening. My favorite part about Sprout Social is the combined social messaging inbox.”

Swell CX

Swell CX is a reputation management software that helps businesses acquire insight about customer experience via real-time feedback, satisfaction surveys, online reviews and net promoter scores.

The tool allows users to invite clients to offer feedback about business interactions. It also lets users gather reviews across multiple websites. Businesses can use Swell to deliver NPS and CSAT surveys to customers and receive feedback via email and text.

Some of its main features include:

  • Gamification and multichannel feedback collection
  • Customizable branding
  • Integration with third-party systems used for customer relationships, patients and point of sale through an API
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Real-time feedback
  • Messenger module that allows users to engage with customers and solve their problems instantly

Swell CX pricing starts at $99 per month and a custom quote is available on request. A free trial is offered.

PriceDemo/Free TrialFeatures
Starts at $99Request a demo>Mobile app
>Social media monitoring
>Sentiment analysis tool
>More features at Swell CX

Pros & Cons of Swell CX Reputation Management Software
Swell CX can be integrated with other systems, allowing for the sending of reviews daily. Its web chat is designed as a lead generation tool and it allows visitors and users to interact via text rather than tethering them to the computer. However, the price is a concern to some clients.

>Integration with other systems
>Web chat tool for lead generation
>Automated system for customer reviews
>Price is a concern to some clients

What Customers Are Saying
Swell CX is popular among its users. One says, “We are able to quickly gain reviews from patients of our dental practice. These reviews can easily be responded to through the platform. We have grown with new patients seeing the number of reviews we have as well. It is a very cyclic process that is growing moving forward.”

What Is Reputation Management Software?

Businesses use reputation management software to reverse negative customer experiences and promote their brand. The software is also used to push notifications and ad campaigns, and submit reviews via email and social media platforms. Marketing teams can then make sense of online reviews and develop a brand image that results in better revenue. The software comes with monitoring tools for social media discussions and posts.

Most consumers rely on reviews by past customers when searching for products or services online. This means if your business gets overwhelmingly positive reviews, acquiring new customers becomes an easy task. According to a report by Ambassador, 71% of social media users recommend a product or service to other people if they have had a positive experience. Such recommendations lead to more sales.

With reputation management software, you’re able to get precise information about how consumers view your business and use it to your advantage. For instance, if the tools capture a client’s negative experience, you can contact the person and improve their experience. This helps you to know the areas you need to improve.

Benefits of Reputation Management Software

Reputation management software isn’t just for large companies. It’s also useful for small businesses that want to better their services and increase their sales. It’s an indispensable tool for attracting customers and building your brand image. Here are some of the benefits of using reputation management software for your business.

  • Settling customer complaints:The system helps you monitor your customer’s problems and find timely solutions.
  • Improving customer service:The software lets you access all your client queries, complaints and other issues in one place, enabling faster resolution.
  • Increasing trust with your customers:The system helps to improve your brand reputation and trust.
  • Increasing word-of-mouth marketing: Reputation management software helps you market your business via positive word of mouth reviews.
  • Enhancing transparency:Most businesses struggle with ensuring transparency, but the software can make this effortless.
  • Locating business opportunities:Online reviews can help you identify new opportunities for your business.
  • Increasing online presence:Maintaining a presence on online platforms is a challenge to most businesses, but reputation management software can help you be more active online.
  • Building a customer database: The software can help you build a robust database of your customers.

Must-Have Features for Reputation Management Software

Your brand depends on how you maintain your reputation. That’s why many businesses adopt reputation management software to boost their brand image. When scouting for the ideal software, you should check for the following must-have features.

  • Monitoring and search functionality:Ideal reputation management software should have the capability to track conversations and trending stories and their origins. It should also monitor social media platforms and create reports.
  • Ease of use:The software should be easy to use and integrate into your system. It shouldn’t require on-site installation, and its integration with your system should be hassle-free.
  • Secure online atmosphere:If your employees share confidential information online, they should do it without any threat of privacy breaches. Your choice of software should allow assigning roles, access and privileges in a secure setting.
  • Single window/platform:The software should provide only one window for accessing information. This window should be the only destination for details obtained from monitoring tools, blogs and social media.
  • Real-time notifications:The software should provide real-time notifications to alert users of any new reviews of products and services. It should also be able to generate reports and OD analysis from the gathered information.
  • Open architecture: The ideal reputation management software should be flexible in fast-paced technologies, including new social media platforms. It should also have media monitoring capabilities, metrics and databases.

The Cost of Reputation Management Software

Reputation management software comes with varying features and functionalities, which determine its cost. Vendors often offer several plans that include specific services. The price of the software ranges between $100 and a few hundred dollars per month, based on the plan you choose.

Depending on the service provider, you may either pay a monthly or yearly subscription. A yearly subscription is often the better option since it’s more cost-effective. Many service providers offer free trials so customers can test the product before making a purchase.