The Best Real Estate Transaction Management Software of 2021

Our real estate transaction management software reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 70+ real estate transaction management software companies from across the web. These reviews and our real estate transaction management software guide help small businesses and startups find the best real estate transaction management software for their business.

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The Best Real Estate Transaction Management Software Companies of 2021

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How We Chose the Best Real Estate Transaction Management Software

To identify the best real estate transaction management software, it’s crucial to understand the fundamental role it has to fulfill. According to CoreNet’s Global Essential Guide, transaction management is “the buying and selling of owned or leased space.”

In finding the best real estate transaction management software of 2021, we looked at the following key functions it should assist you with:

  • Management and reporting of a property portfolio
  • Planning and execution of strategies and tasks
  • Market engagement
  • Selection of brokers
  • Oversight and automation of transaction execution
  • Automation of task management
  • Integrations to relevant real estate software

The best real estate transaction management software will help you streamline the entire transactional process, from canvassing and managing listings to tracking all contracts and electronic signatures on shared platforms. It’ll bring order to your workflow processes through seamless automation and integration.

The sole purpose of acquiring a good real estate transaction management program is to close deals faster and earn more commission because you can focus on new leads instead of doing admin.

Real Estate Transaction Management Features

To find the most suitable real estate transaction management software, there are a few elements worth considering. For starters, you’ll need various tools to perfect your business flow online, so a program should support third-party integrations.

We recommend software that offers various features, including automated contract management, task management, and transaction review tools.

Acquiring the best software tailored to your needs will create transparency in your buying and selling process It’ll also help you meet deadlines while organizing all your tasks and keeping track of every transaction’s progress.

The most prominent elements that the top software should include can be summarized as:

  • Software integrations and customization
  • Automation of workflow processes
  • Customer support and availability
  • Performance tracking and reporting
  • Financial analytics
  • Official electronic signatures validation, application, and filing
  • Commission management


External integration capabilities are essential. The best real estate transaction software should allow you to bring various subsystems into a single unified platform. It’ll save you time as you work from one hub while accessing various features and tools to simplify your daily online tasks.

Software integration links numerous systems in the background while giving you a single view or point of access to the cumulative data. You can combine file-based systems with several other databases through one application. Versatile software integration is necessary for the real estate industry as it uses specific systems to accomplish different tasks.

The main purpose is to:

  • Record sales
  • Store client data
  • Track and trace transactions
  • Collect and analyze data for reporting
  • Provide a platform for e-signatures on shared official documents


The best real estate transaction software provides automated and accurate metrics and statistics that allow the real estate agent to track and observe progress. It’ll accumulate this data into user-friendly and customizable reports to monitor performance effectively.

Analytics features should be easy to navigate and offer a personalized dashboard and detailed reports.  These functions help the agent to assess and improve transaction management practices.

Features we look for include:

  • Detailed leads reports
  • In-depth progress reports
  • Comprehensive sales reports
  • Extensive commission reports
  • User-friendly dashboard

The 10 Best Real Estate Transaction Management Software of 2021


Brokermint is an end-to-end solution that offers you complete back-office automation, customized dashboards, and personalized reporting capabilities. It streamlines your entire real estate business from transaction management through commissions and accounting.

Brokermint is a fully automated and integrated real estate transaction software that helps drive your bottom line. Features include:

  • Customized dashboard
  • Customized real-time analytics and reports
  • Real-time transaction management
  • Automated commission calculations
  • E-signatures
  • Complete API support
  • Customized forms and checklists

Brokermint enables you to set up and manage the entire platform according to your business needs and preferences. You have a real-time view of every transaction’s progress, and you can tailor the layout of your dashboard to have a quick view of the data you prefer. The automated commission calculations include referral fees, disbursements, sponsor fees, and sliding scales.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quoteFree Demo>Deployment: Web-based, cloud, SaaS
>Customer service: 24/7 (live rep), online, phone during business hours
>Customization of reports and dashboards
>E-signature enabled
>More features at Brokermint

Pros & Cons of Brokermint Real Estate Transaction Management Software

Brokermint provides a real-time view of all pertinent tasks, including sales and commissions earned. Although there’s no free trial, you can request a demo for every feature and receive technical assistance through a highly responsive online chat function. The support team is professional and well-versed in offering you a customized version of Brokermint according to your needs.

>Free demo and customized pricing options available
>Customization options for dashboard and reports
>Real-time view of each transaction, progress, and sales and commissions earned
>Doesn’t offer a free trial
>Doesn't include appointment scheduling

What Customers Are Saying

Many users claim that Brokermint is the best all-in-one solution they’ve encountered. The customization capabilities and user-friendly interface are quick to master and implement. There’s praise for product-specific tools mentioned as, “My absolute favorite thing is the tool to split documents. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those features.” Another customer said, “If you’re looking for a way to track production and profit and run reports, this is a fabulous system. It is going to make a great overall CRM someday, but that part needs some great improvements.”

The positive feedback outweighs the negative ones, such as, “If I make a mistake in the initial input of the listing or selling info, I can’t correct it. I made a mistake on the commission 2x and was unable to change it.” The overall feedback is that issues encountered are addressed by a highly effective support team in a timeous manner.


DocuSign delivers a list of sub-products that addresses every aspect of the real estate transaction management process down to the smallest detail. It applies AI technology and machine learning to offer this document-driven industry intuitive contract creation, automation, collaboration, and finalization.

It’s a start-to-finish product that’ll allow your business to focus on the deal while the software evaluates, scrutinizes and processes the contracts, signatures, validation, and payments. Some of the most significant features it offers the real estate industry include:

  • Document management through automated contract lifestyle generation
  • Interactive collaboration and process workflow
  • Finalization through a central repository
  • Fully functional mobile apps
  • In-depth review process via AI contract analytics
  • Document generation through integration with Salesforce
  • Powered by SmartIQ
  • Transaction listings on the blockchain through Ethereum
  • Electronic signatures and validation certificates

DocuSign has seamless integrations and APIs in collaboration with SAP, Workday, Salesforce, and Ethereum. The software is a one-stop-shop solution for the real estate industry as it addresses every aspect needed to save time and money. The extensive integrations allow you to work from one platform while benefiting from various industry-leading providers. It covers every aspect of accounting, contract management, payments, and reporting.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Personal: $10/month
Standard: $25/user/month
Business Pro: $40/user/month
30-Day Free Trial>Deployment: Web-based, cloud, SaaS, iPhone/iPad, Android
>Customer service: 24/7 (live rep), phone during business hours, online
>Intuitive AI contract creation and analytics
>Electronic signatures
>More features at DocuSign

Pros & Cons of Docusign Real Estate Transaction Management Software

The 30-day free trial is an excellent opportunity that allows enough time to determine whether DocuSign is the right product for your needs. Despite its hefty price tag, it’s a comprehensive software with multiple integrations and a range of mobile apps.

However, it can take some time to learn how to utilize its potential fully. The provider does offer extensive customer support, though, which can greatly assist you during the rollout and implementation phase.

>Mobile apps
>Extensive customer support
>30-day free trial
>More costly than most other solutions

What Customers Are Saying

With more than 100 million users spread across 188 countries, DocuSign garners high praise from customers for the ease it brings to their profession. It’s replaced all the manual labor and heavy paper trails once related to the real estate industry.

Small businesses and large corporations can use DocuSign to manage their day-to-day operations effectively. One client stated, “This has been a great tool to streamline our contract approval process and expedite our contracts process with our clients. It also makes it easy to keep documents saved for future review.” Another client mentioned the user-friendliness, saying, “It’s easy to use. There’s no learning curve when obtaining this product. It’s completely self-explanatory with great customer service and updates.”


Dotloop offers industry-specific software, tried and trusted among real estate agents. It’s used to streamline and optimize the entire online transaction management process. Essential tasks are simplified thanks to online form and contract creation, transaction management, and electronic signatures. It offers you a fully automated workflow solution and gives your team a real-time view of operational progress.

You can brand and customize Dotloop software according to your requirements, making it user-friendly and adaptable. Features include:

  • Automated workflow processes
  • Automated audit trails and storage
  • Real-time view of each transaction’s progress
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Creates a 100% paperless process
  • Signing of documents and contracts via text message
  • Customized task templates
  • Tag and track leads
  • Customized and real-time reporting

Additionally, Dotloop offers integrations to more than 75 existing real estate software platforms, making it easy to set up and continue working during implementation.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Premium (Agents): $29/month
Team: Custom quote
Brokers: Custom quote
Free Demo >Deployment: Web-based, cloud, SaaS, iPhone/iPad, Android
>Customer service: 24/7 (live rep), online, phone during business hours
>More features at Dotloop

Pros & Cons of Dotloop Real Estate Transaction Management Software

Dotloop offers a free demo to help you make the right choice. It’s an affordable option for small businesses, and its customer support team provides training, too. That’s fantastic news as switching from a demo version to a paid one isn’t always smooth sailing. However, the product is solely developed for the real estate industry and needs few to no adjustments. It therefore allows for quick migration of existing data onto its platform.

>Free demo
>Offers training
>Affordable premium package for small business
>Switching from demo to paid version can cause a few hiccups

What Customers Are Saying

The general feedback from real estate clients is very positive, with most complaints about minor adjustments needed to perfect its usability across various devices. According to a customer review, they would like to “Be able to separate loops when a purchase doesn’t go through and have search capacity when loops are archived.”

Another client said, “The viewing could be a bit more user friendly when opening from different types of devices.” However, the same customer also praised the app as “Dotloop’s user interface is the best I’ve seen! It brings you exactly to where you need to read and sign.”

The user also said, “Convenience is everything! Dotloop has made it easier than ever to complete multiple days of paperwork.” The common consensus amongst clients is that Dotloop is an all-in-one solution geared towards streamlining automation within the real estate industry.

EZ Coordinator

EZ Coordinator is a real estate transaction software developed with the core aim of assisting agents, brokers, and transaction coordinators. It automates your day-to-day tasks, lead generation, and management. It also provides task monitoring, back-office management, and email marketing. It integrates with the CRM to track and trace leads, making it easy for you to remain focused on closing potential deals.

There’s a free version of EZ Coordinator, ideal for small teams or individuals starting up a new business. It offers four levels to fill specific needs, making it a helpful tool that’s scalable. Features include:

  • Task creation and monitoring
  • Lead management
  • Reporting
  • Listing tools
  • Website administration
  • Email marketing
  • Integrations

EZ Coordinator integrates with BrokerSumo to deliver a full back-office and transaction management system. It also has user-friendly and customized commission plans and disbursements.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Free version available
EZ CRM: Reg $20/month; Sale $15/month
EZ PRO: Reg $35/month; Sale $29/month
EZ TEAMS: Reg $65/month; Sale $49/month
14-Day Free Trial>Deployment: Web-based, cloud, SaaS
>Customer service: Phone during business hours
>Integrates with accounting software
>Website & email management
>More features at EZ Coordinator

Pros & Cons of EZ Coordinator Real Estate Transaction Management Software

The EZ Coordinator platform maintains daily tasks effectively, but it lacks vital features to manage a property portfolio. It also doesn’t offer commission management. However, the free version includes some essential functions and can still work well with an integrated online portfolio management program.

It’s an excellent task-driven tool, compatible with mobile and desktop devices. The CRM capabilities are superb, giving you a solid database to track transactions efficiently. EZ Coordinator also comes with a plethora of website and email management tools.

>Mobile and desktop versions
>Website and email management
>CRM tools to track progress of transactions
>Doesn’t offer commission management
>No property management features

What Customers Are Saying

EZ Coordinator is an effective CRM and daily task management software that streamlines your business and the team’s daily operations. One client reported it as the perfect way to go paperless, stating “We wanted to go paperless and reduce errors. EZ Coordinator has done all of that for us, and it’s proved more than valuable in closing deals.”

According to another client, it’s the ease of use that stands out: “I spent two years searching for real estate software that could fit my need for instant access to all the tasks and information. Luckily, I finally stumbled upon the EZ Coordinator.”

Inside Real Estate

Inside Real Estate
Inside Real Estate is a complete software solution for real estate transaction management. It offers lead generation, CRM tools, transaction management, and marketing solutions. It also has IDX websites and automated functions via various media platforms.

Inside Real Estate is excellent for teams that use a variety of methods and sources to generate leads. The software has access to specific tools from IDX websites, home valuation widgets, and paid traffic.

The automated marketing algorithm uses AI to notify the sales team of a lead’s preferences and needs based on their online behavior. You can also use it to send predesigned campaigns and targeted messages based on gathered data. Furthermore, the software offers recommendations to improve workflow through the business analytics feature.

Features include:

  • Integrations with various third-party providers
  • Transaction review and monitoring
  • File sharing
  • Document templates and creation
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Lender management and interaction on the platform
  • Automated business analytics and reports

You can customize the platform to suit your business needs. When it comes to marketing, there are plenty of automation and promotional tools at your disposal. A range of third-party integrations is available, too, enhancing your overall operational processes.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quoteFree Demo>Deployment: Web-based, cloud, SaaS
>Customer service: Online, phone during business hours
>Automated marketing tools
>More features at Inside Real Estate

Pros & Cons of Inside Real Estate Transaction Management Software

Inside Real Estate offers a free demo for a trial period, which is ideal since the software requires an intense learning curve. Customer support is only available by phone during business hours, too.

The software is fully automated, making day-to-day tasks quick and easy. Additionally, numerous lender management tools ensure a seamless financing process.

> Free demo available
>Automation of all features
>Lender management and interaction on one platform
>Support not available 24/7
>The implementation and rollout phase takes time, and there’s an intense learning curve

What Customers Are Saying

Customers enjoy the automation, with one stating, “I have it synced to all my lead sources and have smart campaigns set up automatically. It is a great tool, and if you take the training, you see how many great tools it offers.”

Users also find the training material and customization useful, with one saying, “The agent success plan videos walk me through the process to learn how to use it. I love all the options to customize groups and keep in contact with prospects and clients.”

Paperless Pipeline

Paperless Pipeline
Developers created Paperless Pipeline to minimize paper trails in the office and give you more access and control over each transaction. It’s a fully automated system that sets up transaction files quickly. It takes less than a minute to create a single folder, and from there, it’s automated through the “Pipeline” until you complete the deal.

The interface is user-friendly and simple, allowing agents to work without any distractions. It streamlines real estate transactions with automation to improve the efficiency and speed of all tasks. The software addresses two major categories: transactions and commissions. It offers features designed for these specific departments, making it easy to monitor operations.

Features include:

  • Flexible permissions
  • Transactional and instant reporting
  • Real-time tracking and reports
  • Integrations
  • Automated CDAs
  • Agent and broker recruitment
  • Automated audit compliance

Paperless Pipeline has no initial start-up fees. The monthly installment depends on how many transactions you process.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
10 transactions: $75/month
25 transactions: $100/month
40 transactions: $125/month
80 transactions: $175/month
150 transactions: $225/month
250 transactions: $300/month
350 transactions: $350/month
450+ transactions: $450/month
21-Day Free Trial>Deployment: Web-based, cloud, SaaS
>Customer service: Online, phone during business hours
>API integration
>More features at Paperless Pipeline

Pros & Cons of Paperless Pipeline Real Estate Transaction Management Software

Paperless Pipeline is an easy-to-use and effective platform with powerful features. Once you create a transaction file, the rest of the process is automated and can be viewed in real time as it progresses through the Pipeline until completion. It doesn’t include an electronic signature or file-sharing option, but it integrates seamlessly with third-party providers that offer this function.

>Automated transaction processes
>Real-time progress viewing
>Supports various integrations
>No file sharing features
>No electronic signature function

What Customers Are Saying

The COO of a prominent realty group had this to say: “It’s just an easy program to use. It’s simple. It’s beautiful. It gets the job done without being complicated.” Another happy agent said, “Paperless Pipeline is an amazing tool for Real Estate Agents! We keep track of all our transactions in one place, but I can also access it from my phone!!!! It’s so customizable.””

The general market feedback is that the program is easy to implement and utilize. As quoted by another real estate agent, “It’s refreshing to work with a tech company that gets how real people work.”


Qualia’s real estate software is a go-to solution for any person buying or selling property. Lenders, agents, investors, and individuals can use it. It offers a secure and automated platform to manage and track the progress of any type of realty transaction from your PC or phone. It streamlines the entire lending transaction from start to finish.

All documents related to the buying, selling, or financing of a property can be uploaded and securely stored on the platform. Users receive real-time alerts as milestones are achieved in the process. The platform seamlessly integrates with other leading third-party software that enhances the transaction process from start to finish.

Features include:

  • Electronic signatures
  • Group messaging
  • Supports integrations and partner API’s
  • Remote online notarization
  • Automated contract management
  • Automated AI task management

Qualia offers various other tools that help you manage property deals efficiently. It comes with a loan origination system and marketplace integrations to municipal lien search engines. Its seamless work and task flow management features are highly effective for team collaboration and increased productivity. Qualia also ensures that tasks are automatically added to a file when specific conditions are met in a contract cycle.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quoteFree Trial>Deployment: Web-based, cloud, SaaS
>Customer service: Phone during business hours, online
>Partner API solutions
>Marketplace integrations
>More features at Qualia

Pros & Cons of Qualia Real Estate Transaction Management Software

Qualia is a diverse end-to-end platform, powered by AI for optimum task and process management. It offers a free trial period that includes no-charge personalized setup and a demo version. On the downside, technical support isn’t available around the clock, and you can expect a steep learning curve. That said, according to trusted reviews from escrow and title companies, it’s worth every cent.

>Comprehensive end-to-end software
>Free trial and initial setup
>AI driven task and communications alerts
>Support not available 24/7
>Steep learning curve can be expected due to extensive nature of software

What Customers Are Saying

Businesses praise Qualia for its effectiveness, with one user saying it’s “Very user friendly and much easier to navigate through the information. I love the online real-time so that it is there and populates where it should as soon as you enter data. Lots of features that can be incorporated and merged in.”

When asked about the cons of Qualia, a customer said, “Well, I’m trying to think of something??? Honestly, I can’t think of anything. Sure, when you first start, you have to learn all the ins and outs, but the training videos are great and very accessible at any time that fits your schedule.”

SAP Hybris

SAP Hybris
SAP is a world-renowned software solution used by various industries to streamline business operations. The application of SAP Hybris as a real estate transaction software is highly effective and customized to fit any size enterprise. It’s an end-to-end solution that offers ERP and finance, CRM and customer experience, network and spend management, and a business technology platform.

Due to the sheer size and success of the SAP software, you’ll be able to tap into a wide variety of complimentary services, such as the SAP app center that can build customized solutions. It’s a fully integrated system that supports partner APIs and provides technical support to streamline integrations.

Applying various features and plug-ins from the SAP platform will enable a business to automate an entire operation from one single sign-on point. It offers marketing solutions, transaction management, reporting, and audit trail data storage.

Features include:

  • CRM systems and support
  • Integrations with e-commerce
  • Customized real-time reporting
  • Transaction management
  • Business tech platform for analytics
  • Back office accounting and commission management
  • Database management
  • App development

If you want a personalized approach to your business platform, SAP Hybris offers the technical support and training needed to develop, implement, and maintain it.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quoteFree Trial>Deployment: Windows, web-based, cloud, SaaS
>Customer service: 24/7 (live rep), online, phone during business hours
>Customized solutions
>CRM and marketing tools
>More features at SAP Hybris

Pros & Cons of SAP Hybrid Real Estate Transaction Management Software

Although there’s no task management feature, SAP can customize any category of its product listing to suit your business needs. It offers professional support to ensure smooth implementation and rollout. Due to the variety of products available from SAP, a small business might find the product too expensive, but it’s an excellent solution for expanding companies. Plus, the custom quotation system means you’ll only pay for what you need.

>Needs-based pricing
>Multiple integrations
>Branded and customized all-round solution
>Can be too costly for small companies
>No task management feature

What Customers Are Saying

SAP Hybris is also known in the industry as SAP Commerce Cloud. It can be challenging to understand the entire platform, with one client describing it as, “Learning the SAP Commerce system is difficult for a start. More simply, SAP Commerce products can be learned.”

The marketing campaigns to generate leads work well in the CRM, according to a client who said that SAP Hybris “Successfully ties campaigns to contacts within CRM.” Most users are impressed with the diversity of the software, stating “The platform is very business-agnostic in that it can be highly customized with a massive scope of features and parameters.”


SkySlope is best described as a powerful centralized hub combining all the features and tools the realty industry needs daily. It offers customized solutions from CRM to back office and accounting. It’s a seamless software link across various applications, with its core focus on creating and maintaining real-time compliant digital footprints of each transaction.

Features include:

  • CRM tools
  • Automated reviewing process with customized checklists
  • Automated transaction management
  • Integrated and customized forms
  • Integrations for third-party real estate platforms
  • Comprehensive brokerage analytics
  • Multi-level report viewing and access

SkySlope keeps compliance in mind, and all features adhere to delivering an audit-ready transaction management function. It creates, shares, and finalizes contracts easily through integrated and editable forms that incorporate its DigiSign feature.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quoteFree Demo>Deployment: Web-based, cloud, SaaS
>Customer service: Online, 24/7 (live rep)
>Smart integrations for optimized workflow
>More features at SkySlope

Pros & Cons of SkySlope Real Estate Transaction Management Software

SkySlope’s software is available to test in a free demo version. It allows you to use it in your business with real case profiles to ensure it’s the solution you need. As a stand-alone system, it offers an end-to-end solution for small to medium-sized businesses with compliant audit trail tracking. It also offers integrations with multiple real estate platforms without the need to lose data or functionality. However, the stand-alone platform doesn’t offer a contract management feature.

>Free demo available
>Multiple integrations to real estate software
>Fully compliant audit trail tracking of transactions
>No contract management feature

What Customers Are Saying

Many brokers and agents reported that SkySlope is a user-friendly platform that’s easy to utilize and optimizes their business’s efficiency. One client said, “SkySlope streamlines compliance for our brokerage. We struggled for years to find the most user-friendly software for our agents, which is by far the best I have ever used. We would be lost without SkySlope!”

The agent also said, “SkySlope is extremely user friendly on the agent side. It recognizes your saved file in zipping and auto-populates when you choose that address in the search feature. DigiSign is a dream and never seems to have issues as many other digital signature software programs do.” One brokerage mentioned that the initial rollout was a steep learning curve: “The learning curve can be steep, and I’ve noticed that older agents in my office have trouble.”


Softpro offers an end-to-end real estate transaction management system that’s user-friendly and adaptable to your needs. The products are modular and can expand as your business grows. The software comes with various industry integrations, making it easy to use your favorite apps and tools without losing functionality.

You can customize the program to include rules and practices, as the automation will prevent further progress until all steps are completed. It allows the principal dealer to control audit compliance and safe practices, too. Features include:

  • Automated transaction management
  • Customized task management
  • Contract management
  • Transaction review
  • Document templates
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Back-office management
  • Online application portal for buyers

SoftPro offers various products that you can implement if and when your business needs them. It makes the software affordable, and you can roll it out in various stages.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quoteFree Demo >Deployment: Windows, web-based, cloud, SaaS
>Customer service: Phone during business hours, online
>API integrations with multiple apps
>More features at SoftPro

Pros & Cons of SoftPro Real Estate Transaction Management Software

SoftPro offers a complete solution for end-to-end transaction management and real-time compliance tracking. You only pay for what you need, making it a smart choice for start-ups and smaller real estate companies.

You can also try it out for free via the limited demo. However, it lacks online file sharing capabilities, making it more difficult to collaborate on contracts. There’s also a bit of a learning curve before you’ll become familiar with the system.

>Modular business model for affordability
>Free demo available
>Real-time compliance tracking
>No file sharing features
>Steep learning curve

What Customers Are Saying

SoftPro customers enjoy the user-friendly interface, although the initial implementation was somewhat challenging, with one realtor saying, “There is a steep learning curve upfront.” Another client mentions the efficient customer support, stating, “If we have any issues, we have help fixing it within a very short time frame. They are always very helpful.”

What Is Real Estate Transaction Management Software?

Special real estate transaction management software eliminates the paper trail in a business. It does this by streamlining all processes through an online platform. In particular, it manages all documents, tasks, transactions, signatures, leads, sales, and commissions. Real-time solutions are imperative, and the best real estate transaction management software will give you automated updated progress reports, too.

Automation and machine learning systems that offer intuitive solutions will help you save time in the office so your team can focus on canvassing and leads. By implementing real estate transaction software, you’ll be able to increase your commission as you’ll close deals more quickly.

The best real estate transaction management software will offer you compliant work processes with automated audit trails. It keeps everything stored in a centralized hub for easy access and referrals.

Benefits of Real Estate Transaction Management Software

The benefits of real estate transaction software are tangible and lead to increased production from the sales team. Transaction progress and task management become more efficient, too. The added benefit is that it reduces paper use, a global drive for companies with social responsibility objectives.

  • Effective transaction management and compliance: You can access, view, and control all tasks on one platform. Automated systems using AI technology streamline your workflow and processes. Compliance for audit trails is at the core of the software, saving time and money on accounting fees.
  • Centralized platform for enhanced efficiency: There are various products in the real estate industry to streamline processes and workflow. Real estate transaction software delivers a platform on which they can all integrate, creating a single-entry system to perform essential tasks.
  • Increased productivity and growth: By automating your workflow and transactions, you’ll have more time to source leads and close deals. You’ll grow your business while the software takes care of the administration and paper management.
  • Expedites daily task scheduling: A range of  automated features will help your team remain focused during every step of the process.
  • Saving costs: The automation and compliance will reduce the workforce and time needed to prepare audits. You’ll see a higher ROI as your team will also be freed up to engage more with potential buyers and focus on closing deals.

Must-Have Features of Real Estate Transaction Management Software

When looking for the best real estate transaction management software,, there are a few vital features worth noting.

  • Integrations: The best real estate transaction management software will integrate seamlessly with other programs for an all-around tool. If it offers an API to connect to, it makes integration even easier.
  • Customized reports: The software should have automated analytics and reports that provide a compliant audit trail. Customization options are also crucial for isolating certain information. Plus, a dashboard view of the data you require allows for enhanced day-to-day management.
  • Customer support: Most real estate transaction software comes with a learning curve once installed, so you’ll need efficient customer support. The best solutions offer online tutorials and have 24/7 representatives with extensive knowledge about the product.
  • Contract and task management: These features are crucial to streamline your workflow processes and increase productivity. Automated contract management that can be shared and electronically signed is a highly effective tool.
  • Document templates: This function makes drawing up contracts and task sheets quick and easy. Preferably, there should be customizable form templates for corporate branding.

The Cost of Real Estate Transaction Management Software

The cost of real estate transaction management software varies depending on the product. You’ll find various pricing models, with most offering a free trial or demo to get you started.

Some providers will charge you per user and tend to decrease their price as the number of users increases. Other companies offer plans for groups, ranging from 10 users to 50 or more. You can also find providers that charge a monthly fee for unlimited users.

The average cost of the best real estate transaction management software can range from $10 per month up to $40 per month per user. Some providers charge a flat rate of around $450 per month for 450 transactions or more, calculating the cost per transaction and not per user.