The Best Performance Appraisal Software of 2021

Our performance appraisal software reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 90+ performance appraisal software companies from across the web. These reviews and our performance appraisal software guide help small businesses and startups find the best performance appraisal software for their business.

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How We Chose the Best Performance Appraisal Software

An increasing number of businesses are switching from traditional performance reviews that rely on observation and feedback to objective performance appraisal software. With so many to choose from, it’s vital that you select a software that boasts the features best suited to your organization’s needs.

When selecting the software on this list, we focused on the three most important functions: comprehensive employee tools, objective setting, and ongoing performance tracking. But we also considered other important features, including support, reporting analytics and third-party integrations.

Comprehensive Employee Review Tools

Performance review software makes it easier for management to store all relevant information about an employee in one place for reference. Some providers go above and beyond in offering a self-appraisal process so that the employees can provide feedback about themselves.

360-degree feedback is another great employee review tool that pulls input from peers, customers, supervisors and managers into one place. This gives you a more complete picture of the individual and the value they add to your business.

Objective Setting

We’ve prioritized the strength of each performance appraisal software company’s objective setting functions. This is important because these criteria will form the basis of the reports you get for each employee. It’s also correct practice to have clear goals for your team to work toward so they can fully engage with their role and excel. Most of the companies on our list make it easy for HR and management to customize objectives for each individual.

Ongoing Performance Tracking

For employees, their job is one of the most important aspects of their lives. Ongoing performance tracking helps them get the most out of their role and lets managers and HR keep an accurate, data-driven picture of their progress.

When you use this type of software, you always have a reference point during employee/manager communications. Plus, you can spot any issues or areas of outstanding performance as soon as they occur and provide the relevant feedback.

Best Performance Appraisal Software of 2021

CompanyPriceFree Trial/DemoMore
AssessTEAMBasic: $1.40 /month/user
Premium: $3/month/user
Enterprise: $5.90/month/user
Free trialVisit AssessTEAM
BambooHRCustom quote7-day trialVisit BambooHR
ClearCompanyCustom quoteDemoVisit ClearCompany
CRG emPerform$2-4/user/month, depending on company sizeFree trialVisit CRG emPerform
eloomiCustom quoteFree trialVisit eloomi
HibobCustom quoteDemoVisit Hibob
Kissflow HR CloudStarter: $360/month
Growing: $490/month
Enterprise: From $1,000/month
Free trialVisit Kissflow HR Cloud
LanteriaHRCustom quoteFree trialVisit LanteriaHR
LatticeCustom quoteDemoVisit Lattice
NamelyCustom quoteDemoVisit Namely
Primalogik$129/user/month (3-month minimum)
$979/per month 3-month minimum for 400 users
30-day trialVisit Primalogik
Qualtrics EmployeeXMCustom quote30-day trialVisit Qualtrics EmployeeXM
Reviewsnap$3,040/year10-day trialVisit Reviewsnap
SAPCustom quoteDemoVisit SAP
SynergitaSynergita Engage: $2/user/month
Synergita Perform: $5/user/month
Perform Plus: $8/user/month
OKR: $5/user/month
21-day trialVisit Synergita
TalentGuardCustom quoteDemoVisit TalentGuard
TrakstarCustom quoteFree trialVisit Trakstar
UltiProCustom quoteDemoVisit UltiPro
WorkdayCustom quoteDemoVisit Workday
Zoho PeopleEssential HR: $0.83/user/month billed annually
Professional: $1.66/user/month billed annually
Premium: $2.50/user/month billed annually
Enterprise: $4.16/user/month billed annually
People Plus: $8/user/month billed annually
15-day trialVisit Zoho People


AssessTEAM is affordable, with a clear pricing structure and bundles of features. In fact, this is one of the companies that ticks pretty much every box. You can choose the right subscription plan for the size of your enterprise, with the option to simultaneously analyze the performance of over 500 employees.

It lets you program objectives from a database of more than 3,000 key performance indicators, with the option for weighted performance measures. This means customized reviews specifically for your company’s priorities and the expectations and requirements of each employee.

AssessTEAM includes options for 360-degree feedback, ongoing performance tracking, individual plans and self-appraisal. Third-party integrations such as payroll are possible, and it has the option for on-platform compensation management. Although it’s available for Android and iOS, the apps are a bit of a letdown compared to the main client.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Basic: $1.40/month/user
Premium: $3/month/user
Enterprise: $5.90/month/person
Free trial>Deployment options: web-based, cloud, SaaS,
iPhone / iPad and Android
>Can manage the employee performance of a 500+ strong workforce
>360-degree feedback
>More features at AssessTEAM

Pros & Cons of AssessTEAM Performance Appraisal Software
AssessTEAM includes comprehensive employee review tools that give employers a holistic picture of the team member. This platform’s most significant drawback is the fact you can’t provide continuous feedback or arrange performance reviews on customized dates. Evaluation is only available on a set weekly, monthly or quarterly schedule.

>Comprehensive employee review tools
>Clear pricing structure
>360-degree feedback
>No indication of how long a free trial is available for
>Non-customizable evaluation frequency

What Customers Are Saying
Customers are impressed by the way AssessTEAM lets them automate time-consuming processes while making them more impartial. One customer claims that “it is well organized and easy to use with excellent features.”


BambooHR is one of the giants of HR software, with an effective system for employee performance reviews. Its deployment options include those for Mac and Windows as well as web-based, cloud, SaaS, iPhone / iPad and Android availability. The platform is ideal for SMBs with fewer than 1,000 employees, and it offers 360-degree feedback to give managers and HR the full picture of an employee’s output rather than one snapshot.

It lets you program in a broad range of goal setting and tracking functions so each employee knows what’s expected of them and has a clear path for progression. Additionally, your business benefits from thorough reports and analytical tools to help you gauge performance and deliver accurate, targeted feedback.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quote7-day trial>Weighted performance measures
>Compensation management
>Individual performance plans and self-appraisals
>More features at BambooHR

Pros & Cons of BambooHR Performance Appraisal Software

As one of the slickest options on the market, BambooHR comes with a significant price tag. However, you pay for the quality of service, functionality and user-friendly desktop, web-based and app clients. Although it’s a decent option for small- to medium-sized businesses and has multifaceted reporting functionality, the number of payroll software providers it links with is limited.

>Ideal for small and medium businesses (fewer than 1,000 employees)
>Organizational reports let executives compare the performance of each department
>Ongoing performance tracking
>Limited payroll integrations

What Customers Are Saying
On the whole, reviewers are complimentary about how user-friendly and efficient BambooHR is — in addition to commenting on the attractive interface. One team leader comments that the “organization and UX is a huge plus and the website/app is easy to navigate and use for various things.”


ClearCompany is another HR software provider with full employee performance appraisal functionality. It offers 360-degree feedback for a holistic impression of each employee’s performance across the broad. Insights from managers, peers and team leaders let decision-makers take action whenever necessary — whether it’s praise or constructive criticism. HR and management can set goals for each employee, although you don’t have the option to create individual development plans.

Reporting capabilities are strong, so there are plenty of metrics to help you compare and contrast individuals and departments. Self-appraisals give the workforce an opportunity to express feedback and let you know how you’re doing.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quoteDemo>Deployment: Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
>360-degree feedback
>Ongoing performance tracking
>More features at ClearCompany

Pros & Cons of ClearCompany Performance Appraisal Software
ClearCompany is an effective HR software solution that’s particularly impressive when it comes to recruitment and ongoing performance tracking. The team goes out of their way to help your business get the customized reports you need. That said, it doesn’t let you create individual development plans.

>Lets you connect recruiting with performance-related data
>Fully customizable
>Doesn’t have functionality for individual development plans

What Customers Are Saying
The customer reviews suggest that ClearCompany offers great value. “Switching to ClearCompany’s performance and engagement platform was a great decision,” wrote one user. “Our employees love it. All the system’s continuous performance management tools, especially those for building review formats, setting upgrading and providing both employees and managers with the ability to add comments throughout, have helped simplify and automate our performance management processes, improve the flow and frequency of reviews, and stimulate more meaningful conversations and feedback.”

CRG emPerform

CRG emPerform
CRG emPerform is one of the pioneers in the performance management software space, having launched to market back in 2004. Its tenure shows, boasting most functionalities users look for in this type of platform, including both hosted and on-
premise deployment options as well as the highest level of configure-ability. Pricing is also incredibly reasonable for what you get. Whether your organization has 200 or 3,000 employees, there’s a subscription plan to suit.

Weighted performance criteria, self-appraisals, ongoing performance tracking 360° multi-rater capabilities, nine-box talent matrix, templates, and robust reporting functionality make this software almost fully comprehensive with regards to employee review tools. That said, there is no organizational chart visual – a small detail but worthwhile noting.

Third-party integration means management and HR teams can connect it with other software such as payroll. Additionally, there’s an option for compensation tracking so you can ensure each employee is getting fairly rewarded in terms of salary, bonuses and employee benefits.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$2-4/user/month, depending on company sizeFree trial>Deployment options: Installed - Mac
Installed - Windows
Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
>Goal setting and tracking for each employee
>Third-party integration
>More features at CRG emPerform

Pros & Cons of CRG emPerform Performance Appraisal Software
CRG emPerform is one of the most easy-to-use and customizable options of all our picks. Additionally, it boasts a dedicated customer service team that is accessible via email, phone and support ticket. Unfortunately, emPerform does not have an app. The entire system is mobile responsive and still works on mobile devices through browsers, but there isn’t a user app to download as of today.

>Easy for employees and administrators to use
>Top-notch customer service
>Doesn’t have an app

What Customers Are Saying
Reviewers are generally complimentary of the CRG emPerform, especially with regards to customer service, ease of use and UI. One executive states, “Instead of being overwhelmed and bogged down by forms as they used to be, managers are free to focus on employees.”



HR and managers can use this software as a fully comprehensive employee performance tool. Although there’s no app for employees or administrators to use with eloomi — its deployment options include a web-based client, the cloud and SaaS. Its pricing structure and duration of the free trial is unclear, but the team is supportive and responsive.

eloomi lets users input clear objectives for employees to gauge their own performance and for HR and team leaders to conduct targeted appraisals. Workers are involved in their performance reviews, with self-appraisals and individual development plans to help them progress in their role.

Its weighted performance measures mean you can customize goals, performance reviews and reports to favor different priorities for various roles. By adding a weighted percentage to signify the importance of each KPI, you can make sure you’re getting information that’s relevant to your expectations. 360-feedback means that you’re relying on a variety of sources for a holistic view of each individual.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quoteFree trial>360-feedback
>Ongoing performance tracking
>Individual development plans
>More features at eloomi

Pros & Cons of eloomi Performance Appraisal Software

Gamification is one of the biggest pros of this platform because it empowers employees to strive for their goals independently. The reporting system is easy to use and covers a wide variety of metrics, and the support team is highly responsive. On the other hand, the platform can be slow, and the client is only available via the web, the cloud or SaaS.

>Gamification adds a modern dimension to the employee experience
>Thorough and easy-to-use reporting system
>Strong support team
>Installed deployment not available

What Customers Are Saying
One of the main features reviewers mention is the gamification section, which encourages employees to hit their targets in fun, creative ways. A senior HR manager says, “The administrator profile is easy to use, and the team profile is very flexible to customize as you prefer.”


Hibob’s aim is to work as a complete HR solution, helping SMBs with more than 100 employees to attract, engage and retain the best talent. However, it’s not a dedicated performance review platform, so it lacks some of the functionality of other clients. For example, you can’t input customized goals.

One of its strengths is that it enables pretty much every type of third-party integration you could think of. That includes payroll and compensation management, so you can make sure employees are getting the rewards they deserve. Reporting and analytics are another strong suit, with plenty of options to pull relevant data about each team member.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quoteDemo>Deployment options: Web-Based, Cloud and SaaS
>Ongoing performance tracking
>Individual performance plans
>More features at Hibob

Pros & Cons of Hibob Performance Appraisal Software
Hibob is a great example of HR software that pretty much lets you do everything from one place. Unfortunately, this means it lacks some of the functions that are specific to a platform that focuses exclusively on performance reviews. There’s also no option for a free trial. That said, it’s easy to use and supports a broad range of third-party integrations.

>Easy to use
>Good for onboarding
>Supports third-party integration
>Limited functionality
>No free trial

What Customers Are Saying
Most reviewers of Hibob use it as HR software for onboarding and keeping track of holidays and as a basis for payroll. One HR specialist comments that it’s “very easy to use, helpful and quick customer support and account management with a user-friendly layout.”


Kissflow is primarily a solution for the cloud-based automation of forms. As such, its performance appraisal software is somewhat limited. It doesn’t include functions such as weighted performance, self-appraisals, objective setting or individual development plans. That said, as you track tasks — you’re also monitoring performance on an ongoing basis. It also produces in-depth reports from a comprehensive set of parameters.

The pricing is clear, and plans are customizable depending on the size of your business. In addition to HR functions, it assists with purchase management, purchase-requisition workflow processes, payment-process approvals and integrates with a number of cloud-based apps.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Starter: $360/month
Growing: $490/month
Enterprise: $1000/month
Free trial>Starter: includes 30 users
Growing: includes 50 Users
Enterprise: starts at 100 users
>Deployment options: Web-Based, cloud, SaaS, iOS and Android
> 360-feedback feature
>More features at Kissflow HR Cloud

Pros & Cons of Kissflow Performance Appraisal Software
Kissflow provides 360-degree feedback, with plenty of opportunities for communication between line managers and workers. It ensures the chain of command is followed and helps with other aspects of the business, such as budgeting and invoice approval. That said, it’s expensive and lacks functionality as appraisal software.

>Ensures the chain of command is followed
>Users can ask questions and provide feedback
>Expensive for smaller businesses
>Lacks some functionality

What Customers Are Saying
Customers are generally complimentary about Kissflow, especially with regards to how easy it makes day-to-day task management. One manager says it “helps to know at a glance the status of any activity in process and the corresponding activity to be performed next.”

Lanteria HR

Lanteria HR offers all the functions we look for in performance appraisal software, and it works with the following deployment options: Windows, web-based, cloud-based, SaaS, iOS and Android. It lets decision-makers set targeted goals for each employee and produces reports about workflow.

There’s the option for weighted performance, so you can customize the importance of each parameter depending on the requirement of the role. Ongoing performance tracking uses a wide range of data and 360-feedback to give managers and HR a holistic view of each member of the team. Support is responsive and helpful throughout the setup process and on an ongoing basis.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quoteFree trial>Weighted performance
>Goal setting for targeted and customized review metrics
>Supports individual development plans
>More features at Lanteria HR

Pros & Cons of Lanteria HR Performance Appraisal Software
Although Lanteria HR has plenty of features and customizable reports, performance reviews could have more options for customization. The lack of transparent pricing is also an issue for businesses trying to get the most for their budget.

>Comprehensive performance review functions
>Customizable reports
>Integrates well with Microsoft Office
>Performance reviews could have more options for customization
>Pricing isn’t listed

What Customers Are Saying
The reviews about Lanteria HR are particularly complimentary about the way it streamlines processes. However, some also note that because it’s built on SharePoint, it shares its limitations. One person comments that it’s “great for an HR department that’s trying to get away from managing multiple spreadsheets or archaic systems.”


Lattice is a decent tool for companies with more than 100 employees to conduct appraisals and streamline workflows. It offers 360-degree feedback and provides both supervisors and employees plenty of opportunities for communication. Plus, it features impressive performance review tools, with ongoing performance tracking and insightful reports.

You can’t use Lattice to create development plans for individual team members, and you can’t customize reviews by using automated weighted performance measures. There is some third-party integration capability, but you don’t get the option of using this software for compensation tracking. Furthermore, there’s no option for a free trial to let you test out the functionality for yourself.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quoteDemo>Strong reporting and analytics functions
>Ongoing performance tracking
>Deployment options: Cloud, Web and SaaS
>More features at Lattice

Pros & Cons of Lattice Performance Appraisal Software
The Lattice desktop platform is user-friendly, with an attractive interface and easy navigation. That said, it works better on desktop than it does on mobile. It’s useful for ensuring there’s a two-way conversation between HR and employees, and the metrics it uses to analyze performance are sensible.

>User-friendly platform
>Truly 360-degree feedback, including a strong focus on individual employee input
>Functionality is better on desktop than on mobile

What Customers Are Saying
Current users of Lattice find that it helps them to align objectives across the company and encourage meaningful communication between managers and employees. One sales manager notes that the platform is “well-suited for large companies that have employees across different teams and departments who need a simple process for feedback and reviews.”


Namely’s aim is to become the performance review and HR tool that excites employees and employers alike. The platform is well-designed and runs like a dream on iOS and online. However, this performance review tool is lacking in some important areas. For instance, it doesn’t have capabilities for reporting, individual development plans, compensation tracking or weighted performance.

The support team is available around the clock and for the most part, they’re pretty responsive. Ongoing performance tracking is easy for managers and HR, and 360-degree feedback provides a complete overview of each member of the team.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quoteDemo> Self-appraisals
>Weighted performance and other comprehensive employee review tools
>360-degree feedback
>More features at Namely

Pros & Cons of Namely Performance Appraisal Software
The open API system means it’s easy to integrate Namely with third-party apps, and the app marketplace offers one centralized place to choose the ones you need. Support is available no matter how early or late in the day it is. Despite its impressive layout and aesthetics, this performance appraisal software lacks reporting functionality and key employee review tools, such as individual development plans.

>Open API makes adding third-party integration easy
>24/7 support
>Lacks reporting functionality
>No individual development plans

What Customers Are Saying
On the whole, customers are optimistic about Namely, especially the UI of the desktop and app clients and its ability to engage employees. One current user says, “I think the ease of use for all users was a main factor. Keeps the team engaged, connected and really enjoy the ability to manage PTO all in one spot.”


Primalogik’s primary function is as a performance appraisal software tool that brings together engagement surveys, 360-degree feedback and goal tracking for targeted performance reviews. It’s easy to use, and it gathers feedback from colleagues, managers and subordinates for a holistic view of each team member’s capabilities. The only things it lacks in this area are options for self-appraisals or weighted performance metrics.

However, if you’re looking for a comprehensive HR tool with third-party integration and other capabilities, this might not be the platform for you. The pricing plan is clear, and you can test out whether the software works for your business with the 30-day free trial.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$129/user/month (3-month minimum)
$979/user/month (3-month minimum for 400 users)
30-day trial>Deployment options: Web-Based, Cloud and SaaS
>Insightful analytics and reports
>Goal setting and other comprehensive employee review tools
>More features at Primalogik

Pros & Cons of Primalogik Performance Appraisal Software
If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use performance review tool, Primalogik is potentially ideal. The support team is responsive and friendly, and there is a free trial. However, it doesn’t support individual development plans or use weighted performance measures.

>Responsive customer care team
>Clear, easy-to-use platform
>Designed for performance reviews
>No third-party integrations
>Doesn’t support weighted performance measures or individual development plans

What Customers Are Saying
Reviewers who chose this software to help them move away from spreadsheets and paper files for each employee are complimentary about Primalogik. As a means of streamlining performance reviews, one finance director notes, “It was user friendly and didn’t take much training to get the managers and direct reports to perform the annual reviews.”

Qualtrics EmployeeXM

Qualtrics EmployeeXM creates snapshots of employees based on metrics you input and anonymous surveys taken by the team. The general aim of this software is to increase employee engagement and remove the manual toil of performance reviews for HR. It uses automation to help managers gain essential insights into workflow and achievement.

Its pricing model and subscription options are kept under wraps, but it does offer a free 30-day trial. Deployment options include web-based, cloud and SaaS, and it’s generally user-friendly. In terms of ongoing performance tracking, objective-setting and employee review tools, Qualtrics includes all of the functions we’d expect from appraisal software.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quote30-day trial>Compensation tracking
>Goal setting and individual development plans
>Open API for third-party integration
>More features at Qualtrics EmployeeXM

Pros & Cons of Qualtrics EmployeeXM Performance Appraisal Software
Although Qualtrics EmployeeXM has a decent user interface and adequate privacy and security measures, it’s not ideal for very small companies. There are a lot of features, so it can take time to learn how to make the most of this software.

>Good privacy and security measures
>Excellent UI
>Pricing isn’t listed online

What Customers Are Saying
Customers speak highly of the research and survey capabilities of Qualtrics, especially with regards to getting feedback within a large organization. One higher education executive comments that the platform “is extremely simple to use for people of various levels of digital literacy and it offers full privacy to survey creators and users.”

Reviewsnap Performance Appraisal

Reviewsnap Performance Appraisal
Reviewsnap is standalone employee appraisal software that works for any size SMB. It lets managers and HR professionals compile the information necessary for thorough performance reviews in one easy-to-manage place. Save time spent worrying about spreadsheets and files for each employee by using it for training, team building and growing the business.

Unlike many of the other providers on this list, Reviewsnap doesn’t support third-party integration. Some businesses might see this as inefficient when other software lets them perform multiple tasks. For example, there’s no functionality to connect compensation management, payroll or rostering.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$3,040/year10-day trial>Deployment options: Web-Based, Cloud and SaaS
>Ongoing performance tracking
>Strong self-appraisals and 360-degree feedback
>More features at Reviewsnap Performance Appraisal

Pros & Cons of Reviewsnap Performance Appraisal Software
Reviewsnap has a simple, affordable pricing structure and offers a 10-day trial so you can try before you buy. It facilitates 360-degree feedback and lets employees store peer feedback and positive comments from customers. On the other hand, as standalone software, it doesn’t allow integration with third-party software.

>Transparent pricing structure and 10-day trial
>Lets employees build a personal profile
>Standalone software that doesn’t accommodate third-party integration

What Customers Are Saying
People who have been using Reviewsnap to conduct appraisals compliment Reviewsnap for how packed with intuitive features it is. One HR professional notes, “Employee profiles and job descriptions, competency and other review sections with lots of flexibility for overall design, ratings, comments, option to select from stock examples or use our own.”


SAP is designed to drive performance and measure the impact of change — no matter how big or small. As staff are usually one of a company’s biggest assets, employee performance is a crucial aspect of sustainability performance management. Aside from goal setting, which is a frustrating oversight, this tool offers most of the features we’d expect from performance appraisal software,

Weighted performance, self-appraisals and ongoing performance tracking functions are strong suits of SAP, with opportunities for people of all levels to provide feedback about each employee, Compensation tracking and third-party integrations are also useful aspects of this software.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quoteDemo>Targeted analytics and reporting
>Ongoing performance tracking
>Self-appraisal functionality
>More features at SAP

Pros & Cons of SAP Performance Appraisal Software
KPI data is easy to collect, be it manual or automatic, and there’s an impressive range of employee review tools available. However, the lack of individual goal setting capabilities makes it harder to customize performance reviews. Plus, the pre-set admin roles are inflexible, and there’s no option to create custom roles.

>KPI data can be automated or manually collected
>Impressive employee review tools
>No individual goal setting function for customized reviews
>Permissions are pre-defined into four roles that can’t be amended

What Customers Are Saying
As sustainability performance management software, SAP offers a clear path for businesses to streamline their processes and analyze the efficiency of current systems. One manager in higher education says that “this software can help you gain visible competitive advantage.”


Synergita is an affordable solution for business operators and HR professionals who are looking to enhance employee engagement and streamline the appraisal process. It simplifies the engagement and development process for individual team members across all departments. With a continuous focus on performance and motivation, it helps bosses to get the most out of employees.

You can’t use this software for compensation tracking, but it does support various third-party integrations. It allows for self-appraisals and 360-degree feedback in addition to letting you input weighted performance measures for targeted appraisals.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Synergita Engage: $2/user/month
Synergita Perform: $5/user/month
Perform Plus: $8/user/month
OKR: $5/user/month
21-day trial>Deployment options: Web-based, Cloud-based and SaaS
>Strong employee review tools, including weighted performance
>Ongoing performance tracking feature
>More features at Synergita

Pros & Cons of Synergita Performance Appraisal Software
Synergita is a comprehensive platform for HRIS, PMS and training. It’s easy to use and engages staff well — although the admin side is a little more challenging than the user side. It has limited front-end reporting and no compensation tracking function.

>Comprehensive training, HRIS and PMS platform
>Easy to use and to engage for staff
>No compensation tracking function
>Limited front-end reporting

What Customers Are Saying
As management software, Synergita seems to be impressing clients and employees alike. It eliminates outdated paper-based systems and helps managers and HR to bring out the best in each user. One HR general manager notes that they have been “able to complete the midyear and annual reviews on time for two years in a row” since using the software.


TalentGuard calls itself a cloud-based talent management suite, which means they automate 360-degree feedback, succession planning, certification tracking and performance management to develop, engage and retain top talent. Although it doesn’t have capabilities for individual objective setting, it does allow for customized appraisals and goal management.

It works well with small- to medium-sized businesses as well as larger organizations. However, they do keep their subscription and pricing plans under wraps, so you’ll need to get in touch with them for costs. It uses a wide range of KPIs so HR and management can measure performance based on data-driven reports. It’s one of the few specific examples of performance appraisal software that offers third-party integration.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quoteDemo>360-degree feedback and career pathing
>Deployment options: Cloud-Based, Web and SaaS
>Third-party integration
>More features at TalentGuard

Pros & Cons of TalentGuard Performance Appraisal Software
One of the best things about TalentGuard is the fact it’s designed specifically for performance reviews, but it also lets decision-makers connect it with third-party apps. Employees can set a career path for themselves, with a clear route to the next level in their career. Unfortunately, there’s no mobile app for admin or users and the navigation takes a little bit of time to learn.

>Employees can build a clear career path for themselves with clear pathways for progression
>Live chat support from HR pros
>No mobile app
>Navigation isn’t always intuitive

What Customers Are Saying
Reviewers are generally positive about TalentGuard, especially with regards to the price to quality ratio. One customer says, “Career progression automation, as well as succession planning, 2 elements that have bottom line impact and drive the sustainability of a business.”


Trakstar is an HRM solution that lets decision-makers evaluate and execute functions such as succession planning, 360-degree feedback, goal management and performance reviews. This platform makes it relatively simple to align individual objectives with the overall goals of the organization. It’s also possible to use Trakstar to match desirable traits in prospective employees with your company culture.

As standalone software, it’s not possible to connect it with third-party apps for payroll. However, it’s arguable that highly customizable goal-setting metrics make up for this. You can use weighted performance measures to ensure competencies are rated based on relevant questions. Historical and real-time data is available for reporting.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quoteFree trial>Unlimited users allowed to use one subscription
>Weighted performance metrics
>In-depth goal setting which employees have input into
>More features at Trackstar

Pros & Cons of Trakstar Performance Appraisal Software
Trakstar is highly adaptable so you can mold it to your needs, and the layout is clean and attractive. However, set up is complicated and requires a lengthy process of inputting your metrics and setting up objectives.

>The software can be adapted to mirror your business’ current appraisal process
>Clean layout
>Limited reporting function
>Set up is a fairly complicated process

What Customers Are Saying
Customers are complimentary about Trakstar, for the most part. One manager says, “It has helped to streamline our review process, and we are fine-tuning it with each review cycle to reflect what we are looking for in a review/performance management tool.”


UltiPro is a cloud-based human capital management system that lets businesses manage all of their HR, talent and payroll needs from one place. It has functionality for managing labor, calculating and processing employee pay and recruiting and onboarding new team members. The result is that the performance review tools can be a little lacking because they’re not the primary focus of the software’s capabilities.

However, you’re able to create custom objectives for each employee, manage compensation and measure employee engagement with surveys. It also incorporates powerful reporting and business intelligence tools so you can analyze exactly how decisions affect your organization.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quoteDemo>Deployment options: Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS,
iPhone / iPad and Android
>Fully comprehensive employee review tools
>Compensation tracking and third-party integrations
>More features at UltiPro

Pros & Cons of UltiPro Performance Appraisal Software
The app and the web-based platform are intuitive and easy to use. You can make suggestions for improvements, and the community votes on whether to implement them or not. However, there’s no pricing plan available because each company gets a custom quote.

>User-friendly app on mobile and web-based client
>Highly customizable and you can submit ideas for improvements and vote on other people’s suggestions
>Pricing isn’t listed online
>No free trial

What Customers Are Saying
Reviewers comment on how customizable and intuitive UltiPro is for streamlining specific areas within a business. One customer says, “The level of customization and the ability to create our own fields is highly valued. This is also an easy system to train new Admins on, and has a crisp and clean appearance.”


Workday is a cloud-based human resources management solution that helps global businesses of any size with planning, execution and analysis across a variety of vital metrics. It aids decision-makers by streamlining payroll, talent, finance, admin and planning processes into one place. In addition to 360-degree feedback, you can also set goals for each employee and keep on top of progress with the ongoing performance tracking feature.

It’s more of a conservative system, with no option for individual performance plans or self-appraisals. Managers and HR departments who prefer control over these aspects might be happy with this; progressive companies might be put off by it.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quoteDemo>Deployment options: Web client, iPhone app,
Android app, Windows Phone app
>360-degree feedback and goal setting for targeted and holistic employee reviews
>Compensation tracking capability
>More features at Workday

Pros & Cons of Workday Performance Appraisal Software
Workday makes the employee journey smooth and consistent, starting from the onboarding process. It’s easy to use, with a good app for mobile, tablet and desktop. However, there’s no pricing plan available because each company gets a custom quote.

>Makes the onboarding process easier for employees and tracks them from day one
>Easy to access and use via mobile, tablet or desktop
>No upfront pricing plan available

What Customers Are Saying
Workday is a simple way for employers and employees to manage time and performance from a simple, easy-to-use platform. One HR manager says, “It’s easy to use and provides incredible insights to employee and company data.”

Zoho People

Zoho People
Zoho People is one of the most affordable options on our list, and it’s great for streamlining basic HR functions. However, if you’re looking for software that allows you to customize metrics on an individual basis, set objectives for departments and employees or create individual development plans, it might not be for you.

In terms of clocking in and out and managing the employee from onboarding to termination, it’s ideal. However, if you’re looking for employee engagement or trying to retain staff, it’s lacking. That said, it offers 360-degree feedback, reporting, analytics, ongoing performance tracking, self-appraisals and third-party integration.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Essential HR: $0.83/user/month
Professional: $1.66/user/month
Premium: $2.50/user/month
Enterprise: $4.16/user/month
People Plus: $8/user/month
(All billed annually)
15-day trial>Self-appraisals
>Ongoing performance analytics
>Solid reporting and analytics
>More features at Zoho People

Pros & Cons of Zoho People Performance Appraisal Software

The UX and UI are great with Zoho people. However, it might be a case of style over substance. The mobile app can be glitchy, and it lacks the goal-setting functions we think are crucial for performance appraisal software.

>UX and UI are both higher than the industry standard
>Customizable forms and reports
>Mobile app lacks functionality
>API limitation of a maximum of 200 records for each request

What Customers Are Saying
Most customers use Zoho People for its time management and holiday tracking functions, but it does include some features for performance appraisals. One user praises the software for its “flexibility, ease of use, functionality and of course security of our data” and saying, “Zoho People has an all in one solution from new hire to termination with room for customization.”

What Is Performance Appraisal Software?

Performance appraisal software streamlines all of the forms and feedback into one place. It means you don’t need to worry about storing large files or wasting time sorting documents. Additionally, the software uses KPIs to measure performance, which negates the risk of unconscious bias. Your team of people are your front line to the public and one of your most expensive and useful assets. Plus, employee engagement is more critical than ever as the marketplace gets more saturated and attracting the best talent gets harder.

As such, it’s crucial that you conduct regular employee performance reviews. Lots of companies are opting for quarterly, bi-annual or even more frequent appraisals, but paperwork makes this almost impossible.

Benefits of Performance Appraisal Software

Performance review software can help you streamline complicated processes and takes the effort out of compiling detailed, targeted appraisals with your team. Some of its other benefits include:

  • Connects everyone and makes sure the entire company is striving towards common goals
  • Supports more continuous performance reviewing instead of waiting for a particular time of year to address issues and instigate change
  • Allows management to give and receive real-time feedback with performance appraisal software
  • Effortlessly keeps track of personal development plans
  • Helps employees progress and get the most out of their roles with objective setting

Must-Have Features for Performance Appraisal Software

The most important features of performance appraisal software are objective setting, ongoing performance tracking and comprehensive employee review tools. Objective setting lets you customize the KPIs so you can measure each employee against the metrics you’ve chosen.

Ongoing performance tracking means you get more than an annual, bi-annual or quarterly snapshot of each team member. You can address issues and fix them or deliver praise in real-time instead of waiting for weeks or months. Comprehensive review tools like 360-degree feedback ensure that you get a holistic view of the employee as opposed to just one or two people’s opinions.

The Cost of Performance Appraisal Software

Not many performance software appraisal providers give away details of their pricing or subscription structures. In some cases, they provide custom solutions based on the size and needs of your business and in other cases, they simply require you to make contact. Software that primarily handles performance management can be as cheap as two dollars per month.

Some providers incorporate additional automated solutions to tasks such as time management, payroll and training. These are likely to cost upwards of $100 per month, with the most expensive example of comprehensive HRM software costing an enterprise $1,000 per month.