The Best Nanny Payroll Software of 2021

Our nanny payroll software reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 20+ nanny payroll software companies from across the web. These reviews and our nanny payroll software guide help small businesses and startups find the best nanny payroll software for their business.

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How We Chose the Best Nanny Payroll Software

There are a variety of nanny payroll software programs on the market to choose from. Many of these programs offer similar features and benefits, which can cause confusion for users who aren’t sure exactly what they need. We’ve evaluated a number of available programs based on three key features that should be included with any nanny payroll software system, including their payment features, tax preparation abilities, and integrations available.

Payment Features

When it comes to nanny payroll software, an ideal system should include both direct deposit and check printing features. Some nannies prefer having their funds automatically deposited, while others like having a cashable check in their hand. Having both of these payment options available ensures everyone’s needs are met. Additionally, automating payments saves time and makes the entire process that much smoother.

Tax Preparation

Built-in tax preparation tools allow the user to avoid additional costs associated with using separate solutions. Accurate reporting and meeting filing deadlines are a big issue when it comes to state and federal tax payments, and those who don’t follow regulations may  incur penalties and fines.


The best nanny payroll systems will have pre-built integration with tools such as accounting, HR, banking, and tax filing systems. The ability to integrate with these tools is beneficial by allowing users to create a customized system that fulfills all their needs.

The 15 Best Nanny Payroll Software Solutions of 2021


808Nanny is a boutique nanny agency based in Hawaii. The agency partners with Homework Solutions, a payroll and tax specialist for household employees. Homework Solutions offers a number of nanny payroll services, such as tracking net pay, pay stub distribution, compliance, and responding to the IRS and state inquiries, as well as the preparation and filing of year-end tax returns, all on your behalf.

Users can choose the payroll service level that fits their needs. Homework Solutions offers two plans: Essential, priced at $150 per quarter, and Complete, priced at $220 per quarter for biweekly and $225 per quarter for weekly payroll. Text alerts notify users when tasks are completed.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Essential: $150/quarter
Complete: $220-$225/quarter
None>Exclusive high-performance nannies
>IRS and state communications
>Direct deposit payments
>More features at 808Nanny

Pros & Cons of 808Nanny Nanny Payroll Software
>No-penalty guarantee
>Customized service
>No vacation/leave tracking services

GTM Payroll Services

GTM Payroll Services provides payroll services and handles household and business taxes. Its services include:

  • Tax filings and automated withholdings
  • Year-end tax preparation
  • Simple payroll setup with online updates
  • Additional benefits such as 401(k) plans and health and workers’ compensation insurance
  • Nanny background checks

The company’s solutions can be scaled to fit small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large employers and corporations. Additionally, GTM Payroll Services offers instant payroll and reporting data, optimized payroll processes, 24/7 online access, and personalized customer care to save users time and money.

Pricing begins at $65 per month for GTM’s nanny tax and payroll services. Pricing for business services is available by custom quote.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$65/monthFree Demo Only>Integration features
>Timekeeping mobile app
>HR concierge service
>More features at GTM Payroll Services

Pros & Cons of GTM Payroll Services Nanny Payroll Software
>100% filing guarantee
>Lacks reporting tools
>No free trial


HeartPayroll removes the complications of payroll and taxes associated with employing a nanny or caregiver. The company’s services include paying caregivers via direct deposit, registering employers with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), and summarizing and filing all T4 forms.

Users and caregivers can receive pay stubs and receipts for their own records. HeartPayroll also takes care of all calculations, such as net and gross pay, taxes, CPP, and EI, saving users time and ensuring all payments are correct and submitted before filing deadlines.

HeartPayroll’s services start at $46.99 per month and include access to a payroll expert who can answer any questions. The company also offers an optional WSIB/WCB registration and remittance add-on service for an additional $10 per month. Users who wish to opt into just a single service can look into customized pricing options.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$79.99/month for U.S.
$46.99/month for Canada
Free Trial>T4 production and filing
>Tax calculations
>Remittance of all deductions
>More features at HeartPayroll

Pros & Cons of HeartPayroll Nanny Payroll Software
>Provides ROE forms
>Direct deposit payments
>Customized pricing options
>No check printing option


Homepay helps users simplify the household employment process. The company offers services for tax preparation and filing, scheduling payroll from any device, HR support, and budget planning.

Users can log into their online dashboard to see a summary of all information related to filings, tax payments, hours worked, and cost calculations. This account can be accessed from any desktop operating system or mobile device, allowing users to update nanny hours and rates from anywhere in the world. Email reminders update users when paperwork is completed, with scheduled automatic payments that make the process hassle-free.

Homepay’s services are priced at $75 per month and come with a six-month money-back guarantee and service guarantee. Users can opt for a 30-day free trial with no commitments or hidden fees.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$75/month30-Day Free Trial>Done-for-you form filing
>Online dashboard archive
>Email reminders
>More features at Homepay

Pros & Cons of Homepay Nanny Payroll Software
>Any device compatible
>Service and money-back guarantee
>No commitments
>No integration tools
>Lacks benefit management services

Nanny Lane

Nanny Lane helps users find, hire, and pay their nanny. The company’s services include interviewing nannies, performing background checks, and providing full-service nanny payroll.

The agency takes care of household employer registration, federal and state tax filings, the printing and submission of year-end tax forms (W-2 and W-3), and more. Users who utilize their services can expect pay stubs and receipts for their records and payments made via direct deposit during every pay cycle.

Nanny Lane’s services are priced at $55 per month with no additional fees. Full-service payroll ensures that users save time and can focus on more important tasks.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$55/monthNone>Pay stubs and receipts
>Tax deduction calculation
>Direct deposit payments
>More features at Nanny Lane

Pros & Cons of Nanny Lane Nanny Payroll Software
>Full service payroll
>Handles interview process
>No check printing service


NannyChex specializes in household payroll and tax services for domestic employment. The company provides users with compliance tools for processing employee payroll and filling out year-end tax forms.

Additionally, NannyChex handles tasks such as:

  • Tracking sick leave, vacation days, and PTO
  • Employer account and federal EIN setup
  • Worker compensation audits, employment verification, and insurance claims

NannyChex offers two service options: full service and taxes only. Users looking for a complete service may opt for the full-service package that takes care of everything related to employee payroll and taxes. Registration and setup are free for both service levels, with no hidden costs. Pricing depends on which service is selected, but users can expect to pay roughly $149.95 per year.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$149.95/yearFree Trial>Handles tax agency communications
>Maintains payroll and tax records
>Unlimited information assistance
>More features at NannyChex

Pros & Cons of NannyChex Nanny Payroll Software
>Done-for-you service
>Two payment options
>No check printing option


NannyPay is a do-it-yourself payroll software system for household employers. It aids users in calculating taxes for employees such as nannies, babysitters, housekeepers, and personal assistants.

Additionally, NannyPay helps users save time and organize documents by maintaining their nanny payroll tax records. The software’s calculator features allow users to avoid complaint letters from the IRS by filing taxes accurately and on time. Additional features include:

  • Calculating federal, state, Social Security, and Medicare payroll taxes
  • Printing W-2 and W-3 forms for free
  • Tracking deductions, reimbursements, health insurance, and 401(k) payments

Versions of the software are offered for both cloud-based mobile devices and desktop operating systems. Pricing begins at $149.95 per year for up to three employees. Users who wish to try out the software can opt for a 30-day free trial, and the company offers a 14-day money back guarantee on the cloud software version.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$149.95/year for 3 employees30-Day Free Trial>Setup process walkthrough
>Automatic backups
>W-2 and W-3 form printing
>More features at NannyPay

Pros & Cons of NannyPay Nanny Payroll Software
>14-day money back guarantee
>Online and desktop versions
>No direct deposit feature

Pay My Nanny

Pay My Nanny is a done-for-you service that simplifies the process behind managing nanny payroll. The company handles everything from salary calculations to sending out pay slips. The software manages all aspects of payroll, including pension contributions, shared parental leave, holiday pay, bonuses, employment contracts, and more.

Some features of Pay My Nanny include:

  • Annual P60 statements
  • New employee PAYE setup
  • Real-time information management and submissions
  • Employer payroll reports
  • HMRC remittance advice

Additionally, Pay My Nanny offers consulting services and provides users with advice on how to handle certain requirements and criteria. The company offers multiple payment plans that users can select from to fit their needs. These include weekly, monthly, one-time, and annual plans.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
£140 per month billed annuallyNone>Tax preparation tools
>Paperwork processing
>Pension setup and management
>More features at Pay My Nanny

Pros & Cons of Pay My Nanny Nanny Payroll Software
>Multiple payment options
>Done-for-you service
>No free trial or demo


Paychex offers an all-in-one payroll and HR software system for managing employees. The software helps small businesses with many areas, such as business insurance, employee benefits, payroll, timekeeping, human resources, and compliance.

Notable features of Paychex include granting employees the ability to initiate administrative actions themselves, which saves employers time. This includes actions such as editing personal information, opting in or out of health plans, viewing payroll data, and more. Additionally, Paychex can be accessed from any desktop or mobile device and supports both Android and Apple operating systems.

Payroll automation tools also allow users to automate the payment process each pay period. The user interface is well-designed and simple to use, providing users with analytics, data, and reports at the press of a button. Pricing is divided into three plans: Express Payroll ($60 per month), Flex Select ($90 per month), and Flex Pro ($158 per month). Users who require more features or have a large number of employees can opt for the Paychex Flex Enterprise plan, which comes with custom-tailored features.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Express Payroll: $60/month
Flex Select: $90/month
Flex Pro: $158/month
Flex Enterprise: Custom Quote
Free Demo>Many calculation tools
>Analytics and reports
>Employee self-service
>More features at Paychex

Pros & Cons of Paychex Nanny Payroll Software
>24/7 live online support
>Systems compatible
>No tax preparation tools


Payficiency is cloud-based payroll software that automatically pays and files federal and state taxes. The software saves users time by taking care of mundane paperwork. The software’s timekeeping feature tracks employee time cards online, which are automatically adjusted into payroll.

Additionally, it prevents users from missing payroll filing deadlines and paying hefty fines. Payficiency helps users save money and obtain peace of mind by ensuring all paperwork and filings are completed on time and comply with tax regulations and requirements.

Pricing starts at a $35 base fee plus an additional $5 per user in the system. The company’s customer support team is available during business hours.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$35 base fee + $5 per userFree Trial>Automated form preparation
>Tracks vacation time, PTO, accruals
>Timekeeping via time cards
>More features at Payficiency

Pros & Cons of Payficiency Nanny Payroll Software
>Automates menial tasks
>Great support team
>No integration features
>No check printing

Payroll by Wave

Payroll by Wave is a cloud-based payment system that caters to entrepreneurs and businesspeople. It allows users to manage and pay multiple employees and independent contractors using automated tools, saving them time by taking care of redundant administrative tasks. Features include tools for managing accounting, invoicing, receipts, payments, and payroll tasks.

One notable feature of Payroll by Wave is its ability to scan receipts. This allows users to keep track of expenses and sync information to their respective accounts while on the go. Additionally, this feature doesn’t rely on having an internet connection, allowing for offline scans anytime, anywhere.

Payroll by Wave offers three plans: Free, Pay-Per-Use, and Monthly. Each plan comes with its own set of features, with more details available on the vendor’s website about what’s included. The software runs on both iOS and Windows mobile devices.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$14/user/month30-Day Free Trial>Invoice creation
>Receipt scanning
>PCI Level-1 certified security
>More features at Payroll by Wave

Pros & Cons of Payroll by Wave Nanny Payroll Software
>Free plan
>Unlimited invoicing
>Scans receipts
>No 401(k) tracking feature

Poppins Payroll

Poppins Payroll helps users manage payroll for seniors, nannies, housekeepers, caregivers, and more. The software runs on both Mac and Windows OS platforms and supports a number of features. These include tools for reports, direct deposits, tax preparation, 401(k) plans, and vacation/leave tracking.

Users who don’t like dealing with large amounts of paperwork can take advantage of the software’s digital bookkeeping library. This feature tracks all tax and paperwork documents for up to five years, saving time and organizing information into one easy-to-access dashboard. Additionally, Poppins Payroll comes with an intuitive user interface that allows users to print records with ease.

Poppins Payroll software system is priced at $39 per month and comes with no minimum contract obligations. Users can get started setting up the system in as little as 10 minutes.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$39/month30-Day Free Trial>PTO and sick leave tracking
>Intuitive user interface
>Tracks changes
>More features at Poppins Payroll

Pros & Cons of Poppins Payroll Nanny Payroll Software
>No minimum contracts
>Quick setup
>Lacks integration features

Savvy Nanny

Savvy Nanny simplifies the process behind paying nannies and filing taxes. The software makes the process convenient by automating payroll, tax filings, and payments. This means users don’t have to manually input data or mail any forms; everything is automatically done for them.

Features of Savvy Nanny include:

  • Taxes automatically paid as payroll is run
  • Email reminders linked to account
  • Direct deposit features with email paystubs sent to employees
  • Automated filing and payment of state and federal taxes

Additionally, Savvy Nanny is available to users in all 50 states. It’s priced at $40 per month on a subscription basis, with a $50 annual fee that’s billed after year-end filings in January. The company’s support team is available six days a week to answer any inquiries and assist users.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$40/monthFree Demo Only>Direct deposit feature
>Notifications and reminders
>Email paystubs
>More features at Savvy Nanny

Pros & Cons of Savvy Nanny Nanny Payroll Software
>Automated services
>Wide availability
>No free trial

Simple Nanny Payroll

Simple Nanny Payroll is an easy-to-use software system that calculates tax payments and paychecks. The company’s tax payment calculator provides users with data to file their taxes quickly and efficiently. Additionally, it calculates payroll deductions and taxes, as well as a nanny’s net pay.

Simple Nanny Payroll is priced at $29 per year and is the lowest-priced payroll system on this list. Users can also opt into a 30-day free trial to test out the system before making a commitment.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$29/year30-Day Free Trial>Nanny tax calculator
>Tax preparation tools
>Reports dashboard
>More features at Simple Nanny Payroll

Pros & Cons of Simple Nanny Payroll Nanny Payroll Software
>Low price
>Easy-to-use user interface
>Few features


SurePayroll is a payroll software system for small businesses, nannies, and households. It supports many important features, such as integrations, reporting tools, direct deposit, check printing, benefits management, 401(k) tracking, and vacation/leave tracking.

SurePayroll also includes an auto payroll feature. This feature automates payroll, simplifying the payment process and saving the user time. Additionally, the system can be accessed remotely on Android, iPhone, and iPad mobile devices.

All of SurePayroll’s services are backed by a guarantee, which promises that any IRS fees or penalties will be paid by the company. Pricing starts at $19.99 per month, with the company offering a 30-day free trial so users can test the software.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$19.99/month30-Day Free Trial>Auto payroll features
>Quick setup
>Remote operation
>More features at SurePayroll

Pros & Cons of SurePayroll Nanny Payroll Software
>100% service guarantee
>30-day trial
>No tax preparation tools

What Is Nanny Payroll Software?

Nanny payroll software assists users with payroll management and tax payments. The software can help with calculating taxes, maintaining organized records, displaying information in an easy-to-read format, and ensuring all filings are compliant with the IRS.

This type of software is commonly used in households that employ caretakers, nannies, babysitters, maids, and personal assistants. Manually managing multiple employees can get bothersome and cause confusion, and nanny payroll software provides users with a way to track all the necessary information using technology.

Features such as direct deposit, check printing, vacation tracking, benefits management, and tax preparation tools assist users with handling payroll. These features help users track the total numbers of hours worked, prevent scheduling conflicts, and automate the payment process.

Most nanny payroll systems come with a user interface that can be deployed on many operating systems. A good understanding of how software and technology works can help users make the most of their nanny payroll system.

Benefits of Nanny Payroll Software

There are many benefits to using nanny payroll software. Data can be organized and easily accessed by users, saving them time and summarizing all the information necessary to help them file tax documents quickly and accurately.

Another benefit to using nanny payroll software is its ability to streamline the payment process, which helps users cut costs and use their time more efficiently.

Tax preparation tools can also assist users by reducing the likelihood of incurring penalties and fees associated with incorrect tax filings. Overall, nanny payroll software provides users with convenience and peace of mind by automating the chore of paying household employees.

Must-Have Features for Nanny Payroll Software

Nanny payroll software saves users time and provides them with tools for organized tax filings. If you’re looking to make the payment process as simple as possible, here’s a list of must-have features.

  • Ability to integrate with other systems: Nanny payroll software is oftentimes used alongside other systems. Having the ability to integrate with third-party software allows users to customize the platform to their needs.
  • Reporting tools: Reporting tools provide an overview of metrics such as hours worked, wages paid, and who provided services on which days. This feature is useful for users who like having their payroll data organized and easily accessed.
  • Direct deposit feature: This feature allows employers to deposit funds directly into household employees’ bank accounts. For users who want to make the payment process as simple as possible, a direct deposit feature is essential
  • Check printing: Some employees prefer to be paid via a physical check over having their funds deposited automatically. Nanny payroll software that includes a check printing feature saves users time by allowing them to print employees’ paychecks directly from the system itself.
  • Benefits management: Benefits management features allow users to access employee benefits, handle recordkeeping, and see which benefit plans employees fall under.
  • 401(k) tracking: Nanny payroll software that provides 401(k) tracking allows employers to monitor how much their employees are contributing. It also helps employees measure their own contributions and check if they’re meeting their yearly goals.
  • Vacation and leave tracking:  Vacation and leave tracking features allow your household employees to coordinate their days off and provide you with ample notice so you can prevent scheduling mix-ups and confusion.
  • Tax preparation tools: Tax preparation tools can help you avoid penalties and fees by organizing your documents and ensuring everything is compliant with strict IRS filing standards.

The Cost of Nanny Payroll Software

The cost of nanny payroll software varies depending on your choice. Some companies use a subscription-based model, while others require a one-time fee, which may also come with contract commitments for a set period of time.

For subscription-based payment models, users can expect to pay anywhere from $39 a month to $180 per year. Flat fee payments start at $35 and increase in price based on the number of users. Some companies may charge additional fees depending on the number of users, which is another factor that should be considered.

Our recommendation is to prioritize the features you need and weigh them against the price of the software. Not all nanny payroll software programs offer the same features, and this can affect the total price.