The Best Payment Processing Services of 2021

Our payment processing service reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 110+ payment processing companies from across the web. These reviews and our payment processing guide help small businesses and startups find the best payment processing service for their business.

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The 15 Best Payment Processing Companies of 2021

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How We Chose the Best Payment Processing Services

Payment processing can be one of the more confusing aspects of owning a business. You’re an expert on the products and services your business offers. But do you also need to be a technology expert? Not if you have a good payment processing service. These companies take away many of the headaches associated with the financial and accounting aspect of your business. We looked at some of the primary criteria you should be aware of when we chose our list of the best payment processing services of 2020.

Pricing Transparency

There are a lot of fees associated with CC processing, including whether you’re processing transactions online, instore, or both. We looked at companies that are transparent about all of the fees. Some of our chosen companies feature a simple, monthly charge. Most, however, charge by the transaction — sometimes in addition to a monthly fee. This means your costs will increase as your business does. It pays to fully understand your processor’s pricing structure before you hire it, so don’t be adverse to asking questions and getting clarification as needed.

Features & Integrations

We looked at companies that offer key features like PCI-compliance, a mobile app, and integrations with other third-party software. These are basic elements that your processor should be aware of and offer to its customers. Our top choices also feature robust data analytics features and omnichannel payment options.

Customer Support

If your credit card processor is down, then you’re not collecting money from your customers. We prioritized companies that provide 24/7 customer support. We looked for companies with well-trained, friendly engineers and support staff who focus on customer satisfaction first and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that your system is up and running and your questions and concerns are met.

The 15 Best Payment Processing Services of 2021

CompanyPriceContract LengthMore
2Checkout2Sell: 3.5% + $0.35 per transaction
2Subscribe: 4.5% + $0.45 per transaction
2Monetize: 6.0% + $0.60 per transaction
Pay as you goVisit 2Checkout
Atom TechnologiesCredit Cards (Domestic): 1.99% + ₹ 3
Debit Cards: 0.009
Net Banking: 1.99% + ₹ 3
Wallets: - 0.022
Major Bank's EMI Options: Available on request
Bank's IMPS: - 0.018
American Express EMI, JCB & Diners Club: - 0.0395 -
Credit Cards (International): 0.0395
Annual Software Upgradation Charges: ₹ 5000 -
Integration Charges (one time): ₹ 10000
Pay as you goVisit Atom Technologies
Authorize.netNo setup fee
Monthly gateway: $0
Per transaction: 2.9% + 30¢
Pay as you goVisit
BeanworksPricing upon requestPay as you goVisit Beanworks
CCAvenue2.00% for All Mastercard, Visa & Rupay Credit Cards (Domestic)
0.00% for Rupay Debit Card
0.00% for UPI Payments
3.00% for Mastercard & Visa Credit / Debit Cards (International)
3.00% for Corporate / Commercial Credit Cards (Domestic)
4.00% for American Express / Amex EMI & Diners Club
4.99% for Multi-currency options
Month to monthVisit CCAvenue
Chetu PaymentsPricing upon requestPay as you goVisit Chetu Payments
CloverPricing upon requestPay as you goVisit Clover
CybersourcePricing upon requestMonth to monthVisit Cybersource
DwollaPay-As-You-Go: $0/month
Scale: $2,000/month
Enterprise: $10,000/month
Pay as you goVisit Dwolla
NodusPricing upon requestMonth to monthVisit Nodus
PaySimple$54.95/month for Pro
$99.95/month for Enterprise
Month to monthVisit PaySimple
SkrillDigital Wallet Transactions: 1.9% + €0.29
Quick Checkout Transactions: 1.9% + €0.29
Chargeback Fee: €25
Pay as you goVisit Skrill
Tipalti$299/month for Tipalti Express
$447/month for Tipalto Pro
Pay as you goVisit Tipalti
WorldPayPricing upon requestPay as you goVisit WorldPay
ZuoraPricing upon requestPay as you goVisit Zuora


2Checkout Logo
2Checkout is a U.S.-based company with a modular design that expands as your business grows and takes you to new countries or new business models. 45+ payment methods and more than 100 currencies allow you to build online revenue without headaches, no matter where your clients are.

Digital commerce is easy to manage with localized checkout, a mobile-friendly experience, and in-platform optimization tools. There are 120+ cart integrations and the whole checkout experience can be branded to match your website or other branding efforts. There’s third-party integration, a mobile app, and 24/7 support, as well as PCI-compliance.

Reporting and analytics is robust. You’ll find an easy-to-understand commerce dashboard with instant insights into sales and trends. There’s in-platform A/B testing and you can generate pre-configured and customizable reports.

PriceContract LengthFeatures
2Sell: 3.5% + $0.35 per transaction
2Subscribe: 4.5% + $0.45 per transaction
2Monetize: 6.0% + $0.60 per transaction
Pay as you go>Global payments
>Subscription billing
>45+ payment methods
>More features at 2Checkout

Pros & Cons of 2Checkout Payment Processing
2Checkout features a wide range of services with straightforward pricing plans and far more than just credit and debit card payments. It’s tax and financial service options include invoice management and global VAT and sales tax collecting and handling. PCI- and GDPR-compliance means you’re protected from security breaches and your clients’ data is safe and private. Although 2Checkout has a stellar rating from the Better Business Bureau, there is anecdotal evidence that response time for queries can be longer than they should be.

>Global tax and financial services
>PCI and GDPR compliance
>A+ ranking with the BBB
>Chargeback fees are high
>Occasionally slow support response time

What Customers Are Saying
Customers are impressed with the 2Checkout dashboard, calling it “reliable and easy to use.” The 24/7/365 customer service gets both thumbs up and thumbs down from clients, though most say it’s solid and dependable. The initial service takes a little time to set up, say clients, but “once it’s live, you won’t be disappointed. You work amid a seamlessly secure payment gateway without technical hindrance.”

Atom Technologies

Atom-Paynetz Logo
Atom Technologies is a large India-based firm, owned by Tokyo services provider NTT Data, that offers payment processing to companies and individuals across the globe. It features third party integration and 24 hour support, and is PCI compliant.

AtomTech services include card swipe POS machines, IVR payment solutions, and mGalla, a payment app for merchants that allows them to accept payments at any time or place, and can link with your bank account to make the process simple and efficient. An express checkout feature lets registered customers store their credit card info to make checkout simple.

Atom’s online payment platform is integrated with more than 50 banks and 256+ payment options that offer transactions for all major credit and debit cards, IMPs, and more. The company has excellent online security backed by PCI DSS version 3.2 and 256-bit encryption.

PriceContract LengthFeatures
Credit Cards (Domestic): 1.99% + ₹ 3
Debit Cards: 0.009
Net Banking: 1.99% + ₹ 3
Wallets: - 0.022
Major Bank's EMI Options: Available on request
Bank's IMPS: - 0.018
American Express EMI, JCB & Diners Club: - 0.0395 -
Credit Cards (International): 0.0395
Annual Software Upgradation Charges: ₹ 5000 -
Integration Charges (one time): ₹ 10000
Pay as you go>Express checkout
>Mass mailer campaigns possible
>Standing instructions module
>More features at Atom Technologies

Pros & Cons of Atom Technologies Payment Processing

Atom Technologies’ solutions include several that not all carriers have, such as a multi bank EMI that gives customers the option of paying in installments — thus helping your conversion rate. A retry option means that customers won’t have to refill all their data if the initial sale doesn’t go through for any reason. Atom Technologies is a global company, headquartered in India and owned by a Japanese firm, which does do business in the U.S.

>Multibank EMI allows payment in installments
>Retry option
>Manage all transactions, refunds, and disputes from a single dashboard
>May not be used to sell liquor, drop-shipped merchandise, or other named items.
>Not based in the U.S.

What Customers Are Saying
Customers appreciate Atom Technologies features such as the retry option and more. “They are the only IVR-based event processing platform that allows debit card/direct debit account-to-account transfer,” said one client.


Authorize.Net Logo
Authorize.Net is a Visa Solution company that allows you to accept credit and debit cards, contactless payments and e-checks both in person and on the go with its mobile app. The company uses third party integration and is PCI compliant.

Authorize.Net has an all-in-one payment option, which sets you up with everything you need to accept card payments and includes a merchant account and payment gateway, plus access to the company’s platform. There’s also an option to use the payment gateway only, and customized solutions for enterprises that process more than $500K a year.

The Authorize.Net format allows you to seamlessly accept phone payments and manual orders, and a batch upload feature lets you upload multiple credit cards or echeck transactions in a single file. Security is a primary concern for the company, and you’ll receive 13 configurable fraud filters including IP filters, velocity filters, and shipping filters.

PriceContract LengthFeatures
No setup fee
Monthly gateway: $0
Per transaction 2.9% + 30¢
Pay as you go>Advanced fraud detection
>Customer Information Manager
>Batch upload feature
>More features at

Pros & Cons of Authorize.Net Payment Processing
Authorize.Net does one thing: it provides a payment gateway for customers. Backed by the resources of industry giant Visa, it does this well. Its excellent website features tools and tips that are great for those who are just starting out, and support options include online chat or ticketing as well as phone. There is some evidence to suggest that the company’s customer service reps aren’t always trained as well as they could be, but you should be able to get an answer to your questions 24/7.

>No setup fee
>Informative website includes blog, e-commerce guide, and more to help you understand the payments process
>Create virtual POS terminals
>Customer service sometimes not effective
>Long lag time for monetary refunds
>Gateway provider only; merchant accounts are from resellers

What Customers Are Saying
Many of the more negative reviews of Authorize.Net can actually be attributed to the merchant account provider, which is another company altogether — Authorize.Net provides just the gateway function. Positive reviews focus on solid customer support experiences, ease of use of the recurring billing format, and an application programming interface that works well and gets the job done effectively.


beanworks Logo
Beanworks, a Canadian company, features accounts payable automation that allows you to automate your entire workflow from purchase orders to payments. Its integrated payments module eliminates payment delays, duplicates, and errors. You’re able to set up a transparent approval process for vendor payments and check the status of payments at any time.

Beanworks has four plans: Starter, Pro, Premium, and Enterprise. All the plans except Starter include EFT, ACH, check, and VCC payments, as well as Beanworks’ purchase order module, and same-day support for up to eight legal entities.

Beanworks integrates with numerous accounts payable platforms, including Quickbooks, Sage Intacct, Microsoft Dynamics, and RentManager. Since the company is involved in all areas of the accounting process, its capabilities extend beyond payment processing, and that may make it a good fit for your business.

PriceContract LengthFeatures
Pricing upon requestPay as you go>Transparent approval process
>Avoid duplicate payments
>One-to-one reconciliation
>More features at Beanworks

Pros & Cons of Beanworks Payment Processing
Beanworks is a bit different from most of our choices in that its primary focus isn’t payment processing. However, that broader focus may work for some businesses that are in the market for more extensive support from their vendors. Beanworks offers a free trial and mobile app for clients, and through the use of Beanwork’s resources, a business can eliminate paper waste and enjoy simple but efficient online account management.

>Free trial available
>Mobile app available
>Makes paperless accounting possible
>Not focused entirely on payments processing

What Customers Are Saying
Customers like the ease of use that Beanworks builds into their products and the responsive customer support. “Any time we have an issue, we can reach out to support and work with someone directly for a quick resolution,” said one client. “During implementation, the team listened to our needs and helped customize their product in a way that was the best fit for our business.”


Ccavenue Logo
CCAvenue is an India-based company that offers 200+ payment options, a multiple currency app, dynamic event notification, integration APIs that help you to easily integrate with third party shop processing, and a quick and simple checkout experience for returning customers.

CCAvenue’s interface lets you switch transactions dynamically, recapture abandoned transactions, and retry failures for a higher success rate. Its fully responsive transaction page, which can be customized to your own brand, adapts to any kind of electronic device.

The company uses iFrame integration to collect card credentials and accept payments. This is secure, without being PCI DSS certified. It reduces payment hops and allows customers to make secure payments without leaving your webpage.

PriceContract LengthFeatures
2.00% for All Mastercard, Visa & Rupay Credit Cards (Domestic)
0.00% for Rupay Debit Card
0.00% for UPI Payments
3.00% for Mastercard & Visa Credit / Debit Cards (International)
3.00% for Corporate / Commercial Credit Cards (Domestic)
4.00% for American Express / Amex EMI & Diners Club
4.99% for Multi-currency options
Month to month>iFrame integration
>Responsive web design
>marketing tools available
>More features at CCAvenue

Pros & Cons of CCAvenue Payment Processing
As one of the most established payment processing companies in India, CCAvenue has developed many tools and apps to support their clients, including shopping cart plugins and the ability to build a custom storefront for your business. An encrypted card storage vault is available to provide an added measure of security. It does, however, charge an annual maintenance fee for these services, and according to some customers, it takes time — sometimes several weeks — to get a new account set up.

>Shopping cart plugins for Opencart, Magento, WorldPress, and more
>Customizable storefront for merchants with no website.
>Encrypted card storage vault
>Annual maintenance fee
>Account setup time can be lengthy

What Customers Are Saying
Although some merchants comment on the tendency of CCAvenue to hold onto payments in the case of disputes or new accounts, others are impressed with the level of security that the company includes for their clients. “CCAvenue is a very secure payment gateway.” said one. “If I have a choice, I will always select CCAvenue.” The breadth of features available from CCAvenue is also commonly remarked on, as well as the ability of smaller customers to build a website with CCAvenue’s resources.

Chetu Payments

Chetu-Payments-Software Logo
Chetu is a supplier of software development and support services for business, based in the U.S. but with global reach. They have partnerships with Microsoft, AWS, SalesForce, and Adobe, among others, ensuring that your own solutions will integrate with third party software when necessary.

Chetu’s payment processing products include a mobile app and 24/7 support, and it is PCI compliant. It works with companies that range from small start-ups to large enterprises, and is able to scale its products and services up or down as needed to best manage your business.

Chetu works with developers to create customized payment gateways and processors with ACH and Check 21 capabilities, and it can work with your business on Clover, EMV, Equinox, and First Data applications. It is also capable of creating custom fraud protection for your business.

PriceContract LengthFeatures
Pricing upon requestPay as you go>Clover POS integration
>EMV-compliant apps for POS terminals and more
>First Data integration
>More features at Chetu Payments

Pros & Cons of Chetu Payments Payment Processing
Chetu is one of the largest companies on our recommended list, which can be both a pro and a con. Its scope is immense, and it offers integration services for a broad range of software, from Verifone to First Data. Those who like the experience of working with a smaller, boutique company may be disappointed, however, to be only one among thousands of clients.

>Extensive range of services
>Verifone installation systems
>eWallet development
>Payment processing only one of their business lines

What Customers Are Saying
As a development company, Chetu does much more than just payments processing. Its staff has a deep set of skills to enable them to answer any questions or concerns that customers have. “I had a great and pleasurable experience working with Chetu and would highly recommend their services to others,” said one VP of operations. “The new software tools have given our franchise store owners a new sense of empowerment over their business at the local level,” said a CEO.


clover logo
Clover, formerly BluePay, is a payment processing provider that supplies clients either through direct sales or via one of their roster of partners, which includes BBVA, Citi, Wells Fargo, and more than 3,000 other First Data affiliates in the U.S. They offer third party integration, a mobile app, and 24/7 support, and are PCI compliant.

The company’s most popular plan is Station, which is a POS system that comes with a cash drawer and receipt printer. It allows you to create custom orders, such as adjusting menu items or removing optional ingredients or modifiers, and features multi-layered security.

Other plans include Flex, which accepts all payment types and promises your money will be relayed in a few minutes through Rapid Deposit, and Station Pro, a fast, powerful POS system that comes with a smart terminal and Apple Pay, Google Pay, WeChat Pay and more.

PriceContract LengthFeatures
Pricing upon requestPay as you go>Gift card tools
>Online menu ordering
>Services Apple Pay, Google Pay and more
>More features at Clover

Pros & Cons of Clover Payment Processing
Clover’s integrated suite of tools is especially appealing for those who run restaurants or food trucks. Tip pooling and a commissions calculator makes it easy to manage employee financial transactions. Another uncommon perk is Clover Capital, which provides an advance on future sales when needed, with an application. Although the software can be a little buggy at times, according to customers, most feel that they get an excellent range of services from the company.

>Clover Capital provides advance on future sales
>Tip pooling and commissions calculations
>Customer engagement tools including loyalty programs
>Some small system glitches, such as a lack of modifiers to choose from.
>Mobile unit seizes up when you move too fast

What Customers Are Saying
Clover is simple and easy to use, say clients, and an effective way for smaller businesses to manage retail establishments, restaurants, and more. The customer support is solid. “If we ever have technical difficulties Clover Support is always a great help and seems to get the problem solved almost instantly. They even had a new Clover Mini sent to our corporate office when ours was compromised,” said one kiosk owner.


Cybersource Logo
Cybersource is an American-based, globally active company that’s been helping businesses with their ecommerce needs since 1994, which makes it one of the older and more established businesses in the industry. It is owned by Visa and affiliated with Authorize.Net, another of our best payment processing choices. It has offices throughout the U.S., Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa.

Cybersource features global payment solutions based on a modular platform that is customizable depending on the size, scope, and needs of your business. The company stresses fraud management and security, and uses a token management system that simplifies payment security and lets you access additional features such as omnichannel experiences and customer insights.

As a global provider, Cybersource allows you to expand into more than 235 countries. It can calculate sales, use, and VAT in real time and assess tax by line item rather than total amount for greater accuracy. Since it operates as a hosted service, you won’t need any specialized software to work with Cybersource.

PriceContract LengthFeatures
Pricing upon requestPay as you go>Process subscriptions and recurring payments
>Automatic account updater
>Transparent international exchange rates
>More features at Cybersource

Pros & Cons of Cybersource Payment Processing
Cybersource offers the technical know-how and advanced system integrations to allow small and mid-sized businesses to compete on a global playing field. Security is a company focus, and it has implemented numerous solutions to protect against hacking and other security risks. Although users find the client dashboard to be somewhat hard to decipher, the platform performs well in all circumstances, and scales as needed for each business.

>Pre-integrated solutions partner with SalesForce, SiteCore, and more.
>Flex Microform 0.11 offers increased security
>Certified Level 1 PCI Service Provider
>Multiple logins required for different countries when switching accounts
>Dashboard layout dated and not as intuitive as it could be
>No mobile app

What Customers Are Saying
Clients of Cybersource are enthusiastic about the company’s focus on security and safety. “What I like best about Cybersource is the fraud score (the higher the score the more risky the transaction) and the fact that you can mark for ‘review’ or ‘suspect.’ This allows us to be in better control with risky orders/customers,” said one. Cybersource also gets high marks for its pricing structure. “CyberSource provides everything we need at a lower cost than our previous payment manager,” said a client.


Dwolla Logo

Dwolla is an Iowa-based payments provider with infrastructure that allows a business to send, collect or facilitate payments between its users. Dwolla offers an easy way for businesses to connect to the U.S. banking infrastructure and access the card networks. Additional benefits of the platform include a PCI DSS-compliant instant payout option to a debit card, bank account verification,  third party integrations, drop-in components, and dedicated support for its contracted clients.

Dwolla is bank agnostic,working with all U.S. banks and credit unions, which means you keep your current banking relationship when you work with them. Businesses are able to maintain their branding and control of the user experience, while having Dwolla’s scalable infrastructure in the background.

Dwolla’s tokenized solution helps reduce the risk for businesses by preventing the need for them to store sensitive details about their users. From within a customizable dashboard, businesses can monitor transaction activity in real-time, along with user onboarding workflows. ACH transactions can be sent using standard, next day or same day ACH processing times.

PriceContract LengthFeatures
Pay-As-You-Go - Standard Features, Per-Transaction Pricing - $0/month
Scale - Expanded Subscription Features, Faster Payments and Predictable Pricing - Starting at $2,000/month
Enterprise - Custom Feature Development, Prioritized Support, Volume Discounts - $10,000/month
Pay as you go>Instant fund transfers
>Enable real-time wire transfers
>Custom feature development available.
>More features at Dwolla

Pros & Cons of Dwolla Payment Processing
Dwolla offers numerous perks for clients, including a dedicated support team with a private chat channel and the ability to send multiple payments at once. Dwolla developers will work with you on customized features that are best for your business, including transfer limits that can be increased as needed. Subsidiary documentation and dashboard information could be more extensive to help with client understanding. Clients also felt that the initial application process was a bit invasive and more complex than it needed to be.

>Dedicated private chat support for clients
>Mass payments possible with one API endpoint.
>Custom transfer limits
>Documentation and dashboard aren’t as detailed as they could be
>Onboarding requires extensive application and verification process

What Customers Are Saying
As is often the case, client management merits the most positive reviews for Dwolla. Clients say that the dedicated customer service team is friendly, professional and able to go the extra mile to solve issues. “The staff there is committed to creating strong systems, respecting both security and usability, and they are willing to work to find a way to do it,” said one client.


Credit-Card-Advantage Logo
Nodus Technologies is a provider of e-payment, e-commerce, and retail business process automation software for small and mid-size companies. The company leverages Service Oriented Architecture and web services technologies to provide cost effective, comprehensive e-commerce and electronics payments for Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Nodus is a Microsoft partner, and is PCI compliant.

Nodus’s credit card and echeck processing is the first Visa PA-DSS certified payment processing solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP, which helps prevent fraud and protect your business. You’ve got three options to store your payment data: Nodus’s Credit Card Advantage DSS version, its PayFabric cloud, or Token, which allows you to keep your data with the payment gateway. It supports Level 2 and 3 credit card transactions and has standard features including real-time and delayed batch capture, automatic email notifications, and foreign currency support.

Online bill pay lets you reduce the cost of paper billing and increase convenience and flexibility for your customers. There are optional modules for subscriptions, recurring billing, installment plans, and more. Nodus also offers eCommerce for the Microsoft Dynamics GP, with powerful shopping carts, no-touch web orders, and an easy-to-use CMS.

PriceContract LengthFeatures
Pricing upon requestMonth to month>Customizable framework matches your brand
>PayLink integrated PCI validated payment link
>Supports Magtek, Bluefin, Pax PX7, and more.
>More features at Nodus

Pros & Cons of Nodus Technologies Payment Processing
Nodus Technology’s Credit Card Advantage program is engineered to work flawlessly within Microsoft’s business infrastructure. This may limit its use by some businesses who are not integrated to this platform, but for the company’s clients, it works well. Nodus is known for a high level of satisfaction with customer service staff, who are knowledgeable about the platform and respond quickly and efficiently to requests for assistance. The lack of a mobile app is a limiting factor for the company.

>Seamless integration with Microsoft Business Solutions
>Excellent customer service and follow-up
>B2B and B2C integrated web stores
>Only work within Microsoft Dynamics interface
>No mobile app

What Customers Are Saying
Clients like Nodus’s responsive customer service team, who take the time to follow up and ensure that a fix has worked, as well as the time and money saved by using Nodus’s Credit Card Advantage. “Orders are processed faster, customers receive accurate, up-to-date information about transactions, and reconciliation is a breeze,” said one COO. “The productivity enhancements brought about by this solution are dramatic.”


PaySimple Logo
PaySimple is a U.S.-based organization that provides payment solutions for more than 20,000 service-based businesses, whether they are connecting with their customers online, in person, or via a mobile app. The company offers flexible payment acceptance, automated billing, and third party integration, and is PCI-compliant.

PaySimple’s online services allow business owners to build a 24/7 online store, accept payments and registrations online with branded payment forms, from an existing website with a configurable “buy now” button. The company’s POS system collects credit card and ACH payments, and a robust mobile app syncs seamlessly back to your customers’ profiles without reconciliation. It’s available for Android or iOS.

PaySimple also allows for streamlined billing processes, such as recurring billing and automated billing schedules, Quickbooks online integration, and online branded email invoices. Customer management is possible with real-time reporting and business insights that uncover key growth opportunities.

PriceContract LengthFeatures
$54.95/month for Pro
$99.95/month for Enterprise
Month to month>Multi-channel payment acceptance
>Hosted checkout solutions
>Webhook callbacks for targeted events
>More features at PaySimple

Pros & Cons of PaySimple Payment Processing
PaySimple does one thing, and they do it well. The company has an easy-to-understand pricing structure, which is not common in this industry, and the ability to expand or contract as needed to better serve growing or multi-location businesses. Its website could be more informative, especially to help out new business owners, and there are occasional quirks in what they offer or don’t offer that should be addressed in time.

>Easy-to-understand payment plan
>Configurable for multi-location and franchise businesses
>AppConnect by PaySimple allows payment collection without PCI compliance
>Invoicing available, but not quotes or estimates
>Need more tutorials and educational materials
>Company limits number of transactions; increases take a week or more to approve

What Customers Are Saying
Customers like the PaySimple user interface and dashboard. “At a glance, you can review current payment schedules, last and next payments that will run, customer contact info, payment information, and more,” said one. Setting up and processing payments is easy, as is setting up dates for future payments. “I like that it is fairly simple to handle ACH and CC clients in the same program.”


Skrill Logo
Skrill is a U.K.-based company that offers instant and secure optimised payment solutions for businesses of all sizes. Clients can enable 100+ local payment methods including cards, digital wallets, instant bank transfers and more. More than 40 currencies can be managed from a single account, making for easier cross-border payments.

Skrill has partnered with many major shopping carts and eCommerce platforms, including WooCommerce, Wix, Magento, and Shopify, so you can seamlessly integrate the shopping and payment processing effortlessly. They are PCI compliant, and customer care reps speak a number of languages so you can get help when needed no matter where you are located.

The Quick Checkout option features chargeback protection, enhanced fraud management, and a single API, with full certification for Visa and Mastercard processing as well as many local payment methods. A digital wallet for individuals offers quick payment, with just an email address and password, and 1-tap functionality for repeat payments.

PriceContract LengthFeatures
Digital Wallet Transactions: 1.9% + €0.29
Quick Checkout Transactions: 1.9% + €0.29
Chargeback Fee: €25
Pay as you go>Chargeback protection
>100+ payment methods
>Instant bank transfer from 3,000+ banks worldwide
>More features at Skrill

Pros & Cons of Skrill Payment Processing
Skrill offers services for both businesses and individuals, and the breadth of its reach can be seen in the multi-currency options it offers. In addition to payment processing, its digital wallet makes it fast and easy for customers to pay for your goods and services safely. Skrill is easily integrated into various platforms, and a loyalty program for clients makes it even more appealing to customers. The one complaint that is common with Skrill is regarding their verification process, which many clients believe is excessively complex and lengthy.

>Online wallet available for individuals
>Loyalty program
>Overseas multi-currency money transfers
>Excessive verification process

What Customers Are Saying
Clients appreciate the ease with which Skrill accepts payments, especially those from individuals who have a Skrill digital wallet. They like Skrill’s simple platform and its global reach. Skrill’s flexibility also earns commendation. “Skrill boasts the ability to receive payments from 20 local sites, 80 banks, and more.”


Tipalti Logo
Like many other payment processing companies, Tipalti features a full plate of accounting and payment resources. In addition to payment processing, it offers reconciliation services, invoice management, self-billing, and more. Tipalti is a good choice for larger and growing organizations that want to automate processes such as AP and mass payments.

Tipalti’s payment processing platform allows for ACH and debit/credit card processing, with robust reporting and analytics features, as well as an electronic signature, mobile payments, and online payment processing. The company’s products integrate with NetSuite, Sage Intacct, Quickbooks, and more.

Tipalti can help you scale and reduce your global payables workload by 80%, the company says, and for a reasonable monthly rate. It’s probably not the best choice for small mom-and-pop shops, but if your company is growing and needs streamlined payment processing along with global payments, self-service supplier management, and enterprise-grade financial controls, Tipalti is worth a look.

PriceContract LengthFeatures
$299/month for Tipalti Express
$447/month for Tipalto Pro
Pay as you go>Customer-focused approach
>Multi-entity architecture
>End-to-end payables automation solution
>More features at Tipalti

Pros & Cons of Tipalti Payment Processing
Tipalti isn’t for everyone, but if your company is growing rapidly or has achieved a level of complexity that requires additional payable automation, Tipalti is a solid option. Its technology is up-to-date and features the highest level of compliance and certifications. For global companies, Tipalti makes currency conversion easy. Our one quibble? The customer support staff isn’t on deck 24/7, but only during regular business hours.

>Open API architecture allows for bi-directional sync.
>SSAE 16 SOC compliant and ISAE 3402 Type II certified.
>Highly competitive exchange rates with Tipalti Multi-FX
>Support only available during business hours
>Best for companies with high-volume, complex account needs

What Customers Are Saying
TIpalti’s customers like the level of sophistication and customization that’s available with its platform. “The more we dug into the software the more we realized how easy it was to customize for our needs,” said a client. Another remarked, “The streamlined and ergonomic interface, together with global reach and end-user CRMs, make the payment obligations such an easy task, it’s practically effortless.”


fisglobal Logo
Worldpay, by FIS, offers a range of payment processing services, including integrated POS, payment terminals, SmartPay — a customizable, flexible POS system — a comprehensive security bundle, and pre-installed business apps. The company is Florida-based, and includes a mobile app and 24/7 support. It is PCI-compliant.

Although FIS features services for large business and enterprise, it is also well-equipped to handle the needs of small business. It’s noted for its work with the retail industry, as well as personal services, restaurants and food service, grocery, and professional services. You can create an online store on a custom site and across devices, manage payments, and optimize your ROI with high-tech features developed to serve the needs of smaller and growing businesses.

FastAccess Funding allows you to get your card payment deposits in hours rather than days. The company uses Authorize.Net to let you sell in-store or online via a mobile device, and you can upgrade to include eWallets and eCommerce innovations when the time is right for your business to expand.

PriceContract LengthFeatures
Pricing upon requestPay as you go>Integrated point of sale
>Omnishield Assure and point-to-point encryption
>Enhanced claim resolution services.
>More features at WorldPay

Pros & Cons of Worldpay Payment Processing
FIS, the company that owns Worldpay, has been around since the last millennium and has a wealth of knowledge on payment processing solutions. It shows in the breadth of options and add-ons that are available, such as gift card and reward options and the ability to apply for loans, which appeal to small business owners. Although Worldpay is not the cheapest option on our list, it’s worth reviewing what you get for your money. There is some anecdotal evidence that the customer service is not always as available as the company claims it is.

>In business more than 50 years
>Gift card, reward, and stored value options available
>Worldpay Working Capital offers loan alternatives
>Online chat support not always available
>Prices are at the high end

What Customers Are Saying
Customers like Worldpay’s portal and dashboard, saying that it’s user-friendly and easy to manage. “It’s not cluttered at all,” said one. “It just works.” Another said, “It makes processing payments very easy. It takes just a few clicks to process a payment.” There is also positive feedback on the easy-to-understand daily reports, and the ease with which it integrates with on-demand software.


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Zuora offers a cloud-based subscription management platform to help any business in any industry launch, manage, and scale a subscription business. The Subscription Economy®, a term coined by Zuora’s founder and CEO Tien Tzuo, is growing at a rapid pace (more than 400% over the last 8.5 years, according to the Subscription Economy Index) and is proving to be resilient amid today’s economic climate. In fact, the same Index suggests that subscription businesses are growing nearly 6x faster than traditional companies. Zuora is uniquely positioned to help businesses manage this customer-focused world, retaining existing subscribers, monitoring usage, and finding new ways to build long-term loyalty among customers.

Within this new economy, Zuora offers 180+ currency options, more than 35 payment gateways, and 20+ payment methods. Zuora comes with capabilities such as gain-loss reporting and FX conversion rates and an integratable interface that works with NetSuite, SalesForce, Google Play, Amazon, and many more.

Zuora is PCI compliant L1, SSAE SOC1 Type II, and ISO 27001 certified. It’s scalable for all sizes of business, regardless of industry, so it can work with businesses as they grow. Zuora Collect offers an automated way to maximize the collections process with insightful reports and targeted retry logic to gather reviews from credit card declines. Collection tasks that require customer action, such as failure to pay, can also be automated and tailored to each customer scenario.

PriceContract LengthFeatures
Pricing upon requestPay as you go>Assign collection agents to overdue accounts
>Automated intelligent retry
>Multiple editions and feature-based pricing
>More features at Zuora

Pros & Cons of Zuora Payment Processing
Although it is limited to working with subscription models, within that scope Zuora offers solid service and a lot of bells and whistles that can streamline your ability to run the back-end of your business. Zuora seamlessly integrates to a global model, and can grow with you to handle high-volume traffic. Zuora’s website is a good one: the company includes well-thought-out blog posts, eBooks, webinars, and whitepapers, and there’s a community forum that helps answer questions quickly and easily.

>Robust website with extensive resources and Zuora University
>Customizable for international expansion
>High-volume self-service sales possible
>Only works within a subscription platform
>Breadth of features makes it more complex than needed for smaller companies

What Customers Are Saying
Businesses tied into the subscription economy love working with Zuora, which is tailored for the specific needs of that model. This customer says it all: “The subscription object model by Zuora is solid and you can slice and dice the subscription offerings to provide lots of options for your customers. Very easy to integrate to your other systems using their APIs. Salesforce Zuora connector is awesome. Very easy to set up credit card processing through one of the partners.”

What are Payment Processing Services?

Payment processing services are companies that handle the financial details for businesses in the retail, subscription, services, and other industries. Simply put, your payment processing system is the entity that takes the credit card information that your customer gives you, verifies it, starts the process of transferring that money from the credit card company to your own bank account, and maintains security and confidentiality while doing so. It can be a complex process, and is generally made up of two components from the merchant side: a financial merchant account with a bank or credit union, and a payment gateway, which is the software that does all the heavy lifting of making the transfer.

Twenty years ago, the entire process was managed manually and via phone, but now, the best payment processing services offer fully automated platforms that mesh well with third-party software and often feature additional accounting capabilities as well. When all goes well, a transaction can take place in seconds, making for a smooth and pleasant customer experience. When there are difficulties with the credit card, your payment processor should be able to flag the problem and help you work it out, especially in cases of credit card fraud.

Benefits of Payment Processing Services

For small to mid-sized businesses, a payment processing service is the best way to enable transactions, either at point of sales, via your website, or any other way. The best payment processing services handle this complex process and are a necessary component in any growing business plan.

The best services offer the following benefits:

  • They handle all credit and debit card payments, along with eWallet transactions, e-checks, and more, simply and efficiently. If there are problems with the card, they can detect this. They do this while keeping your customers’ data secure and private. A good service may offer other paying benefits, such as processing gift cards, subscriptions, and more. All these features save you time, money, and aggravation.
  • They talk to your other business software without glitches. Most businesses use software to automate many of their processes. Software like SalesForce and Quickbooks makes it easy to manage your business and handle all your accounting processes as it evolves. Your payment processor needs to be able to integrate with this software so that information flows from one to the other without difficulty. If there are problems, a good service will feature skilled customer service reps to help you get things running smoothly again.
  • They provide flexibility. Your payment processing service should be able to scale up or down as needed, and may offer additional services that become more important to you as your business grows.
  • Payment processing software increases your cash flow. With transactions happening in a matter of seconds, and money flowing smoothly from the credit card corporation to your merchant account, you’re able to free up money as needed more quickly for improvements or other reasons.

Must-Have Features of Payment Processing Services

You may have specific criteria for your own payment processing service, but here are some general factors to keep in mind when looking for the best payment processing server for you:

  • Integration with other software: Your service should work seamlessly with any other business or accounting software that you use. An integrated payment platform will ensure that you save time and money, and aren’t stuck untangling computer glitches or re-doing work that’s already been done once.
  • Multichannel payments: Although most customers pay with credit or debit cards, payment methods such as digital wallets, ACH payments, and more are increasingly popular. Make sure your service accepts a broad range of payment options. If you are involved in international sales, also be aware of the number of currencies it accepts.
  • Accept payments across devices: Look for a robust mobile app and support for payments from any electronic source. In our technological world, your customers should be able to pay for your product or service no matter what device they are currently using.
  • Robust reporting: Your service should offer the ability to pull reports on daily, weekly, or monthly sales, and to perform data analytics that help you to understand exactly what is happening to the flow of money in your business. You should be able to assess the effectiveness of different locations, products, or elements such as loyalty programs. An easy-to-understand dashboard is also a plus, so that you can keep tabs on the day-to-day running of your business.
  • Top-notch security features: Your chosen server should be PCI-compliant, and run up-to-date security software that enables you to have peace of mind that your customers’ data, along with your own, is secure and private.

The Cost of Payment Processing Services

It’s hard to compare the cost of payment processing services because different companies charge in different ways: some bill a monthly rate, others require you to pay a certain percentage or amount per transaction. Some use a hybrid model, with a base rate per month and then an additional fee for transactions.

You may also be subject to additional fees for multi-currency options, chargebacks, and more. With this sort of model, it’s easy to end up with a bill that seems higher than it should, and in general, customer complaints about payment processing services often revolve around the costs.

Only you can decide what is worth the cost and what isn’t. Ask questions when you are seeking a new payment processing service so you’re sure you understand all the nuances of the payment system. Since it’s almost impossible to run a successful business without a processor, you’ll need to consider the charges as just another cost of doing business. We recommend that you get several quotes from services when you’re starting out, so you can get a sense of what your own costs will be.