The Best Online Survey Software of 2021

Our online survey software reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 80+ online survey software companies from across the web. These reviews and our online survey software guide help small businesses and startups find the best online survey software for their business.

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How We Chose the Best Online Survey Software

Market research is invaluable to any industry. Online surveys have emerged as one of the most powerful data collection tools for businesses looking to gain an in-depth understanding of consumer, client, and employee attitudes, behaviors, and perceptions. We evaluated dozens of online survey software companies to develop this list of the best online survey software of 2021 based on the level of customization that’s supported, the marketing tools, and the reporting features.


When it comes to online surveys, customization is key. Not only does the ability to customize your survey allow you to hone in on the exact data you need to collect, but it helps to increase user engagement and add credibility to your survey by making sure your audience members know they’re being contacted by a real, legitimate company. The features we looked for include:

  • Custom templates
  • Question branching
  • Skip logic
  • The ability to add custom logos, fonts, and colors

Marketing Tools

Audience engagement is vital when it comes to deploying online surveys. We focused on sourcing online survey software with robust marketing tools that enabled users to connect with their target audience through email and social media. This included features such as:

  • Social media integration
  • Email integration functionality
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Integration with Slack, Zendesk, and leading CRM applications

Reporting Features

Online surveys are all about data harvesting, which is why we placed a strong emphasis on sourcing survey software that offers users the ability to generate in-depth reports on metrics such as bounce and completion rates and how much time each user spends completing the survey. We searched for software with:

  • Real-time data reporting
  • Spreadsheet compatibility
  • In-depth reporting on a variety of metrics

The 15 Best Online Survey Software Companies of 2021


Alchemer, formerly SurveyGizmo, is a top solution for helping businesses transform to a customer-centric organization. Alchemer caters to education, healthcare, government, and nonprofits but allows all users to hear the voice of the customer by being hyper-personalized and centered around the customer. It helps users identify, access, and manage their audience with numerous integrations for commonly used systems. Alchemer has a library of free survey templates to help users collect customer data that are fully customizable with company logos and brand aesthetics. Popular templates include:

  • Net Promoter Score: Tracks customer feedback and improves satisfaction levels
  • Customer Experience Evaluation: Discloses how customers really feel about a business
  • Employee Satisfaction: Measures employee engagement and boosts happiness
  • Public Opinion & Demographics: Gathers personal information securely
  • Mortgage Readiness Quiz: Identifies qualified prospects looking for a mortgage
  • Healthcare Intake Assessment: Automates the healthcare check-in process
  • Event Registration: Streamlines registration to enhance the planning process

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Collaboration: $25/month
Professional: $85/month
Full Access: $150/month
Enterprise: Custom Quote
7-Day Free Trial>Email, phone, and live support
>Social media marketing
>Mobile surveys
>More features at Alchemer

Pros & Cons of Alchemer Online Survey Software
>Seamless Salesforce integration
>Offers a 7-day trial
>Provides live support
>Pricing is relatively high
>Costs for extra features can be high

Betterworks Engage

Betterworks Engage, which tracks metrics like favorability, sentiment and eNPS, was formerly known as Hyphen. It offers surveys and pulse polls to collect honest feedback from employees to build trust and drive engagement. Companies wanting to understand how their employees think can find unique opportunities to improve engagement with:

  • Surveys: Gather continuous feedback through instant surveys, create custom action plans based on real-time survey results, ask relevant questions with more than 100 benchmarked or customized questions, survey specific teams or the entire company.
  • Polls: Keep a continuous, real-time pulse on teams or the entire company by launching pulse polls, staying proactive, spotting trends and creating step-by-step action plans using powerful analytics, capturing consistent pulses with time-based or event-based launch triggers.

Recommendations provide powerful analytics to drive action. Instantly see survey and poll data in sophisticated visualizations, and use the most relevant data to prioritize what to do next.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom QuoteFree Trial>Mobile-friendly
>More features at Betterworks Engage

Pros & Cons of Betterworks Engage Online Survey Software
>Offers a free trial
>Provides valuable employee insights
>Provides skip logic and question branching
>Designed for employee surveys only
>No site intercept survey
>No email or social media marketing


FormAssembly offers comprehensive form building and data collection with full Salesforce integration. Its features include a drag-and-drop form creator and the ability to personalize forms with custom themes and CSS, which is helpful for tech-savvy users since the included templates are somewhat outdated. All plans meet or exceed industry standards for security, making FormAssembly suitable for use by healthcare, education, and finance professionals.

New users can sign up for a 14-day trial. Plans are available on a monthly or annual basis, with monthly plan pricing starting at $99 for the Professional plan, $249 for the Premier plan, and $599 for the Enterprise Cloud plan. Pricing for the Compliance Cloud plan is available upon request. FormAssembly’s online survey software pricing is high compared to what’s offered from other providers.

All FormAssembly plans include:

  • Access to iOS and Android apps
  • Salesforce integration
  • Web-based reporting
  • TLS 1.2 encryption and encryption at rest
  • GDPR, Section 508 and FERPA compliance
  • Email notification and auto-responders
  • Spam protection
  • Stripe, PayPal, FreshBooks Classic, Chargent, and iATS integration
  • Google integration
  • Support for CVS and XML files for export to Excel

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$89/user/monthFree Trial>Customizable templates
>Email, phone, and live support
>More features at FormAssembly

Pros & Cons of FormAssembly Online Survey Software
>Customizable with drag-and-drop form creator
>HIPAA, GDPR, and GLBA compliant
>Question branching
>Cost is relatively high
>No support for social media marketing

Google Forms

Google Forms is a free web-based survey creation app from Google. It’s designed to make survey, poll, and test development and distribution easy for educators, student researchers, and community organizers. Users can build and deploy mobile surveys and integrate surveys with all Google Workspace cloud computing products, including Drive, Gmail, Sheets, and Slides. Google Forms is compatible with mobile browsers, allowing users to use the app from most iOS- and Android-powered smartphones and tablets.

There’s no cost to use Google Forms, but users do need to sign up for a free Google account. Email, phone, and live support is available, and there’s an extensive library of instructional videos available from Google where users can learn how to insert images into Google Forms, create a password-protected survey, and link Forms with other Google apps.

Given that Google Forms is free, it’s relatively basic and has fewer features than many other survey creation tools. These features include:

  • Integration with all Google Workspace apps and tools
  • Mobile survey creation and deployment on most Android and iOS devices
  • Question branching
  • Custom survey URLs

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
FreeFree Version Available>Integrations
>Question branching
>More features at Google Forms

Pros & Cons of Google Forms Online Survey Software
>Live support via email and phone
>Mobile surveys
>Limited design options
>No offline access
>No skip logic


LimeSurvey is web-based survey software designed to make developing and distributing surveys quick and easy for students, marketers, educational institutions, and commercial users. Launched in 2006, LimeSurvey’s founders have made the source code available to download for free as part of their commitment to open source principles. Surveys can be created in over 80 languages, and there are 28 unique question types available to LimeSurvey users.

LimeSurvey offers four price plans, including a free version with ads on the end page. The Basic plan costs $24 per month, the Expert plan is $285 per year, and the Enterprise plan is $849 per year. Email and phone support are included, and ads are excluded from all paid plans.

All LimeSurvey plans allow users to create an unlimited number of surveys, but the number of monthly responses ranges from 25 for the free plan to 1,000 for the Basic plan, 10,000 for the Expert plan, and 100,000 on Enterprise. All but the Basic plan include white-labeling, unlimited administrators, and 250 MB to 3 GB of upload storage.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Up to 25 responses: Free
Basic: $24/year
Expert: $285/year
Enterprise: $849/year
Free Trial>Email marketing
>Custom survey URLs
>Mobile surveys
>More features at LimeSurvey

Pros & Cons of LimeSurvey Online Survey Software
>Email and phone support
>Tiered pricing includes free basic package
>No reports
>No customizable templates


QuestionPro is web-based survey software available in three versions, including the free Essentials limited-feature version that’s largely geared towards students and occasional users. Support is available through email and live chat, and a 10-day free trial of the paid Advanced plan is available. Unlimited surveys can be created on all plans, including the no-cost Essentials plan.

Users who sign up for either the Advanced or Custom for Enterprise plan can generate in-depth reports, create mobile surveys, and print out surveys. Site integration is supported, as is question branching and skip logic. There are a number of ready-to-use templates available, and advanced users can customize their templates.

The Enterprise plan includes all the features and services available with the Essentials plan plus access to a dedicated success manager. Enterprise users can also add survey rewards and gift cards to encourage audience engagement, and this plan includes industry-standard certifications and security protocols.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Essentials: Free
Advanced: $85/month
Enterprise: Custom Quote
10-Day Free Trial>Reports
>Mobile surveys
>Question branching
>More features at QuestionPro

Pros & Cons of QuestionPro Online Survey Software
>Free Essentials plan
>Unlimited surveys
>Customizable templates
>No social media marketing
>Question randomization only available on Enterprise plan

Snap Surveys

Snap Surveys offers a range of digital survey solutions geared towards the healthcare, higher education, government, and nonprofit sectors. Window and web-based deployment is included, and customer support is available via email and phone.

Robust analytics tools are designed to provide users with advanced insights, and in-depth surveys can be developed with skip logic and question branching. Users can also integrate images, audio, and video into their surveys, although the templates cannot be customized.

Email marketing is also supported, and the platform is GDPR compliant. Snap Surveys has an ISO 27001 data security rating, and web-based surveys created through Snap Surveys conform to version 2.1 of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom QuoteFree Trial>Mobile surveys
>Email marketing
>Custom survey URLs
>More features at Snap Surveys

Pros & Cons of Snap Surveys Online Survey Software
>Free trial
>Mobile surveys
>Question branching
>Pricing not provided online
>No customizable templates
>No social media marketing


SoGoSurvey offers advanced survey design options with built-in templates and question models to help companies create attractive online surveys that strengthen their brand. It’s built with smart features that reduce survey fatigue to boost response rates while helping users understand survey insights with powerful analytics. Additional features like skip logic, question branching, and pre-population make survey participation easier and increase audience engagement. Other key features include:

  • Intuitive survey tools that are easy to use
  • Industry-specific survey templates to reach target demographic
  • Around-the-clock support across all channels
  • Real-time analytics that deliver instant results
  • Survey distribution through embedded forms and email and SMS invites
  • Top-grade security compliances at its core
  • Immediately review and share live reports
  • Extensive publishing and reporting options

The SoGoSurvey platform integrates with hundreds of essential programs, including Slack, Salesforce, Basecamp, and Zapier, to make it even easier for companies to get the answers they need.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Plus: $25/month
Pro: $66/month
Premium: $99/month
Enterprise: Custom Quote
10-Day Free Trial>Site intercept survey
>Skip logic
>Email marketing
>More features at SoGoSurvey

Pros & Cons of SoGoSurvey Online Survey Software
>10-day free trial
>Live support
>No social media marketing
>Pricing is higher than some similar products

Survey Anyplace

Survey Anyplace helps users create surveys, assessments, and quizzes with personalized advice returned in the final screen, in a branded PDF report, or via email. Common uses include interactive quizzes, job satisfaction surveys, marketing questionnaires, lead generation quizzes, brand awareness surveys, event evaluations, and personality tests. A variety of pre-built templates makes it easy for users to quickly create whatever they need, including:

  • Survey Templates: Create engaging surveys without a generic look by personalizing them to reflect business branding and messaging, including logos, background images and text style
  • Assessment Templates: Create assessments that help evaluate online and offline audiences and increase the likelihood of completion with skip logic, which customizes questions based on the respondent’s previous answers
  • Quiz Templates: Create quizzes that evaluate, test skills, or are just for fun with interactive widgets like slot machines or digital scratch cards that make them more exciting and increase the likelihood of completion

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Essential: $33/month
Professional: $50/month
Enterprise: Custom Quote
7-Day Free Trial>Mobile surveys
>Custom survey URLs
>Email marketing
>More features at Survey Anyplace

Pros & Cons of Survey Anyplace Online Survey Software
>Free 7-day trial
>Mobile surveys
>Skip logic
>No live support
>No customizable templates
>No social media marketing

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey provides a suite of market research and customer experience solutions designed to help businesses get answers and create feedback to drive their growth and innovation to solve critical challenges. Its enterprise-grade platform grows and adapts along with a business’ survey needs with a wide array of methodologist-certified survey templates, including:

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Keep a competitive edge by gaining insights into what customers need, want, and expect
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys: Improve employee productivity, morale, and retention by learning what they really think
  • Market Research Surveys: Get opinions from potential and existing customers, measure brand awareness, improve customer retention, and test concepts
  • Net Promoter Score: Get net promoter scores to determine the likelihood of customer recommendations and further track customer satisfaction
  • Marketing Surveys: Test ad campaigns, improve website effectiveness, and assess customer loyalty to make better decisions
  • Healthcare Surveys: Collect patient feedback to provide better patient care with HIPAA-compliant features

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Team Advantage: $25/user/month
Team Premier: $75/user/month
Enterprise: Custom Quote
Premier: $99/month
Advantage: $50/month
Standard: $99/month
7-Day Free Trial>Reports
>Mobile surveys
>Customizable templates
>More features at Survey Monkey

Pros & Cons of Survey Monkey Online Survey Software
>Wide variety of plans
>Web, iOS and Android deployment
>No social media marketing

Survey Nuts

Survey Nuts is a questionnaire maker and survey builder, but users can also create quizzes and generate forms to collect data. It includes a simple design tool that utilizes different types of questions for various solutions. Users can post completed surveys and collect answers on the platform’s real-time reporting dashboard or export the data. Key features include:

  • Interactive survey editor creates surveys while displaying a real-time preview
  • Text polls use multiple-choice questions with answers randomly ordered
  • Picture polls make surveys more visually appealing with pictures added to the answers
  • Open-ended questions collect contact details, basic information, or extended opinions
  • Survey distribution through a private URL, embedded in a website, or posted on social media
  • Reporting and statistics provide question results with percentages, numbers of votes, and dynamic bar charts in real time
  • File upload collects all types of files from respondents when surveys require document, photo, or application collection

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Basic: $17/month
Pro: $25/month
Plus: $39/month
Free Version Available>Mobile surveys
>Question branching
>More features at Survey Nuts

Pros & Cons of Survey Nuts Online Survey Software
>Low-cost basic plan
>Mobile surveys
>No live support
>No social marketing


Survey Planet
SurveyPlanet offers an entire set of free tools for designing surveys, sharing surveys online, and reviewing results. All users get unlimited surveys, questions per survey, and responses, but Pro accounts get additional tools, including non-branded surveys, branching, and exporting. Users can create a survey for nearly anything with key features like:

  • Hundreds of pre-written questions to use as is, edited, or combined with newly created questions
  • Question branching customizes survey questions based on participants’ previous answers and can skip irrelevant questions or end surveys early
  • Custom themes with 10 color choices and custom colors and background images
  • Custom branding allows users to add their own logos, link to their own websites, or redirect survey participants to custom URLs
  • Export results to analyze them in a variety of formats, including Excel, Word, PDF summary, JSON, or CSV
  • Upload images to add to questions or as part of opening or closing messages

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Pro: $20/month Free Version Available>Question branching
>Email marketing
>More features at SurveyPlanet

Pros & Cons of SurveyPlanet Online Survey Software
>Customizable templates
>Free plan and low monthly rate
>Email marketing and reports
>No integrations or skip logic
>No social media marketing


SurveyLegend lets users create mobile-friendly surveys with unlimited questions and responses per survey for all plan tiers. Users can design branded surveys by choosing a carefully designed theme and customizing the colors and fonts to reflect their brand. Deliver surveys wherever the audience wants them, including email, SMS, blogs, Twitter, and Facebook, among others. Real-time data analytics allow users to stay current on the latest feedback from their target audience. Save time by choosing from a selection of professionally designed survey templates and questionnaires, including:

  • Survey templates for customer satisfaction, customer service, customer net promoter score, and technical support satisfaction
  • Human resources survey templates for employee satisfaction, manager performance, employee engagement, and employee exit
  • Market research survey templates for products, new services, target market analysis, and brand awareness
  • Product and service evaluation survey templates for motivation and buying experience, retail customer feedback, e-commerce customer service evaluation, and product feedback

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Starter: Free
Pro: $15/month
Business: $25/month
Legendary: $65/month
Free Version Available>Reports
>Custom survey URLs
>More features at SurveyLegend

Pros & Cons of Survey Legend Online Survey Software
>Has a free plan with low starting fees
>Email, phone and live support
>Email marketing, skip logic and customizable templates
>No iOS or Android deployment
>No social media marketing


Typeform allows users to create forms and surveys with conditional logic that asks the right follow-up questions, so surveys feel more like a conversation than an interrogation. Built-in photo and video libraries bring questions to life and amp up engagement. Users can also take advantage of custom layouts and themes to showcase their brands. Built-in survey templates include customer feedback and satisfaction surveys, lead generation quizzes, product and market research surveys, demographic questionnaires, brand awareness surveys, various polls, and forms for everything from job applications to orders and subscriptions. Additional professional features include:

  • Native integration with HubSpot to segment leads and follow up in customer-centric ways
  • Conversation tracking through Google Tag manager code snippet or Facebook pixel ID
  • Hidden fields to greet participants by name or segment them by channels for unique interactions
  • Trigger specific actions when participants hit submit to get them back to company websites faster

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Essential: $35/month
Professional: $50/month
Premium: $70/month
Free Version Available>Question branching
>Mobile surveys
>More features at Typeform

Pros & Cons of Typeform Online Survey Software
>Free plan available
>Email and phone support
>Customizable templates, question branching, and skip logic
>Plan pricing higher than some of the competition
>No email or social media marketing
>Limits responses

Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey lets users create surveys in minutes, reach audiences on every device, and view results in real-time via graphs. Creation tools include 25 question types, skip logic and question branching, and customizable themes. Share surveys using email and social media campaigns, and analyze data returned with Google Sheets. To appeal to participants on the go, mobile surveys automatically optimize to fit every screen size.

Collaborate with other staff by creating a team that can all edit surveys, then send reports to let them all know the results. Companies without an audience can contract with Zoho Survey to collect responses after choosing preferred demographics. Analyzing data is made easier with real-time reports, filtered responses, custom reports, shared reports, and multiple export formats. Plus, the same data available on a desktop is easily accessible from a mobile phone through reporting apps available for Android and iOS.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Plus: $25/month
Pro: $25/month
Enterprise: $60/month
7-Day Free Trial>Mobile surveys
>Customizable templates
>More features at Zoho Survey

Pros & Cons of Zoho Survey Online Survey Software
>Web, iOS, and Android deployment
>250 survey templates
>No live support
>No social media marketing

What Is Online Survey Software?

Online survey software is a digital data collection tool used to collect information from prospects, customers, employees, and other stakeholders. As a form of Software as a Service (SaaS), online survey software allows companies to gather targeted, actionable data through emails, websites, and social media feeds.

Depending on the online survey software, the data generated through online surveys can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including marketing, employee development, and corporate growth planning. These digital surveys are also widely used for political polling or to gather feedback from event attendees, review customer service and help desk performance, and evaluate branding strategies. Given that online survey software can provide precise data collection and in-depth reporting, this SaaS has become a critical business analysis tool for a wide variety of industries such as hospitality, healthcare, education, and retail.

Benefits of Online Survey Software

Online survey software offers a number of benefits over other forms of market research, including:

  • Speed: Setting up, managing, and tracking online survey software takes a fraction of the time required to conduct other types of research. And because most online software includes reporting tools, analyzing survey results is exceptionally easy.
  • Cost: Using online survey software is cost-effective and scalable, and most SaaS survey companies offer packages on a monthly or per-use basis.
  • Ease of use: Online survey software is designed to be easy to use, with ready-made templates and intuitive, user-friendly navigation menus.
  • Increased accuracy: Respondents are more likely to provide honest, accurate answers when completing an online survey than through telephone or in-person surveys.
  • Customizable: Online surveys can be customized to target specific respondents with the use of screening questions and by publishing the survey to specific social media platforms.
  • Real-time data: A number of online survey platforms generate real-time data reports that let users track open and bounce rates, allowing users to adapt the survey as needed.

Must-Have Features of Online Survey Software

In order for online survey software to be worth your time and money, it needs to include the following must-have features:

  • Intuitive, user-friendly templates: In order to be functional, online survey software must be user-friendly for both the company and the survey respondents.
  • Support for display logic: The ability to reveal or conceal questions based on specific parameters is critical when it comes to user engagement and reduction of bounce rates, since this features helps minimize redundant questions appearing on the survey.
  • Carry-forward answers: This feature allows users to transfer answers from one question onto another page depending on the response, enabling follow-up questions later in the survey.
  • Customization: Using a generic layout can deter respondents and lead to poor overall results, so it’s essential to choose online survey software that enables the importation of custom elements such as your company logo, still images, and video clips.
  • A variety of distribution options: Unless you plan an email-only delivery, having a variety of distribution options is key to expanding the reach of your survey. Look for software that provides web links that can be posted on websites and social media feeds along with the ability to track respondents based on the platform the respondents originated from.

The Cost of Online Survey Software

Online survey software costs vary widely, and some providers offer free trial or limited-feature versions. Users should be aware that no-cost versions may contain ads, lack in-depth reporting, or restrict the length of the survey. Prices for paid versions range from about $15 per month up to $249 per month for full-featured versions that include in-depth, real-time reporting and extensive customization options. Some online survey companies also offer annual plans starting at $285.

Be aware that online survey software is more than a tool to collect data; it represents your company and brand. Take the time to research the best option for your particular needs and, when available, make use of free versions and demos to test-drive a number of online surveys before deciding which one best fits your particular needs and budget.