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If you own a small business or are trying to start one, you can browse tools, read tutorials and get tips to help you start, run and grow your small business website. Learn from any of our comprehensive and in-depth small business guides.

Resources for Starting a Business

  1. Business Ideas: If you’re ready to start a business but need business ideas, this guide is for you. Includes 82 best business ideas for newbies.
  2. Business Name Generators: A list of best business name generators when you’re running out of ideas when it comes to naming your business.
  3. Business Security Systems: No matter what business you run, the right security system will bring you peace of mind. Check out this guide for the best security systems for small businesses.
  4. How to Crowdfund: A look at the different types of crowdfunding and fundraising platforms. Also, steps to create a successful crowdfunding campaign.
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  1. How to Make Money Dropshipping: A dropshipping guide for beginners. Find out all about the easiest way to get into e-commerce. Includes tips for success and pitfalls to avoid.
  2. Best Countries to Start a Business: A look at the 20 best (and 11 worst) countries to take your business to. Plus why your home country may not always be the best place to host your business.
  3. Business Model: A practical guide to the 20 best business models, and how to pick the one that’s just right for your small business.
  4. How to Start a Business with Little or No Money: Find out how to start a small business with around (or even less than) $100, if you’re willing to invest the time and energy.
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  1. Small Business Statistics: A rundown of the most important small business market statistics that will help you plan ahead and grow.
  2. Veteran Small Business Resources: How to successfully translate the hard and soft skills learned during service to start a successful small business. Includes tools and financial resources.
  3. Women in Business: An in-depth look at building, growing, and financing small businesses for women entrepreneurs. Includes vital information on loans, grants, training, and mentorship.
  4. Small Business Podcasts: A list of 25 podcasts that are a must for every small business owner. Get up close and personal with the best thinkers, learn from their mistakes, and hear their opinions.

Financial Resources for Small Businesses

  1. Shopify: Learn more about the complete e-commerce platform that’s great for small and midsize businesses looking to scale. Find plan prices and customization options to build your store.
  2. Excel Tutorials: Teach yourself Excel basics, functions, and advanced formulas with 40 tutorials that will help you master spreadsheets.
  3. Excel Tricks: Help yourself to a collection of 12 useful tricks that will help you arrange your data to get the exact information you want.
  4. How to Sell on Amazon: A guide on how to sign up and begin selling products on Amazon. Learn all about managing your Amazon seller account and how to avoid common mistakes.
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  1. Merchant Account Services: A complete low-down on getting the right merchant account to receive electronic payments for your small business.
  2. Mobile Payment Services: A definitive guide for small businesses and startups to find the best mobile payment services. Includes pros and cons of each service.
  3. Online Payment Processing Providers: Find out about eight different ways to receive online payments through your online business or e-commerce store. Find the one that’s best for you.
  4. Small Business Financing: An exhaustive guide on small business financing options, whether you’re looking to solve cash flow problems, get more inventory, or expand your business.
  5. Small Business Grants: A list of 32 small business grants you can apply for to help pay your salaries, buy stock, or reach out to new customers.
  6. Small Business Insurance: Learn how to protect your small business from theft, lawsuits, property damage, or employee injury with the right business insurance.
  7. Small Business Loans: An in-depth look at how small business loans work, and what are the best places for you to get one.
  8. Small Business Deals: Save big using exclusive links even if you miss out on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. Also, find a large selection of web hosting reviews.
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  1. Freelance Management Tools: A set of tools and services designed to help you improve productivity and reduce the administrative burden when working with freelancers.

Resources for Starting a Small Business Website

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  1. Create Email Using Gmail: A step-by-step guide on how to create an email address using your website domain name. Learn how to send and receive emails using Google Gmail.
  2. Domain Name Generators: A look at some of the best domain name generators to help you pick the perfect domain name for your business.
  3. What is Domain Squatting? Find out more about the practice of purchasing, registering, and trafficking domain names “to profit from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to someone else”.
  4. Grammar Check Software: Check out the best grammar check software from across the web. Our reviews help small businesses, and startups find the one that works best for them.
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  1. How to Create a Website: A step-by-step guide to building a website, with guidance on how to decide between WordPress and other website builders. Plus tips on customizing your website.
  2. How Much Does a Website Cost?: Find out the one-off and recurring costs of creating and managing a small business website. Know exactly how much you’re going to have to pay.
  3. Must-Have Pages: A list of 13 web pages that all small business websites must have. Know what they should include and how to create them.
  4. How to Create an App: Learn how to plan, develop, design, and market a successful mobile app for your small business that’s good to go.
  5. How to Start a Blog: A definitive guide on how to launch your blog, with step-by-step instructions. Includes tips on how to manage and monetize your blog.
  6. Why Use WordPress: Find out why this open-source content management system (CMS) powers some of the biggest brands, and why it is the best option for your small business website.
  7. How to Start an Online Business: This resource focuses both on physical and digital products and services, and tells you how to start a sustainable online business around them.
  8. Privacy Policy Generators: A look at some of the most popular and free tools you can use to generate a unique privacy policy page for your business website or blog.
  9. Business Web Hosting: Reviews of the best web hosting services available for small businesses. Recommendations are based on research of over 110 web hosting companies.
  10. WooCommerce Web Hosting: A closer look at the e-commerce plugin for WordPress CMS, with detailed reviews of the best WooCommerce hosts.
  11. GoDaddy Central Web Hosting: All you need to know about GoDaddy websites + marketing, an all-in-one solution that offers social media integration, email marketing, and much more.
  12. WordPress Hosting: A list of the 10 best WordPress hosting providers, including pros, cons, prices, and customer reviews.
  13. Enterprise WordPress Hosting: Learn how to navigate your way to picking the best enterprise WordPress hosting service for your small business.
  14. WordPress Security: A deep dive into getting around the vulnerabilities of WordPress to secure your small business website against hacking treats and brute-force attacks.
  15. WordPress for Businesses: All you need to know about the new business and e-commerce plans released by WordPress. Get clarity about the different plans and alternatives.
  16. WordPress Stats: A list of the most convincing data and statistics about WordPress that help explain its widespread and unrelenting popularity.
  17. WordPress Themes: Seven best-selling WordPress themes that will make running your small business website a cakewalk.
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  1. Stock Photos: Learn where to find high-quality stock photos for free or cheap to help your website, social media posts, and blog shine. With a section on how to start your own stock photo business.
  2. Frameworks WordPress Themes: Explore what WordPress framework themes are, why you should consider using one, and how to choose one that works best for you.
  3. Mobile Friendly WordPress Themes: Discover why a mobile-friendly WordPress site is a must, and what you need to do to optimize your website for the best mobile-viewing experience.

Small Business Marketing Resources

  1. Facebook Marketing: Get to know more about Facebook ads & marketing for small business success. Learn how to create and manage a Facebook page and get the best out of analytics.
  2. Online Marketing Resources: Learn simple tricks to take your brick-and-mortar business successfully online. Learn how to leverage online marketing to boost your bottom line.
  3. Marketing Ideas: A list of 25 great marketing ideas that hardly cost anything. Promote your small business with these marketing tactics that are either free or inexpensive.

Small Business IT and Secuirity Resources

  1. Password Generators: Secure your internal and external business transactions with any of these five random password generators and managers.
  2. VoIP Phone Services: The top picks from over 180 VoIP phone service providers and a guide on choosing the one that is just right for your small business.
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