The Best Mobile Application Developers of 2021

Our mobile application developer reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 245+ mobile application companies from across the web. These reviews and our mobile application developer guide help small businesses and startups find the best mobile application developer for their business.

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How We Chose the Best Mobile Application Developers

No matter your business or industry, having a mobile app that meets your needs is absolutely critical. With so many options available, it’s easy to get bogged down in extraneous details, or worse — to get overwhelmed and settle for what seems easiest. There are certain key elements that make a mobile application development company stand out, and those elements formed the foundation of our selection process.

Multiple Service Lines

Your mobile app is a critical part of your business and your brand, but your company’s needs extend beyond a single platform. Choosing a developer with expertise in the requirements for each type of platform means they can seamlessly move from your mobile needs to your web needs, and on to Blockchain. If the company you choose can accommodate cross platform development, it not only makes your life easier, it also facilitates a seamless User Interface and enhances User Experience and Adoption.

Size of Firm

Though you may prefer working with a small firm where you know all the individuals on the team, choosing a larger firm also offers significant advantages, including staff hired based on specific areas of expertise rather than being generalists. Cost, communication, and accessibility will all be impacted by the size of the company you choose. We have selected firms of all sizes to accommodate your preference.

Industry Focus

A mobile app’s appeal is specific to its users, and different industries’ users are looking for different types of experience. The more familiarity a developer has with your industry, the more easily they will understand what you want, so we’ve highlighted firms that have a broad range of experience.

The 15 Best Mobile Application Developers of 2021

CompanyPriceService LinesMore
Algoworks$25 - $49 / hrMobile App Development
CRM Consulting
Visit Algoworks
Appinventiv$25 - $49 / hrMobile App Development
Custom Software Development
Visit Appinventiv
ArcTouch$50 - $99 / hrMobile App Development
Visit ArcTouch
Attract Group$25 - $49 / hrMobile App Development
Web Development UX/UI Design
Visit Attract Group
Blue Label Labs$100 - $149 / hrMobile App Development
Web Design
UX/UI Design
Visit Blue Label Labs
Chop Dawg$150 - $199 / hrMobile App Development
UX/UI Design
Web Development
Visit Chop Dawg
Dom & Tom$150 - $199 / hrMobile App Development
Web Development
UX/UI Design
Visit Dom & Tom
Hyperlink InfoSystemLess than $25 / hrMobile App Development
CRM Consulting
SIERP Consulting
Visit Hyperlink InfoSystem
Konstant InfosolutionsLess than $25 / hrMobile App Development
Web Development
UX/UI Design
Visit Konstant Infosolutions
Magora$50 - $99 / hrMobile App Development
Custom Software Development
Web Development
Visit Magora
Mercury Development$50 - $99 / hrMobile App Development
Custom Software Development
Visit Mercury Development
Reinvently$50 - $99 / hrMobile App Development
UX/UI Design
IoT Development
Visit Reinvently
TechAhead$50 - $99 / hrMobile App Development
UX/UI Design
Web Development
Visit TechAhead
WillowTree$50,000 - $199,999Mobile App Development
Web Development
UX/UI Design
Visit WillowTree
Zco Corporation$25 - $49 / hrMobile App Development
Custom Software Development
BI & Big Data Consulting
Visit Zoo Corporation


Algoworks Logo

Algoworks offers a wide range of services provided by technology experts who work together to provide clients with end-to-end service and expertise. They employ a consultative approach driven by access, attention and communication, and have earned a customer retention rate of 99% as a result.

The company offers services including:

  • Custom App development for mobile and web, integration and migration services, blockchain development and SAAS services
  • Business and technical consulting, including enterprise content management, cloud and web strategy, and Salesforce consulting
  • UI/UX design services, including creative strategy, web and mobile, UI wireframing, and testing services
  • Quality assurance testing

Algoworks has been providing mobile app development and other services for over 13 years. They have developed over 550 apps and completed 650 projects completed for industries ranging from consumer analytics to entertainment, from real estate to social networking.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$25 - $49 / hrMobile App Development
Web App Development
Integration & Migration Services
SAAS Services
Blockchain Development
>Cloud & Web Strategy Consulting
>Enterprise Content Management
>Live Data Analytics Solutions
>More features at Algoworks

What Customers Are Saying
Customers appreciate Algoworks’ reliability and the team’s focus on building relationships based on trust and communications. “The Algoworks team has been instrumental in development and design for many projects. Their level of detail, ownership and expertise provides a very trusting experience and engagement. Algoworks is a valuable and trusted resource. Very dependable.”


appenventiv logo
Appinventiv is a global leader in custom software development and mobile app development. They specialize in full cycle product development, helping clients from the initial ideation phase through to the final product launch.

The company’s process revolves around assigning dedicated Product Managers to each client. By providing clients with this point of contact, clients know exactly who to talk to around all phases of the project. The Product Manager works directly with designers to express your vision, pain points and goals, communicating your feedback and vision to ensure that the final product is an accurate reflection of your needs.

  • IOS, Android, and web development
  • Innovative UI/UX designs
  • Pre-built platforms for implementing mobile solutions more quickly
  • SaaS app development
  • Custom software development
  • Blockchain

A relatively new company, Appinventiv was founded in 2015 and has quickly made a name for itself in mobile app development, designing apps that have topped paid and free charts in multiple countries and languages.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$25 - $49 / hrMobile development
Android and IOS development
Wearable development
Web Development
UI/UX Design
Blockchain Development
>Mobile App Design
>Software Development
>Wearable Technology
>More features at Appinventiv

What Customers Are Saying
Appinventiv’s full-cycle approach is the secret to their customers’ satisfaction. “Appinventiv was extremely professional. Their Agile approach to development, along with regular and effective communication allowed us to accommodate change and react quickly to evolving business and user requirements.


arctouch logo
This California-based company has earned a reputation for expertise in the development of iOS, Android, and Xamarin apps, as well as Enterprise software development, IoT smart products, blockchain and bots for conversational platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Amazon Alexa. With more than 10 years of experience and more than 250 employees, their focus is on delivering better customer experiences for industries dedicated to consumer products and services, financial services and the healthcare and medical industries.

The company’s key features include:

  • Expertise in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and IoT software development, as well as Blockchain
  • Strategy consultations and lifecycle management
  • Focus on experience design

Their services are geared towards consumer technologies, including phones, tablets and televisions, as well as other connected smart products.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$50 - $99 / hrMobile App Development
>Focus on experience design
>AR, VR, IoT expertise
>Lifecycle management
>More features at ArcTouch

What Customers Are Saying
Collaboration and an intense focus on the customer experience is what sets ArcTouch apart from their competitors. “ArcTouch helped us understand there’s a lot more to mobile design than just pretty screens. They took the time to understand the user journey and the business goals before jumping into design. The team aligned the user experience of the app with our business objectives.”

Attract Group

attractgroup logo
Attract Group is a small software development company that has earned a reputation for helping startups grow and emerge quickly and successfully with a full suite of technology services. With expertise in technologies including PHP, Python/Django, HTML5 and leveraging cloud technologies including RackSpace and Amazon, the company specializes in:

  • Custom web projects
  • Custom CRM and ERP systems
  • E-commerce and Internet Marketing
  • Android & iOS app development
  • AdWords and AdSense Attractive Responsive Design, UX and UI

The company’s client focus is on small and mid-sized businesses in the financial services industry, education and retail, and they have proven themselves capable of delivering high-quality products on tight deadlines through their thoughtful and responsive communication and their dedication to collaboration.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$25 - $49 / hrWebsite Development Services
Mobile Development Services
UI/UX Design Services
DevOps and Cloud
Online Marketing SErvices
Project Management
Quality Assurance
>Wide technology stack
>eCommerce and CRM/Sales enablement
>Business Intelligence
>More features at Attract Group

What Customers Are Saying
Attract Group’s attention to detail and focus on helping their clients emerge faster yields proven results. “With their team’s help, our web business has increased more than 500% since our first year in retail. The new website boosted sales and overall business increased by more than 500%. The team proactively identified and fixed mistakes to meet project requirements. Their performance led to a lasting partnership, where they now provide maintenance and digital marketing advice.”

Blue Label Labs

bluelabellabs logo
Blue Label Labs is one of the fastest growing private companies in America, and their remarkable expansion is a result of the app development company’s highly focused process. The company begins with extensive strategy sessions devoted to understanding their client’s problems and what digital product will solve them, then moving to app development focused on design and UI/UX trends and best practices. Once a foundation has been approved, the company delivers using a scrum-based agile methodology that relies on client collaboration, making regular adjustments to ensure the product is exactly suited to the client’s needs.

The features of Blue Label Labs’ services include:

  • User research
  • Visual design
  • Mobile App Design for iPhone and Android
  • Tracking and Learning
  • 3D & Virtual Reality Development

Blue Label Lab has earned a reputation for transforming businesses through a combination of strategy, design and development collaboration involving their own team, their clients, and customer feedback.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$100 - $149 / hrMobile App Development
Web Design
UX/UI Design
>Sales, marketing & partnership strategy
>Rapid prototyping and engagement marketing
>iOS, Android, Mobile Web, React Native and Clover POS development
>More features at Blue Label Labs

What Customers Are Saying
Customers walk away from working with Blue Label with a firm belief that the 64-employee company is fully invested in their success. “Blue Label cared about the project as if it were their own. Showed a great interest in helping our company succeed. Would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a job to be done the right way. They are not trying to cut corners and are worth every dollar spent.”

Chop Dawg

chopdawg logo
Chop Dawg is a Philadelphia-based mobile app developer that was founded in 2009. The company’s focus is on the creation of digital products ranging from mobile and web apps to artificial intelligence technologies and blockchain. Their client base includes startups, Fortune 500 companies and everything in between. They have earned their reputation by positioning themselves as a partner to their clients rather than as a service provider.

The key features of Chop Dawg’s service include:

  • Product Strategy
  • Prototyping and Demonstrating
  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Website App Development
  • Wearable App Development
  • eCommerce Development
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality App Development
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Programming

The firm’s dedication to client satisfaction extends to providing robust Quality Assurance and Product Testing, Security, Encryption and Compliance adherence, and more.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$150 - $199 / hrMobile App Development
UX/UI Design
Web Development
>Brainstorming sessions
>Set-Rate Pricing
>90-Day Bug Warranty
>More features at Chop Dawg

What Customers Are Saying
Chop Dawg’s clients say the company delivers what they promise, and do so in a way that makes them feel valued. “They implemented our ideas and recommended the ways we could improve them, so the design turned out amazing. It really fits the vibe of the app, which is exactly what we wanted. They deliver everything on time or ahead of schedule, so we’ve been very pleased. They’ve exceeded our expectations. They’re invested in the project and form strong connections with their clients. I’ve always felt comfortable talking to them.”

Dom & Tom

domandtom logo
Dom & Tom is a product agency that offers web development, iPhone and Android mobile development to companies ranging from Fortune 500 companies to next-generation start-ups. Entirely based in the United States, their offerings include emerging technologies, web development for both iOS and Android, web development, and quality assurance.

The firm’s services include:

  • Product strategy sessions, including research, rapid prototyping, validating and building product roadmaps
  • A discovery process that includes competitive analysis, market analysis, user interviews, prioritized features and functionality matrices and a features backlog
  • Business strategies based on investor presentations, growth models, user acquisition strategy, and revenue model
  • A creative strategy that starts with a brief, then moves to include mood boards and style tiles, brand development, and competitor analysis

Dom and Tom’s developers work with a single-minded focus on building better product experiences in order to provide real value for their clients.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$150 - $199 / hrMobile App Development
Web App Development
UX/UI Design
>AWS Management
>Application Hosting
>Growth Planning
>More features at Dom & Tom

What Customers Are Saying
Though customers admit that the company’s costs are high, they also believe that they receive real value. “They’re a full-service design and development team. If you’re fortunate enough to have the funds to be able to use them for a well-defined project, you’re guaranteed to have an outstanding product. I would also say that for a non-technical client, Dom & Tom make it very easy. They have people who speak both languages, and they’re ready to serve their clients.

Hyperlink InfoSystem

hyperlinkinfosystem logo
Hyperlink InfoSystem is a mobile app development company that operates in both the United States and India. It provides custom app development services to a wide range of industries and businesses, and does so with a unique set of partnership models that allow clients to choose from a fixed price model with a highly defined scope of work, cost and timeline; a hire dedicated model that pays based on number of hours of work provided; and an on-site development model that provides temporary resources for on-site development.

The company’s services include:

  • Android App Development
  • iOS App Development
  • PHP Web Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • AR/VR App Development
  • Wearable App Development

Over the 8+ years that the company has been in operation they have proven remarkably efficient and productive, and have developed more than 3000 mobile apps and more than 1500 websites.

PriceService LinesFeatures
Less than $25 / hrMobile App Development
Web and CMS Development
Mobile Game Development
IT Services
Hire Dedicated Developers
TV App Development
Blockchain Technology
>Client-centric Development
>Dedicated Development Team
>Data Protection
>More features at Hyperlink InfoSystem

What Customers Are Saying
Companies that choose Hyperlink Infosystem generally express satisfaction with the firm’s dedication to their satisfaction, though there are occasional mentions of communication difficulties and underwhelming design elements. “The size and speed of the company is its main strength. The development team worked tirelessly to complete the project before the deadline and made sure that everything had been built to a very high standard before passing it over. If Hyperlink InfoSystem had a better design team we would have given them the complete project to work on, however we felt using another London-based company would have a better impact in the longer run.”

Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolutions logo
Konstant Infosolutions provides a suite of integrated services aimed at improving business outcomes. They promise project delivery speeds “5x faster” than their competitors and offer clients the choice of three different partnership models — Fixed Price projects with time estimates and assigned resources; Hosted Team Extensions to improve clients’ operational efficiency through the addition of their skilled professionals; or a Dedicated Team Model for projects estimated to take a minimum of three months — to accommodate diverse needs and budgets.

In addition to mobile app development, the firm’s portfolio includes:

  • Wearables
  • E-commerce development
  • Cloud computing
  • Web development
  • IoT consulting and development
  • Offshore staffing

The company strives to meet the needs of diverse clients, regardless of whether small start-ups or large enterprises and to meet the challenges imposed by cultural, time zone, and language barriers through its dedication to the highest level of professionalism and customer service.

PriceService LinesFeatures
Less than $25 / hrMobile App Development
Web Development
UX/UI Design
>Internet of Things
>ECommerce Development
>More features at Konstant Infosolutions

What Customers Are Saying
Although the company has received some criticism for a lack of attention to detail, most customers have positive things to say about their performance. “It’s nice knowing that we have a trusted partner. When we have development projects or if a client wants to do something above and beyond what we can offer, we can utilize Konstant Infosolutions to make sure that the task or project gets done. The quality of their work is great; I wouldn’t be going back if the quality was poor.”


magora-systems logo
Magora Systems is a software company that goes beyond the development of customized web and mobile products for their clients. They combine their technical know-how with their business understanding, adopting a user-oriented approach that ensures that each project is built based on the client’s business processes.

The company offers services including:

  • Mobile App Development
  • Business Application Development
  • Bespoke Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Marketing
  • User Interface Design
  • Native and Cross-Platform App Development

The company is based in London, and has offices in Eastern Europe.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$50 - $99 / hrMobile App Development
Custom Software Development
Web Development
>Bespoke software development
>Internet of Things
>Mobile Marketing
>More features at Magora

What Customers Are Saying
Clients say that Magora’s careful approach and focus on understanding their needs resulted in additional benefits they had not asked for or anticipated. “The efficiency and ease of working with them were impressive. The fact that they met our expectations without us having to be too involved was quite helpful. They didn’t just do exactly what we as the client asked for; they also worked to help make things better. They were proactive throughout the development process and used their expertise to offer advice that would help improve things. They came through as more of a tech partner rather than just developers for hire.”

Mercury Development

mercury development logo
Mercury Development’s client base ranges from small start-ups to Fortune 100 organizations, for whom they provide custom software development for a wide array of platforms and industries. Over the past 21 years this Miami, Florida-based company has built a stable of over 350 full-time engineers with expertise in development for every major mobile platform, as well as emerging platforms and web/database projects.

Their services include:

  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Web application and portal development
  • Innovative technologies including proximity sensors, pressure sensors and augmented reality
  • UX/UI
  • Testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Internet of Things
  • Business Analysis
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Consulting

In recognition of its high-level expertise and customer satisfaction, Mercury holds the highest level of partner program status with both Microsoft and Apple.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$50 - $99 / hrMobile App Development
Web App Development
Custom Software Development
>End-to-End Development Services
>Digital Transformation
>Quality Assurance
>More features at Mercury Development

What Customers Are Saying
When asked about working with Mercury, clients discuss the low defect rate, the quick comprehension of their needs and their strategic approach to project management. “They’ve had an excellent success rate in the past decade that we’ve worked together. The products that we co-develop have reached hundreds of thousands of customers in more than 100 countries. Our company’s steady growth and unmarked reputation is a clear indicator of their accomplishments. Their ability to quickly overcome the most complicated technical obstacles is a rare talent. They prioritize essential features and waste no time eliminating elements that hinder efficiency.”


Reinvently is a digital transformation firm, providing clients ranging from startups to Enterprise level with scalable products that enhance and facilitate their mission and strategy. They have created a unique delivery process that begins with intensive research into their clients’ operations. This ensures that they fully understand what is needed and that each decision along the way is thoughtful and forward-thinking.

The company offers a wide range of services including:

  • UI/UX Design
  • Engineering of iOS and Android Apps
  • Internet of Things
  • Machine learning/Artificial Intelligence
  • Quality Assurance
  • Software for Wearables
  • Project Management
  • Research and Consulting

The team at Reinvently work to remake their clients’ digital landscape, providing new acquisition channels and automation and utilizing data to facilitate growth and enhance their customers’ experience.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$50 - $99 / hrMobile App Development
UX/UI Design
IoT Development
>Mobile Strategy Workshop
>Agile Development & Quality Assurance
>Continuous Product Development
>More features at Reinvently

What Customers Are Saying
Reinvently’s clients express appreciation for their responsiveness, ability, and deep understanding of what is needed for a specific product. “Their support in creating this solution has helped us achieve success much quicker and more efficiently for our clients. We’re able to move faster and continue with other work for our customers because they’ve allowed us to scale. Additionally, we had an extremely quick onboarding process and they set a great standard for communication.”


TechAhead logo
TechAhead is a product strategy, design, and development firm with ten years of award-winning experience. The company has developed mature project governance disciplines that have led to remarkable consistency in budget delivery and meeting client deadlines. Their approach revolves around the user experience and is presented in a way that allows flexibility in their service offerings.

They provide end-to-end service, including:

  • Mobile and Web App Development
  • Blockchain
  • Internet of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Emerging Technologies
  • UX Design
  • Strategy and Consulting
  • Agile & DevOps

TechAhead’s process begins with ensuring their total understanding of their clients’ business, their customers and their competitors. With that information in hand they set out to create products that both facilitate operations and differentiate their clients from others in the same space.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$50 - $99 / hrMobile App Development
UX/UI Design
Web Development
IoT Development
>Strategy and Discovery
>User Experience Design
>Native and Cross-Platform App Development
>More features at TechAhead

What Customers Are Saying
TechAhead’s team receives praise for their responsiveness, expertise, and flexibility. “They are extremely hardworking. This project was very difficult and probably more difficult than even they thought it was going to be, so I know they’ve gone above and beyond to get this done in our time frame. The app is really beautiful, extremely smooth, easy to use, and well put together.”

Willow Tree

WillowTree logo
Willow Tree is a highly-rated mobile and digital product agency that distinguishes itself through its co-located, onshore teams. Their offices are based in Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina and New York, and that’s where over 500 employees work together to deliver a wide range of high quality digital products.

Their services include:

  • Enterprise-grade custom mobile app development
  • Agile web development and modern web concepts, including responsive design and improved accessibility tools
  • User Experience and User Interface Design
  • Product Strategy and Innovation
  • Research and Insights
  • Growth Marketing

Willow Tree’s goal is to go beyond fulfilling project goals: they work with clients to find the answers to strategic questions so that all stakeholders are satisfied that the end result is what the client — and their customers — truly need.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$150-$199 per hourMobile App Development
Web Development
UX/UI Design
>User-centered product design
>Strategic product definition and roadmapping
>Growth Marketing
>More features at Willow Tree

What Customers Are Saying
“Their communication skills are fantastic. We set up a Slack channel with them where our engineers could interact and ask questions directly, which was really effective. On top of that, we set up weekly or bi-weekly meetings to go over updates that could be fixed more quickly or would influence how their work progressed.”

ZCO Corporation

Zco Corporation logo
Zco is a U.S.-based mobile app development and design company that has been providing custom software for startups, entrepreneurial app creators, and Fortune 500 companies for over thirty years. The majority of the work that they do is dedicated to mobile app development, but they have strong roots in desktop and back end software, and have dynamic mobile game development technologies as well.

The company’s service lines include:

  • Mobile App Development
  • Enterprise Software
  • Mobile Games
  • Art and Animation Services
  • Augmented Reality Services
  • Virtual Reality Services

Zco’s reputation has been built on their ability to scale each project to their client’s unique needs and their dedication to excellence in comprehensive design documentation, agile development and testing, and post-launch support.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$25 - $49 / hrMobile App Development
Custom Software Development
BI and Big Data SI Consulting
AR/VR Development
>Mobile Games
>Art & Animation Services
>Enterprise Software
>More features at Zco Corporation

What Customers Are Saying
Zco stood out to many clients for the strong commitment and collaboration with clients. Many expressed a sense that they were working with a business partner rather than a service provider. “Unlike any other developer I had worked with, they would bring in great ideas. Because it was their ideas, they didn’t keep charging us. If they had an idea to improve something or add functionality, they took pride of ownership and did it. They approached the work as much more of a partnership than a lot of my experience has been, where it was purely a work-for-hire gig and the developer’s goal was to extract as much money as possible and made sure they billed for every second.”


What Is Mobile App Development?

Mobile apps are the various computer programs that run on our mobile phones, tablets and watches. Unlike the software that we run on our computer, these apps are meant to run on the portable operating systems that have become a part of our lives, and upon which we rely to help us improve our productivity, track our activities, keep ourselves entertained, and so much more. Mobile app development is the process by which these programs are developed. It requires a thorough knowledge of the various screens, hardware specifications and constraints, outlines for design and languages that are used on each type of mobile device.

Though the most basic skill that a mobile app development firm needs is the ability to translate a client’s business needs into the technical configurations imposed by each mobile platform, the success of mobile app development rests on the user interface. This describes the way that a user is able to interact with the application: how it looks, ease of use, level of enjoyment, and its ability to use cues delivered by the mobile device itself regarding location and activity to enhance the application’s usefulness.

Skillful mobile app developers are able to incorporate the client’s branding, mission and messaging into the application in order to create a sense of seamlessness between the various platforms that the client makes use of. As consumers rely more and more on mobile devices for the bulk of their online activity, the sophistication and appeal of an organization’s app has become critical to success.

Benefits of Using A Mobile App Developer

If you have a mobile phone in your pocket or handbag, then you probably already have an intuitive understanding of the value of mobile apps. You use them on a daily basis, even if it’s just to get messages to and from your loved ones or to add appointments onto your calendar. The truth is that you have probably come to rely on apps for far more than that. Do you download audiobooks or check your bank account? Count your steps or your calories? Check your credit rating? On the surface, consumers think of each of these functions in terms of their convenience, but they are actually essential tools that build brand loyalty and increase revenues, and they can do the same for your business. Here are some of the top benefits of working with a mobile app developer to create (or improve) an app for your organization:

  • Apps provide information and complete transactions faster than websites. These mobile versions of your site are always available to provide consumers with information or access to your site so that they can place orders or engage. They are a great way to deliver your business faster and at a higher level of satisfaction.
  • Apps deliver a personal experience. When your customer downloads your mobile app and establishes a sign on and personal preferences, those settings remain live every time that they open the app. The software remembers their delivery address, size, weight, or whatever functionality your app provides, making them feel a personal connection to your business.
  • Depending upon your industry, a mobile app can utilize native features to enhance your offerings. If you run a hair salon you can include a function where clients can use their mobile phone’s camera to take a selfie and then view how a hairstyle or color will look on them. The camera can also be used to scan barcodes or QR codes to find prices or special sales, while the device’s built-in gyro meter can facilitate providing directions or gauging distance walked, run, or biked. Fingerprint technology is being used to enhance security for individual apps, and facial recognition is on the horizon.
  • Push notifications can enhance sales or improve customer satisfaction. A push notification is an instant message that keeps your customers in the loop. It may be a reminder that it is time for them to reorder a medication, or an alert that a package is arriving today. Credit card companies can alert their customers to suspicious activities or impending due dates for payments, and retail outlets can reward customers with coupons and alert them to special sales.

Where consumers who want to visit your website (or physical business) have to expend effort to do so, once a mobile app is downloaded on their device it resides there and is in their sights on a regular basis. It is a critical branding tool that improves revenue and allows you to engage with consumers in a much more enjoyable, user-friendly way.


What to Look For In A Mobile App Developer

Once you’ve made the decision to invest in a mobile app, the next step is choosing the right firm. This is no small endeavor. Googling mobile app development companies delivers nearly 1.5 billion listings, which is nearly enough to make you give up before you get started.

The good news is that there are a few key elements that are an absolute must for the success of your mobile app, and if you narrow your search based on these factors, you’ll be sure to find a firm that’s a good fit for you.

One of the top things you want to look for in a mobile app developer is a company that is able to deliver multiple service lines. This refers to their ability to create a mobile app and website design, in addition to focusing on user interface and experience. Depending upon your industry, you may want your developer to have skills in blockchain, wearables, virtual reality, or augmented reality. The more that they can do, the less need there will be for you to work with more than one service provider.

Another consideration is the size of the firm that you choose. This is often a reflection of your own organization: If you are a relatively small business you are likely to be happy with an equally small firm that has a few employees with whom you will interact. By contrast, Enterprise level businesses will prefer developer firms that have hundreds of employees who specialize in different areas of engineering and design and who can work interchangeably, and often around the clock, on their project.

Finally, perhaps the most important consideration of all is the development company’s familiarity with your industry. The more that a developer understands your business and how you engage with your customers, the better they will be able to meet your needs and deliver a user experience that will be highly enjoyable for your clients.

The Cost of Mobile App Development

Estimating the cost of your mobile app development is like asking how much it costs to open a business. The answer depends upon many different factors. Where one business can start with virtually no investment at all, another can require millions.

To understand the cost of mobile app development, the first thing you need to understand is that you are paying for the expertise of the developers that you are hiring and the amount of time that they are going to invest in your project in order to deliver what you need. Outsourcing will save you from having to hire a programmer, and will save you money in the long run, and using a company that relies on offshore employees will likely cost you far less than working with U.S.-based developers. Most enterprise-level organizations spend between $100,000 and $500,000 to develop their mobile apps, while apps created by smaller app developers that employ only a few staff members are likely to charge significantly less, usually between $50,000 and $100,000.

The key to understanding what your app will cost lies in knowing what you are asking it to do. The more elaborate and multi-layered the functions, the more expensive it will be. By contrast, apps that are basic and that rely largely on functions that are already built into the mobile device may only cost $2,000-$3,000.

The high cost of app development is attributable to the considerable investment of time required for coding, design, security, architecture, and testing. When you combine that with the shortage of qualified developers, it is no wonder that the costs can climb quickly. To keep your prices low, make sure that you have a clear sense of what you want your app to do and write it down in a comprehensive plan before meeting with a developer. The more detail you can provide, the more accurate a price they will be able to provide.

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