The Best Mental Health Software of 2021

Our mental health software reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 120+ mental health software companies from across the web. These reviews and our mental health software guide help small businesses and startups find the best mental health software for their business.

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How We Chose the Best Mental Health Software

Mental health software helps therapists, physicians, and other mental health professionals manage their workflow, operations, and clinical tasks more efficiently. The software can also help your clinic or facility manage patient cases and outcomes, as well as ensure you’re in compliance with all current regulations.

There are many mental health software products available that offer a wide range of services and features. We compiled this list of the best companies based on our evaluation of what’s most important to mental health professionals and mental health care companies today — including patient management features, appointment management features, and reporting tools.

Patient Management Features

One of the most crucial components of effective mental health software is patient management. The ability to store and track medical records, make notes on initial assessments and notate recommended treatment plans are key to successful patient outcomes. Other patient management features may include e-prescribing, which makes it easier for patients to gain access to the medication they need promptly. Note-taking features allow professionals to track patient progress and make updates as necessary.

Appointment Management Features

Quality mental health software should offer built-in features for scheduling patient appointments and setting reminders. This helps mental health professionals organize their workday and avoid unnecessary delays. It also ensures that patients are getting the help they need on a set schedule for positive outcomes.


A reporting feature provides mental health professionals with the information they need to promote and improve upon health outcomes for their patients. With the aid of reporting features, patient information, billing and financial reports help you keep track of crucial information to ensure success. This key feature of mental health software also promotes efficiency for your practice and sets a standard method of operation for your clinic and your employees.

The 15 Best Mental Health Software Products of 2021

CompanyPriceFree Trial/DemoMore
AdvancedMDCustom QuoteFree DemoVisit AdvancedMD
BestnotesStarts at $50 per user per monthFree TrialVisit Bestnotes
Carelogic EHRCustom QuoteFree DemoVisit Carelogic EHR
CentralReachCustom QuoteFree DemoVisit CentralReach
Cerner Behavioral Health$25 per user per monthNoneVisit
Cerner Behavioral Health
DrChronoCustom QuoteFree TrialVisit DrChrono
InSync Healthcare Solutions$99 per provider per monthFree DemoVisit InSync Healthcare Solutions
Kareo Clinical Ehr And Medical Billing$75.50 per user per monthFree DemoVisit
Kareo Clinical Ehr And Medical Billing
NueMD$99 per user per monthFree DemoVisit NueMD
Pimsy$30 per user per monthFree TrialVisit Pimsy
Practice Fusion$99 per user per monthFree TrialVisit Practice Fusion
Simplepractice$39 per user per monthFree TrialVisit Simplepractice
The Valant Behavioral Health EHRCustom QuoteFree DemoVisit The Valant Behavioral Health EHR
TheraNest$39 per monthFree TrialVisit TheraNest
TherapynotesFirst clinician: $59 per month
Additional clinicians: $30 per month
Schedulers, supervisors and billing accounts: Free
Free TrialVisit Therapynotes


AdvancedMD helps improve workflow with specialized tools for charting, billing, scheduling and patient relationship management. The software brings workflow features together so crucial information is shared and passed on to various staff members, ensuring a continuum of care for patients.

The software uses automated processes and dashboards that save time, reduce labor and improve accuracy of information for mental health providers. It also offers patients a portal where they can keep up with appointments, learn about self-help techniques and provide feedback about the services they receive.

E-prescribing is available, and the AdvancedMD cloud offers smooth workflow automation for a variety of functions within your organization. The Reputation Management feature helps professionals and clinics manage online feedback surveys and reviews for a positive online reputation that helps your facility grow.

You can track patient charts with this software, and it’s compatible for use with tablets and smartphones. The intuitive dashboard offers easy operation for doctors, staff members and organizations with customizable templates and instant updates.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom QuoteFree Demo>Live chat, online and remote access support
>Financial and custom reporting available
>Web-based, cloud and SaaS deployment
>More features at AdvancedMD

Pros & Cons of AdvancedMD Mental Health Software
AdvancedMD uses its cloud-based software to offer mental health professionals an easy-to-use interface. The dashboard makes it simple to manage patient information, and everything is shared across all staff members. This software charges extra for add-ons, so it could stretch your budget.

>E-prescribing is available
>Customizable options for company-specific integration
>Add-ons cost extra and may extend past your budget

What Customers Are Saying
Customers like the mobility of AdvancedMD and how it can be used on a variety of devices. One said, “The best feature for me personally is the ability to work on my iPhone and iPad. I am extremely busy and not always able to sit at my desktop to work so this feature is crucial for me.”


BestNotes has a built-in CRM that allows you to organize and track inquiries, referral sources and more with the user interface. This mental health software allows you to store and customize electronic health records and follow up on treatment plans for patients. Group notes help to increase efficiency and reduce or eliminate instances of double data entry.

The software provides customers with unlimited training and support and has no setup fees. You can track outcome measures using the OutcomeTools feature. A patient portal helps patients safely and securely share their private health information, and it automates the admissions process for faster scheduling. A patient calendar lets you include notes and billing coders, track cancellations and note instances of no-shows.

In addition to patient and organizational tools, BestNotes offers human resources features so you can track employee files, store emergency contacts and even view employment applications that are submitted via your website.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Starts at $50 per user per monthFree Trial>Phone, email, online and remote access support
>Standard business and custom reporting available
>Web-based, cloud, SaaS and mobile deployment
>More features at Bestnotes

Pros & Cons of BestNotes Mental Health Software
BestNotes is a user-friendly software that makes it easier to streamline your business operations and manage patient information. The software offers free, unlimited support to help with training and integration, but it doesn’t have any software installation options.

>Free and unlimited customer training and support
>Customizable options for company-specific integration
>No installed software options

What Customers Are Saying
People like the training and support that comes with BestNotes, with one stating, “Our company was new to EHR and my staff was quite intimidated. The training and customer service was incredible. Very responsive and available. We especially like that they are willing to customize it for our particular business and we can upload our current forms. They also had a lot of already prepared documents that are accreditation approved.”

Carelogic EHR

CareLogic is a web-based electronic health record (EHR) software system geared specifically toward mental health organizations. This highly configurable software allows providers to integrate a variety of services into one software suite. Clinical, administrative and financial tasks can be streamlined, as well as scheduling, intake, treatment planning, e-prescribing, billing and reporting.

The software is ONC-ATCB-certified, and it can be used by a myriad of organizations within the mental health and behavioral health fields, including therapy, counseling, psychology, psychiatry and substance abuse providers, to name a few. CareLogic provides support for outpatient, community, residential and inpatient settings as well as mobile integration.

As a system administrator, you can modify the software to mirror existing workflows. The rules-driven validation engine helps you catch errors in real time for improved accuracy and reduced downtime. The suite of clinical tools includes patient scheduling, customizable reports, e-prescribing, quality measuring and many more.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom QuoteFree Demo>Phone, email and online account-based support
>Patient, financial and CQM reporting available
>Web-based, cloud, SaaS and mobile deployment
>More features at Carelogic EHR

Pros & Cons of Carelogic EHR Mental Health Software
Carelogic provides helpful tools for a wide range of mental and behavioral health professionals and organizations. This web-based software provides you with a variety of tools to manage workflow. The software has limited customization capabilities, which could pose a challenge for some users.

>Fully ONC-ATCB-certified and compliant
>Front office is easy to use for doctors and employees with support and training available
>Not all users can access all modules

What Customers Are Saying
Customers appreciate the support they get with Carelogic EHR software. One shared, “While not absolutely perfect over the seven years we’ve been customers, problems that arose have been addressed vigorously. The management of the company is interactive and engaged with their end users. Their mission is directly to further our work with clients, which I appreciate.”


CentralReach is a practice and clinical platform focusing on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy for patients with autism and other disorders. This web-based software is HIPAA-compliant and integrates your workflow for a more streamlined experience. The tools provide help with things like billing and claims, scheduling, data collection, progress monitoring and more.

This mental health software brings front-desk and back-office operations together to help make scheduling and billing easier and more streamlined. The integrated billing function allows you to process payments and bill insurance payers from a single interface.

Clinicians can save time with CentralReach thanks to the software’s mobile applications. Data collection can be performed both online and offline, and data sheets sync automatically for faster updates.

Your practice can reduce time on documentation with a variety of available templates you can autofill with provider, customer, billing and session information. You can also include graphs in the templates if required.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom QuoteFree Demo>Phone, email, live chat and ticket-based support
>Patient, financial and custom reporting available
>Web-based, cloud, SaaS and mobile deployment
>More features at CentralReach

Pros & Cons of CentralReach Mental Health Software
CentralReach makes it easy to schedule appointments by matching patient and staff availability through the platform. This mental health software focuses on behavioral health and speech therapy. The software is limited to specific industries, so it may not work with your clinic or practice.

>Offers solutions for small, medium, large and multisite practices
>Includes patient, billing, and staff management features
>Limited to specific niches within the mental health care industry
>Pricing isn’t listed online

What Customers Are Saying
Customers like the pricing setup for CentralReach and its custom features. One stated, “As a small business owner, I preferred to pay one price per user as opposed to per client. They offered incredible features like having a comprehensive calendar/appointment set up, time sheets, billing and great support.”

Cerner Behavioral Health

Cerner offers a wide array of software for health care professionals, and its Behavioral Health software is one of the company’s newest offerings. This integration software solution offers several content packages designed to support organizations involved in providing mental health services. The software also caters to inpatient, outpatient and substance abuse services, as well as those providing care for patients with developmental disabilities.

Cerner Behavioral Health allows you to share data across health care entities, and patients can sign electronic documents on mobile devices. The signature is embedded in an image document to reduce paper use.

Reporting and analytics features let you make more informed decisions by accessing the most current information. Executives, physicians and clinic staff can view these reports in real time to help them obtain the information they need to make the best choices for patients and their families. A patient portal is also available.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$25 per user per monthNone>Phone and 24/7 online ticket-based support
>Custom reporting available
>Web-based, cloud, SaaS and mobile deployment
>More features at Cerner Behavioral Health

Pros & Cons of Cerner Behavioral Health Mental Health Software
Cerner Behavioral Health software helps reduce the need for piles of paperwork with e-signature and digital document solutions. This large software company works with a variety of industries in the mental health sector. No demo or free trial is available, which might not work for some professionals.

>Offers solutions for a wide range of mental health industries and sectors
>Patient portal allows patients to schedule appointments, view updates, and communicate with their provider(s)
>No demo or free trial available

What Customers Are Saying
Customers like the ability to view notes and access information with Cerner Behavioral Health software. One said, “It is a great place to compile all records and look up patient information when needed. It has helped me stay on track with clinic notes. I like that Cerner is transparent enough so that nothing is too hard to figure out. I am able to find patients easily, write clinic notes easily and view past records easily.”


DrChrono provides software solutions for a range of medical care professionals, including mental health. The software allows you to give your patients undivided attention thanks to its advanced charting capability. You can use built-in behavioral health forms that include crucial information like patient questionnaires, assessments and MSE findings.

The medical speech-to-text feature makes it faster and easier to take notes, and the software offers a Chart by Voice feature and preprogrammed macro buttons that can autofill complete phrases or paragraphs. The software offers e-prescriptions for a variety of mental health-related medications for quick patient access. You can also access patients’ medical history to order refills.

A flagging system lets you identify patient attributes, temperament and medication history to guide you toward making informed decisions to provide the best care possible. DrChrono’s telemedicine platform allows you to perform video visits, and patients can schedule these remote visits through the patient portal.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom QuoteFree Trial>Phone, online and chat support
>Financial and ERA reporting available
>Web-based, cloud, SaaS and mobile deployment
>More features at DrChrono

Pros & Cons of DrChrono Mental Health Software
DrChrono mental health software aims to make providing services to patients easier with voice-to-text and e-prescribe features. The software provides customizable reporting and prefilled data to make the job easier for mental health caregivers and providers.

>Free trial is available
>Streamline billing, patient information and more with a customizable interface
>Pricing isn’t listed online

What Customers Are Saying
Customers like the many features offered by DrChrono. One user said, “Patients save me time and charting by communicating through the onpatient portal. I can run reports and have an immediate idea of what symptoms and frequency my patients are presenting and develop educational materials that support those diagnosis. I stay on top of my day by way of daily schedule emailed to me every morning.”

InSync Healthcare Solutions

InSync Healthcare Solutions helps you stay in compliance with regulatory requirements with its ONC-ATCB- and CCHIT-certified products. This software works for all sizes of clinics and organizations with multispecialty locations. You can purchase the software outright or sign up for a web-based subscription plan.

This mental health software aims to improve workflow by eliminating the need for duplicate records. You can use its scheduling calendars to manage patient appointments and more.

InSync Healthcare Solutions software comes with many features, including e-prescribing, physical exam charts, electronic claim submissions and reconciliation reports. Reporting can be customized to your practice and specific needs.

The intuitive user interface allows you to create custom fields and layouts, and the mobile app offers access to patient charts, e-prescribing and scheduling from your smartphone or other handheld devices. The company also offers separate medical transcription services so you can focus on patient care.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$99 per provider per monthFree Demo>Phone, online and email support
>Financial and patient reporting available
>Web-based, cloud, SaaS and mobile deployment
>More features at InSync Healthcare Solutions

Pros & Cons of InSync Healthcare Solutions Mental Health Software
InSync Healthcare Solutions mental health software integrates with Zoom meetings and chat for easy updates and presentations. This user-friendly software offers several options to customize your layouts, fields and more. There’s no chat support available, and you can only get help during regular business hours.

>Free demo is available
>Optional transcription services streamline workflow and improve documentation speed and accuracy
>Heavy focus on behavioral health, so may not work with all types of mental health services
>No chat support; support is only available during business hours

What Customers Are Saying
Customers enjoy the variety of features offered by InSync Healthcare Solutions, with one saying, “EHR module for mental/behavioral health services is very comprehensive and comes with the ability to automatically integrate patient responses on forms and normed tools right into your notes. All of the reports are very comprehensive and export to Excel with filters already built-in.”


Kareo mental health software is designed to help independent practices create a streamlined workflow and system. This software is web-based and focuses on medical billing and practice management for any clinic or physician across the United States.

Kareo allows you to confirm insurance information and schedule patients through the interface. You can even manage delinquent accounts and the collections process, store patient documentation and develop custom reports.

You can get started with Kareo mental health software within 48 hours of signup, and the service has a fairly low cost and no contract or setup fees. It also offers free support, onboarding and training, so it’s easy to get started and implement it quickly.

Currently, 65,000 providers are using Kareo software, and there are over 150,000 active users. The service is specially geared toward small practices and clinics, which makes it a good choice if you’re looking for a comprehensive solution for an independent practice.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$75.50 per user per monthFree Demo>Phone, online, live chat and email support
>Financial, standard, custom and patient reporting available
>Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS and mobile deployment
>More features at Kareo

Pros & Cons of Kareo Mental Health Software
Kareo mental health software helps you deliver better patient care and track your costs, expenses and more. This software is user-friendly, and the company offers free training and onboarding. However, it may not work for larger clinics and organizations.

>Free demo, support, onboarding and training is available
>Billing feature makes it easy to track payments and patient insurance information
>Software may not work for larger organizations or multisite clinics

What Customers Are Saying
Customers like the easy design of Kareo and the support they receive, with one saying, “I have had a fantastic experience with Kareo. The sales team and implementation team have been incredibly responsive and helpful. Kareo is very easy to use. I really like how robust it is, while staying simple. There isn’t an overwhelming amount of icons on the top of the application, so I can get to where I need to go quickly.”


NueMD is a cloud-based software program that incorporates medical billing and other features for mental health practices of any size. This software offers the ability to store medical records, schedule appointments and keep electronic health recordings for easy, fast access whenever you need it.

The software company has a HIPAA-compliant claims clearinghouse, so your medical billing department can process an unlimited number of claims. Integrated credit card processing and one-click paper claims make getting paid fast and easy.

Mental health professionals can add charting, track lab reports and perform e-prescribing through the platform. The customer support department offers instant messaging if you need help quickly, and a mobile app is available for both iOS and Android users.

You can customize templates within the NueMD software to monitor patient assessments and treatment plans. A patient portal is available where patients can communicate with you, schedule appointments and check on other updates.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$99 per user per monthFree Demo>Phone, online, live chat, helpdesk ticket and email support
>Financial, patient and custom reporting available
>Web-based, cloud, SaaS and mobile deployment
>More features at NueMD

Pros & Cons of NueMD Mental Health Software
NueMD makes it easy for practices to track patient information, perform billing operations and improve the patient experience. The patient portal helps your patients access their records, schedule appointments and communicate with staff securely. This software does not work with inpatient or residential facilities, which may pose a challenge.

>E-prescribing and online claims processing is available
>A patient portal is included to help patients schedule appointments and communicate with their provider
>Software doesn't work with inpatient or residential facilities

What Customers Are Saying
One customer appreciated the user-friendly design, customer service and features of NueMD, saying, “I love NueMD’s user-friendly Practice Management software and their Technical Support/Customer Service Team. The application is a breeze to learn, use and teach to new staff members. I wear multiple hats in my office, and NueMD makes it very easy for me to switch between hats without being overwhelmed.”


Pimsy is a certified mental health software program that offers practice management and electronic health record services for midsize companies. You can fully customize the system to match your unique requirements, giving you the freedom to adjust things like note-taking, billing and scheduling.

This mental health software is HIPAA compliant and ONC-ACB certified. It features billing cycle management and also has HR features, such as payroll calculations and staff renewal tracking. The special Q&A module lets you generate forms, customer questionnaires and other documents to fulfill your specific needs.

With Pimsy, your practice can record and track progress notes, client medications and treatment plans in one centralized location. This software is best for those in psychology, counseling and psychiatry. It also works well for applied behavioral analysis. Sleep therapy clinics, nutritional counselors and substance abuse facilities can also benefit from Pimsy software.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$30 per user per monthFree Trial>Phone, email, chat, helpdesk ticket and accelerated support
>Financial, patient and PQRS reporting available
>Web-based, cloud and SaaS deployment
>More features at Pimsy

Pros & Cons of Pimsy Mental Health Software
Pimsy is specially geared toward those in the mental health space; however, it also caters to nutrition counselors, sleep therapists and substance abuse facilities. This mental health software offers customization so you can adapt it to suit your needs. This software may not work well for large or multisite clinics.

>Fully customizable for added flexibility
>Many support options are offered to customers, including live chat
>Software is aimed toward midsize facilities and may not work with larger or multisite facilities

What Customers Are Saying
Customers really like the support and customer service at Pimsy. One stated, “Customer service is very responsive. Overall great organization to work with. I’ve gotten to know several of the support staff and each have their own areas of expertise in Pimsy. So I know who to reach out to for certain issues. The organization is small enough to provide personalized attention to our needs yet large enough to handle the EHR needs of our organization.”

Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion was founded in 2005 and offers mental health providers and professionals a variety of integrated features for a smoother workflow. The software includes charting, e-prescribing, patient scheduling, imaging and lab reporting. Practice Fusion is fully certified, so practices can qualify for CMS incentives.

This cloud-based mental health software allows users to access the system remotely on a variety of devices using the EMR interface. This feature is optimized for touch screens, making it easier to access your medical records, appointments and charting while visiting with patients.

You can customize the templates on Practice Fusion to match your unique needs and requirements. The software supports other specialties as well, including physical therapy, dermatology, internal medicine and cardiology.

The e-prescribing feature lets you refill prescriptions, manage medication orders and communicate with pharmacies from anywhere. The streamlined office feature allows you to manage appointments and reduce no-shows via automatic patient appointment reminders. You can also verify insurance eligibility and provide paperless referrals.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$99 per user per monthFree Trial>Phone, email and online support
>Financial, patient and custom reporting available
>Web-based, cloud and SaaS deployment
>More features at Practice Fusion

Pros & Cons of Practice Fusion Mental Health Software
Practice Fusion offers easy customization for a variety of practices and industries within the health care sector. This mental health software offers e-prescribing and fast referrals thanks to its HIPAA-compliant electronic faxing option. However, it doesn’t integrate with inpatient or residential facilities.

>Fully customizable templates for added flexibility
>E-prescribing and electronic referral faxing available
>Does not integrate with inpatient or residential facilities
>Has a high price per user

What Customers Are Saying
Customers appreciate how Practice Fusion helps them track patient information, with one saying, “The program is great for keeping track of all our patients information, communicating with everyone associated with the practice, and it is very user friendly. If you do run into a problem the support staff are always available and almost always solve your problems!”


SimplePractice is designed for small to midsize clinics, practices and other mental health facilities. This cloud-based software helps professionals automate their processes to improve client relationships. It allows you to manage scheduling, process payments and store and manage documentation.

This mental health solution offers a range of features, including appointment reminders, initial assessments, compliance updates and tracking and claims management. There’s also a self-service portal where patients can upload documents, and you can collect payments and offer online booking for flexible scheduling.

The SimplePractice Client Portal lets users make appointment requests, handle insurance claims and securely message customers and patients. The template library allows you to handle TherapyNotes and share them with coworkers and patients for improved collaboration. You can also access important documents via mobile devices to track client progress and make updates to medications or treatments.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$39 per user per monthFree Trial>Phone, email, live chat, one-on-one video call and online support
>Payment, billing, appointment and tax reporting available
>Web-based, cloud, mobile and SaaS deployment
>More features at SimplePractice

Pros & Cons of SimplePractice Mental Health Software
SimplePractice is very user-friendly and offers a range of services for mental health professionals. This HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based software also has a mobile app so you can manage patient care while on the go. However, it doesn’t currently offer customizable reporting.

>Includes mobile deployment for iOS and Android based devices
>Document uploading makes it easy to keep important information in one central location
>Doesn't integrate with inpatient or residential facilities
>Reporting isn't customizable

What Customers Are Saying
Customers like the client portal offered by SimplePractice, with one stating, “I really like their balance between practice management and clinical documentation for a small practice, as well as the degree of customization for forms and documents. Their portal is pretty easy for clients to use (I rarely get people having trouble with it). I like their booking widget for my website. The telehealth video/audio quality is very good.”

The Valant Behavioral Health EHR

Valant Behavioral Health EHR helps your practice increase efficiency and productivity through a wide assortment of tools. This mental health software helps you streamline documentation and secure patient records while tracking things such as scheduling and practice management.

The software includes a patient portal, and it’s easy to use for both patients and staff. Users don’t need to navigate through billing codes for other specialties since everything included is specifically designed for the mental health sector.

This fully integrated software suite includes a database of outcome measures you can use to track and utilize overtime more efficiently. Your patients can complete assessments remotely through the patient portal or in session. All results are fully documented in clinical notes and stored securely in the patient’s record.

You can also reduce typing and save time with Valant’s note-taking technology. Narrative is generated automatically, and information, including diagnosis and medication, is retrieved and added to the notes from the patient’s chart.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom QuoteFree Demo>Phone and email support
>Patient, financial and custom reporting available
>Web-based, cloud and SaaS deployment
>More features at The Valant Behavioral Health EHR

Pros & Cons of The Valant Behavioral Health EHR Mental Health Software
The Valant Behavioral Health EHR software is designed to help your practice streamline operations. It offers a patient portal where patients can access their records, make payments and more. On the downside, the software has limited reporting and customization options, and it doesn’t integrate with mobile devices.

>Specifically geared for mental health providers
>Patient portal allows for easy scheduling, payment processing and client/patient communication
>Limited reporting and customization options
>Currently doesn't offer mobile integration

What Customers Are Saying
Clients say that Valant Behavioral Health software is easy to use, with one stating, “We have been using Valant in our private practice for about 16 months now and love it! It is easy to use, very intuitive, and the IT support is FANTASTIC!! Initial setup was smooth with a great deal of support. Also easy [to] upload your own support documents. I highly recommend it!”


TheraNest is a mental health software solution for solo practitioners, nonprofit organizations and large mental health practices. This web-based software is ideally suited for psychologists, social workers, therapists and psychiatrists.

The software suite provides EMR software for your practice as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. The patient portal allows your patients to schedule appointments, view progress notes and go over their recommended treatment plans.

Users of TheraNest can review and cosign notes and build custom forms to optimize and adapt the software to suit their individual needs.

This mental health software also has a billing feature that lets you make and view insurance claims, process batch invoices and accept payments via credit card. You can also generate payroll and staff billing reports and store unlimited documents on the platform. Unlimited support is also included.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$39 per monthFree Trial>Phone, online and live chat support
>Client, billing, activity log and more reporting available
>Web-based, cloud, mobile and SaaS deployment
>More features at TheraNest

Pros & Cons of TheraNest Mental Health Software
TheraNest offers a wide range of features to accommodate both large and small mental health practitioners and providers. This software includes a mobile app for both the Android and iOS platforms. Report customization and sorting options are limited for many customers.

>Specifically designed for a range of mental health companies and professionals
>Patient portal allows for easy scheduling, payment processing and client/patient communication
>Customization of reports and sorting options are somewhat limited
>Online support is only available during business hours

What Customers Are Saying
Customers love how TheraNest provides them with everything they need all in one software suite, with one saying, “TheraNest is really easy to use and takes care of everything my practice requires. TheraNest is truly a one-stop shop. I really like how TheraNest handles the credit card processing, scheduling, and reminders. And it’s reasonably priced. TheraNest also has an excellent support staff.”


TherapyNotes offers a cloud-based mental health software solution for electronic health records and much more. This software includes a patient portal and options to help your practice with medical billing. It’s ideal for clinics and practices of all sizes, including those with several locations, and for professionals who may need to access the system outside of an office setting.

This mental health software includes several specialty note templates for a variety of practices, including psychotherapy, behavioral health and psychiatry. You can customize and create your own treatment plans, progress notes, evaluations and much more to tailor these features to your needs.

The billing module from TherapyNotes allows you to create customized statements and billing reports. A credit card processing module lets you enter card information and save it for future use. You can also set staff work schedules, send appointment reminders to patients and create recurring appointments for maximum efficiency.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
First clinician: $59 per month

Additional clinicians: $30 per month

Schedulers, supervisors and billing accounts: Free
Free Trial>Phone, online, and email support
>Client, billing, aging accounts and more reporting available
>Web-based, cloud and SaaS deployment
>More features at TherapyNotes

Pros & Cons of TherapyNotes Mental Health Software
TherapyNotes works for a range of mental health services and facilities of varying sizes. This cloud-based software offers a free trial and gives you the option to customize notes, reporting and more. There’s no telehealth option, and support is only available during regular business hours.

>Specifically designed for a range of mental health companies of all sizes
>Patient portal allows for easy scheduling, payment processing and client/patient communication
>Telehealth isn't currently available
>Online support is only available during business hours

What Customers Are Saying
People like how TherapyNotes provides them with the tools they need to run their practice, with one customer saying, “I run a small practice and I do most of my own billing, scheduling and of course documentation of my client’s progress. This program is comprehensive and easy to use. What really makes this company better than the others in the field is their customer service.”

What Is Mental Health Software?

Mental health software is medical software specifically made for those in the mental health industry. This software helps private practices, clinicians and mental health facilities manage everything from billing and appointments to staff workflow and reports.

The software helps professionals who work in the mental health field take accurate notes, prescribe medications via an online portal or remotely and make treatment recommendations for patients to ensure a good outcome and better results.

Some aspects of mental health software are designed only for specific types of care. It’s important to make sure the software you choose is catered to your practice and the type of services you provide. Others allow you to integrate the software with your network, streamlining services between different segments of the health care industry, such as internal medicine or sleep therapy.

Benefits of Mental Health Software

With the help of mental health software, you can streamline workflow and operations to save money and time. Billing modules make it easy to track payments, invoicing and insurance claims in one central location. This type of software is designed to ensure that mental health services run in a seamless, efficient way so doctors and staff can spend more time focusing on patient needs.

There is a range of benefits to using mental health software, including:

  • Better time management: Mental health software allows you to track employee hours, reduce data entry and speed up processes like filling prescriptions and scheduling patients. This ensures that your clinic is managing time in the most efficient way possible.
  • Streamlined processes: Using mental health software will keep everyone on the same page. A central portal or interface keeps everyone informed, and information can be updated instantly for better access to the things you need to know.
  • Mobility: Some mental health software plans include mobile apps, giving you the freedom to make updates while on the go. This is especially helpful if you see patients off-site or if someone needs to receive a prescription refill quickly.
  • Improved patient experience: Software that includes a patient portal makes it easier for patients to schedule their appointments and communicate with their doctors. This results in a better patient experience, which can help you keep more clients in your practice.

Must-Have Features for Mental Health Software

While specific features offered by mental health software plans may vary, some essential features are recommended, including:

  • Patient management: Your software should allow you to track patient information through the interface. This includes keeping track of notes, prescriptions and medical history.
  • Appointment management: Keep track of your schedule with appointment management, which helps you learn how to best utilize your time and your staff’s time. This feature allows you to schedule appointments, track no-shows and reschedules and keep records of patient progress. Appointment reminders help you organize your day for better time management.
  • Reporting: From billing to patient information, quality mental health software includes thorough reporting. Look for a plan that allows you to customize your reports so they’re tailored to your specific needs. This ensures you’re getting accurate information to help you optimize workflow.
  • E-prescribing: The ability to prescribe medication directly through your software can save time for you and your patients. With this feature, you won’t have to contact the pharmacy directly, and your patient can immediately get the medication they need.
  • Support and training: Integrating any type of medical software can be overwhelming, so choose a provider that offers free, reliable support as well as training. Support via live chat or a ticketing system can give you faster response times so you can get back to the business of seeing patients.

The Cost of Mental Health Software

The cost to implement mental health software ranges between $25 and $99 per month per user, on average. Your cost may vary depending on the size of your practice and whether you have multiple locations.

Look for software that offers you a free trial so you can determine if it’s right for you. A demo is another good way to get a feel for how the software works and learn about the features it offers before you make a purchasing decision.

The ability to incorporate billing modules and process payments directly through the software makes the cost well worth it for many users. If you can combine several separate services into one software plan, this can also save you on the overall cost.