The Best Medical Billing Companies of 2021

Our best medical billing company reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 60+ best medical billing companies from across the web. These reviews and our best medical billing company guide help small businesses and startups find the best best medical billing companies for their business.

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How We Chose the Best Medical Billing Companies

Medical billing companies come in all sizes and types, and they range from DIY software options to full-service outsourcing firms. With so many companies offering such a wide number of features and services, it can be difficult to narrow down the field and find the business partner that’s right for your firm.

We evaluated many medical billing companies on some of the most important factors and narrowed them down to 15 top picks for 2020. Find out more about the methodology criteria we employed below, and then, read on to get a first look at our top 15 medical billing companies.

Multiple Service Lines

Medical billing sounds simple, but those in the business know it’s a complex process that can involve all types of tasks and regulations. We looked for medical billing companies that offered a range of service lines with flexibility that allows you to build a custom package.

Some examples of service lines we looked for include:

  • Billing tools that lets you handle some of the claims-related tasks in-house or work seamlessly with your provider
  • Electronic health record solutions that keep you compliant and on top of your patient information
  • Practice management solutions that help you organize tasks and records, proactively schedule appointments and follow up appropriately on work and patients
  • Revenue cycle management services to help you reduce outstanding AR and keep AR days at or below industry benchmarks whenever possible.

Size of Firm

When it comes to medical billing, the size of a partner firm doesn’t necessarily mean higher or lower quality. There are benefits to working with small firms — such as enhanced personalization and knowing the people who touch your claims by name. But there are also benefits of working with larger companies, such as the ability to scale up or handle high billing volumes.

The right choice for you comes down to your business goals and needs and well as what you’re most comfortable with. To ensure you have a viable choice in our list, we’ve selected providers of varying sizes to fit various business needs.

Industry Focus

Some medical billing companies work specifically with hospitals while others specialize in billing claims for doctor’s offices. Others might only bill physical therapy claims while some might have teams that work across the health industry and can serve many different providers. We chose providers that serve different niches to ensure as many areas are covered in our list as possible.

The 15 Best Medical Billing Companies of 2021

CompanyPriceService LinesMore
AdvancedMD<$25 / hourNon-voice BPO/Back Office Services
Voice Services
Visit AdvancedMD
athenaCollectorAthenaHealth<$25 / hourNon-voice BPO/Back Office Services
Voice Services
Visit AthenaHealth
CareCloud$349/provider/month for CareCloud Central
$629/provider/month for CareCloud Complete
3-7% of practice collections for CareCloud Concierge
Healthcare It
Mobile Applications
Practice Management
Physicians' Practices
Visit CareCloud
Cerner$25 /user /month/Healthcare
Healthcare IT
Population Health
Visit Cerner
ClaimCare$200-$300/provider/ monthMedical Billing
Practice Management System
Electronic Medical Record Software
Visit ClaimCare
CureMD$295 / monthMedical Billing Software
Electronic Health Records
Medical Practice Management
Visit CureMD
DrChronoCustom quotePractice Management
Medical Billing
Medical Search Engine
Mobile Health
Visit DrChrono
eClinicalWorks$449/provider/month for EHR Only
$599/provider/month for EHR with Practice Management
2.9% of practice collections for RCM as a Service
Electronic Health Records
Practice Management Software
Patient Engagement
Acos & Pcmh Tools
Care Coordination
Visit eClinicalWorks
eMentalist Outsourcing Services Pvt Ltd.Custom quoteRecruitment Process Outsourcing
Business Process Outsourcing
Visit eMentalist
Helpware<$25 / hourVoice Services
Non-voice BPO/Back Office Services
Visit Helpware
Kareo<$25 / hourNon-voice BPO/Back Office Services
Voice Services
Visit Kareo
MTBC PracticeProCustom quoteMedical Billing Services
Electronic Health Records
Mobile Health
Practice Management
Patient Management
Visit MTBC
P3 Healthcare Solutions<$25 / hourNon-voice BPO/Back Office ServicesVisit P3 Healthcare Solutions
SybridMDCustom quoteFront Office Management
Medical Billing Services
Medical Coding Services
Visit SybridMD
The Contact CompanyCustom quote
Voice Services
Non-voice BPO/Back Office Services
Visit The Contact Company


AdvancedMD offers a cloud suite for medical practices. It provides options for patient intake and scheduling online and supports telehealth. The system includes charting and billing tools so that all the staff in your office can work together to ensure effective communication, appropriate patient treatment and timely billing.

One of the benefits of this software is that it’s compliant while also offering the ability for many people on your team to work remotely. Features include practice management to support your front office, electronic health records for easy access to patient information, a patient portal for self-service and patient engagement options and ePrescribing to help support safety and patient compliance.

The software includes telemedicine protocols so you can treat patients who can’t make it to your office or reduce the number of people coming into the office with minor complaints. AdvancedMD also offers managed billing services.

PriceService LinesFeatures
<$25 / hour

Non-Voice BPO/Back Office Services
Voice Services
>Telemedicine options
>Practice management solutions
>Managed billing services
>More features at AdvancedMD

Pros & Cons of AdvancedMD Medical Billing
AdvancedMD offers a wide range of services that can help you manage your practice and serve patients. The system is also relatively easy to use for most providers and staff, and it doesn’t come with a huge learning curve. But they may charge extra for add-on features.

>Comprehensive practice management solutions
>Managed billing solutions
>Telemedicine solutions
>May charge extra for add-ons

What Customers Are Saying
Many customers like how friendly the system is and that it’s easy to integrate into practice processes. If you’re using the software for in-house processes, the company does provide training, which clients seem to appreciate. However, some clients say that add-on charges can be expensive, and not everyone has a good experience with customer support.

athenaCollector AthenaHealth

athenaCollector is one of the many services and solutions provided by AthenaHealth. The company also offers telehealth, EHR, and practice management software.

The billing system includes claims management, which has a regularly updated rules engine to ensure clean claims. According to AthenaHealth, the claims system boasts a 93% clean claims rate on first pass to reduce manual work on billing.

Performance reporting lets you set goals and compare claims and revenue processes to industry benchmarks, and you can view your claims and AR information from a single revenue cycle dashboard for big-picture management of back office tasks. The system also includes appointment scheduling and patient check-in to support the front office, and you can opt for an integrated billing solution to take more of the burden of revenue management off your staff. The system is scalable for use in enterprise organizations, particularly since AthenaHealth reports 1,000 to 9,999 employees, making it one of the larger companies on this list.

PriceService LinesFeatures
<$25 / hourNon-Voice BPO/Back Office Services
Voice Services
>Claims management services
>RCM dashboard helps you stay on top of AR
>Integrated billing solutions
>More features at AthenaHealth

Pros & Cons of athenaCollectorAthenaHealth Medical Billing
athenaCollector and the other offerings from AthenaHealth are designed with management in mind, and the dashboards and other high-level tools can make it easier to make business-driven decisions about a practice. The system comes with tech support that helps clients through implementation, which can be a plus for offices making a switch. However, you do get charged per item for services such as denied claims if you opt for the integrated billing service.

>Choose which services and software you need
>Increases clean claims percentages and reduces denied claims
>Good tech support
>The fee-based model can be expensive

What Customers Are Saying
Many customers like the comprehensive support and services offered by this company, especially the automatics that remove some work from staff. For example, you can automate patient reminder phone calls about bills. However, some customers did report that the outsourced posting teams left something to be desired.


CareCloud offers solutions for small practices, large medical groups and enterprise organizations. It also offers options designed specifically for providers in certain specialties, including dermatology, family practice, ophthalmology, podiatry, rheumatology, urology and many others.

CollectiveIQ is one option offered by CareCloud. It’s a set of advanced billing rules that’s embedded in the platform. The system uses coding technology and other checks to flag claims that need a human eye before they get billed. It also reduces the chance of claim errors by automatically checking claims for common errors such as missing information or diagnosis and procedure code mismatch. It’s also ICD-10 ready.

You can also choose a complete RCM solution that works via the cloud. It includes benefits and features such as advice from experts, specialized billing processes, analytics and local support.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$349/provider/month for CareCloud Central
$629/provider/month for CareCloud Complete
3-7% of practice collections for CareCloud Concierge
Healthcare IT
Mobile Applications
Practice Management
Physicians' Practices
>Advanced billing rules
>RCM solution with local support
>Advanced analytics
>More features at CareCloud

Pros & Cons of CareCloud Medical Billing
CareCloud provides a wide range of services and you can select the level of service you need to meet your budget and your practice’s business goals. The system is fairly easy to use and comes with automations to reduce burdens on your staff. While the solution is cloud-based, it might not work on all devices well, and the cost is higher than with some solutions.

>User-friendly platform
>Templates limit time spent using EHR during appointments
>Dashboards streamline management
>System can be costly for smaller practices

What Customers Are Saying
Customers like the user-friendly nature of this system and the fact that you can switch easily between big-picture views and detailed work. Many also report that CareCloud has created efficiencies for their offices. However, they do note the price is a bit high compared to some other options.


Cerner offers a full suite of services to assist medical offices, including revenue cycle management solutions. You can choose from technical solutions that help you manage claims and denials, engage in proactive case management and monitor data and coding.

Cerner offers practice management tools that help you schedule and track patients and follow up as appropriate to ensure compliance with treatment or medication. Scheduling software that ensures you’re providing the right level of visit for each complaint or condition can be important for feeding your back-end claims processes.

On the revenue cycle management side, Cerner provides options for billing claims, automatic reviews to help ensure clean claims and denial management within the workflow. Cerner also reports more than 10,000 employees, making it the largest provider on this list.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$25 user / monthHealthcare
Healthcare IT
Population Health
>Claims billing
>Denial management
>Practice management tools
>Case management
>More features at Cerner

Pros & Cons of Cerner Medical Billing
Cerner provides automated and digital options that can reduce paperwork in your office as well as the time it takes to bill claims and collect outstanding AR. You can opt for a full suite of products for practice management through claims billing and AR collections, and the cost is not high compared to some other options, especially for smaller practices. However, this system may not be efficient for use in larger practices, where record counts can reach high levels.

>Full system for practice management
>Order entry system streamlines processes
>Strong customer support
>Challenges when managing large numbers of records
>Potential slowdowns in certain environments
>Unfriendly patient lookup

What Customers Are Saying
Customers like the electronic health record system provided by Cerner and say that it’s easy to use. They also say that Cerner customer support is typically able to resolve issues quickly. However, several clients note that the system can be unwieldy for large amounts of records and that the patient lookup tool can be difficult to use sometimes.


ClaimCare offers a full-service medical billing option that lets you remove some of the work from your staff. It also offers software solutions, including practice management, scheduling and electronic medical records.

One of the unique things that ClaimCare offers is something called Instant Payment Program. With this program, you can receive revenue related to the patients you see almost immediately. Part of the funds associated with your revenue are deposited into your account the next business day, and you receive the remaining balance within 30 to 40 days as the claims are processed and paid. This can be a big cash flow benefit for practices of all sizes.

ClaimCare’s built-in dashboard views let you see details about your claims, outstanding AR and other revenue cycle management processes from anywhere. These dashboards are cloud-based, so you can pull them up from remote environments.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$200-$300/provider / monthMedical Billing
Practice Management System
Electronic Medical Record Software
>Instant Payment Program
>Cloud-based dashboards
>Professional claims billing
>More features at ClaimCare

Pros & Cons of ClaimCare Medical Billing
ClaimCare’s Instant Payment Program is definitely a plus for many practices, as it helps level off cash flow and doesn’t leave you waiting for payment for weeks or even months, in the case of denied and appealed claims. The service offers an expedited transition program to help you switch quickly from another provider, and it guarantees quality. There’s no mobile app currently available though.

>Instant Payment Program
>Professional medical billing experts
>Easy implementation
>No mobile app

What Customers Are Saying
There aren’t a lot of customer reviews for this provider. Those who have left reviews definitely like the Instant Payment Program and feel this solution is easy to implement.


CureMD concentrates on provider computer software to help medical offices handle day-to-day operations and billing. Software offered includes medical billing, electronic health records, practice management and revenue cycle management tools.

The medical billing service and software is developed to work within 32 specialties, including general practice. CureMD’s staff works with you to support aggressive claims billing actions that it says helps you get paid faster. The tools include clean claims and denial management options to increase the amount of revenue you’re able to collect.

CureMD offers a knowledge base that includes fee schedule reviews, electronic and paper claims submission, old AR recovery, charge entry, cash posting, patient statement processes, appeals and management reports. You can keep track of what’s going on with your revenue via a KPI dashboard that includes AR per payor, copays collected, denials, cash flow and appointments.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$295 / monthMedical Billing Software
Medical Practice Management
>Claims billing for many specialties
>Electronic and paper claims
>KPI dashboard for management
>Patient portal
>More features at CureMD

Pros & Cons of CureMD Medical Billing
CureMD offers a holistic approach to medical billing and office management that includes both inhouse and outsource options. The system may not integrate well with other EHRs, though, and if you don’t plan to use the CureMD EHR, the other options may be less accessible.

>Revenue cycle management tools
>KPI dashboard for easy oversight
>Potential integration challenges

What Customers Are Saying
Customers like the well-maintained system and website and the fact that the platform is fairly user friendly. They also praise the knowledge of the CureMD team. Some reviewers note that the electronic health record can be required for some tasks even if you don’t want to use it in your practice.


This company provides a wide range of services via internet and cloud-based solutions for medical providers. That includes electronic health records, telehealth, practice management, patient portals and mobile EHR apps. It also covers revenue cycle management and medical billing.

The EHR is integrated, which means you can create claims directly from health records and treatment entries instead of duplicating data entry. This can potentially increase speed and accuracy of claims billing. Reporting tools let you keep an eye on your revenue, such as how many claims need to be billed, what claims are in process with payors and what denials need to be worked for rebill or appeal.

Advanced features, including automations, help flag potential problem claims before they’re billed to improve clean claims rates. The system also includes features for real-time eligibility checks, patient statements and coding.

PriceService LinesFeatures
Custom quotePractice Management
Medical Billing
Medical Search Engine
Mobile Health
>Automated claims checks
>Eligibility and coding
>Reporting tools for big-picture oversight
>More features at DrChrono

Pros & Cons of DrChrono Medical Billing
The software offers everything small or midsize practices might need for scheduling, documentation and billing, and it does include some customization opportunities. Integration isn’t seamless in all cases, though, and if you don’t have inhouse technical support, you may be relying on customer service a fair amount.

>Automations and efficiencies for claims billing
>Comprehensive system that covers full front and back office management
>Some customization options
>May not be right for offices that only need a billing service

What Customers Are Saying
Current and past clients of DrChrono enjoy the comprehensive coverage offered by the service and the fact that they can change some things to fit their workflows. They didn’t care for the slow reaction times of the company’s customer service team.


This company also concentrates on software services to help practices coordinate care and manage front and back office tasks. Solutions include telehealth, patient engagement such as portals, population health management including care coordination and revenue cycle management. The platform is designed for use by independent ambulatory practices and includes options for managing scheduling, lab orders and reviews, documentation, claims billings and patient follow-up.

Some of the features in the program include a virtual assistant for faster learning curves, patient compliance dashboards and the ability to access information from multiple devices and locations. The revenue cycle management tools help you evaluate claims and billing processes and monitor KPIs. An alerts dashboard keeps you in control of your claims so you can reduce AR days and trouble spots such as timely filing denials.

You can opt only for the electronic health record, for the EHR with practice management or for revenue cycle as a service to get help creating, billing and working claims.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$449/provider/month for EHR Only
$599/provider/month for EHR with Practice Management
2.9% of practice collections for RCM as a Service
Electronic Health Records (EHR)
Practice Management Software
Patient Engagement
Acos & Pcmh Tools
Care Coordination
>Built-in virtual assistant
>Dashboard management
>Revenue cycle management as a service
>More features at eClinicalWorks

Pros & Cons of eClinicalWorks Medical Billing
The ability to choose from different levels of service and select only RCM as a service is a plus, especially for practices that already have an electronic health record in place that they like. The RCM option lets you scale billing without making other major changes.

>Flexible service and software options
>Affordable RCM as a service
>Integrates with other programs such as Scribe
>Customer support is not all U.S.-based

What Customers Are Saying
In general, customers do not care for eClinicalWorks support. Support tends to be outsourced, and it can be difficult to get someone who understands the big picture of U.S. health care services, leading to issues with resolution. However, customers who are able to learn the system and adapt it on their own say they have found good efficiencies with this program.

eMentalist Outsourcing Services Pvt Ltd.

This service is different from previous options on our list. It’s not a medical billing company; it’s a BPO outsourcing consultant. The company reports that it has an inhouse staff of 10 to 50 people, which you might think wouldn’t offer a lot of benefits to someone trying to scale medical billing procedures. But the company doesn’t do the work itself. It helps you recruit and build outsourcing processes.

The benefits of outsourcing medical billing tasks includes scaling up without paying as much for the labor costs. Non-phone tasks might be outsourced internationally, for example, and even if you outsource domestically, you don’t pay the expenses associated with full-time employees.

This company has a number of relevant certifications for outsourcing, including ISO 9001:2015, iAS accreditation and IAF accreditation.

PriceService LinesFeatures
Custom quote
Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Business Process Outsourcing
>Outsource consulting
>Helps you build BPO processes
>More features at eMentalist Outsourcing Services Pvt Ltd.

Pros & Cons of eMentalist Outsourcing Services Pvt Ltd. Medical Billing
The biggest disadvantage of this service is that it’s not a medical or billing service. It doesn’t even specialize in these areas. It specializes in creating outsource teams to support all manner of business operations. On the other hand, if you don’t need software or expertise and simply need more people to handle workflow, this may be a great option.

>Unlimited scale
>A good option for enterprises
>Experts in the unique needs of BPO environments
>Doesn't offer a software solution
>Pricing isn’t readily available

What Customers Are Saying
Corporate partners report getting strong ROI out of working with this group, and many clients enjoy the fact that eMentalist handles some of the more technical aspects of outsourcing. Some clients were not happy with the level of outsourcing staff, which is a common complaint with any BPO endeavor.


Helpware is another outsourcing and BPO company. It reports a larger number of employees than eMentalist with 250 to 999 and has worked with clients such as Zendesk and Sports Engine. It also doesn’t specialize in medical billing. Instead, it offers a process for setting up customer or back-office support.

For a medical practice, back-office support could include running online insurance eligibility, claims data entry and checks, billing, EOB cash posting or basic denial management, for example.

This company offers options for scaling up globally and has teams in the United States, Ukraine, Mexico and the Philippines for a total of eight offices. Pricing depends on your business need and the model you choose. You can choose from support teams that work 40 hours per week handing customer support or task management. Task management can include data entry, research, implementations and content moderation, among other services.

The teams support a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian, French and Arabic, which might make this a good solution for large medical enterprises with patients of many backgrounds.

PriceService LinesFeatures
<$25 / hourVoice Services
Non-Voice BPO / Back Office Services
>BPO task management
>Customer service outsourcing
>Multilingual support
>More features at Helpware

Pros & Cons of Helpware Medical Billing
The biggest disadvantage of using Helpware for medical billing services is that this is not a medical billing company. You need your own processes and software, but you could use outsourcing processes to scale up or take care of tedious tasks so your own staff can move on to other initiatives. That makes this a choice that’s more for enterprises than smaller practices.

>Unlimited scale
>BPO experts
>Global offices
>Doesn't provide a medical billing software
>May need to segregate tasks into voice and nonvoice BPO

What Customers Are Saying
Customers like how responsive Helpware is and the fact that it can source people and experts for almost any need, not just medical billing. The biggest dislike that clients voice is that some teams are overseas and you might face a language barrier at first.


Kareo offers technology platforms for independent practices such as doctors’ offices or physical therapy clinics. It specializes in clinic or office billing and management instead of hospital or outpatient surgery billing. Solutions offered include care delivery, insurance reimbursements, patient collection, patient engagement and telehealth.

The platform includes functionality such as a clinical electronic health records, billing to payors and patients, analytics and mobile app access. You can choose from DIY billing via the software solutions or invest in managed billing services with help from Kareo’s experts.

Some specific features the platform has with regard to collections include scheduling and charge capture, helping you capture copays at the point of care. A rules engine supports clean claims, and the system includes claim tracking, billing task management and workflow.

PriceService LinesFeatures
<$25 / hour

Non-Voice BPO/Back Office Services
Voice Services
>Charge capture
>Claims rules engine
>Managing billing service as an option
>More features at Kareo

Pros & Cons of Kareo Medical Billing
Kareo is a full-service option that provides all the features many practices need to capture data about visits and bill claims. And while that’s definitely a benefit for some, it’s a disadvantage for others, who may want to integrate some legacy or other solutions. While some EHRs integrate with Kareo, others don’t.

>All-in-one system
>Knowledgeable support staff
>Limited EHR integration options
>Some features can't be customized

What Customers Are Saying
Many existing customers say that Kareo provides excellent customer service, though a few people report having some problems with wait times. Overall, customers like the all-in-one solution, especially if they are working with a small or midsize practice.

MTBC PracticePro

MTBC PracticePro offers solutions for 70 medical specialties, including radiology, urgent care, anesthesia, pathology and physical therapy. It provides billing options for both independent ambulatory offices as well as practitioners in hospital environments. One unique feature this service provides is interoperability that is built on blockchain, which helps integrate between electronic health records for better patient control.

Mobile health applications, business intelligence, real-time insurance verification and real-time claim adjustments are some other features offered by this software. Prices vary and depend in part on the type of service you choose. You can select PracticePro alone, which is an RCM component that works with your existing patient record software. You can also select from packages that include talkEHR, telehealth components and claims software.

PriceService LinesFeatures
Custom quote

Medical Billing Services
Electronic Health Records (EHR)
Mobile Health
Practice Management
Patient Management
>Blockchain interoperability
>Business intelligence
>Real-time insurance verification and claims adjustment
>More features at MTBC PracticePro

Pros & Cons of MTBC PracticePro Medical Billing
MTBC PracticePro’s flexible interoperability is a definite benefit for many organizations, and you can use the RCM solutions with many other software programs, so you’re not limited to a single choice. Without knowing the costs though, it’s difficult to determine if they’re right for your practice.

>Blockchain interoperability
>Large company with scalable solutions
>Easy-to-use scheduling
>Pricing isn’t readily available
>Some queries may be handled by overseas support staff

What Customers Are Saying
Customer reviews of this service are mostly positive. People seem to find the software components easy to use, and some customers even remark that revenue is higher or faster after starting with this service. A common thread in reviews is that wait times for support can be lengthy, and it can be difficult to understand some support staff on the phone.

P3 Healthcare Solutions

P3 Healthcare Solutions specializes in partnering with medical practices and provides HIPAA-compliant medical billing and other RCM services. Billing services include software-as-a-service as well as coding and billing. RCM services include pathology and clinical lab, credentialing, AR management and auditing.

P3 Healthcare Solutions can provide complete medical billing that includes insurance verification, coding, charge entry, payment posting, rejected claims clearing, denial management, AR recovery and patient statements. The company has also worked to specialize in billing for telehealth services.

The company provides reporting targeted to big-picture management of practices and specializes in helping providers know if they are eligible for MIPS and other quality-based Medicare reimbursement programs.

PriceService LinesFeatures
<$25 / hourNon-Voice BPO/Back Office Services>Quality reporting for Medicare quality-based reimbursement programs
>Complete medical billing services
>More features at P3 Healthcare Solutions

Pros & Cons of P3 Healthcare Solutions Medical Billing
P3 Healthcare Solutions manages or provides tools for medical billing and other practice management needs for larger organizations. While its service options are fairly comprehensive, this may not be the best option for smaller firms.

>Comprehensive services
>Organized and efficient workflow
>May not be right for smaller practices

What Customers Are Saying
Existing clients like the expertise provided by P3 Healthcare Solutions and the fact that they are able to help providers qualify for MIPS quality payments. Customer reviews tend to be positive in nature, with a few pointing to the price as the one thing that isn’t always ideal.


SybridMD offers numerous services for medical practices, including front-office management, medical billing, coding, credentialing, transcription and telehealth billing. The services work for providers in dozens of specialties, including cardiology, dermatology, neurology, orthopedics, psychiatry, radiology, OB/GYN and pediatrics.

You can use these solutions in both hospital and office environments, and there are also options for workers’ compensation specialties. Features include charge entry, claim scrubbing, insurance and denial management, payment posting, patient statements and reporting. SybridMD notes that it guarantees processing and submission of claims to insurance payors no later than 48 hours after you provide forms and claims details, helping ensure timely filing and faster payment.

According to the company, you can get started with just $1.

PriceService LinesFeatures
Custom quoteFront Office Management
Medical Billing Services
Medical Coding Services
>Charge entry and payment posting
>48-hour claims filing
>Denial management
>More features at SybridMD

Pros & Cons of SybridMD Medical Billing
SybridMD boasts that it’s available to meet client needs 24 hours a day. Seeing as it also only reports an employee number of up to 200, it’s likely that this means many customer support tasks are outsourced. The service is holistic in nature, which is an ideal option for smaller practices and large healthcare organizations that wish to increase their profitability and reduce errors.

>48-hour claims filing guarantee
>24-hour support options
>Pricing isn’t readily available

What Customers Are Saying
Most of the customer reviews are positive in nature and SybridMD claims that its client satisfaction ratio is 100%. Moreover, the company does get some press in respected publications of the industry such as Becker’s Hospital Review.

The Contact Company

Not surprisingly, The Contact Company specializes in helping businesses through all types of client contact tasks. In the health care space, that can include working with patients through sign up, health-related screenings and collections.

This isn’t a medical billing company, though. It offers customer contact, insight analysis and compliance support and may be able to provide some support within billing or collections workflows. But you’re not likely to find a full replacement for claims tasks or RCM here.

PriceService LinesFeatures
Custom quote
Voice Services
Non-Voice BPO/Back Office Services
>Customer contact
>Insight analysis
>Compliance support
>More features at The Contact Company

Pros & Cons of The Contact Company Medical Billing
This isn’t a medical billing company, which is a disadvantage for the purposes of this list. But the fact that you can tap into expert customer support and contact help may make it possible to address issues in a variety of practice-related workflows.

>24/7 customer support
>Contact management through phone, social media, chat and other options
>Pricing isn’t readily available
>Offers health care services, but aren't RCM experts

What Customers Are Saying
There aren’t a lot of customer reviews, especially with regard to using this service for medical billing. But clients who have left reviews note that the staff at this company is professional, prompt and generally easy to work with.

What Are Medical Billing Companies?

Companies that offer medical billing services help health care providers adjudicate claims and may provide many other services. Those can include claims-related tasks, such as entering data, checking claim details and filing claims electronically and via paper. Many companies also provide RCM support, including claims follow-up and appeals, patient billing and collections, and cash posting.

Tech companies that specialize in this space may provide software and services to assist with all of the above as well as more comprehensive solutions. Those might include options such as electronic health records, schedule management and credentialing software.

Medical billing firms provide services in a variety of ways at a variety of levels. Some may offer software and solutions that help you do the job yourself. Others provide hybrid approaches that involve solutions that enhance your workflows and professionals to help with certain tasks or overflow. Full-service firms may take over your RCM processes completely, handling the day-to-day and reporting to you regularly.

Benefits of Medical Billing Companies

Working with a medical billing provider can offer you a number of benefits. The exact advantages that you receive depend on the type of company you work with and how you set up your workflow. Some options can include:

  • Access to expertise. If you’re a smaller medical office, you can tap into expertise you may not be able to hire full-time, including compliance experts to help ensure your claims are clean. And if you’re a larger medical office, you may be able to benefit from third-party auditors and other options provided by a billing service.
  • Ability to scale. At some point, your practice might grow to the point that internal staff can’t keep up with claims. Partnering with a medical billing service lets you scale up to ensure claims are filed timely and accurately during high-volume seasons — such as flu season — without hitting the bottom line associated with your payroll.
  • Increased efficiency throughout your office. Managing the claims billing cycle and all that comes after it is a full-time job — sometimes for many people. Outsourcing some or all of your medical billing work can free up staff time for patient-facing jobs and help your office or facility work more efficiently.

What to Look For in a Medical Billing Company

The right company can be a boon to your business, but the wrong provider can put you at risk in a number of ways. When you’re shopping for medical billing services, make sure you get satisfactory answers to the questions below and any others you have to feel comfortable trusting the provider with your patients’ data and business revenue.

  • What are the fees and how are they charged? Understand whether you’re getting charged per claim or hour, a flat rate for services or a percent of revenue collected.
  • Who will work with your claims? You should understand what type of skills and experience the staff has, how they’re trained and what type of oversight is involved in the work.
  • How does the service integrate with your practice? Is it a hybrid approach where your staff does some of the work before the billing partner takes over, and how is the data translated between parties?
  • How does the service support compliance? You likely already know to ensure your provider is HIPAA-compliant, but get details about how the software, services and processes involved ensure patient confidentiality.

In addition to getting answers to the above questions, make sure the service has the resources and staff to handle your workflow and that they’re experienced in the types of claims you need to file.

The Cost of Medical Billing Company

The cost of medical billing services and how fees are charged can vary widely. Some common methods of billing for services provided are summarized below.

  • Hourly. Companies may bill hourly rates for work performed, especially in niches such as compliance or workflow set up.
  • Per claim. Services may charge a small transaction fee for every claim processed.
  • Monthly. Billing companies may charge a flat rate per month for services, and software companies in this niche might charge a monthly fee per user.
  • Per provider. Claims are handled based on provider number. For example, in a medical office with seven doctors, there are seven providers. Some medical billing companies charge per month per provider.
  • Percent of collections. You may be charged a small percent of total collections, particularly if the billing partner you choose is handling revenue cycle tasks such as AR collections for you.

It’s actually common for pricing to include one or more of the above options. For example, you may be charged a monthly administration fee plus percent of revenue collected.