The Best MDM Software of 2021

Our MDM (mobile device management) software reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 50+ MDM software companies from across the web. These reviews and our MDM software guide help small businesses and startups find the best MDM software for their business.

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How We Chose the Best MDM Software

There are lots of mobile device management (MDM) software providers on the market, and most of them cost a similar amount. We’ve done the hard work of researching the various MDM solutions to present a list of the best. Some features stand out as the most useful for small- to medium-sized businesses: App management, remote device control, network security, and device diagnostics.

Application Management

With MDM software, you can carefully manage the apps on each employees’ device. We’ve paid close attention to the ways a program lets businesses deploy, blacklist, and whitelist apps. Additionally, this function lets you monitor app use and manage application usage on an individual basis.

Remote Device Control

One of the main benefits of this type of software is that it lets tech experts instantly access devices remotely. The most impressive MDM solutions have plenty of options for remote access, including screen sharing, wiping data and entering kiosk mode. If people working from home have any technical issues or bugs, it’s easy to fix them regardless of location.

Network Security

It’s become a widely accepted practice for employees to use their own devices to access and carry sensitive company data. As such, it’s absolutely vital that an MDM has a range of robust security measures in place. We’ve evaluated software based on cybersecurity measures, such as the ability to set custom security policies on devices, control app access permission, track device location, and issue alerts about compliance or security breaches.

Device Diagnostics

Device diagnostics are a crucial component in mobile device management software. This lets users view and optimize device performance, assess inventory, and troubleshoot fleet issues. In most cases, this feature consolidates registry, events and logs into a single file or folder for the IT department to track and manage.

The 14 Best MDM Software Providers of 2021

CompanyPriceFree Trial or DemoMore
AddigyStarts at: $6/user/month14-day free trialVisit Addigy
AirWatchStarts at: $4.33/device/month30-day free trialVisit AirWatch
DriveStrikeStarts at: $1.50/device/monthFree trialVisit DriveStrike
Hexnode MDMStarts at: $1/device/month30-day free trialVisit Hexnode MDM
Ivanti Mobility ManagerCustom quoteDemoVisit Ivanti Mobility Manager, powered by LANDESK
Jamf$3.33/month/iOS or tvOS device
14-day free trialVisit Jamf
KACEStarts at: $1.85/monthFree trialVisit KACE
ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager PlusStarts at: $1.28/month30-day trialVisit ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus
Meraki Systems Manager$40/deviceDemoVisit Meraki Systems Manager
MiradoreFree: $0
Business: $2/device/month
Enterprise: Starts at $2.75/device/month
14-day trial for EnterpriseVisit Miradore
MobileIron UEMCustom quote30-day free trialVisit MobileIron UEM
ScalefusionStarter Plan: $24/device/year
Business Plan: $36/device/year
Enterprise Plan: $48/device/year
14-day free trialVisit Scalefusion
Sophos MobileCustom quote30-day free trialVisit Sophos Mobile
Trend Micro Mobile SecurityCustom quoteFree version availableVisit Trend Micro Mobile Security


Addigy helps companies that use Apple devices to be compliant, secure and visible while spending as little time and energy as possible. Although it combines all the features we’d expect to see from an MDM, the fact that it’s only incompatible with Windows devices means that kiosk mode is not an option.

It has app management, geofencing, location tracking and stringent audit tools — so you can easily keep track of what’s going on across all devices in your fleet. While Addigy has lots of features and works well, it’s one of the most expensive MDM software options.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Starts at: $6/user/month14-day free trial>Remote control
>Operating system compatibility: MacOS
>Device enrollment methods: DEP
>More features at Addigy

Pros & Cons of Addigy MDM Software
Addigy has all the features we’d expect to see from an MDM provider, with decent remote control functionality and strong security measures. It’s also a scalable solution. Unfortunately, it’s only available to Apple users, and it has limited device enrollment options compared to other software on our list.

>Strong security measures
>Remote control function
>Apple-only software means no kiosk mode
>Limited device enrollment options
>Expensive compared to other providers

What Customers Are Saying
As a tool for managing Apple Mac and iOS devices, customers are impressed with the time this software saves them by keeping machines compliant and up to date. A systems engineer comments that Addigy “keeps all our machines up to date by pushing updates, and keeps security settings consistent across all 200+ of our Macs.”


AirWatch is a comprehensive MDM solution for small, medium and large businesses. It has strong reporting capabilities with intelligent device reporting and diagnostic functions that offer insights into app, device and user data. This can help operators locate opportunities for streamlining workflows, cutting costs and optimizing employee and customer experiences.

Geofencing, security policies and encryption ensure that all devices are protected and remote control, kiosk mode and remote application deployment let tech experts manage them from anywhere. Users enroll with a link sent to them in an email by the administrator, who can then perform tasks remotely.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Starts at: $4.33/device/month30-day free trial>Device enrollment method: Email
>Operating system compatibility: MacOS, Windows, Android
>Remote control
>More features at AirWatch

Pros & Cons of AirWatch MDM Software
AirWatch is a good choice of MDM because it offers a broad range of features, it’s moderately priced and offers a 30-day free trial. This lets you make a fully informed decision about whether it works for you. It doesn’t let you enroll by any other method than email, whereas other providers on our list provide more options.

>30-day free trial >Designed with employee engagement in mind>Only offers email-based enrollment options

What Customers Are Saying
Most reviewers comment that AirWatch is easy to use and effective at automating manual processes. An operations manager says that they’ve been using the software “for a couple of years now and it works well. It has lots of features and good documentation.”


DriveStrike is a remote wipe and data breach prevention software tool for businesses of any size. It’s the perfect solution for schools, enterprises, professionals and individuals who prioritize protection against theft, loss or misuse of data. It’s one of the most customizable providers on the list, with price plans for clients with just one device up to more than 5,000 devices.

Encryption, security policies and reporting help you keep a lock and key on your company’s sensitive data across all devices. Kiosk mode and remote control let IT experts step in instantly when there’s a technical issue. Admins can operate the software from Android, Windows and MacOS operating systems. User sign-up is simple, with each new person receiving a personal QR code to scan.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
1 to 10 devices: $1.50/device/month
11 to 25 devices: $1.25/device/month
26 to 100 devices: $0.99/device/month
101 to 250 devices: $0.95/device/month
251 to 500 devices: $0.90/device/month
501 to 1,000 devices: $0.85/device/month
1,001 to 5,000 devices: $0.80/device/month
5,001+ devices: $0.75/device/month
Free trial>Operating system compatibility: MacOS, Windows, Android
>Remote control
>Device enrollment: QR code
>More features at DriveStrike

Pros & Cons of DriveStrike MDM Software
DriveStrike is great for operators who employ remote workers in multiple areas because it lets them track location, lock devices and wipe them remotely. It also provides strict security measures to defend your data against breaches. On the flip side, it doesn’t let you go in-depth with audit tools.

>Location tracking, geofencing and remote device locking and wiping
>Stringent protection against data breaches
>No audit tools

What Customers Are Saying
The majority of reviewers mention the reliability of DriveStrike’s MDM software solution’s security functions. One real estate CIO says, “The ease of installation and use is fantastic. All the features work as you would expect on all major platforms.”

Hexnode MDM

Hexnode MDM helps companies remotely manage Android, iOS, Windows laptops, Mac laptops, fireOS and Apple TVs. You can manage BYOD and company devices from one central hub. Administrators can deploy and operate the software from Windows or MacOS, with the additional option of using Android while on the go.

As a solution for securing, tracing and managing your mobile devices, this software has a full range of features — provided you invest in the Ultra package. Plans that cost less offer slightly less functionality, but they’re still robust and effective tools. All of Hexnode’s plans include vital remote access in case IT needs to fix issues from a distance.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Express: $1/device/month

Pro: $1.80/device/month

Enterprise: $2.80/device/month

Ultimate: $3.80/device/month

Ultra: $5.80/device/month
30-day free trial>Operating system compatibility: MacOS,
Windows, Android
>QR code device enrollment
>Remote control
>More features at Hexnode MDM

Pros & Cons of Hexnode MDM Software
Hexnode MDM is a comprehensive mobile device management solution with a variety of price plans to choose from. It offers high-tech features, such as zero-touch deployment, intelligent automation and endpoint management. That said, although the Ultra plan has a full range of features, it’s one of the more expensive providers on our list.

>The pricing plan is customizable according to your needs
>Zero-touch deployment
>The Ultra plan offers lots of features but it's expensive

What Customers Are Saying
Reviews of Hexnode MDM are generally positive, with multiple comments about how easy the software is to configure and manage. One IT manager says it “manages any type of device and integrates with all types of services needed to support authentication and systems management.”

Ivanti Mobility Manager, Powered by LANDESK

Ivanti lets users safely and securely access company info and systems across all of their devices, while putting full control over data in the hands of IT. The software includes device locking and wiping capabilities, audit tools and remote application deployment so you can manage business data and application usage from anywhere in the world.

Ivanti has QR code and zero-touch enrollment methods, in addition to security policies and device encryption for impressive safety. Although this software is comprehensive in its general offering, it doesn’t specify costs and is only operable via Windows OS.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quoteDemo>Remote control
>Device enrollment methods: Zero-Touch, QR code
>Operating system compatibility: Windows
>More features at Ivanti Mobility Manager, Powered by LANDESK

Pros & Cons of Ivanti Mobility Manager MDM Software
Although Ivanti is only compatible with Windows OS, it offers the full range of functions we’d expect. It lets operators manage employee-owned devices without interfering with personal information, and helps secure remote access to corporate data. That said, the pricing structure is unspecified and there’s no full free trial.

>Effectively manage BYOD without compromising personal data
>Excellent operational security
>Only compatible with Windows OS
>Unspecified pricing structure

What Customers Are Saying
Lots of customers comment on Ivanti’s clean and simple user interface and effective tools for managing remote devices. An engineer remarks that, “Information the system provided was a great resource to find what was on the network as well as controlling what our end users could and could not do.”


Jamf helps business owners and operators manage every device in their fleet to simplify the inventory, deployment, and security processes. This software is compatible with iPads, iPhones, Apple TVs and Macs, letting you manage data and drive engagement. While it’s clearly not the right choice for people who use Windows or other operating systems, it’s a good solution for Apple users.

By using Jamf, you can enforce strong password/passcode standards across your organization. Jamf supports several enrollment methods, including: automated device enrollment, user enrollment, user-initiated enrollment, using a quick-add package, and using a network scanner. It offers audit tools and remote configuration and management to protect systems and information. Additional functionality includes device reporting and lost mode.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$3.33/month/iOS or tvOS device
14-day free trial>Device enrollment methods: DEP
>Remote control
>Supports: macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS
>More features at Jamf

Pros & Cons of Jamf MDM Software
Jamf is a popular and effective tool for managing devices remotely from one easy-to-use hub. It’s been formulated specifically to manage Apple devices, and it’s more affordable than other providers offering a similar service.

>Affordable MDM solution
>Solid application management capabilities
>Not for anyone other than Apple users

What Customers Are Saying
Jamf is popular because it’s moderately-priced and effective. A desktop engineer notes that his organization has “cut support time and costs in half due to not having to constantly upgrade and maintain an on-prem solution.”


KACE is an endpoint systems management solution that gives the IT department a well-rounded picture of the company’s devices while saving them effort and time. Once implemented, you can manage any device that’s connected to your network. Although it doesn’t have remote access and control, you can still remotely deploy applications and track locations.

It has plenty of audit tools as well, so you can quickly notice if apps are misused or something goes wrong during work hours. KACE has geofencing capabilities, so certain apps only work within a set location, and its device encryption and security policies keep all your sensitive business information safe.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Starts at: $1.85/monthFree trial>No remote control
>Device enrollment methods: DEP
>Compatible with Windows and Android operating systems
>More features at KACE

Pros & Cons of KACE MDM Software
KACE doesn’t offer device locking or wiping, which we see as pretty important — and it doesn’t offer a remote control function. However, it’s one of the only software providers that lets you deploy it from an Android system. As a cloud-based solution, it also gives users access to updates as soon as they’re available.

>You can deploy this software on the go from an Android device
>Upgrades are received as soon as they're available with the SaaS delivery model
>Doesn't offer remote control capabilities
>No device locking or wiping

What Customers Are Saying
Customers are positive about the services offered by KACE, particularly the ability to streamline processes and save money on infrastructure. A data analyst expressed the following opinion regarding this software, “It is a very well organized application for the IT department. Easy to use, very user friendly and has many features.”

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus is a comprehensive MDM solution for small, medium and large businesses. Its app manager function lets IT control exactly which apps each user has access to, with remote control options giving company owners peace of mind that technical issues can be dealt with promptly.

It lets admin set custom parameters for security and compliance on each device. The additional security measures we’d expect to see in place are there, including device encryption, device locking and wiping and passcode sharing. It has a broad array of enrollment methods, which improves engagement and speeds up compliance.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Starts at: $1.28/month30-day trial>Device enrollment methods: Enrollment invites (E-mail/QR Code/SMS),
Apple device program (Apple Configurator),
Zero Touch, EMM Token, NFC, Android debug bridge (ADB), Knox, ICD, Laptop, Windows AutoPilot
>Operating system compatibility: MacOS,
Windows, Android
>Remote control function
>More features at ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus

Pros & Cons of ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus MDM Software
ManageEngine is one of the most affordable MDM software solutions on our list, and it boasts a full stack of the features we’d expect to see. It offers a 30-day trial, good remote management tools and it’s scalable. Nothing is perfect, however, and the diagnostic tools are limited on the user end.

>Affordable with a 30-day free trial
>Scalable and works well with businesses of all sizes
>Limited device diagnostic tools

What Customers Are Saying
People who use ManageEngine are positive about its ease of use and affordability. A system integrator says, “We primarily use our MDM to put devices in multi-app kiosk mode. ME MDM provides us with everything we need at an unbeatable price!”

Meraki Systems Manager

Meraki Systems Manager is a cloud-based mobile device management system that helps decision makers secure, monitor and maintain the endpoint devices their organization uses. You can pre-enroll devices, or add users as they join your network, in addition to tracking mobile devices remotely and protecting data and devices with encryption protocols, network access control and configuration and remote wiping.

As an MDM, Meraki does everything we would expect and at a low, one-time price. The diagnostics and reporting functions make it easy to make decisions about how to improve productivity and increase engagement. Remote access means IT can fix issues as soon as they arise no matter where the user is located.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$40/deviceDemo>Web-based, cloud and SaaS deployment
>Remote control
>Email-based enrollment
>More features at Meraki Systems Manager

Pros & Cons of Meraki Systems Manager MDM Software
Meraki Systems Manager has all the features most clients look for at a good price. Unlike many other providers, it’s available for a one-time payment per device. Kiosk mode and custom security policies let operators improve productivity while setting permissions and settings for safety. However, there’s no free trial available.

>Has kiosk mode for improved productivity
>Custom policies
>No free trial

What Customers Are Saying
In the reviews online, several people said that Meraki Systems Management is easy to use and has plenty of functions. A team leader in digital learning notes that, “Luckily most of these options are nested in a clear and logical style making navigation quick and easy.”


Miradore is a cloud-based MDM that helps companies manage corporate and personal devices from one easy-to-use place. It lets operators secure and manage business-critical access, permissions and applications across the device fleet. Additionally, you can use it to automate updates, track locations, and process across multiple operating systems.

Miradore supports multiple types of device enrollment methods for different platforms, including QR code. There are free, business and enterprise versions. Although there’s no free trial for the business version, you can try out the free or Enterprise versions before purchasing.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Free: $0
Business: $2/device/month
Enterprise: Starts at $2.75/device/month
14-day free trial for Enterprise>Remote control
>Device enrollment method: QR code
>Operating system compatibility: Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows
>More features at Miradore

Pros & Cons of Miradore MDM Software
Miradore is an affordable solution for small companies that gets pricier as they grow bigger. It’s one of the few options on this list that lets you manage Windows, Mac and iOS hardware from a Windows or Mac operating system. While the reporting tools are useful, it doesn’t include audit tools and there’s no free trial for the business package.

>Track, secure and manage Mac and Windows devices from Windows, Android and MacOS
>Reporting tools let admins know when a phone user doesn't check-in or uninstalls the software
>Doesn't include audit tools
>No free trial for the business package

What Customers Are Saying
Reviewers are impressed with the functionality, easy setup and quick deployment of Miradore. A finance officer particularly liked that they, “Were able to track all iPads easily. Adding apps/Blacklisting apps such as Find my iPhone is great and messaging to individual devices was a plus.”

MobileIron UEM

MobileIron is an MDM software solution that protects data and secures access to confidential company data while increasing productivity. For security, it combines a passwordless MFA with mobile threat defense, device encryption, remote wiping and customizable security protocols. It features kiosk mode so you can dictate exactly which apps employees can use during work hours.

Geofencing lets you create a virtual boundary to trigger a notification in case a work device leaves a certain location, and geotracking lets you trace equipment in case of loss, theft or misuse. It generates useful reports and has remote controls, but doesn’t have audit tools for more targeted information. MobileIron doesn’t provide information about its pricing, either.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quote30-day free trial>Operation system compatibility: MacOS,
Windows, Android
>Device enrollment methods: DEP
>Remote control
>More features at MobileIron UEM

Pros & Cons of MobileIron UEM MDM Software
MobileIron UEM is a single console solution for multi-application and multi-OS management that lets business owners manage security and data across all devices. Additionally, this software helps drive engagement and boost productivity. On the other side of the coin, it doesn’t feature audit tools and the pricing structure is undisclosed.

>Single console for multi-app and multi-OS management
>Productivity and mobile device solution in one app
>Doesn't feature audit tools
>Undisclosed pricing structure

What Customers Are Saying
MobileIron has lots of good reviews from people who’ve found that its MDM capabilities help them manage assets and automate manual tasks. A software engineer says it’s an “excellent security tool for protecting the valuable information on emails on the phone. You can even wipe the phone remotely.”


Scalefusion helps operators manage and secure Windows 10, Android, MacOS and iOS devices from a simple cloud-based dashboard. It lets IT manage which apps are enabled or blocked to encourage engagement and productivity. Although it’s another one on the list that doesn’t feature audit tools, it does include all the other features we look for in MDM software.

It’s easy for users to sign up: You simply send in a QR code and then manage sensitive company data and compliance using remote control and app deployment. Remote device locking, wiping and encryption mean that your valuable information is safe and easy to erase in case of theft, loss or misuse.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Starter plan: $24/device/year

Business plan: $36/device/year

Enterprise plan: $48/device/year
14-day free trial>Remote control
>Operating system compatibility: MacOS, Windows, Android
>Device enrollment: QR code
>More features at Scalefusion

Pros & Cons of Scalefusion MDM Software
Scalefusion has good reporting capabilities. With its DeepDive analytical function, you can gain valuable insights into productivity and compliance. It lets you manage apps over the air and set the status of apps on all devices. Unfortunately, it lacks audit tools for detailed information about which apps are in use.

>Manage apps over the air and set the status of the deployed apps on every user's device
>Deep and fast insights into device inventories
>Lacks audit tools

What Customers Are Saying
Scalefusion gets lots of compliments online for delivering live information about data usage and technical information for IT. An operations manager says the MDM software “notifies you LIVE within the dashboard about devices becoming inactive/active/locked/unlocked, which is the coolest feature.”

Sophos Mobile

Sophos Mobile helps small- to medium-sized businesses secure and manage any combination of corporate-owned or personal devices from MacOS, Windows or Android. It has a variety of innovative device enrollment options, including zero-touch and one-time QR codes for optimum security. A self-service portal lets you bring-your-own-device employees enroll, get help and reset passwords without the need to contact IT.

Admins get full control over content, including emails and workplace apps, without interfering with personal data. Remote access means that IT can quickly troubleshoot and fix issues for home or site workers, and location tracking and geofencing ensure compliance. App management and remote application deployment let decision makers add or delete apps as necessary. Device wiping and locking offer an additional layer of protection in case of misuse, loss or theft.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quote30-day free trial>Device enrollment: Zero-Touch,
QR code, Knox Mobile, Apple DEP
>Remote control
>Operating system: MacOS, Windows,
>More features at Sophos Mobile

Pros & Cons of Sophos Mobile MDM Software
Sophos has a clean and attractive UI and it’s easy to deploy and manage on MacOS, Windows or any mobile device. It offers detailed reporting functions, and Intercept X deep learning protects users, devices and corporate data against threats. It’s unclear how much it costs, so we can’t make a comparison based on price.

>Easy to deploy and manage on any device
>Detailed reporting and Intercept X deep learning engine
>Pricing plans aren't outlined

What Customers Are Saying
The aspect of Sophos Mobile that gets the most attention from customers is its stringent security measures, which include email protection and customizable security policies. A senior IT manager says, “It protects networks, scanning against downloaded applications, web filters, scanning of QR codes, and provides validation of device security.”

Trend Micro Mobile Security

Trend Micro Mobile Security gives IT departments control over mobile devices, data and applications through a simple dashboard. It aims to lower costs by streamlining and automating aspects of mobile security, data protection and app management. It also increases productivity through increased visibility and control over endpoint security.

This software boasts all the main features we look for, with strong network security, remote app deployment and configuration, reporting and remote access functionality. It offers geofencing, so you’ll be notified if devices leave the set parameters and location tracking in case of theft or loss. Audit tools let decision makers see who’s using which apps at any time, and secure password sharing offers an extra layer of security.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quote30-day free trial>Device enrollment methods: QR code
>Remote control
>Web-based, cloud and SaaS deployment
>More features at Trend Micro Mobile Security

Pros & Cons of Trend Micro Mobile Security MDM Software
Although the cost of Trend Micro Mobile Security isn’t outlined, it does offer a 30-day free trial to give you plenty of time to decide whether it’s right for your business. It also packs all the features we’d expect, plus a few more. That said, it doesn’t specify its compatibility with the various operating systems.

>30-day free trial
>Combines an antivirus with data encryption enforcement, mobile app management and a mobile app reputation service
>The cost is not outlined

What Customers Are Saying
Customers are complimentary about Trend Micro Mobile Security’s security, app management and remote control functions — as well as its antivirus feature. One CTO remarks that, “The remote control can be used to control the mobile device, remote wipe and installation and configure applications.”

What Is MDM Software?

Businesses use MDM (mobile device management software) to manage, monitor, and secure employees’ smartphones, tablets and any other device they use in the workplace. This software is essential if you have a bring your own device policy in place.

When an employee downloads your company’s emails and sensitive data onto their phone, there’s a major security risk if specific measures aren’t put in place. MDM software helps capture necessary information, stores essential data, restricts potentially harmful apps and helps secure and locate devices in case they’re lost or stolen.

Your MDM solution, in combination with processes, tools and policies, makes up a core component of your small- to medium-sized business’ enterprise mobility management. This organizational trend is more relevant and growing faster than ever. MDM software varies significantly between providers, but it’s easy to find the perfect fit for your organization’s requirements.

Benefits of MDM Software

Some of the main benefits of investing in MDM software include:

  • Remote management: Remote management lets tech experts take full control over a device from anywhere in the world. This lets IT departments help employees with technical issues so they can be promptly fixed. In the past, one of the major setbacks of having remote workers was that if anything technical went wrong, it was hard to fix from a distance. Remote IT management also opens up opportunities for hiring talent abroad and letting workers choose more flexible hours.
  • Control over applications: This is one of the most vital functions of MDM software because it prevents unauthorized apps from putting data at risk. Application control includes identification, authorization, forensic controls, input controls and much more. Not only does it protect against data loss, but it also helps eliminate the chances of losing valuable information in an unexplained system crash.
  • Supports a bring-your-own- device policy: Employees generally feel more empowered and trusted when they’re able to use their own devices for work purposes. They don’t need to worry about learning a new system, and the business isn’t required to pay for each worker to have a phone.
  • Automatic detection: Temporary storage queues are automatically deleted with this function, which leads to less clogging and more space.
  • Backup essential data: The importance of data in today’s largely digital marketplace can’t be overstated. In case a device crashes or something goes wrong, having an MDM ensures that your essential data is backed up.
  • Compliance: As a business, you’re bound by a multitude of codes, guidelines, laws and specifications. MDM software ensures that every employee’s device complies with your organization and government rules and regulations.

Must-Have Features for MDM Software

When it comes to MDM software, some features are nonnegotiable. There are eight functions that every software provider on our list offers:

  • App management: An app manager takes care of the entire life cycle of each application that’s on a device, from installation to updating and deletion. It also manages configurations, permissions and app licenses and usually includes defining policies for apps, including restrictions regarding the app and any data it holds.
  • Passcode or password sharing: This feature lets users share encrypted passwords so only someone with an authorized code can gain access to devices.
  • Device reporting or diagnostics: You’ll need your MDM to translate asset data into readable and insightful reports. All providers on the list show compliance history, device status and/or feature a diagnostic function.
  • Geofencing: Geofencing lets operators secure corporate data on any device within predefined virtual parameters.
  • Remote application deployment: We’ve deemed remote application as an essential feature because it lets you install apps remotely.
  • Security policies: A great MDM provider lets IT experts extend wired security policies and strategies to all devices, wherever they are.
  • Location tracking: This feature means business operators can maintain a record of each device’s location using GPRS. Location tracking is an excellent tool in case of theft, loss or misuse.
  • Device encryption: Each device is protected by encryption to protect it in unforeseen circumstances, such as confiscation, loss or theft.

The Cost of MDM Software 

Luckily, MDM software is incredibly affordable, even if you choose a premium product. Prices generally start at around $0.75 per device, per month and go up to around $6 per device, per month.

Most MDM software providers offer a lower rate when you install their products across several devices. There are also a variety of plans available for single users, small businesses and medium-to-large companies.