Managing Editor is a fast-growing publisher of B2B software / service reviews and advice. We are seeking a Managing Editor to oversee and expand its compilation content for online business owners.

The Managing Editor will be responsible for all content on and related properties with an emphasis on scale and quality. Responsibilities include:

  • Develop high-level, best-in-class content strategy for
  • Work alongside Marketing, Tech, and Design team members to drive product strategy and provide the best possible user experience for our audience
  • Hire and maintain a pool of freelance workers to help with content needs that are outside of a scaled content service (one time content needs, additions to content, etc.)
  • Establish and maintain a relationship with a scaled, fully edited content solution service
    • Manage deliveries from, and assignments to the content agency or any other content solution service
    • Providing content instructions
    • Overseeing calibration for new content
    • Holding a high bar for quality
    • Ensuring content is delivered on time and with no editing needed
  • Ensure every site gives strong E-A-T signals at a page and site level that is benchmarked against the best content in the industry
    • Recruit subject matter experts and contributors to either write content or have content ghostwritten for them.
    • Recruit experts to review and fact check content and work with writers to ensure changes are implemented
    • Recruit experts to be website team members featured on the about page and any pages experts will be reviewing
    • Coordinate with experts for media inquiries and interviews
    • Ensure storytelling throughout website is strong (copy, assets, etc)
  • Ensure content is optimized for search
  • Establish content goals and metrics across the site
  • Maintain an accurate content calendar
  • Ensure all content costs are within budget
  • Manage uploading and publishing process / needs
    • Collaborating with the tech team, design team, and uploader to ensure uploading and publishing is completed correctly, efficiently, and on time
    • Create uploading instruction documents with help from tech and seo
    • Provide weekly status updates to stakeholders


  • Managing Editor

The Managing Editor will oversee the content team, which consists of:

  • Content agency
  • Freelance writing pool
  • Subject matter experts
  • Uploader/s
  • Other roles and positions as needed

Preference for:

  • Candidate with experience writing about business topics or managing an online business


  • Competitive salary relative to market

Role Starting:

  • ASAP

Desired Qualities:

  • Attention on detail
  • Goal and process oriented
  • Obsessed with improvement
  • Scrappy, resilient
  • Great communicator
  • Basic knowledge of HTML
  • Familiar with WordPress or other CMS programs
  • Basic knowledge of SEO
  • Excellent writing skills

Please send your resume to: apply [-at-] digital [-dot com-]