The Best Managed IT Service Providers of 2021

Our managed IT service provider reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 150+ managed IT companies from across the web. These reviews and our managed IT guide help small businesses and startups find the best managed IT service provider for their business.

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How We Chose the Best Managed IT Service Providers

We took a deep dive into the business models for more than 150 companies to find those that are best suited to working with small- and mid-sized businesses. We looked for companies with the flexibility to manage all your needs, whether you are looking for systems integration or robust cybersecurity features.

Our choices range from smaller companies with 10 or 20 employees to those with hundreds of staff members who can help with any eventuality. Lastly, we chose companies that are specifically geared for a variety of industries, from financial services to education.

Multiple Service Lines

Every business has different needs. We chose firms that offered a multitude of service lines from IT managed services to cloud consulting and SI, to cybersecurity. Our chosen firms are skilled at scaling these services up or down as needed for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Size of Firm

There are advantages and disadvantages of working with a large or small firm, including the number of trained and experienced employees and costs. We made sure to select varying size businesses to meet the needs of multiple small businesses, wherever you are focused. Some of our firms are recent startups themselves, others have been in business as long as 40 years.

Industry Focus

We chose firms that work in a wide range of industries to cover as many small business needs as possible. IT permeates just about every business, and it pays to have a flexible and nimble IT service provider who can continue to meet your needs as you shift and grow with your market, whether you’re in marketing, retail, financial services, or another area of focus.

The 15 Best Managed IT Service Providers of 2021

CompanyPrice Per HourService LinesMore
BairesDevCustom QuoteWeb Development
IT Managed Services
Cloud Consulting & SI
Visit BairesDev
Bluewolf$150-199CRM Consulting and SI
IT Managed Services
Cloud Consulting & SI
Visit Bluewolf
eMazzanti Technologies$100-149IT Managed Services
IT Strategy Consulting
Cloud Consulting & SI
Visit eMazzanti Technologies
Framework IT$150-199IT Managed Services
Cloud Consulting & SI
Visit Framework IT
IT Svit$25-49IT Managed Services
Cloud Consulting & SI
IT Strategy Consulting
Visit IT Svit
Mission$200-300IT Managed Services
Cloud Consulting & SI
Application Management & Support
Visit Mission
QA Consultants$50-99IT Managed ServicesVisit QA Consultants
Realnets$100-149IT Managed Services
Cloud Consulting & SI
IT Strategy Consulting
Visit Realnets
ServerCentral Turing GroupCustom QuoteIT Managed Services
Cloud Consulting & SI
Custom Software Development
Visit ServerCentral Turing Group
Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc. DBA SiriusCustom QuoteIT Strategy Consulting
Cloud Consulting & SI
Visit Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc.
Softchoice Corporation$100-149IT Managed Services
IT Strategy Consulting
Cloud Consulting & SI
Visit Softchoice
SugarShot$150-199IT Managed Services
IT Strategy Consulting
Visit SugarShot
Switchfast Technologies$150-199IT Managed Services
IT Strategy Consulting
Visit Switchfast Technologies
TechMD$150-199IT Managed Services
Cloud Consulting & SI
Visit TechMD
TruAdvantage$100-149IT Managed Services
Cloud Consulting & SI
Visit TruAdvantage


BairesDev Logo

BairesDev is a growing technology solutions company in Latin America. They provide end-to-end delivery for companies of all sizes, from startups to some of the biggest companies in the world, including Google, Rolls-Royce, Pinterest, EY, SiriusXM, Motorola, ViacomCBS and Chime, among others.

BairesDev is a firm founded and run by Developers. They’re group led and guided by an Agile mentality. The heart of BairesDev’s work is software outsourcing, testing, and operational support which they provide through a service of fully managed teams that integrate seamlessly into your business’s projects. They are skilled at cybersecurity, AI, mobile apps, and blockchain, and can also handle your data analytics or UI/UX design.

PriceService LinesFeatures
Custom QuoteWeb Development
IT Managed Services
Cloud Consulting & SI
>Staff augmentation
>Dedicated teams
>Project-based model
>More features at BairesDev

What Customers Are Saying
BairesDev customers are nearly unanimous in highlighting the positive contributions and overall quality of the BairesDev staff members. One customer remarked “Having access to such a vast talent pool, BairesDev has allowed us to staff our teams with solid engineers and execute our projects faster than ever. Their staffing process is way better than any other outsourcing company in the region, so we can always rely on them.”


Bluewolf Logo
Bluewolf, an IBM company, is a New York-based global consulting agency that partners strategically with Salesforce to build digital solutions. Their industry focus is telecommunications, media and entertainment, financial services and banking, and healthcare and medical businesses.

Bluewolf’s access to IBM technology such as Watson AI can help you predict and shape outcomes for your business, automate processes that are slowing you down and free up your employees’ time for more important tasks. In addition to cloud consulting and SI services, Bluewolf offers consultations on customer relationship management as well as IT managed services.

Bluewolf uses a patented project delivery solution it calls Bluewolf Sightline to cut expenses and streamline processes for its clients, which include Stanley, Black & Decker, Lenovo, and Harvard Business School.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$150-199/hrCRM Consulting and SI
IT Managed Services
Cloud Consulting & SI
>Access to IBM technology
>55+ worldwide studios in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia
>Salesforce partnership
>More features at Bluewolf

What Customers Are Saying
Bluewolf’s customers praise the company’s ability to adapt to their corporate culture and work within that culture to create innovation and value. One sales director said, “they took the time and effort to really understand our ways of working, showed us global best practice and then challenged us to embrace change. With the help of Bluewolf, we have been able to greatly improve not only our processes, but also the way our people work together to make decisions and service our clients.”

eMazzanti Technologies

eMazzanti-Technologies Logo
eMazzanti Technologies is a New Jersey-based company that focuses on IT managed services, IT strategy consulting and cloud consulting and SI for retail, manufacturing and distribution, government and nonprofit organizations. Its clients include Fortune Footwear, the Lancaster City Bureau of Police, and H2 Architects.

The company provides scalable, cost-effective cloud, IT and network services for a global clientele. They excel at providing workable cloud solutions, multi-site implementations, and remote monitoring, all with proactive 24/7/365 tech support. They pledge to ensure business continuity even when disaster strikes.

They’ve been a Microsoft Partner of the Year four times, and were named New Jersey Business of the year in 2016. 65% of eMazzanti’s business is with IT managed services, an area where they have carved out a niche for themselves.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$100-149/hrIT Managed Services
IT Strategy Consulting
Cloud Consulting & SI
>24/7 IT support
>Microsoft Gold Partner
>Feature 3
>More features at eMazzanti Technologies

What Customers Are Saying
Customers say that eMazzanti is a good fit for smaller U.S. companies that don’t have their own in-house IT team. They are called out for their professionalism and responsiveness — an area that some companies struggle with. “The team is both proactive and interactive, consistently staying up-to-date and transparent,” said one customer.

Framework IT

framework Logo
Framework IT works with executive leaders to develop and implement IT strategy, support, and security for growing companies. Their IT strategy will help you build familiarity with your organization’s technology and identify how well your IT coordinates with your future needs, visions, and goals.

Framework’s strategic process aligns clients with best practices to keep their IT current and overall prices low. These best practices were developed over ten years using a data-driven analysis gathered to discover issues and key performance indicators for successful IT management.

Framework IT provides comprehensive technology solutions, including managed IT services, cloud services, cybersecurity, and phone systems. In other words, they do not make any physical technology, like widgets or software but they are in the business of helping technology make your life easier.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$150-199/hrIT Managed Services
Cloud Consulting & SI
>IT management for high-growth companies
>Leveraged cybersecurity defence platforms
>24/7 help desk
>More features at Framework IT

What Customers Are Saying
Framework IT’s customers are happy to be able to work with a company that offers flexibility in pricing, with economic incentives in place for improved IT health. The quality of service is high, say clients. “They’re very knowledgeable, professional and quick to respond,” said one. “They never give up on a problem. They’re true partners in every sense of the word,” said another.

IT Svit

IT-Svit Logo
IT Svit provides DevOps services, full-stack app development, big data analytics, and more. They work with startups and enterprises including Global DJ, QuickBlox, Fixstacks and Hire Ukraine, as well as others in the business, finance, and IT sectors.

Headquartered in Ukraine, IT Svit offers technology consulting for startups across the globe. Their dedicated teams help develop and release products and services while at the same time planning for long-term software and hardware needs. They can provide IT outstaffing and team optimization as needed as your company grows.

They also offer a robust menu of big data services, including administration, architecture, testing and analytics. IT Svit technicians are skilled at web scraping and data mining, optical character recognition, machine learning, chatbots and data encryption among other tasks.

Price(See above)Features
$25-49/hrIT Managed Services
Cloud Consulting & SI
IT Strategy Consulting
>Provide IT staff
>Database administration and support
>Cloud and database migration
>More features at IT Svit

What Customers Are Saying
Customers appreciate the seamless workflow they are able to develop with the IT Svit engineers, as well as the extensive knowledge base that the company brings to the table. “Their AWS and Terraform knowledge is profound, and they are able to come up with working solutions at once,” said one customer.


Mission Logo
Mission Cloud Services, Inc., is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, which is the highest level of AWS partnership available — there are less than 50 companies who have achieved this status. They have demonstrated great success at delivering AWS consulting services and detailed business plans, case studies and datasheets to AWS.

Their managed services also include DevOps, APM, and detection and response. Optimization services include cost optimization, optimization and governance, and AWS well-architected review. Professional services include cloud consulting, migrations, Amazon WorkSpaces, and AWS Lambda consulting.

Mission is U.S.-based, and works primarily in the arts, media and entertainment, financial services, and consumer products and services sectors. Mission serves a number of high-level companies including DreamWorks Animation, Toyota Financial services, and New Voice Media.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$200-300/hrIT Managed Services
Cloud Consulting & SI
Application Management & Support
>Expert serverless consulting
>Microsoft workloads competency
>Healthcare and life sciences competency
>More features at Mission

What Customers Are Saying
Mission’s high focus on professionalism comes to the fore in customer comments. Clients like the fact that Mission responds quickly to requests, even in the middle of the night, and are very knowledgeable about the AWS architecture. “They are able to communicate challenges effectively, using clear language, without getting lost in esoteric problems,” said one.

QA Consultants

QA-Consultants Logo
QA Consultant’s name speaks to their top priority: quality assurance software testing. They are North America’s largest dedicated and purpose-built onshore QA team, serving industries ranging from automotive and banking to healthcare and retail. Clients include Amica Mutual Insurance, The Canadian Mint, AeroVironment, United Technologies, and many more.

Because their focus is solely on software and application testing, QA Consultants has developed a deep well of talent in staff from which they can pull for client needs. Their clients are looking to reduce the risk associated with software failures, launch new products or apps or lower costs associated with building products or apps.

Their testing capability includes agile testing, automation testing, performance testing, security testing, accessibility testing, mobile testing and more. They also offer advisory services on QA maturity assessments, tools evaluation, investment assurance and metrics management. They have headquarters in Toronto with offices in Dallas, Los Angeles, Ottawa, and New York.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$50-99/hrIT Managed Services>Systems integration testing
>application security assessments
>ADA/section 508 compliance audits
>More features at QA Consultants

What Customers Are Saying
Although QA Consultant’s focus on testing can be both a pro and a con, customers who need accurate testing services love the work the company does, which saves them money and time. One client commented, “They perform software and application testing exclusively, so they really know testing. It’s just in their blood.”


Realnets Logo
Realnets is a Chicago-based technology solutions company that focuses on building long-term relationships with their clients. They provide round-the-clock support to prevent system failures coupled with skilled IT management services that cover security, data protection, and hardware issues.

Realnets works primarily in the financial services, consumer products and services, and manufacturing sectors, for whom they provide IT managed services, cloud consulting and SI and IT strategy consulting. They also offer a service called PropTech by Realnets, which has, according to the company, revolutionized the way buildings are managed, bought, sold and used for both residential and commercial use.

Realnets focuses on becoming your business’s IT department, with unlimited monitoring and both remote and onsite services for every eventuality, from auditing your company’s workstations and servers to ensuring that firewalls are current and functioning properly. They have extensive experience in heavily compliance-driven industries such as finance and healthcare.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$100-149/hr.IT Managed Services
Cloud Consulting & SI
IT Strategy Consulting
>Building technology consulting
>Fully-managed IT services
>Unlimited remote and onsite support
>More features at Realnets

What Customers Are Saying
Realnets excels as a project manager and IT partner, say its customers. Most important, they give peace of mind regarding IT processes and systems to their clients. “They bring our team a sense of security because someone is watching our network. I can come to work confident in our systems and my team’s ability to work without having to deal with security threats.”

ServerCentral Turing Group

ServerCentral Turing Group (SCTG) is an award-winning colocation, cloud and disaster recovery service provider with headquarters in Chicago and a global scope. They are a certified AWS Managed Service Provider and Advanced Consulting Partner and work in industries including the non-profit sector, education, and marketing and advertising. Clients include Basecamp,, and DePaul University.

SCTG’s colocation services include data center migration, dedicated servers, AWS direct connect, and managed services. Cloud services include AWS consulting, AWS migration service, serverless, and cloud migration.

SCTG also offers disaster recovery solutions including off-site cloud storage, managed backups, and DRaaS (disaster recovery as a service). Their disaster recovery plans range from Standard, a low-cost solution that provides reactive recovery, to Pro, with continuous backups at a secondary site, and Premium, where production and backup sites are both active to allow for near-instant recoveries and which is intended for mission-critical data.

PriceService LinesFeatures
Custom QuoteIT Managed Services
Cloud Consulting & SI
Custom Software Development
>AWS Partner
>Three disaster recovery plans
>SOC 2 audited company and PCI-DSS compliant
>More features at ServerCentral Turing Group

What Customers Are Saying
SCTG is a growing company, and customers say it’s growing along with them. “As our business grew, so did our needs, and SCTG has been able to fill those demands,” said one. “They give you the ability to buy large-scale services at the size you need. This allows any small business to play at the medium-to-large business size, enabling growth.”

Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc. DBA Sirius

Sirius-Computer-Solutions Logo
In business for 40 years, Sirius Computer Solutions is a nationally-focused integrator of technology-based business solutions that allows businesses to manage operations, optimize IT, and provide advanced security. They are one of the largest companies on our list, with 2,600+ employees, more than 5,500 professional and technical certifications and 50 regional offices.

Sirius works in all industries, but primarily in education, financial services and government, for which they provide IT strategy consulting, cloud consulting and SI, and blockchain. The company says it helps organizations become more secure, innovative, agile, and responsive to the needs of the industry. Their solutions cut costs for their clients, increase the reliability of their systems and mitigate risk.

Sirius offers managed and cloud services including security, aggregation, enterprise hosting, and colocation. From a security viewpoint, they can manage your infrastructure as well as data and applications, intelligence and analytics, and threat and vulnerability management. Sirius also provides extensive strategy work for infrastructure and operations, including networking, servers, business continuity, and data center optimization.

PriceService LinesFeatures
Custom QuoteIT Strategy Consulting
Cloud Consulting & SI
>Integrated multi-vendor technology solutions
>AWS Business Solution Partner and Advanced Consulting Partner
>Cloud and managed services
>More features at Sirius Computer Solutions

What Customers Are Saying
Customers say that Sirius has a good track record of bringing the right talent to the table to create customized and functional teams with the skills and expertise to meet their needs quickly. With Sirius team members, said one client, “They make sure you’re getting the solution you need and not just the thing you thought you wanted. I rely on them to make sure I’m not making stupid decisions and I rely on them to ‘have my back’.”

Softchoice Corporation

Softchoice-Corporation Logo
Softchoice is one of the largest IT solution and managed service providers in North America, with thousands of clients including MG2, BFL Canada, and the San Diego Padres. They have partnerships with AWS, Microsoft, Lenovo, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and many others.

Softchoice’s Research Studio provides fresh perspectives and insights on cloud, hybrid IT, end-user productivity, security and software asset management. The company’s Solution Studio helps customers make the right choices for thriving in a cloud-first world. Their relationships with partners like Cisco, IBM, Adobe, and Microsoft enable them to implement the most appropriate technologies for each client.

Softchoice will also plan, procure, and control your IT, streamlining purchasing by defining and managing company standards, offering insight into workflow and building custom reports for clients. Unusual for a managed IT service provider, they also offer an easily accessed online catalog of hardware and software, from cabling and notebooks to operating systems and security, for their clients.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$100-149/hrIT Managed Services
IT Strategy Consulting
Cloud Consulting & SI
>Enable hybrid IT
>Software asset management
>Purchasing system integration
>More features at Softchoice

What Customers Are Saying
Customers appreciate Softchoice’s many industry partnerships, which allow them to make the best choices for each client’s needs. Softchoice’s reasonable rates and broad range of services also earned positive feedback. One customer wrote “We made the choice to move forward with AWS and softchoice, and we’ve never looked back. I had immediate access to the technical team at Softchoice to be able to assist with upgrades or provisioning additional instances within AWS.”


SugarShot Logo
SugarShot is a Los Angeles-based IT service provider with customers in industries including legal and logistics and supply chain, for whom they provide managed services, cybersecurity, and IT strategy consulting. Their focus is mainly on West Coast area businesses, but since they are a new company, created by a 2018 merger, that focus may expand.

SugarShot will perform audits and risk assessments for your business to see where slow or unreliable technology is impeding growth. Their comprehensive IT audit reports will identify your gaps and critical concerns. Their managed services feature a simple pricing structure that makes it easy to see what you’re getting for your money.

SugarShot provides robust cybersecurity measures and fast response time to network threats to maintain business continuity. They offer complete backup services and 24/7/365 emergency response by mobilizing incident response teams of engineers and managers as needed.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$150-199/hr.IT Managed Services
IT Strategy Consulting
>IT audits
>Temporary IT staffing
>Proactive IT security planning
>More features at SugarShot

What Customers Are Saying
Customers say the SugarShot is particularly strong with information security skills, although they are good at looking at the “big picture” of what the business is trying to accomplish and how it goes about doing so. “In it for the long-haul, they consider your concerns with the bigger picture in mind,” said one customer.

Switchfast Technologies

Switchfast-Technologies Logo
Switchfast is a company focused on providing IT consulting and managed services for small businesses in the Midwest U.S. They have special expertise in working with business, financial services, and healthcare and medical firms. Switchfast prides itself on high client satisfaction rates and delivering services through a team of friendly, professional engineers and managers.

Switchfast’s managed services include CIO services and IT consulting, cybersecurity, cloud integration and support, and remote and onsite support of your network and systems. They provide network setup and support, disaster recovery services and internet and VoIP solutions as needed.

Their consultants can help you plan your annual IT budget and create a tech plan that reflects their clients’ business plans. They map out their recommendations, and all clients receive a dedicated CIO along with a planning document, regular recommendations and quarterly meetings to assess progress and plot the way forward.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$150-199/hrIT Managed Services
IT Strategy Consulting
>MaxPro Secure managed cybersecurity services
>Emergency 24-hour IT support
>Dark web security monitoring
>More features at Switchfast

What Customers Are Saying
Customers love the client experience at Switchfast. Switchfast team members are skilled at bridging the gap between techspeak and business English, and they help their clients wrap their heads around what technology can, and should, do for them. “They have a comprehensive understanding of how system changes affect users. Their experienced IT professionals can explain these effects in a way that our team easily understands,” said one client.


TechMD Logo
TechMD is a West Coast-based business that provides cybersecurity, cloud solutions, infrastructure management and strategic IT consulting to small and medium businesses. They specialize in making the technological needs of your company understandable to your own leadership and team members so that there is a seamless flow of information and innovation happening throughout the relationship.

TechMD’s cloud solutions leverage products like Microsoft Office 365, Azure and Google Cloud to improve productivity with cloud email, file-sharing, and collaboration. Managed cybersecurity and compliance reduces regulatory risk. They will train your employees to avoid cyberattacks and can harness business continuity solutions to keep your processes running if you suffer an attack.

TechMD manages IT services in Los Angeles and Orange County, from resolving simple computer problems to monitoring systems and keeping software up to date. A dedicated CIO will provide you with strategic analysis and IT management solutions. They will become your “virtual CIO” to help you solve problems, upgrade systems and plan and budget for your technology.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$150-199/hrIT Managed Services
Cloud Consulting & SI
>Microsoft Gold Partner
>”Virtual CIO”
>User education and training
>More features at TechMD

What Customers Are Saying
TechMD has a customer focus, and it shows in the positive comments. “Their technicians are approachable and professional,” said one. “They’re very proactive and thorough and I appreciate their attitude. They’re always eager to solve problems,” said another.


TruAdvantage Logo
Located in Cupertino, CA, TruAdvantage provides IT managed services, cybersecurity and cloud consulting and SI services for California businesses, including those in the healthcare and medical, legal, and financial services sectors. They claim to reduce your costs and increase efficiency and revenue with enterprise-level management. Unlimited IT support is available for a fixed monthly fee.

TruAdvantage’s managed care package, called TotalCARE, provides turnkey management with remote, chat, and onsite support and 24/7 access to a client support portal. They have an emergency response team, and can provide best practices assessments with scheduled on-site visits and quarterly IT consultation meetings.

TruAdvantage’s managed cybersecurity feature, Secure360, protects your network, client data and financial interests with regular risk assessments, security training and testing for your staff, ransomware protections and more. They monitor the dark web and take any remediation actions necessary and have a 24/7 staffed security operations center.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$100-149/hrIT Managed Services
Cloud Consulting & SI
>Serves small and medium businesses
>Proactive IT management
>24/7 unlimited help desk support
>More features at TruAdvantage

What Customers Are Saying
The TruAdvantage team earns high marks for responsiveness and the ability to solve problems as they crop up. “They’re consistent, reliable, and they always solve problems in a timely manner, said one customer. “They help us deliver quality services.” Clients in the healthcare area were particularly positive about the TruAdvantage staff’s abilities to deal with the particular needs of medical practices and hospitals.

What Are Managed IT Service Providers?

The best managed IT service providers are staffed by engineers, technicians, and managers who will take over the many tasks of running your IT systems. They will assess your computer technologies and make sure you have the latest and best software and hardware for what you’re trying to do, and will guide you in making your technology as efficient and effective as possible.

Many managed providers are cloud experts, and can help you move away from being local-server-dependent to accessing and making the most use of the cloud for storage and accessibility. This also makes it easier for them to manage your IT resources.

A good managed IT service provider may also offer other services. Most of them will handle your cybersecurity — that is, making sure that your systems are not vulnerable to hacking or attacks by outside entities. They will make sure your financial and personal data on clients is secure and can’t be stolen, and that your network cannot be damaged by outside agents.

Since many businesses run more than one network, managed IT service providers may also be experts at SI, or systems integration. This aspect of IT management makes sure that all your systems and applications work together smoothly as a coordinated whole.

Managed IT service providers can be reactive, in that they can respond to issues that have already come up within your IT systems, or they can be proactive, suggesting changes you can make to ensure better functioning of your systems in the future. The best providers are both.

Benefits of Managed IT Service Providers

Most small business owners know the headaches that invariably result from trying to manage all the processes of a small business themselves — from eCommerce sites to data spreadsheets. Different systems and apps don’t always work well together, and scaling up or down as needed can take time and effort. A spike in sales can throw your website into disarray, and a simple blog posting on your website could trigger something untoward in a completely different section of the site.

A managed IT service provider promises to take away those headaches by managing all your technology needs. They can also provide value with security monitoring and remediation and other technical challenges. Some providers even provide consulting on phone systems and other non-network related technologies.

Although it might seem that you would pay more for a managed IT service provider than you would if you handled your IT in-house, you may realize cost savings through your provider’s ability to reduce your labor costs, increase your efficiency as well as your competitiveness, and implement cost-saving procedures and applications throughout your systems. They give you the benefits of highly-trained IT experts without the costs of having them on your own staff.

A managed provider also reduces your risk through consistent threat monitoring, as well as maintaining compliance and implementing security standards across the board. From installing and servicing your firewall to ensuring that your ecommerce site maintains customer privacy and safety, your provider manages tasks that are beyond your abilities, and leaves you able to focus on your core business actions.

What to look for in a Managed IT Service Provider

Not every managed IT service provider is right for every business, so you’ll need to do your due diligence in researching and assessing candidates for your business. In general, however, here are a few things you should look for in a managed IT service provider:

  • They should have the scope to be able to manage multiple priorities and service lines, from cybersecurity to web development. If you are providing ecommerce services for your customers, make sure your provider is especially skilled at the processes of online sales and service. If you work with blockchain, that should be something they are skilled at. Most providers feature an extensive list of in-house skills and resources; make sure it matches what you need.
  • Match the size and scope of the provider with your own business. If you are a Fortune 500 business, you probably wouldn’t hire a startup provider with 15 employees. All of our chosen companies work with small- and mid-sized businesses, but only you can tell if you’d rather be on account with an experienced company that has well over 1,000 employees or one that is focused on boutique service to smaller organizations.
  • Some providers work across industries, others focus on specific areas such as healthcare or financial service. It’s a good idea, when interviewing potential providers, to find out if they have other clients in your business area, and even to contact these clients to get a sense of how knowledgeable and receptive the company is regarding your specific industry.

The Cost of Managed IT Service Providers

Managed IT service providers, in general, charge from $25-300 per hour for their services. They may also offer other fee structures, such as a monthly fee for basic management services. It’s in your best interests to delve into this when you are interviewing potential providers. Will you be billed monthly, at a static rate? Are there conditions under which your bill will increase? What happens when an emergency situation results in extra hours spent on your account?

Your key takeaway is to avoid being surprised by charges that you did not anticipate. For many small businesses, an unexpected charge can be a major hardship. This speaks to the need to have an excellent account manager or CIO available to answer questions and proactively inform you of any additional fees you may be responsible for at any time.

The cost of comprehensive IT management is not inexpensive, but in the long term, it can save you money, time, and effort and take your business to the next level of productivity. It will serve you well if you establish financial perimeters at the beginning of your relationship with a new provider, to ensure you’re both on the same page regarding all costs incurred for your IT services.