“Lorem ipsum” is a type of placeholder text used by designers and developers in mockups and drafts of digital and print projects.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • How to add lorem ipsum using generators or browser extensions
  • The quickest way to add it to WordPress, Adobe apps and popular text editors.

We’ll take a detour through the oddball history of lorem ipsum.  And to lighten things up, we’ve compiled 23 funny lorem ipsum generators for those days when everyone in the office needs a good laugh.

lorem ipsum generators

What is Lorem Ipsum?

“Lorem ipsum” refers to the most common type of placeholder or dummy text, which is based on a form of scrambled Latin. Its use is widespread in the publishing and design industries.

Why Do Graphic Designers Use Lorem Ipsum?

A key reason graphic designers use dummy text is to present draft designs which focus the eye on layout and visual design, not on the text itself. By using unrecognizable text (in this case a garbled form of Latin) someone viewing a design mockup will not be distracted into reading the words. The text is muted so to speak, in order to highlight the design.

Helping the Client Focus on Design

Website designers we spoke to confirm that when presenting clients with draft designs that include actual photos (instead of placeholder images) or actual text (instead of dummy text), clients immediately focus on the text or image selection and begin asking questions about those.

They lose their focus on the design and seem inhibited in grasping and evaluating it. The result is frustration on both sides.

When the Final Copy Isn’t Ready Yet

Another common reason that graphic designers use dummy text is that the design work has commenced (such as a book or magazine layout) but the actual text is not available yet. 

The good news is that there are loads of free lorem ipsum generator tools to choose from.

Get Lorem Ipsum Now

Need lorem ipsum dummy text for your website in progress? We can help. Just copy and paste our lorem-to-go right below!

Copy and Paste Lorem Ipsum

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,. Donec laoreet tincidunt sollicitudin ante. Proin sagittis turpis semper purus. Phasellus ut consectetur mauris Class. Donec vel ligula eu erat.

Sed dui lectus, varius eget. Nam sed magna urna faucibus.. Praesent eget eleifend libero sit. Duis volutpat, dolor nec scelerisque. Phasellus in nisi diam In.

Donec mattis erat ac lorem. Vestibulum auctor augue ut enim. Curabitur ornare eleifend lectus, eget. Maecenas sodales, dui nec condimentum. Nam purus sapien, elementum nec.

Suspendisse ullamcorper egestas molestie sed. Mauris luctus ligula id nibh. Cras erat neque, dignissim in. In sapien nibh, tincidunt non. Sed sed mauris nibh Nullam.

Proin dui nibh, facilisis sed. Aliquam leo nulla, adipiscing sed. Proin scelerisque lectus rhoncus erat. Pellentesque aliquet ante sed nunc. Phasellus ut nibh justo ultrices.

Nunc fringilla, nunc in mattis. Mauris mollis risus sit amet. Quisque venenatis gravida dapibus placerat. Sed ornare, dolor in rhoncus. Ut hendrerit mollis felis, sed.

Phasellus consectetur volutpat tortor at. Cras eu purus ipsum, quis. Morbi ullamcorper porta risus, ac. Integer semper convallis purus vitae. Vestibulum facilisis, neque nec mollis.

Suspendisse potenti auctor sagittis fringilla,. Nulla molestie magna nec nisi. Cras auctor, lectus nec semper. Quisque eget laoreet elit Proin. Donec viverra ultricies fringilla Donec.

Phasellus aliquet lorem in quam. Proin eu nulla enim, sit. Aliquam erat volutpat mollis nec.Aliquam. Morbi in mollis libero ac. Nulla luctus lacinia lectus, in.

Aliquam adipiscing odio non sem. Nulla ultrices consectetur augue, sed. In ante elit, ultricies sagittis. Praesent nec malesuada dolor tincidunt. Cras ut turpis velit ultricies.

Classic Lorem Ipsum Generators

» 1. Lipsum

Lorem Ipsum Creator

This site claims to be the original lorem ipsum site so it’s only fitting that it’s listed first.

You can choose how many paragraphs you want, whether you want it to be formatted as a list and how many words you want. The instructions can be changed into nearly 40 different languages.


» 2. Blind Text Generator

Dummy Text Generator

The blind text generator gives you a range of options when it comes to creating what you need. You can choose how many characters, words or paragraphs to use, the type and size of the font that’s used, spacing and font styles.

This generator gives you a choice: you can use either the classic lorem ipsum text or various English languages options.

One morning, when Gregor Samsa woke from troubled dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a horrible vermin.

Funny Lorem Ipsum Generators

If you have a sense of humor and want to extend that into the “dummy text” on a website, these generators will fill the bill.

»1. Zombie Ipsum

zombie ipsum

Ready for some Zombie Ipsum?  It comes in “regular,” “lite,” or “50% more brains.”

Zombie ipsum reversus ab viral inferno, nam rick grimes malum cerebro. De apocalypsi gorger omero undead survivor dictum mauris.


» 2. The Godfather Ipsum

godfather ipsum
Filler text that you can’t refuse.

In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns. I don’t like violence, Tom. I’m a businessman; blood is a big expense.


» 3. Samuel L. Jackson Ipsum

samuel l jackson ipsum

If The Godfather Ipsum is too old school for you, step up to the no-nonsense Samuel L. Jackson gangster variety. (This filler text was so spicy we had to redact some of it.)

Normally, both your asses would be dead as [redacted] fried chicken, but you happen to pull this [redacted] while I’m in a transitional period so I don’t wanna kill you, I wanna help you. But I can’t give you this case, it don’t belong to me. Besides, I’ve already been through too much [redacted] this morning over this case to hand it over to your dumb ass.


» 4. Monacle Ipsum


This luxe brand of Ipsum comes in business or economy class. Toto tote bag extraordinary!

Bespoke St Moritz charming, Nordic first-class Swiss Porter extraordinary Shinkansen pintxos flat white hub finest. Helsinki airport Swiss exquisite impeccable liveable charming Gaggenau Boeing 787.


» 5. Fillerama

Fillerama Ipsum

Fillerama takes written material from various TV shows and movies and mixes up some of the lines from those shows.

For example, you can choose text from Doctor Who, Star Wars, Futurama, Arrested Development, Monty Python, The Simpsons and Dexter.

The result looks like a mash-up of many of the show’s scripts cut and pasted together. Of course, you also can use the original lorem ipsum text.

Marge, it takes two to lie. One to lie and one to listen.


» 6. Lit Ipsum


Lit Ipsum uses text from some of the great books and their authors. Examples include The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Pride and Prejudice, and Dracula. 

You can select up to 31 paragraphs of classic text.

He was a large man with rounded shoulders, a massive head, and a broad, intelligent face, sloping down to a pointed beard of grizzled brown.


» 7. Cupcake Ipsum

Cupcake Ipsum

If you love cupcakes, the Cupcake Ipsum generator is definitely the right one for you. It offers you several tasty editing options. Sweet!

Dessert carrot cake chocolate tootsie roll jujubes marshmallow cake.


» 8. Hodor Ipsum

hodor ipsum

Games of Thrones fans will appreciate the Hodor Ipsum. If you are not familiar with Game of Thrones you are probably wondering what this is about. Hodor is a character who is known for saying just one word, yes you guessed it right, “Hodor”.

Hodor hodor – HODOR hodor, hodor hodor. Hodor.


» 9. Batman Ipsum

Batman Ipsum

If you love comic books, superheroes and Batman in particular, then this text generator will be more your style. With numerous characters to choose from, text from three movies, paragraph length options and other editing elements, you’ll soon be fighting off the bad guys single-handedly.

I can’t do that as Bruce Wayne… as a man. I’m flesh and blood. I can be ignored, destroyed. But as a symbol, I can be incorruptible, I can be everlasting.


» 10. Cat Ipsum

Cat Ipsum

If you have one or more cats of your own, you may feel inclined to use this cheeky cat lorem ipsum generator. The text mimics how a cat might speak and typical cat priorities.

Have your beauty sleep 18 hours – checked, be fabulous for the rest of the day – checked!


» 11. Random Text Generator

Random Text Generator

This generator allows you to choose the language and whether to use HTML or text. You get a lot of random words that make no sense, but that’s the whole point.

Folly was these three and songs arose whose. Of in vicinity contempt together in possible branched.


» 12. Pirate Ipsum

Pirate Ipsum

If you have ever had a yearning to be a pirate, this text generator will be the ideal treasure for you. Although the generated paragraphs make no sense, they’re in English and have words that would be typically used by pirates as part of their everyday speech.

So why not “shiver me timbers and walk the plank, maties” and have some fun with it, while living out your fantasy of being a pirate at the same time.

Nelsons folly provost dead men tell no tales grapple skysail nipperkin Plate Fleet Chain shot galleon hands.


» 13. Legal Ipsum

Legal Ipsum

For those times when you need some legal-sounding gibberish but don’t have the budget to hire a lawyer at $400/hr.

Legal terminology is generally designed to bore people to sleep. This text generator promises to live up to that claim. The only editing option you have is how many paragraphs you want.

Then hit the go button and you’ll have text that is written in English, perhaps by a lawyer, or at least somebody who has swallowed a dictionary. However, it may be suitable for your needs so check it out for yourself.

The resulting Package will still be considered the Standard Version of the authors of the Covered Code and use, reproduce, modify, display, perform, sublicense and distribute verbatim copies of this Agreement . . .


» 14. Ancient Alien Ipsum

Ancient Alien Ipsum

If you’re into aliens, outer space and science fiction, you may want to beam down some Ancient Alien Ipsum text.

Simply select the number of words you’d like.

Ancient alien helicopter hieroglyph crystal skull Mahabharata contend, Sumerian texts pyramids vimana spaceships.

Website: www.ancientalienipsum.com


» 15. Dala Ipsum

Dalai Lama Ipsum Generator

The Dalai Lama Lorem Ipsum generator is for those people who are more philosophical and/or spiritual. Create a sense of oneness with your colleagues and clients. Choose how many paragraphs you want and whether you want an HTML divider between each paragraph and then away you go.

With the ever growing impact of science on our lives, religion and spirituality have a greater role to play reminding us of our humanity.


» 16. Business Jargon Ipsum

Business Jargon Ipsum

Speaking in business jargon makes you sound like a wannabe. However, it can be great fun when you use it as dummy text. Use the Business Jargon Lorem Ipsum tool to spit out cliched corporate jargon and overhyped buzzwords.

We need to do more with less level the playing field app fail to succeed, client-centric let’s not reinvent the wheel cross-functional socialization killer app.


» 17. Bacon Ipsum


Need some meatier dummy text? Try Bacon Ipsum’s fat-full filler.

Landjaeger jerky pork, shankle burgdoggen pastrami pork chop doner beef ribs brisket bresaola tail alcatra.


» 18. Cheeseburger Ipsum

cheeseburger ipsum

Does the kid in you wish you could eat cheeseburgers every day? While that might not be great for your diet, you can use Cheeseburger Ipsum for all your filler text needs.

A cheeseburger is more than just a sandwich, it is a wish fulfilled. Salad is essentially food for rabbits, so don’t bother wasting your time.


» 19. Sagan Ipsum

carl sagan ipsum

Let this lorem ipsum text, inspired by astronomer Carl Sagan, turn a mundane task into an event of intergalactic significance.

Cosmic fugue emerged into consciousness cosmos tendrils of gossamer clouds take root and flourish preserve and cherish that pale blue dot?


» 20. Agency Ipsum

agency ipsum

This one might come in handy when you lay out that digital agency’s boutique bespoke website.

Create innovation with the aim to increase viewability. Driving sprints and possibly infiltrate new markets. Consider brand integration in order to target the low hanging fruit.

Website: http://agencyipsum.website/


» 21. Tuna Ipsum

tuna ipsum

Think these Ipsum generators are a bit fishy? Why not go whole hogfish and reel in some Tuna Ipsum?

Razorback sucker yellowfin surgeonfish tripod fish? Catfish escolar, “graveldiver mustache triggerfish basking shark,” righteye flounder, elver Atlantic trout barracuda.


» 22. Journo Ipsum

nieman lab upsum

Working on a media site? Add an element of surprise with this Journo Ipsum.

Hyperhyperlocal Josh Marshall WordPress lede the notional night cops reporter in Des Moines paidContent hot news doctrine cancel my subscription Walter Lippmann #twittermakesyoustupid


» 23. Hipster Ipsum

hipster ipsum

Tired of bland Lorem ipsum? Maybe you’re ready to step up to Hipster ipsum, which currently comes in two versions: “Hipster, neat” or the gluten-free “Hipster with a shot of Latin.” Just remember to delete it and dutifully fill in some Lorem ipsum before the client sees it.

Tattooed polaroid viral, cronut pitchfork jianbing bespoke. Distillery kinfolk shabby chic, mumblecore live-edge marfa flexitarian.

Marfa flexitarian? Sounds like a new kind of religion with fringe benefits.

Ah, indeed it does seem that using even partially recognizable dummy text is distracting after all.


Lorem Ipsum Tools and Tips For Designers and Devs

Copying and pasting lorem ipsum works for some scenarios, but designers and developers need a faster way of adding filler text.

In this section, you’ll learn how to add lorem ipsum when working in WordPress, Adobe apps, text editors, and by using browser extensions.

WordPress Tools

We have two recommendations here: one for the casual user who wants to add lorem ipsum to a single post and one for design and dev professionals who need to populate entire WordPress themes for testing.

How to Add Lorem Ipsum to WordPress Posts

The most convenient way to add lorem ipsum in WordPress is to install a plugin that will generate the text for you.

  • In your WordPress dashboard go to Plugins > Add New
  • Do a search for “lorem ipsum.” (In this example, we’re going to install the plugin called “Lorem Ipsum” by Jörg Burbach.
  • Simply click the “Install Now” button.

lorem ipsum plugin wordpress


  • When you want to insert lorem ipsum in a post, simply type the command [lorem-ipsum] and hit “save.”


lorem ipsum wordpress


  • Now preview your post. You’ll see a section of lorem ipsum appears exactly where you inserted it. (Note: you must preview the post or view it in the published state to see the lorem ipsum text. When you are in edit mode, you will only see the [lorem-ipsum] command.)

lorem ipsum wordpress

You Can Specify the Word Count

The default behavior of the [lorem-ipsum] command is to insert 100 words of dummy text. You can specify the exact amount of words you’d like by altering the command slightly.

For example, to specify 200 words, type: [lorem-ipsum words="200"].

Dummy Content For Testing WordPress Themes

If you’re a freelance or agency developer of WordPress themes, it’s likely you’ll need to test a design out by populating it with images, metadata, content, users, lists, and more. Doing this manually is time-intensive.

You can automate this process via the FakerPress plugin. This plugin allows you to create placeholder content for 20 data types including categories.

To install it, go to Plugins > Add New and search for “FakerPress.” Then install it.

Then you’ll find FakerPress options in your left-hand dashboard, below “Settings.”

fakerpress wordpress dashboard

Selecting Quantity of Posts

When selecting the number of posts to generate you have the option to input two numbers separated by a > sign. This results in a random number of posts being generated, bounded by those two numbers. It seems simpler to just input the quantity that you want in the first field. In the example above we chose 15 posts.

Generate Metadata, Tags, Categories and More

In the screenshot below you can see the taxonomy options and metadata options available:

taxonomy field rules fakerpress

HTML Tags and Image Providers

The close-up below shows:

  • A series of HTML tags that you can specify be included in your placeholder content
  • A field to specify image providers to pull images from for your dummy content

fakerpress html tags

Given the variety of parameters you can control, FakerPress is a good option for design and dev pros who need to speed up the mundane task of populating and testing WordPress themes.

Chrome Extensions

There are a number of lorem ipsum extensions available in the Chrome store. These are helpful when working in a CMS or testing forms. Our two favorites are:

  • Lorem Ipsum Generator: This works similarly to Emmet: you simply type “lorem” in the space where you want filler text, and add the number of words you’d like followed by a semi-colon. For example, lorem50; will fill your space with 50 words of lorem.
  • Lorem Fill is a good choice if you need to fill form fields for testing — both online and offline. You can set it to fill a page or a single element.

You’ll also find some humorous lorem extensions including Bacon Ipsum and Aesop Ipsum.

Adding Lorem Ipsum to Adobe Projects

The method of adding lorem ipsum to Adobe projects varies somewhat across its software platforms. The good news is it’s baked into all their software programs now.

How do I add lorem ipsum to Adobe InDesign?

  • Select the text tool by either (a) using the keyboard shortcut “t” or (b) selecting “T” in the left-hand vertical panel.
  • Draw a text box.
  • Right click inside the text box and select “Fill with placeholder text” from the drop-down menu.

add lorem ipsum indesign

How do I insert lorem ipsum text into Adobe Illustrator?

Click on the text function (“T” via keyboard shortcut or select the “T” in the left-hand panel), then use it to create a text box. Illustrator now automatically populates that box with lorem ipsum text.

insert lorem ipsum illustrator

How do I add lorem ipsum text to Photoshop?

Click on the text function (“T” via keyboard shortcut or select the “T” in the left-hand panel) and draw a text box. With your cursor active inside the text box go to “Type” In the top menu and select “Paste lorem ipsum.”

add lorem ipsum photoshop

Note: Depending on your settings, the text may turn out “squished” and overlapping. In that case, you may need to increase your line spacing. (Line spacing is also called “leading.”)

To do this go to the character panel. You can navigate to the character panel by going to Type > Character panel in the top menu. Or if it’s active, you can click on the “A|” symbol to the right of your canvas; that will open the floating character panel.

character panel photoshop
You’ll find the “leading” (or line spacing adjustment) to the right of the font size:

adjust line spacing photoshop

How do I add lorem ipsum in Dreamweaver?

Ever since 2015, Dreamweaver has shipped with Emmet included. Emmet, a project by Russian coder, Sergey Chikuyonok, provides a slew of keyboard shortcuts for adding HTML code. The good news is there’s an Emmet shortcut for adding lorem ipsum.

Simple use the formula: p*1>lorem (where “1” is the number of paragraphs that you want to generate) then hit TAB.

add lorem ipsum to dreamweaver

Adding Lorem Ipsum to Text Editors

Here are the easiest ways to add lorem ipsum to popular text editors.

How do I add lorem ipsum to Sublime Text?

  • Between a set of <p> tags type the word “lorem”
  • Hit the TAB button.

A paragraph of lorem ipsum will be automatically inserted.

add lorem ipsum to sublime text

How do I add lorem ipsum in Brackets?

  • Go to File > Extension Manager and select a Lorem extension to install. (You may need to scroll through a few options.)
  • Click the “install” button next to the extension you’ve selected

lorem ipsum brackets

  • Between the opening and closing <p> tag where you want the text inserted, type “lorem” 
  • Then hit Control + Shift + L

How do I add lorem ipsum in Textmate?

  • In between a set of <p> tags type “lorem”
  • Hit TAB

textmate lorem ipsum


History of Lorem Ipsum

What is the origin of lorem ipsum text? Why is it described as garbled?

Some 15 years ago Latin scholar Dr. Richard McClintock set out to try to discover the origin of the Lorem ipsum text “as a matter of idle curiosity.” In a Public Radio International interview, he explained his process.

Using a Latin dictionary, he researched the most unusual term in the text (“consectetur” which means to follow after) and found, in the definition, a link to an example of its use in a classical ethics text written by Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 BC – 43 BC). That text was the De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum (“On the Extremes of Good and Evil”), which includes an excerpt believed to be the source for Lorem Ipsum. Here’s that excerpt:

Neque porro quisquam est, qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit, sed quia non numquam eius modi tempora incidunt ut labore et dolore magnam aliquam quaerat voluptatem.

The English translation of this passage reads:

Nor is there anyone who loves or pursues or desires to obtain pain of itself, because it is pain, but occasionally circumstances occur in which toil and pain can procure him some great pleasure.

But how did “dolorem ipsum” become “lorem ipsum”? And why does the rest of the text match only partially? Why are there letters missing from words, letters added to words, and entire words missing or added?

On a hunch, Dr. McClintock looked to the Loeb Classical Library — a collection of classical Greek and Roman texts published, at the time, by Macmillan.

The 1914 edition of De Finibus in the Loeb Classical Library, there is a page break that starts with ‘lorem ipsum.’ The ‘do-’ is on the page before it. And there’s a very good chance that it was that little galley of type that somebody took and scrambled physically to come up with dummy type for Macmillan’s designers.

So there you have it. By grabbing the right-hand page, the employee left the “do-” behind, and the rest was scrambled into the Lorem omelet we know today: filling and somewhat familiar yet unrecognizable.

Listen to the fascinating Public Radio International program, “The strange history of lorem ipsum” below.

Use in Typesetting and Software

Lorem ipsum first became popular with designers in the 1960s via Letraset transfer sheets. The Letraset company produced self-adhesive sheets allowing designers to rub letters off onto print products for mock-ups.

Letraset produced a sheet of lorem ipsum text that could be used as placeholder text.

letraset lorem ipsum
At left: Letraset transfer sheets featuring individual letters of the alphabet. At right: a Letraset sheet of lorem ipsum. (Image on left by Paul Henning, from Wikipedia, in the public domain. Image on right from Wikimedia, in the public domain.)

Lorem ipsum was later incorporated into the PageMaker software application launched by the Aldus Corporation in 1985. (PageMaker was later purchased by Adobe and discontinued when InDesign launched.)

Lorem ipsum is now incorporated into most modern graphic design and development software platforms, including Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver.

It’s also baked into some text editors like Sublime Text.


We’ve presented just a small selection of lorem ipsum “dummy text” generators, there are many many more available.

The placeholder text generator you choose doesn’t have to relate to your actual site in any way. It’s an opportunity to release the inner fantasies or leisure time activities as a way to have a little fun with your site until you’re ready to add in the relevant text for all of your pages.

Using the text helps you get a better view of your site while it’s still in the design stage so you can correct any flaws that are obvious. You can change the text you use and also the generator you take it from as often as you like so have some fun with it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lorem Ipsum

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions on lorem ipsum. Have a different question? Leave a comment on this article and we’ll respond.

When should I use lorem ipsum?

Lorem ipsum is frequently used by freelance or agency designers or developers when presenting a draft design to a client. It’s often used when the final text has not yet been provided by the client, or when the draft is in its early stages and the goal is to focus the client’s attention on the design, rather than the content. Note: some designers, like Kyle Fiedler, believe using lorem ipsum does a disservice to design. This argument is based on the idea that “content is king” and the design, when well-executed, is shaped around that content. Says Fiedler: “By adding Lorem Ipsum to the design you are essentially dressing your king before you know his size.”

Is lorem ipsum real Latin?

No, but it’s based on a Latin text but with some of the characters and words scrambled. The origin of lorem ipsum text was traced by Latin scholar Dr. Richard McClintock to a classical ethics text written by Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 BC – 43 BC). That text was the De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum (“On the Extremes of Good and Evil”).

The passage is:

Neque porro quisquam est, qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit, sed quia non numquam eius modi tempora incidunt ut labore et dolore magnam aliquam quaerat voluptatem.

McClintock believes that pages from a 1914 galley of this work were intentionally scrambled by designers to create the lorem ipsum filler text. Read more in our History section above.

What language is lorem ipsum in?

Lorem ipsum is pseudo-Latin: it has some elements that are Latin and some that are nonsensical and meaningless. You can think of it as an omelet: Latin scrambled with some other unintelligible bits. See our History section above for more information.

What does lorem ipsum mean?

Lorem ipsum refers to placeholder text that is a scrambled and somewhat nonsensical version of a passage found in an ancient Latin text by Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 BC – 43 BC). That text was the De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum (“On the Extremes of Good and Evil”). The specific words “lorem ipsum” were taken from the Latin phrase “dolorem ipsum” which means “the pain.”

Further Reading

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