Your logo is the “face” of your business. It helps people visually and instantly recognize your brand and what your company stands for. For example Facebook has a letter, Nike has the swoosh and Apple has the apple. All of these companies have instantly recognizable logos.

You know you need a logo but how do you go about creating a free yet professional and beautiful logo for your business?

best free logo makers and logo generators

The Best Free Logo Generators and Logo Maker Apps of 2022

We reviewed 50+ logo maker apps across the web. These logo makers and generators will help you kick your branding off.

Some provide limited free features while others ask you to upgrade if you’d like to gain access to their full suite of logo-making features.

These apps are also good for small businesses that design their own labels or provide images as part of their services.

  1. Wix Logo Maker
  2. Placeit
  3. Shopify Logo Maker
  4. Free Logo Maker by Ucraft
  5. GraphicSprings
  6. Canva
  7. Hipster Logo Generator
  8. Squarespace Logo Maker
  9. Design Hill Logo Maker
  10. Tailor Brands
  11. Fiverr
  12. DesignEvo
  13. Logo Type Maker
  14. Logaster
  15. Logo Maker
  16. Logo Genie
  17. LogoBee Logo Maker
  18. Looka
  19. Free Logo Design
  20. Online Logo Maker
  21. DesignMantic
  22. LogoMakr
  23. Kreatable
  24. crowdspring
  25. Namecheap

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A professional logo helps you to stand out from the crowd because it cannot be duplicated or copied.

It’s also at the heart of your branding, so the success of your logo determines whether someone identifies with your brand.

There are three logo design principles:

It’s best for small businesses to start by choosing one of the first two types of logos; a symbol works best for already established brands.

Regardless of what type of logo you decide to create, you should always try to make a logo that is:

  • Uncomplicated: Start with a simple logo design that isn’t over-complicated or over-designed. Simplicity is a good thing when creating a logo and less is definitely more.
  • Easily remembered: Your logo is a visual representation of your company. A good logo design is memorable and makes a fast impression.
  • Long-lasting: A good logo stands the test of time. Avoid trendy fonts and symbolism to ‘future proof’ your logo so it’s effective in 10, 20, 30+ years time.
  • Flexible: A good logo works across a range of mediums and applications, e.g. it looks good in different sizes and in black and white.

We encourage you to hire a graphic designer, but that’s going to cost you and you don’t want to spend all of your startup costs on your logo.

This is when a logo maker comes in handy. You can use a professional logo generator to create a logo for your small business. This guide will introduce you to the best online logo makers available today.

1. Wix Logo Maker

wix logo maker

Wix’s free browser-based logo maker allows you to generate high-quality, customizable logos in just a few clicks.

Once you’ve signed up for a Wix account, you can access the logo maker and begin generating the logo by simply entering your business’s name. Other optional customization fields include:

  • Tagline – some logos have taglines, some don’t
  • Industry – Wix uses this for the relevance of style
  • Look and feel – the total of 10 styling options include dynamic, fun, playful, modern, timeless, creative, techy, fresh, formal, hipster
  • Intent – where you intend to use your soon-to-be logo

Once you select your favorite generated template, you can further customize your logo’s colors, font, and icon. You can download a low-resolution copy of your final logo for free, alternatively, you may purchase the basic or advanced logo package.

Official website:

2. Placeitplaceit logo maker

Placeit provides an easy way to create logos. Just type in the name of your business and dozens of editable logos are generated. Pick or alter the color scheme and drag-and-drop elements to customize it.

Once you complete your logo design, you can use it with Placeit’s templates, all of which are useful for small businesses. For example, you can create branded merchandise like t-shirts, hoodies, and coffee mugs. You can create e-book covers and get 3D images of your book to use on landing pages. You can create professional graphics like Instagram Stories, flyers, business cards, and more.

Official website:

3. Shopify Logo Maker


Shopify’s Hatchful offers you the chance to create a logo in a matter of seconds. You don’t need any technical expertise and you don’t need to have a degree in design.

Small businesses and online entrepreneurs who’re just getting started can use Shopify’s stock imagery to help them put together a unique logo. It has a vast library of options available, and it’s adding to it all the time.

The only downside to Shopify’s online logo maker is that you may not be able to make your idea fully come to life. You also run the risk of the most popular icons being used by someone else.

Official website:

4. Logo Maker by Ucraft

ucraft free logo maker

Ucraft’s free logo maker comes in the form of a free app. You can easily create a logo with the help of the various prompts that come up on your screen. These logos tend to be more cartoonish in style, but they can be the ideal logo maker if you have an audience that appeals to this.

Perhaps the main advantage of Ucraft is that, after you create your logo, you can download a free transparent, high-resolution PNG file that you can use anywhere. We have seen businesses create a base logo here on Ucraft and then pass it on to a professional designer for refining.

Free Logo Maker by Ucraft also offers more than 2 million royalty-free vector icons to create your custom branded logo. If further customizations are needed, you can get creative with shapes, texts, icons, and various colors to make any logo you desire. 

Free Logo Maker by Ucraft offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that’s easy to use, even for beginners. The company also provides a complete website builder.

People enjoy using the user-friendly interface offered by Free Logo Maker By Ucraft. Online reviewers speak of the simplicity of adding and changing elements of designs, as well as the short time it takes to create a professional-looking logo.

Official website:

5. GraphicSprings Logo Creator

graphicsprings logo maker

The GraphicSprings Logo Creator is one of the most robust additions to this list. It provides many of the same features that professional image editing programs offer. The sheer customization alone makes this online logo creator an ideal option for businesses that want more control.

GraphicSprings allows you to create several types of graphic design assets like flyers and business cards. You can break down the different types of logos into categories, such as abstract or letter-based. This logo creator is exciting because you can hire someone from their team to create the logo for you.

The software includes a powerful drag-and-drop editor that features an easy-to-use but in-depth toolset. But while the logo-making process itself is free, users wanting to use the logo must pay $19.99 to export and download the logo for actual usage, as the free version doesn’t allow downloads or exports.

Online reviews of GraphicSprings speak to the ease of use of this logo-making platform. Customers are also happy with the customer service they receive from the company’s support team and the platform’s intuitiveness.

Official website:

6. Canva


Canva is free logo-making software with an enormous following that has exploded over the last few years due to its ease of use and high-functioning free mode. If you need high-quality graphics for business cards, social media marketing, or general web applications, you’ll find plenty to love about Canva, even if you do not opt for the paid version. 

Despite the apparent complexity of the tools available, Canva is simple to use. It aims to mimic many of the features of professional design programs, and you’ll see many similarities to Adobe Photoshop. The magic of Canva comes from its intuitive drag-and-drop interface that allows anyone to create stunning graphics in just a few clicks. 

Several templates are provided, such as birthday cards and business cards, among many others. Canva also has an impressive library of stock photos, symbols, and icons available for user creations. It also has collaboration tools for team-based designing, although this feature is a part of the Canva Pro plan.

Canva’s users are pleased with the easy user interface this platform offers and its intuitive programming. Many online reviews of this company mention its willingness to change to meet users’ needs and the continual updates that its design team provides to keep the program fresh and up to date. Other benefits mentioned in Canva reviews include its affordable price and extensive template library.

Official website:

7. Hipster Logo Generator

hipster logo generatorThe Hipster Logo Generator was created due to the rampant hipster movement a couple of years ago. As you can expect, the logos created with this logo generator replicate the hipster style. That means it’s not for everyone. But if you have a business that caters to a younger, alternative audience, this can be the perfect logo generator for you.

Hipster Logo Generator is possibly the most basic logo maker software we’ve seen. All you have to do is run through the various options and start putting your logo together. There’s no design experience necessary and, for a fee, you can export a high-resolution version of your logo that you can use anywhere.

 It allows you to create “hipster” logos, assumed to mean barebones and minimalistic. You can add a basic shape and some text options. There’s no option to do anything outside these limitations, which appear to include thin lines, symmetrical shapes, and a limited color palette.

Customers love the stylish, on-trend logos they’re can design with Hipster Logo Generator. Online reviewers frequently mention the minimalist style of these logos and the simplicity of the font options. Many users also appreciate that this service is free of charge.

Official website:

8. Squarespace Logo Maker

squarespace free logo maker

Squarespace’s logo generator is a controversial addition to this list. Designers reacted furiously when this logo generator was initially released because it was aimed at small businesses who wanted a professional logo without paying for it.

However, it’s hard to deny the incredible results you can get from Squarespace’s logo generator.The simple drag-and-drop system, together with the slick interface, makes it easy to create a logo that makes you proud while the results are stunning and rival those of a professional designer.

Official website:

9. DesignHill Logo Maker

designhill free logo maker

DesignHill works differently from the other logo generators on this list. It’s a three-step process, but the difference with DesignHill is it’s more than a free logo generator.

First, Design Hill offers a free logo maker. You can quickly create web-ready graphics with Design Hill’s extensive library of shapes, icons, photos, and more, featuring a robust drag-and-drop editing system. Design Hill also offers an AI logo maker, utilizing powerful artificial intelligence to create logos within minutes. Last, Design Hill offers a handy email signature generator for a custom and professional email presence.

But the main attraction is the Design Marketplace, where you can get other designers to make a logo for you. DesignHill prompts you to add as much information about your proposed logo as possible. The more accurate it is, the better. It’s essentially a design contest, where you choose the winning design. It’s also a great way to find a professional designer for the future.

Online reviews of Design Hill consistently speak to the high-quality designs produced on the platform. People love the vast selection of design options they receive, as well as the excellent communication provided by Design Hill and the speed at which your order is filled.

Official website:

10. Tailor Brands


Tailor Brands is a free logo maker that offers a robust set of easy-to-use features for logo creation. It boasts a 3-minute logo creation time, using AI to generate a set of pre-parameter logo choices.

Once the desired logo is chosen, users can then select font preferences to ensure the typeface is both aesthetically pleasing and legible. Next, simply add any further customizations needed to make this a one-of-a-kind logo.

Tailor Brands also offers custom logo design services, providing multiple iterations of logos until the user is happy with the design.

Official website:

11. Fiverr


Fiverr is an interesting concept. While the site does offer a free logo maker, one of the most surprising things is that the logo maker has templates designed by actual Fiverr freelancers. This allows for great logo design potential straight from the logo maker software with minimal customizations needed. Unlike some services, these are mostly clean, modern, and high-quality designs that should fit most brands.

Logo creation does require the creation of a Fiverr account in order to access the logo maker’s results, although the sign-up process was pretty straightforward. If a user finds the design process not going so smoothly, they can seamlessly transition to Fiverr’s marketplace to find a great designer that can help deliver them a fantastic finished product.

Official website:

12. DesignEvo


DesignEvo is a logo-making software through and through. Users can create a free logo with many different icons, text types, shapes, colors, and more. However, those wanting more than a one-off image limited to 300 dpi will need to opt for the Basic Plan at $24.99 per month.

 Users wanting the same features as the Basic Plan but with font files and the ability to export a vector image file and maintain copyright ownership will need to upgrade to the Plus Plan at $49.99 per month. There seems to be an almost infinite amount of possible outcomes for a logo from DesignEvo, with the possibilities only limited by the user’s imagination.


13. Logo Type Maker


Logo Type Maker is another easy-to-use logo-making software that lets users make logos quickly and easily without design experience. Logo Type Maker allows users to adjust text, change the size and scaling options, and even add and layer multiple shapes and icons.

Users can then download the free logo, although, for a nominal fee, additional quality and formatting options are available.

Official website:

14. LogasterLogaster

Logaster is a logo maker software that can generate many different types of logos with relative ease. The user inputs some basic information and the program then sort through a list of matching logo combinations based on the user’s parameters. Once the logos are generated, the option to select a preferred logo design will prompt the user to make their choice.

Next, users will need to create an account to save the logo design. Lastly, users can edit the logo and then simply download the files. There don’t seem to be a ton of customization options when compared to other offerings on the market, though.

Official website:

15. Logo Maker


 Logo Maker is an easy-to-use logo-making software that gives users two options: create their own logo or work with a custom logo designer. The Logo Maker software can create logo designs for just about any industry. From there, simply choose the best logo that fits the company theme and make a few adjustments if needed.

If users choose to work with a logo designer, it’s a three-step process: Fill out a brainstorming brief, consult with a designer over the phone, and provide feedback for the designer to make design tweaks to the logo until the user is satisfied with the outcome.

Official Website:

16. Logo Genie


Logo Genie is another free logo maker that offers quick and easy logo creation via on-site logo maker software. An automatic logo maker with some level of customization, Logo Genie offers premade icons and templates for several different industries, including beauty, wellness, cleaning, photography, and more.

Once a logo has been designed, it can be downloaded in various high-resolution formats including EPS and PNG.

Official Website:

17. LogoBee Logo Maker


LogoBee Logo Maker allows users to quickly make social media-ready logos for free. The software provides users with thousands of logo design templates to get started quickly. More customization options are available to truly allow users to make the logo their own, such as different fonts, shapes, and colors.

Custom logo design is also available for users seeking a higher-end feel. This may help if a user’s idea just doesn’t seem to convey the branding message they may be going for.


18. Looka


Looka is an intuitively designed logo maker that offers more than just basic logo creation abilities. Users can also take any created logo through Looka’s powerful yet simple logo maker software and place it on various types of media such as business cards, flyers, corporate letterheads, and more.

Looka’s “brand kit” also comes with ready-to-use social media assets for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and more. These are especially important to keep businesses’ brand identities congruent and seamless no matter the medium or platform.

All logos created with the software can be exported into various high-resolution file formats.

Official Website:

19. Free Logo Design


Free Logo Design offers thousands of free logo maker templates in its easy-to-use drag-and-drop software. Simply start the process by typing the name of the business, choose a business type through its many categories, and then wait patiently as the software generates and creates several brand-new logo designs.

Once that process is complete, users need only choose their favorites. Once the final design choice is selected, any custom changes they want can be added to help accentuate brand identity. However, to download a high-resolution version of the logo, users will have to pay a one-time fee of $39.

Official Website:

20. Online Logo Maker

Online Logo Maker

Online Logo Maker is a free logo maker that’s been used by more than 2 million brands to design their logo. Featuring a clean and uncomplicated design interface, the powerful logo-making software delivers quick, clean results in a matter of minutes. It also contains a large amount of modern and pleasing fonts to fit any sort of design or branding theme.

Utilizing the free account offered by Online Logo Maker, users can save their designs and return them later to complete them. A Premium Pack can be purchased from the site that allows for 300 DPI file downloads, transparent backgrounds, and the ability to export vector files.

Official website:

21. DesignMantic


DesignMantic offers a customer logo maker as well as custom logo design services. When examining the quality of the logos, however, the program doesn’t seem to create as high quality a graphical image as some of its competitors. Still, if a logo is needed in a pinch for a blog or a one-time use for a branding project, DesignMantic should suffice. However, we’d highly recommend scouring this list to see if another software offering may deliver better results.

With that said, their custom logo offerings do look promising.

Official website:

22. LogoMakr


LogoMakr is designed to include professional graphic design tools in a minimalist manner to make the design experience easy for everyone. Users are first taken to a blank canvas where they search through various shapes and icons. Users have the ability to fully customize their design and download it in a free or paid version.

From there, simple, basic changes can be made to the design, including color, text, and fill. The logos are pretty minimalistic but should suffice for some users who just need a quick logo for a blog or other noncritical function.

LogoMakr offers custom logo design services as well, although these options are only available to users who pay a nominal fee for the work.

Official website:

23. Kreatable


Kreateable is a logo creation platform that provides customers with high-quality logo designs for their business. It allows you to create your logo initially and the cost is determined when you’ve chosen and edited a design according to your preference, and it’s a simple one-time payment. Kreateable provides a logo for you at a reasonable price with a variety of features that no other logo maker offers.
The logos are available in 4 distinct formats: PNG, PDF, EPS, and SVG. They are all in excellent resolution. Downloads in any format are available indefinitely.
Official Website:

24. crowdspring


crowdspring is a collaboration platform that addresses a fundamental gap in the design process.

Founded in 2008, crowdspring has helped to democratize design around the world.

Over 220,000 crowdspring creatives from 195 countries have helped more than 60,000 of the world’s best entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups, agencies, and non-profits with logo design, web design, graphic design, product design, and naming.

Their logo-making services include dozens of unique logo designs in seven days or less, original, editable logo design files (AI or EPS), digital, print, web files (RGB, CMYK, PNG, JPEG, PDF).

It is a community of 220,000+ professionally screened and reviewed logo designers. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee and free legal contract protecting your intellectual property.

Official website:

25. Namecheap


Namecheap provides logo-making services with its unique design wizard. Its software generates thousands of different designs — presenting its users with high-quality, custom logos.

It is an intuitive logo creator design tool that is downloadable in any format in both PNG and SVG formats, to add or tweak wherever and whenever you choose. 

Its logo-making tools are packed with templates, fonts, icons, and color schemes for its user’s business or personal brands.

Namecheap’s Logo Maker was created so it could be used easily by anyone, no design experience is needed. 

It comes with expertly chosen color combinations that help take advantage of the same brand science used by the world’s largest companies.

Official website:


 Vector File (SVG) Available?Free Download AvailableHigh-Resolution Logo Price
Wix Logo MakerPremium plan onlyYesBasic: $12.99
Premium: $49.99
PlaceItYesNo$39.95 ($19.97 for subscribers)
Shopify HatchfulYesNo$19.99
CanvaNoYes$1/premium image used with logo
Hipster Logo GeneratorYesYes$10.00
Squarespace Logo MakerYesExisting customers only$10.00
DesignHill Logo MakerPremium plan onlyYesBasic: $20.00
Premium: $65.00
Tailor BrandsYesYesFree Version Available
Basic: $9.99/month
Standard: $19.99/month
Premium: $49.99/month
Fiverr YesNoCustom Quote
DesignEvo YesYesFree
Logo Type Maker YesNo"Basic: €1.99/month (billed annually)
Premium: €4,99 (billed annually)"
LogasterYesYes"One Small-Size Logo: $0
Logo Bundle: $49.99
Business Branding: $4.99/month/year"
Graphic SpringsYesYesFree Version Available
Pro Package: Starts at $19.99
Logo GenieYesYesFree
Logo MakerNoYesFree
LogoBee Logo MakerYesYesFree Version Available
Special: $249
Silver: $349
Golden: $409
Platinum: $459
LookaYesYesLogo & Brand Kit - Basic: $4.99/month
Logo & Brand Kit - Premium: $7.99/month
Logo & Brand Kit - Business: $15.99/month
Logo Only - Basic: $20
Premium: $65
Enterprise: $80
Free Logo DesignYesYesHigh Resolution Pack: Starts from $39/logo
Design HillYesYesBASIC: $20.00 one time
PREMIUM: $65.00 one time
ENTERPRISE: $150.00 + one time
LogoMakrYesYesFree Version Available
Premium: $29
crowdspringYesNoSilver: $299
Gold: $499
Elite: $899
Platinum: $1199
NamecheapYesYesCustom Quote

What Is Logo Maker Software?

Logo maker software is an online and typically free solution to quickly and easily design professional logos without the need for graphic software or design experience. This allows users who may not have experience with applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or Affinity Photo to still create professional logos and designs.

The software usually contains many font choices, images, icons, and color choices for designing a custom logo.

Logo maker software sometimes has a drag-and-drop interface for designing or may even automatically create logos based on descriptive parameters set by the user.

Must-Have Features of Logo Maker Software

Must-Have FeatureWhy It Matters
Drag-and-Drop EditorA good drag-and-drop editor will help speed up the logo designing process by allowing users without prior graphic design experience to easily interact with their designs.
Multiple Font ChoicesHaving a healthy selection of fonts will help users convey the message their brand is speaking within a typeface that matches their look and feel.
Multiple Icons and ShapesThis is especially critical for users lacking design experience — a varied set of icons can help logo designers explain what their business does.
High-Resolution Logo ExportUsers need high-resolution, scalable logos to cover any use cases that may arise, such as flyers or business cards.
Custom Design Help AvailableCreating a logo from scratch can be easy, but sometimes users may need extra help from an experienced, professional logo designer.

The Cost of Logo Maker Software

Logo maker software, at least of the online variety, is typically free or free with caveats. Some software allows for truly free, high-resolution exports, while others lock the higher-quality file formats behind paid tiers.

Many of the logo maker software systems on the market also offer extended graphical experiences like flyer design and social media asset branding, but this is also usually offered through more expensive paid tiers.

A common negative occurrence for users who lack experience with logo making is to design a logo but then find they are unable to download or export the logo without payment. Verify pricing in our above tables to help avoid any potentially time-consuming misunderstandings.

Common price ranges: 

  • Lowest-priced: $0-$10/month
  • Mid-range: $15-$25/month
  • Highest-priced: $40+/month

What to Consider When Choosing Logo Maker Software

  • Drag-and-drop editor: These are the bread and butter of any good logo maker software. A good drag-and-drop editor allows users with little to no graphic designing or logo-making experience to quickly create professional designs by simply dragging digital assets like icons and text into the desired design position.
  • Image database: Some logo-making software, like the offerings from Ucraft and Graphic Springs, contain an almost unfathomable number of icons, shapes, and other stock digital assets to use for a logo design. These icons typically cover a large spectrum of industries like real estate, construction, and photography.
  • Templates: Having design templates can serve as a great starting point to quickly flesh out logo design ideas. Templates usually consist of placeholder text and one to two design assets such as shapes, pictures, or icons.
  • Customization: The ability to deeply customize a logo design is where some logo makers outshine their competitors. Customization is everything — it’s what sets a design apart from every other logo. The text size, font color, and a dominant icon or picture placement all help to craft a user’s one-of-a-kind logo design.
  • Collaboration tools: Collaboration tools are useful for bouncing design ideas back and forth with teammates or clients. This allows for both design collaboration amongst designers and critical design feedback. Having this feedback loop can is a great way to keep a design client informed while also keeping logo designers accountable and accommodating.

Frequently Asked Questions About Logo Makers

A logo plays an important role in a company’s image. It represents what the business stands for, so the topic is worth learning about it. Here are a few common queries and answers about logos and logo makers.

What is a vector image?

The graphic content displayed on a vector image is a set of mathematical objects. Vector images are very high resolution. When editing vector images, pixelation is less of a threat, as opposed to editing JPEG or PNG formats.

When vector images are converted (or rasterized) into JPEG or PNG formats, they lose their original quality.

Why would I need a vector logo file?

Vector graphics are industry standard for high-resolution, quality logos. If you have a business and your logo is likely to be used in a variety of sizes, you’ll need a scalable logo.

Since vector logos are graphical representations of precise mathematical shapes, the vector logo is far more scalable than the JPEG, PNG, PSD, or BMP counterparts. A scalable logo saves you hours and hours of graphic design fees (or time).

How can I create my own logo for free?

There are numerous options that allow you to create a logo for free. Some of these include Wix, uCraft, and Canva. All three are great examples of easy-to-use logo makers that require little-to-no graphic design experience. By providing basic details like your company name and tagline (optional), you can create a good-looking logo in a matter of seconds for free.

How do I make a logo with a transparent background?

Ways to make a transparent background logo depends on the software you use. First, identify your graphic design suite and look for the background setting.

If your image-in-edit has a background, you can either remove it (if you can), or you can find the opacity setting and set it to 0%. More complex apps like Adobe Photoshop allow you to use a “magic wand” tool to cut and paste parts of your logo onto a new transparent background.

What are the qualities of a good logo?

A logo represents a condensed image, a set of qualities that have a purpose. For a logo to live up to that purpose, it needs to depict the company, brand, or product it represents.

A great logo will be simple, relevant, and distinct. You also want a logo that is memorable (so people don’t forget you), and versatile (so you can make as much use of it as possible).