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The Top Six Free Logo Generators

Canva Logo


Best free logo generator

  • 1 TB of free design storage
  • Brand kit functionality for easy assembly and utilization
  • Native social media scheduling tool for comprehensive design and marketing support


  • Price after free service is complete
    • $12.99 per month (with discount)
  • Ease of use
    Very simple
  • Variety
    Extensive (100+)
  • Editability
    Highly editable through native site editor
  • Total benefits
    Over 250,000 ready-made templates and near-endless options for pictures, design elements and fonts, 24/7 customer support, brand kit functionality and 1 terabyte (TB) of free storage
Canva came onto the design scene in 2013 and permanently changed the way the world came to know digital marketing and graphic design. The service offers over 250,000 unique templates across dozens of marketing asset types. It provides business owners with every tool they need to launch and brand their business, from logos to social posts.

When you log in, you’ll be shown two main modules: suggested templates and formats, as well as learning modules to help you access the tool.

Canva won the “Best free logo generatoraward due to its high level of inclusion (with hundreds of thousands of designs) and its inexpensive monthly pricing. I’m also pleased to see that it is a comprehensive design tool, offering storage, social media posting, and endless opportunities to grow your business through tailored template structures across industries.

Canva’s native site editor is both easy to use and completely comprehensive. 

This service offers full access to over 250,000 pre-built templates and designs with no minimum commitment, empowering business owners to brand and grow. The site’s native editing tool is comprehensive, simple, and effortlessly intuitive, introducing millions to the fun of graphic design.

Once Canva was launched in 2013, it quickly ascended the ranks as designers and business owners alike raved about its easy-to-use structure and extensive library of assets and related tools. Inclusions such as 1 TB of native storage and social media scheduling capabilities have helped to differentiate it from the crowd, and it has earned the nickname “the easier Adobe.

The branding kits and tools that were recently introduced to the platform offer business owners an invaluable opportunity to completely brand and build their business’s marketing assets, establishing themselves more quickly in their respective markets.

Who is Canva best for?

I found that Canva is best for business owners looking for easier alternatives to the professional-level design tools in the Adobe Creative Suite, those looking to save on marketing costs, or attempting to brand and scale their branding for later use. I believe Canva is best for those in every season of business — whether growing and scaling or starting your brand.

Canva’s searchable design suite offers nearly 50,000 options for logos alone. Business owners can choose any one or use the left-hand filters to search. 

Recent upgrades to Canva

Canva announces new updates and advancements via its Newsroom. At the time of this publication, the company has been encouraging creativity with the use of the new infinite Whiteboards tool, as well as rolling out a new Canva for Teams tool to encourage interdepartmental collaboration. I look forward to seeing how Canva will continue to change the future of graphic design.

Canva pricing

Canva is one of the least expensive logo and graphic design options available that offers its full suite of services. The free version gets you access to the basic tools but you can upgrade to Canva Pro for a monthly charge of $12.99, which drops to $9.99 if you pay for a full year up front. I think Canva's pricing plans provide real value when you start to scale, with Canva for Teams priced at only $149.90 for teams of up to five users.

Pros and cons of Canva


  • Library of over 250,000 designs
  • Constant new additions and templates
  • Includes brand kit support, social media marketing support, and extensive site editor


  • Free and Canva Pro designs are separate, which may be limiting for those who opt not to pay for pro
  • Inconsistent experiences with Canva site schedule for social media posts
Placeit Logo


Best membership-based logo generator

  • Easy-to-use cloud-based interface
  • Robust customer support options
  • Extensive template library for any business design aesthetic


  • Price after free service is complete
    • $5.23 per month (with discount)
  • Ease of use
    Very simple
  • Variety
    Extensive (100+)
  • Editability
    Highly editable through native site editor
  • Total benefits
    Discounted unlimited subscription unlocks 85,000+ templates & tools, regular sales, commercial licensing
Placeit is a free logo generation tool that offers thousands of templates for different marketing assets and goals. Outside of its free service, you can join the monthly membership plan for full access to its extensive suite of done-for-you design services.

Placeit’s interface is immediate, sleek and intuitive, offering hundreds of options after the initial data input. 

I chose to give Placeit the Best membership-based logo generatoraward due to the extensive library of logo varieties and templates, as well as the quality native editor included in the free package.

Part of what sets Placeit apart is its commitment to consumers. At a low monthly cost (under $10), business owners unlock over 29,000 different templates and design options to bring their brand vision to life, enjoying commercial licensing with no minimum commitment. If you go in a different direction, you’ll still have access to your assets after you close your account.

Placeit became known for its ownership of the “largest collection of mockups on the internet” — giving business owners near-endless opportunities to create, refine, and perfect their branding vision.

Placeit’s design tool helps you to view your designs in “real-time” with mockups and presets. 

The service offers access to over 85,000 professional templates across all common asset types for the price of your favorite morning coffee drink. It also has an intuitive and comprehensive editing tool for further graphic refinement.

While the service isn’t a print-on-design service (such as Zazzle), it caters to the business owner who wants to use templates for graphic asset creation and optimize the presentation without spending hundreds on professional editing suites.

With Placeit, I found it easy to create videos and professional presentations in seconds, which isn’t something you’d be able to secure with other sites — at least not at the wallet-friendly price point.

Who is Placeit best for?

Placeit is an ideal choice for business owners on a budget, or for those just starting their entrepreneurship journey. With no minimum commitment and ongoing asset access after account closure, it’s all the benefits of a professional design tool at a fraction of the average cost.

Placeit’s native editing tool gives you immediate access to all of the tools you’ll need to succeed. 

Recent upgrades to Placeit

Placeit has continued to exceed expectations for a low-cost design tool, most recently updating its extensive catalog to feature new seasonal and annual templates. At the time of this posting, it was featuring Halloween-themed designs ahead of the holiday season, and I expect continued additions in the next few months. While there is no Application Programming Interface (API) yet, the service has hinted at that coming in a later iteration on the site FAQ page.

Placeit pricing

I found that Placeit is one of the least expensive logo and graphic design options available, starting at $5.23 per month. The site is known for its frequent sales and flexible payment options — allowing you to purchase per design if you aren’t looking for a complete monthly subscription.

Here’s my tip: You’ll get a better deal if you sign up for a monthly plan depending on your needs, as you’ll unlock access to the full library and commercial licensing benefits across your assets.

Placeit pros and cons


  • Huge library of designs
  • Constant new additions and templates
  • Affordable price point compared with other tools


  • Expensive pay-per-design options
  • Limited dots per inch (DPI) adjustment, which may limit the quality of prints
  • No available API at the time of publication
Wix Logo

Wix Logo Maker

Best AI-supported logo generator

  • Direct access to Wix’s team of professional design specialists
  • More professional, less “cartoon-esque” designs for more serious or corporate industries
  • Easier-to-use native site editor compared with other similar tools


  • Price after free service is complete
    • Starting at $16 per month
  • Ease of use
    Very simple
  • Variety
    Extensive (100+)
  • Editability
    Highly editable through native site editor
  • Total benefits
    Sleek, easy-to-use site editor, easy integration across Wix site assets, direct connection to professional designers
Wix Logo Maker is a free tool that complements the Wix web hosting interface, offering convenient and professional logo generation options in seconds.

With just a few clicks, I could explore the hundreds of available options with Wix's AI-assisted template process 

I gave Wix the “Best AI-supported logo generator” designation due to its sophisticated design creation process that can be done in just a few clicks. It set itself apart in ease of use, launching after three simple questions.

While Wix isn’t as inexpensive as Placeit, I found the logo editing and refinement tool is exponentially easier to use and mimics the minimalistic interface of its site host tool. With plans starting at just $16 a month, paying for access, download, refinement, and use is a low price.

Wix has continued to lead the e-host space since 2006, refining its products for its broadening customer base. The free logo generation tool, renowned for its simplicity and quality, has captured the attention of industry reps and thousands of business owners.

This service is ideal for business owners working within the Wix interface, as designs are easy to implement across your site’s pages and other related branding assets.

With the most inexpensive combo package, business owners can get a free domain and secure socket layer (SSL) certificate for a year, delivering value with the required package purchase for asset use.

Who is Wix best for?

I believe that Wix is best for business owners looking to grow and scale, who ideally use Wix as their site’s native hosting service. It’s also great if you have a more limited budget, with a total cost of just $16 a month.

As I created my logo, I found the native logo editor in the Wix Logo Maker tool was incredibly easy and mimicked its site editor setup — offering minimal learning curves whether or not you use the site service. 

Recent upgrades to Wix

Wix has continued to refine the context and styles in its editing tool, offering on-trend and classy style options for any industry or business.

The platform itself continues to release monthly updates and new additions, and most recently rolled out a content manager element for site users, introducing dynamic web content for a more competitive site.

With this add-on, you won’t have to change your site’s layout — you’ll simply take advantage of the native inclusion with the latest update.

Wix pricing

While the Wix logo generator is a free tool, it does require a paid plan to download and use your asset for your business. Plans start at $16 a month, which is competitive compared with other site hosting plans.

I think the value-add that you would get from the upgrade is immense, as you can enjoy a custom, free domain for a year, free SSL certificate support, and Wix ad-free. You can also explore more comprehensive and business-oriented plan options as you grow and scale.

Wix pros and cons


  • Smart, AI-assisted tools for faster logo generation
  • Sleek editing tool to save time
  • Value added via site plan purchase requirement, unlocking free custom domains and more


  • Costs more than others on this list like Placeit
  • Limited font options compared with other tools
Adobe Express Logo

Adobe Express

Fastest logo generation tool

  • Generates logo design idea without signing up
  • Free plan offers 2 GB of storage
  • Thousands of professionally designed templates


  • Price after free service is complete
    • $9.99 per month
  • Ease of use
    Very simple
  • Variety
    Extensive (1 million+ design assets)
  • Editability
  • Total benefits
    Cloud-based automated graphic designing software with thousands of templates, stock images and fonts, and easy access to Creative Cloud libraries
Adobe Express is one of the fastest logo generation tools on the market, connecting you with your next competitive brand design in seconds without signing up for an account.

I like that Adobe Express greets you with a fill-in-the-blank statement to align your logo to your business branding and automatically generates logos that are open for customization. 

I gave Adobe Express the “Fastest logo generation tool” designation due to its speed compared with other tools in the space. The “Create logo now” button is on the top of their landing page. I put the required information about my business and chose the aesthetic and free icon that I want to be incorporated, Adobe Express immediately gave more than 10 design options ready to be downloaded.

Business owners can choose from generated logos in less than 10 seconds after giving more information about their business. Adobe Express offers differentiators that many other services don’t: the ability to save your designs as different advanced graphic file types, and access to Adobe’s top-notch Creative Cloud libraries with millions of design assets (which are unlocked through premium membership).

Adobe Express lets you save your chosen logo. You can do it for free in less than a minute. 

Adobe may have an esteemed reputation for graphic designers due to its depth and complexity, but Adobe Express was designed to compete with simplified and template-based editors such as Canva.

Adobe Express stands out as a good Canva alternative, featuring a wide collection of Adobe’s design assets. This leaves you with more options for an aesthetically pleasing logo that can be downloaded and used in any format.

Who is Adobe Express best for?

My testing found that similar to Canva, Adobe Express is geared toward non-designers. Its quick and easily generated logos are for business owners who require one-time branding assistance. I think it’s a great tool if you want to add or delete elements on your pre-generated logos.

Adobe Express provides logo design ideas in under 10 seconds based on my inputs, for further customization their site’s feature-rich interface is simple and easy to navigate. 

Recent upgrades to Adobe Express

Adobe Express’ notable upgrades make it quick and easy to incorporate newly designed logos for a consistent look & feel across social media infographics, digital ads, and more by working on pages of any size within a single project.

Adobe Express pricing

Adobe Express offers a free plan that includes all the core features necessary for making a logo. Its premium plan cost $9.99 per month with a 30-day free trial. This allows you to use all the designer templates and assets, the entire collection of over 160 million royalty-free Adobe Stock collection photos including the 20,000 licensed Adobe Fonts, curved type, grids, and font pairs.

Adobe Express pros and cons


  • Flexible file conversion
  • Access to Adobe’s wide collection of templates and many stock assets


  • Recycled features from Adobe Express
  • Slow loading time issues with site editor
Hatchful Logo

Hatchful: Shopify’s free logo maker

Most personalized free logo design tool

  • Easy-to-use editing tool for less tech-savvy business owners
  • Full library of graphic design options
  • Service and download process is entirely free, unlike other platforms


  • Price after free service is complete
    • Free
  • Ease of use
    Very simple
  • Variety
    Extensive (100+)
  • Editability
  • Total benefits
    Completely free-to-use tool and download structure, competitive minimalistic designs, simplified editing tool
Shopify’s free logo maker is an excellent addition to its site hosting service, offering business owners logos and designs that are competitive in the space.

Hatchful uses a brief, three-question questionnaire to instantly connect you with your next brand asset. 

I gave Hatchful the “Most personalized free logo design tool” award in reference to its individualized creation and customization process, done with a sleek questionnaire to effortlessly connect you to your designs.

Unlike other platforms and services, the Hatchful free design tool and editor truly have no cost. You can freely download the content after it’s been edited and use it across your platforms of choice for marketing purposes.

If you are a business owner, you can easily download the assets as soon as you’re ready. Hatchful will also email you a customized link to your asset library for easy e-access. 

Hatchful took me through a series of strategic and targeted questions, connecting me with minimalistic, aesthetically pleasing design elements for my specific brand. I was able to insert a business name and tagline for additional customization opportunities.

Unlike other competitors, Hatchful is a completely free way to do your branding, making it the perfect solution for those who aren’t quite sure which direction they want to go

You have the option to do an endless stream of designs, allowing you to tailor and refine your approach until you have the perfect option.

From there, you can choose to launch a free trial of Shopify’s e-commerce store solution, helping you to grow and advance your business.

Who is Hatchful best for?

Due to its entirely free nature, I feel Hatchful is great for those who have little to no starting capital behind their business. You’ll have full flexibility to brand and ID your business without worrying about monthly fees or fees per download.

I think it’s also great if you’re going through a “blue sky” process with your branding journey, and need to see several different (and diverse) iterations of your design.

Hatchful’s easy-to-use logo editor, while simple, has everything you need to effectively edit your fonts, colors, and other brand elements. 

Recent upgrades to Hatchful

I found the most recent update to Hatchful was the introduction of a service-specific app — connecting you to your favorite logo designs in seconds. It’s completely free but has paid and premium template styles for more competitive options for your business.

Hatchful pricing

While Hatchful is totally free, business owners may choose to invest in premium template packages ranging by theme and style — with a price tag between $7.99 and $8.99. With multiple packages to choose from, I’m confident business owners will be able to identify and customize the unique templated assets.

Hatchful pros and cons


  • Extensive library of premium template packages
  • Simple native editor for easy customization
  • Free to use and download across standard assets


  • Editing tool may not be suitable for more complex design options
  • Templates are more simplistic than other services with less overall variety
Ucraft Logo

Ucraft logo maker

Best sandbox-style logo generation tool

  • Sandbox-style tool may not work for less design-savvy business owners
  • More limited site editing tool despite extensive element library


  • Price after free service is complete
    • Free
  • Ease of use
  • Variety
    Extensive (over 1 million)
  • Editability
  • Total benefits
    Sandbox-style creation tool for maximum customization in placement, simple native editing tool, no barriers to download
Ucraft is a free service that allows business owners to launch full-on sites, landing pages, and logos — allowing you to effortlessly brand and elevate your business.

As soon as you enter the free logo tool, you’ll be taken to a sandbox-style editing area for creativity and use. 

I gave Ucraft’s free logo generation tool the “Best sandbox-style logo generation tool” designation as it offers a great compromise between a stand-alone design tool (such as Adobe Suite products) and a templated and element-based design editor.

I appreciated that the tool is free to use and download, similar to Hatchful. While it doesn’t send you a personalized download link, it does save your logo in an account-associated design file for easy reference as you build your site on Ucraft or another hosting service.

One of the biggest drawbacks to editing and creation tools such as Adobe Suite is the large learning curve you’ll have to go through to create basic designs.

Ucraft gets around this by offering a more simplified and streamlined solution that offers the convenience of these tools without the major learning process.

When downloading your asset, you’ll be prompted to create your free site and effortlessly integrate your design. You can also choose to download without taking this step and migrate the design to other hosting platforms. 

It’s free, convenient, and helpful if you’re looking to compare and contrast different types of design elements. The site offers over 1 million brand elements to choose from, all of which can be easily searched from your design dashboard.

Plus, you can use this tool to conveniently begin with Ucraft’s free and low-cost e-commerce site hosting services, with packages starting at no cost and going up to $10 a month.

Who is Ucraft best for?

Ucraft is free and I think it’s great for those who want the opportunity to truly tailor their business’s logos and branding elements in an easier way than you’d expect to see with other tools. It’s flexible and great for those with minimal design experience and a low budget for branding.

With Ucraft’s sandbox tool, I was able to create this simple logo in under a minute. I then chose to explore elements to add to the logo. 

Recent Upgrades to Ucraft

Ucraft has a faster-than-average rate of updates, especially for a free tool. Its schedule of updates ranges from new capability inclusions to bug fixes and occurs multiple times per year (going off of 2021’s rate).

While quiet for most of 2022, the site did celebrate the addition of reCAPTCHA capabilities to minimize spam risks and continues to supply business owners with the free tools they need to run their sites. I’m confident that you’ll see new features and inclusions rolled out in the future.

Ucraft pricing

The Ucraft logo generator is completely free to use. But business owners may opt for any of the paid site-hosting packages, which include perks like a 0% transaction fee, 20+ integration opportunities, and 24/7 concierge support to help you build your business.

Priced packages start at $10 a month, making this an affordable option for even the most saving-savvy business owner.

Ucraft pros and cons


  • Extensive library of branding elements to build your logo with
  • Simple sandbox-style editor tool for maximum customization
  • Free to use and download across standard assets


  • Editing tool may not be suitable for more complex design options
  • Simplified templates may not suit the needs of business owners with more extensive design needs

How I Tested Free Logo Generators

I tested every service listed by signing up and experimenting with native site design editors. This entailed exploring key metrics to business success, including ease of use, quality, and the overall benefit that your business could gain through the comprehensive and intuitive design elements. 

I also ranked these platforms by overall design quality, as branding is one of the most important elements of building your business. Knowing what it takes to compete in the design space, I evaluated how these tools measured up. 

I also focused on potential auxiliary costs in an honest, clear, and transparent way. Sometimes, free tools aren’t truly free. I took an in-depth look at what these tools will cost, and clearly highlighted the different perks that you can expect with every platform. 

After I created the logos, I attempted to download and identify any potential paywalls or limitations. I summarized exactly what you could expect at every step of the logo design and utilization process, from conception to use. 

With these metrics and indicators of success, I’m confident that I have put together the best possible list of free logo generators for your business.