The Best Job Posting Sites of 2021

Our job posting site reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 150+ job posting sites from across the web. These reviews and our job posting website guide help small businesses and startups find the best job posting site for their business.

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The Best Job Posting Sites of 2021

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How We Chose the Best Job Posting Sites

Job posting sites are a great resource for companies seeking new hires in a variety of industries. These websites allow job seekers to search for positions in specific industries at different levels of experience. Job postings can often be narrowed by location, salary range or years of experience required.

For businesses, job posting sites make it easy to access the resources they need for hiring teams.  But with so many options to choose from, it can be difficult for businesses to choose which site they should use for their recruiting efforts. To help you pick the best job posting site for your business, we evaluated job posting sites based on the variety of jobs they cater to, their hiring volume, and the candidate sourcing and tracking tools available.

Job Type

The first criteria we looked at when evaluating job posting sites is job type. Depending on the employer, a variety of job types may be available — everything from hourly positions to jobs at the corporate level. We evaluated job sites that offer postings for a wide variety of positions so they can reach a broader range of people.

Hiring Volume

A business’s need for job posting sites changes based on the number of positions they need to hire for. Sometimes, a company may only need to fill one or two positions while others may need to hire 10 to 20 employees to form a new division or department. The sites included in this list offer job listings for individual specialty positions and bulk or group hiring.

Candidate Sourcing and Tracking Tools

Company recruiters spend considerable time finding, screening and communicating with job candidates, so the best job posting sites we chose have large resume databases and useful tools available for recruiters to use, including applicant tracking, testing and messaging.

The 5 Best Job Posting Sites of 2021

CompanyPriceFree TrialMore
AbilityJOBSSingle Job Postings:
30 days: $125
60 days: $175

Network Postings:
60 days: $375

5 Pack Job Postings: $800
10 Pack Job Postings: $1,400
25 Pack Job Postings: $2,500
50 Pack Job Postings: $4,500
Unlimited Job Postings: $6,500
NoneVisit AbilityJOBS
CareerBuilder$219/monthOffers free demoVisit CareerBuilder
College Recruiter30-day Job Postings Starting at $75 eachNoneVisit College Recruiter
Indeed$150/monthOffers free trialVisit Indeed
Snagajob$89/monthOffers free trialVisit Snagajob


AbilityJOBS is a unique employment site because all the posted jobs are from employers specifically looking to hire people with disabilities. On AbilityJOBS, job seekers can search through thousands of listings and post an anonymous resume for free.

For employers, AbilityJOBS is useful because it lets businesses post job opportunities, search resumes and demonstrate compliance with national and state standards for affirmative action and open door policies. The company claims to be “the first and largest resume bank of people with disabilities.”

Job postings target a wide range of education and experience levels, from entry level to PhD. It also provides special services for disabled veterans and Wounded Warriors.

AbilityJOBS offers a resume database and candidate search as part of its services and features. It does not provide a free trial, and it has many pricing options, which is ideal for companies with flexible budgets.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
Single Job Postings:
30 days: $125
60 days: $175

Network Postings:
60 days: $375

5 Pack Job Postings: $800
10 Pack Job Postings: $1,400
25 Pack Job Postings: $2,500
50 Pack Job Postings: $4,500
Unlimited Job Postings: $6,500
None>Resume Database
>Candidate Search
>Entry-level job listings
>More features at AbilityJOBS

Pros & Cons of AbilityJOBS Job Posting Site
AbilityJOBS has a large resume database and comprehensive candidate search. However, AbilityJOBS is a bit scarce on other features — for instance, there is no applicant tracking, social media integration, applicant testing or recruiter notifications. In addition, no free trial is provided for AbilityJOBS.

>Large resume database
>Comprehensive candidate search
>Short on extra features
>No free trial available

What Customers Are Saying
Customers love that there’s a large database to search for employees, and the candidate search feature makes it easier to narrow down the pool.


CareerBuilder provides a wide range of products and services for both job seekers and employers. The company has been in business for over 20 years and offers solutions to help employers find, manage and hire capable employees.

The company provides a place for job seekers and employers to connect so companies can find top talent and grow their business. CareerBuilder works with businesses of all sizes — from small to midsize to enterprise — and provides a number of human capital software and services that all do their part to make the job search process easier.

The company provides a free trial of its job search software and services, and posts jobs for entry-level and executive positions. CareerBuilder offers a resume database for its customers. For job seekers, CareerBuilder offers salary tools and a way to apply quickly to multiple jobs to maximize efficiency and sends job alert emails according to configurable settings, so job seekers won’t miss a posting that’s perfect for their education and experience.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
$219/monthOffers free demo>Large resume database
>Entry-level and executive job listings
>Uses tracking software for labor market insights
>More features at CareerBuilder

Pros & Cons of CareerBuilder Job Posting Site
CareerBuilder uses a lot of data from labor market insights to assist employers with finding the right candidates to fill positions. For job seekers, CareerBuilder offers several useful tools, including salary insights and the ability to apply for multiple jobs at once based on a profile to help maximize efficiency.

>Services different sized companies
>Several useful tools for job seekers
>May be too expensive for small companies

What Customers Are Saying
Career Builder has a number of client success stories. Businesses especially appreciate how seamlessly Career Builder helps them transition from recruiting to onboarding candidates. Speaking of Career Builder, one client wrote, “It’s just an easy process from the candidate recruitment team and HR to the candidate starting with us.”

College Recruiter

If your small business is looking to hire entry-level employees, College Recruiter has a large pool of recent college graduates. It’s also a good option if you’re looking for current students to hire for part-time, seasonal or internship opportunities.

College Recruiter’s job posting experience is simple as evidenced by their long list of business users, which include federal agencies, Fortune 1000 companies, and other organizations that hire thousands of new employees or interns each year.

College Recruiter also publishes articles, blogs and videos, all of which provide advice for businesses looking to hire entry-level employees.

The database at College Recruiter is easily accessible and makes it easy for employers to sort through job applicants so they can find the best candidates to contact for an interview. For example, sorting by the candidates’ academic area of focus can help you find prospects with a background similar to your field.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
30-day job postings starting at $75 eachNone>Applicant tracking for employers
>Entry-level job listings
>Job search resources
>More features at College Recruiter

Pros & Cons of College Recruiter Job Posting Site
College Recruiter is intuitive to navigate for recruiters. Since it’s such a niche job search site, it’s not a useful hiring tool for positions requiring anything other than entry-level experience. It also doesn’t have a mobile app or social media integration — two features which may be important for younger job seekers.

>Entry-level positions posted
>Job search resources, including articles and videos
>No mobile app or social media integration

What Customers Are Saying
Many companies, large and small, have been happy with the services College Recruiter provides. Intel, for example, says: “We are very happy with the results from your JobsThatScale product. We met all our goals with you leading us and again are very pleased.”


Indeed is one of the more well-known job search sites. It has over 250 million unique visitors each month.

For employers, Indeed offers a Lead With Indeed program, which provides tools, resources, podcasts and insights for companies looking to hire new people. Small and large businesses alike can find informative articles and resources about everything from pre-employment screenings to revamping the hiring process with virtual technologies.

Since Indeed has so many unique visitors each month, it makes sense for employers to post jobs through them. Indeed’s interface is also accessible on mobile devices, so businesses posting vacancies here may get a lot more interaction from applicants who primarily use the internet on tablets and smartphones.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
$150/monthOffers free trial>Posts entry-level and executive positions
>Mobile app available
>Applicant Tracking available
>More features at Indeed

Pros & Cons of Indeed Job Posting Site
Indeed provides a wealth of services for job seekers, all designed to help them find a job they’re qualified for and interested in. Everything from entry-level to executive-level jobs are posted on Indeed, so recruiters can post every opening they have in Indeed without having to switch platforms.

>Entry-level and executive jobs
>Numerous job seeker resources
>Might be cost-prohibitive for new businesses

What Customers Are Saying
Employers have had good things to say about Indeed, as one reviewer wrote: “I’ve had great responses to my job postings and the site is extremely easy to navigate. I highly recommend this website to anyone looking to hire.”


Snagajob is a job posting site that targets job seekers applying for hourly and entry-level positions. The company provides the largest platform available for hourly work only, and Snagajob posts opportunities available in the United States and Canada.

Small businesses, such as restaurants, retail stores and other places that employ hourly workers may find Snagajob to be a great resource for finding new employees. And what the company does goes just beyond posting your job for you. It has many resources and tools available for employers, including those having to do with sourcing, hiring, training, scheduling and performance management.

Since Snagajob makes it easy for job applicants to apply for positions, businesses are bound to be able to pull from a wide pool of individuals looking for a job. The site features jobs in high demand, so if your industry is part of that, it’s bound to benefit from such high visibility.

Snagajob also offers what it calls “an end-to-end recruiting experience.” Employers can post jobs, create custom career sites to make it easy for applicants to find them, track applicants, create targeted campaigns and onboard new hires.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
$89/monthOffers free trial>Mobile app
>Applicant tracking for employers
>Application tracking for job seekers
>More features at Snagajob

Pros & Cons of Snagajob Job Posting Site
Snagajob is an ideal solution for employers looking to hire hourly employees. It’s not the place to go if you’re looking to hire for salaried positions though.

>Ideal for job seekers seeking hourly positions>Isn’t optimized for salaried positions

What Customers Are Saying
Restaurants are big fans of Snagajob. One restaurant manager wrote this glowing view: “If you want to grow the business and want to stabilize your crew, use Snagajob. Get your people in there and start building a team.”

What Are Job Posting Sites?

Job posting sites allow employers to post open positions and sort through applicants online.

Some job posting sites specialize in targeting hourly workers while others may be more suited for applicants seeking salaried jobs in certain industries. Depending on what a business is looking to hire for, it can choose a job posting site based on the specific types of positions they need to fill.

For employers, job posting sites are the primary way they can reach a broad spectrum of the workforce. Job posting sites offer numerous products and services designed to make the hiring process easier for companies, big and small. Some sites may be better for larger, enterprise businesses while others may be better suited for small businesses.

Benefits of Job Posting Sites

Job posting sites let small businesses reach a wide field of applicants at once, and through paid services, they can customize their job postings, get assistance with targeting specific people in certain industries and take advantage of features like applicant tracking, social media integration, mobile apps and candidate search tools.

When a small business chooses to post open positions on a job posting site, they can take advantage of the different services a company offers, such as labor force data that might indicate how likely they are to find a candidate to fill a specific job in their industry. With job posting sites, the job applicants come to you.

What To Look for in a Job Posting Site

The job posting site you choose is going to depend on the needs of your business. If you’re running an operation that employs hourly workers, such as a restaurant, retail store or coffee shop, you may want to use a job posting site that targets hourly workers who create profiles there.

But if you’re running a business that’s a bit larger and employs people in corporate positions, you might consider using a job site that has a resume database you can sort based on candidate work experience.

Hiring volume is another factor to consider. Do you need to fill multiple positions of the same type or only one or two jobs? Some sites support postings for bulk positions better than others.

Finally, candidate sourcing and tracking is the last factor to consider. One of the hardest parts about posting jobs is having to track, screen and communicate with individual candidates. Some job posting sites offer services designed to help make these processes easier. Look for job posting sites that have tools available for applicant tracking, screening, and messaging.

The Cost of Job Posting Sites

While it might be free for employers to post a certain number of jobs, such as the first five or 10, to take advantage of extra services, a paid subscription is usually required.

Some job posting sites charge a per job post fee while other sites charge per month for a subscription. Depending on which service you use, it could range from about $100-$300 a month or as high as $1,000/month for more specialized job posting services.