The Best India Website Developer Companies of 2021

Our India website developer companies reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 210+ India website developer companies from across the web. These reviews and our India website developer companies guide help small businesses and startups find the best India website developer companies for their business.

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How We Chose the Best India Website Developer Companies

As an established IT hub, it’s no surprise that India has several website development companies to choose from. Each company offers varying services and features, so we were careful to evaluate companies on the most important features, including pricing, industries served, company size, and services.

Multiple Service Lines

There are several service lines to choose from, and we have included a diverse range in this article. The primary service lines include website, mobile application, and custom application development. Additional lines of service may also include website design, artificial intelligence (AI), and IT managed services, among several others.

Size of Firm

There are several pros and cons in working with either large, integrator companies or small, boutique firms. There are a couple of crucial factors to take into account, including pricing and the number of people working on your project. We have selected businesses of different sizes to meet every company’s need, ranging from complex website development projects to simple mobile applications.

Industry Focus

We chose companies that have worked with clients in diverse industries including, but not limited to, information technology and services, healthcare, e-commerce, financial services, advertising, consumer products, and entertainment.

The 15 Best India Website Developer Companies of 2021

Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt. Ltd

Aalpha Information Systems is an IT consulting and custom software development company. Based in India’s IT capital of Bangalore, the company builds scalable, responsive websites and applications for clients. Following an agile process, Aalpha creates prototypes, iteratively tests them, manages workflows, and delivers an MVP while ensuring security and integration with core enterprises. The company helps e-commerce clients develop B2B, B2C, and e-commerce websites. Developers at Aalpha create web APIs, connectors, web services, and middleware for efficient integration third-party services. The company also develops custom mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms. Other areas of practice include blockchain development, IoT solutions, UI/UX design, and offshore outsourcing. In addition to its Indian branch, Aalpha has locations in New Jersey and Norway.

PriceService LinesDetails
<$25/hourWeb Development, Web Design, Custom Software Development>Number of employees: 2-9
>Notable clients: Bausch & Lomb Inc. Swiss Re, The World Bank, The Weir Group PLC, Texas Police Department, Crest Equipments Inc.
>Industries served: E-commerce, information technology, business services
>More info at Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt. Ltd

Auxesis Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Auxesis Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is an IT and software development company based out of New Delhi. It builds a wide range of solutions for clients including:

  • Custom websites
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Enterprise applications
  • CMS applications

Developers at Auxesis build websites using Drupal and WordPress. Utilizing an iterative, agile approach, the company assists with all aspects of website creation including graphics, animation, API integration with third-party services, and seamless user flows. Auxesis’ DevOps and Agile consulting practice helps clients by enabling operations and IT teams to work together, resulting in efficient, automated testing and faster deployment. The company also offers big data services by which clients can analyze and gather insights from large sets of structured and unstructured information. Auxesis’ other service lines include UI/UX design, blockchain development, and digital marketing services. It has locations in the United States and the United Kingdom.

PriceService LinesDetails
<$25/hourWeb Development, Mobile App Development, Web Design>Number of employees: 10-49
>Notable clients: Deloitte, Saint-Gobain, Max-Property Group, Oxbridge Trinity Partners, ERRIN
>Industries served: Education, e-commerce, other
>More info at Auxesis Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Capital Numbers

Capital-Numbers Logo
Capital Numbers is a custom web application development company based out of Kolkata in east India. Its custom development solutions include:

  • CMS-based services
  • E-commerce applications
  • API development and documentation
  • Website refreshes
  • Web and software development
  • Business automation

Capital Numbers also works with clients to fix issues on existing or new websites. The developers handle the designing, prototyping, development, testing, and support for web applications by offering custom development plans based on each client’s needs. Capital Numbers has built applications and websites using a wide range of languages and frameworks, including .NET, Drupal, JavaScript, Python, Angular, React, and Magento. The company also develops iOS, Android, and hybrid mobile applications utilizing Kotlin, Swift, and API bundles. Capital Numbers’ other service offerings include UI/UX design, SaaS consulting, DevOps, legacy system migration, QA and testing, and cloud consulting. The company has development centers located in Australia, Sweden, the US, and the UK.

PriceService LinesDetails
$25-$49/hourWeb Development, Web Design, Mobile App Development>Number of employees: 250-999 
>Notable clients: Thomson Reuters, Grey Advertising, Conde Nast, Digital Marketer, Boston Children's Hospital
>Industries served: Advertising & marketing, business services, financial services
>More info at Capital Numbers

Cyber Infrastructure

Based out of Indore, Cyber Infrastructure offers software design and development services to clients across multiple industry verticals. It develops responsive and scalable web and mobile applications. The company also develops user-friendly and intuitive mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms. In addition to its development services, the company also:

  • Maintains and monitors applications post-deployment
  • Optimizes UX workflows
  • Maintains security and third-party API integrations

The company has built websites and applications utilizing diverse languages and frameworks, including Python, Java, and PHP. Cyber Infrastructure also consults on legacy and enterprise application migration, augmented and virtual reality applications, artificial intelligence, IoT solutions, and business intelligence insights. In addition to its Indian branch, Cyber Infrastructure has offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Singapore.

PriceService LinesDetails
$25-$49/hourWeb Design, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization>Number of employees: 250-999
>Notable clients: British Telecom, Bell Canada, Mannatech
>Industries served: Information technology, advertising & marketing, gaming
>More info at Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

Experion Technologies

For around 14 years, Experion Technologies has been offering custom software development services to clients around the world. Operating out of Thiruvananthapuram in south India, it creates custom web and enterprise solutions for clients in multiple industries. In addition to development services, Experion provides go-live and post-implementation support through corrective maintenance, enhancement, and application modernization. The company also develops custom mobility solutions that are compatible with iOS and Android platforms. Beyond development, Experion offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Legacy migration and transformation
  • UI/UX design
  • QA and testing
  • DevOps consulting
  • Business intelligence and analytics

Experion also has a dedicated consulting practice for tech start-ups building scalable and intuitive products. Combining its experience in agile methodologies with the latest development tools, Experion aims to drive start-ups’ growth and revenue. The company has other development centers in Australia, New Zealand, the UAE, the US, and the UK.

PriceService LinesDetails
$25-$49/hourCustom Software Development, Web Development>Number of employees: 250-999
>Notable clients: Duracell, Speedo, TopGolf, Bacardi, Tyson Foods
>Industries served: Healthcare & medical, transportation, other industries
>More info at Experion Technologies


Established in 2003, Fingent is an IT consulting and solutions company offering services to clients in India and across the globe. Operating out of south India, Fingent creates custom web, mobile, and enterprise applications for small businesses and large enterprises. It has built custom enterprise applications for clients’ accounting, HR, work order management, and e-commerce needs. Following an agile approach, the company creates cross-platform compatible custom web and mobile applications.

Developers at Fingent use the latest tech stacks to create solutions, including Python, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Angular, and React. The company also assists clients with digital transformation initiatives by reengineering business processes and identifying areas for improvement. Its cloud consulting arm focuses on cloud applications and migrating and integrating cloud services. Fingent’s other service offerings include AI/ML, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), data analytics, and security and compliance. The company has offices located in Australia, the UAE, and the US.

PriceService LinesDetails
$50-$99/hourCustom Software Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development>Number of employees: 50-249 
>Notable clients: Sony, Johnson & Johnson, PwC, University of North Carolina, NEC
>Industries served: Real estate, transportation, business services, education
>More info at Fingent

Hidden Brains

Founded over 17 years ago, Hidden Brains is an IT consulting company offering offshore and custom development services to global clients. The company has built intuitive and secure development solutions that align with customers’ requirements and business needs. The company focuses on Microsoft and front-end development, building solutions using .NET, Xamarin, C#, Angular, React, Vue, and Knockout. Developers at the company also use modern frameworks and SDKs to create mobility solutions for Android and iOS platforms. Additionally, Hidden Brains offers cloud consulting services. It leverages Amazon Web Solutions (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud to launch scalable and cost-effective applications for customers. Other service offerings include:

  • CI/CD pipeline
  • Security management and monitoring
  • Cloud architecture and design
  • Infrastructure management

Hidden Brains has locations in India, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Nigeria.

PriceService LinesDetails
$25-$49/hourMobile App Development, Web Development, Artificial Intelligence>Number of employees: 250-999 
>Notable clients: NETGEAR, McAfee, LSI, SanDisk, Raymond
>Industries served: Arts, entertainment & music, business services, financial services
>More info at Hidden Brains

IndiaNIC Infotech Limited

IndiaNIC Infotech Limited is a custom web and mobile application development company. Founded in 1997, the company works with global clients to deliver cost-effective, scalable solutions. IndiaNIC has experience creating numerous multilevel and enterprise-grade solutions, including:

  • Web portals
  • E-commerce solutions
  • ERP and CRM applications
  • B2B and B2C applications

It has experience leveraging modern languages and frameworks including .NET, WordPress, PHP, Angular, and Java. The company also creates custom mobility solutions for iOS and Android using Xamarin and React Native. IndiaNIC also creates interactive content for its customers and develops AR/VR games. The company’s other service offerings also include DevOps, quality assurance, UI/UX design, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and IoT solutions. IndiaNIC has offices located in India, Australia, Canada, and the United States.

PriceService LinesDetails
<$25/hourMobile App Development, Web Development, Web Design>Number of employees: 250-999
>Notable clients: BCG Consulting, Gulfstream, Aconex, Adidas, McDonald's
>Industries served: Gaming, healthcare & medical, manufacturing
>More info at IndiaNIC Infotech Limited

Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolutions builds custom web and mobile applications for global clients in multiple industry verticals. For over 15 years, the company has leveraged modern languages and frameworks such as Java, PHP, and .NET to create responsive and scalable web applications for customers. The company develops:

  • Enterprise web solutions
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) applications
  • Workflow management
  • B2B and B2C applications
  • Internal applications

Konstant Infosolutions also develops Android and iOS mobile applications and has delivered over 500+ applications to date. After deploying web and mobile solutions, it offers post-implementation maintenance to support customers’ long-term and short-term goals. Following an iterative, agile process, the company’s other service offerings include offshore staffing, IoT solutions, and cloud computing. Konstant Infosolutions has locations in India and the United States.

PriceService LinesDetails
<$25/hourMobile App Development, Web Development, UX/UI Design>Number of employees: 50-249
>Notable clients: United Nations, Del Monte, Volkswagen, ThomasVille, Project Action Star
>Industries served: Arts, entertainment & music, consumer products & services, education
>More info at Konstant Infosolutions

Net Solutions

Net Solutions develops custom software and mobile applications for clients of various sizes and in a wide range of industries. Following a lean and agile process, Net Solutions creates and designs enterprise applications and mobile applications for customer needs. Developers at the company have experience using modern frameworks and languages, including:

  • Python
  • PHP
  • Django
  • Laravel
  • .NET
  • React
  • Vue

It creates mobility solutions for iOS and Android using Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, Kotlin, and Swift. Net Solutions helps e-commerce clients boost revenue and web traffic by customizing digital experience and optimizing retail experience. The company also offers UI/UX design services and assists clients with digital transformation initiatives including cloud services, legacy migration, and digitization. Net Solutions has multiple offices in Canada, India, and the United Kingdom.

PriceService LinesDetails
$25-$49/hourWeb Development, Mobile App Development, Custom Software Development>Number of employees: 50-249 
>Notable clients: Microsoft, Xerox, IMG, Yahoo, Harvard Business Review
>Industries served: Advertising & marketing, arts, entertainment & music, business services
>More info at Net Solutions

NMG Technologies

NMG Technologies creates custom software, enterprise, and mobility solutions for global clients in multiple industry verticals. It creates intuitive and scalable web solutions with modern frameworks and languages, including PHP, Asp.Net, and Magento. NMG’s e-commerce and FinTech practice works with clients’ unique needs to create PCI-compliant retail and financial technologies to manage sales, accounts and payees, customers to manage credit scores, and personal finances and expenses. NMG Technologies also offers SaaS consulting services that focus on app development and integration with internal and external sources. The company’s additional service offerings include:

  • User interface design
  • AI
  • IoT solutions
  • Quality assurance
  • Blockchain development

NMG creates native, hybrid, and interactive mobility solutions across multiple platforms and devices, including iOS and Android. The company has multiple locations in the United States, India, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

 Service LinesDetails
$25-$49/hourWeb Development, Mobile App Development>Number of employees: 10-49 
>Notable clients: RGP, London & Partners, Intuit, NASSCOM, Bacardi
>Industries served: Consumer products & services, education, healthcare & medical
>More info at NMG Technologies


Founded over 20 years ago, Radixweb has been offering custom software and enterprise development and IT solutions to its clients. The company works with clients to gather their business requirements and research competitors to create bespoke software solutions that build efficiency and brand identity. Radixweb also partners with clients in their digital transformation initiatives including cloud migration, legacy modernization, and software consultation and maintenance. Following an agile approach, Radixweb also has experience creating UX workflows and designing visually appealing and engaging user experiences, resulting in improved customer experiences. The company creates mobile applications for multiple platforms, including iOS and Android. Radixweb offers outsourcing solutions that involve staff augmentation, flexible engagement solutions, and full process outsourcing. The company has locations across the globe in North America, Europe, India, and Oceania.

PriceService LinesDetails
$25-$49/hourCustom Software Development, Web Development>Number of employees: 50-249
>Notable clients: XEROX, Cnet, Ricoh, Shutterfly, New York Times
>Industries served: Information technology, business services, financial services
>More info at Radixweb


TatvaSoft is a custom software development company with over 18 years of experience. It creates software, enterprise, and mobility solutions from scratch for clients facing unique business challenges. In addition to software development, it also assists clients with digital transformation initiatives, including application migration and reengineering, maintenance, and integration. TatvaSoft’s team of mobile developers creates high-performing and feature-intense mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.

TatvaSoft’s key focus areas include intuitive user workflows, mitigating security risks, utilizing APIs and data connectors, and post-deployment maintenance. TatvaSoft also helps e-commerce clients grow their business and drive revenue by creating digital experiences, focusing on UI/UX design, creating B2B portals, and creating online stores from scratch. The company’s other IT consulting services include testing and quality assurance. TatvaSoft has offices in India, Canada, the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

PriceService LinesDetails
<$25/hourCustom Software Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development>Number of employees: 250-999 
>Notable clients: Anglo American, Glencore, General Mills, Olympus, Fuji Xerox
>Industries served: Information technology, financial services, healthcare & medical
>More info at TatvaSoft


Techuz develops custom software and mobile solutions for clients in industry verticals. The company has seven years of experience creating websites using modern tools that include Angular, React, Node, JavaScript, Vue, and Meteor. It has also created SPAs and PWAs using WordPress, Laravel, and CodeIgniter. The company helps clients build tailored applications and products for their unique business needs. It also designs contextual UI/UX for improved usability and selects appropriate architecture for the best performance. Techuz’s web development strengths include:

  • Enterprise portals
  • E-commerce portals
  • Customer web applications
  • Web tools
  • Large-scale websites
  • SaaS solutions

The company also develops mobility solutions for iOS and Android platforms. It builds custom APIs, develops business logic, and integrates administrative tools that provide clients control over their mobile application. Headquartered in India, Techuz has offices in Singapore and the United States.

PriceService LinesDetails
<$25/hourWeb Development, Web Design, Mobile App Development>Number of employees: 10-49
>Notable clients:, Mr Button, Everywattmatters, Play More Tennis, Style and Apply
>Industries served: Business services, education, healthcare & medical
>More info at Techuz

Xtreem Solution

Xtreem Solution develops custom web and mobile applications for organizations across the globe. It creates web and e-commerce solutions for clients using PHP, WordPress, Java, Magento, and modern JavaScript frameworks. For over 10 years, Xtreem Solution has developed multiple websites, focusing on clients’ business requirements, design, and security. The company’s e-commerce arm creates solutions for clients wanting to sell their products and grow their revenue. In addition to developing the website from scratch, the company also offers SEO services. Xtreem Solution has successfully developed and deployed mobile applications for Android and iOS using:

  • React Native
  • PhoneGap
  • Xamarin

The company also offers UI/UX design services to clients. It creates low- and high-fidelity mockups and delivers prototypes with version control. Headquartered in India, Xtreem Solution has locations in Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

PriceService LinesDetails
<$25/hourWeb Development, Mobile App Development, Web Design>Number of employees: 50-249
>Notable clients: Ioclothes (A Community Fusing Tech & Textiles), Rovolunteers, Dailyview (Home Care Made Easy), hitch_hyke, Fulness (At-Home Fitness Classes)
>Industries served: Healthcare & medical, e-commerce, education
>More info at Xtreem Solution

What Is Custom Web Development?

If you use the Internet frequently, chances are that you’ve accessed and used a website. Simply put, a website is a computer program that runs on desktop browsers. It also can be accessed via mobile, if optimized correctly. The end product that most of us see is the front end of a website. Your audience would pay special attention to its usability, font, display, graphics, and iconography.

Think of the websites you use on a daily basis. You might shop online on one website, pay off a credit card bill on another, and order takeout from a third. At one point in time, all these ideas were simple sketches on pieces of paper. The process of web development brought them to life online. Web development is a technical and creative process that requires knowledge of various frameworks, programming languages, infrastructure, integration, security, and design principles. Your business may choose to utilize different frameworks and technical stacks based on your business needs. Your website is the face of your business, and its success depends on its features, compatibility, load times, and scalability. It’s important to be thorough and methodical in your approach when you choose to engage an IT company to work with.

Benefits of Custom Web Development

By now, you have an intuitive understanding of the role websites play in our daily lives. We’ve come to rely on multiple web products to review our bank account, check our credit score, book doctor’s appointments, shop online, donate to charity, and watch the latest movies. It’s easy to think about these applications in terms of how easy they make our lives. For the businesses running these websites, they are valuable tools that drive brand exposure, increase revenue, and build brand loyalty. Their online presence enables them to remain competitive in a digital landscape.

Here are some benefits of working with a web development company to create a web application or site for your organization:

  • Brand Identity: Every organization offers unique products and services. Custom web development can help you solidify your brand identity and set you apart from your competitors. Elements that make your website stand out are layouts, colors, iconography, fonts, and templates. Having a company develop a website from scratch can be beneficial, instead of using common, pre-loaded templates that everyone uses and that cannot be configured.
  • Third-party Integration: When developing custom websites, a developer can safely integrate it with third-party APIs. This integration results in reduced costs, reduced development time, and less rework if you decide to make some changes to your website. Examples of API integration include but are not limited to Google Maps, Instagram, Salesforce, and Twitter.
  • Fast load times: This is an aspect that could make your business risk losing out on potential clients. Custom development allows your site to eliminate unnecessary obstacles and functionality that can impact load time.
  • Ownership: Preestablished templates and websites may seem like the easier solution. However, it’s important to remember that you don’t actually own the product you’re using. You’re paying fees to use someone else’s product, and you must follow their rules and terms. If you choose to invest your money in custom solutions, you’ll have a product that you own and control entirely.

What to Look For in a Custom Web Development Company

Once you decide to engage a custom development firm to bring your idea to life, you must choose the correct company. This can be an overwhelming process as there are numerous firms around the world to choose from. There are a few crucial aspects you can focus on in order to narrow down your list of choices and make the correct decision.

One important aspect to look for is a company that can deliver multiple service lines. Beyond just web development, what else can they offer? There are companies that take care of security and integration with your current infrastructure, offer UI/UX design services, iteratively test and deploy your product, and offer post-rollout support and maintenance. If you choose a company that has multiple service lines, you won’t need to engage with more than one firm to achieve your goals.

Another important aspect is company size. If you’re a relatively small business, you may choose to bring on a boutique development company that has a small number of employees. On the other hand, large, complex businesses need to work with larger development companies that focus on multiple areas of development, engineering, and design.

The third aspect is the company’s familiarity with your industry. A banking website does not have a same requirements a fashion retailer would have. The more a development company understands your industry, the better it can meet your needs and deliver a solution your audience would enjoy. This is an important aspect to consider, especially if your industry is highly regulated.

The Cost of Custom Web Development

Put simply, there is no one-size-fits-all model. The cost of developing a website from scratch varies from business to business as it depends on multiple factors.

To estimate the cost of development, you need to understand that you’re paying for the expertise of the developers you’re recruiting and the amount of time being invested in your project. Outsourcing developers can be cost-effective, as developers based outside North America tend to charge less than their American counterparts. The downside of this is time zone difference, which may result in a communication lag. Larger organizations may spend anywhere from $150,000-$600,000 to develop a website, and a smaller company may spend anywhere between $70,000-$110,000.

Another aspect to take into account is knowing what you want your website to do. To keep costs low, write down your requirements and create a comprehensive plan. To eliminate all doubt, make a list of exclusions as well. If you provide extensive detail up-front, your project will not require extensive rework.

A third aspect to take into account is the complexity of your website. If it is a complex, multilayered product, it will be more expensive than a simple single-page application. The high costs of custom development can be attributed to the significant time investment required for coding, design, architecture, integration, security, and testing. Combining all these factors with the shortage of IT talent, it’s no surprise that engaging a custom development company can be a costly process.