The Best Identity Management Software of 2021

Our identity management software reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 60+ identity management software companies from across the web. These reviews and our identity management software guide help small businesses and startups find the best identity management software for their business.

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How We Chose the Best Identity Management Software

In a world where companies deal with personal information, setting up systems that ensure their clients’ privacy and data protection is every company’s goal. Finding an identity management service that fits your needs can be equally challenging for small businesses and large corporations.

Fortunately, the industry hosts a plethora of service providers that will meet all needs. In this article, we put the top 15 identity management software companies against the essential criteria described below.

Identity Management Features

As we go through the software companies and their features, you’ll see that most of them include a similar set of crucial components. Without them, the software would be stripped from its primary purpose: compartmentalizing data access within a company.

  • Access certification: Ensures limited data access to a particular user
  • Self-service access request: Automates and improves the process of user access fulfillment by the administrator
  • Privileged account management: Allows the managers to track and modify digital identities across the ecosystem


Top identity management solutions offer pre-built integrations for:

  • Databases
  • IT support
  • Cloud apps
  • Programming frameworks

These connections are of utmost importance for every IAM. The more integrations a system offers, the easier its implementation. Some software companies allow more than 6,000 to serve relevant ones to businesses from various industries.

In addition to versatility, integrations can impact how easy it is to set up the system. Most solutions don’t require coding skills; in the case of others, you might need an IT specialist with an appropriate background.


Ecosystem administrators with privileged access also control and improve policies and protocols within the company. Data collected from the identity management software can be the missing link to improve processes and security.

The best IAM software gives the administrators tools to retrieve, categorize, and analyze the data. The results are then presented in a user-friendly online dashboard or downloaded as a document.

As you search for the tool that fits your needs, also consider real-time reporting and alerts capabilities in some applications. They can save you a lot of time and help you streamline the security protocols.

Below are some report examples:

  • Active user reports
  • Inactive user reports
  • Password changes
  • Log-in and activity

These are only a small part of the insights you can observe. Keep your eyes peeled for the most relevant ones to improve your company’s identity management practices.

The 15 Best Identity Management Software of 2021

Our goal is to give you an honest, alphabetically sorted overview of the 15 top identity management software in this section. To help you choose the suitable provider, we’ve put together a table with the following specifics:

  • Price range and billing model
  • Trial and demo availability

Once you select the best option for your business from the table, go further down the article and read a short review of the given service. You’ll find company overviews with feature descriptions, pros and cons lists, and customer feedback on each software.

1Password Business

1Password Logo
1Password Business is an easy-to-use service that you can integrate with team workflows in a matter of hours. It allows administrators to create and manage user groups, track and control software usage activities, and get domain breach reports.

With its new Advanced Protection feature, 1Password allows you to enforce security measures like password requirements, firewall rules, and two-factor authentication. After the software finds the weak passwords used by team members, you can implement them to set more secure, system-generated ones.

You can fine-tune vaults within the company’s administrator’s access to include exact clearance for each team member. Additionally, some users can receive custom roles for easy responsibility delegation.

The software works on almost all platforms available and more importantly, has mobile access for increased convenience.

Features include:

  • Permission management
  • Group management
  • Multifactor authentication with Duo integration
  • Document storage of 5 GB per user
  • Limited sharing for 20 guest accounts
  • 1Password Advanced Protection custom controls
  • Change tracking with Activity Log
  • Audit trail and usage reports

The software also allows integration with other identity management software like Active Directory, OneLogin, and Okta.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Teams: $3.99/user/month billed annually
Business: $7.99/user/month billed annually
Enterprise: Custom Quote
30-Day Free Trial, Free Demo>Apps for all platforms and web-based access
>Two-factor authentication
>Unlimited shared vaults
>More features at 1Password Business

Pros & Cons of 1Password Business Identity Management Software

Since the software is based on web technologies and has applications across devices, it’s easy to adopt, no matter how many people are using it. While it doesn’t offer access certification, privileged users can control every aspect of individual and group data access.

>Fast deployment
>Admin overview and group management
>VIP Support
>No access certification
>Lack of self-service access request

What Customers Are Saying

This password management solution has a consistent and loyal user base: “I’ve used 1Password for a few years and it has proven time and time again how valuable it is to me.” Another customer mentions, “I literally trust 1Password with my life.” 1Password centralizes processes and streamlines the security system: “It has become the nerve center of security, and in many ways of operations as well.”

ADManager Plus

This is an accompanying mobile application to the Active Directory identity management software. The app works with Android and iOS devices, letting administrators review and control their teams on the go.

The app offers AD management with all the essential functions. You can create, delete, enable, or disable accounts and reset passwords and computers within the organization.

Due to the AD reporting functionality, you get information on all user group types. The locked-out, inactive, and disabled user data flows into your mobile device and lets you be on top of the events.

The workflow management feature allows you to view and execute processes. The tickets come in with displayed information that includes task details, objects to be managed, and priority. The system offers an internal search function that helps locate and handle any request you might need.

Below are some additional features to take note of:

  • Bulk User Management
  • Group management, cleanup, and reports
  • Office365 management, user provisioning, and reports
  • MS Exchange Management
  • Active Directory Automation

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Standard: Starts at $595/year
Professional: Starts at $795/year
30-Day Free Trial, Free Demo>24/7 mobile availability
>User and computer management
>Instant access to any workflow disruption
>More features at ADManager Plus

Pros & Cons of ADManager Plus Identity Management Software

Manage Engine, Zoho’s IT team, has built ADManager Plus with one clear goal in mind: to provide a flexible mobile platform for its users. With its powerful integrations and reporting tools, the application stands among the robust solutions for businesses of any capacity.

>Mobility and convenience
>Integrations and reporting
>MS Office365 integration
>No single sign-on capability
>Phone support available only during business hours

What Customers Are Saying

This solution is trusted by customers like Toshiba, IBM, and Cisco. Most users praise the mobility of the system, with one saying, “I find the iPhone App very useful for an administrator on the go.” The app also saves a lot of time and adds convenience for the users that have embraced it: “It saves a lot of time, and I don’t need to take my laptop with me everywhere.”


This solution urges businesses to create IAM software tailored to their particular needs and user demands. While you might dread building a system from scratch, the company assures you a fast and painless process.

Aut0 allows you to secure the systems for customers, employees, and partners. Whether you’re creating a native app or an API, the software is ready to jump-start your app’s security. It supports any technology stack, so you don’t have to worry about integrations.

Features include:

  • User management
  • Single sign-on
  • Breached password alerts

If you’re interested in learning why building your solution is better, read the thorough white paper on its website.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Developer: Starts at $23/month for 1,000 active users
Developer Pro: Starts at $130/month
Enterprise: Custom Quote
22-Day Free Trial, Free Demo>Universal log-in
>Multifactor authentication
>User management
>More features at Auth0

Pros & Cons of Auth0 Identity Management Software

Auth0’s main functionality covers all the essentials an IAM solution should have. In addition to that, the platform offers top-quality support, fast integration, and a questionnaire to make sure the solution is suitable for your business. However, if you don’t have an IT department, consider hiring a specialist during the initial stages.

>24/7 support
>Fast integration and implementation
>An online quiz to determine if the solution is right for you
>Small businesses might need to hire an IT specialist to get it going

What Customers Are Saying

Most customer reviews highlight the aspect of easy implementation of this product. “I didn’t have to spend a lot of extra time going off and doing a lot of extra coding and things to get the authentication to work,” says Kim Kane, AMD’s software architect.

Centrify Identity Service

Centrify’s Zero Trust Privilege services go above and beyond to reconfigure the perception of privileged access management. The solution builds itself on five pillars:

  • Privileged access
  • Authentication
  • Privilege elevation
  • Audit and monitoring
  • Privilege threat analytics

Each of these services offers several features and functionality for setting up controls and reducing system vulnerability.

For example, the time-based role assignment is an innovative feature that can be a game-changer for many businesses. It allows for the so-called “just-in-time” privileges and temporary access. Due to these self-service access requests, managers won’t have to expose critical data indefinitely to additional people. IT administrators will be flexible to work on tasks beyond their data access privileges for a limited time.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom Quote 30-Day Free Trial, Free Demo>Secure remote access
>Multi-directory brokering
>”Just enough” privilege
>More features at Centrify Identity Service

Pros & Cons of Centrify Identity Management Software

Centrify claims to have completely changed the approach to privileged access security. In addition to basic IAM must-haves, the company covers a range of unique solutions and technologies. Among them are multi-directory brokering, Centrify Zone, and group policy management.

>Centralized authentication
>Identity broker
>Custom pricing can add up very fast
>Developer skills are a must to use the software

What Customers Are Saying

This service is targeted at larger companies. Among its users are Salesforce, Harvard University, Geico, and over 2,000 global organizations. Customer reviews highlight how strongly Certify stands against the competition: “After a bake-off, Centrify came up on top as they covered all of our needs, ranging from the broad coverage of attack surfaces, breadth of functionality and integrations as well as pricing to their excellent support and professional services.”


As a solution developed by HID Global, DigitalPersona aims to fulfill the company’s mission and vision: powering trusted identities.

DigitalPersona offers a fresh look at authentication practices, ditching the usual two-factor or multifactor authentication methods. It opts for other easy and convenient solutions to grant access to computers, clouds, services, VPNs, and applications.

As an enterprise-level software, it goes for a more traditional, one-time payment. However, it offers an extended 90-day trial period so you can examine its functionality more thoroughly.

Here are a few feature highlights:

  • Allows app integrations
  • Offers browser-based single sign-on
  • Adheres to enterprise-level industry protocols and standards
  • Password Manager (optional)

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Starts at $15,000/user one-time payment90-Day Free Trial, Free Demo>Windows authentication
>Active Directory integration
>Biometric log-on
>More features at DigitalPersona

Pros & Cons of DigitalPersona Identity Management Software

The selling point for DigitalPersona is the number of its authentication options across users, devices, application types, and networks. Although the trial period allows you to make sense of this system’s usefulness for your enterprise, it might not be the best fit after all.

>Variety of access methods
>Long trial period
>Expensive one-time investment
>Not all the employees might need the solution

What Customers Are Saying

DigitalPersona users love the app’s ability to secure and streamline their workplace, no matter the industry: “We use DigitalPersona throughout the whole bank, from retail all the way to executives.” Even governments and public sector institutions benefit from the solution: “We strictly enforce biometric authentication for all Human Resources, Treasurer, Finance, Purchasing, and Collector offices within the county.”


An enthusiastic team of IT and security specialists who experienced the industry firsthand have created this security tool. It’s software that aims to improve your processes and access protocols, guarding you against costly mistakes.

The app utilizes the following features to reach enterprise-grade security:

  • SSO across your entire system
  • Synchronization with your cloud services
  • User and group management
  • Threat detection and control

At the same time, the service offers a flexible price range for any company that needs it.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Up to 10 users free
Starts at $3/user/month after 1st 10
Enterprise: Custom Quote
30-Day Free Trial, Free Demo>Automatic server access control
>Cloud-hosted lightweight directory access and remote authentication protocols (LDAP and RADIUS)
>Full-featured API
>More features at Foxpass

Pros & Cons of Foxpass Identity Management Software

The Foxpass team boasts long years of service in security and engineering. Thus, it was able to bring a scalable and easy-to-use system for small and large companies. While the support is engineer-oriented, the lack of mobile device availability may be a deal-breaker for some business owners.

>Up to 10 users free forever
>Excellent support for IT professionals
>Easy system integration
>No mobile access

What Customers Are Saying

According to one user, the software is ideal for those who manage their own servers: “I wholeheartedly recommend Foxpass. If you are maintaining your own LDAP or AD server, you are probably wasting a ton of your IT staff’s time.” Another business owner claims, “Foxpass is rock solid, easy to use, has excellent support and is a critical piece of our infrastructure.”

Keeper for Business

Keeper’s website advertises that password management is the cornerstone of cybersecurity. We all know how bad people are with setting up strong passwords and remembering them. When it comes to personal data protection, at least you don’t hurt other people. In a business environment, negligence can result in lost money and infrastructure.

Keeper for Business is a universal password protection software that:

  • Uses vaults to create and store random secure passwords
  • Keeps employee credentials in personal vaults
  • Supports high compliance standards
  • Removes the stress of creating and remembering passwords

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Business: $3.75/user/month billed annually
Enterprise: $5/user/month billed annually
+ add-ons
14-Day Free Trial, Free Demo>Zero-trust framework for data breach risk reduction
>Quality encryption
>Private vaults
>Password audit and reports
>More features at Keeper for Business

Pros & Cons of Keeper for Business Identity Management Software

While Keeper’s core features are among the more anticipated ones, its add-ons are game-changing. The alerts module ensures no suspicious activity stays out of sight. Dark web monitoring functionality gives an overview of weak and breached password statuses.

>File storage
>KeeperChat provides secure messaging
>Advanced reports and alerts module
>Users don’t have a self-service access request capability

What Customers Are Saying

The customers deem the service as “Safe, useful, trustful, easy to use.” Also, Keeper has a loyal user base: “Best password manager and data vault available. I’ve been a user for ten years and can’t imagine not having Keeper.”


LastPass Logo
As remote workplaces have gained more traction globally, LastPass has received more notice for its password sharing feature. It’s an easy option for large and small businesses, and more than 70,000 companies use it.

LastPass offers four business tiers with a myriad of features, depending on your business needs. The first two tiers are limited and target smaller businesses. However, the top one, Identity, aims at unlimited users and grants access to all the available features. While you might think it costs a fortune, it’s still flexible at only $8 per user per month.

Here are a few top LastPass features to pay attention to:

  • Password management
  • Multifactor authentication
  • Single sign-on
  • Integrations

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Multi-factor authentication (MFA): $3/user/month billed annually
Teams: $4/user/month billed annually
Enterprise: $6/user/month billed annually
Identity (MFA + Enterprise): $8/user/month billed annually
14-Day Free Trial, Free Demo>Security policies and dashboard
>Integrated SSO applications
>Contextual access policies
>More features at LastPass

Pros & Cons of LastPass Identity Management Software

LastPass is a company-wide security measure that helps you support and enforce password and authentication best practices. Robust MFA features are available even for the lowest tier. However, contextual and adaptive biometric authentication options only apply to the higher ones. Unfortunately, LastPass doesn’t offer self-service user access at any service level.

>Contextual authentication practices
>100+ customizable security policies
>Adaptive biometric authentication
>The lowest tier lacks a lot of functionality
> Self-service access request lacking

What Customers Are Saying

Customers mention the ease of use and versatility of the app: “I also like that I can log in to LastPass from any one of my devices, launch any of my websites directly from the app, and have it automatically log me in. I am completely satisfied with the ease of use and versatility of this app!” Another plus is how it can keep personal and business-related log-in details organized, “With all of the businesses and accounts that I have, it would have been almost impossible to keep my online information secure.”

LogMeIn Pro

LogMeIn is an umbrella brand that includes several high-class security solutions for small and large businesses. LogMeIn Pro is one of them.

The main goal of the app is to help you access your workspace from anywhere, anytime. The solution offers access to your precious assets from Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, and Linux.

LogMeIn Pro isn’t a password manager. However, being in the same family, it offers access to LastPass Premium. The software’s three payment tiers don’t differ much from one another in terms of functionality. Still, with each one, you can access a limited number of remote computers:

  • Individuals: 2 computers, 1 LastPass license
  • Power Users: 5 computers, 3 LastPass licenses
  • Small Businesses: 10 computers, 5 LastPass licenses

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Individuals: $30/month (up to 2 computers)
Power Users: $70/month (up to 5 computers)
Small Businesses: $129/month (up to 10 computers)
14-Day Free Trial>Remote control
>Password management
>Storage (1 TB)
>More features at LogMeIn Pro

Pros & Cons of LogMeIn Pro Identity Management Software

LogMeIn Pro is a comprehensive tool that allows business owners and individuals to take their machine with them. The multi-monitor display helps you see the connected computers and control the remote device. While the lack of user provisioning and privileged access for this solution is understandable, lacking single sign-on functionality can be frustrating if you don’t use other systems for that purpose.

>Multi-monitor display
>Remote printing
>Unlimited users
>No single sign-on functionality

What Customers Are Saying

According to some users, LogMeIn Pro increases business productivity: “Tremendous Maids, a residential and commercial cleaning company, uses Pro to increase employee flexibility to schedule appointments from anywhere.” This software also provides peace of mind to some managers: “I can stay in the know about what’s going on at the Little Gym when I can’t be there.”

Okta Identity Cloud

Okta Identity
Okta Identity Cloud is one of the most comprehensive identity management solutions. With products targeted at customers and employees, this software company is at the top of any recommendations. Plus, its platform-oriented solutions open new automation possibilities.

  • Workforce Identity: Includes essentials like single sign-on, life cycle management, and zero-trust access management
  • Customer Identity: Offers user management, adaptive multifactor authentication, and authorization
  • Platform Services: Involves process automation around identities, directories, integrations, and reports

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Workforce ID Products: $1,500/year minimum
Customer ID Products:
Developer: Starts at $0
One App: Starts at $17,000
Enterprise: Starts at $42,000
+ add-ons
30-Day Free Trial, Free Demo>Identity Engine (authorization, authentication and registration)
>User management and provisioning
>Integration with everything
>More features at Okta Identity Cloud

Pros & Cons of Okta Identity Cloud Identity Management Software

Supported by an extensive network, Okta offers painless integration with various apps, protocols, and companies. With its analytics feature, the software manages to collect and evaluate data from many sources. If you’re a small business, Okta might be overkill. You might not need the sheer amount of features it offers, and the entry price will throw you off.

>Powerful integration network (6,500+ apps, APIs and protocols)
>API access management
>Okta Insights
>Higher price than the competitors
>High entry barrier

What Customers Are Saying

Okta is all about integrations, and that’s evident from customer reviews: “Okta’s centralized identity management platform has enabled our organization to use it as an architectural point of integration with various heterogeneous identity systems we utilize.” At the same time, it’s flexible and scalable: “I would have to say that it will work well with just about any organization.”

Omada Identity Suite

Omada Identity Suite is a series of products and features that empower businesses during their digitization journey. It’s advertised as a future-oriented solution that allows on-premises identity management and cloud-based development capability.

It offers smooth and secure access to business systems and applications that your clients, contractors, employees, and partners use. Functions that make Omada a top choice include:

  • End-to-end identity and access management
  • Configurable IAM data model
  • Identity management across hybrid IT systems

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom QuoteFree Demo>Identity life cycle management
>Policy and role management
>Reporting and analytics
>More features at Omada Identity Suite

Pros & Cons of Omada Identity Management Software

Omada’s features cover the core functions of any top-tier IAM. However, its auditing tool exceeds all expectations. It streamlines the company platforms for compliance. The three-step “Insight” process gives you a clear overview and detailed investigation abilities for all user accounts.

>Flexible and scalable
>Ongoing access control
>Pricing isn’t transparent

What Customers Are Saying

Omada customers range from municipalities to pharmaceutical companies and from automotive to food industry giants. Most customer reviews mention its customizable nature and improvements: “Powerful and deeply customizable/flexible software product with impressive development during the last years.” “Very flexible product that requires significant maturity in the implementation phase.” However, you’ll need to have your data sorted to get the most out of the product: “Very good feature set, but as with other products, data cleanup is really recommended first.”


OneLogin is a global identity and access management software trusted by more than 2,500 customers. It guarantees a 50% reduction in help desk tickets and offers nine times faster employee and customer onboarding and offboarding.

The functionality of this solution covers three user categories:

  • Workforce
  • Customer
  • Developer

Each one has specific features that build the promised experience. OneLogin aims to deliver resource optimization and operational efficiency. With its excellent support and broad functionality, the software will quickly become an inseparable part of your organization.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Workforce ID Products: Buildable plans start at $2/user/month
Enterprise: Custom Quote
Customer ID Products: Custom Quote
30-Day Free Trial, Free Demo>Remote access
>Multifactor and SmartFactor authentication
>APIs and toolkits
>More features at OneLogin

Pros & Cons of OneLogin Identity Management Software

Developer tools like the Sandbox for testing, APIs for extending app functionality and open-source software development kits (SDKs) are at the top of OneLogin functionality. On the other hand, customers get to experience easy access through social log-in.

While it starts at a low price of $2 per user, it can quickly get expensive for larger organizations.

>The Developer Experience
>Social log-in
>Expensive for large businesses

What Customers Are Saying

Customers of OneLogin claim that the solution upped their productivity: “Before we adopted OneLogin, it would take days or even weeks to get a new application setup with a proper authentication.” Evernote, another customer that uses OneLogin, says: “Here at Evernote, our workforce, workplace and technologies are constantly evolving to keep pace with the demand of our 225M users. We believe that with OneLogin, we will continue to succeed for years to come through simple and secure access.”

Ping Identity

Ping offers a lighthearted but by no means simple approach to identity management. It’s an enterprise-grade solution that addresses your unique needs and adapts to the size of your business.

It aims at being secure and trustworthy for its customers. The solution is founded in intelligent algorithms, seamless user experience, fast business transformation, and long years of enterprise security expertise.

Industry leaders like Netflix, HP, and Intuit are among Ping’s clients. Plus, the software provider has managed to gain the trust of the majority of Fortune 100 companies. It offers workforce and customer identity management options, covering all bases and beyond.

Some of the advertised features include:

  • Single sign-on
  • Data governance
  • Multifactor authentication
  • On-premise, cloud, or hybrid solutions

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom Quote30-Day Free Trial, Free Demo>24/7 support
>Secure data management at scale
>User provisioning
>Single sign-on
>More features at Ping Identity

Pros & Cons of Ping Identity Management Software

One of this product’s best characteristics is its approachability, including the educational base around the software. Its webinars, blog posts, and events are a great help for any small business owner. Unfortunately, the solution leaves out some essential features like access certification and privileged account management.

>Intelligent API
>Seamless integrations
>Community around the product
>Missing access certification
>No self-service access request
>Privileged account management not included

What Customers Are Saying

Authentication methods are among the top themes that come up in customer reviews: “When it is working, it is mostly seamless. Allows easy FaceID on mobile to access my email.” Some other customers mention the ease of use: “The UI is very clean and easy to navigate. Adding or removing a device is straightforward and easy to do.”


RSA SecurID is a business-driven solution that deals with the growing risks during an enterprise’s digital transformation. It combats the challenges of the process, combining identity governance with MFA.

Protection from digital threats is a crucial step for any business in any niche. RSA has 12,500 customers, including Fortune 500 companies globally. The businesses cover industries from education to finance and from healthcare to technology.

Taking into account the needs of its customers, RSA SecurID has developed into a comprehensive service bundle that provides the following features:

  • Simplified authentication
  • Identity life cycle
  • Access and single sign-on

Some additional characteristics help businesses manage workforce risks and make sure the right people get proper access at the right time.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom QuoteFree Trial, Free Demo>Automation for access requests, provisioning, and approval
>Prioritized access certifications
>Flexible deployment
>More features at RSA SecurID

Pros & Cons of RSA SecurID Identity Management Software

RSA SecurID offers a holistic approach to on-premises and cloud-based security. By implementing high-, medium-, and low-risk levels to identities, the system makes sure that “the users are who they say they are.” The solution is straightforward to implement due to its simple documentation, the so-called “quick starts,” and best practices.

>Quick starts and blueprints
>Intuitive risk-level authentication policies
>Holistic approach to security
>Pricing isn’t transparent

What Customers Are Saying

A representative from DELL Technologies says: “Company-wide standardization on RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle has … generated additional business value through reduced operational costs, an improved employee experience, faster time-to-market and a diminished risk profile. The results have been significant.” A representative from Hong Leong Bank mentions how the solution helps them with combating identity threats: “With the fraud detection system [from RSA] and the policy rules we’ve written, we’re able to detect fraudulent activity, and in some cases, deter attackers. … we’ve also reduced the number of false-positive results.”

Zoho Vault

Zoho-Vault Logo
Zoho is a suite of business-oriented applications covering everything from CRM and mail to platforms for IT, HR and finance. Trusted by 50 million international users, the company goes strong with its applications. The Vault is only one service among Zoho business solutions.

Zoho Vault works seamlessly with all its sibling apps. Moreover, it excels in integrations and connections outside the family. It’s as thorough and secure as an excellent password manager can be.

Here are some feature highlights:

  • One-click log-in
  • Secure password sharing
  • Alert setup for a password reset
  • Real-time audits
  • User group management

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Standard: $1/user/month, $0.90/user/month billed annually
Professional: $4/user/month, $3.60/user/month billed annually (minimum 5 users)
Enterprise: $7/user/month, $6.30/user/month billed annually (minimum 5 users)
15-Day Free Trial, Free Demo>Folders and subfolders
>Emergency access for all business passwords
>Shared password vaults
>More features at Zoho Vault

Pros & Cons of Zoho Vault Identity Management Software

While you might think that Zoho Vault is yet another password manager, data backups and integrations with Google, Microsoft, Azure AD, Okta, and Zoho products take it to the next level. Authorize specific IPs and give temporary access to all business passwords to ease the tension during a crisis. More importantly, you can keep all passwords updated with the help of alerts and reports.

While it’s easy to implement, the trial period might not be enough for larger company employees to get on board.

>Restrict access from unauthorized IPs and critical passwords
>Regular data backups
>Powerful integrations
>15-day trial might not be enough

What Customers Are Saying

Customer testimonials for the product come from top publications. A CNET review says, “We like how Zoho Vault lives in the space between consumer password managers and high-end enterprise-level SSO federated login systems.” A cybersecurity magazine, The Hacker News, considers Zoho Vault “one of the best Password Managers for Enterprise users,” saying that “[It] helps your team share passwords and other sensitive information fast and securely while monitoring each user’s usage.”

What Is Identity Management Software?

Today, when businesses access and maintain customer- and company-related information, systems should be in place to control and maintain who accesses the data, when, and how.

Identity and management tools (IAM) are IT solutions that help define and control what information users can reach and alter. The goal of these programs is to maintain system access on an individual identity basis.

A customer service representative at your company might not need access to data crucial for an employee in the accounting department. Similarly, employees in the same department might not need the same information as the department head.

IAM best practices include granting limited data access to a new employee during onboarding. They also enforce keeping permissions updated, as well as ending authorizations when the user leaves the company. All this happens due to the dedicated identity management software.

Most products in this category allow administrators to create user groups and individual access points. They get to change an employee’s role in the system, track activities, and produce reports about any individual user.

Identity management software is an important tool for creating and enforcing compliance with company and general (country, regional, etc.) protocols.

Benefits of Identity Management Software

Whether you’re a small company with only a few employees or an international corporation with thousands of users within and outside the business, you can benefit from this type of software.

  • Better IT disaster management: IAM software ensures you have processes and protocols to safeguard client credentials and sensitive information. Disaster management best practices start here. Once you have the basics covered, recovery and access control will come more easily.
  • Added compliance and automation: Making sure sensitive information stays safe is critical for every company’s reputation. However, not meeting a certain standard might go beyond a loss of goodwill. Global data protection regulations exist to make sure businesses comply with personal data access control and privacy. IAM automates processes, relieving some “manual labor” from IT departments.
  • Decreased cost and complexity for security measures: As happens with any automation system, identity management software removes mundane tasks, simplifying protocols. Less effort, in this case, initiates cost reduction and processes that are easier to control.
  • Client trust: All the benefits mentioned in this section ultimately come together at a focal point: client trust. If company systems stand on firm ground, customers can be sure their private information is protected against most online and offline threats.

Must-Have Features of Identity Management Software

We’ve talked a lot about the top features and must-haves for identity management software in this article. Now, let’s summarize their role once again:

  • Access management: The first and most prominent feature in any IAM is the existence of privileged accounts in the system. Administrators should be able to control exactly what is accessible to certain users and user groups. Self-service access and access certification are part of user provisioning.
  • Single sign-on (SSO): Suppose the company works among separate-standing systems. In that case, a single access point is what it needs to ensure security and integration. This feature makes it a breeze to sign into multiple accounts with just one username and password, removing the threat of losing or confusing several credentials.
  • Multifactor authentication: While SSO can help by eliminating several passwords, in some cases, it makes the systems vulnerable. Multifactor authentication comes to strengthen access protection. It ensures the user can verify their authenticity with another device, added biometric protection, or other methods.
  • User behavior analysis (UBA) and reporting: This feature collects data, applies algorithms, and finds deviations from normal workflow on the individual user level based on system usage patterns. Then, the system makes a report or alerts privileged users. This functionality ensures proactive governance.
  • Integrations: These are the bread and butter of identity management applications. Working with systems and applications written using different frameworks is essential for any IAM software. It also needs to support various databases and server protocols.

The Cost of Identity Management Software

As you’ve already seen in the tables and company descriptions above, the flexibility of options is what makes an excellent identity management software. Depending on the diversity of the chosen services and software features, the payment amounts and pricing models may vary.

While some companies require outright payments of tens of thousands of dollars, others come with prices as low as $2 per user per month. This price range should urge you to think about your business needs. Once you locate the pain points that need a solution, choosing software will become easier. Some services are a necessity; others are a luxury.

In addition to their core services, most IAM companies offer advanced add-ons for an extra charge. Some (e. g., implementation and onboarding) come as one-time payments. Other ones (e. g., long-term support) might cost extra every month or be included in the total amount.

That said, identity management software and services can grow with your business and stay relevant to your company’s needs. Sure, it’s an additional expense. However, IAM reinforces the feeling of stability and security within the company.