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9 in 10 Companies Will Fire Non-Compliers, While Half of Workers Say They’ll Quit if Forced

68% of companies will be increasing the number of days required in person over the next six months… Read More

1 in 10 Workers Laid Off in 2022 Plan to Start Their Own Business

The majority of workers who were laid off in 2022 do not plan to get another job in the same industry… Read More

62% of Businesses Moving Toward a 4-Day Workweek

Support for a four-day workweek has slowly been building over the last two years of the pandemic… Read More

6 in 10 employers require monitoring software for remote workers

As remote work becomes the new norm, one of the major challenges facing employers is how to ensure their employees are maintaining productivity… Read More

Small Businesses Will Only Hire Vaccinated Employees Moving Forward

Will small businesses across the U.S. also choose to enact vaccine mandates for new employees during a challenging labor shortage? We surveyed 1,000 U.S.-based small business owners to find out… Read More

The jobs won’t last: Labor shortage forces 3 out of 4 businesses toward automation and outsourcing

As workers across the country walk out on the job and demand more flexible hours, businesses of all sorts are facing a challenging labor shortage. In fact, in our recent survey of 1,250 business owners, just 13% said that the labor shortage has not affected their business… Read More

The Real Reason Workers Want to Stay Remote: 75% Can’t Leave Their Pandemic Pets Behind

productivity isn’t the only reason people want to stay away from the office. We recently surveyed 1,000 remote workers to find out what’s really keeping them tied to their work-from-home lives… Read More

4 in 10 employers will fire workers who won’t return on-site

As the U.S. continues its return to normalcy after more than a year of pandemic-related shutdowns and restrictions, the question of what the post-COVID workplace will look like remains a hot topic… Read More

How Coronavirus has Affected Employee Productivity

Within a few weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has upended nearly every aspect of daily life in the U.S., including where and how Americans work… Read More

Best HR Software of 2023

Our HR software reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 110+ HR software companies from across the web… Read More

70% of WFH Employees Want to Go Back to the Office

As the COVID-19 pandemic approaches its sixth month, many Americans have grown accustomed to the measures to help slow the disease’s spread, such as working from home… Read More