Will the Amazon Seller App Help You Succeed in E-commerce?


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The Amazon Seller app is a primary management tool for selling on Amazon. The app has all you need to start and grow your online selling business on Amazon and any other e-commerce platform you operate on.

Key Takeaways

  • The Amazon Seller app is a free suite of tools available to all Amazon sellers.
  • Sellers can use the Amazon Seller app for almost everything they need to manage and grow their Amazon business.
  • The most important tabs on the Amazon Seller app are Account Health and Communication.
  • Online sellers outside Amazon can access the data provided through the Amazon Seller app if they’re also actively selling on Amazon
  • The Amazon Seller app doesn’t integrate with popular tools, such as Keepa and CamelCamelCamel.

What Is the Amazon Seller App?

The Amazon Seller app is a free collection of tools that all Amazon sellers can use. If you have a seller account, you can download the app to your mobile phone from the App Store or Play Store and manage your online store from anywhere.

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The Amazon Seller App helps you with the following:

  • Add products on the go
  • Analyze sales trends down to each product you sell
  • Monitor your account health to make sure you comply with Amazon rules and policies
  • Manage your inventory and pricing
  • Find growth and price opportunities through the Amazon Selling Coach
  • Manage Sponsored Product campaigns
  • Get notifications on sales, pending orders, and shipment confirmation
  • Manage returns and refunds
  • Monitor disbursements (Amazon payments)
  • Respond to customers in real-time through direct messages and emails
  • Edit and capture product photos
  • Scout new products to sell through bar code scanning, visual image matching, or text searching to find the sales rank, prices, other offers, customer reviews, and profit potential on Amazon
  • Coordinate with team members

The Amazon Seller app allows sellers to do practically everything to manage their store.

If you’re new to Amazon, it might take a while before you see any helpful charts or reports, but all the other features can help you hit the ground running.

In other words, the Amazon Seller App has transformed how millions of Amazon sellers worldwide efficiently manage their e-commerce business on the go through their mobile devices. With unique features that streamline operations, the App makes running your Amazon store convenient, effortless, and time-saving.

The one and probably only thing seasoned Amazon sellers don’t like about the Amazon Seller app is the lack of integration to some third-party apps, particularly price tracking tools like Keepa and CamelCamelCamel.

The Amazon Seller app provides price tracking for your products and allows you to get competitor data, but not to the extent of these tools. The easy solution is to use these tools in conjunction with the Amazon Seller app for the best results.

While Keepa has a robust following among sellers, CamelCamelCamel is also a free tool like the Amazon Seller app.

How To Use the Amazon Seller App

Using the Amazon Seller app is intuitive. Watch the introductory video on using the app to get you started.

You can also learn by doing. Take the time to check each tab to see what you can do and experiment with each feature, some of which aren’t available on the desktop version of Seller Central.

Use Visual Search

One of these is Visual Search, which you can access by clicking on the camera icon on the upper-right corner of your home dashboard:

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The Visual Search is like Profit Bandit of SellerEngine, but free. If you find something you think will sell, use the Visual Search tool to scan a product’s barcode to find it on Amazon. If a barcode isn’t present, such as yard sale, the tool also allows you to scan the actual item to do an image search.

Account Health and Communication Tabs Are Important

However, you should pay the most attention to the Account Health and Communication tabs on the Amazon Seller app because these are integral to the success of your Amazon store.

Account Health lets you know if you’re getting enough sales and reviews to keep you competitive on the platform and comply with all the policies to avoid suspension. You should also check the News tab on the app, so you’re updated regularly on any changes or announcements.

The Communication tab helps you connect with customers, answer questions, and resolve any issues they may have as quickly as possible. A quick response often earns you brownie points with customers and is more likely to lead to positive reviews. Amazon puts a premium on positive reviews when ranking products.

Together, the Account Health and Communication tabs benefit sellers in ranking. It also keeps them from getting in trouble, which is critical if you plan to continue as an Amazon seller.

How Does the Amazon Seller App Benefit Your Small Business?

If you conduct business outside of Amazon, the Amazon Seller app isn’t available to you. But you can use the various tools offered by your e-commerce platform to help you manage your online store.

Big Commerce, for example, has native and third-party integrations ― including Amazon ― available to help you grow your business.

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However, if you also sell on Amazon, the Amazon Seller app helps you grow both businesses by keeping you competitive on both platforms. For example, it can help you find a profitable niche, which isn’t easy to do independently.

So, if you’re rocking it on Amazon, you probably could be doing the same in the general e-commerce space. Take note: Amazon dominated the online retail space in 2021 with 41% of the market share.

Will the Amazon Seller App Work Better If You Sell Exclusively on Amazon?

Not necessarily. However, selling more products on Amazon gives you more comprehensive data to help analyze your business. Setting up an e-commerce website is expensive, so you might first want to start with Amazon and then expand to an independent website when you’ve gained some traction.

How Soon Can You Start Selling Using Amazon Seller App?

You can start selling using the Amazon Seller app as soon as you sign up for a seller account, and you should. It offers all the tools you likely need to start your Amazon business, including tools to find products and optimize your listing through the Amazon Selling Coach.

If you’re an existing seller, you should download it as soon as possible. You may be missing excellent opportunities to scale your Amazon business faster. You can also avoid a lot of trouble by keeping tabs on your business operations even if you’re on the go.

How To Set Up Your Amazon Seller App Account

Setting up your Amazon Seller app is easy:

  1. Sign up for a seller account (individual or professional).
  2. Download the Amazon Seller app for your mobile device. You can download it for iOS or Android devices.
    Log in with your seller credentials.
  3. Start exploring.

Once you log in to the Amazon Seller App, you get access to all of its tools and have a direct line to Seller Central.

Aside from managing your account and inventory, you can conduct daily business tasks, including authorizing shipment through merchant fulfillment or Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

What To Do Next?

Download the Amazon Seller app right now so you can start managing your Amazon store. The app has all the tools you need to manage your online selling business on Amazon.

You can also check out the other tools you can use for e-commerce marketing to give you a competitive edge on any platform. If you are still on the fence about setting up your Amazon store, here are five reasons why you should and how to do it.

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