If you’re looking to diversify your small business marketing budget with YouTube, we’ve got great news for you.

First, you’re on the right track. Wyzowl’s 2022 State of Video Marketing survey found that 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. About 88% of video marketers plan to include YouTube in their video marketing strategy.

Second, YouTube offers different ‌ads that can help you fulfill marketing goals like growing your following, driving traffic to your store, or increasing online sales.

For individual YouTube users, the site appears straightforward. But it gets a bit more complicated if you want to use it for your small business.

Thankfully, you don’t need a big budget or the best content in the world to design a YouTube channel and drive big results.

So, in this guide, we’ll cover:

  • Budget-friendly ways to design your YouTube channel
  • Tips on making your YouTube channel more engaging
  • Why a well-designed YouTube channel helps your small business

Designing Your YouTube Channel

  1. Go to YouTube
  2. Click on your profile icon
  3. Create your new channel
  4. Name your channel
  5. Customize your channel

Creating a YouTube channel is a simple and quick process. If you already have a Google account, use this step-by-step guide to get started.

1. Go to YouTube.com

Select Sign In, and use your preferred Google account to log in to the platform.

Go to YouTube.com

2. Click on Your Profile Icon

Click on Your Profile Icon

Next, select your profile icon in the top right corner of your screen and click Settings.

3. Create Your New Channel

Create Your New Channel

Under the Your YouTube Channel section, select Create a new channel.

4. Name Your Channel

Name your channel and then select the Create button.

Naming your channel

A new channel name also creates a new Google account with its own YouTube search and watch history and settings. You can manage this account from the Google settings of your main Google account and use it to participate ― comment on or like other YouTube videos ― as your brand.

5. Customize Your Channel

Select Customize Channel for customization options, including adding a profile picture, channel description, links to your sites, such as a blog, website, or social media pages.

Uploading a video

“YouTube has limitations in displaying your channel. The banner, which is at the top, would be your friendliest tool in attracting viewers seeing your channel. To tackle this without breaking the bank, you can use a good photo, minor editing, or an artwork with engaging colors and visuals.” ― Matt Vanleer, Outreach Executive at 3PR.

Congratulations. You’ve created a brand new YouTube channel for your business. Next, let’s look at some tips you can use to make it more engaging.

Tips on Making Your YouTube Channel More Engaging

  • Know what your channel is about
  • Prepare your scripts and storyboards in advance
  • Plan the location and lighting space
  • Add branded elements
  • Use eye-catching thumbnails
  • Optimize for SEO
  • Add a channel trailer

Your YouTube channel either entices and engages your viewers or puts them off and sends them to the competition. Here are some tips to help you make it more engaging and get as many views and subscribers as possible.

Know What Your Channel Is About

Before you jump into planning content for your first YouTube video, you need a clear area of specialty.

Knowing what your channel is about and who it’s helps your visitors know what you do and what you’re selling. Plus, it makes it easier for them to trust your content and subscribe to your channel.

In time, you can expand into new verticals and create playlists for different series of content. For example, if your business specializes in outdoor gear, you can have a playlist for product reviews, one for camping ideas, and another for tips or hacks.

Prepare Your Scripts and Storyboards in Advance

When it comes to shooting video content for your YouTube channel, preparing your scripts and storyboards in advance is everything. It helps you:

  • Keep your shoot on track
  • Maintain your production costs at a minimum
  • Review whether your content hits your business goals before each shoot

Once your video scripts are ready, do a quick test run by reading them out loud. This helps you get the flow and identify any issues before you go into production.

Plan the Location and Lighting Space

Creating a studio space for your video content production can affect your professional delivery.

RIG Nation, for instance, uses a consistent yet minimal backdrop in all their videos that support their brand’s message. You’ll often find a desk, laptop, a few plants, and pastel accessories that set the tone for their content.

RIG Nation Video
Source: RIG Nation YouTube

If your brand is fun and playful, you can use color to reflect that. For example, a bright pop of color can make your channel instantly feel more on brand.

Natural light is sometimes the best and most affordable option and can look as good as an expensive setup, especially if it’s coming from a window or you’re actually outside.

However, if you can’t use natural light, hire lighting equipment or get a dedicated videographer to make the process affordable and more efficient.

Add Branded Elements

If you want to make your videos look a little more professional, introduce some branded elements. For instance, you can pick a backdrop that fits with your creative aesthetic, place a branded mug somewhere, or wear a T-shirt in your brand’s color palette.

Patch Plants uses a felt letter board and lightbox in the background to add subtle branding to their YouTube content. These simple yet inexpensive touches are effective and can seriously elevate your brand.

Patch Plants Video
Source: Patch Plants YouTube

Use Eye-catching Thumbnails

More than 50% of the surface of the human cortex is devoted to processing visuals.

With this in mind, and the fact that YouTube is a visual search engine, you need eye-catching designs for your thumbnail images that tease the value of your content. It can make or break your video’s view count.

Vanessa Lau, a social media coach and entrepreneur, uses attention-grabbing yet easy-to-read text overlays on all her thumbnails along with an emotive reaction.

Vanessa Lau Channel
Source: Vanessa Lau YouTube

Maintain a consistent design on your video thumbnails not just to entice people to click play, but also reassure them that your content is professional, well-produced, and therefore reliable and trustworthy.

“There are free tools, such as Canva, that can be very useful for beginners who don’t have the time to do all the complex design stuff. You can use Canva to create amazing video graphics or any other image.” ― Sam Sweeney, founder of Trivvy.

Optimize for SEO

YouTube has a highly advanced algorithm that can determine whether your videos perform well or dismally.

With a good SEO strategy, you can increase your video views and engagement. Start by picking one keyword to optimize your content around and add related terms to your video description box.

Find out what your audience is likely to search for to increase the chances of your videos performing well. For instance, you can use keywords like tips, templates, hacks, guides, and so on.

Before uploading videos to your YouTube channel, make sure each video file has a relevant title, and search keyword or call-to-action (CTA). Cross-promote the video once it’s published to increase its view count.

Add a Channel Trailer

Once a visitor lands on your YouTube channel, they want to know what it’s about. To make this easier for them:

  • Add a short, to-the-point channel trailer to give them a picture of the type of content your YouTube channel covers
  • Let them know why they should subscribe to your channel
  • Invite them to check out your videos

Think about the trailer video’s description as it features prominently on your channel homepage. Here’s an example from The Slow Mo Guys’ YouTube channel.

The Slow Mo Guys Channel
Source: The Slow Mo Guys YouTube

Why a Well-designed YouTube Channel Helps Your Small Business

  • It leaves a good first impression
  • It sets you apart from the competition
  • It makes your brand look professional
  • It can grow your customer base
  • It tells a brand story

More than 81% of adults in the United States are using YouTube. There’s no denying it’s a powerful tool for your small business.

With the right digital marketing strategy, YouTube can help you connect or engage with potential customers and build brand loyalty.

The best part is you can do it on a small budget, and still see some form of victory.

Before that, here’s how a well-designed YouTube channel could be a valuable addition to your business:

It Leaves a Good First Impression

A well-designed YouTube channel gives users an impression about your entire brand.

Make it good, and they’ll be more curious, engaged, stay longer on your channel, and more informed about your business and products. All these directly affect your sales.

A poor impression turns off potential customers, leading them to look for alternatives.

It Sets You Apart From the Competition

When marketing to YouTube users, you’ll face two major challenges: short attention spans and a saturated platform.

With great content and a well-designed channel, you can tackle both challenges and set your business apart from the competition. Your channel stands out and has its own identity and personality, which increases brand recall and dwell time.

It Makes Your Brand Look Professional

Think about the last time you flipped through a confusing manual with subpar instructions. Frustrating, right?

The same goes for your YouTube channel. If they can follow the storyline, they’ll understand. If not, they’ll get lost in the chaos, or worse, get frustrated and look for a different video from your competitor.

Consistency in design makes your brand more legitimate, professional, and reliable. Customers trust what you offer because you look like an expert in your field.

Plus, a well-designed channel signals your commitment to good service because people can see the effort you’ve put into ensuring your design looks great.

A poorly maintained or designed channel reflects bad service and gives people a reason not to take your business seriously.

It Can Grow Your Customer Base

When done with style, your YouTube channel’s design can broaden your customer base and help establish brand loyalty.

A good design encourages follows, increases engagement, and shares. Your followers may spread the word about your channel with little to no work on your part and even recruit new followers or customers.

It Tells Your Brand Story

Your target audience needs to know your brand story and what you stand for. A well-designed YouTube channel can tell a story that they’ll follow, provided it’s engaging enough to keep them coming back for more.

Knowing and understanding your target audience can help you identify how to reach them, the message you want them to hear, and the right design that attracts and engages them.

What Should You Do Next?

You have your YouTube channel and some powerful tips to make it engaging.

Take your video strategy to the next level by: