Starting a successful blog isn’t as cut and dried as it used to be. Sure it’s easier than ever before to create one, but it’s very difficult to start a blog that gets noticed in this day and age. That’s not to mention generating traffic and making money from it. how to start a successful blog There’s just too much competition out there. Did you know that on (blogging platform) alone, a whopping 70 million new blog posts are created every month. That’s not even factoring in the millions upon millions of standalone blogs, including this one, that publish blog posts on a regular basis. It’s easy to understand why it’s near impossible to get a blog noticed. But what if there was a way to get your blog noticed, a proven method to make your blog successful in the shortest amount of time? That’s where a guy named Jon Morrow comes into the picture. He’s a household name in the world of blogging, Jon Morrow is a highly successful blogger who offers real life, actionable blogging advice for newbies. His approach to starting a blog is different than most others. That’s part of what makes his technique so attractive and effective. Here’s my brief guide to how to start a successful blog, using Jon Morrow’s blogging technique. But first.

How Not To Start A Blog

Hands up if you have heard the following before. That content is king and as long as you (A) write great content and (B) publish often you’re doing the right thing and your blog is on a proven path to success. I’m sorry to say but the (A) write-it-and-they-will-come (B) publish-and-pray approach won’t work any longer. It used to work, but not in today’s blogging landscape. This advice usually comes from bloggers who somehow feel qualified to offer advice to newcomers. The problem is most of these bloggers don’t know what they’re talking about. In fact, most of them haven’t even reached a high level of blogging success. So should you throw in the towel and not blog? Of course not, you should definitely start a blog! What I suggest is that you take the relevant bits and pieces (which I will explain in more detail here below) from Jon Morrow’s blogging technique and apply it wherever you can on your blog. Before diving into his actionable blogging advice let’s find out a bit more about who he is.

About Jon Morrow

Jon Morrow is nothing short of a blogging success story. He rose from humble beginnings into one of the most successful bloggers in the world today. And get this – he did this all without being able to move any muscles, except those in his face. He’s effectively paralyzed from the neck down. Morrow was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) at a young age. Unlike most children that grow stronger as they age, he would grow weaker. Yet his condition did nothing to slow Morrow down. His warrior spirit and perseverance led to the creation of several successful blogs. Morrow uses special voice software to dictate the content of his blog posts. His hard work has certainly paid off. He’s since created several profitable blogs including SmartBlogger (previously Boost Blog Traffic). This blog makes him over $100,000 per month. Morrow is probably best known for his ability to create viral content. In addition to blog posting on his own websites, posts he has guest written for top sites like Problogger and Copyblogger have taken off. In fact he’s written the most read blog post on Darren Rowse’s Problogger. They’re some of the most popular posts on these sites, no doubt contributing to the amazing success of his own blogs.

The Jon Morrow Blogging Technique

So how does Jon Morrow work? How does he create such insanely popular blogs with such loyal followings? It all boils down to the Jon Morrow blogging technique. After years of success creating blogs, Morrow knows what it takes to take a blog from 0 to 100 the fastest way. Jon Morrow Surprisingly, his method of growing a blog is different than most. Unlike other bloggers that recommend creating content for your blog right away, Morrow insists on building up an audience first. Morrow argues that creating a subscriber list is the first step to a successful blog. If you jump right into content creation, there won’t be anyone to read your work. Create an audience through a combination of building an email list, social media marketing, and guest blogging. Here’s a closer look at how to start a blog, the Jon Morrow way:

  1. Pre-Launch Page

Just because you shouldn’t create content right out of the gate, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t actually set up your website. Morrow recommends establishing a pre-launch page for your site. Think of this like a “coming soon” page. Key information to provide on this page includes the goal and purpose of the site. Let visitors know what it will be about. Create some sort of spark with this page. A glimmer of interest. And then use this spark to capture emails for your email list.

  1. Offer a Freebie

Everyone likes a freebie. There’s no better way to engage new visitors than with a free giveaway. One of my favorite and easiest way to create freebies is a special series of blog posts or articles. These are only offered to those visitors that subscribe to your email list. You could advertise this offer on your “coming soon” page to generate even more attention and excitement.

  1. Social Media

Take to social media to advertise your new website. Naturally, this is most effective if you already have a solid social media following. (You can use Twitter growth tools like Rewst or Social Quant to accelerate your following.) If you don’t, then this is another area where the importance of guest blogging comes into the picture. Be sure that the websites you guest blog for post your work to their social media accounts with links back to your own.

  1. Guest Blogging

Jon Morrow is one of the number one proponents for guest blogging. Although many people have stated the benefits of guest blogging are dead, Morrow believes this is the farthest thing from the truth. He believes a well-planned guest blogging campaign is still the number one way to gain new subscribers and point visitors back to your website. Not only does writing guest posts give new bloggers more exposure, it also gives them far more credibility and authenticity, especially if the guests posts are for authoritative websites. Jon Morrow on Guest Blogging The key is to keep at it. Publish several guest posts on different blogs and track the success of each. You’ll find that some do much better than others. Try to replicate these successful posts in the future. Though Morrow discusses his top guest blogging tips in intimate detail, the key takeaway is to select a blog that you’re familiar with that has a large, highly engaged audience. You should know the blog very well so that you can create content for it that users actually want to read. Put a lot of work into your pitch or query to blow the socks off the popular blogger. Make them want – no need – your guest blog for their site.

  1. Create Content

There will come a point (it’s different for every blog) when you should start to transition from guest blogging to creating your own blog content. Jon Morrow on Blogging Decide when to make the transition by tracking your subscribers. Don’t start putting content onto your own blog until you’ve secured a good number of people that will read it. And here’s another tip – don’t stop guest blogging cold turkey. Even highly successful bloggers like Jon Morrow continue to write guest posts regularly even though their own websites are doing extremely well.

Start Your Own Blog

There are dozens of different ways to start your own blog. Yet the Jon Morrow technique is one of the best of the best. It’s worth a shot by any new bloggers looking to create a successful blog in the current day. What’s your best tips for making a blog successful? What else should you do to start a successful blog? Let us know in the comments here below.