The Best Grammar Check Software of 2021

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Our grammar check software reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 30+ grammar check software companies from across the web. These reviews and our grammar check software guide help small businesses and startups find the best grammar check software for their business.

The Best Grammar Check Software Companies of 2021

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How We Chose the Best Grammar Check Software

Grammar check software looks at written text to verify whether it’s grammatically correct and usually offers suggestions if it’s incorrect. This software may be a stand-alone program or bundled with other features in a larger application. There are numerous companies producing grammar check programs, and they all have various features and services that make them stand out. We evaluated these software programs on what’s most important, including features, integrations, and reporting capabilities.


The primary feature of grammar check software clearly should be checking for grammatical errors, but many programs offer much more than this. Good grammar checkers should also look for spelling errors at the same time. We recommend software that offers additional features, such as a text editor, plagiarism checker, dictionary and/or thesaurus, and translator.


Built-in integrations with commonly used word processors and content management systems save users from the extra step of needing to manually copy and paste their content into the software. We looked for grammar check software that integrated with popular word processors like Microsoft Word, content management systems like WordPress, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and email programs like Outlook and Gmail.


The best grammar check software includes reporting based on tracked statistics about the inputted writing, such as word count, grade level, and readability. Software that produces readability reports helps users improve their writing skills. We checked out reporting capabilities while searching for the best grammar check software.

The 15 Best Grammar Check Software of 2021

CompanyPriceFree Trial / DemoVisit
After the DeadlineFreeFree ForeverVisit After the Deadline
Ginger Software$11.98/MonthFree VersionVisit Ginger Software
Grammar SlammerGrammar Slammer: $25
Grammar Slammer Deluxe: $39
Grammar Slammer Deluxe with Checkers: $49
21-Day Free TrialVisit Grammar Slammer
GrammarCheckFreeFree ForeverVisit GrammarCheck
Grammarly$29.95/MonthFree VersionVisit Grammarly
Hemingway Editor$19.99Free VersionVisit Hemingway Editor
LanguageToolPremium: $4.92/MonthFree VersionVisit LanguageTool
Linguix$18.95/MonthFree VersionVisit Linguix
PaperRaterBasic: Free
Premium: $11.21/Month
Free VersionVisit PaperRater
$299 for Lifetime
14-Day Free TrialVisit ProWritingAid
Reverso$10.99/Month with a monthly subscription
$6.99/Month with an annual subscription
Can also be deployed in large companies with prices starting at $1/Month/User
Free TrialVisit Reverso
Scribens€5.90 for 1 month
€4.97/month for 3 months
€4.33/month for 1 year
Free VersionVisit Scribens
SpellCheckPlus$14.99/year5-Day Free TrialVisit SpellCheckPlus
WhiteSmokeWeb: $5.00/Month
Premium: $6.66/Month
Business: $11.50/Month
Free DemoVisit WhiteSmoke
WriterStarter: $49/Month for
Enterprise: Custom Quote
14-Day Free TrialVisit Writer

After the Deadline

After the Deadline offers a free open-source solution for checking grammar that also performs language checking, contextual spell checking and style checking. Its proofreading program utilizes artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology to find writing errors. The program also looks for commonly misused words, explains spelling, style and grammar errors and makes suggestions to correct these errors to help users become better writers.

After the Deadline is available as an add-on for Chrome, Firefox, WordPress, OpenOffice and many other applications. It supports Spanish, French, German and Portuguese checking with a separate server for each language. The web-based program can also be deployed on Windows and Mac computers, but only offers basic spelling, grammar and style checking. It doesn’t offer advanced features, such as a plagiarism detector or built-in dictionary and/or thesaurus.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
FreeFree Forever>Deployment: Windows, Mac, Web-Based
>Support: Phone, Tickets
>Spell Check
>More features at After the Deadline

Pros & Cons of After the Deadline Grammar Check Software
After the Dark is a free program that integrates with a wide array of programs, including popular browsers and applications like WordPress. It only offers basic spelling, grammar and style checking features, so it’s lacking popular features included with some paid grammar checkers like built-in dictionaries and plagiarism detection.

>Free for life>Not as feature-rich as paid grammar checkers
>Integrates with various programs>No plagiarism detector or dictionary

What Customers Are Saying
Customers often remark on After the Dark’s cost and how easy it is to use. One customer said, “After the Deadline is one such easy to use tool that has helped me generate an error-free article. Moreover, it is cost-effective, which is another major attraction to try this software.”

Ginger Software

Ginger Software is a grammar and spelling checker that automatically detects and corrects all types of grammatical mistakes, including punctuation, subject-verb agreement, misused words, contextual spelling, sentence structure and style. It even rephrases poorly written sentences to ensure everything written is error-free. The program goes beyond basic grammar and spell checks with quick access to complementary writing tools, including contextual synonyms, definitions, translations in 40 languages, word prediction and text readers.

Ginger works on whichever platform or device desired with cross-platform compatibility with Windows software, Android and iOS apps and browser extensions for Chrome and Safari. It also works with Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other popular applications. Ginger has a free version that limits the auto-correcting feature and requires users to manually make corrections after hitting a weekly limit. Premium plans offer deep discounts for paying annually or biennially with a 7-day money back guarantee to first time purchasers.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
$11.98/MonthFree Version>Deployment: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, Web-Based
>Support: Email, Phone
>Spell Check
>More features at Ginger Software

Pros & Cons of Ginger Software Grammar Check Software
Ginger has a free version, but it has a weekly limit. One that limit is hit, it requires users to manually make corrections instead of the program auto-correcting. The regular monthly cost of $29.96 is pricey, but it offers discounts of $12.48 monthly when paying yearly and $9.99 monthly when paying biennially.

>Free version available>Limited auto-correct with free plans
>Money back guarantee on paid plans>High monthly cost
>Discounts on one-year and two-year plans

What Customers Are Saying
Ginger users enjoy the added features, various plug-ins and how well it improved writing and speaking skills. “I also use Ginger to help rewrite sentences. The audible read back feature was outstanding,” said one customer. Another customer said, “Very simple to use and perfect in cross-checking spellings [and] sentences.”

Grammar Slammer

Grammar Slammer is a spell checker and English grammar solution that’s ideal for native English speakers and those who speak English as a second language. The software offers helpful insights with proposed corrections accompanied by explanations. Users need only copy and paste text they want checked into the large text editing box on Grammar Slammer spelling and grammar checker window to get results.

Grammar Slammer has three versions available. Original Grammar Slammer offers quick online English grammar help. Grammar Slammer Deluxe has this and a spelling checker. Grammar Slammer Deluxe with Checkers offers the most complete editing package with grammar and spelling checkers, plus a complete English grammar and spelling reference with its own integrated checkers. All versions integrate with various word processors, including Microsoft Word, Star Office, Word Perfect, Ami Pro and Word Pro and is compatible with several Windows operating systems prior to Windows 10.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Grammar Slammer: $25
Grammar Slammer Deluxe: $39
Grammar Slammer Deluxe with Checkers: $49
21-Day Free Trial>Deployment: Windows, Mac, Linux
>Support: Email
>Spell Check
>More features at Grammar Slammer

Pros & Cons of Grammar Slammer Grammar Check Software
Grammar Slammer is cost-effective because it doesn’t require a monthly subscription plan. Instead, users purchase whichever version they prefer for a one-time fee. It also offers a 21-day free trial to try it out first.

>No monthly subscription required>No free version available after trial is used up
>21-day free trial available

What Customers Are Saying
One customer said Grammar Slammer will “let you know the difference between a noun and a gerund, how far a sentence has to run on before it’s a run on, and even when a fragment makes sense.” Customers also like how it helps with any questions that come up.


GrammarCheck offers an automated proofreading tool in a purely web-based grammar and spell checker that’s free. There’s no software installation required. Users simply plug their text into the online text box and get immediate results by pushing the free check button at the bottom. Errors are underlined with color-coded prompts that show spelling errors in red, style suggestions in blue and grammar suggestions in green. The open-source program uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology to identify errors. Users can also use the deep check button for more advanced results, but this takes you off-site to another provider. Information is never cached on the company’s servers, so everything inputted is kept safe and secure.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
FreeFree Forever>Deployment: Windows, Mac, Web-Based
>Support: Tickets
>Spell Check
>More features at GrammarCheck

Pros & Cons of GrammarCheck Grammar Check Software
GrammarCheck is very simple to use, and there’s never a charge for the free check option, but the deep check function takes users to another product’s website. There aren’t any online reviews available to help determine how reliable GrammarCheck is, but since it’s free, users can simply try it themselves.

>Free for life>Deep check function takes users to another product
>Easy to use

What Customers Are Saying
No reviews found.


Grammarly is probably the most recognized grammar check software on the market and offers real-time spelling and grammar checking to help improve writing. Users can set writing goals, including details about the intended audience, emotion, intent, style and domain to receive insights based on these goals.

Its AI-powered writing assistant and intuitive interface makes it easy to use online or as an add-on to Google Chrome, Gmail, Microsoft Word, Outlook, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Salesforce and many other popular applications. Grammarly can also be installed as a Mac and Windows desktop app and Android and iOS mobile app. Other useful tools include punctuation, style, tone and plagiarism checkers.

Grammarly offers a free version with basic spelling, grammar and punctuation suggestions. It also has a premium version with advanced suggestions, plus fluency, word choice, readability scores, plagiarism detection, formality level and inclusive language. Its business version offers further perks.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
$29.95/MonthFree Version>Deployment: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, Web-Based
>Support: Email, Live Support, Tickets
>Spell Check
>More features at Grammarly

Pros & Cons of Grammarly Grammar Check Software
Grammarly works across multiple platforms making it available to any users want to write, including on mobile apps. It offers a free version with basic suggestions only. Premium versions start at $29.95 per month, which is pricey compared to other products, but Grammarly has deep discounts for paying quarterly and annually.

>Works across multiple platforms>High cost compared to others
>Mobile apps available>No offline editing mode
>Free version offered>Free version offers limited functionality

What Customers Are Saying
“I cannot overstate how essential this app is to my daily workflow. From catching typos to suggesting better word choices, Grammarly helps me keep my communication with clients as well as marketing texts clear, concise, and on point,” one customer said. Customers also like its numerous functions and ease of use.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is strictly a grammar checker without the benefit of spelling checking. It uses color coding to highlight mistakes, including hard-to-understand sentences, passive voice, poor adverb choices and complicated words and phrases. It works differently in that its goal is to produce a cleaner writing style, instead of focusing on proper punctuation, grammar and sentence structure.

Hemingway Editor allows users to import from and export to Microsoft Work and other popular word processing programs to eliminate copying and pasting. It also lets users publish directly to WordPress or Medium with one-click integration. It also has formatting features and provides a readability grade level. It offers a free online version, or you can download the desktop version for a one-time fee to use it anywhere without an internet connection required. Desktop apps come with free upgrades each time it releases a new version.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
$19.99Free Version>Deployment: Windows, Mac, Web-Based
>Support: Email
>Text Editor
>More features at Hemingway Editor

Pros & Cons of Hemingway Editor Grammar Check Software
Hemingway Editor offers a free online version and a low-cost desktop version with a one-time fee instead of monthly subscription required. However, it’s not a full-featured grammar checker and leaves out popular features like a spell checker.

>No monthly subscription required>Not a full-featured grammar checker
>Offers free version online>No spell checker

What Customers Are Saying
Customers like that the Hemingway Editor is simple to use with easy-to-understand outputs. One customer said, “Simple, unambiguous, clutter-free writing made easy for anyone. Hemingway is a godsend for people like me that, completely unintentionally, wax poetic about stuff that can be said in a few words.”


LanguageTool is a grammar checker aimed at professionals needing to check documents in multiple languages. This program supports Spanish, Russian, French, Polish, Italian, German and many other languages. It stands apart with its customizable dictionary that allows users to add commonly used words from all the supported languages to fully expand its grammar and spelling capabilities. It also delivers a spell checker, style checker, contextual speller and text editor.

LanguageTool has browser extensions and plug-ins to integrate with popular applications, including Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice and Google Docs. It also has a desktop version for offline use as a standalone application. Users can choose from a free version that allows 20,000 characters per check or a paid premium version with expanded features that allows 40,000 characters per check.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
$4.92/Month for PremiumFree Version>Deployment: Windows, Linux, Mac, Web-Based
>Support: Email, Phone, Tickets
>Spell Check
>More features at LanguageTool

Pros & Cons of LanguageTool Grammar Check Software
LanguageTool supports more than 20 languages and offers a free online version, plus a premium version with advanced features. The monthly premium plan fee is $19, which drops to $4.92 with a yearly subscription. Free versions have a 20,000-character limit per check, and the software doesn’t include a plagiarism checker.

>Free version available
>Deep discount for premium edition when paying annually
>Multi-language support for 20+ languages
>Limited punctuation checker
>No plagiarism checker
>Limits on free version

What Customers Are Saying
Customers commend LanguageTool for its multiple languages supported and visual helpers. One customer said, “It works with a lot of languages. It has better visual helpers than Grammarly. And the free version is more than enough. AND you can use the Chrome extension WITHOUT creating an account.”


Linguix delivers a grammar checker with over 2,000 context-based rules, more than 700 advanced checks, 9 million of the most common typos and 3,000 AI-based corrections to analyze submitted writing and provide advice on how to make it better. Users need only copy and paste content into Linguix and get instant corrections, or they write directly into the platform and receive recommendations as they type. It also checks for punctuation and style issues and has a built-in dictionary and thesaurus and a text editor.

The free version of Linguix comes with basic grammar and spelling checks. Premium plans have unlimited grammar checking with 2,700 checks for grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and context. It also comes with vocabulary enhancement suggestions, synonyms suggestions, personalized language learning and over 20 essays and other content templates. Users also get access to its online handbook that includes essential writing tips, statistics and how-tos.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
$18.95/MonthFree Version>Deployment: Web-Based
>Support: Email, Phone, Tickets
>Spell Check
>More features at Linguix

Pros & Cons of Linguix Grammar Check Software
Linguix offers a free online version, but it has limited features. It also has a premium version with a somewhat high $18.95 per month fee, but this price can be lowered to $12 per month when paying quarterly or $8 monthly when paying annually.

>Free version available>Limited features on free version
>Deep discounts for paying in advance

What Customers Are Saying
Linguix customers like its ease of use and integrations. “It is a very easy tool to use. It works effectively against typographical errors, my biggest problem as I write fast. In addition, it corrects grammatical errors and works as a Chrome extension resulting in something super convenient,” said one customer.


PaperRater is a free grammar and spelling checking resource that utilizes AI and data science to improve writing that also offers a premium version with more advanced features. Online submissions are analyzed in real time with results in seconds and doesn’t require the user to sign up, log in or download anything. PaperRater software looks closely at sentence structure and syntax with automated proofreading. Other tools include:

  • Plagiarism detection that features an originality score
  • Automated essay scoring that reflects a rough idea of grade scores
  • Vocabulary builder provides words with definitions and samples sentences

It also provides feedback and writing instruction with various reporting and statistics, including vocabulary usage, passive voice detection, sentence length and variability, readability statistics, phrases to avoid and analysis of the beginnings of sentences. Free plans provide basic functional capabilities while ad-free premium packages allow users to submit longer documents and provide enhanced plagiarism detection and other benefits.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Basic: Free
Premium: $11.21/Month
Free Version>Deployment: Windows, Mac, Web-Based
>Support: Email, Phone
>Spell Check
>More features at PaperRater

Pros & Cons of PaperRater Grammar Check Software
PaperRater offers discounts for paying subscriptions annually, dropping to $7.95 per month. Its free version limits users to only five pages per submission, 50 submissions per month and 10 plagiarism checks per month. In comparison, premium plans allow 20 pages per submission, 200 submissions monthly and 25 plagiarism checks monthly.

>Free online version>Limited submissions on free plans
>Discount for annual subscriptions

What Customers Are Saying
“Paper Rater is known for its fast response to any task related to proof-reading. Right from checking the errors to scanning for plagiarism, it is a good software to resort to if you are looking for a quick response,” said one customer. Other customers remark on its accuracy and options.


ProWritingAid combines the benefits of a grammar checker, style editor and writing mentor in one program. It checks for cliches, repetition, vague wording, redundancies, sentence length, passive voice, overly complicated sentences, over-dependence on adverbs and other writing issues that affect a document’s flow, accuracy and ease of reading.

The program’s editing software automatically suggests thousands of style improvements and eliminates errors to prevent writers from losing their credibility due to spelling and grammar mistakes. It also includes a contextual thesaurus and word explorer that helps users find the perfect words while learning while editing and eliminating common mistakes and bad habits.

ProWritingAid integrates with nearly any device, including desktop apps for Windows and Mac, full integration with the entire Microsoft Office Suite and browser extensions for popular choices like Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It has a free version that can only be used online plus two paid packages with advanced features.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
$299 for Lifetime
14-Day Free Trial>Deployment: Windows, Mac, Web-Based
>Support: Email, Tickets
>Spell Check
>More features at ProWritingAid

Pros & Cons of Pro Writing Aid Grammar Check Software
ProWritingAid offers a 14-day free trial and free online version. It also has two paid versions with more features. The free version limits inputted words to 500 at a time while paid versions are unlimited. Premium Plus plans also come with 50 plagiarism checks per year.

>Free trial available>Limited features on the free version
>Monthly subscription or one-time purchase>No mobile apps

What Customers Are Saying
ProWritingAid customers frequently remark on the full-featured editor and the amount of data provided. One customer said, “My writing has been drastically improved by this software. I like that it checks over everything that I write and finds a way to help me improve, both by checking grammar and style.”



Reverso provides AI-based language solutions, including grammar and spell checking, digital dictionaries, language learning tools, and full-text translation. Its grammar check functions include checking adjective and adverb usage, verb tense, phrasal verbs, pronouns and possessives, question structure, contractions, complex sentences, conjunctions, prepositions, and voice. Reverso instantly translates 15 languages with over 100 language pairs supported.

This program indexes hundreds of millions of words for more accurate results, and vocabulary lists are based on the user’s selection of examples. When there are several possible corrections for errors found within inputted text, Reverso prompts the user to choose one, but it may skip errors if suggested corrections aren’t perfectly adapted to the context. Reverso can be used online or accessed with a Windows or Mac download. It also has Android and iOS mobile apps. Users wanting to improve their English spelling can consult an online grammar module, conjugator, and comprehensive synonyms and definitions dictionary.

Reverso’s grammar checker is based on a freemium model. The main features are available for free with limited size of text, and users can access more with the premium version.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
$10.99/Month with a monthly subscription
$6.99/Month with an annual subscription
Can also be deployed in large companies with prices starting at $1/Month/User
Free Trial>Deployment: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, Web-Based
>Support: Email, Phone, Tickets
>More features at Reverso

Pros & Cons of Reverso Grammar Check Software
Reverso offers free usage for an unlimited amount of time with limited spell check capabilities on their website. Additional features are available with registration, and with a monthly subscription you get access to an extended spell and grammar checker. They also offer multiple avenues for deployment and several ways to reach customer support.

>Freemium pricing model

>No offline version
>Enhanced synonyms and definitions>No lifetime option
>Corrects a full text in one click

What Customers Are Saying
Many Reverso customers are drawn to it for its translation abilities. One customer said, “Some students might even find themselves drawn to Reverso’s approach to word learning. It does provide a fascinatingly thorough picture of contextual word usage that will … help them understand the meanings and usages of words.”


Scribens uses a sophisticated syntactical recognition algorithm to detect subtle errors within text and corrects over 250 types of common spelling and grammar mistakes, including typos and issues with nouns, pronouns, verbs, prepositions, punctuation, homonyms, etc. It also detects stylistic elements, such as run-on sentences, repetitions and redundancies, and suggests synonyms for every word. Online corrections are accompanied by explanations to help users improve English writing skills.

Scribens has a built-in dictionary and thesaurus and provides detailed statistics, including word, sentence and paragraph counts and a readability indicator. It integrates with essential apps and various browsers and platforms, including Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. SSL encryption keeps data transfers secure and transferred text isn’t stored on its servers. Free version includes corrections, explanations, dictionaries and a style checker, and the Premium plan also provides integrations, a text checker and an ad-free platform.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
€9.90 for 1 month
€6.63/month for 3 months
€4.16/month for 1 year
Free Version>Deployment: Windows, Mac, Web-Based
>Support: Not Provided
>Spell Check
>More features at Scribens

Pros & Cons of Scribens Grammar Check Software
Scribens offers a free version with some limitations, but the Premium plan has a low monthly fee that’s discounted further when paying quarterly or annually. However, there’s no multilingual support, making it an English grammar checker only, and it doesn’t include a plagiarism checker or provides no customer support.

>Free version>No customer support
>Low monthly subscription fee>No plagiarism checker
>Compatible with various platforms and browsers

What Customers Are Saying
“Scribens has a simple and comprehensive user interface that offers suggestions that can help writers avoid repeating the same mistakes time and time again,” said one online reviewer.


SpellCheckPlus is a spell checker that analyzes text to detect various errors, including problems with punctuation, spacing, words that sound alike, capitalization and hundreds of grammatical errors. It also identifies common errors made by second language learners.

Users need only copy and paste their text or type text directly into SpellCheckPlus’ main window and hit the Check Text button to see flagged errors. Moving the cursor over errors provides relevant feedback in a popup box. It also provides a detailed summary of errors and grammar score at the bottom of the screen.

SpellCheckPlus is accessible from any computer and it updates automatically. Content is available in English, Spanish, French and Mandarin. The free version of SpellCheckPlus limits text to 500 words. There isn’t a maximum for SpellCheckPlus Pro, which costs $14.99 per year and offers several additional perks, including no advertising, a full-screen editor and text archiving.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
$14.99/year5-Day Free Trial>Deployment: Not Provided
>Support: Not Provided
>Spell Check
>More features at SpellCheckPlus

Pros & Cons of SpellCheckPlus Grammar Check Software
SpellCheckPlus offers a 5-day trial, which is rather short, but it also offers a free version with limitations and a low annual cost that makes it more affordable than many other paid options. However, it saves inputted text on its server for academic research, which could cause a security issue.

>Free trial available>Short trial period
>Low yearly cost>Text saved on server
>Provides a grammar score>Free version has ads

What Customers Are Saying
No reviews available.


WhiteSmoke delivers an all-in-one English writing tool with grammar, spelling, style and punctuation checkers. It also includes built-in templates, translators for over 50 languages and standard and custom dictionaries. This software works in any text application or browser, and a single click presents potential errors and suggestions for improvement. It serves both native and non-native English speakers and helps with writing, editing and translating English documents.

This program uses Natural Language Processing combined with artificial intelligence and sophisticated statistical algorithms to detect a wider range of wording and phrasing errors. WhiteSmoke offers a web-based solution, premium desktop version and Android and iOS mobile apps. It uses color coded error indicators, including grammar errors in green, spelling errors in red and punctuation and style errors in blue. Multiple platform support and integrations allows users to work everywhere, including in web browsers, Microsoft Word, Outlook and other editing programs.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Web: $5.00/Month
Premium: $6.66/Month
Business: $11.50/Month
*When paid annually
Free Demo>Deployment: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, Web-Based
>Support: Email, Phone
>Spell Check
>More features at WhiteSmoke

Pros & Cons of WhiteSmoke Grammar Check Software
WhiteSmoke works on all devices but does have a character limit on the desktop app. It offers a free demo and flexible pricing with essential and premium plans having monthly, yearly and three-year payment options. Discounted pricing for three-year plans include a drop from the $5 monthly annual rate to $3.47.

>Free demo and flexible pricing offered>Character limit on the desktop app
>Available in 55 languages
>Works with all devices

What Customers Are Saying
Customers like adding a custom dictionary and its numerous integrations. One customer said, “WhiteSmoke found punctuation and mistakes in spelling I made that other spell checkers did not. It gave helpful suggestions on other words to use and pointed out when I used the same word too many times.”


Writer is a grammar platform that helps companies achieve consistency in brand voice, terminology and writing style through consistent, on-brand content. Users define their brand voice with a style guide covering all major content guideline elements. Writer analyzes inputted content against this style guide to provide instant brand-specific feedback. Besides grammar and spelling checkers, Writer’s AI writing assistant also has:

  • Plain language converters
  • Punctuation and plagiarism checkers
  • Vocabulary enhancement
  • In-line content suggestions
  • Custom word lists
  • Clarity and readability grades
  • Gender bias flagging
  • Customized content scoring

Writer can edit anything in a document or on the web and integrates with popular writing apps, content management systems, social media websites and sales, marketing, support, email and chat platforms. It checks content for readability, clarity, tone, bias, conciseness, uniqueness, terminology, approachability, writing style and voice. Writer doesn’t store data after processing it, so sensitive information is never kept on its servers.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Starter: $49/Month for
Enterprise: Custom Quote
14-Day Free Trial>Deployment: Windows, Mac, Web-Based
>Support: Live Support
>Text Editor
>More features at Writer

Pros & Cons of Writer Grammar Check Software
Writer offers a 14-day free trial with live support available. Compared to other products on the list, Writer is relatively expensive at $49 per month for a Starter plan. However, if offers a slight discount for paying yearly that works out to about $41.58 monthly.

>14-day free trial included>Higher monthly costs
>Discount for paying yearly
>Live support

What Customers Are Saying
“Qordoba [now Writer] is not a generic style guide. On top of standard spelling, grammar and usage checks, [it] lets us add the custom rules of our brands’ particular style decisions, word choices, inclusivity guidance, etc. to fit our customer experience,” one customer said. Customers also like its plug-ins, flexibility and scalability.

What Is Grammar Check Software?

A grammar checker is software that checks your writing for grammatical mistakes, appropriate punctuation, misspellings, and issues with sentence structure. Some programs are even more sophisticated and can also evaluate tone, style, and syntax to ensure your writing is flawless.

Good grammar check software has built-in dictionaries and uses artificial intelligence, natural language processing technology, and various rules to detect errors, such as misspelled words, subject verb agreement, commonly confused words, repeated words, passive voice, etc.

Users input text for the grammar software to check by copying and pasting it, uploading a file, or typing directly into the program. Some programs have plug-ins for email programs, web browsers and social media websites, so it can continuously check everything you write as you write it and make suggested corrections in real time. Grammar check software have varying levels of accuracy, so many people use more than one to maximize the number of errors found.

Benefits of Grammar Check Software

Grammar check software ensures what’s written is of the highest quality possible, benefiting any writer from students to business owners to professional writers. The most obvious benefit is its ability to correct your mistakes to ensure you don’t appear less intelligent or sloppy to your teachers, customers or writing clients.

Grammar checkers increase credibility by helping you create professional, error-free copy, which encourages people to take you more seriously. Other benefits of grammar check software include:

  • Saving editing time by having the program proofread your work first
  • Improving readability so writing appeals to the intended audience
  • Allowing readers to focus on the message instead of stumbling over writing errors
  • Learning better grammar by paying attention to suggested corrections
  • Improving your writing skills by learning from and correcting your mistakes
  • Avoiding plagiarism when programs include a plagiarism checker
  • Boosting your writing confidence and potentially advancing your career with consistently well-written text

Many grammar check programs also have translators and are used by non-native speakers to ensure they’re writing correctly in a language they’re not yet comfortable with. Grammar checkers benefit them by improving their writing and helping them learn to speak and write the new language by correcting word usage and spelling errors.

Must-Have Features for Grammar Check Software

During your grammar check software evaluation, make sure you’re getting the key features that make it a valuable tool in your writing arsenal. You must have a program that’s as accurate as possible. Grammar checkers have different levels of accuracy. Reading reviews helps determine which ones have previously performed poorly but do your own research. Compare correction suggestions from several programs using the same document to see which one catches the most errors.

While the primary function of grammar check software is catching grammar errors, look for a program with additional features. Spell checking is a vital feature of a good program. Look for software with a built-in dictionary and thesaurus to find good word choices and alternate words if necessary. Other key features are a plagiarism checker to ensure your writing is original and language translators for those needing to write in non-native languages.

Built-in integrations and extensions are also must-have features because they let you use your grammar checker wherever you write. Look for software that integrates with popular word processing software and shared web-based word processors like Google Docs. Most programs also have extensions for all the common web browsers, email programs and social networking sites, which allow you to get grammar and spelling suggestions in real time. This helps you avoid embarrassing errors being sent out through hastily composed emails or Facebook posts.

The Cost of Grammar Check Software

Costs for grammar check software on our list run the gamut from free to $30 per month. Although the most important factor should be how well the software performs, price can be the deciding factor when two programs are equally as good.

Software that’s always free is often open source software and tends to not be as feature-rich as paid programs. If you only need a simple program, free might be the way to go. Businesses and professional writers usually need something more powerful. Free software also sometimes bombards you with ads, which are annoying at best and crash your computer in worst-case scenarios.

Many grammar checker choices have a free version and a paid one, which is referred to as freemium software. Free versions generally have limited features, and to get all the bells and whistles advertised on the home page, you need to purchase the premium version. These versions may require a one-time fee, a license that must be renewed annually or a monthly subscription that may offer discounted rates for paying quarterly or annually. If you’re using a grammar checker for professional work, compare paid options that fall within your budget to get the best features.

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