The Best GPS Tracking Software of 2021

Our gps tracking software reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 50+ gps tracking software from across the web. These reviews and our gps tracking software guide help small businesses and startups find the best gps tracking software for their business.

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How We Chose the Best GPS Tracking Software

Whether you’re tracking fleet vehicles, high-value assets or employees in the field, GPS software gives you a bird’s-eye view of daily operations so that you’re never left in the dark. The best GPS software offers more than just tracking capabilities — it can also alert you to risky driver behavior or vehicle error codes, enabling you to step in before small issues become major problems. You have many options when it comes to selecting GPS software, but we’ve narrowed down some of the best choices based on features that all tracking applications should have.

GPS Tracking Features

Our top picks provided the most robust tracking features, including alerts for aggressive driving, speeding, hard braking and excessive idling. We selected software that offers a geofencing function with custom boundaries for service areas and prohibited zones. Good GPS software should notify you instantly when a driver enters or exits a geofenced area.


The best GPS tracking software integrates with a variety of third-party applications, including accounting tools and logs for recording Hours of Service (HOS). We looked for software that integrates with fuel card apps, such as ExxonMobil Fleet Affinity, which can allow you to keep track of driver spending at the fuel pump. The most powerful tracking software includes access to a developer API, enabling you to create and use integrations that are custom-tailored to your business’s needs.


Ideally, GPS software should come with a dashboard that lets you view all tracking data at a glance. We prioritized software that offered detailed reporting for data such as mileage driven, vehicle status, routing and driver safety. The best GPS software companies provide generous storage space and keep your data available for as long as you need.

The 15 Best GPS Tracking Software Options of 2021

Advanced Tracking Technologies

Advanced Tracking Technologies’ GPS software is called Shadow Tracker Live. The software provides tracking anywhere in North America for fleet vehicles, assets and personnel.

Tracking is updated every 10 seconds, with data stored for up to one year. Users can view tracked data from more than 30 management reports on the dashboard, enabling them to see metrics such as mileage and time spent at job sites.

Shadow Tracker Live features real-time location mapping, delivery notifications and alerts for vehicle maintenance. With the geofencing function, fleet managers can create custom bounding barriers and receive notifications when vehicles go outside the specified area.

Advanced Tracking Technologies also offers Shadow Tracker Time, a time sheet management tool for drivers and other mobile or in-office employees. This software automatically calculates employee hours and tracks worker locations while off-site.

Shadow Tracker software can be used on desktop computers and most mobile devices. The company provides a free mobile app for iPhone and Android.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
>Vehicle and asset tracking
>More features at Advanced Tracking Technologies

Pros & Cons of Advanced Tracking Technologies GPS Tracking Software
>Custom solutions
>Unlimited support
>No user guide
>App requires subscription

Azuga Fleet

Azuga offers a fleet management system that works for small businesses and enterprise fleets alike. The company’s solution captures all risky driving behaviors, including speeding, rapid acceleration, and hard braking. Fleet managers can track drivers on the job easily through GPS tracking, reduce wasteful driving habits like excessive idling, and set custom geofences to keep deliveries on track. Data is recorded and relayed to the Azuga GPS fleet management software dashboard in real-time.

Azuga prides themselves on their unique, driver safety-focused fleet management approach that truly puts its customers behind the wheel. All of its software and hardware is geared toward providing safety and savings. Azuga claims that by using its GPS Fleet Management System, fleet managers can improve productivity and reduce accident-related driving behaviors by up to 88%.

Azuga’s dual-facing dashcam helps fleets prepare for anything that comes their way, with smart detection software and cloud-artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The camera captures both road events and in-cab driver behavior simultaneously, giving managers a clear picture of what’s happening on the road when it matters most. Fleet managers can bundle dual-facing dash cameras with the software, enabling them to monitor driver behavior and protect them in the event of an accident that wasn’t their fault. Azuga’s customizable reports provide fleet managers with actionable insights so their business can operate efficiently and cost-effectively every day.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quote60-day free trial>People tracking
>Speeding detection/alerts
>More features at Azuga Fleet

Pros & Cons of Azuga Fleet GPS Tracking Software
>Good training and support
>Developer API
>Subscription required for dash cam use


Carmalink is an all-in-one GPS tracking and dash cam system designed for fleets of all sizes. The in-cab transponder connects to any vehicle, records driver behavior and sends the data to the cloud via cellular LTE connection.

The software features live tracking and commercial routing to help drivers avoid hazards and road closures. With geofencing, fleet managers can set up exclusion zones and receive alerts when drivers enter or leave the area.

Carmalink’s dash cam software runs on a Garmin 790 tablet that displays useful information for drivers, such as live traffic and truck stops along a route. The camera picks up on bad driving habits and alerts drivers with suggestions for improvement in real time.

Other features include a mileage tracker, automated maintenance alerts and digital DVIR reports for improved driver workflow.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$625/month for Fleet Tracking
$1,125/month for Fleet Tracking & Dash Cam
>More features at Carmalink

Pros & Cons of Carmalink GPS Tracking Software
>Quick setup
>Only 17 hours of camera memory for Works
>Extra fee for footage on multiple devices


ClearPathGPS is the fleet tracking software of choice for several major organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, Monrovia and Stanley Steemer. The company’s solutions include tracking for drivers and vehicles, as well as any kind of mobile asset.

ClearPathGPS shows users the location of every vehicle in their fleet while in the field. In the management portal, users can select a driver and instantly view their route and dash cam footage. The software alerts fleet managers to risky behavior, such as hard braking and speeding.

The company’s military-grade tracking hardware is weatherproof and protected against heavy shocks. Upon installation, fleet managers can use the geofencing feature to monitor assets within a specified zone.

The portal displays virtual timecards for employees, service reports and last known vehicle location at a glance. Reports can be viewed on almost any device, including desktops and mobile devices via the iPhone or Android app.

ClearPathGPS integrates with Fleetio, ServiceTitan and a variety of other popular third-party tools.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$20/vehicle/month for Standard
$25/vehicle/month for Pro
14-day free trial>Asset and people tracking
>More features at ClearPathGPS

Pros & Cons of ClearPathGPS GPS Tracking Software
>Money-back guarantee
>Free training
>Developer API
>No API for Standard
>Integrations for Pro only

Gentrifi GPS Tracking

Gentrifi’s GPS solutions include tracking for assets, vehicles and employees. According to the company, its software can help reduce job costs by preventing theft and ensuring workers stay on task.

The Gentrifi asset tracking system doesn’t require external power to work. Items and equipment that are non-powered can be fitted with a battery-operated tracking device that alerts users whenever it moves out of a geofenced area.

Gentrifi lets users know if drivers leave their predetermined routes or use company vehicles outside of work hours. Data scorecards show vehicle idle time, driver behavior and reminders to help keep up with fleet maintenance.

Personnel can be tracked outside of vehicles via cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS or RFID. This feature is useful for quickly locating and communicating with employees across a large work area, such as busy shopping malls or crowded public events.

For trailer tracking, Gentrifi offers the Omnitracs TT150 system, which transmits the status of each unit in real time via the cloud.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$8/monthDemo>Vehicle and fuel tracking
>More features at Gentrifi GPS Tracking

Pros & Cons of Gentrifi GPS Tracking Software
>Training videos
>Phone and email support
>Robust parts store
>No live, 24/7 support
>Part selection somewhat unclear


Geotab is used as a tracking solution in a wide variety of industries, including public works, construction and courier services. The company’s main products are the Geotab GO tracking device and the web-based fleet management software, MyGeotab.

Geotab GO pairs with MyGeotab to deliver vehicle status alerts about speed, idling time, odometer readings and other valuable metrics. The latest GO model runs on the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) for faster tracking and more accurate location data.

Geotab features collision detection, allowing users to receive instant updates in the event of an accident. By installing an optional add-on, users can offer drivers in-cab instructions and feedback on behaviors such as speeding or taking hard turns.

The MyGeotab software is where fleet managers can view driver data and vehicle analytic reports. The benchmarking function lets users compare the performance of one set of vehicles to another in a different location. Route optimization displays road closures and hazards, and helps drivers avoid them.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quote7-day free trial>Vehicle tracking
>Fuel tracking
>More features at Geotab

Pros & Cons of Geotab GPS Tracking Software
>Good plan selection
>Add-on store
>Developer SDK
>Possible tracking delays for Base and Pro
>Warranty for ProPlus only

GPS Trackit

GPS Trackit provides a number of fleet management solutions, including asset tracking, dash cam video telematics and trailer temperature monitoring. The company claims its software can help reduce labor costs and increase vehicle life span by 35%.

GPS Trackit supports geofencing and sends instant alerts when drivers go out of bounds. The software features an interactive map that displays vehicle locations and other useful metrics, such as fuel consumption and driver safety reports.

The company’s asset tracking system can be battery- or solar-powered. The device shows equipment location in the field and notifies users of unauthorized movement, which may help prevent damage or theft. Users can access alerts through email reports or the GPS Trackit mobile app.

GPS Trackit’s dash cameras are dual-facing and tamper-resistant. The dash cam can alert fleet managers to distracted drivers and provide footage in case of an accident.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$19.95/month30-day free trial>Vehicle tracking
>More features at GPS Trackit

Pros & Cons of GPS Trackit GPS Tracking Software
>Indefinite data storage
>Open API
>Unlimited users
>Extra charge for add-on features
>Limited support times


More than 100,000 customers in 123 countries have used GPSWOX as their tracking solution. The GPSWOX software works with any third-party tracking device and provides real-time location data for vehicles, assets and individuals.

The GPSWOX dashboard displays the position of every fleet vehicle on the map, as well as driver routes and activity reports. Users can capture still images or video while on the road via a connected dash cam.

Reports generated by the software include mileage, maintenance schedules, accidents and fault codes. Depending on the GPS tracking device, the software can create logs for DOT reporting, monitor driver hours for payroll and authorize drivers to use specific vehicles.

With the GPSWOX Mobile Client, fleet managers can view the status of jobs and assign tasks to drivers. Field data capture forms can also be designed and deployed via the Mobile Client. The app is free and available for iPhone and Android devices.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$2.99/month for Personal Tracking Account
$99/month for Fleet Tracking Software
$99/month for White Label Software
30-day free trial>Geofencing
>Vehicle and people tracking
>More features at GPSWOX

Pros & Cons of GPSWOX GPS Tracking Software
>Free setup and training
>24/7 live support
>White-labeled software
>No tutorials
>GPS tracker costs extra



KeepTruckin offers integrated and automated fleet management technology to fleets of all sizes. KeepTruckin’s next-generation technology brings everything a fleet does in a day across GPS tracking, ELD compliance, and driver safety into one powerful view.

High-frequency telematics data from its Vehicle Gateway (ELD), AI-powered Smart Dashcam, and solar-powered Asset Gateway automate tasks and improve efficiency across daily fleet operations. The platform helps fleets maximize productivity and serve their customers better.

Management can watch drivers, vehicles, trailers, and equipment move down the road in real-time, dispatch faster by locating the closest driver to a pickup location, optimize driver routes, and maximize daily productivity with real-time alerts. Fleets can also enhance customer service by sharing live locations containing accurate ETAs with third-parties, verifying timely delivery, or reviewing a driver’s breadcrumb trail for accurate billing or claim disputes related to time logged on-site.

This visibility is also available on-the-go through the KeepTruckin Fleet App. Managers can access their fleet’s operating data from anywhere, 24/7, without being tied to a desk.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom Quote30-day free trial>Vehicle tracking
>Trailer and equipment tracking
>ELD compliance
>More features at KeepTruckin

Pros & Cons of KeepTruckin GPS Tracking Software
>User-friendly product and resources
>App Marketplace
>Simple installation
>Additional fee for enterprise services
>Additional fee for integrations

Momentum IoT

Momentum IoT provides tracking solutions for construction, agriculture and a variety of other field services. The company’s Eagle 1 GPS trackers work in any type of vehicle, including trucks and trailers of all sizes.

Momentum features live tracking with breadcrumbs every 10 seconds, full trip history, and excessive idling alerts and reports. The dashboard presents a bird’s-eye view of all fleet vehicle locations on the map. Users can select any vehicle in the fleet to see its status and whether it’s stopped or in transit.

The software uses GPS telematics to provide alerts for speeding, fuel levels and low battery levels. Dispatchers can receive notifications when drivers arrive at a job site and provide customers with more accurate ETAs.

Assets can be tracked anywhere across the map. With the geofencing feature, users are alerted in real time whenever an asset enters or exits a custom-bound area.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$12/month/userDemo>Vehicle and asset tracking
>More features at Momentum IoT

Pros & Cons of Momentum IoT GPS Tracking Software
>Free to try
>Easy installation
>Uses Cat-M network
>No live support
>No integrations


Quartix is an all-in-one GPS solution that pairs live vehicle tracking with a fleet-management dashboard and reporting tools. The software is web-based with no installation required, so users can see a fleet’s status in real time from any internet-connected device.

The Google-powered map displays vehicle routes, stops and trip times. Users can select any waypoint on the map to view a vehicle’s direction and speed. The software stores all historical tracking data in the database, enabling users to see trip data over a period of time.

Quatrix includes a Driver League table, which ranks drivers based on overall trip time, average speed and general driving style. The daily briefing report displays acceleration and braking indices by the hour. Drivers can see their individual reports with the free mobile app.

The software allows for unlimited custom geofencing zones to keep drivers from leaving or entering prohibited areas. Alerts are sent instantly if a geofence rule is broken.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$14.90/month for Info Point
$18.90/month for Info Plus
$22.90/month for Info Plus & Driver ID
Demo>Speeding detection/alerts
>Vehicle and people tracking
>More features at Quatrix

Pros & Cons of Quatrix GPS Tracking Software
>Choice of installation method
>Excel exporting
>Downtime required for hardwired installation
>Info Point lacks some features

Rhino Fleet Tracking

Rhino Fleet Tracking offers tracking devices for fleets, trailers and many types of equipment. Battery- and solar-powered trackers are available, as well as devices that run on external power provided by a vehicle.

The Fleet Tracking software, powered by Google Maps, lets users see their fleet data on the all-in-one dashboard. Fleet managers can set up geofencing boundaries with alerts and set landmarks to pinpoint driver location in real time.

The software sends instant notifications if it detects after-hours vehicle usage, which can help discourage employees from driving them for personal use. Data such as speeding, long idling times and driver detours are displayed in reports on the dashboard.

Rhino Fleet Tracking includes a routing system that enables fleet managers to create and modify routes as needed for maximum efficiency. By pairing a dash cam with the software, users can see visual documentation of driver behavior, which may be used to prove fault if an accident occurs.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$16.95/monthDemo>Vehicle tracking
>Asset tracking
>More features at Rhino Fleet Tracking

Pros & Cons of Rhino Fleet Tracking GPS Software
>No contract
>Monthly discount available
>24/7 live support
>Fee for tracking devices
>No installation offered


Samsara is one of the biggest names in fleet tracking, with customers such as the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Agency (MBTA), Cowgirl Creamery and the city of Sacramento in California. The company provides tracking for vehicles and equipment, plus tools for driver safety and dispatch efficiency.

Samsara’s tracking software allows users to view a satellite feed of vehicles as they travel in real time. The software comes with a VG34 tracking gateway that can be installed within minutes. The gateway functions as a mobile hotspot and provides continuous connectivity.

Samsara users can create geofences and get notifications when unusual activity occurs. Drivers log their HOS and mileage with the free mobile app, which transmits data directly to the Samsara dashboard for fleet managers to view.

The company’s dash cams feature embedded AI and a g-force accelerometer to instantly recognize unsafe driver behavior. The camera warns drivers with an audible in-cab alert and uploads incident footage to the cloud for further review.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quote30-day free trial>Vehicle tracking
>Asset tracking
>More features at Samsara

Pros & Cons of Samsara GPS Tracking Software
>Strong support
>Many integrations supported
>5-year warranty for most hardware
>Limited warranty for some items
>Unclear pricing

US Fleet Tracking

US Fleet Tracking is a producer of GPS tracking hardware with a variety of fleet management solutions. The company’s latest tracker, the AT-V4, features a tamper-proof design and 4G LTE connectivity for the fastest data transmission speeds.

Fleet tracking is available on desktops, tablets and most mobile devices. The software provides ignition alerts when vehicles are started, plus notifications when drivers roam outside of service areas or enter a prohibited zone.

Fleet managers can identify aggressive driving and excessive idling on the dashboard. The software can be used to start or lock a vehicle remotely, and the kill switch function enables total shutdown in the event of a theft or emergency.

US Fleet Tracking integrates with the ExxonMobil Fleet Affinity fuel card, making it easier for users to keep track of fuel costs for drivers. The software also supports integration with many third-party service call applications.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$29.95/month/hardwire tracker for 10-second update
$39.95/month/hardwire tracker for 5-second update
7-day free trial>Reporting
>Asset and vehicle tracking
>More features at US Fleet Tracking

Pros & Cons of US Fleet Tracking GPS Tracking Software
>Video guides
>Live support
>No contract
>Live support not available 24/7
>Extra charge for battery-powered devices

Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect is the GPS tracking software of choice for Pepsi, Costco Wholesale and the city of San Jose. Aside from fleet tracking, the company offers tools for field service, compliance management and tracking for assets.

The fleet-tracking software gives a near real-time view of daily operations, including vehicle activity and diagnostics. Historical analytics are displayed via customizable dashboards, enabling users to view department trends and data for driver behavior.

Verizon Connect can track the location and usage data for thousands of high-value assets. The software supports scheduled maintenance reminders, as well as logs of service performed. Asset tracking devices are weatherproof and transmit over 3G or 4G networks.

One of the company’s major offerings is Reveal Field, an all-in-one package of tools for fleet tracking, scheduling and dispatching. Reveal Field allows agents to take service requests, send them instantly to technicians in the field and provide customers with an accurate ETA.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quote3-month free trial>Integrations
>Fuel tracking
>More features at Verizon Connect

Pros & Cons of Verizon Connect GPS Tracking Software
>Long trial period
>API integrations
>Account manager for Reveal Field
>Fleet tracking required for Reveal Field
>Pricing not clear

What Is GPS Tracking Software?

GPS tracking software is used by fleet managers, dispatchers and any business that needs to keep tabs on assets or vehicles. The software gives users a detailed picture of vehicle routes, driver activity, fuel consumption and much more.

Most GPS software packages come with a tracking device, while some can work with third-party hardware. Battery- and solar-powered tracking devices are ideal for assets without external power, such as unattended equipment at a job site. Trackers can also be hardwired to a vehicle for a more secure and permanent solution.

GPS software allows users to keep track of every vehicle in their fleet in near real time. Satellite maps display traffic, road hazards and potential detours, so users can help their drivers find the most optimal and efficient route.

GPS tracking software can also be used for theft prevention or unauthorized entrances using the geofencing feature. With geofencing, users create custom-bound areas on the map and set rules for allowing access or preventing vehicles from leaving the zone.

Many GPS tracking programs support pairing with a dash cam, allowing users to see everything the driver sees on the road. The best cameras are dual-facing and provide in-cab alerts to help reduce dangerous driver behavior.

Benefits of GPS Tracking Software

Your vehicles, drivers and assets are all vital to keeping your business running smoothly. GPS tracking software offers a variety of benefits and can help you:

  • Stay efficient: GPS software gives you a bird’s-eye view of your entire fleet, including trailer load capacity and real-time driver location. This data can help you pack trailers more efficiently and choose the best driver for the job.
  • Protect assets: Leaving valuable equipment unattended in the field doesn’t have to be an invitation for theft. GPS software notifies you when assets are turned on or moved without authorization. Stolen or abandoned equipment can be tracked quickly; the best software lets you lock and disable assets remotely.
  • Identify risky drivers: Most GPS tracking software can recognize dangerous behavior, such as speeding, swerving and hard braking. When paired with a dash cam, it can also pick up on driver fatigue and texting while driving. This invaluable feature helps prevent costly accidents.
  • Keep vehicles running their best: GPS software keeps track of regular maintenance schedules and can remind you when it’s time for an oil change, tire rotation or other service. Hardwired trackers also recognize vehicle error codes and alert you instantly, enabling you to fix problems before it’s too late.

Must-Have Features of GPS Tracking Software

Your business’s unique needs will determine the best GPS tracking software for you. When choosing software, though, ensure it offers features such as:

  • Geofencing: Geofence boundaries can protect your vehicles and assets even when you’re not around. Look for software that lets you create unlimited geofence zones of any shape and size.
  • Reporting: Good tracking software doesn’t just show you data in real time, it also stores logs for review whenever you need them. Ideally, software should enable you to create custom reports for specific data you’d like to track.
  • Fuel tracking: Fuel is a major expense, but GPS software may help you save money with usage tracking by the vehicle or driver. The best software can detect and alert you to potential fuel-wasting actions, such as extensive idling or driving vehicles too far off-route.
  • Driver behavior monitoring: Reckless driving can cause accidents and land your business in legal trouble. Choose software that notifies you when drivers are acting dangerously, allowing you to correct bad behavior or remove repeat offenders.
  • Dash cam support: A dash cam is invaluable for proving who’s at fault in an accident and can help shield you from expensive and time-consuming lawsuits. The ideal software will support dual-facing cameras with features such as in-cab alerts for distracted driving and road hazard notifications.

The Cost of GPS Tracking Software

Prices for GPS tracking software can vary considerably by company and the type of tracker used. In general, costs tend to range from $8 to $99 per month for each vehicle tracked, although costs can go as high as $1,125 per month in some cases.

Some companies roll the cost of the tracking device into the monthly subscription rate, while others charge a one-time fee per device. Hardwired trackers are usually more expensive than battery-operated devices and may cost $200 and up. Pricier models have extra features, such as more frequent location updates and 4G LTE support.

Basic subscription plans may only include GPS tracking, with an extra charge for driver reports, fuel tracking or third-party integrations. Dash cams must almost always be purchased separately and typically require a tracking subscription to use; an additional monthly fee may also apply.

Several companies offer free demos or trial periods of the software that can range from 1 week to 3 months. Some will ship a tracking device that’s free to try; customers can keep the device to continue service or return it if they wish to cancel.