10 Non-Techy Form Builders For Small Businesses

Katie Horne
Last Updated on October 21, 2020
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If you need to collect information from users online, the efficient way to do it is with a form. While you could generate one from scratch, there are many non-techy form builders on the market today.

Forum builders allow you to create the forms you need to capture the information you want and send it to a safe place for later review. These options are easy-to-use, and you will need minimal tech knowledge to use them.

Typeform and Google Forms are among the best-known options on the market today.

While you can’t go wrong with either, there are other choices available to you. The best form builder software for you depends on the types of forms you want to create, as well as how you plan to process and use the collected data.

10 Simple Form Builders for Small Businesses

Here are ten no sweat form builders that are ideal for personal and small business use. Some of these form builders will also prove to be ideal solutions for larger businesses.

 Free Version?Custom Designs?Hard-Coding Available?App IntegrationsCheapest Plan
TypeformYesYesYes100+ (public API also available)$30/month
Google FormsYesLimitedNoLimited (other products usually integrate with Google Forms)$20.00/month
Microsoft FormsNoNoNoLimited (offers a "connector" for integration)Comes with Office 365
HubSpot Form BuilderYesNoYesNone (HubSpot suite integrations only)Free
Gravity FormsNoYesYes40+$59.00/year
Cognito FormsYesYesYesLimited (via Zapier)$10.00/month
Zoho FormsNoYesYesLimited (integrable with popular service providers)$8.00/mo

Typeform: Advanced Templates For Engagement

typeform form builder

Typeform makes it easy for users to create forms and surveys (including sign-ups, online registration forms, straw polls, and more) to collect different data points from users.

There are numerous form templates you can use to get started (none of which require coding), and everything you create is mobile-friendly. Some of Typeform’s templates are so robust that you can use them to set up an online store (including calculating totals and accepting payments).

  • Free Version? Yes
  • Available Platforms? Web
  • Custom Designs Available? Yes
  • Hard-Coding Available? Yes
  • App Integrations: 100+ available, along with a publicly-accessible API
  • Web

JotForm: Robust Data Collection and Analytics

jotform form builder

JotForm is an online form builder that allows you to work with a variety of progressional-looking form templates that you can customize to match your branding. You’ll get an email notification for each response received.

More, you can collect online payments (e.g., donations, subscription fees) using Jotform. If you need a HIPAA compliant option, JotForm meets this requirement.

  • Free Version? Yes
  • Available Platforms? Web
  • Custom Designs Available? Yes
  • Hard-Coding Available? Yes
  • App Integrations: 60+ available

Google Forms: Drag-and-Drop Form Builder

google forms form builder

Google Forms provides a web-based way for you to collect user information — you can use it for things like online registration forms, surveys, and polls.

Though the forms are fairly customizable, you should know that you won’t have as much feature-wise as you would with another option featuring templates and a drag-and-drop editor. Google Forms collects all data and results, which can be viewed in its sister product, Google Sheets.

  • Free Version? Yes
  • Available Platforms? Web
  • Custom Designs Available? Yes, but limited compared to alternative options
  • Hard-Coding Available? No
  • App Integrations: Google Forms offers very few integrations itself, but many products will integrate with Forms

Microsoft Forms: Engagement Content and Analysis

microsoft forms form builder

Available with the Office 365 suites, Microsoft Forms is designed to make it easy for you to create polls, quizzes, surveys, and questionnaires, to name a few. Microsoft Forms comes with real-time automation features like scoring and built-in charts.

You can also export your data to Excel for additional data analysis features.

  • Free Version? No
  • Available Platforms? Web, Mobile
  • Custom Designs Available? No
  • Hard-Coding Available? No
  • App Integrations: Offers a Connector so you can integrate Forms with the product(s) of your choice

Hubspot Form Builder: An Lead Management Suite

hubspot form builder

HubSpot’s free online form builder allows you to create both custom and integrated forms using a web-based editor. The drag-and-drop form builder can be used to create forms both large and small — you don’t need to write a single line of code with this editor.

HubSpot’s forms are designed to be used on a landing page and to collect leads, but you can certainly use the product for other purposes as well. HubSpot also offers a free form plugin for WordPress users.

  • Free Version? Yes
  • Available Platforms? Web, Plugin
  • Custom Designs Available? No
  • Hard-Coding Available? Yes
  • App Integrations: None (though the full HubSpot suite integrates with many third-party apps and tools)

Gravity Forms: Drag-and-Drop WordPress Plugin

gravity forms form builder

Gravity Forms is a plugin for WordPress sites that allow you to build forms using the WordPress dashboard. It comes with a visual form editor that allows you to add or remove over 30+ fields with just a few clicks, as well as conditional logic to control who sees what fields.

Gravity Forms partners closely with HubSpot, so if you are using the latter for customer relationship management (CRM), you’ll find Gravity Forms to be a more robust version of HubSpot’s free form plugin.

  • Free Version? No
  • Available Platforms? Plugin
  • Custom Designs Available? Yes
  • Hard-Coding Available? Yes
  • App Integrations: 40+ integrations available, though the options available to you are based on the subscription plan you choose

Leadformly: Smart Analytics and Spam Blocker

leadformly form builder

Leadformly’s focus is to help you increase your conversion rates with well-designed and easy-to-use lead capture forms.

Leadformly focuses on providing users with a drag-and-drop editor that can be used to create interactive forms with intelligent features like validation, segmentation, spam blocker, and conditional logic. Leadformly offers a fairly niche product, but this means that its feature set is deep, not broad.

  • Free Version? No
  • Available Platforms? Web
  • Custom Designs Available? Yes
  • Hard-Coding Available? Yes
  • App Integrations: 1000+ integrations

Formstack: Built-In Payments and Templates

formstack form builder

Formstack is an online form builder and data collection tool that allows you to create online registration forms, surveys, lead generation forms, and more. You can also collect payments.

Formstack features a drag-and-drop form builder with hundreds of templates with which you can get started, though you are also welcome to customize your forms manually with CSS. If you have existing forms, you can import them for use with Formstack.

  • Free Version? No
  • Available Platforms? Web
  • Custom Designs Available? Yes
  • Hard-Coding Available? Yes
  • App Integrations: 40+ integrations

Cognito Forms: Direct Data Export and Entry Amendments

cognito form builder

Cognito Forms is an online form building tool (as well as a free form plugin for WordPress) that allows you to build both simple forms featuring just a few questions and advanced forms (including multi-page ones).

You can start from scratch, but most people opt to begin using one of the many templates available. In addition to things like basic contact forms, you’ll have access to specialty ones like “5k Sign Up” and “Holiday Party RSVP.”

You can also accept payments and create forms that are compliant with regulations like HIPAA.

  • Free Version? Yes
  • Available Platforms? Web, Plugin
  • Custom Designs Available? Yes
  • Hard-Coding Available? Yes
  • App Integrations: Relies on Zapier to facilitate integrations

Zoho Forms: 30+ Customizable Data Types

zoho form builder

Zoho Forms is designed to help you with all aspects of collecting data, from building the form itself to automating the workflows that handle the information you’ve collected. Zoho’s form builder supports over 30 different data types and features customizable themes and templates.

Zoho Forms can also be used to collect payments, perform calculations and conditional logic, and for user personalization. The built-in analytics tools mean that you don’t have to go elsewhere to see how well your forms are performing.

  • Free Version? No
  • Available Platforms? Web, Mobile, Plugin
  • Custom Designs Available? Yes
  • Hard-Coding Available? Yes
  • App Integrations: Limited (integrable with popular service providers)

What Makes A Worthwhile Online Form Builder?

There are many ways to increase visitor engagement besides forms, but they are one of the easiest and most necessary. So what makes a worthwhile online form builder varies based on your individual and business needs.

Generally speaking, look for one that is easy-to-use so that you don’t have to write any code: it should at least include a drag-and-drop editor and starting templates.

Other useful features could include ones that allow you to handle collected data, and integrate with any third-party tools you might need (e.g., Salesforce to manage customer contact information).

Typeform and Google Forms are some of the best-known options when it comes to form builders, but there are many viable alternatives as well.

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