The Best Fleet Management Software of 2021

Our fleet management software reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 100+ fleet management software companies from across the web. These reviews and our fleet management software guide help small businesses and startups find the best fleet management software for their business.

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How We Chose the Best Fleet Management Software

Are you looking for the best fleet management software for your business? There are many vendors offering fleet management solutions and touting a host of features and benefits, but do you choose the best one?

We set out to find the best fleet management software of 2020 based on what matters most to many fleet operators. We based our research on the following criteria:

Fleet Scheduling

Both small and large companies benefit from fleet management software that helps them easily view driver and truck availability. The best fleet management software will also help them schedule dispatch assignments.

Fleet Tracking

It’s important for fleet management software to track fuel usage, offer route optimization, and track delivery status in real time. The ability to store preventive maintenance records and to issue reminder alerts on insurance renewals and repairs are also major benefits for maintaining a fleet of delivery vehicles.


Companies need robust reporting tools to show the data on employee performance, fuel consumption, and overall costs. Fleet management software helps them identify issues in their operations and analyze driver behavior.

The 20 Best Fleet Tracking Software of 2021

CompanyPriceFree Trial / DemoMore
DIRECTOR Fleet SoftwareCustom QuoteDemoVisit DIRECTOR Fleet Software
Dossier Fleet Maintenance$1500 one-time payment per userFree TrialVisit Dossier Fleet Maintenance
EROAD$35 per monthFree TrialVisit EROAD
Fleetio$25 per monthFree TrialVisit Fleetio
FleetLocateCustom QuoteNoneVisit FleetLocate
FleetMind$35 per monthFree VersionVisit FleetMind
GeotabCustom QuoteDemoVisit Geotab
GPS Insight$14.95 per monthDemoVisit GPS Insight
GPSWOX$2440 for Lifetime; unlimited options
$290 per month for 1-1000 projects
$199 per month for 1-500 objects
$99/month for 1-100 objects
Free TrialVisit GPSWOX
GreenRoad$12 per month per userFree TrialVisit GreenRoad
Locus TrackIQCustom QuoteNoneVisit Locus TrackIQ
Manhattan CarrierCustom QuoteDemoVisit Manhattan Carrier
Momentum IoT$12 per month per userFree TrialVisit Momentum IoT
Odoo$20 per month per userFree TrialVisit Odoo
Quartix$14.99 per monthDemoVisit Quartix
SamsaraCustom QuoteFree TrialVisit Samsara
TelogisCustom QuoteDemoVisit Telogis
Whip AroundCustom QuoteDemoVisit Whip Around
WorkWave$59 per month per userNoneVisit WorkWave
Zubie$12 per month per userFree TrialVisit Zubie

DIRECTOR Fleet Software

DIRECTOR Fleet Software is a product of TeletracNavman that helps businesses keep track of their vehicles and assets by relaying real-time information through an active GPS and a Prism onboard data recorder.

Its features include:

  • Real-time visibility that allows you to monitor the activity of your vehicles in specific geographical locations
  • Geofencing tools that can allow you to track the behaviors of your fleet around a particular area
  • An automated fleet management system that reduces the downtime in sending information between the office and the fleet, thus ensuring your team is productive

The fleet management software makes use of highly reliable geofencing tools to provide reliable and real-time status updates of the vehicles in your fleet.

DIRECTOR Fleet Software comes as a web-based, cloud, or SaaS platform. As a first-time user, you can start with a free demo. For any inquiries, you can contact the 24-hour live support.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Custom QuoteFree Demo>Maintenance and fuel management
>Compliance solutions
>Mileage tracking
>More features at Director Fleet Software

Pros & Cons of Director Fleet Software
The software is made for use by small businesses, medium-sized businesses and large enterprises. A free demo is available, and clients can request custom quotes to ensure they pay only for the features needed. An added benefit is that it allows connection to third-party applications. The vendor doesn’t offer a free platform.

>Free demo
>Can connect to third-party applications
>Can work for any size business
>Price of the software is not fixed

What Customers Are Saying
Customers appreciate the tracking software’s efficiency, with one stating, “Great tracking software if you are in need of tracking fleet vehicles. You can easily find the location of your vehicles and track their daily routes.”

Dossier Fleet Maintenance

Dossier is a fleet management software offering fleet maintenance services for more than 40 years. Its main goal is to allow real-time tracking of fleet assets through simple and accurate record-keeping.

Its salient features include:

  • Daily dashboard reminders that provide you with insight on the status of your fleet assets
  • Ability to track fuel consumption, costs, and vehicle performance
  • Management and control of warranty renewals and costs

Dossier Fleet Maintenance boasts a considerable collection of other benefits, including automatic scheduled driver license renewals, CDL certificates, and compliance with all DOT and OSHA regulations.

Dossier Fleet Maintenance doesn’t have a free version. The price of the fleet maintenance software begins at $1500 as a payment for one user. The vendor also offers a free trial.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
$1,500Free Trial>Fuel and maintenance management
>Incident reporting
>Work order management
>More features at Dossier Fleet Maintenance

Pros & Cons of Dossier Fleet Maintenance Fleet Management Software
Dossier Fleet Maintenance software makes your work easy through an impeccable and accurate bookkeeping process. The software is easy to use. There is ready information to learn how it works, and an incredible team is always prepared to help if you face any challenges understanding or implementing the system. Tracking information is simple since real-time data is flowing in the dashboard. Off-site training is quite costly.

>Free trial
>Highly flexible and capable of running several departments on the same platform
>Has an excellent support team that’s always ready to help
>Off-site training is quite costly

What Customers Are Saying
Clients using the software appreciate it for its simplicity and accuracy. One client highlights that “Reports in Dossier are usable and accurate.”


EROAD is a cloud-based software that can help you monitor your fleet management operations, simplify the safety and ELD compliance, manage your drivers, increase your tax reporting and IRP efficiency, and, above all, improve your fleet’s health.

Its features include:

  • Tools for automatic data capture, reporting taxes and audits, and sending real-time notifications
  • Integration with an electronic logging device (ELD) that can be installed in vehicles to capture data by automatically synchronizing with the engine
  • Tools that can help with managing electronic taxes and reporting tax returns

There are several other benefits that the EROAD fleet management software facilitates, including vehicle maintenance tracking, satellite map tracking, driver behavior tracking, and fleet optimization.

The pricing of the software starts at $35 per month. Although it doesn’t have a free version, you can enjoy a free trial to see whether it’s ideal for your operations before subscribing to its paid model.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
$35 per monthFree Trial>VIN lookup
>Reporting and analytics
>Compliance solutions
>More features at EROAD

Pros & Cons of EROAD Fleet Management Software
EROAD ensures that you operate your fleet with confidence by seeing to it that your fleet is efficiently managed, your taxes are filed with ease, and you receive accurate real-time notifications about all your vehicles. The software is easy to use and helps you make quick decisions in a fast-paced environment.

The data collected is accurate and reliable as it’s updated every second, minimizing any unnecessary cost implications for your business. It is then confidentially stored and secured in the cloud server.

>Helps to ensure you’re tax-compliant
>Easy to use and operate
>Receives accurate real-time notification from the integrated hardware
>Software is only cloud-based; it can’t be installed

What Customers Are Saying
EROAD is rated as one of the most popular fleet management software in the market. Customers using the product have left comments like “It’s a great deal simpler to use than any of the 30 other ELDs we tested.”


Fleetio is a cloud-based fleet management system that can help you manage and track every aspect of your fleet. It’s ideal for any business size and aims to reduce the complexities associated with manual fleet management by automating almost all processes.

Its core features include:

  • The Fleetio Go App to allow users to manage their fleet remotely
  • Efficient fuel management, since the system makes real-time updates after a fuel transaction
  • VIN decoding that eliminates the need for manual entry of vehicle details

Fleetio Fleet Management Software doesn’t just collect data about your fleet for storage. It’s a platform where everyone from your team can interact and use the tools available to proactively manage your fleet business. Notifications are immediate and fully automated.

Fleetio does not have a free version, and its pricing starts at $75 per month. A free trial is available to customers who would like to sample the product first.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
$25 per monthFree Trial>Incident reporting
>Third-party integration
>Fuel and maintenance management
>More features at Fleetio

Pros & Cons of Fleetio Fleet Management Software
Fleetio ensures you can manage your fleet remotely with intuitive web applications or mobile applications. The platform supports unlimited users and has features that allow the entire team to communicate in real time.

The workflow process is therefore automated from end to end. Though many users find Fleetio to be very user-friendly, it doesn’t offer GPS tracking.

>Can manage your fleet remotely
>Everything is automated, eliminating the need for manual data entry
>Receives accurate real-time notification from the integrated hardware
>No GPS tracking

What Customers Are Saying
Customers using the product have left comments like “It has been amazing. The software is really easy to use, and the support staff is quick to help when you get stuck.”


FleetLocate is a web- and mobile-based solution that can help you streamline your fleet operations through a GPS tracking system. Users can make informed decisions from the real-time data collected from the monitoring of their fleet assets.

Its features include:

  • Around-the-clock vehicle monitoring using GPS and using the data for vehicle improvement
  • Smart trailer and asset tracking to help in the business automation
  • Driver productivity tracking and behavior monitoring
  • A driver-friendly HOS

The real-time data about your drivers and fleet provided by FleetLocate is reliable. You can use the information to make smart business decisions that affect your profits positively. The software is easy to use for both drivers and managers.

FleetLocate doesn’t have a free version or a free trial. To get more details about the pricing, you have to contact the vendor.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Custom QuoteNone>Work order management
>Dispatch management
>GPS and mileage tracking
>More features at FleetLocate

Pros & Cons of FleetLocate Fleet Management Software
FleetLocate software is meant to serve small to mid-sized businesses. One top goal of the platform is to increase the productivity of fleet operations. The software is easy to use both on desktop and mobile.

Even though it does not provide a free trial, most users find the software cost-efficient and worth the value.

>Software is easy to use
>Useful in tracking assets
>Helps to save on fuel and overall operational costs
>Doesn’t offer a free trial

What Customers Are Saying
FleetLocate users are optimistic about the software and the customer service in place. One such client claims, “My coworkers and myself don’t feel like we are being talked down to when we call in to ask questions. Everyone tries to make sure issues are solved in a one call resolution.”


FleetMind Solutions is a web- and mobile-based solution that can help you streamline your fleet operations through a GPS tracking system. It helps to enforce fleet productivity and efficiency.

Its features include:

  • FleetLink mobile solutions to automate data recording of activities in the vehicle fleet
  • In-vehicle computers to measure the efficiency and accuracy of item pickups and delivery
  • Driver productivity tracking and behavior monitoring
  • Boosting customer service levels

There are several other benefits that the FleetMind software carries, including promoting driver efficiency and experience. It also tracks down fuel consumption and mileage to help find ways to minimize expenditures.

FleetMind doesn’t have a free version. Its starting cost is $12 per month per user. It does have a free trial that can introduce you to the features you expect to use so that you can figure out if they can be beneficial to your business.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
$12 per month per userFree Trial>Incident reporting
>Route optimization
>Work order management
>More features at FleetMind

Pros & Cons of FleetMind
FleetMind works with FleetLink mobile products. It offers full fleet visibility, improves customer experience, monitors fleet health, and increases profitability.

>Software is easy to use
>Useful in tracking assets
>Helps to save on fuel and overall operational costs
>Does not offer a free trial

What Customers Are Saying
FleetMind users are optimistic about the software and the customer support provided. One client states, “We selected FleetMind as our onboard solution after conducting an exhaustive search of options. FleetMind was the only provider that could offer us both the low operating cost and simple ease of use design.”


Geotab is a leading provider of high-quality telematics technology to many businesses and fleet tracking providers. Its hardware and software are best suited for companies of all sizes that are scaling their operations.

Its features include:

  • Around-the-clock vehicle monitoring using GPS and other tools
  • Robust hardware and software that can meet the needs of any fleet, no matter the size
  • Promoting driver safety through an in-vehicle driver feedback system that coaches the driver on the road
  • A driver-friendly HOS

Geotab does not address pricing on its website. To get more details about pricing, you have to contact a reseller as Geotab’s products are sold through a network of authorized resellers. However, it has a free demo that can help you determine if the software is what you need for your unique operations.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Custom QuoteFree Demo>Fuel and maintenance management
>Mileage tracking
>Dispatch management
>More features at Geotab

Pros & Cons of Geotab
Geotab’s software is a reliable platform for business owners. It may not be as intuitive as other software solutions in the market, but it provides a great map and dashboard to track and analyze your fleet. However, pricing isn’t straightforward as customers have to request for quotes.

>Reliable platform
>Map and dashboard help in tracking and analysis
>Must contact reseller for pricing

What Customers Are Saying
If you’re looking for result-oriented software, then Geotab may be what you need. Numerous users appreciate its efficiency and delivery of actionable results. One client claims, “We were able to become compliant with the new E-Log mandate using Geotab as well as drive a safer fleet with employees that understood accountability was inevitable every time they got behind the wheel.”

GPS Insight

GPS Insight is a fleet tracking software that offers vehicle and asset tracking solutions to businesses of any kind and size.

Some of its features include:

  • Tools for monitoring and dispatching vehicles
  • Providing real-time and historical fleet data that helps improve efficiency
  • Monitoring driver behavior
  • Management of fuel and labor costs

GPS Insight has a tracking solution that’s superior to other options in the market today. The tracking software is easy to use and can integrate with any fleet management business and help it thrive.

The software also reduces the time you spend managing drivers, reducing fuel waste, and increasing customer satisfaction.

GPS Insight offers monthly pricing that starts at $14.95. Although it doesn’t have a free version, it offers a free demonstration to help you learn more about the software.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
$14.95 per monthFree Trial>Work order management
>Compliance tracking
>Maintenance and fuel
>More features at GPS Insight

Pros & Cons of GPS Insight
GPS Insight helps companies reduce fuel wastage and spend less time looking after drivers and more time satisfying clients. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. However, the software lacks incident reporting tools like most other software on this list.

>Application is user-friendly
>It helps to reduce fuel wastage
>Simple to use and provides real-time data
>The software lacks incident reporting and VIN lookup features

What Customers Are Saying
Most of the insights given by GPS Insights are positive sentiments about the platform. One client claims, “Overall, this software is the best I have worked with. Gives you a complete picture of your fleet.”


GPSWOX is one of the leading GPS fleet tracking and management software that you can access from anywhere, at any time. It allows you to track and manage an unlimited number of vehicles in real time, get specific notifications, and generate reports.

Some of its features include:

  • Integrating your fleets with online maps to provide a detailed location of your vehicles
  • Program is designed to work with both Android and iOS platforms
  • Cloud-based solution supports various types of sensors or modern trackers

The software has several payment options. You can start with a monthly fee of $99 for tracking no more than 100 objects.

For up to 500 objects, you have to pay about $199 per month, and one thousand items requires about $290 per month. You can also choose a one-time lifetime option of $2440 to cover an unlimited number of objects.

The software offers a 30-day free trial to help you determine if it’s best suited for your business operations.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
$2,440 for Lifetime; unlimited objects
$290/month for 1-1000 objects
$199/month for 1-500 objects
$99/month for 1-100 objects
Free Trial>Mileage tracking
>Dispatch and maintenance management
>Work order management
>More features at GPSWOX

Pros & Cons of GPSWOX Fleet Management Software
The GPSWOX mobile app can send you a notification or an SMS if your vehicles reach a particular area, drive over the speed limit, or make more stops than usual. It can help protect your cargo from theft and increase the efficiency of your fleet management.

>Manage your fleet in real time
>Protect your fleet and cargo from theft
>Increase the efficiency of your fleet
>Lacks compliance solutions

What Customers Are Saying
GPSWOX has many positives, according to users. One client had this to say: “GPSWOX support guys are trustworthy and reliable. They provide excellent customer service, along with powerful software.”


GreenRoad Solutions is a top driver behavior tech company that provides fleet management services, driver safety, and compliance services.

Some of its features include:

  • Providing real-time feedback to both the driver and the operator assessing the driving behavior
  • Metric that measures the drivers’ performance, encouraging them to drive even better
  • Live tracking and resource allocation feature helps promote operational efficiency
  • Ensuring a business remains compliant with regulatory policies
  • Keeping a record of safety scores, updating improvements over time

GreenRoad’s quest to ensure driver safety stands out among the other fleet management software in the market.

The starting price for GreenRoad is a monthly fee of $12 per user. The software also offers a free trial that you can schedule on the vendor’s website.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
$12 per month per userFree Trial>Third-party integrations
>Incident reporting
>Analytics and reporting
>More features at GreenRoad

Pros & Cons of GreenRoad Fleet Management Software
If you’re looking to cut down on fleet in your daily fleet expenses, GreenRoad may be the right software choice for your business. The fleet management solution also helps users make better business decisions with clean and actionable data and reporting and analytic tools. The software emphasizes the drivers’ safety and can help reduce the number of accidents involving your fleet. Sometimes the tracking information is not up to date.

>Software emphasizes drivers' safety
>Helps to reduce the number of accidents through training drivers
>Simple to use and provides real-time data
>No work order management

What Customers Are Saying
The platform’s overall ratings online are positive, with most clients complimenting its ease of use and performance. One says, “Onboard driver learning technology to help improve driver performances and reduce incidents.”

Locus TrackIQ
Locus TrackIQ is a cloud-based fleet management software catering to medium and large-sized businesses and focusing on automating route planning and scheduling.

Its features include:

  • Optimizing routes through the use of artificial intelligence
  • Reducing service delays by turning your clients’ addresses into recognizable locations
  • Open API to allow other platforms to integrate with it

Locus TrackIQ costs vary per customer. It does not have a free trial or demo.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Custom QuoteNone>Mileage tracking
>Dispatch management
>Route optimization
>More features at Locus TrackIQ

Pros & Cons of Locus TrackIQ Fleet Management Software
Locus TrackIQ doesn’t allow anyone apart from your staff to confirm an order or service’s completion, helping prevent employee fraud.

Moreover, the software generates in-depth reports that can help you analyze how your business is faring to identify all ways of increasing profits.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the software since it’s quite costly. A free trial is also not available.

>Software helps users generate profits
>Useful in tracking assets
>Helps prevent cases of employee theft or fraud
>Doesn’t offer a free trial

What Customers Are Saying
Locus TrackIQ users are optimistic about the software and the benefits it has to their business. One client claims, “Locus provides us with automated route plans in no time that ensure that customers get their orders on their preferred time slots. It also suggests the best fleet combination after considering real-world constraints like traffic conditions and route restrictions. Another benefit for us has been the increase in vehicle space utilization, which has resulted in reduced freight costs.”

Manhattan Carrier

Manhattan Carrier is a robust fleet management solution that supports all transportation functions across all modes and the entire logistics network, including private fleet and standard carrier management.

Its features include:

  • Ensuring compliance with government regulations
  • Optimization of yard operations since it gives you a clear view of the inbound and outbound flow of goods
  • Helping to boost fleet efficiency and focus on safety and compliance
  • Supporting drivers with their communication and dispatch
  • Providing real-time data on your fleet

The software can help increase your efficiency and productivity while lowering the overall transportation cost and ensuring you’re compliant with all government regulations.

Manhattan Carrier doesn’t have a free version, but it does offer a free demo. To get more details about the pricing, you have to contact the vendor.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Custom QuoteDemo>Analytics and reporting
>Fuel and maintenance management
>Dispatch management and route optimization
>More features at Manhattan Carrier

Pros & Cons of Manhattan Carrier Fleet Management Software
With high customer demand for faster deliveries, Manhattan Carrier stands at a superior level of satisfying your clients’ needs. The software helps improve the flexibility of fleet operations, thereby reducing shipping costs. It also provides operations transparency.

>Provides operational transparency
>Helps reduce the cost of shipping
>Improves the flexibility of operations
>Pricing is only available via custom quotes

What Customers Are Saying
Manhattan Carrier is an impressive fleet management software with one of the best ratings online. When one client was asked what they like about it, they stated, “The fact that on one screen you can get all the information needed to tell you everything that is going on within your fleet.”

Momentum IoT

Momentum IoT is the go-to fleet management system for small or medium-sized businesses with three or more vehicles.

Some of its features include:

  • Web-based platform that allows users to view all their fleet in real time from a desktop or mobile device
  • Real-time reports via text messages, emails, or in-app notifications
  • GPS telematics that let you monitor the operating performance of your vehicles and determine the health of your fleet
  • Included simple-to-install-and-use fleet GPS tracker — you only need to plug it into your vehicle’s diagnostic port and you’re good to go

Momentum IoT’s starting price is $12 per month per user without any hardware cost. It also has a free trial period that you can use to gauge its usefulness for your business.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
$12 per month per userFree Trial>Mileage and GPS tracking
>Maintenance management
>Analytics and reporting
>More features at Momentum IoT

Pros & Cons of Momentum IoT Fleet Management Software
Momentum IoT is easy to install and has excellent connectivity. Tracking your vehicles can be quite an easy task since the dashboard is not complicated. If you require any assistance, there’s a support team on hand ready to answer all your questions. However, users note that the tracking device can drain the vehicle when it’s not operational.

>Eagle tracking devices are highly secure with an end-to-end encryption
>GPS telematics can help fleet managers reduce operating costs
>Simple to use and provides real-time data
>No compliance solutions

What Customers Are Saying
Most Momentum IoT users only have positive thoughts to share about the platform. One client shares that “I can tell where my drivers are, and if I have an emergency, I can see who the closest driver to take care of it is.”


Odoo is a fully integrated and customizable open-source software consisting of several business operations. It’s one of the software packages that focuses on managing huge fleets of vehicles, keeping records of all transactions, and facilitating communication between all relevant parties.

Its features include:

  • Monitoring vehicles and using the data for vehicle improvement
  • Fuel consumption monitoring to see whether drivers are misusing fuel
  • Allowing integration with other platforms to increase operational efficiency
  • Keeping track of all costs and creating graphical reports for detailed analysis

Odoo’s software allows you to manage your vehicle fleet in a very concise and accurate manner. Its configuration module allows you to keep a record of contracts, vehicle tags, and the make and model of all vehicles in your fleet.

The starting cost of Odoo fleet management software is $20 per month per user. The vendor offers a free trial.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
$20 per month per userFree Trial>Fuel management
>VIN lookup
>Analytics and reporting
>More features at Odoo Fleet

Pros & Cons of Odoo Fleet Management Software
Odoo is one of the most exciting software you may want to use. It has a well-thought-out framework and an elegant design. It’s also straightforward to implement and train your teams on its usage. It allows for vast customization opportunities, but customization is slow on Github.

Before you use it, you can try out the free trial to give you an idea of what to expect from the software.

>Easy to set up and use
>Vast customization opportunities
>Compatible with all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
>No route optimization

What Customers Are Saying
Anyone who likes open source applications will surely appreciate working with Odoo. One user had this to say about the software: “Overall, it’s good for some businesses, very effective where you have your development team. Mostly every business/ERP aspect is available.”


Quartix is one of the most affordable fleet management software in the market today. It caters to businesses across industries such as building and construction, transportation, and security.

Its features include:

  • Tracking the position of your fleet and providing you with live information
  • Providing real-time alerts once a vehicle makes any unnecessary movements
  • Ensuring all vehicle maintenance is up to date
  • Allowing you to monitor individual drivers with the help of a personalized driver ID

Quartix analyzes your data and generates simple-to-use reports that can be accessed online. With live tracking, geofencing and driver timesheets, fleet managers can make the necessary changes to improve operations.

The software’s starting cost is $14.99 per month. Quartix doesn’t have a free version. However, it offers a free trial that can help you gauge if the software has the right features for your business.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
$14.99 per monthDemo>Dispatch and maintenance management
>Third-party integrations
>Analytics and reporting
>More features at Quartix

Pros & Cons of Quartix Fleet Management Software
Quartix is an online vehicle tracking solution suitable for smartphones and tablets. Quartix’s flexible system is excellent for businesses on the go.

Even with a low price tag, its features ensure you’re equipped with a high-quality, high-impact fleet management system. Quartix’s user-friendliness makes it easy for you to update your clients continually. However, it doesn’t offer a free trial.

>Incredible customer service
>Reports are simple to use and can be easily accessed online
>No free trial available

What Customers Are Saying
One client claims, “Great software which allows the company to track and monitor company car drivers and their driving skills.”


Samsara is one of the leading cloud-based fleet tracking software designed to help small and middle-sized businesses. The Internet of Things (IoT) solution uses hardware, software, and the cloud to provide you with real-time visibility of your business operations and analytics.

Some of its features include:

  • Open APIs that allow for the integration of other software to the fleet management system
  • Internet-connected cameras that enable you to keep an eye on your drivers
  • Electronic logging device to ensure accurate HOS are met
  • Intuitive app for the driver to capture delivery receipts, fuel receipts, and other bills

The Samsara fleet management software is highly efficient and has a comprehensive ability to analyze fleet performance and provide regular customizable reports through text or email.

Samsara has no starting price. You have to contact the vendor to find out its pricing packages. However, a 30-day free trial is available for users looking to sample its features before subscribing to a paid package.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Custom QuoteFree Trial>Fuel and dispatch management
>Incident reporting
>Compliance solutions
>More features at Samsara

Pros & Cons of Samsara
Samsara is the software you want to get if you wish to get tech aid with your business operations. The software ensures you can manage your entire fleet and drivers and guarantees that you meet all safety regulations and DOT compliance requirements.

>Keeps track of your fuel efficiency
>Simple to use and provides real-time data
>Tech support is available
>No fixed pricing

What Customers Are Saying
In general, clients pour huge praise on the software for its functionality and reliability, with one client saying, “We looked at everything, and Samsara is hands-down the best system to use for ELD compliance and making my fleet run as efficiently as possible.”


Telogis is a fleet management software made specifically for fleet carriers and mobile workforces. It delivers solutions that increase fleet productivity and efficiency and enforce safety.

Some of its features include:

  • Ability to view all fleets from one screen and zoom in on one vehicle with speed
  • App that can help fleet supervisors locate and contact nearby teams
  • Independent hardware and a wireless platform
  • Satellite imagery for vehicle tracking

Telogis helps you gain valuable business insight with its real-time alerts. You can set your own rules and immediately receive notifications of violations when those rules are broken. By doing so, you can control your business without spending a lot of time poring over reports or clicking on maps.

Telogis does not list its starting price. However, it has a demo that allows you to assess if the software is suitable for use in your business.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Custom QuoteDemo>Compliance solutions
>Work order management
>Analytics and reporting
>More features at Telogis

Pros & Cons of Telogis Fleet Management Software
Telogis handles every aspect of your business, from keeping track of your drivers to scheduling vehicle maintenance. It also allows you to communicate with your drivers and every member of the workforce. The application is user-friendly and works well, even in remote locations.

>Easy to navigate the maps and functions
>Works well even in remote locations
>Does not list its price

>No free trial

What Customers Are Saying
Telogis users only have positive sentiments to share about the software. One client claims, “I have been a long-time customer. I have looked at other products, and none have been at all in comparison for quality and user-friendliness.”

Whip Around

Whip Around is a cloud-based fleet management system that helps fleet and asset managers prevent unnecessary repairs and control vehicle maintenance and inspections.

Some of its features include:

  • Mobile applications that support an offline mode, allowing inspectors to keep working even without internet
  • Digital report storage, preventing missing reports
  • Powerful report search bar that pulls out any report within seconds

The cloud-based software allows drivers to inspect vehicles from their smartphones, with dedicated applications for Android and iOS devices.

Whip Around has two payment options. The first is a free basic plan accessible by only one user and covering only one vehicle. The second is a standard plan for about $8 per month. The second option covers five assets and above and can hold an unlimited number of users.

It also offers a demo that you can use to tell if the software is right for your business operations.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Custom QuoteDemo>Third-party integrations
>Incident reporting
>Maintenance management
>More features at Whip Around

Pros & Cons of Whip Around Fleet Management Software
The tool can create, schedule, and track usage-based maintenance tasks and send alerts to drivers or mechanics. Users can rely on the software to avoid unnecessary fines and violations. It automates all manual processes and helps increase fleet efficiency and the resale value of vehicles. Unfortunately, there’s no free trial available.

>An increase in vehicle uptime
>Helps your business avoid unnecessary fines and violations
>Eliminates the need for papers and spreadsheets
>No free trial

What Customers Are Saying
Whip Around has provided immense value to many businesses. There are numerous positive reviews, with one claiming, “By using Whip Around, what we’re able to do is collect data that we need and respond to that.”


WokWave is a cloud-based, mobile-ready fleet management software that helps field service companies manage their entire business operations, from dispatching and routing to marketing, back-office operations and payments.

Its features include:

  • Coordinating customers’ delivery requests and the daily routing schedules of fleet drivers
  • Precision GPS technology used to manage the fleet’s field operations in real time
  • Driver productivity tracking and behavior monitoring
  • The WorkWave Route Manager API allows seamless connections to many other relevant software platforms

The starting price for WorkWave is $59 per month per user. The software does not provide a free trial.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
$59 per month per userNone>Route optimization
>Maintenance and dispatch management
>Third-party integrations
>More features at WorkWave

Pros & Cons of WorkWave Fleet Management Software
WorkWave is a mobile-friendly software. You can access reports and track your fleet vehicles from your mobile phone or tablet. Users get real-time information since the data refreshes every 20 seconds. Fleet managers can also benefit from the software’s ability to monitor driver behavior. However, a free trial isn’t available for users who would like to test the software first.

>Provides real-time notifications
>Helps prevent accidents by monitoring drivers
>Does not offer a free trial

What Customers Are Saying
One happy user states, “In a nutshell, it’ll start saving on our fuel and fleet maintenance costs while streamlining many back-office processes, allowing them to focus on more income-generating tasks.”


Zubie is a simple fleet management software that can help you raise your fleet productivity and increase driver safety.

Its features include:

  • Real-time GPS tracking of the entire fleet’s position
  • Tools to ensure you’re compliant with all governing regulations
  • Open APIs for integration with other apps
  • Automating all manual fleet management processes
  • Regularly monitoring the state of your fleet health

Once you plug in a Zubie onboard device, drivers can quickly access telematics reported to the web application. It has a simple and intuitive user interface that’s more than visually appealing.

The starting price of the software is $12 per month per user. Zubie does not have a free version. However, it offers a free trial that can help you gauge if the software is appropriate for your business before enrolling in its paid packages.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
$12 per month per userFree Trial>Fuel and maintenance management
>Third-party integrations
>VIN lookup
>More features at Zubie

Pros & Cons of Zubie Fleet Management Software
Zubie makes it easy for you to view and manage your vehicle fleet thanks to its simple UI and a host of features. The dashboard allows you to have an all-clear view of your cars’ location and their health, all on the same screen.

The software is also one of the easiest-to-learn. However, it lacks core features such as compliance solutions, work order management, and route optimization, which most competitors possess.

>Easy to set up, learn, and use
>Very detailed
>Has a user-friendly interface
>Lacks features such as compliance solutions, work order management, and route optimization

What Customers Are Saying
Zubie users find the software to be pretty impressive, with a majority of them enjoying the services. One client claims, “Overall, Zubie does exactly what I want it to. It tracks my vehicles and allows me to see where everyone is in real time.”

What Is Fleet Management Software?

Improving fleet efficiency is one of the biggest challenges that fleet managers, business owners, and dispatchers face. Tracking and managing a large fleet in real time can be a nightmare due to the confusion and workloads involved.

Fleet management software is just what you need to ease the workload. These specially designed tools provide real-time information about a fleet, including location, fuel usage, driver behavior, regulatory compliance, vehicle health, and potential risks.

While managing 3 to 5 vehicles may not seem like a challenging task for a fleet manager, it can become overwhelming if you’re dealing with thousands of cars. A good fleet management software can access real-time data for all your vehicles and present it in an easy-to-understand manner. This information includes driver details, driving routes, schedules, idle time, and vehicle speed. The software also keeps track of all vehicle maintenance issues and the state of licensing and insurance.

Fleet management tools are not just for large organizations with vast fleets. The size of your company or the number of cars you own doesn’t matter. You can still make use of fleet management software and enjoy the same benefits.

Benefits of Using Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software helps your business on several fronts, including:

  • Improving customer service.If you’re using the software, your clients can track you down faster by searching for the nearest driver to their location. This results in a faster response time. Moreover, the software-generated routes are more likely to reduce the time spent on the road. You can also send notifications to your customers on the driver’s ETA to keep them from worrying.
  • Automating manual tasks. Inputting data traditionally tends to take a lot of time and effort that could be used to do something more valuable. A fleet management software automates tasks such as calling drivers, recording and organizing fuel receipts, and providing proof of delivery.
  • Increasing profitability. When operating a large fleet of vehicles, you can spend a lot on vehicle operations if you’re not careful. Fleet management software can help you lower your expenses by preventing vehicle malfunction, deterring vehicle misuse, and reducing fuel consumption.

Must-Have Features for Fleet Management Software

Not every software in the market carries the same features. As such, not all software may provide you with the results you want. If you want to fully benefit from good fleet management software, consider investing in software with the following features:

  • GPS tracking. Tracking the location of your vehicle in real time is the topmost priority for a fleet management software. Initially, it was the norm to call the driver to find their location, then transfer the news to the client. However, fleet management software automates the process and sends live notifications to all interested parties.
  • Driver communication. One major problem facing many fleet companies is poor communication between the drivers and the office. Without a streamlined communication channel, it may not be easy to coordinate or track the history of a conversation. A good fleet management software should allow for instant messaging and make it possible to track and retrieve past messages.
  • Fuel and vehicle use. The most significant vehicle expense is fuel. A good fleet management software should help minimize the amount you spend to manage this expense. The software should allow you to gauge if a driver is wasting fuel or using it wisely.
  • Vehicle diagnostics. Vehicle breakdowns are bad for business and can even lead to expensive lawsuits if a client incurs huge losses due to the inconvenience. The best way to avoid such occurrences is by constantly monitoring your vehicle’s health. Ideally, you want a fleet management software with a vehicle diagnostic feature to update you when any issue arises and warn you of potential problems.

The Cost of Fleet Management Software

While some software may be similar in nearly everything, the prices are never the same. Some of the factors that contribute to this difference include the vendor, size of your fleet, software version, and number of users. Typically, the software’s price ranges between $10 and $290 per month. If you opt for software with a one-off payment, you can get one for as high as $,8000.

The price may also change depending on the size of your business and the packages offered. However, bear in mind that if you want to get a reasonable price, the best thing is to speak to a vendor for a custom quote.

If you don’t want to buy software, you can choose to lease it. Some companies prefer getting into a contract for about 24 to 36 months. However, there’s a downside. If a vehicle isn’t operational during the period when the contract is still active, you end up up paying for a service you’re not using.

Fleet management software is a significant investment you shouldn’t take lightly. Carry out adequate research before making a final decision. You can choose to try out demos and free trials to get the gist of what to expect from each software.