The Best Field Service Management Software of 2021

Our field service management software reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 150+ field service management software companies from across the web. These reviews and our field service management software guide help small businesses and startups find the best field service management software for their business.

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How We Chose the Best Field Service Management Software

Field service management software enables companies to better manage resources, track progress, and communicate with employees working in the field. There are many providers to choose from, each with their own diverse set of tools and complex software. Each provider touts a long list of software features, making it difficult to determine which is best. We evaluated companies on the most beneficial aspects, including field rep management, customer experience, and remote tools.

Field Rep Management

It can be difficult to manage field reps when they’re on the road and out of sight. Accountability is also harder when you can’t track where they are or where they’ve been and for how long. It’s also difficult to know who to send for emergency repairs or other services that need swift handling when you don’t know who’s closest because you don’t have everyone’s location. We recommend field service management software with GPS tracking for real-time location data and time tracking features to allow users to keep a close eye on what their teams are doing.

Customer Experience

Customers like to be kept in the loop as well. Giving them access to GPS tracking data and sending them alerts when the rep is about to arrive helps improve customer satisfaction, which leads to higher customer retention and more revenue. We looked for field service management software with client notifications included.

Remote Tools

Receiving notifications from dispatch, logging invoices, and managing work orders are vital features, but numerous other remote tools make mobile work even easier. Features such as in-field payment collection and image upload allow reps to be more efficient when they’re out in the field. We recommend field management software that provides mobile field employees with access to the information and remote tools they need to get the job done more efficiently.

The 15 Best Field Service Management Software Programs of 2021

CompanyPriceFree Trial/DemoMore
Bella FSMStarting at $59/one user/month
additional user
15-day trialVisit Bella FSM
CoConstructSelf-Service RAMP Starter Plan: $49 (Limited to two months)
Full-Service plans starting at $299/month
Demo availableVisit CoConstruct
Delta Sales AppStarting at $4.95/user/month14-day trialVisit Delta Sales App
eTurnsCustom quote30-day trialVisit eTurns
eWorkOrders CMMSStarting at $35/user/monthFree demoVisit eWorkOrders CMMS
FieldEZStarting at $15/user/month7-day trialVisit FieldEZ
InnoMaintCustom quote30-day trialVisit InnoMaint
Intuit Field Service ManagementPrice per user
1-10: $35/user/month
11-40: $31/user/month
41-101: $28/user/month
30-day trialVisit Intuit Field Service Management
JobberCore: $29/one user/month
Connect: $99/up to seven users/month
Grow: $199/up to 30 users/month
14-day trialVisit Jobber
mHelpDeskCustom quote14-day trialVisit mHelpDesk
Oracle Field ServiceCustom quote30-day trialVisit Oracle Field Service
Service FusionStarter: $99/month
Plus: $199/month
Pro: $349/month
Free demoVisit Service Fusion
ServiceM8Lite: $9/month
Starter: $29/month
Growing: $79/month
Premium: $149/month
Premium Plus: $349/month
14-day trialVisit ServiceM8
ServiceMaxCustom quoteFree demoVisit ServiceMax
ServiceTitanCustom quoteFree demoVisit ServiceTitan

Bella FSM

Bella Field Service Management allows users to manage jobs, customers, schedules, vendors, employees, accounting, invoicing, and equipment from any computer or mobile device. Its work order management feature lets users manage jobs at every stage, including estimates, work orders, invoicing, and getting paid. Users can update jobs from the office or the field with image and file attachment and in-field payment collection capabilities. Manage work crews with dispatching, scheduling, time tracking, and GPS tracking. Mobile access allows real-time communication between the office and field with client notifications to keep customers in the loop.

Reporting capabilities keep track of all types of data with customizable features for:

  • Accounting Reports
  • Customer Reports
  • Job Reports
  • Job Profit Reports
  • Marketing Reports

Bella FSM integrates with QuickBooks to allow syncing of customers, invoices, and items. It also has tools for customer relations management, inventory management, equipment maintenance, employee management, and vendor management.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Starting at $59/one user/month
$12/month/additional user
15-day trial>Deployment: Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS, iPhone/iPad, Android
>Integrations: QuickBooks
>Reporting: Job, Customer, Job Profit, Marketing, Accounting and Custom Reports
>More features at Bella FSM

Pros & Cons of Bella FSM Field Service Management Software
Although pricing is higher than many other options, Bella FSM provides 24/7 online support, no contract and no cancellation fees. However, there are extra fees for customer portals and the eSignature feature.

>Offers 24/7 online support>Additional fees for certain features
>Monthly service with no cancellation fees>Higher per-user per-month pricing
>Offers free trial

What Customers Are Saying
Customers frequently comment on Bella’s adaptability, versatility, and ease of use. One customer said, “Utilizing Bella Dispatch Software increased our client satisfaction, field communication, and overall productivity. The implementation process is simple, easy to learn, and user friendly.”



CoConstruct is an all-in-one software that provides a single-entry home for estimates, schedules, bids, specs, selections, proposals, change orders, budgets, and more. It also includes the only complete two-way QuickBooks integration. Users can run their projects from anywhere with a mobile app that runs on iOS and Android devices. The app gives teams quick access to schedules, communications, to-do lists, file and photo uploads, and time clocks on the go.

Get more work done on more projects by coordinating schedules with both the office and field. Create accountability with ease, using alerts and reminders to keep teams on course. Track job site activity and progress with daily field team logs, which can be sent automatically to clients to keep them informed. Field staff can input notes via the mobile app by typing or voice-to-text to provide task updates quickly. Other features include GPS tracking, client payment collection, and work order management.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Self-Service RAMP Starter Plan $49 (Limited to two months)
Full-Service plans starting at $299/month
Demo available>Deployment: Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS, iPhone/iPad, Android
>Integrations: QuickBooks
>Reporting: Tasks, Open Tasks, Projects, Purchase Orders, Variance Purchase Orders, Invoices
>More features at CoConstruct

Pros & Cons of CoConstruct Field Service Management Software
CoConstruct doesn’t offer free trials, but it does have a RAMP plan that potential customers can use for up to two months for only $49. It also offers three full-service plans based on active projects. A mobile app makes updating easy.

>Mobile app for Android and iOS>Doesn’t include dispatching
>QuickBooks integration for instant updates>Higher monthly cost
>Lower cost starter plan>No free trial

What Customers Are Saying
CoConstruct customers like how robust the software is and its ease of use. One customer said, “I love that there are already existing premade templates that I can easily customize. I love that I can engage with both my clients and vendors in this platform.”

Delta Sales App

The Delta Sales App is intended for traveling salespeople. It utilizes GPS to track field sales employees in real time while providing automated reports, beat planning, and geo-attendance. It automates order taking, eliminating the need to collect sales orders from multiple salespersons, which saves time. Systematic work processes and streamlined reporting prevent manual errors. Delta also analyzes market trends and demands faster, improves team collaboration, boosts salesforce efficiency, and enhances communication among team members to increase productivity.

Other key features include:

  • Stock Level Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Contact Database
  • In-Field Payment Collection
  • Time Tracking
  • Client Notification
  • Expense Reporting
  • Scheduling and Activities Assignments

The Delta Sales App further simplifies sales activities by tracking the number of visits, calls, meetings, and other tasks each employee performs for each client. It also makes it easy to determine salesperson efficiency by automatically rating and ranking each sales team member based on their overall performance.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Starting at $4.95/user/
14-day trial>Deployment: Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS, Android
>Integrations: Google Calendar
>Reporting: Sales Employee and Product-Wise Sales Reports
>More features at Delta Sales App

Pros & Cons of Delta Sales App Field Service Management Software
The Delta Sales App offers a free 14-day trial and the lowest per user per month price compared to others on the list. The app easily integrates with Google Calendar to keep track of projects. It doesn’t include dispatching or image uploading, but since it’s intended for traveling salespeople, these features may not be as important. It also doesn’t include iOS deployment.

>Low per user per month pricing>No iOS app
>Offers free trial>No image uploading or dispatching
>Integrates with Google Calendar

What Customers Are Saying
“Field Employee Management as well as Sales Order Automation in a single app is something that makes this application different from other sales tracking apps,” one customer said. Customers also like its ability to track salespeople in real time, the ease of use, and the level of service they received.


ETurns is primarily a remote storeroom inventory management solution, but it includes modules that make the software handy for field reps. It tracks inventory in the field at individual locations and has modules for work order management, scheduling, and tool tracking and maintenance.

The work order management module combines the consumption of labor, parts, and kits used by a contractor to repair or install something at a customer’s location. It can also combine items used for each phase of a project for reporting purposes and document what maintenance was done on certain assets like machines, forklifts, and service trucks.

The eTurns tool tracking and maintenance module keeps up with tools by assigning serial numbers to each item and tracking who checked them out and in. It also sends out notices when it’s time for preventative maintenance for those tools that require it to ensure they aren’t checked out before proper servicing.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quote30-day trial>Deployment: Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS, Android
>Integrations: Oracle, SAP, Epicor P21, Epicor Eclipse, QuickBooks, ERP Systems
>Reporting: Standard Reports
>More features at eTurns

Pros & Cons of eTurns Field Service Management Software
ETurns integrates with popular platforms and offers a 30-day trial and low monthly subscription pricing, which is by stockroom with unlimited users. Because it’s primarily for tracking inventory, it’s missing key field service management features like GPS tracking, dispatching, image uploads, in-field payment collection, client notifications, time tracking, and contact databases.

>Integrates with popular platforms>No iOS app
>Offers free trial>Doesn’t include key features like GPS tracking and image uploads

What Customers Are Saying
Customers like the ease with which they can track stock and replace inventory. One customer said, “It’s user-friendly, has easy navigation, an accessible platform, is versatile, and offers exceptional customer service. It’s been great. We now have the ability to streamline our ordering, tracking, and replenishment process.”

eWorkOrders CMMS

EWorkOrders CMMS is web-based, so it can be accessed anytime from anywhere. Its online tools allow users to create, track, update, and complete all types of maintenance tasks in all types of industries. Field technicians can use the mobile interface on any smartphone or tablet to access work orders, record when work is completed, log labor hours, and input notes while out in the field.

  • Work orders improve workflow efficiency and increase on-time work completion by keeping track of maintenance requests, assigning assets and tracking project due dates.
  • Materials management tracks materials usage, vendors, and cost by managing parts and materials used on work orders.
  • Labor/time management tracks work order times and workers across job sites to analyze how time is being spent.
  • Reports, dashboards, and KPIs provide essential reporting tools to compile data and transform it into relevant reports to get a better understanding of operations.
PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Starting at $35/user/monthFree demo>Deployment: Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS, iPhone/iPad, Android
>Integrations: CMMS and APIs
>Reporting: CMMS and Custom Reports
>More features at eWorkOrders CMMS

Pros & Cons of eWorkOrders CMMS Field Service Management Software
EWorkOrders doesn’t include in-field payment collection but does have key features like GPS tracking, dispatching, scheduling, work order management, contact database, image uploads, time tracking, and client notifications. It also supports any industry and offers free demos. However, per-user per-month pricing is higher than most.

>Mobile interface works on all devices>High per-user per-month pricing
>Supports all industries>Doesn’t include in-field payment collection

What Customers Are Saying
eWorkOrders’ customers praise its customization, personalization, instant customer feedback and ease of training and use. One customer said, “With eWorkOrders, all my customers now can enter work requests that I am able to respond to immediately, receive feedback, and measure and develop reports from a single database.”


FieldEZ’ service management application provides a seamless experience through online and offline modes with an easy-to-use app that offers efficient synchronization of data. Companies’ can increase operational efficiency with intelligent auto-scheduling, custom dashboards and reports, and integrations with popular platforms like QuickBooks and Salesforce. The customer portal, invoicing, and multichannel updates through email, text, and PDF enhances the company’s customer experience. Native iOS and Android apps with offline support and intelligent notification improve employee satisfaction.

Other key features include:

  • Standardization of workflow from dispatching to invoicing
  • Minimized manual paperwork prevents errors and data loss
  • Fast invoicing by automatically calculating figures based on captured field service data
  • Dynamic scheduling ensures quicker, more effective responses and task management
  • Route optimization and fuel control with tracking features that optimize routes
  • Inventory management, monitoring, and tracking
  • Selfie attendance and leave management
  • In-field payment collection
  • Client notifications
  • Image uploads
  • GPS tracking
PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quote7-day trial>Deployment: Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS, iPhone/iPad, Android
>Integrations: QuickBooks, Salesforce, ZOHO, Other Customer Applications
>Reporting: Attendance, Line Item, Custom, and Beta Reports
>More features at FieldEZ

Pros & Cons of FieldEZ Field Service Management Software
FieldEZ offers a free trial, but it’s shorter than most at only seven days. However, it has a lower-than-average starting rate at only $15 per month per user and offers all the key features that make a good field service management solution, including GPS tracking, image upload, native apps for iOS and Android, etc.

>Offers free trial>Short trial period
>Low per user per month pricing
>Native apps for iOS and Android

What Customers Are Saying
Customers praise FieldEZ’s ease of use, customization capabilities, software integrations, and impeccable customer support. One customer said it was a “great tool that helps organizations transform their field operations through automated job scheduling and work order management.”


InnoMaint is a cloud-based maintenance management software that helps users monitor and manage service technicians, facility equipment, scheduling, and maintenance activities from anywhere with web and mobile applications. Its diverse management system covers all types of installations, as well as services or repairs of equipment or systems, which is ideal for plumbing, electrical, HVAC, mechanical, fire protection, security, and other field services. Users receive instant mobile app notifications for new service requests and scheduled preventative maintenance tasks.

Other key features include:

  • Real-time location of all technicians with GPS tracking to assign tickets efficiently
  • Access to historical data that assists service technicians in identifying previous solutions for similar situations
  • Enhanced data collection features like image/video capture and upload, digital customer signatures, and barcode/QR code scanning
  • Multisite capabilities with advanced multilocation management tools
  • Free mobile apps for service technicians and customers
  • Powerful dashboard and KPI reports
  • Advanced IoT and AI technologies
  • Comprehensive work order management
PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quotebased plan30-day trial>Deployment: Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS, iPhone/iPad, Android
>Reporting: Transactional, Monitoring, Performance, Track and Spare Parts Stock Reports
>More features at InnoMaint

Pros & Cons of InnoMaint Field Service Management Software
InnoMaint offers a longer 30-day trial and cloud-based access with mobile apps available on Android and iOS devices. It’s missing a few key elements, like in-field payment collection (in development) and client notifications but has important features like GPS tracking, scheduling, and image uploads. However, unknown pricing makes it difficult to compare.

>Offers free 30-day trial>Public pricing not provided
>Cloud-based access from anywhere>Missing key features
>iOS and Android mobile apps

What Customers Are Saying
“Easy to use, nice user interface, good support, easy to add asset details manually or import from other sources,” one customer said. Customers also like how easy it is to retrieve data and the logistics of the installation and service.

Intuit Field Service Management

Intuit Field Service Management is an end-to-end software that grows with the business, providing tools to organize inventory management, sales tracking, work order management, time tracking, and dispatching. It connects offices with service technicians to schedule jobs and get paid faster by simplifying management processes and syncing field service data and financials with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. Intuit FSM tells managers who’s doing what and where by utilizing:

  • Efficient job scheduling
  • Real-time updates from the field
  • On-the-spot invoicing

Intuit FSM allows dispatchers to quickly schedule or reschedule work orders with GPS, mapping, and a dashboard filled with information, including the location, status, and current work orders for each technician. Quickly shuffle schedules with drag and drop functionality when a technician is running late. It also provides an overview of what each technician is working on, their travel and arrival time, job progress, and length of time spent on work orders.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Price per user
1-10: $35/user/ month
11-40: $31/user/month
41-101: $28/user/month
30-day trial>Deployment: Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS, iPhone/iPad, Android
>Integrations: Lean & Mean Business Systems, CorePartners, Microsoft, Google, BigTime Software, and more
>Reporting: Backorder, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet & Net Worth, Income & Expenses, Cash Flow, and more
>More features at Intuit Field Service Management

Pros & Cons of Intuit Field Service Management Software
Intuit FSM offers a 30-day trial and per user/month pricing that gets cheaper as the user number increases. However, add-on modules like timecard and preventative maintenance increase cost. It includes key features like GPS tracking, work order management and in-field payment collection, but it’s missing image uploading capability and client notifications.

>Offers 30-day trial>Add-on modules increase monthly cost
>Includes numerous key features like GPS tracking and in-field payment collection>Doesn’t include image uploading or client notifications
>Monthly pricing decreases with number of users

What Customers Are Saying
Customers praise Intuit FSM for decreasing paperwork, GPS tracking, QuickBooks integration and getting paid faster. One customer said, “I can create work orders on the field from my phone, accept payments for work done and never have to use paper again!! I also get alerts for work coming up!”


Jobber’s field service management software serves over 50 industries and is customizable to fit individual processes. It provides the tools users need to organize, track, and communicate with their teams and customers whether they’re in the office or the field.

With Jobber, users can:

  • Run their entire operation and manage teams from one place
  • Keep track of client details with CRM
  • Ensure teams arrive on time with real-time scheduling and dispatching
  • Send quotes and invoices through text messages
  • Get paid faster with batch invoicing and automated reminders when invoices are due
  • Provide a convenient one-click option to pay online with a credit card
  • Impress customers with online booking, client hubs, and client notifications

Jobber’s mobile app provides field technicians with schedules, work orders, and turn-by-turn directions to job sites using any phone or tablet. More than 20 built-in reports and QuickBooks syncing provides valuable insight into how the business is performing.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Core: $29/one user/month
Connect: $99/up to seven users/month
Grow: $199/up to 30 users/month
14-day trial>Deployment: Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS, iPhone/iPad, Android
>Integrations: QuickBooks, Mailchimp, Zapier, Fleetsharp, Stripe, Authorize.Net, Broadly, Convert, Fundbox, Fundthrough, Hatch, NiceJob, ResponsiBid, SendJim, PayPal Express
>Reporting: "Financial, Invoice and Payment, Taxation, Projected Income, Client Balance Summary, and Custom Reports
>More features at Jobber

Pros & Cons of Jobber Field Service Management Software
Jobber provides the key features users expect from field service management software like GPS tracking, scheduling, dispatching, work order management, in-field payment collection, image uploads, client notifications, and multiple integrations. It offers a free trial and flat rate monthly pricing, but it caps the number of users on every plan.

>Flat monthly rates>Plans have user caps
>Offers free trial
>Includes key features

What Customers Are Saying
“The Jobber platform is very easy to use and can be learned quickly. Batch invoice creation is extremely helpful. Jobber makes quoting, booking, and scheduling jobs a breeze! Having a client hub is a real crowd pleaser,” one customer said. Customers also like its streamlined dispatching, time tracking and invoicing.


MHelpDesk offers end-to-end job management with all the necessary field management tools packed into one software solution. Everything is integrated and automated to save time, minimize mistakes, impress customers, and promote business growth. mHelpDesk’s web and mobile apps streamline workflow, improve staff and customer communication, reduce manual processes, and allow users to access information in real time from anywhere. Field technicians can access scheduled jobs from any mobile device and GPS tracking provides accurate, real-time location data. Its messaging system includes automated notifications through SMS text, email, and mobile push notifications to ensure seamless team communication.

Other key features include:

  • Workflow Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Recurring Jobs
  • Scheduling and Dispatch
  • Time Tracking
  • Drag and Drop Calendar
  • Live Mapping and Map View Routing
  • Custom Forms
  • Image Uploads
  • Staff Communication
  • Text Message Dispatching
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Multilocation Inventory Tracking
  • In-Field Payment Collection
  • Payment Processing
  • Customer Database
  • Customer Communication
  • Automated Customer Notifications
  • Customer Portal
PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quote14-day trial>Deployment: Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS, iPhone/iPad, Android
>Integrations: QuickBooks, Google Calendar, HomeAdvisor
>Reporting: Timesheets and Financial, Staff Productivity, Customer and Custom Reporting
>More features at mHelpDesk

Pros & Cons of mHelpDesk Field Service Management Software
MHelpDesk offers a 14-day free trial to explore the product before purchasing. It has Android and iOS apps, making it compatible with any smartphone. Key integrations with QuickBooks and Google Calendar keep processes running smoothly and error-free. Limited public pricing information makes it difficult to compare to other products.

>Offers free trial>Limited public pricing information
>Integrations streamline processes
>Has iOS and Android apps

What Customers Are Saying
mHelpDesk customers speak highly of its customer service, invoicing, and integration capabilities. One customer said, “The field app is very strong … The software is as flexible as it can be, provides true integration to QB, and has cut our entry time in half … communication is vastly improved.”

Oracle Field Service

Oracle Field Service increases field service personnel’s effectiveness and efficiency while delivering better experiences for management, staff, and customers. It provides key features in one software solution, including work order management, inventory status, collaboration tools, and other critical aspects.

  • Operation management from a single interface with real-time views of all field activities, including every job assigned to every field employee
  • Automated scheduling and routing to increase on-time arrivals with a time-based, predictive routing engine that uses AI and machine learning
  • Mobile capabilities to support in-field workforce through a browser-based mobile app or iOS or Android app
  • Streamlined communication between management, dispatch, and in-field agents to improve response times
  • Comprehensive views of field service agents’ geolocations to monitor how effectively they’re moving between scheduled appointments
  • Real-time service appointment information that informs customers of their in-field tech’s progress up to arrival
  • Automated post-appointment surveys for instant customer feedback with ratings and comments
PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quotebased30-day trial>Deployment: Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
>Integrations: ServiceNow, Salesforce, HubSpot, Any CX Application and Technology Adapters for REST, SOAP, LDAP, FTP and File-Based Access
>Reporting: Common, Deprecated, Feedback, Opportunity Tracking, Outreach, Service and Custom Reporting
>More features at Oracle Field Service

Pros & Cons of Oracle Field Service Field Service Management Software
Oracle Field Service has a 30-day free trial and includes vital features for field service management, including work order management, GPS tracking, image uploads, in-field payment collection, scheduling, dispatching, time tracking, client notifications, and a contacts database. However, it doesn’t provide public pricing to make it easily compared to other options.

>Offers a free trial>Doesn’t provide public pricing information
>Includes numerous key features

What Customers Are Saying
Oracle Field Service customers like all the tools provided to cover service activity requirements, including dispatching and inventory management. One customer said the GPS tracking was their favorite part because they could “locate employees to assist with time management, and real time traffic alerts helps to avoid traffic congestion.”

Service Fusion

Service Fusion is an all-in-one field service management software that allows users to run their service businesses from anywhere with full visibility across business operations. It streamlines workflow with one centralized system for dispatching, scheduling, work order management, job image uploads, invoicing, automated payment reminders, inventory management, customer management and reporting.

Key features include:

  • Prepopulated product and service line items to create and send estimates in seconds
  • Free built-in payment gateway to accept credit card and ACH payments online or through in-field worker app
  • Manage jobs in the field on any smartphone or tables using the mobile app to reduce manual paperwork
  • Time tracking monitors staff work hours and populating payroll reports with overtime when applicable
  • GPS fleet tracking monitors fleet vehicles and remote workforce to increase productivity
  • Real-time communication between in-field techs and customers with text message notifications
  • QuickBooks integration ensures up-to-date accounting systems with automatic bi-directional syncing
PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Starter: $99/month
Plus: $199/month
Pro: $349/month
Free Demo>Deployment: Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS, iPhone/iPad, Android
>Integrations: Podium, pulseM, Baytek, Broadly, JB Warranties, The New Flat Rate, Profit Rhino
>Reporting: Sales Revenue, Invoice, Tax, Fees, Payment, Refund, Inventory, Lists, Activity, Payroll, and more
>More features at Service Fusion

Pros & Cons of Service Fusion Field Service Management Software
Service Fusion doesn’t have a free trial but does have a free demo and flat-rate pricing with unlimited users on every plan. The Pro plan offers the best value with all features included in the monthly fee, except fleet tracking. Certain key features cost extra on lower level plans.

>Flat rate pricing with unlimited users>Doesn’t offer a free trial
>Has tons of integrations and features>Some key features cost extra on some plans

What Customers Are Saying
“Easy to set up and use, it makes billing and customer service much faster. Inventory tracking and job costing becomes a breeze, and tracking billable hours allows a better understanding of areas that you are lacking in productivity,” one customer said. Customers also like its ease of use, functionality, and intuitiveness.


ServiceM8 allows users to run their business with real-time communication between office and field staff and the ability to access job, staff, and customer details from anywhere. View staff schedules, manage work orders, dispatch jobs, and generate quotes or invoices.

Other key features include:

  • Job management through job creation, dispatch, documentation and history
  • Staff scheduling with drag and drop capabilities, real-time updates and instant staff notifications
  • Quoting and invoicing for professional looking documents, even in the field
  • Online bookings allow customers to easily get live quotes and schedule services
  • Photo and video recording save important job details instantly and forever
  • Technician status provides live views of staff location and job progress
  • Credit card and digital wallet payment acceptance through online link or in-field iOS mobile app
  • Integrations sync customers, invoices, and payments with popular accounting packages
  • Reporting provides insightful details on how well the business is performing
PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Lite: $9/month
Starter: $29/month
Growing: $79/month
Premium: $149/month
Premium Plus: $349/month
14-day trial>Deployment: Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS, iPhone/iPad
>Integrations: MYOB, Xero, QuickBooks Online, MailChimp, Workato, Zapier, Deputy
>Reporting: Job Data Export, Weekly Timesheets and Job, Revenue, Feed and Customer Reports
>More features at ServiceM8

Pros & Cons of ServiceM8 Field Service Management Software
ServiceM8 offers a 14-day free trial and flat-rate pricing with unlimited users on five plans, but each plan caps the number of jobs managed per month. While all plans include the basics for job management, staff scheduling, invoicing, and payment collection, only premium plans have all the key features and it’s worth noting that an Android app is not available. Should any issues arise, Service M8 offers 24/7 email and chat support.

>Offers free trial>No Android app
>24/7 email and chat support>Only premium plans include all features
>Unlimited users and storage on every plan>Plans have job caps

What Customers Are Saying
Customers often comment on ServiceM8’s intuitive interface, custom forms, and communication capabilities. One customer said it offers “some great features and helps create a good impression with our customers. The scheduling of jobs is good, being able to track employees and their clocking in, travel etc. [is] easy for timesheets.”


ServiceMax’s field service management platform is feature-rich and keeps track of all work performed. Built for asset-centric industries, its features and integrations help users improve asset uptime, optimize in-person and remote service, and boost technician productivity with comprehensive mobile tools.

Key features include:

  • Mobile field service app for Android and iOS devices provides work order information, job location, routing, and asset to be serviced
  • Real-time communication provides secure communication that connects mobile service technicians with each other, the back office, and management
  • Scheduling and dispatch provide comprehensive capabilities for project, shift, and crew management that improve technician utilization
  • Work order management allows users to monitor and manage jobs from work order creation to assignment to execution
  • Customer self-service lets a company’s customers create service requests, view work orders, and service history from a full-featured customer portal
  • Field service analytics from dashboards and KPIs provide actionable insights into service operations
PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quoteFree demo>Deployment: Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS, iPhone/iPad, Android
>Integrations: Accenture, Capgemini, Genpact, LTI, TATA Consultancy Services, Tech Mahindra, Bearing Point, Border Technologies, Bolt Data, ForeFront, Gizil Enerji, iSiD
>Reporting: 70+ Predefined Reports, Custom Reporting
>More features at ServiceMax

Pros & Cons of ServiceMax Field Service Management Software
ServiceMax doesn’t have a free trial but does offer a free demo on a platform with tons of key features like work order management, dispatching, scheduling, GPS tracking, in-field payments, image uploads, and client notifications. It also has over 70 predefined reports. It doesn’t provide public pricing for easy comparison.

>Offers free demo>No free trial
>More than 70 predefined reports>No public pricing information
>Tons of key features

What Customers Are Saying
Customers find ServiceMax easy to use, and they like its ability to provide field service technicians with better visibility of their workload. One customer said, “It also provides dispatchers and service managers with the information necessary to realign jobs and stay on top of the day to day.”



ServiceTitan is an all-in-one field service management software for HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and other field service businesses. Its dispatch board helps service companies optimize technician tracking and connects the office and the field, allowing dispatchers and techs to exchange SMS text messages and keep jobs on schedule. GPS and time tracking let businesses monitor tech performance, wrench time, and other critical KPIs as well.

ServiceTitan’s capacity-planning tool also lets businesses categorize their technicians by the types of jobs they can perform to optimize scheduling. Custom tags categorize upcoming jobs and flag any special tool or part requirements, prior rescheduling, and languages spoken to ensure techs are prepared properly and ready to work upon arrival.

Because ServiceTitan is cloud-based, its mobile app syncs with critical information collected during the call booking process, giving techs the information they need to provide the best service possible. The ServiceTitan Mobile tablet app also allows techs to capture payments in the field with credit card swiping and check capture via tablet camera.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quoteFree Demo>Deployment: Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS, iPhone/iPad, Android
>Integrations: BirdEye, Intuit QuickBooks, Sage Intacct, ClearPathGPS
>Reporting: Custom Reporting, CSR Performance, Invoice Items, Timesheets, Customers, Service Locations, Payments, Estimates, Project Costs, Calls, Equipment, Recurring Services
>More features at ServiceTitan

Pros & Cons of ServiceTitan Field Service Management Software
ServiceTitan doesn’t offer free trials but does provide free demos of its system, which is full of vital features like GPS tracking, point-of-sale (POS) payment capture, image uploading, scheduling, dispatching, and work order management. It has mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices but doesn’t disclose public pricing for comparison.

>Offers free demos>Doesn’t provide public pricing information
>Has Android and iOS mobile apps>No free trial
>Includes numerous key features

What Customers Are Saying
“We’ve seen an improvement in efficiency within every department of our company. We’ve been able to take more steps toward being paperless using ServiceTitan,” one customer said. Customers also remark on the mobile app’s ability to work online and off and the real-time data the system provides.

What Is Field Service Management Software?

Field management software are specialized systems that combine numerous functions to help schedule and track work that occurs in the field. These systems are highly beneficial to companies who manage in-field services, repairs, or installations, but they can also be helpful to any company with mobile workers like traveling sales reps. FSM software automates and streamlines tasks, reducing the amount of manual paperwork and human errors.

A good product should be able to:

  • Receive service requests
  • Manage work orders
  • Schedule and dispatch technicians for jobs
  • Enable technician mobility
  • Track fleet, technicians, and time
  • Provide real-time job status
  • Supply reporting and analytics
  • Integrate with accounting platforms and CRM
  • Manage and track inventory

Advanced FSM programs may provide more complex document management and CRM tools, including automated customer appointment reminders and notification of technician arrival status. It’s important to assess your company’s needs and goals to decide exactly which features are essential for your ideal field service management. No matter which product you choose, the features provided should increase coordination between the home office and field technicians to save your company time and money while speeding up service times and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Field Service Management Software

Field service management standardizes a company’s workflow from service request to payment collection while increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing customer satisfaction. It provides a single solution to manage employees, work orders, estimates, invoices, vendors, customers, payments, and many other aspects of a field service business. FSM software also eliminates tons of manual paperwork, which prevents duplicate entries, data loss, and other human errors that translate to lost time and money.

Some of the many other benefits include:

  • Optimizing resources and enhancing professionalism
  • Maximizing profits by organizing and streamlining field services
  • Optimizing scheduling to maximize workers’ time in the field
  • Increasing efficiency of in-field workers with mobile apps
  • Equipping vehicles with GPS for real-time tracking
  • Dispatching more effectively with geolocation data
  • Reducing costs with route optimization and fuel control
  • Streamlining parts and inventory management
  • Improving customer satisfaction with faster response times
  • Viewing up-to-date costs and expenses of recurring jobs
  • Collecting payments quickly with in-field payment collection capabilities
  • Ensuring outstanding payments are never missed
  • Integrating with accounting programs for streamlined billing and customer data
  • Accessing reports and analytics that provide details on business performance

Must-Have Features of Field Service Management Software

There are numerous basic features field service management software must have for effective dispatching, scheduling, managing work orders, invoicing, and other standard day-to-day tasks. However, must-have features also move beyond basic tasks to include advanced features like remote tools that make working in the field easier. Good FSM software includes mobile apps that allow in-field workers to access work orders, customer information, and other important data. Apps should also allow in-field payment collection to streamline the billing process and image uploads to post job status photos.

Features that enhance customer experience also land on the must-have list. Choose FSM software that keeps your customers in the loop, such as GPS tracking data and automatic text updates that confirm technician arrival time. Software with client notifications improves customer satisfaction, which leads to repeat business and referrals.

GPS tracking is a two-fold must-have feature because it also allows management and dispatchers to keep track of where field technicians are in real-time. This enhances employee accountability and lets you quickly ascertain who’s the closest should an emergency repair arise. Time tracking is another must-have field rep management feature to easily keep up with working hours and integrate this data with payroll processing systems.

The Cost of Field Service Management Software

Field service management software can have different pricing structures with final costs dependent on various factors. Most FSM software are priced per month, including several on our list with flat monthly rates running between $9 and $499 per month with multiple plan levels available. Factors that determine which plan level your company requires include the number of users and jobs per month. Some software cap the number of users. Others allow unlimited users, but may cap the number of jobs you can input each month or the number of active projects you can track at one time.

The number of users can also be a factor from the outset when it comes to pricing. Five of the FSM software platforms on our list have per-user per-month pricing that range from $14 to $59 per user/month. This type of pricing can be cost effective for smaller companies, but it can get expensive for large companies with numerous in-field technicians that need logins. Other factors that may affect cost are deployment, system customizations, data storage needs, technical support, and add-on features. Always read the fine print to determine which features cost extra to ensure the software meets your budget.