The Best ERP Software Companies of 2021

Our ERP software company reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 60+ ERP software companies from across the web. These reviews and our ERP software guide help small businesses and startups find the best ERP software company for their business.

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The 15 Best ERP Software Companies of 2021

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How We Chose the Best Software Company

To help small and mid-sized businesses find the best ERP software service, we evaluated some of the leading ERP software companies based on the following criteria. Ultimately, your company’s unique needs will determine which ERP software is best suited for your business.

Multiple Software Functions

There are a couple of things every ERP software solution should contain. You may think of functional ERP software system requirements as the experiences and benefits an ERP system provides to your users. At a minimum, the platform should have functions, such as inventory management, customer relationship management, and business intelligence, etc.

Reporting and Analytics

ERP software analyzes data relating to all your business operations, such as client data, production statistics, and sales data, etc. For example, an ERP solution can help you create a budget, predict demand, and also analyze your personnel functions. Reporting tools that you should look in the package often include customizable dashboards, pie charts, Gantt charts, bar graphs, and many other visual representations.

Onboarding Support

Onboarding support is software training, and it helps you and your whole team to be successful. This is because it prepares you for using the new ERP software and offering support every step of the way. Onboarding support is important as it educates users and increases adoption rate.

The 15 Best Software Companies of 2021

CompanyPriceDemo / Free TrialMore
AbasCustom quoteNoVisit Abas
AcumaticaCustom quote30-dayVisit Acumatica
DELMIAworksCustom quoteNoVisit DELMIAworks
DeltekCustom quote30-dayVisit Deltek
Dynamics$40/month/user30-dayVisit Dynamics
Epicor$175 per user/monthNoVisit Epicor
ePROMISCustom quoteNoVisit ePROMIS
FOCUS 9Standard: $30/User/Month
Professional: $45/User/Month
Enterprise: $60/User/Month
Demo availableVisit FOCUS 9
Genius ERPCustom quoteNoVisit Genius ERP
KronosCustom quote30-dayVisit Kronos
MIE Trak PROEssential: $125/user/month
Plus: $150/user/month
Enterprise: $175/user/month
Demo availableVisit MIE Trak PRO
NetSuite$999/month with access costs of $99/user/month7-dayVisit NetSuite
RootstockCustom quoteNoVisit Rootstock
Striven$20 per user per month for up to 20 users + $99 monthly hosting fee
$15 per user per month for up to 50 users + $299 monthly hosting fee
$10 per user per month for unlimited users + $499 monthly hosting fee
30-dayVisit Striven
SYSPROCustom quoteNoVisit SYSPRO
WorkdayCustom quoteNoVisit Workday


abas logo
Abas is an integrated ERP solution provider that connects the several diverse aspects of business operations. This ensures that each team in a manufacturing company has all the information and resources necessary to carry out their respective duties.

With more than thirty years of experience in ERP, the software company is an expert in implementations in many industries, such as custom manufacturing, fabrication assembly, industrial machinery, electronics, and auto and supply. This solution offers reporting, mobile ERP, and workflow for your entire organization, covering finance, management, purchasing, service, sales, accounting, warehousing, and production.

The company’s mobile applications allow quick access through both tablets and smartphones. Also, note that their multi-site functionality helps monitor various processes across many geographically locations. In addition, Abas forged partnerships with a broad network of certified partners that provide function and industry-specific extensions as well as services. While the pricing is per user, note that your business can avail volume discounts for the whole integrated system. You can contact a sales representative at Abas to get a customized quote.

PriceDemo / Free TrialFeatures
Custom QuoteDemo> Advanced Planning & Scheduling
> Production Planning & Control
> Financials & Accounting
> Purchase Order Management
>More features at Abas

Pros & Cons of Abas ERP Software
Abas provides customer support through a customer portal and simple ticket system as well as through telephone. Abas also developed its Academy, which is a hands-on continuous training initiative that covers over thirty topics, customized for users of all experience levels.

> Simple to use
> Customizable
> Not suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, or aerospace companies

What Customers Are Saying
Abas ERP users are quite happy with the service, and many have praised the software’s ease of use as well as customizability. One customer said, “This is a nice and fluid software solution for my company’s supply chain management as it has many options to track each material while also helping in inventory and billing.”


Acumatica Logo
Acumatica is an industry-leading and contemporary ERP software solution. The solution is an intuitive, streamlined, and comprehensive accounting software package. Acumatica has various functionalities for financial management, project accounting, customer management, distribution management, field service management, manufacturing management, and multi-channel order management.

Acumatica ERP helps expedite business processes for many types of companies. Also, note that its quick and list-based navigation and multi-warehouse allocation make it perfect for companies that rely heavily on warehouses as well as large-scale transportation, like aviation.

Acumatica’s pricing depends on a number of different factors, such as deployment choice (SaaS hosted vs. in-house), functionality, as well as selected support/services. And another good thing is that all capabilities are well integrated, developed using some standard Microsoft tools, and also have document management, self-service reporting, and approval workflows. Users can also tailor their dashboards and workspace.

You can benefit considerably from Acumatica If your organization relies on data analysis. For example, healthcare systems in the country are seeking new ways to better manage patient data. In this regard, Acumatica provides easily searched databases and different sites for many tasks, like medicine distribution.

PriceDemo / Free TrialFeatures
Custom QuoteFree Trial> Financials & Accounting Management
> Customer Management
> Field Service Management
> Manufacturing Management
>More features at Acumatica

Pros & Cons of Acumatica ERP Software
Acumatica provides customers with a choice of either on-premises or cloud deployment. The software is simple to use and offers solid reporting. The software allows companies to analyze all project costs (such as labor), which can be a big eye opener for top management.

>On-premises or cloud deployment
>Excellent Reporting
>Simple Navigation
>It can be hard to estimate license costs
>Standard report filters need customization

What Customers Are Saying
Customer reviews for this software are generally positive, with users praising a centralized management system that helps the control of business data in a single comprehensive system. One customer said, “I like the fact that the team from Acumatica is always available to assist with updates, deployments, and errors whenever they occur.”


Delmiaworks Logo
DELMIAworks (previously known as IQMS) provides businesses with innovative and seamless manufacturing industry ERP software that helps manufacturing companies stay agile, lean, and competitive.

The company recognizes that manufacturing processes across different industries tend to have unique and special requirements. And this is why the company specializes in providing ERP software and manufacturing software that can solve your business challenges as well as meet your unique and industry-specific needs and requirements.

Note that the ERP system by DELMIAworks is developed specifically for manufacturing companies to streamline processes across order processing, sales, finance, planning, human resources, production, inventory management, procurement, and more. As a result, it can become the backbone for execution, visibility, and communication of various manufacturing activities as well as data throughout your company’s supply chain.

Also, note that the ERP system by Delmiaworks is developed specifically for manufacturing companies and the factory floor to streamline processes across order processing, sales, finance, planning, human resources, production, inventory management, procurement, and more.

DELMIAworks is also committed to offering functionality that will help your company address the ever-changing and dynamic compliance landscape with various modules that adhere to: TS standards, ISO standards, and FDA requirements.

PriceDemo / Free TrialFeatures
Custom QuoteDemo> Customer Management
> Inventory Management
> Manufacturing Management
> Sales Planning
> Order Management
> Business Intelligence
> Supply Chain Management
>More features at DELMIAworks

Pros & Cons of DELMIAworks ERP Software

>Simple to use
>Ensures compliance with industry standards
>No free trial

What Customers Are Saying
Most users have praised the software and the company because the staff responds well to customer issues. Their technical staff also helps with any problems and issues until they are resolved, and sometimes they expedite issues up to testing in order to get them resolved. One customer said, “The RT module offers real-time visibility into the production floor. As a result, we can easily learn the status of jobs and also whether they are running efficiently.”


Deltek Logo
Deltek is a provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) as well as management solutions designed to meet the needs and requirements of midsize as well as large enterprise businesses. The company’s solution primarily helps government contractors, not-for-profit businesses, and professional service firms with accounting, project management, labor and inventory management, as well as business intelligence functionalities.

For example, Deltek Vision is an excellent project-based solution for most professional services firms. This is because it combines project accounting, project management, resource management, and time/expense management in a single product.

Costpoint is another solution that the company provides. It is available both as web-based as well as an on premise application. The solution is ideal for many businesses as it helps in streamlining processes, such as revenue management, project billing, expense tracking and regulatory, and compliance management. This enables a business to monitor all operations via one screen. The budgeting and planning module of the software helps build project budgets and EACs.

PriceDemo / Free TrialFeatures
Custom QuoteFree Trial> Accounting and Finance
> Customer Management
> Billing and Invoicing
> Manufacturing Management
> Business Intelligence
>Expense Report
> Order Management
>More features at Deltek

Pros & Cons of Deltek ERP Software
Deltek Vision is excellent when it comes to providing multiple methods to enter time on various projects. It also supports the web browser on your desktop and applications on various smartphones.

>Recall information for review with ease
>Simple to use
>Easy to implement from the cloud
>Browser version interface needs upgrades
>There should be a simpler method to provide summaries

What Customers Are Saying
Customers generally have positive opinions of Deltek Vision. One user notes, “I love that our company is now able to access this software and easily make changes to content. The changes we make are evident everywhere and across various devices and formats that you use it on. So, we use it as a type of hub for our corporate marketing materials.”


Dynamics Logo
Dynamics CRM is Microsoft’s CRM (customer relationship management) business solution. The software is amazing and drives marketing effectiveness, efficiency and sales productivity through various means, such as business intelligence, social insights, and campaign management on-premises, in the cloud, or with a hybrid combination that you will like.

The software is effective and offers tools for marketing, sales, customer relationship management, project service automation, project management, marketing automation, and sales forecasting, among others. Dynamics CRM can help your company make better and more informed decisions based on data-driven insights and valuable recommendations.

Your company can operate more effectively and efficiently by automating and also optimizing various manual tasks with the help of intelligent workflows to increase efficiency. Customer relationship management with Dynamics can help slash costs and boost profitability by automating and organizing business processes that nurture and improve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in the marketing, sales, and customer service fields. Also, this CRM solution can enhance your ROI through marketing automation and sales force automation, which is great.

The great thing is that Dynamics 365 provides supporting apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. And these apps are available offline, so you will be able to work without data connectivity, and your data will sync automatically when a connection is reestablished.

PriceDemo / Free TrialFeatures
$40 per month per userFree Trial>Finance and Operations
>Customer Service
>Human Resources
>Project Service Automation
>Business Intelligence
>More features at Dynamics

Pros & Cons of Dynamics ERP Software
Many customers like Dynamics as it provides offline access and because of its tight integration with many Microsoft products, which is very convenient for many businesses. And this makes Dynamics a go-to product for many organizations. You will also like the software’s precise planning and financial organization. You can manage your leads, workflows and commercial processes from one place.

>Offline access
>Multiple dashboards
>Steep learning curve

What Customers Are Saying
Users of MS Dynamics are pleased with the software and like how it works so well with other MS products. One customer said, “I have been using MS Dynamics for a while now, and the experience has only gotten better for me. It has amazing account management resources and helps keep you up to date.”


Epicor Logo
Epicor ERP is a powerful and comprehensive cloud-based and on-premise ERP solution that offers companies in the manufacturing sector robust capabilities for various functions. Some of them are job costing, inventory control, supply chain, pre-production materials planning, as well as manufacturing execution (MES) in order to help make profitable and timely business decisions.

Epicor ERP is great as it delivers flexible and industry-specific business software that fits the precise needs and preferences of companies in the manufacturing industry. The company has over 40 years of experience with its customers’ unique operational requirements and business processes. They leveraged this experience to develop a solution that works in the cloud and on-premises.

With this comprehensive and deep understanding of the manufacturing industry, Epicor ERP dramatically improves performance and boosts profitability and eases complexity, so your business can grow.

By replacing technology, accessibility, and integration barriers that can stifle business productivity, Epicor is excellent at providing a new level of collaboration, visibility, and results. This results in powerful solutions that help free your corporate resources so that you can grow and expand your business.

PriceDemo / Free TrialFeatures
$175 per month per userDemo> Customer Relationship Management
>Enterprise Content Management
>Human Resource Management
>Business Intelligence
>Supply Chain Management
>More features at Epicor

Pros & Cons of Epicor ERP Software
Besides offering both client-based and browser navigation, note that Epicor ERP also provides 2 different UIs: Modern and Classic. And Epicor’s COA (Chart of Accounts) also supports up to a 32-character account code. This code can consist of both letters and numbers. You can easily split these up into an endless number of segments. This COA can accommodate almost any combination of divisions, companies, and departments, which gives you plenty of choice.

>Comprehensive ERP functionality
>Extensive documentation
>Training available
>Process flowcharts lack standardization
>Complex for small companies

What Customers Are Saying
User reviews of this software are generally positive. Customers like the comprehensive nature of the software. One user noted, “We heavily rely on a product configurator to streamline things. Epicor has the best configurator on the market. The company has continued to enhance its product, adding new and improved features, making it available to users while mobile, which is excellent.”


ePROMIS is a comprehensive business suite for small, mid-sized, and large businesses and meets their ERP, HR management, and CRM needs in one place. ePROMIS is an excellent and smart ERP solution as it helps improve the business process, productivity, employee potential, with amazing end-to-end features that you will like.

The solution features a mobile application to capture real-time information and easily access the data to make better decisions. ePROMIS’s corporate solutions encompass the whole spectrum of many enterprise functionalities. Some of them include inventory management, finance, distribution, analytics, supply chain, human resources, planning, and customer relations.

With ePROMIS, you are also free to choose your deployment method (either cloud-hosted or on-premise), and also get a customized package priced in accordance with your needs and preferences. ePROMIS supports enterprises really well, making it convenient to perform multiple-user and complex operations with web services as well as mobile devices. Also, they tailor their service offerings for a wide variety of market verticals, such as Construction, Oil and Gas, Contracting, Trading, Automobile, Supply Chain, Transportation, and Logistics.

PriceDemo / Free TrialFeatures
Custom QuoteDemo>Customer Relationship Management
>Cash Management
>Human Resource Management
>Billing and Invoicing
>Supply Chain Management
>More features at ePROMIS

Pros & Cons of ePROMIS ERP Software
Flexibility and adaptability are definitely not the only benefits that this amazing system offers. After using the product, you will note that its superior quality is clarity. Also, note that all applications are extensive and innovative, enabling reliable real-time analytics as well as enterprise-wide insights that reveal the health of your company. Above all, ePROMIS is a flexible and customizable solution, designed to adapt to various market conditions or challenges.

>Great customization options
>Mobile support and app
>No live support
>No training

What Customers Are Saying
Most customers have liked and praised this software. Customers like the adaptability and customization feature that the software offers. One user stated, “ERP is well-structured. General Ledger, accounts receivables, accounts payable, procurement, project management, payroll, costing, and inventory management systems are well integrated with each other, providing us accurate and real-time information.”


focus 9 Logo
Focus 9 is an amazing next-generation ERP software solution by Focus Softnet. It is a distinguished ERP software solution that supports business leaders in driving progress rigorously. Focus 9 is ideal for small, mid-sized, and enterprise level customers and has equal ease as well as flexibility across several industry verticals.

You will benefit from one-stop ERP on the cloud with industry-ready templates and in-memory computing. The software is also GST compliant and is a secure solution that has advanced features to help your business achieve process improvement. The software is a powerful solution and offers your business advanced tools that help optimize many business functions, like human capital management, accounting and finance, and customer and supplier relationship management. You can also choose to use different individual modules, like warehouse management (WMS) and point-of-sale (POS) or create your custom modules.

PriceDemo / Free TrialFeatures
Standard: $30/user/month
Professional: $45/user/month
Enterprise: $60/user/month
Demo> Accounting and Finance
> Customer Relationship Management
> Budgeting
> Human Resource Management
> Billing and Invoicing
> Email Integration
>More features at FOCUS 9

Pros & Cons of Focus 9 ERP Software
The extensive and flexible nature of the software allows Focus 9 to easily adapt to your company’s size and depth, growing user profiles, and roles to suit your company hierarchy as well as structure. And the new and improved system architecture of Focus 9 helps bring the immense power of the ERP right to your “pocket”. Focus 9 also brings real-time reports, dashboards, business intelligence, and several functions of the amazing ERP system to you, regardless of where you are.

>Simple to use
>Customization facilities
>User interface

What Customers Are Saying
Customer reviews of this software are generally positive. One customer said, “We needed to go live with a reliable ERP [comprising Procurement, Finance, and Budget Modules]. Focus 9 was able to go live within just sixty days from the project initiation date and also managed the incremental functional upgrades in a seamless and smooth manner.”

Genius ERP

Genius-ERP Logo
Genius Solutions offers a complete and extensive enterprise resource planning solution, including software, field expertise and implementation for small and mid-sized customized manufacturers. The makers developed Genius ERP specifically for SME manufacturers that handle engineer-to-order, make-to-order, custom-to-order, as well as assembled-to-order manufacturing.

The software has various helpful features, which is amazing. Some of them include shop floor scheduling, inventory control, accounting features, and product engineering, etc. And that is not all; Genius also provides your business with tools and features for smooth and fast communications with your clients. And this allows users to easily send text messages or emails straight from their platform. This way, you can organize communications while reconciling them with any changes in client records.

Also, every tool is part of a single centralized and simple to use system for custom manufacturers. With this software, you can automate time-consuming and tedious steps, get quotes for more jobs, reduce bottlenecks on your shop floor, estimate with greater accuracy, and connect historical data with upcoming runs in order to optimize production. This is why many businesses use this software platform to meet their diverse needs.

PriceDemo / Free TrialFeatures
Custom QuoteDemo>Customer Relationship Management
>Inventory Management
>Warehouse Management
>Bill of Materials
>Supply Chain Management
>More features at Genius ERP

Pros & Cons of Genius ERP Software
With a solution like Genius ERP, your company can rest assured that all business information it needs regarding your clients is stored securely in one place and can be quickly accessed when required. Genius ERP also has tools that allow your users to better control and manage financing and accounting data, like balance sheets, cash-on-hand amounts, trial balances, and more.

>Simple and user friendly
>Excellent customer support
>Sometimes, it can be a little slow.
>No payroll option

What Customers Are Saying
Customers have generally liked this software for its ease of use and friendly interface. One user said, “Genius ERP is a simple and comprehensive, module based software solution for our business. It easily integrated our different time keeping requirements for our engineering drawings, production, the estimation and quote functions, and purchasing and accounting. This is truly an enterprise-wide software solution and we like it. It has a very logical and simple interface to understand, and also integrates incredibly well with our payroll platform, which is convenient.”


Kronos Logo
Workforce Ready by Kronos is a powerful and effective cloud-based HRM (human resource management) solution. The software boasts a complete and comprehensive suite of highly scalable and nifty features designed to automate and streamline all HR management processes. Scalable and automated tools provide you with one source of truth with dashboards, common reporting, and robust workflows. And note that included mobile and self-service apps allow easy, quick, and anytime access.

Configurable forms, automated workflows, and customizable reports, and real-time access to consistent and accurate employee information help lower administrative workload while minimizing your compliance risk.

The platform is comprehensive and offers full human resource management capabilities that range from attendance and payroll to scheduling, all from one convenient solution. As a result, Kronos enables HR managers to engage the right employees and attract and retain the best talent.

The intuitive user interface of the software is fully responsive and offers anywhere, anytime mobile access. This minimizes training and empowers your employees while enhancing the ease of use as well as efficiency.

PriceDemo / Free TrialFeatures
Custom QuoteFree Trial>Benefits Management
>Employee Management
>Performance Management
>Time-off Management
>Application Tracking
>More features at Kronos

Pros & Cons of Kronos ERP Software
Cloud-based HRM software from Kronos intelligently fuses workforce management and human resource management functionalities. The platform is amazing as it presents your business with a slew of nifty features and functionalities that will help you in your HR undertakings. The organization management capability of Workforce Ready enables your business to organize employees in a way that you can utilize easily for permissions, reporting, and other processes.

>Provides enterprise-level functionality
>Affordable price
>Complex to use for some people

What Customers Are Saying
Customers have generally liked this software for its comprehensive functionality. One user stated, “Customer service and support are amazing! If we run into a problem that we do not quite understand how to address, we contact their support team. We often have a resolution within just one hour.”


MIE-Trak-PRO Logo
MIE Trak Pro is a great ERP (enterprise resource planning) software solution that helps many discrete manufacturers in managing their operations effectively and efficiently. The software has a modular design. As a result, businesses will not have to buy individual software.

Some of MIE Trak Pro’s modules are Purchase Order, Quote Estimating, Sales Order, Scheduling, Inventory, Quality, Accounting and Invoicing, Kiosk, Data Collection, and Work Order. The great thing is that each module includes amazing features, allowing users to cover specific aspects of their corporate operations.

As MIE Trak Pro can easily automate many processes, your manufacturing business will not have to rely on outdated paper methods or track down workers on your shop floor for updates. From customizable reports and dashboards to reusing data such as quotes, sales orders, RFQs, and work orders, the software can adjust its features uniquely to your needs without hurting your wallet.

PriceDemo / Free TrialFeatures
Custom QuoteDemo Available>Quote Estimation
>Sales Order
>Work Order
>Inventory Management
>Quality and Scheduling
>More features at MIE Trak PRO

Pros & Cons of MIE Trak PRO ERP Software
The software provides your company with a robust and customizable ERP system with all the features you need to ensure that your operations run smoothly. The solution is comprehensive and covers everything from gathering and managing data, developing custom invoices and quotes for your customers and projects, to scheduling your resources, automating work orders, and more. And as all modules of the software are designed to work well with each other, it also helps that you can do and manage all things from one platform.

>Several deployment options
>Customization facilities
>Occasional bugs

What Customers Are Saying
Customers prefer this software because of the real-time visibility that it offers. One user said, “Although our company is still in the infant stage of the MIE Trak Pro journey, there is no doubt that we are reaping the several benefits of having a flexible, intuitive, and user friendly ERP system.”


NetSuite Logo
NetSuite is a popular cloud-based ERP software solution from Oracle. The software will allow your company to streamline and automate business processes. NetSuite seamlessly integrates as well as automates important functional areas, such as revenue management, financial management, inventory management, order management, e-commerce, billing, and CRM.

NetSuite is a cloud-based solution delivered over the web, and your manufacturing business can use it to manage production orders, and ensure base inventory level restocking while ensuring the quality and success of special orders.

The solution automates various front and back-office processes, such as financial management, fixed assets, revenue management, order management, billing and accounting, and inventory management. It does this in a way that provides your entire organization a customizable view of various KPIs (key performance indicators) as well as reports for their role. The software offers customized pricing as per the needs of the consumers, depending on a set of givens. These include the add-on modules required and the ERP configuration, among other factors.

PriceDemo / Free TrialFeatures
$999 per month with access costs of $99 per user per monthFree Trial>Financial Management
>Order Management
>Inventory Management
>Supply Chain Management
>Human Capital Management
>More features at NetSuite

Pros & Cons of NetSuite ERP Software
Thousands of companies use NetSuite ERP software for their accounting and financial management needs, such as strong expense management, financial close, auditable, and streamlined revenue management. The software provides complete and real-time visibility into critical information pertaining to a company’s financial performance. Also, the centralized order, customer, invoice, and shipping data help lower fulfillment errors while avoiding the costs of reconciling important shipping information.

>Excellent CRM features
>Simple reporting
>Custom process workflows
>Complex feature set

What Customers Are Saying
Customer reviews of this software are positive. One user said, “Having the whole order process accessible to everyone has equipped our staff to be able to assist and help customers in a way that helps differentiate us from the competitors. This is because anyone on our customer service or sales team has the full customer record available, and this enables them to address all customer issues quickly.”


Rootstock Logo
Rootstock is a cloud-based ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution for manufacturers and distributors of all sizes, built on the latest Salesforce platform. The software is useful as it integrates accounting and CRM with sales order management, purchase order tracking, inventory control, and standard cost accounting.

Rootstock ERP is a modern, flexible, and digitally connected system. The solution can transform companies to effectively deliver a more personalized and streamlined customer experience, efficiently improve and scale operations, and out-perform the competition. Rootstock ERP also enables real-time and efficient management of manufacturing, supply chain, and distribution operations from front to back, anywhere, and anytime.

If you are a manufacturer and distributor, you can employ a single system that can handle several sites as well as outsourced services while gaining more centralized visibility across your operations.

Your company can now have insight into what is happening or what will happen at different steps of the manufacturing, supply chain, and distribution processes.

PriceDemo / Free TrialFeatures
Custom QuoteDemo>Bills of Material
>Financial Management
>Production Scheduling
>Quote Management
>Supply Chain Management
>Safety Management
>More features at Rootstock

Pros & Cons of Rootstock ERP Software
The scalable, configurable, and adaptable nature of the software gives your company the flexibility and convenience it needs to accommodate any workflow, add required new capabilities, implement social collaboration, and quickly address any changing requirements.

>Excellent SCM capabilities
>Easy to use
>Customization and adaptability
>No free trial available

What Customers Are Saying
Customer reviews of Rootstock are positive, and customers have appreciated the comprehensive nature of this software as well as Rootstock’s helpful customer success team. One user noted, “This company has the recipe mastered. We’ve been live on Rootstock for 8 months and continue to be impressed with the application’s deep capabilities, ease of use, and rapid configurability. We implemented Rootstock in under 6 months leveraging a small internal team working part time and Roostock Professional Services looking over our shoulders. Customer Success picked up where Services left off and continues to shepherd our team through enhanced capabilities and reduction of clicks for our deployment. If you’re in the market for a new ERP, you owe it to yourself to take a serious look at Rootstock!”


Striven is a comprehensive system that provides everything you need to manage your business operations.

With their accounting features, you can easily manage your purchasing process and generate detailed financial reports in seconds. Striven also makes it easy to keep track of your inventory and orders as well.

And with Striven’s built-in CRM tools, you’ll be able to automate marketing tasks, improve customer engagement, and instantly assess the amount of revenue generated by each customer.

PriceDemo / Free TrialFeatures
$20 per user per month for up to 20 users + $99 monthly hosting fee
$15 per user per month for up to 50 users + $299 monthly hosting fee
$10 per user per month for unlimited users + $499 monthly hosting fee
Free Trial>Accounting Tools
>Inventory Management
>Order Management
>Built-in CRM
>More features at Striven

Pros & Cons of Striven ERP Software

In addition to all the features described above, another benefit to using Striven is that the software loads quite fast. It’s also cloud-based, which allows your employees to collaborate with each other no matter where they’re located. But if you’re on a tight budget, you should know that there are more affordable options out there.

>Feature-rich ERP solution
>Cloud-based system makes it easy to collaborate
>Software loads very quickly
>Relatively expensive

What Customers Are Saying

The fact that Striven is cloud-based is a huge asset for many users. “The ability to share information with our field technicians and for the same to be able to share with management has taken us to a new level in the way we operate,” wrote one customer.


SYSPRO is a reliable and powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform. The platform helps companies, particularly in the manufacturing industry, synchronize, integrate, and better control the manufacturing process. The great thing is that analytics from this software will give your users business-critical insights and information to help them make swift, informed, and sound business decisions in real-time.

SYSPRO is comprehensive and provides end-to-end business solutions that include inventory management, accounting, order management, scheduling and planning, supply chain management, and warehouse management, etc.

You can deploy it via the cloud or install it on-premises. These modules focus not just on the manufacturing process, but many other aspects too. For instance, its excellent ability to manage various costs will help your business plug revenue leaks from too many manual processes, paperwork, and repetitive processes.

PriceDemo / Free TrialFeatures
Custom QuoteDemo>Inventory Management
>Customer Relationship Management
>Artificial Intelligence
>Financial Management
>More features at SYSPRO

Pros & Cons of SYSPRO ERP Software
The key benefits of SYSPRO are that it is always engaging, available, intuitive, and simple to understand and use. Apart from that, the platform is comprehensive and has a complete roster of benefits that will help your manufacturing enterprise in managing its processes. As SYSPRO is responsive, innovative, and agile, it means that you can depend on the software over the long term.

>Comprehensive solution
>Easy to use
>Lacks HR or payroll modules

What Customers Are Saying
Customer reviews of SYSPRO are generally positive, and many users have liked the comprehensive nature of the solution. One customer noted, “SYSPRO is used across the entire organization. For example, we use it for controlling our sales process and distribution and shipping, as well as our fabrication and manufacturing operations.”


Workday Logo
Workday is an impressive SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) enterprise solution designed to manage international businesses. The cloud-based package is especially suitable for mid-to-large-sized companies, particularly organizations with multiple locations. Workday HCM is incredible, as it has all of the personnel functions in a single solution.

Founded by veterans at PeopleSoft, the tool provides your business with unified Human Resource Management, Payroll Management, as well as Financial Management solutions. The solution addresses the needs of modern companies. Also, Workday provides an excellent module for educational institutions.

This module includes recruiting and admissions, records, curriculum management, advising, as well as financial aid tracking. Delivered conveniently in the cloud that leverages a modern and intuitive technology platform, Workday gives your business a fresh alternative to conventional or legacy ERP. More than 280 customers, spanning mid-sized companies to top Fortune 50 businesses, have chosen this tool to manage their operations.

PriceDemo / Free TrialFeatures
Custom QuoteDemo>Talent Management
>Human Resource Management
>Recruiting and Payroll
>Time Tracking
>More features at Workday

Pros & Cons of Workday ERP Software
Workday can easily unify your finance and human resource functions, giving your staff real-time insights, predictive analytics, and global visibility. Designed for the cloud, the software has its customers at the center of all important business decisions. Developed by founders with an established track record, Workday always considers the role and importance of its customers when it comes to developing its solutions.

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What Customers Are Saying
Reviews for Workday are generally positive. One user said, “As a worker, to clock in and out frequently, you just look for ease of access and simplicity. And that is exactly what Workday has provided us. The solution provides simple access and capabilities on our smartphone or desktop, which makes it easy to check as well as approve time cards.”

What is ERP Software?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a system of well-integrated software applications that help streamline, standardize, and integrate many business processes in an organization. Some of these processes are human resources, finance, procurement, and distribution, etc.

Most organizations have some type of operational and finance system in place. However, many software solutions on the market cannot go beyond routine business processes or assist with future business expansion and growth. This is why your business needs an ERP software platform. In most cases, ERP systems run on an integrated software platform with common data definitions operating on one database.

The software collects information about the activity as well as the state of different divisions and makes this information available to other units, where they can use the information productively. By integrating multiple disparate business processes in your company, ERP avoids inefficient workflows and duplication, improves collaboration between departments, making it possible to provide organizational decision-makers with business-critical information.

Benefits of ERP Software

There are several benefits of an ERP system. For example, it improves enterprise efficiency and business effectiveness in numerous ways. By integrating all your financial information into one comprehensive system, ERP systems unify your company’s financial reporting.

  • Reduces Costs and Saves Money. With an ERP system, you can reduce operational and administrative costs, easily prevent delays, and proactively manage operations via streamline and automated processes. As a reduction in your operational costs also reduces your working capital outlay, an ERP system helps you operate your business at a considerably lower cost.
  • Improves Financial Consolidation. Without an ERP solution, your business may have to use different and disparate programs in different departments. However, an ERP system is great as it eliminates the data silos that often arise from disparate software systems.
  • Optimizes Manufacturing. This function of ERP software can improve business communication and automates daily processes. It also offers manufacturers the great ability to meet customer needs and preferences while managing key organizational resources by accessing accurate and real-time data. The software can also optimize cost and project management as well as production planning.
  • Streamlines Supply Chain. A robust and effective ERP system also allows for real-time visibility into your supply chain and many other processes. This makes it easier and quicker for decision-makers to have a comprehensive view of their supply chain and reduce planning cycles.
  • Better Scheduling. Did you know that scheduling tools are now a highly customizable part of many ERP solutions? With these tools, you can easily organize delivery of inventory, when your workers and other staff come in for their shifts, and when your factory undergoes maintenance. You can then carefully coordinate each schedule into one calendar. This will ensure that all of your departments, as well as supply chain partners, can stay on the same page.
  • Improves Customer Satisfaction and Relations. Note that implementing an ERP solution will enable you to produce the most suitable product at the right time. This helps ensure accuracy and also meet customer needs. Also, on-time delivery is essential in maintaining

Must-have Features for ERP Software

There is no doubt that for many business organizations, ERP software is an ideal solution for automation, data analysis, and full-scale infrastructure integration. While the scope, scale, and functionality of ERP systems can vary widely, most ERP software solutions have the following features and characteristics:

  • A Common Database. Note that a common database is an important feature as it enables you to define data once for the whole enterprise with every department, such as finance and marketing, using the same definition. Many modern ERP systems split the physical database in order to improve performance.
  • Data Analysis. You know that an ERP collects and processes data from all your business functions. As a result, it makes sense to make the most of that information through data analysis. This ERP function helps find trends and patterns in your business processes. So, it enables users to better reflect on the efficiency and effectiveness of certain tasks, besides providing valuable forecasts for future business decisions.
  • Supply Chain Monitoring. You may know that production is one area that often causes headaches for many firms in the automotive manufacturing sector. And this is particularly true for organizations struggling to keep up with higher product demand. Excellent ERP systems have the ability to provide you with real-time data on your whole value chain, from production through to shipping. ERP solutions also have the ability to keep this valuable information in an archive for future audits and reference.
  • Enterprise-wide Integration. The software integrates business processes end to end across various departments and business units in your organization. For instance, a new order will automatically initiate a credit check and query product availability. It will also update the distribution schedule. As you can see, this feature is important to consider when investing in an ERP solution.

The Cost of ERP Software

If your business is investing in an ERP system, then pricing is certainly an important factor to keep in mind. ERP software is not cheap, and prices can vary depending on many factors, such as the type of deployment, level of customization, and the number of users. The per-month cost usually falls in the $201 to $300 per user range. Also, keep in mind that a vast majority of perpetual license budgets are in the range of $5,000 and $6,000 per user.

You should note that some ERP vendors display pricing publicly on their websites, particularly for cloud ERP solutions. On the other hand, some only provide a quote after determining your company’s business requirements.