The Best Electrical Estimating Software of 2021

Our electrical estimating software reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 60+ electrical estimating software companies from across the web. These reviews and our electrical estimating software guide help small businesses and startups find the best electrical estimating software for their business.

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How We Chose the Best Electrical Estimating Software

Electrical estimating software provides construction managers with state-of-the-art tools to calculate labor and material costs and determine project budgets. Ultimately, the main benefit of electrical estimating software is to save time and money for busy contractors while ensuring the accuracy of proposals and bids. A number of tech companies offer electrical estimating packages, and we’ve compiled a list of what we consider the top 10 based on the following criteria.

Electrical Estimating Features

Although most products have similar features, there’s a difference in the tangible benefits they offer. We recommend software with the following features that are most beneficial for electrical estimating:

  • Bid analysis and management
  • Quote and proposal generation
  • Scheduling and project management tools
  • Takeoff modules
  • Material databases


Ideally, you’ll want pre-built integrations for accounting systems and other tools that are often used with electrical estimating software. Industry-specific integrations include digitizer boards, CAD files, QuickBooks, and Excel. These tools allow users to extract data, analyze costs, and create invoices. Because they’re external programs, you can choose the ones that suit your needs.


Being able to collate relevant data into usable reports is another key feature of electrical estimating software. You can share valuable insights and key metrics with project stakeholders. Plus, historical data analysis provides actionable steps you can take to fine-tune estimations and workflows. Ideally, reports should also be customizable to suit project and user requirements. Most packages have the reporting function built into the program, but others integrate with third-party software to provide the same or enhanced functionality.

The 10 Best Electrical Estimating Software of 2021

Accubid Electrical Estimating

Accubid Electrical Estimating offers a full-featured solution that encompasses the complete construction workflow. It provides a cost-creating platform that covers purchasing, proposals, project management, and billing.

It’s designed with simplicity in mind, and the system allows for custom, project-specific assemblies to be built quickly for any size project.

With the ability to view subtotals across various breakdowns, you’ll be able to identify potential errors in real time. You can also break down the entire bid into logical or physical aspects and export this information to other applications for further analysis.

With the instant bid summary tool, comparing components of an estimate is an efficient and hassle-free process. The software’s takeoff functionality also allows automatic calculations of assembly component quantities.

Features include:

  • Project-specific assemblies
  • Proven material database
  • Multilevel breakdowns
  • Live extensions
  • Dynamic takeoffs
  • Instant bid summary
  • Live link to graphical takeoff

The assemblies can be built within the program as project-specific, with a proven material database and a live link to graphical takeoffs. This saves you time as the data holds integrity throughout the process.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom QuoteFree Demo>Deployment: Web-based
>Customer service: Email, phone
>More features at Accubid Electrical Estimating

Pros & Cons of Accubid Electrical Estimating Software

Accubid Electrical Estimating offers potential customers a demo to show them what the software can do for their company. It also comes with multiuser support, so your entire team can work on the same project without any hiccups. The program integrates with Trimble LiveCount, which has a live bidirectional link creating an integrated package for bid management. The downside is that the software information is a little vague, and no pricing is shown on the website.

>Free demo
>Multiuser availability
>Integration with Trimble LiveCount
>Website doesn’t list prices or packages

What Customers Are Saying

Users said they were happy with the integrations offered by the Accubid package. The software stands out with its multitude of ways to analyze data. One client said, “Another great advantage about using Accubid is the familiar layout of the system which is really similar to a regular Excel [spreadsheet] with several steps that resemble regular tabs.” Another customer commented, “[The] fully customizable database, integrated supplier pricing module, multi user capabilities and the live update feature that transfers from takeoff to extension to labor makeup and topsheet tabs.”

Electrical Bid Manager

Electrical Bid Manager
Electrical Bid Manager by Vision InfoSoft offers estimating software for companies of all sizes. It can help plan small projects and scale all the way up to multimillion dollar construction jobs. It’s primarily targeted at electrical contractors and is adaptable for larger companies that work with a network of estimators.

It allows you to create new assemblies on the go and ensures every piece of material is counted. Furthermore, it offers customers additional modules, which make it easy to perform electrical takeoffs. The software also includes branch circuits, wiring devices, lighting, and many other components, all with pre-built assemblies for efficiency.

The system contains a detailed bid analysis function, so you can calculate hidden costs such as nonproductive work, subcontracts, and other job expenses. You’ll also be able to modify material and labor costs depending on the complexity of the project.

Plus, you can review and adjust your profits and overheads across all category totals. You can also create custom bids and present only the details you want your client to see.

Features include:

  • Branch circuits and wiring device modules
  • Bid analysis
  • Electrical plan takeoff
  • Custom assemblies
  • EPIC pricing data with over 2 million electrical items
  • Advanced substitution
  • Takeoff modules

The provider also offers additional customized modules that can be purchased to further enhance the core software package.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom Quote14-Day Free Trial>Deployment: Mac, Windows
>Customer service: Email, phone
>Detailed reporting
>More features at Vision InfoSoft

Pros & Cons of Electrical Bid Manager Electrical Estimating Software

Vision InfoSoft’s Electrical Bid Manager is available in three versions. You can purchase the Standard, Plus, or Pro suite, which offer a variety of features. The most noticeable difference is that the Standard version has limited audit trail functions and no facility for custom reports. On the positive side, all three have built-in modules for faster estimates and third-party integrations.

>Standard, Plus, and Pro packages offered
>Built-in modules
>Third-party integrations
>Custom reporting only available in the premium packages
>Standard version has limited audit trail features

What Customers Are Saying

A key component that some customers find valuable is the expansive database. It also allows larger organizations to list jobs per estimator to follow up on the project. One customer said, “I like how easy it is to make temporary items. I also like how accurate the labor times are on the install of material.”


Intellibid electrical estimating software helps electrical and low-voltage contractors and estimators produce accurate, consistent bids with its large amount of detail for materials.

ConEst Software Systems offers it in four editions: IntelliBid, Intellibid Plus, Intellibid Pro, and Intellibid Design Build. The packages come with extra features, such as Smart Substitution using built-in NEC tables and count sheets to organize takeoffs. With its full-featured functionality, project estimation is quick and easy. It’s ideal for small contractors, large corporations, and multiple company setups.

Features include:

  • Bid management and closing
  • Job cost codes and registry dashboard
  • Industry-intelligent databases
  • Pre-built assemblies
  • Document management and reports
  • Accounting interfaces

Intellibid shows a detailed takeoff screen, with seven levels of phase breakdown available. It also offers quotation analysis, editing controls, and store-specific pricing.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom QuoteFree Demo>Deployment: Windows, web-based
>Customer service: Email, phone
>Takeoff editing
>More features at ConEst

Pros & Cons of Intellibid Electrical Estimating Software

Intellibid is user-friendly and has various optional features for tailored functionality. However, many advanced tools are only included in the higher version packages. Furthermore, pricing is only available upon request, so you can’t get an idea of what you might pay beforehand. Nonetheless, a free demo allows you to try out the software.

>Free demo
>Large variety of optional extras
>User-friendly interface
>Advanced features only available in the higher-level packages
>Pricing only available on request

What Customers Are Saying

Customers claim that Intellibid is one of the easiest programs to use for electrical estimating. The layout is intuitive, and the navigation is straightforward. One customer states, “The use of the product is pretty self-explanatory.” Another says, “From its smart substitution to the link with SureCount on-screen takeoff; this company continues to provide great innovation and support.”

McCormick Estimating Software

Mccormick Estimating Software
McCormick offers comprehensive Windows-based estimating software for commercial, residential, and industrial contractors. The system can import electrical equipment and material prices from major suppliers to ensure accuracy when doing cost estimations. The electrical database includes over 55,000 items and 25,000 pre-built assemblies. With the advanced audit trail and edit extension functions, you can make instant changes and display parts and assemblies on screen.

Features include:

  • Fully networkable programs
  • Unlimited assemblies
  • Takeoff
  • Customizable templates
  • Audit trail
  • Historical database
  • What-if analysis

It offers four types of packages, each tailor-made according to a company’s size and needs. The first three options are out-of-the-box user-friendly and the fourth, WIN6000, is the fastest and most customizable program that McCormick offers.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom QuoteFree Demo>Deployment: Mac, Windows, web-based
>Customer service: Email, phone
>Online training
>More features at McCormick

Pros & Cons of McCormick Electrical Estimating Software

McCormick has an easy-to-use job interface that records crucial information on a project, including any notes about the development. Its exclusive column labeling system and takeoff breakouts is a unique feature included in all its estimating software packages. Even though the provider has a solid offering, the descriptions lack detail regarding features. It’s also unclear what makes this provider’s software different from anybody else’s, as the information on its website is vague.

>Unique column labeling and takeoff breakouts feature
>User-friendly job interface
>Job detail record keeping
>Provider’s website lacks in-depth details of features

What Customers Are Saying

McCormick is one of the most established estimating software products on the market. Customers trust the integrity and reliability of the database that the program uses. The column labeling system is another feature that’s well-liked, as it shortens the time it takes to run reports by creating desired label sets. One customer claims, “The product is seamless. The DEP feature is a hidden gem! Customer support sticks with you to get the problem solved, and training is second to none.”


Methvin is an online procurement and estimating portal designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. It offers various project management and cost tools geared toward the construction industry.

The system allows users to link worksheets to multiple tasks and break them up into sub-schedules for fast and accurate pricing. This process is designed to make the workflow more efficient and improve margin analysis.

The complex worksheet layout allows you to set variables for pricing and then use them for numerous equations. In this way, if a similar project is initiated using the same materials, you need only adjust the variables to the new circumstances.

The collaborative porthole is ideal for both the client and the contractor. It uses a Kanban board or graphic card system. New clients can track the progress of the project without accessing sensitive cost details.

The interface allows you to efficiently prioritize and aggregate everyday work, multiple timelines, and project tasks. The company aims to make quantity surveying easy by providing fast and accurate takeoffs for any drawing. All you need to do is set the scale and start measuring.

Features include:

  • JavaScript function to automate first principal estimate
  • Complex worksheets can be used as templates
  • Takeoff tools
  • API — SAP & JDE
  • Preset pricing modules
  • Project management and workflow tools
  • integration with Excel
  • Supports Imperial and metric systems

Having the software available as an online platform is convenient as it lets managers do estimates from anywhere there’s an internet connection. Another benefit is that single users can use the software at no charge and get 24/7 support. The other two packages are well-priced, too, making this one of the more affordable estimation programs available.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Single user: Free
Business: $27/month (free for first 6 months)
Enterprise: $165/month
Free Demo >Deployment: Mac, Windows, web-based, iPhone/iPad, Android
>Customer service: Phone, 24/7 live
>Free for individual users
>More features at Methvin

Pros & Cons of Methvin Electrical Estimating Software

Methvin’s strengths lie in the extensive range of features it offers for each aspect of project management. Furthermore, it offers a fully equipped free version for individuals, a range of mobile apps, and 24/7 customer support. The only downside is the limited number of premium packages, namely the Business and Enterprise editions.

>Free for a single user
>Mobile apps
>24/7 customer support
>Limited variety of premium packages

What Customers Are Saying

One user describes Methvin as “A powerful software that has variables that are easy to modify,” further stating, “It is also equally easy to update the values.” Regarding the interface and the benefits, another customer said it’s “Easy to use and also works fast. Some of the advantages of using Methvin include high accessibility as a cloud-based platform, and accuracy with its formulas, takeoff tools and Gantt charts.”

PlanSwift Software

PlanSwift by ConstructConnect is an easily customizable software tailor-made for your specific trade. It uses basic functionality to ensure navigation is simple and efficient. Estimators can drag and drop various material and labor assemblies into the takeoff to create costings. It also has the ability to insert links and offers prompts during every step of the process.

PlanSwift uses a visual point-and-click interface, so you can measure required linears, square footage, unit-counts, pictures, and angles easily. A wide array of file formats is supported for importing building plans and exporting estimates and takeoffs.

The program adjusts itself for each specific trade and is suitable across several industries, and the functionality applies to most businesses that utilize digital blueprints.

Features include:

  • Fully Excel compatible
  • Easy drag-and-drop function to create assemblies
  • Automated calculations for materials and costs
  • Multiple file type compatibility
  • Custom formulas for protecting materials purchase
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Point and click takeoff functionality

The program integrates with Excel data export and reporting, and there are also built-in reports you can use.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Professional: $1,59514-Day Free Trial>Deployment: Windows/instant download
>Customer service: Email, phone
>Customizable formulas
>More features at Planswift Software

Pros & Cons of PlanSwift Electrical Estimating Software

PlanSwift is designed with user-friendliness in mind and caters to a broad range of industries. It exports data easily to Excel and works without an internet connection. However, it’s only available for Windows systems and lacks advanced features that web-based programs provide. As downloadable software that works off-line, you’ll have to pay a one-time fee to purchase it. There’s also no live, 24/7 support, and free training is limited.

>Works off-line
>One-time fee
>Limited free training and no live 24/7 support
>Only compatible with Windows

What Customers Are Saying

Customers enjoy PlanSwift’s easy-to-use interface and robust features, with one stating, “The program is very intuitive, simple to use, powerful, and has dead on accuracy.” Regarding its time-saving qualities, one user reported, “Jobs that once took an hour or longer, I can now do in under fifteen minutes.” Another client said, “Eliminating the hassle of handling the printed plans is a huge benefit and time saver.”

ProEst Estimating Software

ProEst offers an integrated, cloud-based platform that not only provides electrical estimations but includes CRM capabilities as well. It’s an all-in-one solution loaded with robust features for fast and efficient project management.

You can generate detailed cost estimates, summaries, and material lists, while customized reports and historic data analysis provide insight into project performance.

ProEst combines estimating with takeoff technology for automatic cost calculations, which saves time while ensuring utmost accuracy. It also comes with electronic blueprints for versatile, hassle-free takeoffs you can perform onscreen.

A customizable dashboard also gives you a tailored view of crucial data, while at-a-glance analysis and summarized totals let you check that your budget is on point.

It’s built to perform quick on-screen estimate analysis, too, and automatically marks up the price to ensure bids are profitable.

The dashboard also focuses on relevant KPIs so users can measure and evaluate business performance throughout the project life cycle. Furthermore, ProEst tracks pending projects, updates estimate pipelines, and creates accurate short- and long-term business forecasts.

Features include:

  • Built-in digital takeoff technology
  • Pre-built contractor database
  • Unlimited sort types
  • Accounting software integration
  • 24/7 online access
  • Companywide workflow process
  • Professional grade reports
  • Integrates with common business tools

The program contains a pre-built general contractor database with over 15,000 items and assemblies. There’s also an Estimate Center that allows you to retrieve vital data within seconds thanks to customized search fields.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom QuoteFree Demo>Deployment: Web-based
>Customer service: Email, phone
>Professional reports
>More features at ProEst

Pros & Cons of ProEst Electrical Estimating Software

ProEst provides more functionality than traditional applications but requires an internet connection as it’s web-based. It allows multiple users to collaborate on a single estimate without extra cost per user. It also has integrations for accounting and project management software. You can generate professional reports, manage customers with the built-in CRM, and produce accurate bids in a shorter time. However, the generic preset costs could throw off estimates.

>Integrations for accounting and other software
>Multiple user collaboration
>Built-in CRM system
>Preset costs are generic, which could throw off labor estimates
>Software is cloud-based with no off-line accessibility

What Customers Are Saying

Customers maintain that one of the best features of ProEst is the flexibility to edit almost everything. The user interface is considered clean and uncluttered, with an intuitive design that’s easy for anybody to use. One client said, “The program gives me the ability to quickly turn over a budget estimate, by integrating takeoffs using historical data and translating it into a report that can be emailed directly to the owner.”


STACK targets contractors by offering a platform that allows them to measure digital plans, collaborate with team members, create bid-ready proposals, and finalize project estimates. It’s 100% cloud-based, making it easy for your development team to access plans, details, and reports from the office or job site.

You can quickly address key details with other members using the markup and callout tools. STACK also provides streamlined plan-viewing with real-time team collaboration and robust project reporting. It creates a centralized hub where the relevant parties can work together to improve project efficiency and drive profits.

STACK facilitates the organization of plans, specs, and other documents by instantly processing every page to make sorting quick and easy. You’re also able to upload information from other sources and link it to the relevant project.

The software allows the overlay of multiple drawings so you can quickly identify the differences in revised plans without having to redo takeoffs. You’ll also get fast and accurate quantities with easy-to-use measuring and markup tools.

Plus, you can use takeoff templates and pre-built materials lists for efficient cost estimates. Sections of plans can be removed hassle-free using geometric reporting and, once adjusted, can be saved as a current file or new revision.

Features include:

  • Multiuser ability
  • Overall drawing to identify differences
  • Drag-and-drop tool for pages
  • Real-time team collaboration facility
  • Multiple drawing overlays

STACK offers a digital plan room that keeps your team aligned and allows them to collaborate on various projects from wherever they’re based.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Free version available
Start: $1,999/year
Grow: $4,999/year
Build: Custom Quote
Free Demo >Deployment: Mac, Windows, web-based
>Customer service: Email, phone
>Accounting interfaces
>More features at STACK

Pros & Cons of STACK Electrical Estimating Software

The estimating software has a large selection of features and comes with a user-friendly drag-and-drop tool. STACK keeps your team aligned by allowing them to work on the same projects simultaneously. It also comes with a calendar function to enhance organization. However, its takeoff library doesn’t have an option to set defaults, which is the only gripe we could find with this product. The provider offers a demo version, but the premium package is quite expensive.

>Free demo version
>Drag-and-drop function
>Calendar function to organize projects by due date
>Expensive premium package
>Restrictive takeoff library with no option to set defaults

What Customers Are Saying

A common advantage most customers mention is that the software is fast and flexible. Contractors appreciate the ability to log in and pull all their project drawings onto any computer. Customers have the following to say about STACK: “Doing takeoffs is much easier now,” and “The calendar makes organizing projects by due date easy. You can quickly see what’s coming up and space them out when a larger project takes more time.”

TurboBid Estimating Software

TurboBid is a user-friendly platform, ideal for a variety of contracting purposes, including residential, commercial, industrial, and remodeling projects. It offers training and in-depth guidance on various concepts and principles.

The system has a unique Wizard format, simplifying the estimating process and breaking it down into small steps. You can even calculate the break-even costs, which offer insight and help you make informed project decisions. Once you’ve entered the relevant information, TurboBid generates a comprehensive bid package for professional proposals to clients.

It identifies and tracks all project costs and runs automatic updates on material prices and provides new items and assemblies when they’re available.

Features include:

  • Assembly preview
  • Automated reports
  • Estimate checklist
  • On-screen takeoffs
  • Original bid and change order revisions
  • Built-in security
  • Last project report
  • Expansive material and pre-built assemblies databases
  • Room-by-room takeoffs
  • Average working hour cost calculations
  • Global labor unit adjustments

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Monthly subscription: $99
4 monthly payments: $399
One-time purchase: $1,395
With Planswift On-Screen Take-Off: $2,411
14-Day Free Trial>Deployment: Windows
>Customer service: Email, phone
>Overhead cost calculator
>More features at TurboBid

Pros & Cons of TurboBid Electrical Estimating Software

TurboBid’s unique system takes you through step-by-step processes that collect pertinent information. The software’s strengths lie in providing customizable reports and bid packages that offer professional-looking proposals, quantity takeoffs, and bid estimates. However, as an off-line program, it’s only compatible with Windows, which restricts accessibility and project collaboration.

>Tutorial videos
>Easy-to-use step-by-step estimation process
>Professional looking reports and bid packages
>Only available on Windows

What Customers Are Saying

Customers praise TurboBid for its ease of use, with one saying, “[It’s] a user friendly program. Very little work on my end. Everything is set up, so all you have to do is compute the information.” Regarding TurboBid’s unique process, another client said, “The software has allowed us to prepare high quality, professional bids for all of our projects.” Some customers enjoy that the software isn’t cloud-based, with one stating, “I liked that I had an actual software package [and] not an online-only program.”

Viewpoint Estimating

Viewpoint is a construction-estimating solution that improves operational efficiencies while streamlining processes and eliminating errors and duplications. It includes proposal generators, historical databases, and graphical assembly options.

It also provides what-if analyses and integrates smoothly into Excel. Additionally, you can mitigate risks through increased transparency and ensure compliance with Level 2 BIM requirements.

The takeoff module allows users to download plans from online project rooms and use them to generate data without the need for a digitizer board or stylus pens. However, if you do use digitizer boards, you can still integrate Viewpoint with several third-party solutions.

The program saves companies time by reducing the hours spent searching and retrieving documents. You can run projects smoothly by staying ahead of scope changes and cost impacts while reducing profit fade. The intuitive and customizable interface allows for tailored workflows and launch-related tasks with automatic info pre-fills.

Features include:

  • Conversion calculator
  • CAD file integration
  • Automatic scaling
  • Downloadable plans from online project rooms
  • Project management tools
  • Data management functions
  • Enhanced analytics features

Viewpoint’s proposals and reports are aesthetically pleasing for professional presentations to clients.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom QuoteFree Demo >Deployment: Windows, web-based
>Customer service: Email, phone
>Excel integration
>More features at Viewpoint

Pros & Cons of Viewpoint Electrical Estimating Software

The quick and easy setup is one of the positive aspects of Viewpoint. It also provides tools for swift markups and drawings and a range of customizable features. The reports are especially easy to create, and the database isn’t locked down. Viewpoint’s limitations are that the updates sometimes create glitches, and some support options require a fee.

>Designed specifically for the construction industry
>Customizable reports
>Quick plug-and-play setup
>Updates sometimes result in glitches
>Some support options require a fee

What Customers Are Saying

Overall, customers have a positive impression of Viewpoint Estimating software. It allows them to manage their projects’ flow while integrating with software packages such as Excel for easier data management. Customers agree that the software “does a good job of integrating our construction operations” and that “most processes are intuitive for the user.”

What Is Electrical Estimating Software?

Contractors and estimators need a solution to create precise estimates and establish the cost of construction projects. Electrical estimating software does exactly that and makes this process a lot faster and more accurate. It’s a useful tool for any company, regardless of whether it focuses on commercial, residential, industrial, or combination projects.

With third-party integrations, prices are populated with real-time data, improving bid accuracy. It saves professionals time and money by preventing costly mistakes when estimating the materials required for a project.

The software usually provides accounting functions, project and workflow management tools, and document control. Generally, you’ll also find various databases for pre-built assemblies and materials. Some programs even offer dynamic bid management, collaboration tools, and item-specific pricing modules.

Overall, the best electrical estimating software allows contractors to create accurate, in-depth, and professional quotes and proposals. Having a suite of diverse tools at your fingertips means you can spend more time building your business and less time preparing estimates.

Benefits of Electrical Estimating Software

The best electrical estimating software saves you time and money by equipping your business with various tools for precise estimates, bid analysis, and project management. The following features offer a few more key benefits:

  • Real-time pricing: The software provides all the materials needed to quote for a job, with links to real-time pricing data. It makes it easier for estimators to get an accurate proposal in a shorter time by eliminating the need to search and compare individual prices.
  • Accurate estimates: The systems are designed to help prevent mistakes by using historical data to correctly estimate project labor costs and materials.
  • Easy access: Many software packages are cloud-based programs that allow contractors to access project information from anywhere when needed. The cloud-based offerings create a secure portal where contractors can store project information without worries that the data can get lost or corrupted.
  • Professional proposals: Estimating software generates concise and professional quotes, bids, and proposals in real time. It also decreases the likelihood of mistakes as the costs are generated from input data without the need to copy and paste.
  • Project management: The best electrical estimating software usually comes with a host of features for streamlining workflows and collaborating with team members. Typically, you can schedule tasks, update estimates, and analyze bids. By making real-time changes to material requirements and labor costs, you can see how pricing is affected and maintain your budget accordingly.

Must-Have Features for Electrical Estimating Software

The best electrical estimating software providers offer the same core features. One fundamental aspect is accurate estimate creation based on input data and real-time pricing. Apart from that, here are a few essential features to look for:

  • Robust estimation functions: From cost analysis and budget scoping to pricing and calculations, you’ll need an efficient tool that’s tailored to your needs. Dynamic takeoff features, customizable assemblies, extensive databases, pricing modules, and flexible measurement capabilities are all essential.
  • Integrations: Third-party add-ons complement the software and provide additional tools. In the construction industry, accounting integrations are commonplace as they facilitate data collation, sharing, and exporting.
  • Reporting: The best electrical estimating software provides detailed reports to help project managers and contractors improve their practices. Reports can be generated within the program, or the data can be exported and manipulated before creating output documents.
  • Bid management: The ability to track and change bids is crucial to completing projects on time and within budget. It requires access to the information quickly when needed.
  • Scheduling: Part of a successful proposal includes labor costs and the time it takes to complete the project. The software needs to help contractors generate a realistic estimate and tie it into the number of workdays specified for the project. Scheduling tools also help keep your team on track and up to date with any new developments over a project’s life cycle.

The Cost of Electrical Estimating Software

Most electrical estimating software providers don’t offer pricing on their websites and require potential clients to request a custom quote. Many offer packages at a monthly or annual subscription fee. Costs can range from as little as $27 a month per user and go as high as $4,999 per year, depending on the provider and package chosen. Other software providers charge a one-time fee.

Some companies cater to individual contractors with basic packages to suit their needs at a lower price. Others tend to offer plans at a standard fee but include all the software’s features and functionalities. Some providers give you the option to buy add-on components to suit your business’s needs.