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Inflation may force 2 in 3 small businesses to close in 2022

65% of small businesses say it’s ‘very likely’ or ‘likely’ they’ll permanently close if inflation continues at its current rate… Read More

51% of small business admit to leaving customer data unsecure

We surveyed 1,250 owners of businesses with 500 employees or less, finding that less than half of them currently have measures in place to protect them from cyberattacks… Read More

Nearly 1 in 3 Businesses Will Be Accepting Dogecoin in 2022

More than one in four business owners surveyed say they plan to accept crypto payments at their business in 2022… Read More

Half of retail businesses using inflation to price gouge

We surveyed 1,000 retail owners and executives to discover how inflation is impacting profitability, pricing, and discount offers this shopping season… Read More

Global supply chain delays will impact 1 in 2 small retail businesses this holiday season

Ongoing global supply chain disruptions are about to collide with the holiday shopping season, with retailers caught firmly in the middle… Read More

60% shopping during WFH meetings

A recent survey of 1250 Americans who primarily work from home (WFH) found sixty-two percent shop online during virtual work meetings… Read More

54% of online shoppers read reviews before every purchase

The majority of online shoppers read reviews for everything they buy—no matter the product or cost… Read More

Ecommerce Platform Comparison

Our head-to-head comparisons of e-commerce software platforms help you to easily compare important features. Quit Googling for reviews: here, you’ll see direct comparisons on one page… Read More

The Best Ecommerce Platforms for 2022

Our e-commerce platform reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 60+ e-commerce platform companies from across the web… Read More

Shopify Tips

Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms around. It is an online store builder for small to medium-sized businesses, with all the features you need to sell your products to a global customer base…. Read More

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