The Top Digital Marketing Agencies In Chicago 2021

We evaluated 121 digital marketing companies in Chicago based on 10 different variables to give you a list of the best digital marketing companies in the area. Our reviews of the top 15 digital marketing companies in Chicago include important information, such as costs, features, and what customers are saying.

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How We Chose the Best Digital Marketing Companies in Chicago

Chicago is home to a diverse, competitive range of digital marketing companies. However, even the best companies have a broad variance in their services and areas of specialization. This is why we’ve organized the best firms in Chicago based on three vital metrics.

Multiple Service Lines

There are many different services that the field of digital marketing encompasses. Typically, a business will need to incorporate several of them into a successful marketing campaign. Meeting your diverse needs with a single company, or as few companies as possible, will save time and effort. As a result, we’ve sought out digital marketing companies that offer multiple service lines.

Size of Firm

The size of a firm is a crucial feature because of the way it influences factors like price and services. Big firms are likely to offer a broader range of services, while small companies may provide a more personalized, cost-efficient experience. This is why we’ve sought to include a range of small, medium, and large firms.

Industry Focus

Digital marketing companies tend to specialize in a certain niche or niches. Turning to a service provider with relevant experience enables you to exploit the company’s familiarity with your industry. We’ve included firms with a broad range of specializations to help you find a firm with the right experience.

The 15 Best Digital Marketing Companies in Chicago

97 Switch

97 Switch
111 W. Illinois St.
Chicago, IL 60654

97 Switch is a small company that mostly targets hospitality and leisure, financial services, and the real estate industry. The company’s main service lines are web design, search engine optimization (SEO), and digital strategy. As a small firm, 97 Switch emphasizes personalization in its web design and digital strategy process.

PriceService LinesDetails
$100-$149/hourWeb design, SEO, Digital strategy>Number of employees: 2-9
>Notable clients: theWit Hotel in Chicago, Mobile Doorman, SMASHotels, MassVR, the Albert
>Industries served: Hospitality & leisure, Financial services, Real estate
>More info at 97 Switch

Comrade Web Agency

770 N. Halsted St. Ste. 106
Chicago, IL 60642

Comrade Web Agency is a small company where each employee has a background in copywriting, marketing, and other relevant fields. This team focuses on high-expertise service lines within marketing such as SEO, web design, and e-commerce development. The agency works with companies operating in the fields of e-commerce, legal services, manufacturing, healthcare, and SAAP platforms.

PriceService LinesDetails
$100-$149/hourSEO, Web design, E-commerce development>Number of employees: 10-49
>Notable clients: Europa Eyewear, Quadwalls, American Optical, Kruger, Inc.
>Industries served: E-commerce, Legal, Business services
>More info at Comrade Web Agency

Digital Destination

222 W. Merchandise Mart Plaza Ste. 1212
Chicago, IL 60654

Digital Destination is a small-to-medium company that mostly serves advertising and marketing, business services, and the media industry. It specializes in working with similarly sized small-to-medium businesses with three primary service lines: SEO, web design, email marketing, and e-commerce development. Digital Destination also offers a free consultation service that evaluates the digital footprint of your company as well as your competitors.

PriceService LinesDetails
$100-$149/hourAdvertising, Social media marketing, SEO>Number of employees: 10-49
>Industries served: Advertising & marketing, Business services, Media
>More info at Digital Destination

Digital Third Coast

Digital Third Coast
2540 W. North Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647

Digital Third Coast is a small-to-medium company mostly targeting businesses in the field of education, business services, and advertising and marketing services. Its primary service lines are SEO and PPC advertising, which are key to gaining web traffic. A unique element of Digital Third Coast’s business strategy is its use of a flat hierarchy in which every company works directly with its own analyst.

PriceService LinesDetails
$150-$199/hourSEO, PPC>Number of employees: 10-49
>Notable clients: Intelligentsia, Lombardo Homes, B2C Cannabis Company, US Foods
>Industries served: Education, Business services, Advertising & marketing
>More info at Digital Third Coast


1165 N. Clark St. 7th Fl.
Chicago, IL 60610

KitelyTech is a medium-sized company that focuses on IT services, working with start-ups as well as established businesses. The company provides custom software development, mobile app development, and web development. KitelyTech’s core values include transparency and customer service, which it expresses via a free consultation that focuses on laying out the client’s ideal marketing strategy.

PriceService LinesDetails
Custom QuoteCustom software development, Mobile app development, Web development>Number of employees: 50-249
>Notable clients: Postage Point Partners, Payment Plan Services, Klein Consulting
>Industries served: Information technology & services
>More info at KitelyTech

Lever Interactive

Lever Interactive
318 W. Adams St. Ste. 1110
Chicago, IL 60606

Lever Interactive is a small company that chiefly provides SEO, PPC, and digital strategy services. Most of its clients are businesses in the fields of retail, education, and consumer products and services. The company focuses on advanced web analytics, which it uses to guide advertising campaigns as well as long-term digital strategy.

PriceService LinesDetails
Custom quoteSEO, PPC, Digital strategy>Number of employees: 10-49
>Notable clients: Abt, Home Depot, FTD, Philips, Threadless
>Industries served: Retail, Education, Consumer products & services
>More info at Lever Interactive 


2712 N. Mildred Ave. 2nd Fl.
Chicago, IL 60614

Nextleft is a small company that focuses on three main service lines: SEO, content marketing, and conversion optimization. The firm mostly serves the marketing and advertising industry in a consultancy role. With this approach, Nextleft focuses on helping businesses enhance the success of their own in-house marketing teams.

PriceService LinesDetails
$100-$149/hourSEO, Content marketing, Conversion optimization>Number of employees: 10-49
>Notable clients: Hallmark, Inc., Fiskars, Inc., United Van Lines, Mayflower, MonkeySports
>Industries served: Marketing & advertising
>More info at Nextleft

30 S. Wacker Dr. Ste. 2200
Chicago, IL 60606
888-663-4671 is a small company that offers SEO, PPC, and digital strategy services. The firm places a strong focus on developing effective and efficient integrated marketing solutions that it tailors to each client. Another important service offers is lead generation plus customer acquisition, a prized offering in the marketing and advertising industry.

PriceService LinesDetails
$100-$149/hourSEO, PPC, Digital strategy>Number of employees: 10-49
>Notable clients: Urbanbound, Whitney Medical Solutions, Amcraft Manufacturing, Oakmill Bakery
>Industries served: Marketing & advertising
>More info at 

Operation Technology

Operation Technology
211 W. Wacker Dr.
Chicago, IL 60606

Operation Technology is a small company that works with clients in marketing and advertising, as well as law firms and B2B and B2C companies. Its services include SEO, PPC, and web design. The firm also integrates tracking and testing techniques to assess and improve each campaign strategy.

PriceService LinesDetails
$50-$99/hourSEO, Web design, PPC>Number of employees: 2-9
>Notable clients: IRIS, ADS, Inc., American Massage Therapy Association, TCS Education System, Dylan’s Candy Bar
>Industries served: Marketing & advertising
>More info at Operation Technology 

Perfect Search Media

1658 Milwaukee Ave. #100 Ste. 7522
Chicago, IL 60647

Perfect Search Media is a small-to-medium company based in Chicago. It works with businesses in e-commerce, business services, and education via SEO, PPC, and social media marketing services. Perfect Search emphasizes a client-focused, communication-based approach to customer service that includes the client throughout their partnership.

PriceService LinesDetails
$150-$199/hourSEO, PPC, Social media marketing>Number of employees: 10-49
>Notable clients: New York Film Academy, Columbia University, Charming Charlie, American Academy of Dermatology, American Massage Therapy Association
>Industries served: E-commerce, Business services, Education
>More info at Perfect Search Media

Rise Interactive

Rise Interactive
One S. Wacker Dr. 3rd Fl.
Chicago, IL 60606

Rise Interactive is an international digital marketing company that covers SEO, PPC, and digital strategy services. The firm’s global clientele consists of businesses in retail, e-commerce, and consumer products and services. What makes Rise unique is that it works to foster cross-channel media management that allows for a unified approach to marketing.

PriceService LinesDetails
$150-$199/hourSEO, PPC, Digital strategy>Number of employees: 250-999
>Notable clients: Tempur-Sealy, Meineke, American Lung Association, Turtle Wax, Ulta
>Industries served: Retail, E-commerce, Consumer products & services
>More info at Rise Interactive

Simple Machines Marketing

330 N. Wabash Ave. 23rd Fl.
Chicago, IL 60611

Simple Machines Marketing is a small company that specializes in serving small, B2B companies across technology and manufacturing. Its main service lines consist of marketing strategy, digital strategy, and content marketing. The fact that Simple Machines Marketing offers a free consultation service also makes it considerably more appealing.

PriceService LinesDetails
$100-$149/hourMarketing strategy, Digital strategy, Content marketing>Number of employees: 2-9
>Notable clients: Switchfast Technologies, FreeClimb, SupplyLogic, IPMG, Threekit
>Industries served: Marketing & advertising
>More info at Simple Machines Marketing

Some Connect

Some Connect
845 W. Washington Blvd. 2nd Fl.
Chicago, IL 60607

Some Connect is a small company that focuses on SEO, PPC, and social media marketing. Most of its clients are businesses in the marketing and advertising industry. The primary factor that distinguishes Some Connect is its use of quantitative data collection and advanced analytics as a guiding tool in all services.

PriceService LinesDetails
$150-$199/hour           Social media marketing, SEO, PPC>Number of employees: 10-49
>Notable clients: TransUnion, Potbelly, Rocketmiles, Famous Dave's, The John Buck Company
>Industries served: Marketing & advertising
>More info at Some Connect 

Straight North

Straight North
211 W. Wacker Dr. Ste. 1800
Chicago, IL 60606

Straight North is a medium-sized company with two main service lines, SEO and PPC. Most clients originate from the healthcare and medical, hospitality and leisure, and financial services industries. This agency adopts a comprehensive approach to digital marketing strategy that persists through every phase, from initial keyword research to post-campaign evaluation.

PriceService LinesDetails
$100-$149/hourSEO, PPC>Number of employees: 50-249
>Notable clients: Chicago Bears, Fiserv, Nicor Gas, Hub Group, UPS
>Industries served: Financial services, Healthcare & medical, Hospitality & leisure
>More info at Straight North

Walker Sands

Walker Sands
55 W. Monroe St. Ste. 3925
Chicago, IL 60603

Walker Sands is a medium-sized company that focuses on B2B operations. Additionally, Walker Sands’ primary service lines are SEO, PPC, and web design services. Most of the firm’s clients work in the business services, advertising and marketing, and financial services industries.

PriceService LinesDetails
Custom quoteSEO, PPC, Web design>Number of employees: 50-249
>Notable clients: Miller Heiman Group, Mattersight, CloudCraze, CCC Information Services, West Monroe Partners
>Industries served: Business services, Advertising & marketing, Financial services
>More info at Walker Sands

Questions to Ask Digital Marketing Companies

With so many digital marketing companies in Chicago each offering similar features, it’s important to ask the right questions during your initial discovery call or demo. To help you make the right inquiries, we put together a downloadable list of questions to ask your prospective digital marketing company.

Download the questions to ask Digital Marketing Companies