The Best Digital Marketing Companies of 2021

Our digital marketing company reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 280+ digital marketing companies from across the web. These reviews and our digital marketing guide help small businesses and startups find the best digital marketing company for their business.

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How We Chose the Best Digital Marketing Company

Whether you run a startup or a Fortune 500 company, every business organization needs to leverage digital marketing in today’s highly competitive environment. And often, you will need a little more than guidance with your online marketing strategy. There is no doubt that the key to growing your small business or startup is a powerful digital presence.

To help your business find the best digital marketing company, we evaluated the leading firms on areas that matter the most. This is the methodology that we use in order to evaluate the best digital marketing companies. So, keep these elements in mind when searching for the best digital marketing agency.

Multiple Service Lines

You should work with a firm that offers a vast majority of digital marketing services that you need or will need in the future. You will likely notice quite a bit of overlap from one company to another. Some of the common digital marketing services that a firm should offer include: SEO and PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, content creation, CRO, and lead generation.

Apart from the basic digital marketing services mentioned above, many marketing agencies also offer specialty solutions to their clients. So, you can find digital marketing firms with services for diverse needs like online reputation management, web design, and app development, etc.

Size of Firm

Depending on your specific goals and needs, it is good to understand whether a small firm will better meet your needs or a large firm with a diverse clientele. Keep in mind that both types have their unique pros and cons. However, a couple of determining factors could be both the size and type of your company. For example, the benefit of working with a small marketing company is that they provide highly personalized services while a large firm can offer more competitive pricing.

Industry Focus

You will probably prefer to work with a digital marketing company that has been in the digital marketing industry for a long time and has helped businesses from almost every industry, such as legal, education, and healthcare, succeed online. So, to cover as many diverse small business needs as possible, we selected digital marketing agencies that cover a wide range of industries to meet your needs.

The 15 Best Digital Marketing Companies of 2021

CompanyPriceService LinesMore
97th Floor$150 to $199 per hourSearch Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, and Content MarketingVisit 97th Floor
Avalaunch Media$100 to $149 per hourContent Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Pay Per ClickVisit Avalaunch Media
Brolik$150 to $199 per hourDigital Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, and Web DesignVisit Brolik
Coalition Technologies$50 to $99 per hourSearch Engine Optimization, Web Design, and Pay Per ClickVisit Coalition Technologies
Directive$150 to $199 per hourSearch Engine Optimization, and Pay Per ClickVisit Directive
Disruptive Advertising$150 to $199 per hourPay Per Click, and Social Media MarketingVisit Disruptive Advertising
Fuel Online$150 to $199 per hourSearch Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Pay Per ClickVisit Fuel Online
Perfect Search Media$150 to $199 per hourPay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media MarketingVisit Perfect Search Media
SEO Brand$100 to $149 per hourSearch Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Pay Per ClickVisit SEO Brand
Silverback Strategies< $25/hourContent Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Pay Per ClickVisit Silverback Strategies
SmartSites Digital Marketing$100 to $149 per hourPay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, and AdvertisingVisit SmartSites Digital Marketing
Social Media 55$25 to $49 per hourSocial Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Pay Per ClickVisit Social Media 55
Thrive Internet Marketing Agency$100 to $149 per hourSearch Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Pay Per ClickVisit Thrive Internet Marketing Agency
WebFX$100 to $149 per hourSearch Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, and Web DesignVisit WebFX
WebMechanix$100 to $149 per hourPay Per Click, Advertising, and Social Media MarketingVisit WebMechanix

97th Floor

97th Floor is a reliable and full-service digital marketing company that understands how to craft and develop content that engages customers and increases conversions. They combine execution and strategy, which enables them to be fast, agile, and adaptive in the modern digital landscape. Some of their services include SEO, Content Marketing, Analytics, PPC, Social Media, Design, and Web Development, among others.

97th Floor thrives on new and complex challenges that require ideation, creation, and perfect execution. Their team is creative and always tries to come up with new and innovative ideas and tests the limits of what works what does not. The agency encourages team members to be leaders not just in their skill sets, but also in the industry, which is excellent.

97th Floor has a full-service team that knows and understands the connection between customers and content. By integrating itself with the clients, the agency becomes long-term partners and collaborators united by the same goals. The agency helps its clients achieve outstanding results by unearthing the most valuable opportunities and then executing each aspect of the job at the highest level to get the best results.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$150 to $199 per hourSearch Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, and Content Marketing
> 50 – 249 Employees
> Clients include Adobe, Salesforce, Citrix, Dell, O.C. Tanner, Discover, Road Loans, Mozy, Zagg, X-Games, Utah Jazz, BlendTec, Qualtrics, Symantec, and Capital One.
> Focus on eCommerce, Business services, Health Care, and Medical
>More features at 97th Floor

What Customers Are Saying
Customers of 97th Floor are quite happy with the company’s diverse suite of services, and many have praised the agency’s amazing results, especially during the last three years. One user said, “97th Floor provides several popular services, such as copywriting and content marketing, with a focus on innovation and on creativity. We are pleased as the company handles all digital marketing services that we need.”

Avalaunch Media

Avalaunch-Media Logo

Avalaunch Media is a full-service marketing agency based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The team is comprised of successful business owners, MBAs, attorneys, and professionals with many years of marketing experience in both the public and private sectors. Avalaunch specializes in what they call their 8 Pillars of Digital Marketing, which includes Web Design and Development, SEO, Paid Advertising, Social Media, Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, PR, and Branding.

For more than 15 years, Avalaunch Media has been producing tangible results for clients. Avalaunch takes a unique strategic approach in partnering with their clients in which they align the client’s objectives and key results with their own. The agency operates from experience, focusing on creating long-term and sustainable marketing success to propel your business. This has led to incredible client satisfaction, as evidenced in their reviews, and has earned Avalaunch the prestigious status of Premier Google Partner. Avalaunch is also consistently recognized as a top place to work, with the company receiving a perfect 5-star rating on Glassdoor.

Avalaunch Media sets itself apart in the digital marketing industry with its creativity and specialty in developing omni-channel marketing campaigns. The company understands the importance of deploying multiple channels in digital marketing in order to optimize results and ROI.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$100 to $149 per hourContent Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Pay Per Click
> 50 – 249 Employees
> Clients include Intel, Shook & Stone, Groupon,  GoPro, Alterra, IVC Vein Center, Coca-Cola, Hilton, Home Depot, and Samsung
> Focus on Consumer products & services, Health Care and Medical, and Information technology
>More features at Avalaunch Media

What Customers Are Saying
Customer reviews for Avalaunch Media are generally positive, and users have praised the company’s experience and expertise. One client said, “Avalaunch Media is an amazingly customer-centric marketing agency that genuinely cares about its client success. The agency employs some of the best and most experienced digital marketing talent I have ever seen and leverages its incredibly collaborative environment to yield top-quality outputs.”


Brolik Logo
Brolik is a comprehensive digital marketing agency with the main focus on brand strategy and digital marketing in order to create revenue growth for its clients. Brolik is impressive as it focuses on achieving business objectives and goals as well as bottom-line growth for its clients.

The agency’s integrated approach combines web design, branding, video and marketing capabilities under a single roof. As a result, you don’t have to juggle three or four agencies when you can partner with Brolik.

The agency starts by consulting with its clients to understand their vision and unique needs and then identifies opportunities to reach customers while increasing engagement and revenue through its brilliant marketing services.

Brolik is also experienced in planning for growth stages for many emerging brands and laying the foundation and overall strategy for more established businesses and brands that are looking to invest more heavily in their digital marketing strategy and online brand presence.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$150 to $199 per hourDigital Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, and Web Design
> 10 – 49 Employees
> Clients include MLS Players Association, Penn Law, Comcast,  AAMCO, Powerhouse Boiler Equipment, Unique Indoor Comfort, and Alex's Lemonade Stand
> Focus on Business services, Consumer products & services, and education
>More features at Brolik

What Customers Are Saying
Customers have praised Brolik as it offers a complete range of digital marketing services. One client said, “Brolik is an excellent digital marketing firm. They took our product and expertly re-branded it, which allowed us to more than double our online sales. The agency has a disciplined and experienced team that sticks to a proven process that creates a tremendous and effective work product in the end. Also, their staff is very personable and is always available to answer any questions and also monitors our sales in real-time in order to update all sales metrics!”

Coalition Technologies

Coalition-Technologies Logo
Coalition is one of the leading e-commerce design and web development agencies in California, with more than 150 team members. The company has proven results across more than 600 campaigns for clients in many diverse industries with diverse goals and objectives.

Whether you are interested in SEM, SEO, paid social, email, or web development and design, the company can help you! Coalition’s methods are tried and tested, and they use the latest announcements as well as updates to offer a service that is completely customized to the needs and preferences of the customers they work with.

The company is also a Shopify Plus agency, Certified on various Magento platforms, and a Certified Elite Partner with BigCommerce. Coalition also frequently provides design and development services on WordPress, WooCommerce, and many other top content management systems.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$50 to $99 per hourSearch Engine Optimization, Web Design, and Pay Per Click
> 50 – 249 Employees
> Clients include PayPal, Harvard, Natori, Whataburger, Native Union, Pink Lily, Ford, and Jack Daniels
> Focus on eCommerce
>More features at Coalition Technologies

What Customers Are Saying
Customer reviews for Coalition are generally positive. This is evidenced by the company’s high retention rate of 97%, with a 99% satisfaction rate. One user said, “Coalition Technologies are amazing professionals! I would not hesitate to recommend them to my friends and colleagues! I had hired a marketing team before working with Coalition, and now I do not need them anymore. This is because Coalition Technologies is more affordable, and they are also more efficient. The team at Coalition Technologies is genuinely committed to delivering high-quality work!”


Directive Logo

Directive is a next-gen performance marketing agency that software brands trust to scale their business. They specialize in organic and paid media services, which are driven by a dedicated team of specialists who utilize data to drive strategy for clients’ ROI goals to flourish.

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Orange County, California, Directive has expanded with offices in major markets including Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, and London. For the past two years, Directive has ranked in the top 1,200 in the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies in the U.S. Additionally, Directive is certified as a “Great Place to Work” for 2020 and is also one of AdWeek’s 100 Fastest Growing Agencies.

In 2019, Directive launched two products, Pulse and Institute. Pulse is the first search marketing database of its kind, while Institute is a step-by-step online digital learning system that can drive more sales to any business.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$150 to $199 per hourSearch Engine Optimization, and Pay Per Click
> 10 – 49 Employees
> Clients include SumoLogic, Betterment, Cisco, SentinelOne, Samsung, Allstate SDS, and Cherwell
> Focus on Information technology, Telecommunications, and Health Care and Medical
>More features at Directive

What Customers Are Saying
Customers have praised Directive’s ability to meet their diverse and complex business needs. One client said, “We started working with Directive Consulting in 2018 and have been really amazed and impressed with their communication, performance, and ability to drive fantastic results. Their professionals are specialists in what they do and also keep up with the most recent trends and changes in the digital marketing landscape. It is very refreshing and pleasing to work with a team of professionals that is ahead of times in the rapidly changing digital environment. I would highly recommend them!”

Disruptive Advertising

Disruptive-Advertising Logo
Disruptive Advertising has audited more than 3,500 Google AdWords as well as Facebook ad accounts. It found that more than 75% of those budgets (on average) are completely wasted, and that does not even mean the other 25% is profitable! This is where it can help your business. The company drives quality traffic to your website through various channels, such as Paid Search, Paid Social Ads, Retargeting, and programmatic display advertising.

Did you know that Disruptive Advertising is also a top 1% Google Agency Partner? As a result, they have their full support when it comes to bringing the most recent alpha and beta programs to its clients before general release in order to provide a strategic advantage to your business.

The agency is also on a mission to help organizations grow and expand by reallocating their wasted advertising budget into effective and efficient growth for their business. The marketing team at Disruptive Advertising will make sure that they have the right strategy as well as tracking to ensure that every dollar you spend on Facebook and Google is maximized. If you work with them, you can also get their free 32-point audit and identify exactly what is and what is not working in your campaign.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$150 to $199 per hourPay Per Click, and Social Media Marketing
> 50 – 249 Employees
> Clients include Scott'sMiracle-Gro, Sportsman's Warehouse, Guitar Center, Litter-Robot, ConocoPhillips, Columbia Southern University, and Death Wish Coffee Co.
> Focus on eCommerce, Other industries, Business services
>More features at Disruptive Advertising

What Customers Are Saying
Customers like Disruptive’s responsiveness and swift communication. They have also praised the team for their hard work and courtesy. One client said, “Disruptive Advertising has certainly gone above and beyond my expectations. My account representative is very responsive and always makes sure that I fully understand the plan and that I am comfortable with it. Another great thing about Disruptive Advertising is that they have been honest and transparent with me right from the start. I have worked with many other advertising firms that promised me the world. However, Disruptive was able to adequately set expectations and also deliver on them!”

Fuel Online

Fuel-Online Logo
While there are many SEO and social media agencies out there that will promise you the moon and tell you what it may take to get your business, not many live up to their big claims. However, Fuel Online is different as they entertain only a limited number of clients and usually have a waiting list.

Also, Fuel only hires the best and most seasoned engineering level talent as well as top executives with proven and long-standing track records in this industry. All of them are US-based. Most people you will speak to at the agency are internet marketing experts or SEO specialists. With Fuel Online, your organization can quickly act on reliable data and analytics to help predict the future of your industry, staying a step ahead of your competition.

You will be glad to know that the founder of Fuel Online, Scott Levy, is the bestselling author as well as Influencer. He is one of the highly sought after minds in the industry and often contributes to Entrepreneur, Forbes, CNN, industry reports, and many radio shows. The team at the agency is fun, data driven, aggressive, and passionate about whatever they do. This is why Fuel Online drives amazing results and, more importantly, ROI (return on investment) on your digital spend.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$150 to $199 per hourSearch Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Pay Per Click
> 10 – 49 Employees
> Clients include ESPN, Verizon, Trustmark, FlexSeal, Microsoft, Kay Jewelers Fortune 500 Insurance Company Fortune 500 Auto Manufacturer
> Focus on Marketing and Advertising
>More features at Fuel Online

What Customers Are Saying
Customer reviews for Fuel Online are generally positive. Customers have praised the team for their experience and can-do attitude. One user said, “They have amazing synergy with our marketing team, brilliant execution, and informative brainstorming sessions. They are able to do everything they promise and then some, and that is very rare in the industry. Also, I learn something new whenever I get on the telephone with them. And the results are nothing short of astounding. The team goes above and beyond and exceeds our expectations. Also, they actually go the extra mile without charging us extra, which means they care about our KPIs and success more than anything.”

Perfect Search Media

Perfect-Search-Media Logo
Perfect Search Media is a results-driven marketing agency dedicated to crafting customized strategies based on its clients’ unique business needs and preferences. The team at Perfect Search strives to reflect its core values every day. The team is also committed to being passionate, taking the initiative, having fun, ensuring growth, and valuing teamwork.

The company’s goal is to elevate your organization by helping your website obtain high-quality leads, increase traffic, grow revenue, and reach all your unique KPIs. This will help you achieve success, especially in the long run. The services Perfect Search offers encompass what the agency describes as its 5 (T)s: Tracking, Technology, Testing, Team, and Transparency.

Perfect Search is a remote company with teammates from coast to coast. The company’s goal is to develop custom marketing strategies for your business needs. The professionals at the agency are experts in Search and Social Media Advertising, Remarketing, SEO, Display, Design, A/B Testing, and Content — with a great emphasis on mobile.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$150 to $199 per hourPay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Marketing
> 10 – 49 Employees
> Clients include New York Film Academy, Columbia University, Charming Charlie, American Academy of Dermatology, American Massage Therapy Association, and Rubicon, ConnectWise
> Focus on eCommerce, Business services, and Education
>More features at Perfect Search Media

What Customers Are Saying
Customers have praised the team at Perfect Search Media for their creativity and transparency. One customer said, “Perfect Search Media is a great agency as they invested time and resources to understand our project goals and delivered effective and top-notch digital marketing initiatives that helped increase both sales and conversion rates. The agency continues to increase our visibility on various search engines, producing high-quality and engaging content that boosts overall engagement. The team is responsive, agile, insightful, and very professional. They also foster collaboration and communication, resulting in a productive and mutually-beneficial partnership.”

SEO Brand

SEO-Brand Logo
SEO Brand is a Florida-based data-driven growth marketing agency that consistently delivers ten times ROI (return on investment) for its clients. Located in the Boca Raton, SEO Brand is both a multifaceted and multipurpose interactive digital marketing agency. The company has more than 11 years of experience in various internet marketing services as well as custom programming that can help your business succeed in the long run.

SEO Brand will assess your value proposition as well as current competitive market analysis, and then it will identify your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and calculate your Cost per Acquisition. And then, it will leverage digital channels to increase your e-commerce sales as well as lead generation. Their team will execute on these channels in order to chip away at your competitors’ market share.

SEO Brand can be your valuable partner as it provides varied options tailored to fit your specific needs and preferences, with diverse packages that include everything from website design or web development, to unique and engaging content ranging from compelling blog posts to social media interaction. The agency assists its varied clients in expanding and growing their reach in the modern online world and puts their best web face forward in a modern and ever-changing market.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$100 to $149 per hourSearch Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Pay Per Click
> 10 – 49 Employees
> Clients include LG, Mont Blanc, WillsEye Hospital,, and Uniden
> Focus on Business services, Consumer products and services, and Health Care and Medical
>More features at SEO Brand

What Customers Are Saying
Customer reviews for SEO Brand are generally positive. Many customers have praised the fact that the agency focuses on producing tangible and measurable results. One user said, “We contracted SEO Brand to develop our organization’s Web/App portal. The great thing is that from the very first day of communication, the team has gone above and beyond to help us. They have immense and diverse experience and set reasonable and realistic expectations right from the outset, which is excellent. SEO Brand has provided impeccable services with constant communication. They also delivered on their promised goals within a reasonable period of time. The best thing is that the product they provided us was up to date and effective and not dated like many other companies.”

Silverback Strategies

Silverback-Strategies Logo
Silverback Strategies is one of the leading performance marketing companies located in Alexandria, Virginia. The company measurably increases leads as well as sales for its clients through search, social marketing, and content marketing and believes in forging lasting relationships. Its relationships are developed on regular communication, timely measurement, and reporting.

Silverback Strategies gives you individual attention so that you can build your leads and grow your sales. Note that the company also offers social media marketing (SMM), valuable SEO tools, and many other marketing features that will help you grow your business. Partnering with Silverback is convenient as it is a full-service digital marketing agency.

Also, keep in mind that its representatives are accredited by Bing, Google, and Facebook. As a result, your PPC campaign will be effectively backed by knowledgeable and experienced service. The company also provides purposeful and highly individualized service for businesses of all sizes.

PriceService LinesFeatures
< $25/hourContent Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Pay Per Click> 10 – 49 Employees
> Clients include The Ritz- Carlton Residences, AAFMAA, Sitka Salmon Shares
> Focus on Marketing & Advertising
>More features at Silverback Strategies

What Customers Are Saying
Customers have praised Silverback Strategies for the comprehensive suite of marketing services that it offers. One customer stated, “Silverback Strategies’ dedication and hard work has contributed to a considerable and steady increase of traffic as well as conversion ratios over the course of our relationship with them. Organized and client-focused, their dedication and commitment to successful projects are quite evident in the work they do. They also keep the project moving by offering critical and valuable status updates throughout. Remaining communicative, the team responds immediately to any comments or questions regarding the projects. Also, the team applies common sense and analytical thinking to their workflow.”

SmartSites Digital Marketing

SmartSites is a New-Jersey-based award-winning web design and digital marketing company, with a focus on various search engine marketing services, such as SEO and PPC. Headquartered in Paramus, New Jersey, SmartSites has a team of more than sixty designers and developers. The agency works with clients throughout the country.

The company helps its clients by designing, developing, and managing their websites so they can get a competitive advantage in the market. The agency will keep your website up-to-date, write engaging content, optimize for SEO, help you with amazing link building, profile customers, and even help your company get its website ranking organically. With more than 150 five-star reviews online, SmartSites is one of the best digital marketing agencies in the country. Their success can be attributed to their relentless focus on all their clients.

The agency keeps its clients happy and satisfied by delivering results that often exceed their expectations. And when it comes to industries, the company does not discriminate, which is another benefit if you are looking to hire an experienced agency. The digital marketing company has clients from the media and entertainment industry, home services, hospitality, industrial and commercial, healthcare and medical, business to consumer (B2C), and even business to business (B2B).

PriceService LinesFeatures
$100 to $149 per hour
Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, and Advertising
> 10 – 49 Employees
> Clients include Porsche, Harvard University, Rakuten, Poker Stars, Mickey Truck Bodies, A-Absolute Plumbing, NJIT, and Rockville Interiors
> Focus on Business services, Health Care and Medical, and Automotive
> More features at SmartSites Digital Marketing

What Customers Are Saying
Customer reviews for SmartSites are generally positive. Many customers have praised the team at SmartSites for their dedication and hard work. One customer stated, “SmartSites is certainly the best, hands down. They have helped our online store improve in so many different ways through their advertising and marketing tools. The great thing is that they are thorough and always available in case we need any help and answer to any queries and questions that we have. They are extremely knowledgeable and passionate and always provide us with efficient and fast service.”

Social Media 55

Social-Media-55 Logo
Social Media 55 is a Canadian award-winning and full-service digital marketing company with offices in many cities, such as Toronto, Chicago, Montreal, and Los Angeles. Across these locations, Social Media 55 employs a team of fourteen that specializes in mobile and app marketing, social media marketing, and more.

Social Media 55 provides you with a wide variety of digital marketing services to propel your company and improve your bottom line. Some of its most popular services include Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing, Website Design and Development, PPC, Branding, SEO, Facebook Advertising, Email Marketing, Google AdWords Management, and Instagram Advertising, among others. Led by veteran Joseph Rothstein, a young yet seasoned professional in strategic market innovation and creativity, the team at Social Media 55 is ambitious, dedicated, motivated, and eager to work hard.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$25 to $49 per hour
Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Pay Per Click
> 10 – 49 Employees
> Clients include Allo Mon Coco Ottawa, JG Capital, Cat Around Films
> Focus on Business services, Automotive, Health Care and Medical
>More features at Social Media 55

What Customers Are Saying
Customers have liked the fact that Social Media 55 has a dynamic and responsive team that caters to their different business needs and requirements. One customer stated, “Social media companies are everywhere, so choosing the right one for your needs is often challenging. We came across Social Media 55 when we were searching for digital marketing agencies to effectively run social media adverts for our business. At first, we were a little wary as we have never dealt with a digital marketing agency in the past. However, all of our fears and concerns were alleviated once we spoke with Joseph, and things have changed. He carefully laid down a brilliant game plan and soon hit the ground running. We are pleased that the business has never been better! The agency is hands-on with their approach and also knows the meaning of results. I would highly recommend them!”

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive-Internet-Marketing-Agency Logo
Thrive is one of the leading SEO companies in Dallas and is a full-service digital marketing company. One of the best things about Thrive is that it boasts a unique and closely-knit team with specialists in all aspects of internet development, such as strategic, technical, and creative. Thrive Internet Marketing also strongly believes that all businesses can benefit from its amazing digital marketing services.

Working with both small and large businesses in the US, Thrive is committed to exceeding the expectations of its clients. The agency offers a team of specialists in all aspects of the modern digital marketing process. And Thrive experts and agents are dedicated to offering customers the best quality content, result-oriented focus, and personalized care.

The agency prides itself on learning every little detail about your organization so they can develop a tailored and focused SEO strategy that provides your company with more website traffic, a higher number of leads and more revenue. Focused on offering the best level of customer service in the internet marketing industry, Thrive establishes long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with its clients. This helps it create customized solutions uniquely tailored to meet your specialized business goals and objectives.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$100 to $149 per hour
Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Pay Per Click
> 10 – 49 Employees
> Clients include Driver Support, Restoration 1, Tavistock Restaurant Group, Hurom (USA/Canada), BMS Cat, Berryman Products, Ready Seal and GAINSCO Auto Insurance
> Focus on Marketing and Advertising
>More features at Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

What Customers Are Saying
Many customers have praised how Thrive takes a relationship-based approach to business and takes the time to understand their needs and goals. One user noted, “Thrive is an amazing agency to work with. This is because they don’t treat you as a client; rather, they work closely with you to create a true and meaningful partnership. And our PPC expert, Igor Rogovic, is very helpful, responsive, supportive, and thoroughly knowledgeable in the competitive PPC space. We highly recommend Thrive.”


WebFX Logo
WebFX is a full-service digital marketing company located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. With the generation of over one million qualified leads for all their clients, WebFX is certainly one of the most effective and efficient internet marketing agencies in the industry. The company has more than 200 marketing masters on staff, with a total 1.6 million hours of unmatched expertise in the industry, which is great. WebFX has the most talented team and the best resources that can help your company in obtaining the most desirable results.

The team at WebFX comprises award-winning designers, marketers, and developers, and they fully know and understand what it takes to achieve fantastic results online. The company offers fully customized and tailored Internet marketing plans to meet all of your business needs. WebFX is also committed to making your business grow and expand even more.

The agency specializes in Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Marketing Content, among others. The experts at WebFX will provide you with the best service to expand your brand, helping you become a market leader. The company also specializes in lead generation, and this is not surprising considering the number of qualified leads that they have generated for their clients. Note that some of their top lead generation techniques are PPC management, online media buying, email remarketing, and reputation management.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$100 to $149 per hour
Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, and Web Design
> 50 – 249 Employees
> Clients include Auntie Anne's, Verizon, 1&1, Jiffy Lube, Subway, FujiFilm, Food Lion, Buffalo Wild Wings, Giant, Wrangler, Dover Downs, and Ocean City NJ
> Focus on Health Care and Medical, Dental, and e-commerce
>More features at WebFX

What Customers Are Saying
Customer reviews for WebFX are generally positive. One customer said, “I was running our company’s Facebook campaign, but it was not effective. WebFX helped us fix our Facebook campaign and began generating quality leads right away. The great thing is that our cost per lead went from about $22 per lead to just $4 per lead, which speaks for itself. They have produced excellent results with our company’s social media marketing campaign.”


WebMechanix Logo
WebMechanix is one of the leading UX/UI design service providers. The company specializes in Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, and UX/UI Design services. Considering themselves as marketing and advertising ninjas, the company focuses on meeting and exceeding unique client preferences and needs to measure and evaluate business results.

WebMechanix is different from other companies as it is a performance-based marketing firm. It is on a mission to help many middle-market businesses move needles faster, more sustainably and meaningfully, compared to any other comparable solution. The agency has its head office located at Columbia, and it was founded in 2009. WebMechanix is also a premier partner of Google as well as HubSpot Diamond Agency.

As a Certified HubSpot Agency Partner, the company also delivers best-in-class marketing solutions across Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, CMS Hub, and Service Hub for mid-market organizations. WebMechanix uniquely impacts overall metrics by focusing on closely understanding and exceeding diverse and unique client needs in order to measurably enhance business results.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$100 to $149 per hour
Pay Per Click, Advertising, and Social Media Marketing
> 10 – 49 Employees
> Clients include Walnut Street Finance, Nava Live Virtual Medical Center, TradingSim, and Kettlebell Kings
> Focus on Business services, Health Care and Medical, and Education
>More features at WebMechanix

What Customers Are Saying
Many customers have liked how WebMechanix emphasizes on a performance-based approach to marketing. One customer said, “My B2B SaaS company is very impressed with the amazing work that WebMechanix has done for us. Especially remarkable and impressive is their unrelenting focus on consistently learning so they can provide customers with the latest opportunities in Paid Social and Paid Search. The entire team at the agency has displayed a commitment and enthusiasm to achieve our internal goals.”

What are Digital Marketing Firms?

A digital marketing agency or firm provides your company with a convenient one-stop-shop for both online marketing as well as advertising services. A digital marketing agency will carefully evaluate your website traffic and then determine the most suitable online platforms for you to invest. A digital marketing firm also continually maintains the delicate balance between your various marketing activities and initiatives and the results that they provide.

Note that most of these agencies provide you with a complete suite of web marketing services. These services can range from SEO (search engine optimization) to PPC (pay-per-click) advertising and a lot more. Like many creative agencies, digital marketing companies care about design and your brand aesthetic. However, note that they often differ in the core sense that their main focus usually lies in the technical aspects.

For instance, a digital marketing agency will often consider design aspects of your site from a discoverability perspective. This means that when designing your website, the agency will think of branding, SEO, and how they can get your site to rank higher on SERPs (search engine results pages).

One of the main benefits of working with a digital marketing company is that more leads will convert to customers. And this means long-term revenue growth for your business. And a full-service digital marketing firm does much more than offer all the digital marketing services needed to advertise and market your business. These agencies also deliver an integrated and effective strategy that incorporates all these different services.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Firms

In 2020, it is no secret that there are many opportunities for companies of all sizes to use digital marketing to engage consumers as well as generate growth. In fact, did you know that 68 percent of in-house marketing teams prefer to work with a digital marketing agency?

Also, you should keep in mind that even if you’ve an in-house marketing team, that does not necessarily mean they can manage everything. Here are some reasons a digital marketing company can be one of your most profitable investments, especially in the long run.

Get Measurable Results

Note that because of their specialization and expertise in digital marketing, these agencies can provide you with valuable analytics and timely reports that give you an accurate and tangible measure of the different results that you are achieving through their marketing services.

While digital marketing may seem abstract, note that a professional online marketing team will be able to expertly assign accurate and tangible values to your campaign in order to prove the effectiveness of their approach.

Many reporting tools, like Google Data Studio, allow internet marketing agencies to transform the complex data that they have collected into visual and simple-to-understand reports. Also, the agency will ideally be willing to walk through these reports with you and summarize the results.

Cost Effective

According to research, businesses that rely on digital marketing agencies to create their online marketing strategies for them tend to have a considerably lower cost per sales lead compared to companies that either manage their own marketing or decide to focus on various alternative marketing strategies for their business, like outbound marketing.

Get Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

A reliable agency will also have access to the latest software, superior tools, and analytical data. This will help your business to increase efficiency, profitability, productivity, and performance. And, you will not need to trawl through the internet for hours in search of your software.

Get New Ideas

Note that a digital marketing company has its fingers on the pulse of important market trends. They can help you, regardless of what business or industry you are in. Specifically, a reliable marketing agency will provide you with these benefits:

  • Ideas and perspectives on which marketing initiatives can work best
  • New and unbiased perspectives and opinions on the digital market
  • In-depth analysis of target audiences and their behaviors

What to Look for in a Digital Marketing Firm?

Have you tried to juggle your internet marketing? Either you are doing what you tend to do best — focusing on the core aspects of your business — or you are losing countless hours on social media and trying to determine why your site will not work well on mobile platforms. Let’s be honest. You need a reliable digital marketing agency to succeed.

For many people, the choice often comes down to budget; however, getting the most bang for your buck isn’t always about choosing the cheapest provider. While a quick web search can easily give you many company names, how do you choose the best one for your business needs? How can you differentiate between high bills and high conversion?

Here are some things that you should look for when choosing the digital marketing company that is best for you.

Adaptable and Innovative

In this competitive environment, you cannot afford to be one step behind. You have to keep up with your competition or stay one step ahead. You know that marketing is always changing. For example, radio was big, and television was huge. However, now, social media is at the forefront of online marketing, and video is the most consumed content. This is why you need a marketing agency that can adapt and keep up with the changes in the market.

Scalable and Flexible

You probably wouldn’t wear a one-size-fit-all suit to an important meeting with your biggest client. Similarly, when picking a digital marketing firm, why would you choose an agency that tries to sell your organization cookie-cutter solutions? It is better to look for a digital marketing company that will tailor their offering and services to your specific business needs and preferences. Also, they must respect your company as a unique entity that you have worked so hard to create and grow.

An effective digital marketing firm should also be able to manage the following:

  • Social media advertising (ad campaigns, boosted posts, audience/targeting management, and reporting)
  • Social media management (content creation, content scheduling, and posting, responding to messages and comments, and reporting)
  • Link building campaigns
  • SEO strategy as well as content optimization (such as on-page SEO)
  • Content marketing (writing, strategy, images, and optimization)
  • Local SEO (Google My Business management, optimization, and reporting)
  • Technical SEO (301 management, audits, Google Search Console reporting)
  • Email marketing (strategy, scheduling, content creation, subscriber database management, and reporting)
  • Brand strategy (strategic documentation, market research, management, and reporting)

The Cost of Digital Marketing Firms

According to a 2017 survey by CMO, businesses should spend about 7% of their revenue on various marketing efforts, such as SEO and PPC. However, keep in mind that if you are looking for growth, then this percentage can increase.

As a rule of thumb, the fees that you pay to a marketing agency should be equivalent to the annual salaries of two or three employees. Note that this can range from about $7,500 to $25,000 a month. Keep in mind that this range is only for agency services, and you will need an additional budget for any paid media advertising.

As you can see, the cost of hiring an agency is not much more than paying your part-time staff. The benefit is that a digital marketing firm will eliminate the need to manage employees. An agency will also have the knowledge and experience of targeting, advertising, and placements that your staff might not have.

The cost of a marketing agency can vary based on many factors, such as their size and location. It will also depend on the marketing channels that you are running, that agency’s brand reputation in the industry, the depth of your engagement with the agency, and a lot more. So, by investing in a top marketing firm, you can be fully assured that your team is invested in you and produces the best results.

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