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What is StudioPress?

StudioPress is the maker of the Genesis WordPress framework. It is the most popular and most-used WordPress framework on the market to help you build an amazing website.

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StudioPress is very easy to use.

It’s a powerful WordPress framework built with security, speed, and SEO in mind. All StudioPress themes are search engine friendly, built on state-of-the-art code and architecture.

Features of Studio Press

In short, StudioPress offers a way for web designers and developers to create aesthetically appealing, secure, and SEO-optimized WordPress front-ends with ease.

StudioPress offers a website framework for the self-hosted version of WordPress (its product does not work with the software-as-a-service version of WordPress found at

StudioPress says you can think of a framework as a “super theme” of sorts. It is essentially a more powerful version of your typical WordPress theme.

If your website were a car:

  • WordPress is the engine of the car
  • The framework is the frame and the body of your car (in website speak, this is your design, security, and SEO foundation for your website)
  • The theme is a purely design element that rests on top of your framework.

As we have mentioned, StudioPress offers a WordPress framework called Genesis. In addition to providing SEO and security features, Genesis affords you themes loaded with customization options so that your site will not look like anyone else’s.

What comes with my purchase of Genesis?

When you purchase the Genesis framework, you get the design, security, and SEO foundation for your website, as well as one or more child themes.

To use the themes that you purchase from StudioPress on your WordPress website, you will need to:

  1. Download your theme from StudioPress
  2. Upload and install your theme in WordPress

You can use the themes you purchase with as many WordPress sites as you would like. There are no limitations on how many sites you can use your themes on or when you can use them (in other words, they never expire).

Why else might I choose to purchase Genesis?

SEO: Genesis comes with built-in SEO features and all of the themes you get are built with SEO in mind. This means that you can opt out of using other plugins, like Yoast SEO.

StudioPress Themes

While StudioPress’ Genesis comes with more than just beautiful themes, themes are a major reason why someone would opt for this framework. So, let’s take a further look at what you will get.

First, know that you can get just the Genesis Framework by itself, which is useful if you are building a custom website and you want to create on top of an SEO-optimized foundation.

studiopress themes
Sort through a generous number of themes to find the style that’s right for your project. Then customize.

However, for most people, the Genesis Framework plus premium WordPress themes package is what they will be most interested in. There are two ways to get this:

  • Purchase a WP Engine plan, which comes with the Genesis Framework and over 35 of StudioPress’ WordPress themes free of charge.
  • Purchase a Genesis Framework and themes (either individually or as part of a package) directly from StudioPress. (Individual themes vary in price, we’ve seen some that cost $99.95, some that cost $129.95, and so on, but you do have the option to get everything by purchasing the all-inclusive option: the Pro Plus All-Themes Package.)

Some of the most popular themes include from StudioPress include:

  1. AgentPress
  2. Author Pro
  3. Authority
  4. Centric
  5. Custom
  6. Daily Dish
  7. Digital Pro
  8. Education
  9. Enterprise
  10. Foodie
  11. Interior Pro

It is important to note that you cannot purchase just a child theme; you must buy the Genesis Framework for a StudioPress child theme to work.

StudioPress Support

StudioPress is a complex offering and depending on your familiarity with its technologies, and there may be some learning curve for you to overcome. As such, good support is crucial.

When you purchase a product from StudioPress, you get what the company calls “Amazing support. Unlimited support…from experts who know the Genesis Framework and WordPress inside and out.”

More specifically, you will get full support for the following:

  • Installation and use of the Genesis Framework
  • All of StudioPress-developed child themes
  • The configuration of options for Genesis and child themes
  • Bug fixes for Genesis and child themes
  • Plugins developed by Rainmaker Digital and StudioPress

Self-directed support is also available in the form of FAQs, a blog, and help and documentation. Topics covered include:

  • News and updates on themes
  • Advice on building a business
  • How to optimize your site
  • How to plan an online course
  • Creating link-worthy content
  • SEO tips
  • Digital marketing tips and strategies
  • The difference between a Framework and child themes
  • Theme recommendations
  • Interviews with industry experts
  • Tips for improving your website speed

Due to the nature of the product, there are lots of areas where StudioPress cannot provide support (e.g., child theme customization and creation or website optimization). However, the company would be more than happy to offer advice and recommendations based on its experience.

Self-Help Resources

If you are looking for self-help resources, StudioPress offers hundreds of video tutorials that walk you through different processes, as well as code snippets you can use to implement new functionality on your themes.

We are huge advocates of StudioPress. Their Genesis Framework is a powerful platform, and includes the most critical SEO features—which makes consultants like me incredibly happy.
Rebecca Gill, Web Savvy Marketing

StudioPress Community

If you need help with a part of your StudioPress setup and what you are looking to do is not covered by Support, you can reach out to the StudioPress community for assistance. Currently, StudioPress boasts over 10,000 active community members and Genesis developers ready to answer your questions or be hired for your next project.

Should You Use StudioPress?

All pro themes are beautifully crafted and designed, fast loading and they are modern and responsive on mobile devices so that search engine bots – and real humans – will love your website!

In fact. We use the StudioPress WordPress framework to power the backend our website, and we use their professional WordPress child-theme called Altitude Pro for the frontend design. We highly recommend it!

For live demos and more details visit the website.

StudioPress Coupons

StudioPress is a costly option, especially if you are a small business on a budget, but there are lots of opportunities for you to save money and not pay full price for the product. has partnered with StudioPress so that you can get the Pro Plus All-Themes Package for just $499.95, which is a savings of $1200 — all without a StudioPress coupon code. Just click Get This Deal above to take advantage of this discount.

Frequently Asked Questions About Studio Press

Still have questions about StudioPress before you decide if it is right for you? We’ve got you covered.

Is StudioPress SEO friendly?

Yes, StudioPress themes are generally considered to be some of the most SEO-friendly themes out there. They also offer a plugin called Genesis SEO, which is a competitor to Yoast SEO and offers some of the same features.

Is StudioPress mobile friendly?

Yes, by design all StudioPress themes are responsive which means your site is displayed in the best format whether your site is viewed on mobile, tablet, or a desktop computer. They are built using lightweight code designed to keep your site running well no matter how it is viewed.

Can I use StudioPress to build sites for my clients? Is there a package or do I have to buy a license for each client?

Yes, you can use a StudioPress theme to build sites for clients. StudioPress states:

“You can use any theme package you purchase as many times as you’d like, on as many websites as you desire. The purchase of theme packages allows you unlimited use of the themes, as well as unlimited support.”

There is one catch, however. For most themes (particularly Genesis), they will not be able to access the back end of their site unless they also purchase the theme.

PS: WP Engine customers receive the Genesis Framework and StudioPress themes for free. (that’s over $2,000 in value).