Netfirms was originally an independent hosting provider, but it was taken over by EIG in recent years. The company claims to host 1.2 million websites, although its service provision has been significantly trimmed down and it now only offers Linux shared hosting. It appears that the company switched from Plesk to vDesk after the takeover; it still offers generous freebies for new clients.

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At Netfirms, technical support is tiered, so customers on higher priced plans are given priority. This could make a dramatic difference to the service you receive. To find out exactly what Netfirms’ service is like, you’ll need to check out some reviews. That’s where Digital can help. Our readers have contributed their own ratings of Netfirms’ hosting packages so you can benefit from their experience before taking the plunge. It could save you a lot of money in the long run.

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Frequently Asked Questions About NetFirms

Does Netfirms accept PayPal payments?

Yes, Netfirms accepts payments via credit card or PayPal.

What types of hosting are available through Netfirms?

Netfirms offers primarily direct web hosting, and so they are focused on providing the maximum performance service available for you. Additionally, VPS hosting is available, and so are “Ready-to-go” websites with pre-populated content and designs.

What is the difference between the different service plans?

There are three different plan types, the “Advantage Plan,” the “PLUS plan” and the “BUSINESS Plan.” The Plus Plan is ideal for individuals, offering 1 free domain, with clustered hosting technology, unlimited disk space and unlimited monthly transfer. The Advantage Plan is ideal for small companies, offering 2 free domains, but also one-click applications. Finally, the BUSINESS Plan includes 5 domains, but also features premium support, SSL certificates, and other high impact business features.

What are Ready-to-go-Websites?

Having provided hosting support for over 1 million websites, a selection of templates had been built to meet client needs. Web site themes have all varieties of industry designs, and can be deployed out of the box with amazing content to impress site visitors. This is a great way to setup a client website fast and effectively.

What other services does Netfirms provide?

Netfirms offers domain name registration with 24/7 support, a multitude of application installations, and specialization in an e-commerce solution called Shopsite which is available through the Business class hosting plan.

What is Shopsite and how can it help me?

Shopsite is an e-commerce solution provided by Netfirms, loaded with features and deeply customizable. With customer registration, retention tools, catalog systems, multiple language support, and fully editable catalog templates, Shopsite has the capabilities needed to create global marketplace in reach of anyone. Administrative tools allow for fine-tuning of tax settings, marketing and newsletters, and control of content.

Does Netfirms offer WebMail?

Yes, a fully browser driven webmail option exists, as does setting up a desktop client. Support also is strong for integration with Google Apps for work, allowing webmail to be administered through Google’s Gmail platform.

How do I move an existing website into a Ready-to-go Website?

The best way is to choose the most appropriate theme for your website, and then use the content management tool to copy and paste the data into the new website. For large blogs or larger content migrations, special services may need to be purchased to access the database.

What is the Netfirms advantage plan?

Finding the best way to reach your customers and stay on their radar is a challenging struggle for modern businesses and web administrators. By combining easy installation with strong customer service and affiliate business through Google Webmaster Tools and AdWords, reaching customers has never been easier. For your first$25 spent on Google AdWords, Netfirms will provide an additional $100 free.

Is Clustered Hosting only available for the Business plan?

No, all of the plans offered by Netfirms uses clustered hosting, meaning that downtime is virtually non-existent and all websites will stay up and running event during heavy visitor traffic.

What web applications can be run on Netfirms hosting?

Many different site applications can be used with PHP technology as the platform. Blog support for WordPress and Multisites exist, as well as Drupal, Joomla, Moodle for Content Management Systems. ShopSite is the preferred ecommerce option, but osCommerce is available. Many different forum and wiki platforms are also available.

How can I administer my site?

Web hosting comes bundled with the cPanel, as well as a web-based file manager, multiple FTP accounts, e-mail management, account management, domain management, and Apache log file access. This is all supported by 24/7 email and phone support, an online knowledge-base, and video tutorials.

Is Netfirm hosting available in Canada or internationally?

Yes, Netfirm hosting has been serving Canada since 1998, and has domain name registration support for .CO.UK in the United Kingdom as well. The same features offered for .COM are offered on all markets and all use the same clustered hosting technology.

Netfirms has existed for 17 years, what makes them so well respected by their customers?

The Netfirms team believes in their core values, they are inspired by their customers and believe in helping people to achieve their goals. By treating others the way they want to be treated, and doing more with less, Netfirms is able to delight their customers and think big. 1.2 million websites prove their motivations to be true.

How reliable are Netfirm data-centers?

Netfirms uses Tier 1 data-centers to maintain a constant state of security. With video surveillance, security access reports, climate controls and fire detection, Netfirms has the industry standard best practices in place for keeping your data safe. Additionally, by using direct current power in their data centers, a tremendous power saving is had, decreasing the environmental footprint. This supports the clustered hosting technology and delivers outstanding value.


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