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MaxCDN is a trusted content delivery network (CDN) that will speed up your website and reduce your server load. Their 16 POPs around the globe ensures always on connectivity.

MaxCDN’s entire offering has been acquired by Stackpath.

In addition to MaxCDN, Stackpath acquired Cloak and Fireblade to assemble a powerful security as a service platform.

While you won’t be able to use a coupon code to sign up for a new MaxCDN account, you can still enjoy the benefits of a CDN service with Stackpath’s packages.


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What is a Content Delivery Network?

You may be wondering why your business needs a CDN.

A content delivery network is a group of servers strategically distributed across the world that works together to increase your website’s speed and security.

If you’re in e-commerce you may be aware of the impact of slow site speeds on conversions: faster sites report higher sales. But even if you’re not selling anything, a website that loads slowly provides a poor user experience.

Not only that but Google confirmed that faster websites rank better.

Even if you’ve never heard of a CDN before, you’d probably notice its absence online.

You know that feeling. You click on a video clip and wait endlessly, while the content buffers.

That’s known as latency  – the delay from the time you requested the content till it appears onscreen.

Several things impact latency but the physical location of your customer and your site’s hosting sever is an important factor.

CDNs solve this problem by bringing the content closer to your customer.

How do CDNs work?

An easy way to think of CDNs is this: a group of networked servers that deliver your site content to your customers as fast as possible.

CDNs cache dynamic and static content, routing your customers’ request to the servers nearest to their physical location.

A CDN is made up of PoPs (Points of Presence) and edge servers.

A PoP is the location of a group of servers that are spread across the world. Inside each PoP are several caching servers.

The server closest to your customer is also known as the edge server.

Here’s how the technology works to speed up your site:

  • Your customer lands on your website and requests an object (video, image, etc)
  • The request is routed to the nearest edge server  – the server nearest to your customer
  • The CDN checks its cache of the files. If the requested object has already been cached, it’s returned to your user. (If it hasn’t been cached yet, the CDN will request the files from your origin web server and cache them for future use.)


Why Should my Small Business use a CDN?

Any website, regardless of size, can benefit from the use of a CDN service in the following ways:

  • Increased speed
  • Less pressure on your web server which can result in improved uptime
  • Better security
  • Reduced bandwidth and data costs
  • Stackpath Features

Stackpath Features

MaxCDN offered a range of industry-leading features such as instant purge and provisioning, instant SSL integration, full API and GitHub integration and real-time reporting, plus loads more.

MaxCDN customers can still access their accounts from Stackpath's website

Stackpath’s integration with MaxCDN means you get access to extra speed and security functions.

Features include:

  • Advanced Denial of Distribution Service mitigation
  • SSL certificate management to add an extra layer of security
  • Origin Shield to offer a layer of protection between the edge server and the origin web server
  • Instant Purge will remove cached content from your CDN in milliseconds
  • Simple set-up via  streamline customer portal

Apart from the basic features, if you are after more control around your CDN, you can access advanced features like automating file-level automation cache expiration.

Because Stackpath is API-driven, you can easily integrate the CDN service with your own systems.

Stackpath also promises increased cache depth. This means the CDN keeps more content at the edge for longer – reducing the number of requests on your server.

One of Stackpath’s interesting features is segmented downloading. The CDN service will keep track of the sections of large files that are downloaded the most, and only pull from your origin the bytes that users request the most.

What’s the Customer Support Like?

You can access different types of support options.

There’s a Getting Started Guide if you need help setting up your CDN.

A comprehensive help center includes support material on other common issues you may encounter.

And your package comes with 24/7 technical support.

While you can’t sign up for any new MaxCDN accounts, existing users can still access MaxCDN help materials from the support area too.

How does Stackpath Compare to Cloudflare?

Like MaxCDN and Stackpath, Cloudflare is a well-known CDN.

Cloudflare offers a free basic plan with no limits on bandwidth. And this may be an option to explore if you’re just starting out.

The free plan comes with DDoS protection but can only support three pages.

The most important factor to consider when deciding between Stackpath and Cloudflare is the location of your customers.

If you have customers in the Middle East, Africa, Russia and China, then Cloudflare is going to be the best option. Cloudflare has PoPs throughout these locations.

While Stackpath has a presence in Europe and United States, Cloudflare has a far wider network in these regions too.

Stackpath might have better support options. Cloudflare’s 24/7phone support is only available on the higher end plan, which is geared toward enterprises.

Can I Use Stackpath on my WordPress Site?

MaxCDN integrated easily with WordPress. It worked with industry leading WordPress caching plugins such as W3 Total Cache and WP Rocket.

Like MaxCDN, Stackpath integrates easily with WordPress.

Installing the CDN on your WordPress is pretty much the same process used to activate MaxCDN.

To start, you need to install the W3 Total Cache plugin. It’s a free CDN integration that comes with several other caching abilities including:

  • Page caching
  • Feed caching
  • Caching of search results pages
  • Security features

Prior to installing the plugin and your new CDN, Stackpath recommends using a tool like Google Page Speed Insights to test your loading speed and after installation.

After installing in your WordPress dashboard you can start configuring your CDN.

Stackpath has detailed installation instruction with screenshots on their website.

While the MaxCDN coupon code is no longer active, you can sign up for a Stackpath account at the link to get your first month free.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stackpath/MaxCDN

Here are a few common questions about MaxCDN answered.

Does my Small Business Need a CDN?

Regardless of the size of your site or business, you can benefit from a CDN. Even a slight delay can put users off your site. If you’re selling online, that’s an immediate impact on your bottom line. But even if you’re not in e-commerce, loading speeds are important and faster sites perform better in organic search.

What is a Pull Zone?

A Pull Zone is necessary to use the HTTP Caching type of CDN. It “pulls” static assets from your website to cache for later use. These static assets including text files, small PDFs, images and stylesheets. You can provision a pull zone is real-time form your CDN’s control panel. Stackpath also offers a pull zone creation tutorial.

Can I Still use the MaxCDN coupon code?

No, the MaxCDN coupon code is no longer active. Existing users can still access their accounts via the Stackpath website but you won’t be able to open a new account. You will one get a month free of Stackpath’s CDN service.

MaxCDN’s cheapest plan is just  20.00 per month.

CDN PlanBandwidth/TrafficPoints of PresenceMonthly Price
Starter Plan #1 100 GB 16 20.00
Starter Plan #2 500 GB 16 39.00
Starter Plan #3 1 TB 16 79.00
Starter Plan #4 5 TB 16 299.00
High Volume Plan #1 10 TB 16 499.00
High Volume Plan #2 50 TB 16 2560.00
High Volume Plan #3 150 TB 16 6144.00
High Volume Plan #4 350 TB 16 12,544.00

For all feautures and latest prices go to MaxCDN’s official website. Read our MaxCDN review here.