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JaguarPC is a leading provider of web hosting solutions, with plans ranging from shared options that are great for small businesses just getting started to managed VPS and dedicated hosting solutions capable of supporting large websites that see a high level of traffic. Resellers of web hosting services will also find that JaguarPC has packages that meet their needs.

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Why JaguarPC Might Be Right For You

If you are a small business or non-profit organization, JaguarPC offers budget-friendly web hosting options that help you get your website off the ground.

For just a couple of dollars per month, you can purchase an all-inclusive web hosting package that includes everything you need for your website. Furthermore, you will find help whenever you need it with the 24/7 support team.

Who Should Use JaguarPC?

If you are a growing business, or you are looking for a host for a resource-intensive and/or heavily-trafficked website, Jaguar PC has options for you as well. In addition to the shared hosting packages (which would not be a good fit for you), the company offers VPS hosting and dedicated servers (which would be a good fit for you).

Reliable Hosting

You are also likely to be seeking something stable, and JaguarPC fits the bill. The company has been in business continuously since 1998, and each web hosting plan comes with a 10x network uptime service level agreement (SLA), as well as a money back guarantee.

Have an Existing Website Elsewhere?

Even if you are not new to the world of web hosting, JaguarPC has features and benefits that would be of interest to you. For example, JaguarPC offers free migration services, where the company’s support crew will transfer your website, all associated data, and account-related files to JaguarPC from your existing host free of charge.

JaguarPC Hosting Packages

JaguarPC offers shared, cloud VPS, reseller, and dedicated server hosting packages.

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Regardless of which plan you purchase, all come with:

  1. 24/7 technical support
  2. Backup services
  3. Top-notch reliability
  4. 100% uptime guarantee
  5. Domain transfer services
  6. 30-day money back guarantee
  7. Email (limited accounts on lower plans, unlimited on higher)
  8. 450+ free pre-installed app, including WordPress
  9. Enhanced security
  10. Free website templates
  11. Free CDN

Unless otherwise stated, all plans are fully managed, which means that JaguarPC takes care of server and system administration on your behalf.

Shared Hosting Plans

JaguarPC offers three different shared plans to choose from. All are appropriate for small businesses looking for an economical way of supporting one website, and the primary differences are the disk space, bandwidth, and server resource allocation.

Premium plans also include bonus features, such as managed service and PCI-DSS compliance (important for those who plan to launch online stores).

The resource allocations for the available shared hosting plans are as follows:

  • Lite: 25 GB of disk space, a maximum of 25,000 monthly visits to your website, 1 CPU core, and support for 1 website
  • Standard: Unlimited disk space, a maximum of 150,000 monthly visits to your website, 2 CPU cores, and support for 2 websites
  • Pro: Unlimited disk space, a maximum of 500,000 monthly visits to your website, 3 CPU cores, and support for 3 websites

Shared plans require upfront payment for contracts lasting 3, 12, or 36 months. The lengthier your contract, the greater your discount.

Cloud-Based VPS Plans

When opting for a cloud-based VPS hosting plan, you can choose from managed and self-managed options. Each selection then offers you a separate selection of plans, each varying from the others based on the server resource allocation (disk space, RAM, CPU cores), as well as the bandwidth supported.

You can pay for VPS plans on a monthly basis, or you can pay upfront for discounted contracts lasting 3, 6, or 12 months.

Managed VPS Plans

If you would like a managed VPS plan, there are four different options from which you can choose. All of the plans include the same features, and the only variations are the resources allocated to your sliver of the server (e.g., disk storage space, RAM, CPU cores, and bandwidth).

More specifically, the following options are available to you.

  • VPS Standard: 4 GB RAM, 40 GB of SSD storage, 2 CPU cores, and 10 TB bandwidth
  • VPS Pro: 6 GB RAM, 100 GB of SSD storage, 4 CPU cores, and 15 TB bandwidth
  • VPS Advanced: 8 GB RAM, 160 GB of SSD storage, 6 CPU cores, and 20 TB bandwidth
  • VPS Enterprise: 12 GB RAM, 240 GB of SSD storage, 8 CPU cores, and 20 TB bandwidth

Unmanaged VPS Plans

When choosing an unmanaged VPS plan, the first decision you have to make is where you want your website hosted. JaguarPC has spots in data centers located in the following cities:

  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Dallas, Texas
  • New York, New York

Next, you will choose the resources allocated to your sliver of the server. You can choose the number of CPU cores you would like (options range from 1 to 8 CPU cores), and the amount of memory, disk space, and bandwidth you get will change accordingly (you change these options individually). Here are the allocations available:

  • 1 CPU Core: 512 MB RAM, 20 GB disk space, 1 TB bandwidth
  • 2 CPU Core: 1 GB RAM, 30 GB disk space, 3 TB bandwidth
  • 3 CPU Core: 2 GB RAM, 50 GB disk space, 5 TB bandwidth
  • 4 CPU Core: 4 GB RAM, 80 GB disk space, 10 TB bandwidth
  • 5 CPU Core: 8 GB RAM, 120 GB disk space, 15 TB bandwidth
  • 6 CPU Core: 12 GB RAM, 180 GB disk space, 15 TB bandwidth
  • 7 CPU Core: 24 GB RAM, 280 GB disk space, 20 TB bandwidth
  • 8 CPU Core: 36 GB RAM, 420 GB disk space, 20 TB bandwidth

Reseller Hosting Plans

JaguarPC offers four different reseller hosting plans. They differ primarily in terms of disk space, bandwidth allocation, number of resold accounts supported, and how your server resources are utilized (shared vs. semi-dedicated).

Added Reseller Features for Bigger Plans

The more expensive plans get you additional features, such as high availability, faster servers, the inclusion of billing systems, and increases in the number of email inboxes and databases you can use.

Payment Options for Reseller Packages

You can pay for reseller hosting plans on a monthly basis, or you can pay upfront for discounted contracts lasting 3, 6, or 12 months.

VPS Reseller Hosting Option

If you need a bit more in terms of performance and resource allocation, you might want to look into the JaguarPC’s VPS reseller options. While these plans are more expensive than the traditional reseller plans, you will find better support for resource-intensive and heavily-trafficked websites.

Dedicated Servers

Those who need hosting for large sites seeing high levels of traffic can customize a top-of-the-line server or save a bit by choosing to customize a bargain bin server. The latter option gets you use of servers that were top-of-the-line in prior years. All dedicated servers are managed solutions.

When configuring your dedicated server, you choose the CPU (and its number of cores), amount of RAM, and allocation of disk space.

The fees quoted on the webpage are for those paying on a monthly basis, but you can save by prepaying for six or twelve months of service.

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How to Sign Up with JaguarPC

Click on the button below to go to JaguarPC’s homepage.

Jump to the JaguarPC Homepage

You’ll see a list of hosting options located at the top. Select the option you are interested in.

On the landing page for the hosting type you’ve selected, you’ll see information about the options available to you. Scroll down to see your plan options.

JaguarPC Plan Selection


Once you’ve determined which plan you want to purchase, set the length of your contract using the drop-down menu, and click Get Started Now.

JaguarPC Coupon choose a domain

Indicate whether you want Register or Transfer Domain or if you want to Use JaguarPC Quick Domain. Provide the information requested (the prompts vary based on which option you’ve chosen), and click Continue.

Configure your plan. The options available to you vary, but the configuration screen will assist you in making the appropriate selections. When done, click Add to Cart.

JaguarPC Configuration Checkout

The last step is to finalize your purchase. You’ll be asked to review the plans you’d like to purchase (including its fees), provide your contact and billing details, and if you agree to the terms of service.

Be sure to type your promo code 25FIRST in the promo code field at the top of the page. Click Validate Code to make sure that you’ve entered your code properly, and check that the discount has been applied.

JaguarPC Validate Code

Once you’ve filled out the required fields, click Complete Order to complete the transaction.

At this point, your order is complete. Depending on the plan you’ve chosen, your account may be ready immediately, or it may take a bit of time for JaguarPC to get everything set up for you. If you ever have any questions, you can get in touch with the JaguarPC support team via Live Chat, email, or telephone.

Discounts and Coupon Codes

In addition to the coupon code offered to visitors of, JaguarPC offers several other promo codes you might be interested in:

  • Web Hosting and Managed VPS Plans: Get 45% off your first month of service using coupon code 45First.
  • Unmanaged VPS Plans: You can use JPC20LIFE to get 20% off the cost of hosting for the life of your plan.


JaguarPC is a solid provider of web hosting solutions, and it has something for everyone — regardless of whether you’re a small business looking to get your digital presence started or you’re an established organization with a highly trafficked site, you’ll find a hosting package that fits your needs.

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Get 25% off at JaguarPC Using Promo Code 25FIRST

Frequently Asked Questions About JaguarPC

Still not ready to take the plunge? We’ve got answers to your most-asked questions about this versatile host.

Does JaguarPC offer an uptime guarantee?

Yes, JaguarPC offers their customers a 100% uptime guarantee backed up by their 10X SLA (Service Level Agreement). However, this doesn’t include DDoS attacks, scheduled maintenance, and issues caused by your server or your employees.

Does Jaguar PC have good support?

JaguarPC offers solid support 24/7 by support tickets, email, live chat, or by phone. It is really one of their strongest offerings, so if you hit issues you can trust you will be in good hands. It is one of their main selling points, so they really show up in the support department.

Is JaguarPC a good choice for my growing business?

JaguarPC offers a wide range of hosting options, from small shared hosting all the way up to dedicated hosting. This means as your business grows, you won’t have to look for a new host, just upgrade to a plan that works best for your needs.